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OHIO news (John Kasich, gov)
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Joined: 12 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:26 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote


John Kasich Took Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars From NWO Money Man George Soros

The Kasich super PAC New Day For America received the $200,000 in the form of two separate contributions from Scott Bessent, then-chief investment officer of Soros Fund Management LLC, Federal Election Commission data analysed by the Center for Responsive Politics show. He also made the largest personal donation allowed by law directly to Kasich’s campaign, $2,700.



It has come to light today that the John Kasich campaign has taken large amounts of money from far, far Left NWO agent George Soros. George Soros is an evil, evil man who uses his billions to promote race wars and anarchy and tear down the United States government. Soros also gave $6 million to Hillary.


Hey Ohio, hope you are paying close attention to this on voting day tomorrow.

Soros, who has given $7 million to a PAC backing Hillary Clinton this election cycle, is a huge backer of all things liberal. This election, Soros has made clear his opposition to the GOP front-runners, saying: “We must reaffirm our commitment to the principles of open society and resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, however hard that may be.”

Soros is a major power behind the Western left, pumping millions of dollars into various causes each year. He is in favor of open borders, gun control, abortion, and euthanasia.

So why is he funding John Kasich? Hmm…
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OHIO cursed itself
Mar 16, 2016
-  Not only has Ohio voted for K-sick, but they are worshipping SIN also!
Ohio Court removes husband, wife in favor of SIN.  The terms husband, wife, father, mother, parent, spouse and others were to 'be construed as gender neutral where appropriate' and to remain in effect until the rules and forms were 'amended to reflect the changes contained in this Order,'" Court News Ohio reports.  "Ohio Supreme Court rules and forms that address marriage and the related topics of divorce, child support, guardianships, adoption, domestic relations, and domestic violence have been amended to remove gender-specific terms."

Dayton attacker DiMassimo Fed charges
Mar 15, 2016
-  Thomas DiMassimo was charged in federal court with entering a restricted area where a person was protected by the Secret Service.  DiMassimo does not yet have a federal court date.  No official charges have been filed in Dayton Municipal Court.  Thomas DiMassimo jumped over a railing in an attempt to get onto the stage at the Donald Trump rally Saturday.  He has a history of protesting.

Trump wins in Florida
Mar 16, 2016  -  Kasich wins Ohio
.  Donald Trump won a decisive victory in Florida's primary, and picked up North Carolina and Illinois.  Ohio Gov. John Kasich won his only victory by carrying his home state.

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Sad  K-sick is nothing but a spoiler.  
He is essentially a Commie, an enemy of America
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 8:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ohio *  8 fatally shot
April  23, 2016  -  Rhoden
family of 8 shot in the head execution-style 80 miles east of Cincinnati.  There may be more than one killer.  Some of the victims were in bed, indicating they were shot while they were sleeping.  Surviving children taken to a safe place.

Gov Ksick is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing
He is unAmerican.  He is queer
He wants to take away our guns
hates Second Amendment Rights

John Kasich queer sex scandal
Kasich's inner circle seems to be homosexual


Evil or Very Mad
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Joined: 12 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 7:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

John Kasich: People "probably" born gay

Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Friday that gay people are "probably" born that way, conceding that view during a testy exchange with a gay voter at a California event.

Asked by Kelly Bryan, a gay 62-year-old man, during an event at the Commonwealth Club of California whether people are "born gay," Kasich first attempted to avoid answering the question.

"I'm not gonna get into all the analysis of this or that," Kasich said at the San Francisco town hall. "I'm not gonna do that."

But the questioner pressed again: "It's not analysis. Are people born gay?"

Kasich replied, "You know, sir, probably."

"I mean, I don't -- I don't know how it all works, OK?" he added. "I mean, look. Are they? You know, probability they are."

Asked whether the LGBT community deserved "free, regular rights like everybody else," Kasich said: "Well, you have free regular rights, we're not denying you any rights, I'm not in Ohio. I'm not out to discriminate against you. I think you ought to have as good a life as anybody else."

The Ohio governor also noted that he had recently attended a same-sex marriage ceremony.

"I don't agree with gay marriage," he said. "But I'm not -- I went to a gay wedding. OK? I mean, that's what I've done."

Earlier, Kasich had said, "A buddy of mine just got, you know, went, got married. My wife and I went to the wedding. It was great. It was fine. But I'm not going to go for some constitutional amendment."

When asked about Mississippi's and Kentucky's legislation allowing businesses to deny services to same-sex couples, Kasich suggested that he did not agree with them and argued that he has the "right to define the Republican Party too."

