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May, 2015 ZionsCRY news and analysis
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PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 9:19 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote


Houthis shot down Saudi jet
May 24, 2015
-  F-16 fighter jet shot down near Sanaa, Yemen.  Shortly before the Houthis made that claim, Morocco said that one of their warplanes went missing.

If the F-16 took off from Dalaimi air base in Yemen, it would indicate that Saudi jets are now operating out of air bases inside Yemen and that the Yemeni air force has sided with President Abd Rabbou Mansour Hadi.  Until now, the Yemeni air force sat on the fence.


Greece debt
May 24, 2015
-  Greece is obliged to make regular repayments, including repaying $7 billion in June.
Greek does not have money to repay the IMF in June.
Greece has made great efforts at agreeing a deal to avoid default.
Nutty Greece thinks the lenders need to concede!
PM Tsipras called on creditors to make concessions.

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 9:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

     U. S. A  

The problem with Jade Helm
May 23, 2015
-  Jade Helm 15 military operation scheduled in several states July 15 - September 15, 2015, has elicited a firestorm of criticism.  Many fear its a prelude to martial law.  
Patriotic Americans have reason to be concerned.

DHS considers sovereign citizens the threat, not Muslim jihadists.
The D in DHS is for delusional.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to Maj. Gen. Gerald Betty, commander of the Texas State Guard, directing the Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15.
Americans would much prefer to see the military training to defend the homeland against ISIS rather than engage in insulting exercises against the heartland of liberty.

The SINister Trans Pacific Trade Partnership is global domination enslaving the world.  Now the U.S. SINate has given Obama authority to implement this, nullify our Constitution, rules of law and our liberty and way of life.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul opposed it, and was one of only 5 republican senators that voted against the final bill.  The TPA must still pass a House vote.

ISIS on American Soil
The ISIS threat to the U.S. homeland.

TSA had issued a classified warning that ISIS may be looking to attack targets inside the United States. The threats led to heightened security in parts of southern California, including at airports.  ISIS is not just a terrorist group, it is a global phenomenon that boasts supporters in all 50 U.S. states.  If this nationwide network of ISIS disciples decides to go operational, we’ve got a serious problem on our hands.
Our borders are shamefully porous.  (MORE shameful is Obama bringing ISIS into USA)

Stakelbeck blog

Dhimmitude, Islam conquored America
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 8:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


May 25, 2015
-  Terror chief Erdogan wants Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.
Turkish terrorist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Turks to refocus on the Ottoman goal of re-conquering Jerusalem for Islam and uniting Shia and Sunni tribes for that same mission.
Erdogan talked about invading Jerusalem.

Jordan Waqf control the Temple Mount and do not allow Jews to pray except at the Western Wall. But apparently Erdogan is not satisfied.  Erdogan is violently anti-Israel and since 2010 Turkey has become Muslim Brotherhood terror state.

The Bible tells us the future of Israel. The Bible does NOT tell us the future of America.


ISIS advances on Baghdad
May 25, 2015 Breaking News
-  ISIS continued toward Baghdad, taking Qusaybah and Khalidiya (Iraq-Syria) on the Euphrates,  controling the border and the river.  They are near the big Iraqi base of Habbaniyah.
Iran Shiite militias tried to fight them at Khalidiya.

ISIS heads to Jordan
May 25, 2015 -  ISIS Muslim Brotherhood
have long been a threat to Jordan and Egypt.
ISIS is heading from Syria toward Jordan.  Barack Obama calling ISIS - ISIL - includes the Levant, thereby encouraging them to destroy Israel.

ISIL advancing from Palmyra, SYRIA in columns of US tanks.
The intend to take control of the eastern section of the border, including the meeting point between Syria, Jordan and Iraq by May 26.

ISIS is expected to seize towns in northeastern Jordan, especially Ar Ruwayshid.
The Jordanian army has reinforced its western frontier where it links with the Israeli and Syrian borders.
However, ISIS is heading for the eastern sections the army did not fortify.

The United States maintains 7,000 special operations troops and an air force unit in Jordan.
Most are stationed at Mafraq, near border with Syria.

Barack Obama is the Imam of ISIS.

