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Mormon White Horse Prophecy
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:04 am    Post subject: Mormon White Horse Prophecy  Reply with quote


Mormon White Horse Prophecy

A white horse rider had a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.


Fox News Glenn Beck sent a coded message to the nation's 6 million Mormons - or at least those Mormons who believe in what the Latter-day Saints call "the White Horse Prophecy."

"We are at the place where the Constitution hangs in the balance," Beck told Bill O'Reilly on November 14, 2008, just after President Obama's election.
"I feel the Constitution is hanging in the balance right now, hanging by a thread unless the good Americans wake up."

The Constitution is hanging by a thread
Most Americans would have heard this as just another bit of overblown commentary and thought nothing more of it. But to those familiar with the White Horse Prophecy, it was an unmistakable signal.

The phrase is often attributed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon Church.
Smith is believed to have said in 1840 that when the Constitution hangs by a thread, elders of the Mormon Church will step in -- on the proverbial white horse -- to save the country.
(Smith spoke with a demon - named  Laughing  MORONi )

"When the Constitution of the United States hangs, as it were, upon a single thread, they will have to call for the 'Mormon' Elders to save it from utter destruction; and they will step forth and do it," Brigham Young, Smith's successor as head of the church, wrote in 1855.

Was it just a coincidence in wording, or was Beck, a 1999 Mormon convert, speaking in coded language about the need to fulfill the Mormon prophecy? A conversation on Beck's radio show ten days earlier would seem to rule out coincidence. Beck was interviewing Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, also a Mormon, when he said: "I heard Barack Obama talk about the Constitution and I thought, we are at the point or we are very near the point where our Constitution is hanging by a thread."
"Well, let me tell you something," Hatch responded. "I believe the Constitution is hanging by a thread."

Days after Beck's Fox show started in January 2009, he had Hatch on, and again prompted him: "I believe our Constitution hangs by a thread."
Large numbers of Mormons watch Beck,
but likely an even larger number of his viewers and radio listeners are evangelical Protestants who have no idea that Beck is preaching to them an obscure prophecy of the Latter-day Saints
which Christians know is a cult.
In addition to the coded allusions to the White Horse Prophecy, he often brings Mormon theology into his broadcasts
(he touts the thinking of late church president Ezra Taft Benson and he frequently promotes the work Mormon conspiracy theorist Cleon Skousen) but without identifying them with the LDS church.

Before the Mormons went west, Smith traveled to Washington seeking help for his oppressed followers and received nothing but frustration. Rather than turning on the government, however, "They considered themselves the last Real Americans, the legitimate heirs of the pilgrims and Founding Fathers," Pat Bagley wrote in the Salt Lake Tribune. "And, they believed, the very survival of the Constitution depended on the Saints. From Smith on, LDS leaders prophesied the Constitution would one day hang by a thread, only to be saved by Mormons."

A compilation of church leaders' statements over the years by the journal BYU Studies shows this strain of thinking. Though there are doubts about whether Smith actually wrote the phrase "hang by a thread," his successors left no doubt about the theology behind it. Orson Hyde, a Smith contemporary, wrote that Smith believed that "the time would come when the Constitution and the country would be in danger of an overthrow; and said [Smith]: 'If the Constitution be saved at all, it will be by the elders of this Church.'"

The church's fifth leader, Charles Nibley, believed that "the day would come when there would be so much of disorder, of secret combinations taking the law into their own hands, tramping upon Constitutional rights and the liberties of the people, that the Constitution would hang as by a thread. Yes, but it will still hang, and there will be enough of good people, many who may not belong to our Church at all, people who have respect for law and for order, and for Constitutional rights, who will rally around with us and save the Constitution."

