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JANUARY 2016 ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS and analysis
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 7:43 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote

    WORLD  NEWS    

Damascus shrine attack
Jan 31, 2016  
-  At least 45 killed and 110 wounded by 3 bombs near the Shiite shrine of Sayyida Zeinab outside Damascus.  ISIS car bomb and two suicide bombers explode near a grave.  A car bomb first went off at a bus terminal, and two suicide bombers then blew up among the people who gathered to help the wounded.  Typical Islam devils.

Did Japan start a silent bank run?
Jan 31, 2016
-  Pandora's box is open.
After the BOJ decision to cut rates to negative for the first time in history, due to Davos peer pressure, a desire to prop up stock markets and to punish Yen longs, there will be consequences - some good, mostly bad.

if the negative interest rate continues for longer or goes deeper, commercial banks may have to set negative interest rates on deposits, which would expand not only the tax on commercial banks, but also on depositors (households and companies). This could lead to a ‘silent bank run’ via a shift of deposits to cash (banknotes), which in turn damages the sound banking system by enlarging the leakage of funds from the credit creation mechanism in the banking system.

That, and the capital outflow noted above. The good news is that Japan has a lot of physical banknotes

Russian fighter intercept of U.S. jet
Jan 28, 2016
 Bill Gertz  -  A Russian Su-27 jet fighter came within 20 feet of a U.S. RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea Jan. 25.  It flew alongside the RC-135 then performed an aggressive banking turn away from the jet.

Sweden may deport 80,000 migrants
Jan 29, 2016
 -  Sweden may reject the asylum applications of up to 80,000 migrants and should prepare to deport them. Charter aircraft would be used to deport the migrants but it would take several years.
Some 163,000 migrants applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015.

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32236

PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


     U. S. A,  Canada  

FBI wants to indict both Hellary and Huma
Jan 30, 2016
 - STOP TALKING about it and DO IT!
FBI director James Comey wants to indict both Hillary Clinton and her longtime aide Huma Abedin for conducting confidential government business on an insecure email server.  You can’t have 1,300 highly sensitive emails that contain highly sensitive material from classified documents and have it be an accident.  She knew she had a responsibility and she circumvented it.
Hillary Clinton faced a major setback when White House spokesman Josh Earnest said: The White House can’t say with certainty that Hillary Clinton won’t be indicted.

FBI ready to indict Hillary
Jan 25, 2016[/b]  -  The FBI is ready to indict Hillary Clinton and if its recommendation isnt followed by the U.S. attorney general, investigators plan to blow the whistle and go public with their findings.

Ethan Couch in U.S. Juvenile Detention
Jan 30, 2016
-  The ‘affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch is in Texas after spending 2 months in Mexico.  Wearing a tan prison uniform, he made a morning court appearance at the Juvenile Detention Center in Tarrant County.  Judge Tim Menikos decided Couch should remain in juvenile detention for now.  Authorities in Tarrant County want Couch treated as an adult.

Exclamation Maryland
Student punished for refusing to become a Muslim
Jan 30, 2016
-  High School punishes Christian student for refusing to profess faith in Islam.
A public high school has been forcing non-Muslim children to profess the Muslim statement of faith used to convert people to Islam, ordering them to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam and teaching that the faith of a Muslim is stronger than the average Christian.

A Maryland high school punished a student for refusing to profess faith in Islam, gave her failing grades for a series of assignments that violated her Christian beliefs then threatened her father with arrest for complaining.

Its not just Md - this is happening all over USA in grade schools - and has been since 2008

Barak Hussein Obama born in Kenya
British National Archives show a son was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 - in Kenya
, Africa.

WHO DO YOU HATE the LEAST appears to be the GOP election strategy

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32236

PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


North American Union
Canada, United States, Mexico

US border WAR, diseases, schoolkids
Its OVER - this is now the NAU - North American Union - no borders


Burns, Oregon -  Ammon Bundy, LaVoy Finicum
This may be a TOTAL HOAX, SCAM!


