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CANADA or Canuckstan
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:43 am    Post subject: CANADA or Canuckstan  Reply with quote


October 2015 Canada goes queer - Trudo

Canada intercepts two Russian bombers
August 25, 2010  
 Fighter jets were scrambled to intercept 2 Russian bombers in the Arctic as they approached Canadian airspace on the eve of a visit from Canada's prime minister.  2 Canadian CF-18 jets shadowed  Russian TU-95 Bear jets in international airspace.  The bombers flew within 30 miles of Canadian soil.

CANADA elections in May
March 25,  2011  
I know a Christian woman in Canada who says Harper is a Christian.  
Conservative does NOT automaticly mean Christian.
Liberals believe so much NWO insane ideas, hoaxes such as climate change.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper defends the federal budget.
Harper says he wont jump into an election, the opposition parties will have to push the government off the cliff.  GOOD MAN!
Asked whether he will ask the Governor General for the dissolution of Parliament and an election, he gave a flat no. Harper said the Liberals have all pledged to vote against the budget.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government failed a no-confidence vote passed in their parliament.
The vote was engineered by the opposition Liberal Party, but the Conservatives are thought likely to keep power in a May election.

Canada condemns Palestinian attacks on Israel
March 25,  2011
Canada declares Israel has right to defend itself.
Canada vigorously condemns the Palestinian terrorist rocket attacks on Israel launched from Gaza.  Palestinian terrorists indiscriminately target civilian areas and are abhorrent and criminal
Meanwhile the Canada pro-Israel government was defeated in a no-confidence vote Friday.
Election set for early May.  I have to wonder if people support Islamic terrorism because they so fear it.  Appeasment will NOT save them, it damns them.

Canada Conservatives Score Massive Election Win
May 3, 2011
Canada's Conservatives stormed to a decisive victory in  election, winning 54% of the seats in Parliament and securing a stable 4 year term in power after vowing to focus on the economy.
Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper won.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper said winning the majority in Canada's Parliament won't spell a shift to the hard right.  Harper said the Conservatives won their mandate because of the way they've governed so far and sought to allay fears he would implement a hidden right wing agenda.

EARTHQUAKES, fires, floods  in CANADA

Keystone TransCanada pipeline
January 2015 continued Keystone pipeline news on its own thread.

GOD is GONE from Canada
October 2015 they elected a lieberal

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA and Canada, you cant say He didnt WARN us!


ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


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PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Is Canada the next superpower?
March 7,  2012
 Since Iceland's financial collapse in 2008, they have debated whether to stay with their krona or adopt another currency.
(Greece is at this point now.)
Should Iceland join the EU and adopt the euro, or go with a loonie choice?
Iceland might adopt the loonie, the Canadian dollar as its official currency.

Iceland would then have a currency overseen by a very strong central bank. Canada would get even more influence in the Arctic region.
And it would probably increase foreign trade for both countries.
And Canada might be into it.

Is Canada a rising imperial superpower?
Canada has the 10th-largest economy in the world. I
ts unemployment rate is 7.6%, compared with USA 8.3% (closer to 20% and higher)
Canada has a Triple-A rating.
After the U.S. delayed the Keystone pipeline, Prime Minister Stephen Harper went to China to discuss
redirecting its oil (Canada is the sixth-largest oil-producing nation in the world) to the Pacific coast where China ships are waiting.
Canadan PM Harper is a Christian and a far wiser leader than the wicked clown in the US whitehouse.

China to buy Nexen Oil from Canada
September 21, 2012
China CNOOC offers $15B for Calgary oil firm Nexen  (NXY)
Nexen shareholders approve of CNOOC takeover
Shareholders of Canadian oil and gas producer Nexen Inc. voted to approve a proposed $15.1 billion takeover of the company by Chinese state-owned CNOOC,
but the foreign takeover still requires approval by the Canadian government.
99% of shareholders voted to approve the $27.50 per share offer. It would be China's biggest overseas energy acquisition.