The prophecy was renewed with each generation of church leadership. "The prophet Joseph Smith said the time will come when, through secret organizations taking the law into their own hands . . . the Constitution of the United States would be so torn and rent asunder, and life and property and peace and security would be held of so little value, that the Constitution would, as it were, hang by a thread," church apostle Melvin Ballard said in 1928. "This Constitution will be preserved, but it will be preserved very largely in consequence of what the Lord has revealed and what this people, through listening to the Lord and being obedient, will help to bring about, to stabilize and give permanency and effect to the Constitution itself. That also is our mission."

And now it is Beck's mission. Secret organizations? Tramping on liberties? Breakdown of law and order? Shredding the Constitution? Betraying the Founders? This is the core of Beck's message, in his own words: "Some people in the government seem to have a problem, you know, shredding the Constitution." And: "You're trying to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, friends. It's in trouble." And: "He" -- that would be Obama -- "is going to bring us to the verge of shredding the Constitution, of massive socialism."

But there is a Beckian twist in his version of the prophecy. Unlike the church leaders' versions, Beck's vision carries the possibility of a bloody end. On the night of Feb. 24, 2009, Beck outlined this prospect for his viewers. People who "don't trust the government," he said, would "see the government as violating the Constitution, and they will see themselves as defenders of the Constitution. Not a good mix. Then they take matters into their own hands."

It was Glenn Beck in a nutshell: White Horse Prophecy meets horsemen of the apocalypse.
Adapted from Tears of a Clown: Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck and other dangers


The Last U.S. President, 12 house vision

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy

              Posted   <*))))><   by  

ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary  


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

DREAM ABOUT GLENN BECK  posted by bifocal
Whoa, I had the wildest dream last night.  I dunno if it was what I ate, e-mailing, or what but I haven't had a interpretive dream in years.  I dreamt I was in a kind of amusement park in a building that we had to slide down tunnels that led into hallways and continue on like that.  I heard a young girl scream as if about to be attacked, then a man's voice (faintly familar)telling her to be quiet, that he wouldn't hurt her.  You knew immediately he was going to rape her.  I slid down the tunnel as fast as I could but they were not there at the end.  I came upon the first floor wehre there was a door entry, college age kids were coming in.  I tried to ask them if they saw a man with a little girl but they just shook their heads and seemed to not care and ignored me.  I was frantic.  I then ran down the hallway and I found myslef in what I thought was a college dorm but then it became a big banquet hall with many people partying.  People were at the tables laughing and drinking.  For some reason I walked over to a closet and opened a door and there was GLENN BECK, butt naked, drunker than a skunk!.  He pushed me aside.  I then realized it was him in that tunnel!  I said to him what did you do with that girl!  You killed her didn't you! He would not answer.  By the closet were some people who worked with him, some were his producers.  They too had been drinking, I said to them.  You knew he did this, they hung theri heads and some had tears in their eyes, some nodding yes.  I said how could you cover for him!  Look he's naked, hey Glenn where is your temple underwear, you can't hide your nakedness!  Hey, everyone Beck is naked and he is a liar!  He then fell over and passed out, his butt exposed to all as he lay there drunk.  I ran over to people at the tables and pleaded for them to call the police, they just kept drinking and ignored me.  I shouted Beck is of the devil and he is a Mormon, a liar.  I knew at once people would just wave me off, it would fall on deaf ears.  there were some who came over and said they would call the police.  As I waited, I went over to his co-workers and said you knew this, why did'nt you stop him from raping and killing this girl?  They just hung their heads in shame.  I walked through the banqueting hall and it seemed to have different hallways,  groups congregated together, drinking, laughing, carryin on like it never happened.  I yelled out, Love covers a multitude of sins, even though we are still sinners He (meaning Jesus) he loved us.  I felt it fell on deaf ears.  It was then that I woke up.

Wow, must have been the popcorn.....


