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Prophetic, Bill Wilson, Bill Koenig
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:12 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote

Freedom, government, and the vultures of satan
Bill Wilson

The trap is set.  The secular humanists, communists, socialists, homosexuals, and Islamists have reached such a critical mass in all branches of our government that the vultures of satan are circling as the heartbeat of Freedom in America grows faint. Politicians have used Sandy Hook Elementary School as the final nail in the 2nd Amendment coffin. Vice President Biden suggested Obama would use Executive Order to undermine the venerable Constitutional Right to bear arms. It was met by the media as something brilliant, by a disbelieving gasp from strict Constitutional constructionists, and by a great YAWN from most of the American public. The trap is set.

Never mind that deaths caused by traffic accidents are three times more than those caused by firearms - 32,993 and 9,203 respectively, never mind that deaths from drunk drivers (10,228) were more than those caused by firearms. Never mind that American taxpayers subsidized Planned Parenthood by $524.4 million in 2011, which in turn legally murdered a preborn citizen every 94 seconds - 333,964. There is no regard from this kettle of vultures for the self evident truths that all men are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” unless it involves leveraging crisis to abscond those rights.

Galatians 5:1 says, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” In its context, this verse is the declarative statement after a discussion about those who were born of  the “freewoman”, not the “bondwoman.” That we are born of the promise by accepting Christ as stated in Chapter 3:26, “For ye are all the children of YHVH God by faith in Christ Jesus.” Despite revisionist history, the Pilgrims and Jamestown Settlers came to America for religious and economic freedom. There was a fervent belief that God provided this land, blessed it, prospered it, set it aside, that the light of Christ would be shown through it. It is this freedom that the government is now trying to take away.

If these godless deceivers in the government are allowed to use non-Constitutional means such as Executive Orders to scuttle even one of the Bill of Rights, they will use that precedent to do away with them all. Then those Christians who say we should not concern ourselves with government are going to find out first hand why the Founding Fathers were so passionate about giving Christians a say. Worshiping freely; Being able to defend your family; Having privacy; Saying what’s on your mind; It’s all in jeopardy. So long, though, that there is a heartbeat of freedom, the Kettle doesn’t become a Wake. Freedom’s life support is what lives in you as a citizen of God’s Kingdom - because He is a God of FREEDOM.
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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Black Bird
Power has been given to me to come against the Christians

In my dream it seemed I was in front of the apartment building where I live.  As I was standing and looking at the overhead clouds, a black bird, of a gigantic size, suddenly appeared.  It was coming toward the ground with great speed.  As it approached, it spread its wings.  When I looked, I saw that something was written on the wings.  It said,
"Power has been given to me to be able to come against the Christians in a short time."

On the beak of the bird was written,
"I want to make war against the true Christians - those that serve God with their hearts, their lives, and their actions not only in name.   We'll see if they will be able to stand up against me... We'll see... I am a warrior.  I fight against Christ."

This bird, of undescribable size, was never calm.  It soared up and down.  As I watched, I was able to see how terrifying and mean it looked.  Suddenly, it dropped a ribbon which said, "It will not be long before I will declare war against the Christians.  I myself will fight with all my strength."  Again it began to soar upwards.  Then, suddenly, a cloud of rain, thunder, and lightning appeared!  A lightning bolt hit the bird and it fell to the earth.  To me it seemed dead.  Feeling great joy that it was dead, I went to study it more closely.  As I was looking at it, it raised its head and said, "Do you really think I'm dead?  I just played dead because I did not want Christ to be mad at me.  In a short time, though, I will be allowed to fight against the Christians in this country."  Then it shot up like an arrow, and circled over me once.  It dropped a letter, that was written in English.  I gave the letter to my daughter to read.   It said, "I was given power on earth to fight against all those that serve and do the work of God.  I have succeeded in destroying some, and others I have taken prisoner.  In a short time I will be allowed to fight against you, and others like you. -Lucifer."

Terrified and troubled by my dream, I woke up and told my family.  Now I am also telling it to you.
Excepted from Dreams and Visions From God

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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Prophetic Timing for Israel Victory
Sept. 14, 2013
 -  Jonathan David  
The Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has provided specific instructions that give prophetic direction into His timing for the nation of Israel, the Jews and His sheep all over the world. Sadly, His instructions are often ignored or rejected, which means that many will miss the perfect timing, protection and provision of the Lord.

