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JULY, 2016 ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS and analysis
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:05 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote

Balloon crashes in Texas
July 30, 2016 breaking
-  A hot air balloon caught on fire and crashed in a pasture near Lockhart, Texas.  At least 16 people dead.

July 30, 2016  -  Edward Snowden
, WikiLeaks clash over how to better leak data.
Former NSA Edward Snowden has criticized WikiLeaks, a fellow whistleblower,  for failing to provide “modest curation.”  WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange promised more DNC hacks to come.

DEMONcrat Convention NEWS

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Clinton foundation scandals

Clinton crime family

America is being pulled apart
July 29, 2016
 Pat Buchanan  -  Two hostile groups, living apart in two separate Americas.  (at least 2, actually dozens, very splintered)

Cry the beloved country. America has lost her way. She is in peril. A new captain is needed. A new course must be set if America is to find her way home again.

56% of Americans believe Clinton should have been indicted; 67% believe she is neither trustworthy nor honest.  And 75% of Americans think that, under Obama, the nation is headed in the wrong direction.

After Cleveland, Trump took a 62-23 lead among white high-school graduates, cops, firemen, soldiers and Marines – and those interred in Arlington National Cemetery.

There is a lot reported about Zika which is not accurate

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Russia helps Aleppo residents escape
July 30, 2016  
-  As Syrian forces bomb Aleppo, Russia offers residents escape corridors.  Assad offered amnesty to rebels (ISIS) who surrender.  A 4th will be opened to the north of Aleppo for rebels to flee with their weapons.  (straight into Turkey)  President Bashar al-Assad offered amnesty to rebels who surrender over the next 3 months.  Assad planes dropped flyers showing escape route map and small aid packages.

Medical and food assistance to be provided along the routes.
The prize Aleppo area has had some of the worst fighting.

Aleppo, civilians escaping
July 30, 2016  
-  HALLELUJAH!!!  ANNA News Front Line Report, Aleppo (English).
Syria President Bashar Assad has opened several checkpoints to allow civilians to escape while filtering out ISIS terrorists.  BUT Obama and UN want to be given control of the checkpoints so as to aid the escape of as many terrorists as possible.

The Layramoun industrial district is completely free of ISIS terrorists as of 28 July, when over 100 terrorists were seen fleeing the area in convoys.

Bani Zaid district is still not confirmed rat-free, although it likely will be in a day or two. The northern Aleppo cauldron is completely closed, and the heaviest fighting is over. This is a major victory Syria, and for all of us who support truth and self-determination and a true desire to destroy Salafist terror everywhere on the planet.


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PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Golan assassination failed
July 30, 2016
 -  Iran claims Majid Heymoud, a senior commander in the Syrian army escaped an Israeli assassination attempt in the Golan Heights.  Heymoud was visiting Samdaniya.
Heymoud's convoy came under 2 missile attacks in Israeli Golan.  Al-Nusra also tried to kill Heymoud afterward.  LOL!!  Laughing

Russia a better friend to Israel than the USA  
July 30, 2016  
-  Israeli jets attacked Syria this week, a Syrian target in Kuneitra in response to mortar fire.  Netanyahu and Russia have an understanding that allows Israel to attack both Syrian and Hezbollah military targets within Syria.

Israel would likely not have had a similar understanding with the U.S.
Iran has criticized Russia for liasoning with Israel.

Syrian President Assad made a secret visit to Russia prior to Netanyahu's visit, and discussed with Putin a plan by which Israel would withdraw from the Golan Heights.
Israel is NOT seriously considering this option.


Golan Druze leader disputes UN
July 30, 2016
 -  Golan Heights Druze leader Dulan abu-Saleh, mayor of Majdal Shams, disputed the assertion of a United Nations committee that accused Israel of imposing economic and social hardships on his community.  Saleh said, “Why don’t they condemn the horrors in Syria?  Golan residents have a good life.”

Druze communities have opened hundreds of restaurants and bed-and-breakfasts serving Israelis and tourists who visit the Golan’s many nature reserves. But the Druze community leaders always insisted they were Syrian citizens seeking to return to Syria from Israeli occupation.


American contacts purged
July 30, 2016
 debka  -  US-Turkey tensions rise as many American contacts purged.  Is Obama using Erdogan to kill our military in Turkey?  The Erdogan crackdown is damaging US intelligence capabilities. This is something to be very concerned about.
Many USA go-betweens have been purged or arrested.

CIA, FBI trained coup plotters
July 30, 2016
 -  Turkey claims that the US was involved in a July coup attempt.  CIA, FBI trained ISIS so anything is possible.  A Turkish prosecutor claims the CIA and FBI provided training for followers of Fethullah Gulen.  The indictment seeks the harshest punishment.  Ankara demands the US extradite Gulen to Turkey.