NAU, North American Union - no borders
Signed off in 2005 by US President GW Bush and Mexican President Fox

Exclamation   Banks can steal from you

Our Land
Collateral for the National Debt
Jan 25, 2016
-  This is long and complex  - I simplified.
Every dollar issued by the private banks is backed by the good faith and credit of We the People.  What if we default on our national debt?  In some other bankrupt countries, we've seen natural resources taken and public infrastructure privatized in leiu of debt repayment.  (Cyprus bail in)

The bank would refinance by swapping debt for assets.  A country with a huge national debt would receive money to pay off the debt by swapping the debt for wilderness lands.  When the countries won't be able to pay off the loans, governments from around the world will give title to their wilderness lands to the bankers.
Title to the lands will go to the World Wilderness Land Inventory Trust.

This Land is Your Land

Kingdom divided
The developments across the globe confirm war drums are beating louder,
global war beckons, and much bloodshed will be the result.

Luke 11:17
Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed.

Star Spangled Banner
Full Version with Lyrics on Screen

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32236

PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    EARTH NEWS      

Earthquakes Janusary 30, 2016
Pacific ring of fire is lit up!!!  Shocked

7.2  earthquake Russian  Kamchatka Penninsula
100 miles DEEP
The Pacific is in a state of flux due to deep movement below the plate.

4.8  earthquake FIJI  -  257 miles DEEP

Pacific ring of fire is lit up!!!   Shocked
The quake in Russia occurred 3 hours after the DEEP Fiji earthquake

5.0 earthquake W of Ferndale, California
Shallow quake Eureka, WNW of Sacramento

2 Earthquakes strike offshore northern California West Coast USA


Brazil epicenter Zika outbreak
Jan 31, 2016  ALL by DESIGN!
-  The Zika virus outbreak epicenter is in the same area as GM mosquitoes released in 2015.  Zika virus explosive spread throughout the Americas. The virus has the potential to reach pandemic proportions around the globe.  

Zika - seemingly - exploded out of nowhere.  First discovered in 1947 in the Zika Forest of Uganda by Rockefeller Foundation  scientists.  The Rockefeller Foundation has long-standing ties to the depopulation agenda.
Some claim Rockefeller are one of the 13 illuminati families. (NEPHILIM Genesis 6:4)

Nature finds a way — and the effort to control dengue, zika, and other viruses, appears to have backfired dramatically.
Holy Jurassic Park Batman!

Perfect bio-storm
A perfect storm of biological events has exploded in Zika virus.
Nations warn against getting pregnant.  Babies, chief targtet of Agenda 21 depopulation.
Is this a coincidence. Article finds ties to the Rockefeller Foundation and their ties to the UN's Genocide Agenda.

Zika Olympics  - BINGO!
Jan 26, 2016
 -  Rio moves to control Zika before Olympics.
Olympics open on August 5 in Rio de Janeiro.
The NWO wants this to spread, and this will do it, since the Aedes mosquito-born virus is also transmitted human to human.  

The Zika virus is spreading around the world.
There is no vaccine for the Zika virus, which can cause fever, rashes, joint pains, and conjunctivitis within days of being contracted.

Zika virus
Zika virus has been isolated in human semen
sexual transmission
person to person transmisison
Click here for facts you wont find elsewhere

Jan 31, 2016  
-  Female shark eats male shark, then pukes back up at the COEX Aquarium in Seoul, Korea.

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Site Admin

Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32236

PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Keep me in your prayers
When it comes to media reports - -

I am doing my best to report what appears to be what is real, true.
I try to filter what is going on with the Holy Bible in my heart and several reports, blogs, and my personal sources as reference for the best hope.  It consumes many hours for me.  

Israel mideast News links

NEWS Links


Wash hands
Good diet, exercise - even just walking
Vitamin C
colloidal silver - 2 drops daily in juice or water helps fight ebola
turmuric / curry - sprinkle a little on something daily


When you shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
They knew not until the flood came, and took them all away.
This generation shall not pass, until all these things are fulfilled.
Mathew 24

For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion,
in the secret place of his tabernacle shall he  hide me, he shall set me up upon a rock.
Psalm 27:5 - The term keseh is derived from a Hebrew root which means to conceal, cover, or hide.