What advantage does the Jew have?
Unto the Jews were committed the oracles of God.  Romans 3:2

The oracles are the prophetic conduits of instruction, wisdom and knowledge.
We can also know Gods timing rather than man’s timing, if we choose to.
We can know His times and seasons.

Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets is on the first day of the 7th month.
The first day of the month is always identified by the new moon. Since it arrives at differing times each month, its impossible to know the day or hour of appearing, so Israel must always be waiting and watching for the sighting.

The law shall go forth from Zion, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. Micah 4:2

Had the Jews been waiting and watching this year (2013), they would have known that the new moon was sighted in Israel on the evening of Saturday, September 7th, which is the start of September 8th, so according to the Lord Rosh Hashanah began on Sunday, September 8th.

So, what can be so bad about neglecting the order, direction, wisdom, understanding and timing of the Lord?
The Jews did not obey the instructions and so set a wrong date also for Yom Kippur for September 13-14th, 2013.
The true date was to be September 8th, 2013.

Do you want victory in your battles and against your enemies?
Obey the word of the Lord above all others.


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Joined: 22 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Olympic Glory and the hidden things
February 7, 2014
Bill Wilson
Russia, who has embraced Islam for a long time, is worried about a terror attack at the Sochi Olympic games. I wonder if anyone has considered the terror to righteousness it is promoting from the inside. The US is warning about toothpaste tube bombs on Sochi flights. Yet I read where over 100,000 condoms were being given out to athletes at the games. The New York Times is reporting that animal rights activists are running around the area trying to save the stray dogs--why? Because the Russian government is killing hundreds of strays before the games begin. I also read where everyone’s computers have been hacked by the Russian government. Reporters I know are asking for prayers for their safety.
This is a microcosm of the world system. It is a place where they are trying to protect people with sex, government spying, and killing while at the same time the evil they have embraced and placed on a pedestal is also trying to kill them. I am not sure that the Olympics have the same aura of old. People these days are intrigued by the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, er president, because he is taking a stand on homosexuality and is a hard-liner on other issues. But we must remember that this guy is a former KGB, a Russian gestapo agent. He is not a moral man. He runs a country of Mafioso's who murder reporters and use thuggery and tyranny to keep people in line.
CBS reports that Putin’s girlfriend will light the Olympic torch. He divorced his wife last year. But what is divorce, really, in a society that for nearly a century banned God? Can marriage really exist without God? Russia is really not much changed since the Soviet era in some aspects. CBS is also reporting “the deputy prime minister of Olympic preparations revealed that video surveillance equipment is documenting shower activity in hotel rooms.” Typical of Soviet propaganda, his spokesman said that cameras were installed only during construction of the hotels and later removed. Uh-huh. Reporters are complaining about their rooms, bad toilets, lack of heat and problems with water quality.
A member of the catering staff for the Olympics posted on instagram: “Due to an extreme shortage of pillows for athletes who unexpectedly arrived to Olympic Village in the mountains, there will be a transfer of pillows from all apartments to the storehouse on 2 February 2014.” Another blogger posted that residents near the stadiums are forbidden from using their fireplaces to avoid “unsightly” smoke coming from the chimneys. Its winter! I’m sure viewers will see a much more glorious side of the Olympics. Daniel 2:22 says the Lord “reveals the deep and secret things: he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him.” The Olympic torch can’t hold a candle to the light of Christ. The world might be fooled, but not the Lord. Just saying.......

Sochi olympics 2014
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The ominous history of the time period around April 19-20
Bill Koenig Eye View from the White House news report

Note from Bill April 5th

There has been one serious news story after another in the past few days.
-  First, it was the beginning of sos John Kerry's push for Israeli-Palestinian talks
-  then the North Korean nuclear threat
-  a collapse of gold's value
-  the Boston Marathon bombings
-  Iran triples installations of centrifuges at Natanz and
-  a major explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas

The current period of disruption in the United States this year seems very similar to April other years.