USA trained ISIS in 2013

Intl airlines may now fly US-made planes to Iran
July 30, 2016
 debka  -  As a boost to Iran’s international trade links, the USA issued a license allowing US-made planes to fly into Iran, thereby lifting another sanction.

SodaStream hires hundreds in southern Israel
July 30, 2016
-  SodaStream hires 300 new employees for its production plant in southern Israel.  Sodastream factory near Rahat now has 1,400 employees, 1/3 of them Bedouin Arabs.  In October 2014, SodaStream moved to southern Israel due to BDS.  500 Palestinian employees lost their jobs at that time.

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


N. Korea General defects
July 31, 2016
 -  North Korean general defects, took $40m with him.  He was in charge of managing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's overseas slush funds, is said to be in China on a business trip.

Evil or Very Mad   Antarctica nephilim skulls
July 31, 2016
 -  Odd skulls found in Antarctica could be from aliens.  Not only have remains of historic inhabitants of Antarctica been found, but they could be from aliens.  3 ancient skulls were unearthed by archaeologists.  They were "elongated with giant craniums."  Elongated skulls have been found in Peru, Egypt and other areas.  Sure, the Nephilim were all over Earth in the Days of Noah.

Genesis 6:4 again


Days of Noah

Fire in Rio's Olympic Village
July 30, 2016
 -  Fire in Rio's Olympic Village Forces Evacuation of 100 Australian Athletes.  A small fire broke out in the basement of the Australian quarters of the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, forcing the evacuation of about 100 athletes and officials.

The fire was confined to the carpark. No one was injured.  The fire was caused by a cigarette in a trash can, even though the Olympic Village is a non-smoking area.

Guns stolen from US Army

July 30, 2016
 -  US officials admit a collection of weapons was stolen from the Panzer Kaserne base near Stuttgart.  Another way of Obama funnelling weapons to ISIS.

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Satanic flag from Hillary Clintons website

Sataniat the DNC
July 31, 2016  -  You thot that was an evil gathering?  It was!  A Forum posted the Satanic flag from Hillary Clintons website.  They called the stars 'upside down.' - NO, its a Satanic symbol.

Instead of the star point UP, two stars point up.  It forms the baphomet, goat head, Satan's head.  You can google Satanic star - but use STARTPAGE.COM - google will lie to you.

These Satanic flags were removed by the time I got there except for ONE.

The GOP did this too.  I dont know what year or for who

Evil or Very Mad   HELLary: I dont hold ill feeling against Benghazi families who misunderstood me
July 31, 2016
-  Hillary Clinton appeared on Fox News Sunday and repeated her denial that she told the families of the men killed in Benghazi that the attack was caused by a video.

She went one step further, and patronized the families, declaring “I don’t hold any ill feeling” towards family members who “may not fully recall everything that was or wasn’t said.”

Later in the interview, Hillary again dodged responsibility. Wallace played the statement by FBI Director James Comey that, contrary to what Clinton had claimed, she did in fact send and receive classified material on her home email system. This time, Hillary blamed some of the professionals who “made the wrong call” by sending her classified material. “I relied on and had every reason to rely on” their judgment, said Clinton.

View the video here

Hellary telling Bengazi parents they lied

You belong to your father the devil,
and you want to carry out your father's desires.
He was a murderer from the beginning, there is no truth in him.
He is a liar and the father of lies.
John 8:44

HELLary Clinton is LITERALLY an illuminati Witch out to destroy America.

Clinton crime family

I made a LARGE image - see the stars?

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Austin, Texas shootings
July 31, 2016
 -  One dead, 4 injured in separate shootings in downtown Austin.
Local media reports indicate that a woman in her 30s has been killed in the shooting.

Police briefing

5,000 Muslims serving in US Military
July 31, 2016  ABC
 -  Muslims have played a part in U.S. military for decades.
The Department of Defense offers service members the opportunity to identify their faith for inclusion in the Dependent Eligibility Enrollment System, and on their identification tags.

ABC psyops against Trump who raised $millions for vets - white, black, Christian, Jewish, atheist, even muslim cultists, didn’t matter.

U. S. Military news

Laughing  Megyn Kelly rebuked by Huckabee
July 31, 2016
 -  On Friday’s Fox News broadcast of “The Kelly File,” host Megyn Kelly confronted former Gov. Mike Huckabee about Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban of Muslims.
I hate to break it to Megyn, most AMERICANS agree with Trump.

Video on link


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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Exclamation   TURKEY CRISIS

Get out of Turkey!!! Now!!!!

Turkey again locks down USA
July 31, 2016
 -  Turkey again locks down US airmen, jets, nuclear arms in Incirlik.  7,000 armed Turkish police with heavy vehicles have surrounded and blocked the Incirlik Air Base in Adana, locking in some 1,500 US air crew personnel for the second time this month.  Large trucks are entering the airbase, which also holds the US bomber fleet and the American tactical nuclear arsenal.   Security forces armed with rifles and armored TOMA vehicles used by Turkish riot police could be seen at the site.