I AM the First and the Last.  I AM the Living One.
I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever!
And I hold the keys of Death and HELL (Hades.)
Revelation 1:18

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Site Admin

Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32236

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Seeds of Persecution

January 28, 2016
 -  Light of Truth, Michael Boldea
Seeds of Persecution, the rising hatred for Biblical Christianity - even in America!  Today many attacks are growing against the Church.  Evil is called good and good evil.  Mike will talk about the growing climate of persecution and animosity Christians are facing especially in America.

Jews - Flee to Cyprus
Jan 31, 2016  -  Any Jews wanting to flee to Israel, get to Cyprus.
From there arrangements will be made
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Site Admin

Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32236

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

     U. S. A

Evil or Very Mad   ARIZONA
Phoenix is asking the devil for trouble
Jan 31, 2016
 -  Satanic group set to lead Phoenix City Council in opening prayer at Feb. 17 meeting.   Whatever he says will be a curse on the city of Phoenix.

Sinkhole along Oregon highway
Jan 31, 2016
 video  -  The Harbor sinkhole and landslide swallowed up part of the road in southwest Oregon, shutting down Highway 101 there.  The initial sinkhole developed in mid-December after a culvert under the road failed following storms.  The hole continued to widen, resulting in the road’s closure.  A smaller sinkhole opened up 4 lanes across from the larger hole.

22 Clinton Emails too Classified to be Public
Jan 31, 2016
 -  The State Department said the top secret material had been sent through Hillary Clinton’s private computer server would not make public, because they contained highly classified information.  18 emails exchanged between Hellary and resident Obama would also be withheld.

Obama emailed Hellary 18 times
Jan 31, 2016
-  The 18 emails exchanged between Hellary Clinton and Obama to be withheld, citing the longstanding practice of preserving presidential communications for future release.
0bama knowingly emailed to the Hellawitch’s illegal server and did nothing to keep her from using it.  He was knowingly in on her espionage/bribery operation that depended on the illegal server and the ability of enemy agents to access it. That makes Obola a traitor, just like her.

One of the TEA parties endorses Ted Cruz
Jan 31, 2016
 -  Must be a GOP-TEA aka FAKE TEA - aint my cuppa TEA!
Endorsing any of the NWO globalists is abandoning what TEA stands for.
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Site Admin

Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32236

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    WORLD and MIDEAST  NEWS      

Nigeria Muslim terrorists kill 80
Feb 1, 2016
-  80 killed, children burnt to death in Boko Haram Muslim attack in Nigeria
Boko Haram attack villages in northeastern Nigeria. The assault lasted for hours, targeting villages and camps housing some 25,000 refugees.  Boko Haram firebombed huts. The survivor heard the screams of children burning to death from a hiding place in a tree.

West Africa

Israel’s 3 war fronts
Feb 1, 2016
-  Crisis situations.  Russia recruiting a Syrian Druze militia
South Syria-Golan, Jordan northern border with Syria in peril
Driving Jerusalem highways is a game of Russian roulette.
Palestinian terrorism continues
Palestinian Hamas is building new tunnels from which to attack Israel.
Israelis living around the Gaza Strip listen to Hamas chipping away under their feet,
while tensing for a terrorist to jump out of the ground somewhere.
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32236

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

       U. S. A,  Canada  

Shuttle Columbia
Feb 1, 2016
-  Remembering Israeli Ilan Ramon 13 years after his death.
On the 13th anniversary of the Columbia explosion, Israel's first astronaut lan Ramon is remembered in Israel.  In honor of Israeli space week, and the thirteenth anniversary of the Columbia explosion which killed six astronauts including Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, Israel will be holding special ceremonies throughout the week of January 31st through February 4th.

A YouTube video highlighting an interview with Ramon is making its way around social media channels as well. Ramon's interview is one of the few interviews that he did from above Israel in the Columbia space shuttle before the fatal accident that destroyed the shuttle and its crew thirteen years ago on February first.

The Space Shuttle Columbia disaster occurred on February 1, 2003, when Columbia disintegrated over Texas and Louisiana as it reentered Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven crew members.

Space shuttle disasters

Jan 31, 2016
 -  Two of the main symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease are a shaking tremor and an overly soft, hoarse speaking voice. Bill Clinton exhibits both of these symptoms.

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