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Ouija, Pokemon, occult, playing with the devil
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Joined: 12 Dec 2009
Posts: 17167

PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:33 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote

The MetroSpiritual: Kinky sex that's literally out of this world

I never did understand why sex is often considered a taboo subject, considering sexual experiences are the one thing most humans actually do have in common. If people did not want to have sex, humans would not even exist. Luckily, around 60,000 couples are having sex right this very minute. Humanity will live on!

But the big question should really be…How many people are having sex right now with ghosts, spirits or even extraterrestrials?

Sexual liaisons with otherworldly beings is seemingly on the the rise — or at least admitting it in public is. It's called spectrophilia and not surprisingly, it’s common among metrospirituals and other enlightened people.

It involves having intimate relations with a ghost, spirit or other entity. Unlike an incubus — a male evil spirit who has sex with sleeping women — or its female counterpart, a succubus, people who engage in spectrophilia say its intense ecstasy often brings them to a level of sexual fulfillment beyond anything physical with another living being.

I'm open-minded to anything and a connoisseur for bits of everything. So naturally, I did once have a very arousing situation with the unseen — and it was very real. You don't need to see in order to feel. Ask anyone who has ever had sex with their eyes closed!

more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-s...literally-world-article-1.2704768
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Joined: 12 Dec 2009
Posts: 17167

PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 7:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


WARNING: Playing Pokemon Go Could Be Placing Your Child In Real Life Danger

Child safety experts have issued a stark warning over the new Pokemon Go app as the craze reaches the UK - and lures players to a sex shop. The game - which allows players to collect digital monsters in their actual surroundings - has not yet been officially released in the UK.

Pokémon Go is a ‘huge security risk’: Experts warn logging in on your iPhone using Google gives hit game access to ALL your account details

It came out of nowhere, and all of a sudden Pokémon Go has taken America by storm. But the stories coming out around it are unsettling and we feel it is something you should know about.

For starters, experts have warned that iOS users of  Pokémon Go are putting themselves at risk by signing up using Google. By signing up to the game, it gives make Niantic access to the user’s entire Google account – from email to search history.

Security expert Adam Reeve said he first noticed the issue signing in online.

‘On a whim I went to see which permissions it was granted,’ he wrote. ‘To say I was a little stunned is putting it lightly – it said: Pokemon Go has full access to your Google account.’

Reeve believes the game, based on a game called Ingress developed by Google before being spun out into its own firm called Niantic, is not actually using these permissions for anything other than logging people in.


Pokémon Go lured children to a sex shop in the UK

Child safety experts have issued a stark warning over the new Pokemon Go app as the craze reaches the UK – and lures players to a sex shop. The game – which allows players to collect digital monsters in their actual surroundings – has not yet been officially released in the UK.

But those who have managed to download the app have already been directed to catch Pokemon at the rather sinister ‘Private Shop’ in Plymouth, Devon.

The shop is the latest danger zone to have appeared in the game after players were lured to a string of unsavoury sites around the world, including the headquarters of Hells Angels in New Zealand and a methadone clinic in Australia.

Charities had already warned that the game could be ‘hijacked’ by paedophiles who could manipulate the software to lure distracted children to secluded spots.

But there were fresh warnings today as the game itself began to show a potentially more harmful side in its choice of so-called PokeStops – real-life landmarks where players can stock up on goods and improve their characters.

Charities had already warned that the game could be ‘hijacked’ by paedophiles who could manipulate the software to lure distracted children to secluded spots. source
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Site Admin

Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32226

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pokemon go stands for Pokemon Global Offensive and is used by our foreign enemies to map America in detail and watch our reactions and movements.  Dont bother to google it, google lies.

* BA your link did not work so I d/l it.
You can load images here in the forum - see 'Attach File under box
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Joined: 12 Dec 2009
Posts: 17167

PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Telephone Psychic Miss Cleo Has Died At 53

By Mark Shrayber

Miss Cleo, the embattled telephone psychic famous for turning the phrase “call me now for your free reading!” into a cultural meme, has died at 53 after a battle with cancer.

According to TMZ, which has confirmed with Cleo’s rep, the clairvoyant, entrepreneur, and actress — if you didn’t know, her accent was fake — died on Tuesday after fighting colon cancer that tragically spread to both her liver and her lungs. The rep told TMZ that Youree Dell Cleomili Harris (Cleo’s real name) was a “pillar of strength” until her untimely death and passed while in the presence of those who knew and loved her.

While Miss Cleo will be fondly remembered by anyone who has ever seen one of her commercials, Harris’ life became increasingly difficult in 2002, when the FTC filed a complaint against the company the psychic worked for — The Psychic Readers Network — for unethical business practices (including the fact that all those free readings Miss Cleo offered were never really free). While she was later dropped from the suit, Harris never regained her footing in the cutthroat world of psychic healing and quickly dropped out of the limelight.