$15.1 billion bid for oil and natural-gas producer Nexen Inc. (NXY) will probably get approval from the Canadian government
Calgary-based oil and gas firm Nexen has agreed to be acquired by China National Offshore Oil Company, in a $15.1 billion US cash deal.
Ottawa has moved in the past to strike down foreign takeovers, most recently to stop Austrialian miner BHP Billiton bid for Potash in 2009.

China's Nexen buy is Canada's elephant in the oil patch

Canadian border guard shot near Vancouver
October 16, 2012
Canadian border guard shot near Vancouver
A Canadian border services officer was shot and seriously wounded by a gunman who then fatally turned his weapon on himself at the Peace Arch crossing south of Vancouver, police say.
Const. Bert Paquet said at an RCMP news conference that the female border officer was breathing and conscious when airlifted to hospital. The RCMP said late Tuesday that her condition was "stable," but did not provide details.
Paquet told reporters that a man travelling alone in a white van with Washington licence plates pulled up to a kiosk and shot the border guard.
He said the suspect died from "what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound."

Canada Shuts Down Cairo Embassy
July 2, 2013
Canada has shut down its embassy in Cairo as a result of continuing unrest in Egypt.
Dangerous divisions within Egypt threaten its stability and damage its long-term economic prospects.
It advises against travel to the Sinai Peninsula, with the exception of coastal resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh, and also warns against going to Port Said, Suez and Ismailia due to potentially violent demonstrations.
Roth said the safety of Canadian embassy personnel is a key concern.

CANADA - Quebec forest fire causes widespread blackouts
July 5, 2013
–  Half a million Hydro-Québec customers were without power at rush hour for the second straight day, as widespread outages caused by forest fires in northern Quebec affected transmission lines. The utility said Montreal and other parts of southern Quebec were affected. By 7:30 p.m. most customers had their power restored, and Hydro-Québec tweeted that its three major transmission lines shut down by heat and smoke from forest fires in northern Quebec were operational once again. The blackouts occurred nearly exactly 24 hours after a similar power failure caused by the forest fires, despite the utility’s best efforts to protect the network. “The re-establishment of the lines was fairly fast,” said Quebec Natural Resources Minister Martine Ouellet in an interview on CBC’s French-language news network RDI. “The heat, the smoke, the particles [from the fire] all interacted with the hydro lines, causing ionization,” Ouellet explained. “That tripped the lines’ safety mechanism. It’s a good thing, as that protected the lines.” She said Hydro-Québec informed her it is spraying other equipment with foam to protect it from the heat of the fires. The latest blackouts hit several municipalities in Greater Montreal

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

CANADA Flooding in Alberta
June 21, 2013
  Calgary mayor to flood evacuees: 'Gather your valuables and go'
Alberta communities, including Canmore, High River, Bragg Creek, in state of emergency
The worst has not yet come. The dams will crest soon on both the Bow and Elbow rivers, and the downstream impacts will be significant.
A state of emergency declared in southern Alberta.

Flooding hits Alberta
Calgary, Alberta residents watched as muddy brown water flowed through the streets of Canada's Cowtown,
part of a monstrous flood that has forced tens of thousands from their homes yet hasn't caused a single injury.
"I don't think anybody's ever seen water flow through the streets," said Calgary resident Rylan Broadbent.

Mandatory evacuations in several Calgary communities
Serious flooding in Calgary and Southern Alberta CANADA
Tens of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes right across southern Alberta because of flooding.
In Calgary, the worst may be over along the Elbow River, but city officials say up to 30 per cent more flow is expected on the Bow River.
Portions of the following communities are facing mandatory evacuations. If you are in an identified area, please self-evacuate immediately:

Flooding may force 100,000 from west Canada homes
100,000 people could be forced from their homes by heavy flooding in western Canada, while mudslides forced the closure of the Trans-Canada Highway,
isolating the mountain resort towns of Banff and Canmore.
Torrential rains and widespread flooding throughout southern Alberta on Thursday washed out roads and bridges, left at least one person missing and caused cars, couches and refrigerators to float away.
Communities were hit hard just south of Calgary, a city of more than a million people that hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics.
Officials said the evacuation would take place in stages over the next few days. The province reported that 12 communities were under states of emergency.