Extensive list of major events that have happened on or around April 19-20:
World wars, American wars, Israeli wars, births of Hitler and Mohammed, and many others …

Previously, Eric Hadik ( http://www.insidetrack.com ) shared with us the significance of the month of April and the incredible amount of events that have happened in that month. These are events that have impacted the United States, Israel and the Jewish people.

Mohammed and Hitler were born on the same day - April 20.
Major wars began in the U.S. in this time frame. Major domestic terror events occurred on April 19 numerous times.
There have also been major news items about Iran in April from 2006 to 2012.

I have added the dates and other material to Eric's work to further emphasize this incredible information. This information will help us better watch what is coming the rest of this year and into 2014 with so many significant cycles converging.

The natural year

The sun governs our seasons, which are measured by the solstices and equinoxes. By many accounts, the Natural Year begins with the vernal equinox on March 20/21. This has been true in agrarian (agriculture/ farming-based) societies for thousands of years. It has been true in civilizations that worshipped the Sun (and established their calendars accordingly).

This period from March 20/21 to April 19/20 marks a very important transition period,
linked to various means of measuring time with physical (natural), celestial (astronomy),metaphysical (astrology) and supernatural (Jewish and Christian commemorations) implications.
April 19/20 acts like a deadline for determining what to expect in the coming (natural) year.
It is a time to watch each year for signs of 'change.'

April is a time when much of nature comes back to life.

Paradoxically, it is when man often incites war (and the end of many lives).
Nowhere has this remained more constant than in the histories of America and Israel.

The following are just a few of the events that have occurred on this date and have impacted/governed America's destiny …
beginning with our independence (and incorporating almost every major, decisive war in our history) …

Start of Revolutionary War — April 19, 1775

Battle of San Jacinto/end of Texas Revolution — April 19-21, 1836

Start of Mexican-American War — April 25, 1846

Start of Civil War — April 12, 1861

Start of Spanish-American War — April 26, 1898

Franklin D. Roosevelt announces U.S. will leave gold standard — April 19, 1933

Bay of Pigs invasion failure — April 17-19, 1961

End of Vietnam War — April 30, 1975

Operation Praying Mantis was on April 18, 1988. Attack by U.S. naval forces in retaliation for the Iranian mining of the Persian Gulf and the subsequent damage to an American warship. This battle was the largest of the five major U.S. surface engagements since the Second World War.


The April 19/20 date has pinpointed many events of great 'civil unrest' and/or domestic terrorism in the U.S. They include:

ATF raid on Covenant of the Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA) — April 19-21, 1985 (linked to the Oklahoma City bombing a decade later)

Explosion on the USS Iowa (speculated to be an act of sabotage/suicide, but never proven) — April 19, 1989

Waco/Branch Davidian raid by FBI/ATF — April 19, 1993

Oklahoma City Bombing — April 19, 1995

Columbine High School massacre — April 20, 1999

Additional events:

Anti-Jewish riots break out in Palestine — April 19, 1936

U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan, U.S.S.R. — April 19, 1985

Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, becomes the 265th pope — April 19, 2005

The historical date of infamy for Israel and her enemies – April 20/21

This date has also had a dramatic impact on Israel and Jews. In the last 2,000 years, Jews have had many enemies and many antagonists; but three, in particular, stand out:

Birth of Rome/Roman Empire


Nazi Germany/Hitler

What do they have in common? They were all born on April 20/21.

The birth of Rome (by Romulus) is dated as April 21, 753 B.C.

The birth of Mohammad is dated as April 20, 571 A.D.

The birth of Adolph Hitler was April 20, 1889


Israel faced the Great Arab Revolt of April 19, 1936

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began April 19, 1943

The ascension of Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt on April 18, 1954. Nasser was Israel's lead antagonist for almost two decades. He was responsible for three wars with Israel from 1956–1970. He was also responsible for the first United Arab Republic — in 1958–1961, a concept that could reach a more cohesive realization in the coming years.

To say the least, this has been a very significant period of time for centuries.