In 2006, Harris made headlines by coming out as a lesbian in The Advocate, telling the publication that she made the difficult decision to go public when her godson came to her when struggling with his own coming out:

“He and I started talking when he was concerned about coming out. He was 16. When he made the decision I told him I’d be there to support him 100%, and he embraced [coming out] wholeheartedly,” Harris says. “It’s a different vibe than when I was his age, being raised Catholic in an all-girls boarding school. But he was afraid of nothing, and I thought, I can’t be a hypocrite. This boy is going to force me to put my money where my mouth is.”

In an interview with Vice in 2014, Harris revealed that she really was psychic, that she’d never been in jail, and that while others on the hotline may have been making “14 cents a minute,” she’d barely made more, telling the interviewer that her cut was “24 cents.” She also discussed the struggles she faced in the court of public opinion, including conflict with members of the Jamaican community, who railed against her for being a “bad representative”:

According to some articles, I’m still in jail. I never went to jail; I didn’t own the company. It’s taken ten years for me to move through all of that, because in the Jamaican culture—especially with the way my father was—all you have is your word. So it hurts for people to go around and be able to tell a lie to the point where it becomes fact on a [computer] box. So I struggle with it.

Harris will undoubtedly be missed. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can check her out in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, watch her discuss the reality of the phone psychic business in the 2014 documentary Hotline, or light some incense in her memory and relive all that time you spent watching her commercials on late night TV, where her voice was enough to put anyone into a trance that made you forget what you were doing and really think about getting that free reading and your life in order.
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Site Admin

Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32226

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


HELLary Clinton ties to Rothschilds, Occult Cabal
In a August 29 2008 email, a senior gov staffer writes to Hillary Clinton, “With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch.”  Hillary Clinton and other globalist elites have occult ties. Nobody randomly uses Moloch in a conversation. Most people don’t even know what Moloch is.

Evil or Very Mad   HELLary Clinton is LITERALLY an illuminati Witch out to destroy America.

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Joined: 12 Dec 2009
Posts: 17167

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 6:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Study Suggests Some Tattoo Inks Could Be Toxic

You know the design will last forever, but it turns out you may be getting more than you bargain for when you get a tattoo. According to The Sun, long-lasting and even fatal skin problems could be part of the package.

The article references “a shocking new study” from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) that finds the dyes in tattoo inks can lead to cancer. Other adverse effects include reproductive toxicity and painful itching that can last for years when the ink literally gets under your skin — and red ink is the most dangerous, the ECHA says on its website. Green, black, and blue inks are also thought to be significantly harmful.

This report could have a major impact on the tattoo industry; it’s likely that certain inks will be banned by the European Union altogether. As of now, the inks are not regulated by the EU, which has been asked to “assess the risks, the relevant socio-economic impacts and the need for Union-wide action by preparing a dossier for restriction.” The ECHA emphasizes that restrictions would not be placed on hygienic practices that could lead to infection; this would be up to the individual tattoo artist and the client to determine.

Rick Stevens, president of the Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union, in the U.K., blames the toxic compounds found in many tattoo inks currently used in the EU on the influx of cheap Chinese inks, which are not regulated or checked for safety. In addition, U.K. tattoo shops are not regulated by the government at all, though a record number of U.K. citizens are reportedly getting inked.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. also warns about the dangers of tattoo inks. On its website, the FDA says that allergic reactions to tattoo inks can happen “right after tattooing or even years later.” Like ECHA, the FDA cites itchy or inflamed skin at the tattoo site, and confirms that it does not currently regulate inks in the U.S. But, it says, “recent reports associated with permanent make-up inks have prompted FDA to study tattoo ink safety.”

Currently, the FDA’s Arkansas-based National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) is conducting studies on the inks used in American tattoo parlors to examine chemical compositions, short- and long-term safety, and the reactions of pigments to light. The NCTR is also finding that tattoo removal procedures — in which lasers are used to break down ink — may be sending the pigment to the body’s lymph nodes, which “filter out disease-causing organisms.” Cancer cells that enter the lymph nodes have been found to then metastasize throughout the body.

According to the Truth About Cancer, about 10 percent of people who have gotten tattoos have suffered adverse reactions from the ink — reactions that include itching and infections that last for more than four months. The website also cites a study by Copenhagen University Hospital, which found carcinogenic chemicals in 13 out of 21 common tattoo inks in Europe, and the origins of the inks are unknown. Even the most common pigment — black — is known to contain poisonous chemicals that have been directly linked to cancer.

While the EU will likely put regulations in place soon, the FDA has not indicated that tattoo ink will be regulated in the near future and may not make any announcements until the results of its testing come through.
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Joined: 12 Dec 2009
Posts: 17167

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Catholic Church Lifts Veil For 'EXORCIST'...

Possessed People Proliferating in USA...


Man identifies as vampire...
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Site Admin

Joined: 22 Sep 2009
Posts: 32226

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 3:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Woman tells police she was RAPED by a Pokemon Go character after she felt an assault

This game has always been demonic!