Turkish officers surround Incirlik air base
The entrance to the base was closed off.

Christians pay price in Turkey
Turkey Muslim Sunni terrorists targeted Turkey’s Christian community.
In Anatolia, once the heartland of Christianity in the East, the Muslim terrorists targeted a Protestant church.  Protestants are not allowed to build churches in Turkey.  Gangs chanting “Allahu akbar” smashed its glass frontage.
Other Muslim terrorists attacked the Black Sea Santa Maria church.


Is another Turkish genocide in the near future

This is going to get very ugly real quick. Obama owns this, so media arent reporting
it.  Massive round ups and torture. The US should get out of there, close their air bases and remove the nukes. Demand Turkey leave NATO. This guy wants to revive the Ottoman Empire.

Antichrist, Turkey, and the Coming Caliphate
Joel Richardson
/ Rosenberg  -  For those who want a thorough analysis of the current situation in Turkey, along with a detailed Scriptural examination of the Battle of Gog Magog and its relationship to Turkey, this new teaching DVD will answer all of your questions.

Erdogan overhauls Turkish military
July 31, 2016  -  Turkey’s President Erdogan has outlined military reform, significantly cutting the army’s ranks and abolishing all military schools.  He will be directly in charge of intelligence and the general staff.

In order for the decree to become law, Erdogan will have to gain the support of opposition parties in order to pass new constitutional amendments broadening his presidential power.

In addition, the Turkish leader said the gendarmerie security forces will undergo serious cuts, while their weapons and ammunition will be upgraded to enable them to fight 'terrorism' more effectively.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Syria (Syran)
July 31, 2016  -  Did IDF hit Iran General Naghdi?
-  The “Syrian'' officer injured on July 26 in Quneitra by Israel may have been Iran Gen. Muhammad Resa Naghdi, head of the IRGC Basij.  General Naghdi heads the militia which is a pillar of the ayatollahs regime in Tehran, and the backbone of the Iranian internal security forces.
And Iran issued a direct threat since this hit.

UN vs Sanhedrin
July 31, 2016  
-  Israel’s reborn ancient high court, the Sanhedrin, has issued a statement warning the United Nations not to interfere with the JEWISH history linked to the Temple Mount.  U.N. wants to declare the Temple Mount sacred to Muslims only.

The Sanhedrin is known in the New Testament for condemning Jesus Christ, and was disbanded about A.D. 425 and now has been re-created.  The Jewish right to the Temple Mount was established in the Bible, and should therefore be recognized by Christianity and Islam.  The First Temple by King Solomon was built in Jerusalem.

Islam is a wicked cult full of LIES.  FACT is, only Mecca is sacred to Islam / Muslims.  Mohammed was never in Jerusalem - JEW-rusalem.

TEMPLE Mt, Mount Zion, 3rd Temple

UN news

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Putin's Warning
- He means it!
July 24, 2016
 -  Putin asks honesty from newsies.  This candid conversation took place with representatives of various media outlets during the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, in June 2016.  Putin urged journalists to report genuinely on the impending danger that is a nuclear arms race.

Nobody has anything to gain from a nuclear stand-off against Russia. The power hungry decision-makers are few in number, but powerful enough to have subverted mainstream media to misrepresent Russia as the main threat to international security.

Please share this message. Time is of the essence.

Back in 2007, Putin informed the Western world that Russia will develop its weaponry to counter US advances. This was said in response to the US missile defense system that was starting to be developed at the time (previously prohibited in international law.)

With the NATO missile defense system on Russia’s doorstep – the threat to international security is very real, BUT UNREPORTED!

In 2002, the United States unilaterally and without consultation, withdrew from the landmark Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty. President George W. Bush noted that the treaty is “now behind us,” describing the ABM Treaty as a Cold War relic.

Signed in 1972, the ABM Treaty barred both the US and the USSR from deploying national defenses against long-range ballistic missiles. The treaty was based on the premise that if either superpower constructed a strategic defense, the other would build up its offensive nuclear forces to offset the defense.

The superpowers would therefore quickly be put on a path toward a never-ending offensive-defensive arms race, as each tried to balance its counterpart’s actions. Until Bush took office, the Treaty was referred to as a “cornerstone of strategic stability” because it facilitated later agreements, reducing U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear arsenals.

The USA (Obama) is encroaching on Russia’s borders through its manipulation of NATO objectives.  Today, there is no instrument in international law that prevents the possibility of mutually assured destruction. Putin has been sending out warnings for over 10 years – all of which fell on deaf ears. Who will push the button first?


Dear Mr Putin -
MOST Americans hate Obama and lying press!
PLEASE remember this when you invade America!
Thank you.  

PS - RT.com is better than most western presss

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