Flooding forces 75,000 from west Canada homes
Calgary’s mayor said Friday the flooding situation in his city is as under control as it can be for now.
Officials estimated 75,000 people have been displaced in the western Canadian city.
Mayor Naheed Nenshi said the Elbow River, one of two rivers that flow through the southern Alberta city, has peaked.
No deaths have been reported, but many roads and underpasses have been washed.
In the downtown, water is inundating homes and businesses in the shadow of skyscrapers.
About 1,500 have gone to emergency shelters while the rest have found shelter with family or friends, Nenshi said.
Nenshi said earlier he’s never seen the rivers that high or that fast.
Schools have been cancelled and residents urged to avoid downtown.
Transit service through the downtown has been shut down.

Alberta fatal flooding
June 22, 2013
 3 bodies have been discovered in a river.
At least 100,000 Albertans displaced, large areas of Calgary's downtown evacuated.
Floodwaters have caused massive disruptions in Calgary and other southern Alberta communities.
Flooding lifted railroad tracks and inundated the Calgary Stampede grounds.
Large areas of Calgary downtown core were evacuated Friday.

3 dead in Alberta flooding

Calgary floodwaters from above
Helicopter view shows extent of flood disaster

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 4:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

TORONTO, CANADA - Epic rainfall devastates Toronto
A month’s rain falls in less than 2 hours
July 9, 2013
– It is official: the epic rainfall in Toronto on Monday afternoon that drenched highways, had cars bobbing up and down in rainwater and overwhelmed 911 was an extreme weather event. No, experts say, it wasn’t because of climate change. But yes, we will likely see more storms like it. “This is likely the wettest moment in Toronto’s history,” David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, said on Monday evening while rain was still falling. “By the end, we may have a new all-time one-day record.” More than 90 millimeters of rainfall was recorded at Pearson International Airport in just two hours, starting at about 4:30 p.m. To put it in perspective, the wettest day in Toronto was Oct. 15, 1954, when Hurricane Hazel slammed the city and 121.4 millimeters of rainfall was recorded over the entire day. The wettest July day in the city was July 28, 1980, when 118.5 millimeters of rain fell — again, over the entire day. July usually gets about 75 millimeters of rain in the entire month. That’s why Monday’s rainfall was epic. “All of that rain, it fell in less than two hours,” Phillips said. “It’s just incredible.” Brian Edwards, a meteorologist with forecasting service Accuweather.com, said a cluster of extremely slow-moving thunderstorms was responsible for the deluge. “It was almost as if the system refused to move . . . it stood there and rained and rained,” he said. “Nobody could have guessed at the amount of rain it would unleash.” Flooding was inevitable, Edwards said, adding that no infrastructure can possibly handle that kind of rain. But Phillips points out that Toronto, like other cities, is becoming more vulnerable to flooding as more of it is covered with asphalt. Building materials are impervious to rain and so “we end up with flash floods,” he said. Making things worse, the ground had still not absorbed all the water from earlier storms by the time the big downpour hit, so there was nowhere for the rainwater to escape.