Evil or Very Mad
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Joined: 12 Dec 2009
Posts: 17167

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Witchcraft, Islam And Humanism Are Filling The Spiritual Void Left By The Dying Church

A dramatic spiritual paradigm shift is taking place in the western world. At the end of last week, I discussed the fact that more Americans than ever before appear to be turning away from the Christian faith, and this is particularly true among our young people. And while it is undeniable that atheism and agnosticism are both growing rapidly, it is also important to point out that other faiths are on the rise in the western world at the exact same time that Christianity is shrinking. If you are a Christian, what you are about to read should concern you greatly.

Let’s start with witchcraft. It has been estimated that Wicca (one very popular form of witchcraft) is now the fastest growing faith in America. Books and movies featuring Harry Potter and others that use “magic” for good have fueled a tremendous amount of interest in the dark arts these days. Just consider the following excerpt from a Salon article that was published earlier this month…

   Stores specializing in metaphysical sundries (think ritual candles, blended oils, sacred herbs) like Spellbound Sky and House of Intuition in Los Angeles, while not brand-new, are suddenly crowded. In Brooklyn, Witches of Bushwick has evolved from a venue on the underground party circuit to a social collective that celebrates witchcraft as a feminist art and collaborates with fashion companies like Chromat. Of course, for those who prefer whipping up potions at home, several new witch- and occult-themed subscription boxes deliver the magical arts to the doorstep.

And social media has enabled young people interested in magic to connect with one another in a way that we have never seen before. Here is more from Salon…

   Check social media: A search for #witch on Instagram yields about 2,375,000 posts — whereas one for #kardashian scores only 1,630,000. Search next time at a boutique: Tarot decks are coming back in high style, thanks to retailers like the Wild Unknown — its artful cards are in stores across the country, from upscale meccas like ABC Home in New York City to indie hot spots like Skylark in Venice Beach, California. K-Hole was right, “mysticore” is the new norm.

Yes, there are still many more Christians than witches in America.

But the ranks of those that are into the occult are growing very quickly – especially among our young people – and in many churches on Sunday morning you will be fortunate to find even a handful of young adults.

Meanwhile, Islam is on the rise in the western world as well. Much of this is due to immigration, and new mosques are springing up all over the United States and Europe.

As Islam gains ground, there has been a concerted effort in some quarters to bring Christianity and Islam together. This movement has become known as “Chrislam”, and in recent years we have seen some things that many of us never imagined that we would ever see in the Christian world.

For example, earlier this year the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA was opened with a prayer offered to Allah…

   “Allah bless us and bless our families and bless our Lord. Lead us on the straight path – the path of all prophets: Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.”

   These were the words that rang out over the congregation at The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, USA meeting in Portland, Oregon. Wajidi Said, co-founder of the Muslim Education Trust, led the attendees in the prayer to the Islamic deity, a move arranged by the Ecumenical and Interfaith ministry staff at the assembly.

   The prayer was part of the “first order of business” during the meeting’s opening session, a time dedicated to praying for those affected by the Orlando shooting that occurred just weeks before.

And of course the Presbyterian Church USA is far from alone. As I have documented, Pope Francis has stated that Christians and Muslims both “worship the one God”, and in 2014 he authorized Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran at the Vatican for the first time ever.

But despite such efforts to “bring Christians and Muslims together”, the truth is that Islamic terrorists continue to slaughter Christians on a continual basis all over the planet. The most recent attack on a church took place in Indonesia on Sunday…

   An ISIS suicide bomber today attacked a Catholic priest with an axe as he tried to blow up hundreds of worshippers at a church during Sunday Mass.

   Priest Albert Pandiangan, 60, was holding the holy ceremony at the altar when the 18-year-old fanatic rushed towards him with a backpack bomb and tried to blow himself up.

   But the bomb burned without setting off the explosives, so the jihadi pulled an axe from his bag and slashed the priest’s arm at St Yoseph Church in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra in Indonesia.

So far there have been well over 1000 Islamic terror attacks in 2016, and ISIS appears to have a renewed emphasis on attacking churches and Christians wherever they can find them.

Without a doubt, we are also witnessing a huge increase in the number of atheists and agnostics in the western world. Europe is much farther along than the United States is in this regard, and many areas of the continent are rightly regarded to be “post-Christian” at this point.

In the UK, the Christian faith has declined so dramatically that now we are seeing the rise of “humanist chaplains” that don’t hold to any sort of faith at all…

   With participation in traditional faiths at near-record lows, Britain is seeing the rise of humanist chaplains providing “pastoral” support for the non-religious.

   Last month the University of Westminster in London broke new ground by appointing its first official secular advisor for students.

   The move followed efforts by the British Humanist Association since 2014 to train more than 100 volunteers to go into schools, hospitals and prisons in order to provide support for those who don’t believe in a deity.

Fortunately, things are much different in much of the rest of the world. In fact, the Christian faith is currently experiencing explosive growth in China, India, South America and many portions of Africa.

But in the United States and Europe people are leaving the faith of their forefathers in astounding numbers, and that spiritual void is often being filled by other faiths such as witchcraft and Islam.

So what does this mean for the future of our society?


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