The amusement park is his TV and radio show, the tunnels are our minds, how he communicates his message, the little girl is his audience, being primarily Christians, the college kids are those who think they are being "educated" by him, their apparent apathy is when they seemingly do not care about what is taking place (many Christians who embrace him despite his overt Mormon proselytizing) the banquet hall was filled with Christians, Tea Party activists, Republicans, Conservatives, and those who "oppose" Obama.  They were all drinking the spiked punch that inebriates you with the false sense of security, thinking ecumenicism and Nationalism will save the country. The closet is where people hide their true self.  Beck was drunk and naked, exposed for what he is.  The alcohol is the false spirit that controls him, his appetite for power, prestige, and money.He has gone the way of Baa lam.  As I shouted that Beck is a Mormon, a liar no one seemed to care, continuing to drink the spiked punch.  I yelled for someone to call the police for he had raped and killed the little girl.  Again they continued on drinking and partying (the scriptures tell us in the last days they would be drinking and carrying while destruction came upon them).  He does pass out and this will be when he falls, something will trip him up and all the world will see it.  His Mormonism can't protect him, it only covers the darkness in his soul but soon his sins and impulses will overtake him.  His high connections in the Temple will not be able to rescue him.  The producers and co-workers is a clear indication they know his true character, they too cover for him and drink to deal with the guilt by association.  Some even know the truth, the tears show that they have compromised their faith in Jesus Christ.  some who were in the banqueting hall did call the police, they knew to go to the "authority" who we know as Jesus Christ.  Again, I went through the banqueting Hall and down new hallways which are blogs, forums, people in churches and again no one wanted to listen, they continued to drink and be drunk on the false spirit of deception.  I was trying to present them the Gospel but they ignored it, not wanting to hear.  At that point I woke up and indeed I did!

If anyone take the time to research, the Mormon apostasy teaches that there is a a "prophecy" called the White Horse prophecy where this nation will be brought to the brink of destruction but a Mormon "Prophet" will be elected to the White House and save the nation.  For the last several months Beck has been subtly preparing his audience with this message.  Now he is overtly implementing Mormon doctrine, especially since his "Rally" in Washington D.C.  It was a ecumenical revival, I believe a release of the Great Deception upon this nation.  Christians have been serioulsy deluded.  Pray for discernment and for clarity in the coming days!

Beck is DANGEROUS!  Dont even listen to him!


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

William F Cooper in his Mystery Babylon series said that one of the big goals of the NWO is to get Mormons in the highest powers in office before this OWG gets formed.

Look at Mormons in the highest powers in our government now...

Harry Reid - Senate Maj Leader
Mit Romney - former governor of MA
Glenn Beck - one of the most popular people in the news media
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Maybe it's coming to pass after all? Confused

'Book of Mormon' takes the lead at Tony Awards

By MARK KENNEDY, AP Drama Writer Mark Kennedy, Ap Drama Writer – 43 mins ago
NEW YORK – The profane and hysterical "The Book of Mormon" pulled ahead of the pack at the Tony Awards on Sunday, snagging honors for best book, best direction of a musical, best score, best featured actress and four technical awards.

The show, by the creators of "South Park" and "Avenue Q," was emerging as the biggest winner during a ceremony that also honored "War Horse" and "The Normal Heart" with best play and best play revival, respectively.

Sutton Foster won for best actress in a musical and gave a tearful speech. "It doesn't feel like a job," she said of the Cole Porter musical "Anything Goes," which won best musical revival and earned Kathleen Marshall an award for her choreography.

Frances McDormand was declared the best leading actress in a play for playing a South Boston blue-collar woman who reconnects with a high school boyfriend in David Lindsay-Abaire play "Good People." She accepted the prize wearing a jean jacket.

The best direction of a musical award went to Casey Nicholaw and Trey Parker for "The Book of Mormon." Parker — as well as co-writers Matt Stone and Robert Lopez — later returned to the stage to accept the Tony for the best book of a musical.

The top directing prize for a play went to Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris for the weepy "War Horse," a World War I tale about horses told with puppets and actors. "We quite like it when people cry," Morris cracked backstage.

Nikki M. James, who plays a potential love interest to a pair of missionaries who travel to Uganda in "The Book of Mormon," dedicated the award to her dad, who died while she was in high school, and to her nephew Ozzie, who was born with kidney problems.