Phillips says we are not finished yet — there is “another line of thunderstorms coming our way.” Are there similar extreme weather events in Toronto’s future? Phillips says Monday’s rainfall wasn’t due to climate change, “but it is consistent with what we may see in the future: heavy rains in short periods. Nature is giving us a preview of what we may soon see.” As temperatures rise globally, so do the chances of extreme weather. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said in its 2012 report that short, powerful rains, hurricanes, heat waves and droughts will intensify. By the end of this century, the average global temperature could rise anywhere between 1.6 and 4.4 degrees C, it said. Closer to home, a report from the Toronto Environment Office released late last year predicts dramatic changes in weather between 2040 and 2050. –The Star    
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quebec oil train derails and burns
July 7, 2013
 Parked train rolls away and derails in Lac-Megantic, sparked explosions and a major blaze.
The train rolled away overnight after it was parked by an engineer.
It derailed in the heart of the small town in Quebec Eastern Townships, forcing close to 2,000 people from their homes.
The train was pulling  70 tankers of crude oil in eastern Canada near the U.S. border
The explosions and fires killed 3 and destroyed the downtown center.
Fires prevented rescuers from reaching part of the train.
The inferno spread to nearby homes, fuel spilled into the Chaudiere River.
Incident east of Montreal and about 10 miles west of the Maine USA border.
Because deaths were involved, Quebec police will conduct a criminal investigation.
60 residents missing and 30 buildings destroyed.
The scale of the explosion and evacuation already would rank the accident as one of the most dramatic rail incidents in North America in recent years.

Criminal inquiry under way
July 10, 2013  -  15 killed, 35 unaccounted for.  

A criminal inquiry has been launched in Canada into the derailment of an oil train that killed at least 15 people in a small Quebec town.  The runaway train derailed in the town of Lac-Megantic, exploding and destroying dozens of buildings.  Investigators are focusing on whether the brakes were released as it was parked in a town several miles away.
Nantes Fire Chief Patrick Lambert said that while his crews tackled the initial blaze, the final locomotive was shut down.
He said this was the standard operating procedure agreed with the train's US owner, Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA).
But MMA maintains the decision to shut off the locomotive to put out the fire could have disabled the brakes.

20 dead, 30 presumed dead in Quebec oil train crash
July 11, 2013
The 30 people missing after a runaway train crash in Quebec over the weekend are presumed dead,
police said Wednesday, in what has become Canada's worst railway catastrophe in almost 150 years.
"We informed them of the potential loss of their loved ones," Quebec police inspector Michel Forget said Wednesday after meeting with families of the dead and missing.
"You have to understand that it's a very emotional moment."

With 20 bodies found in Lac-Megantic so far, that would put the death toll from Saturday's derailment and explosions at 50
Some of the bodies may never be found, as authorities believe several victims were vaporized in the intense heat.

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois arrived Thursday to tour the site.
"The leader of this company should have been there from the beginning," Marois said at a news conference.

Attention focused on Edward Burkhardt, the CEO of Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, the train's U.S.-based parent company, who faced jeers from residents when he visited the town Wednesday for the first time since the disaster. He blamed the train's engineer for improperly setting its brakes before it derailed.

Burkhardt said the train's engineer had been suspended without pay and was under "police control."
The unmanned train hurtled down a seven-mile incline, derailed and ignited in the center of Lac-Megantic early Saturday. All but one of its 73 cars was carrying oil, and at least five exploded.

The intensity of the explosions and fire made parts of the devastated town too hot and dangerous to enter and find bodies days after the disaster. Only one body had been formally identified, said Genevieve Guilbault of the coroner's office, and she described efforts to identify the other remains as "very long and arduous work."