First Blood Moon of the tetrad April 15, 2014 - Passover

Bill Koenig and Bill Wilson work together so I put them together
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

70 weeks of Daniel
Kent Hovind - Dr Dino
He thinks the 10 toes of the statue are Sunni and Shia Islam / Muslims.
I agree with a lot of what Dino is saying.  I'll never agree 100% with anyone.
Dino has an interesting sense of humor - and a chart  (I hate charts)

Kent Hovind is OUT of jail.
A RAPTURE pre-trib is false doctrine.  Pastors pushing a pre-trib rapture will be held responsible for all who abandon the Faith and take the mark and go to hell.  As long as pastors push false rapture doctrine, they arent jailed.  hmmmm .....

GOD did not change His mind on rapture date,

I am glad to see Bill is still blogging!  Smile
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


The End of the west

Several Christian Bible prohecy teachers are using the word - convergence.
So many signs YESHUA (Jesus) gave in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 are seen NOW, all together, converging, merging, so we KNOW we are NOW in those Last Days.  Even Russia in Syria NOW fits bible prophecy.  
Avi Lipkins says Russia is NOT Gog.

The Al Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood timeline
Islamic Timelines Fueling Jihad,  December, 2015
 (excerpts, edits)
The following concerns the demonic convergence of the Al Qaeda, MB = Muslim Brotherhood timelines which is occurring RIGHT NOW.  Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE listed Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

All-out war with the West has begun
December, 2015
-  MB timeline to destroy the West culminating THIS month, Westerners are in for dark times now that the caliphate has been re-established.  MB documents ignored by Western leaders are mobilizing jihadists worldwide.  Al Qaeda’s 20-year plan to internationally criminalize any criticism of Islam (Islamophobia) culminates 2015 December 9th.

The MB timeline to impose Islamic law - Sharia - worldwide converging this month.  More terror attacks expected worldwide.  They destroy Western civil liberties through the use of Sharia-compliant UN resolutions and hate speech codes to curtail any discussion or analysis of Islam.

See also

Matthew 24
Luke 21

Many things converging

There has been one serious news story after another

The Convergence of the Signs: They are All Coming Together

Convergence of the Signs is the sign!
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Coping in these difficult times
June 5, 2012  Bill Wilson
In recent days, I have received several emails asking questions about how to cope with stress and anger over the condition of the economy and the moral condition of the nation.
Many are out of work and cannot find jobs. Interesting that with all the government programs, many do not qualify to even receive help for food or other essentials.
A couple people have written saying that they visited all the churches in their area, and none would help them.
Still others are stressed over the non ending wars and nation-building, the police state, the gloomy economy, the specter of homosexual marriage, and other declining issues of morality.
How do we cope, they ask?

I have been writing about current events from a Biblical world view nearly every day for 10 years and six months. The news has not improved.
At one time, prophetically inspired events occurred once every couple of weeks. Now, there seem to be several per day. Time is truly accelerating.
I have often written that we cannot stop the march of prophecy, but we can determine our place in it.
Certainly, my study of the end times suggests that things are not going to get better the closer we get to the return of Yeshua.
I believe that the Lord has allowed my wife and I to experience very difficult times over the past 7 years to prepare us for the days ahead and to assist others as we experience them.

The Holy Scriptures are the best means to cope. In them, you will find tremendous wisdom and solace. While reading them regularly, you will grow closer in your relationship with YHVH.
For my wife, during her long illness, Psalms gave her hope and comfort.  The other day I was feeling the need to hear from my Father in heaven.
I picked up my Bible and just thumbed through some pages. The one I settled on for no particular reason happened to be Ecclesiastes 3.
This is the chapter where Solomon says there is a season for all things. Most know of these verses, but we are not quite so familiar with the ones that immediately follow.
My eyes zoomed in on Verses 11-13:

“He (YHVH) has made everything suited to its time; also he has given human beings an awareness of eternity;
but in such a way that they can’t fully comprehend, from beginning to end, the things YHVH does.
I know that there is nothing better for them to do than to be happy and enjoy themselves as long as they live.
Still, the fact that everyone can eat and drink and enjoy the good that results from all his work, is a gift of YHVH.”  
This connected with my spirit. The gift of life is from YHVH and we should enjoy it no matter what is going on around us.
Let’s not focus on the negatives, but rather on the gift of life and salvation.
Yeshua came that we might have life and have it abundantly. That’s good news we can count on!

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