The show is one of the hottest in town and James said even cast members are having trouble getting tickets for their friends and family. "It's amazing to know you're going to walk out there every night and know you're going to see a house full of people," she said.

Larry Kramer's "The Normal Heart" won the best revival prize and two actors from the AIDS drama — Ellen Barkin and John Benjamin Hickey — also won. Barkin, making her Broadway debut, was declared the best actress in a featured role in a play, while Hickey took home the male equivalent honor.

"It's the proudest moment of my career. Being involved in something this important is I think a once-in-a-career opportunity," said Barkin. Hickey warned his family in Texas that they'd better not be watching the Heat-Mavericks game instead of the Tonys.

Kramer's historic play about the beginning of an epidemic that has killed millions won the Tony 26 years after it was first mounted at the Public Theater. "Learn from it and carry on the fight," he said. "Our day will come."

John Larroquette, in his Broadway debut, won the award for best actor in a featured role in a musical for "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." He thanked his co-star Daniel Radcliffe, who was not nominated, saying that without the "Harry Potter" star he'd be "home, sitting in my underwear, watching this on television."

Away from the television cameras, "The Book of Mormon" won for orchestration, sound design, scenic design of a musical, score and book of a musical. "War Horse" won for best sound design of a play and best scenic design of a play, and "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" got the costume award for flamboyant fantasies created by Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner.

Host Neil Patrick Harris began the show at the Beacon Theatre with an exuberant, tongue-in-cheek song about how Broadway isn't just for gay people any more. The number featured a bevy of dancing nuns, sailors, flight attendants and Mormons: "Attention every breeder, you're invited to the theater!" He later mocked "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark," sang with Hugh Jackson and rode one of the puppet horses of "War Horse."

The ceremony was rolling along fine until Brooke Shields had to be bleeped after forgetting the lyrics and flubbing an opening song with Harris. "I can do eight performances a week but I can't read a TelePrompTer," she joked.

"The Book of Mormon" went into the Tonys with 14 nominations, one shy of the record held by "The Producers." The show has already been declared the season's best musical by the Outer Critics Circle, the Drama League and the New York Drama Critics' Circle.

The musical was the biggest new hit from a Broadway season that saw 42 shows open — 14 musicals, 25 plays and three specials. Box-office grosses soared to $1.08 billion while attendance reached 12.5 million, both up from last season.

If "The Book of Mormon" wins the biggest prize, it would be a considerable achievement for first-time Broadway playwrights Parker and Stone, who created the Emmy Award-winning "South Park" and feature-length films such as "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" and "Team America: World Police."

A mix of high art and low, the Mormon musical pays homage to such stalwarts as "The King and I" and "The Lion King," and references diarrhea, AIDS ravaged villages and sex with babies. A Mormon sacred book finds its way into a leading character's rectum.

This year's Tonys are on Manhattan's Upper West Side after the ceremony was forced to leave its longtime home at Radio City Music Hall because Cirque du Soleil moved in. Tony producers picked the 3,000-seat Beacon Theatre, which has only about half as many seats as Radio City. CBS is televising the event.

If CBS censors will be on high alert thanks to the often foul lyrics of "The Book of Mormon," they'll be happy about one decision. Stephen Adly Guirgis' play "The Motherf---- With the Hat" will be referred to simply as "The Mother With the Hat."

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

White horse of Revelation 6 is FALSE PEACE
A white horse rider had a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

White Horse Prophecy,  Mormon Plan for America
Chapter 6 of the Revelation of Jesus Christ  (the Apocalypse)

The White Horse Prophecy is a statement made in 1843 by Joseph Smith, Mormon founder, regarding the future of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) and the United States of America. The Latter Day Saints, according to the prophecy, would go to the Rocky Mountains and be a great and mighty people, identified figuratively with the White Horse described in Chapter 6 of the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Apocalypse).
The prophecy predicts that the United States Constitution will one day hang like a thread and will be saved by the efforts of the White Horse - aka a Mormon.
Many non-Mormons have speculated, on the basis of the White Horse Prophecy, that Mormons expect the United States to eventually become a theocracy Mormons dominate.
wiki can be edited by anyone, so is not a trustworthy source.  Most sources you google are not valid.