CANADA Flooding and hailstorm in Alberta
June - July 2013


Tsunami of ice plows into dozens of Canadian homes

7.7 quake hits BC Canada

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 6:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Canada lets Quebec rail disaster company operate through October 1
Aug 17, 2013
Canada will let the rail company whose tanker train blew up in a Quebec town in July, killing 47 people, operate through early October after the firm provided new evidence about its insurance.
The July 6 crash was North America's deadliest rail accident in two decades. It took place when a runaway train hauling tankers of crude oil derailed in the center of the little Quebec town of Lac-Megantic, and exploded in a series of giant fireballs. The town center was flattened and an estimated 1.48 million U.S. gallons (5.6 million liters) of oil were spilled.
The Canadian Transportation Agency said it will now allow Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway (MMA) and its Canadian subsidiary to operate through October 1, because the firms had provided evidence of adequate third-party insurance.
That reversed an August 13 order that would have halted the railroad's operations from early next week. MMA must still show it has the funds to pay the self-insured portion of its operations, or the regulator will suspend its operations from August 23, CTA spokeswoman Jacqueline Bannister said in an email.
MMA, which operates rail lines in Quebec and Maine, filed for bankruptcy protection in Canada and the United States last week. It said in a court filing that its insurance covered liabilities up to C$25 million ($24.2 million), while clean-up costs could exceed C$200 million ($193.6 million).
MMA also faces a series of class-action lawsuits in Quebec and in the United States on behalf of the victims, as well as a notice of claim from a firm that is unable to ship from its Lac-Megantic production facilities.
Lac-Megantic, a town of around 6,000, was developed around the railway and businesses have already expressed concern about the impact if the MMA rail link closes permanently.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 7:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Israel will always have Canada
Jan 17, 2014
 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to be in Jerusalem 19 January. He will be the first Canadian leader to address Israeli parliament.
Sunday Jerusalem Israel will welcome Harper with bands, a gala dinner and the naming of a bird watching observatory in his honor.
Harper to meet with Abbas Monday in Ramallah.

Since assuming office in 2006 Harper has shown unstinting support for Israel, even at the cost of losing a seat on the UN Security Council.
Under Harper, Canada is one of the few countries in the world where values have a central influence on policy, especially when it comes to Israel.

Harper will be formally greeted by an IDF band and honor guard then join Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, for a private dinner.
Harper is scheduled to address the Knesset.  No Canadian prime minister has ever before addressed the Knesset.
Last month, Harper called Israel the light of freedom and democracy in what is otherwise a region of darkness as he pledged Canadas eternal friendship.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Question   Canada absorb Palestinian refugees?
Jan 20, 2014
Palestinian sources expect Canadian PM Stephen Harper to assure that Canada will absorb refugees from neighboring Arab countries.

WHAT is a - refugee?  The true refugees would be if Canada brought in the Coptic Christians.
A refugee is one who would be harmed in the area they live in.
To bring in any Muslim - refugees - invites terrorism in Canada.  Watch out, Harper!

Kerry proposed Palestinian refugees be relocated to either Canada or Australia.
HEY!  Australia doesnt want any more Muslim terrorists!
In 1948 JORDAN was designated by the UN as the Palestinian stat
Netanyahu called Harper a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people.

Netanyahu welcomes visiting Canadian PM Harper
Jan 19, 2014
 Canada PM Stephen Harper lands in Israel for first official visit by a serving Canadian premier since 2000.
Netanyahu lauds courageous and moral stance on Israel Harper has taken.
Earlier Sunday Netanyahu hailed Harper as a personal friend and a great friend of Israel.

Quebec - 32 seniors killed in fire
Jan 25, 2014
32 people died in a fire that engulfed a 3 story wooden residence for seniors,  Canadas second-most deadly disaster in a retirement home.
Despite media reports alleging a cigarette ignited the blaze early on Thursday, police say they still do not know the cause.
Some heard screams coming from inside, but the fire was so intense there was little firefighters could do.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Manitoba pipeline explosion cuts heat to 4,000 amid extreme cold
January 26, 2014
The RCMP have concluded their investigation into a massive pipeline explosion near Otterburne, Man., and say they don't believe the cause is suspicious.
The explosion, which happened about 50 kilometres south of Winnipeg, has left thousands without gas to heat their homes as temperatures drop to -20 C, feeling more like -34 C with the wind chill.

The outage began after a natural gas pipeline blew up shortly after midnight on Saturday and burned for more than 12 hours. Officials said close to 4,000 people have now lost heat in several communities.
While RCMP said the cause of the explosion is not suspicious, officials from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada are still looking into what caused it.

The Rural Municipality of Hanover declared a state of local emergency Saturday afternoon in a news release that said the natural gas outage was expected to last 24 to 72 hours.