Greece hasn't got the money
May 25, 2015
-  Greece cannot make June debt repayments to IMF unless it achieves a deal with creditors.
Athens has been scraping state coffers to pay wages and pensions.
Greece blames instead of taking responsibility and growing up.

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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 8:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

          EARTH  NEWS May 18, 2015

Earthquakes east coast USA
May 25, 2015
-  A 2.3 magnitude earthquake struck New Hampshire May 24.
The East coast earthquake swarm was forecast to occur this week.
Maine, Quebec, New Brunswick, and now New Hampshire had quakes the past 3 days

3 earthquakes along the mid to south Atlantic ridge in past 2 days May 22-25.

Earthquakes, nature *  Northeast U.S.A. states
New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Mass

EARTH, Quakes, Weather

2 earthquakes near Japan
May 25, 2015
-  First, a shallow 5.6 magnitude struck the Northern portion of Tokyo Japan.
2nd earthquake struck deep in the Asthenosphere below the Japan / China / Russia border West of mainland Japan. Its depth 239 miles / 386km, which falls in the deeper layers of the Earth below the Pacific plate. (diagram on link) Asthenosphere is semi-melted magma below the crust.

Mount Hakone near Tokyo Japan possible eruption after dormant for 800 years.
graphs, videos on link

N of Tokyo, Japan

480 miles NNW of Tokyo, Japan


California and Japan Fall into the Sea, 1937 Vision



Muslims are winning the demographic WAR
Christian / western culture is dying/dead

Bundy was only the beginning

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 2:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Quebec earthquake
May 24, 2015
-  dutchsinse forecast swarms of small earthquakes in South Quebec, Ontario Canada and we see South Quebec earthquake activity.  2 seismic events struck at the Quebec-USA border - a magnitude 2.3 followed by s a 2.1 magnitude.  This comes after an earthquake May 22 in Maine, for a total of 3 East coast earthquakes in the past 2 days.
The entire United States is having seismic unrest from the West coast all the way to the East coast.
There is Global earth activity currently taking place.
(Light edit)

CANADA earthquakes

Yellowstone trail closed
May 24, 2015
-  Hiking trails around Yellowstone, and parts of Grand Tetons off limits to hikers.
This made international news.
These trail closures are around Yellowstone supervolcano.
Volcanoes steam plumes occurring across Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington state, Oregon, and California have been erupting daily for the past several days, with earthquakes.
A large steam eruption May 23 across Idaho and Wyoming.
Videoes and pics on link

2 heavily used trails in Yellowstone and Grand Teton closed

YELLOWSTONE PARK earthquakes, Volcano

Galapagos Islands, Wolf Island volcano
May 25, 2015  Ecuador
-  A large eruption at Wolf Island volcano, Isabela, in the Galapagos.
An eruption seen by passing ships has made international news.
Galapagos Islands are off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean.
Watching for volcanic eruptions to take place in Central America near Costa Rica, into Colombia.  Wolf has erupted for the first time since 1982, producing both lava fountains and lava flows.

The images show a fairly large volcanic plume.
The eruption is coming from a new fissure on the southeast flanks of Wolf.
Some of the settlements on Isabela may get minor ash fall from the plume.
The explosions from the start of the eruption were captured on the nearest seismometer (20 km away)

Magnitude 4.7 earthquake 14 km NE of Darwin #volcano, Galapagos Islands. @johnseach
Guatemala, Ecuador earthquakes, volcanoes

EARTH watch

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 7:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

85,000 Antelope die suddenly
May 26, 2015
-  Around 1/3 of the Kazakhstan endangered saiga antelope mysteriously died in the last few days.  They suspect the animals may have been struck by a bacterial infection.
Saiga are also found in parts of Russia.


Mexico tornado kills at least 13 in seconds
May 26, 2015
-  A tornado in northern Mexico, killed 13 and caused widespread destruction.
Most of the deaths in Ciudad Acuna, which was hit by winds of up to 300km/h (186mph).

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 8:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote



Obama’s phony war against ISIS
May 26, 2015 -  Ramadi
Iraq sign reads - The Cemetery of the Americans.
Americans and Iraqi security forces defeated al Qaeda at strategic Ramadi years ago.
Obama has handed Ramadi back to terrorists, gift-wrapped.
Obama wrote off Ramadi in April 2015.