Defending his religious beliefs, Kasich had urged tolerance and mutual respect earlier in the night.

"Religion for me is about, you know, loving somebody that doesn't like you," he said. "Humility, love your neighbor as yourself, treat your spouse better -- you know, live a life bigger than yourself."

Kasich also made headlines at another California event later in the day, talking to reporters at the state's GOP convention in Burlingame about some Republican rhetoric concerning Latino voters.

"Do the Republicans actually think that they can win an election by scaring every Hispanic in this country to death?" Kasich said Friday. "Scaring them to the point where they're afraid their families are gonna be torn apart and disrupted? Do you have any idea what those folks are gonna do in the general election?"

Kasich weighed in on the anti-Donald Trump protests that broke out at the GOP convention earlier that afternoon.

"When you live on the, on the negative side, when you feed people's anger, did you see what happened here today?" Kasich asked. "I may not be winning those votes right now, but over time I believe that people like to live where they can be hopeful, where they believe that this country can be better -- where they believe at the end they need to have somebody that's had the experience and somebody that can unite the country."

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cleveland police in riot gear
June 1, 2016
 -  Many Cleveland police officers will not be wearing body cameras if violence occurs during the July Republican National Convention.  The July 18-21 convention is expected to draw 65,000 delegates, dignitaries, and reporters from around the world, as well as thousands of Soros-paid anarchists.  Cleveland plans to bring in thousands of officers from police departments.
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

UN military vehicles in USA - WHY?
June 27, 2016
 -  Just 3 weeks til conventions.
Preparing for martial law over the conventions violence they are creating.
They used craigslist to hire assassins.
Is it for martial law?  UN will happily shoot Americans.

UN military vehicles seen in Ohio, Virginias, NCarolina
UN military vehicles seen rolling down Virginia interstate
UN tactical vehicles with bulletproof glass on a flatbed truck rolling down Interstate 81.  They are sealed against gas too.

Military convoys have been witnessed traveling both North and South, with lines of equipment ranging from Humvees, troop transport trucks, and tankers to military personnel following the convoy in civilian vehicles. Interestingly enough, many of the soldiers traveling in the convoy were seen wearing helmets, an unusual procedure for a simple convoy. In addition, the convoys were carrying what appeared to be construction equipment.
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 6:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Republican Convention security
July 9, 2016  -  Cleveland
police tighten security plan for the July 18-21 Republican National Convention following shootings in Dallas.
( http://cj.myfreeforum.org/ftopic5128-9.php )
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Exclamation   OUTRAGE!
Columbus Ohio fire marshal cheats Trump!
Aug 1, 2016
 -  Donald Trump Columbus venue crowd size was limited purely for political reasons.  Trump blasts ANOTHER fire marshal for political interference after thousands left outside his rally despite empty spaces inside.  Fire marshall in Colorado switched off the elevator with Donald Trump and his SS inside, stuck, before his rally there.  Trump also slammed a fire marshal in Colorado last week for shutting the door on him and forcing people to sit in an overflow room

Fire marshal in Columbus, Ohio cut off Donald Trump's crowd at 1,000.  Cavernous exhibit hall was only half-used, and massive empty spaces remained inside.  Thousands were turned away!  The fire marshalls have keys to elevators and can easily shut them off.

Donald Trump and members of his Secret Service detail were briefly trapped in an elevator Friday before a campaign rally in Colorado Springs.  They were rescued by firefighters with the Colorado Springs Fire Department, which lowered a ladder into the elevator, allowing Trump and his entourage to climb out.  

CO Springs Mayor John Suthers is GOP establishment.
GOPe RINO mayz well be a dem.  Gov is a DEMONcrat

Trump asked if the mayor is a Democrat - so I did a web search, and its not easy to find that out!  The mayor is ashamed to be a Demoncrat.  Ohio Governor is the Evil John Ksick who is called Republican but in fact is a wicked wicked man.

Columbus, Ohio Mayor Andrew J. Ginther looks like a DEMONcrat - Ksick is an evil gov - they tried to shut Trump out today - NO EXCUSE! Sue them

Columbus, Ohio Mayor Andrew J. Ginther
Andrew endorsed by the Franklin County Democrat Party.
Ginter served internships at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Aug 1  Trump Town Hall Columbus Ohio

DEMONcrat Fire marshals are the enemy!
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OHIO Muslim Father Shoots Daughter
Sep 29, 2016  -  Jamal Mansour
shot his diabetic daughter. He is facing murder, felonious assault, and domestic violence charges.  These are the Muslim pigs Bill Clinton brot in as president, and since, barak hussein obama has brot in to kill us all.

Evil or Very Mad

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