The Abundant Life Fellowship Church in Grunthal opened its doors as a warming centre on Saturday.
“At this point, we’ve only had a few people coming, but we are definitely going to stay open for as long as we need to be running,” said Ester Reimer, who's with the church. “We have people in place to help with meals and any of those other things that are going to become necessary.”
The church’s pastor, David Neufeld, said they expect more people to come throughout the day.

The Menno Home in Grunthal, and Kleefeld School were scheduled to be connected to natural gas later on Sunday.
TransCanada and Manitoba Hydro set up a community information centre for residents on Sunday. It was slated to open at 3 p.m. local time at the John Henry Banquet Room in Niverville.
Officials from both companies said they would be on hand to answer questions about specific properties and the status of natural gas in the area.
The centre will have business hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Hydro said it does not know when service will be restored but that people should "prepare for an extended outage."

The utility is reminding customers to use only approved space heaters indoors, and where possible to conserve use of electricity during the gas outage. It says people should not use barbecues or any unapproved heaters indoors because they may produce carbon monoxide. Anyone leaving home should shut off the water supply and turn down the thermostat.

Hydro officials said there has been an increased demand on the electrical system in the area because of the loss of natural gas, but contingencies are in place to manage the increased demand.

Officials are continuing to monitor the demands on the system in the area.

At least three schools had to cancel classes because of lack of power to their buildings. École St.Malo School, École Héritage Immersion and Institute Collegial St. Pierre all cancelled Monday's classes. Officials did not know when the schools would be able to reopen.

The New Bothwell cheese plant also had to shut down production because its sanitizer is dependent on gas to operate. The plant may try to switch its generator over to propane this week if the outage persists.

Transportation and Safety  Board investigators were unable to investigate the site of the explosion on Sunday because of extremely poor weather in the Otterburne area.

According to TSB investigators, the weather conditions were too hazardous for them to access the site.

Investigators planned to return to the site on Monday in order to review what kind of an investigation will be needed.

There are five classes of investigation, and officials believe the Otterburne explosion could merit a Class 3 investigation, which would involve a full investigation coupled with a public report.

Trouble at the site of the pipeline was reported early Saturday when RCMP responded at around 1:05 a.m. to a "loud explosion."

Witnesses who live in the area said it was massive
. Paul Rawluk lives nearby and drove to the site.

"As we got closer, we could see these massive 200 to 300 metre high flames just shooting out of the ground and it literally sounded like a jet plane," he said. "And that's the thing that really got us, was the sound of it."

He said it was hard to describe the scale.

"Massive, like absolutely massive," he said. "The police were by [Highway] 59 and you could just see little cars out there and you could see in comparison how big the flame was. It was just literally two to 300 metres in the air. And bright, I mean lit up the sky

Otterburne resident Marc Labossiere was forced from his home moments after shooting a video of the blast. He lost power a short time later, and police knocked on his door, telling him to get out.

He's back at home now, and said he could still see the flames late Saturday morning.

"It went from 500-600 feet in the air down to manageable," he said. "Like, something they're just waiting for it to snuff itself out and it's still burning right now."​
Police said the burning gas was non-toxic.

The pipeline, which is owned by TransCanada, has been temporarily shut down according to a statement from a company spokesman. The statement also said that nearby roads have been closed, and that the company is not aware of any reports of injuries.

Five houses within the vicinity of the fire were evacuated by RCMP and St-Pierre-Jolys Fire Department.
The residents of two of the homes have been allowed to return, but police were not letting residents return to the three homes closest to the site.

Crews spent most of the day venting the natural gas from the system to eliminate the fuel source for the fire.
The company said that process generated a loud noise but posed no risk to the public.

By Saturday afternoon, more than 12 hours after it started, TransCanada officials said the fire was out.
The cause of the fire is under investigation.
Manitoba Hydro and TransCanada officials could not say when natural gas would be restored to the area.

TransCanada officials noted both the National Energy Board and the Transportation Safety Board had to assess the damage at the pipeline site and give approval to TransCanada before they could start repairing the break.
Hydro officials said customers in the area should prepare for an extended gas outage.

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