Iraqi troops to be backed by Shiite and Sunni to recapture Ramadi.
If this is true, the Iran troops are the large part of this force.

No army in Mid East is challenging ISIS
May 26, 2015
-  Hellzballah terror chief Hassan Nasrallah faced with an ISIS crisis.
Syrian president Bashar Assad has run short of fresh fighting manpower.
Assad failed to enlist the Syrian Druze to fight for him

The Iraqi army has been wiped out, no military force in Iraq is able to take on ISIS.
Obama refused to arm Kurds, and they have run out of steam. Iran commands the only force still intact in Iraq - namely, the Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani Shiite militias.

Iran troops are fighting in Iraq, but have made little headway in 3 weeks. Iran Gen. Qassem Soleimani said “The US didn’t do a damn thing to stop the advance on Ramadi.”

Hamas shoots rockets into Israel
May 26, 2015
-  One rocket exploded near Gan Yavne east of Ashdod.
Hamas Gaza fired a rocket at the Sderot area April 24.
Hamas fires 5 long-range rockets into Israel  
Sirens warn Israelis of incoming rockets from the Gaza Strip.  One long-range Grad rocket exploded in the Ashdod industrial zone near big crowded shopping mall.
The rockets were fired from the Sheikh Ajloun district of Gaza City.

Israeli plane detained
May 26, 2015
-  Israir Airbus plane detained in Lisbon.  Portuguese airline EuroAtlantic claims Israeli company owes it millions of euros in a 7-year-old debt, Israir says legal proceedings in dispute are still ongoing and was surprised of the seizure.


China fire in care home kills 38
May 26, 2015
-  A fire at a nursing home in Pingdingshan, central China killed 38 and injured 6 others.  Two of the injured were taken to hospital in critical condition.
The fire swept through an apartment building in Henan province.
The cause of the fire is unknown.

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 8:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Ex-Muslim pastor in Idaho
May 26, 2015 Sandpoint  -  Seattle, Washington is full of Muslims
Spokane-area pastor Shahram Hadian is a former Muslim who converted to Christianity.  There are surprisingly many Muslim converts to Christianity out warning about Islam - IN AMERICA - or what once was America before Obama.  Howell worries young people are being indoctrinated to Islam and that followers already have a foothold in parts of the Northwest.

Hadian speaks about the fallacy of a peaceful Islam.  Hadian warns that Islam is not just a religion but a totalitarian system governing people’s lives. Americans must not let political correctness and tolerance keep them sidelined while Islam destroys their way of life.

Obama is a Muslim and Islam is a culture of Death.
Muslims are in darkness, they need to be rescued out of the darkness.

Shahram Hadian fled Iran for U.S.
Hadian sees America losing its freedoms, just like Iran had.  Shahram Hadian was born in Iran in 1971. His father was an army officer and his mother a school teacher.  When Hadian was 7, the family fled to the U.S. ahead of the Iranian Revolution, when the shah was exiled and replaced by the ayatollah.

He was married in 2001, and he and his wife Michelle have 3 sons that they home school.
When Hadian converted to Christianity, he faced persecution and disapproval from his family and culture. Hadian's message to Christians is - prepare for the difficult days ahead, and equip believers to stand strong through increased persecution.

Chrislam is nazism
Chrislam Exposed, the LIE of a Common God between Christianity and Islam.  Chrislam is false teaching

ChrIslam is NAZISM, Spiritual treason! (ecumenism)

Lord, let Your will be done.
May 26, 2015 -  Alabama student Christian Crawford delivers powerful prayer at high school graduation
.  A medical emergency in the audience prompted one of the graduates to take to the podium and offer a prayer.  At commencement, a member of the crowd suffered a seizure.  Crawford thanked the Lord, and said, "You are a God who is a healer, the fixer Jesus."  The victim is doing fine.
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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 4:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Coming Civil War U.S.A.
May 26, 2015
-  Some in the military are questioning their military mission regarding Jade Helm.
Jade Helm is anti-American, illegal in its execution and absolutely evil in its intent.
May 23rd a Lt. General was forced to retire in an Obama purge of military leadership.
Oath Keepers are dedicated to not take up arms against the American people when ordered to do so.

Jade Helm
TPP give Obama absolute power


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