The Mormon Plan for America and the Rise of Mitt Romney
The Man Who Would Be God
Ed Decker, From the book: My Kingdom Come: The Mormon Quest for Godhood

Ed Decker (former Mormon) will send chapter 12 on Mormonism by Email FREE

Jan Markell

A demon named MORON gave Joseph Smith the book of moron .. I mean .. mormon.
It is Deception.  Satanism.  Evil.  Does NOT lead to heaven.
Mormons call their church the church of Jesus Christ, but its 'another Jesus' not the Son of GOD.

Mormon-error, LDS-Deception
very good info by a Christian who was once a Mormon pastor

Glenn Beck speaks truth - but dont be fooled!

Understanding the Times, Mormon, Glenn Beck, white horse (mormon) prophecy, Israel, EXCELLENT AUDIOs
Ed Decker, From the book: My Kingdom Come: The Mormon Quest for Godhood
Hour 1 - http://olivetreeradio.com/OTM2011_09_10A.mp3
Hour 2 - http://olivetreeradio.com/OTM2011_09_10B.mp3

Satan himself masquerades, disguises himself, as an angel of light.  
2 Corinthians 11:14

Glenn Beck Jerusalem rally for Mormonism
White horse prophecy.  Are mormons christian?
So much more information you need to know here!


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Christie move sets 2012 field, boosts Romney
Oct 4, 2011
After months of turmoil and uncertainty, the Republican 2012 presidential race finally appears to have a settled field of candidates -- with Mitt Romney solidifying his perch at the top of the pack.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's decision not to seek the presidency ends the "will-he-or-won't-he" phase of the campaign, when a parade of Republicans rejected pleas to run from party insiders unhappy with the field.

Three months before the first votes are likely to be cast, it also solidified Romney's role as the reconstituted front-runner and eliminated a potential threat to his hold on the party's pragmatic, moderate wing.
Christie would have crowded Romney's middle-of-the-road path to the nomination, which the former Massachusetts governor has had to himself while a half-dozen rivals carved each other up for the allegiance of social and religious conservatives.

"Christie would have been a real threat to Romney," said Republican strategist Todd Harris. "He would have had the potential to steal Romney's base and at the same time consolidate the anti-Romney vote."
Christie's decision eliminates the last realistic contender who might still get in the presidential race other than 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who few believe will launch a White House bid.

Palin has not ruled out a presidential run but has made no public effort to get ready for a campaign less than a month before the first key state filing deadlines.
"The reality is the field is set. The campaigns that are in the race have been operating as such, and anyone out there who is still thinking about running is delusional," said Republican strategist Jim Dyke.
"To raise the money, put together the organization and sustain the aggressive inspection of one's policy positions over the years ... you have to be delusional to think you could pull it off in a few months," he said.

Unhappy with their choices, some Republican activists have been seeking a savior for months. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, among others, also decided against challenging President Barack Obama in 2012.
"Now we can move from soap opera to classroom," Dyke said. "We can get back to focusing on the economy and the Republican vision for that, rather than the idea that somebody will come in on a flying carpet and lead us to victory."

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and the early front-runner, had seen his lead evaporate after Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the race in August.
But Perry has struggled, and Romney has moved back into the poll lead despite continued conservative doubts about the depth of his views and his backing of a state healthcare plan that was a precursor to Obama's national healthcare reform legislation.
Christie is also a moderate governor from the Northeast with establishment backing and a potentially strong donor network, although he has less experience on the national stage than Romney, who ran unsuccessfully for the White House in 2008.

Kevin Madden, a Romney aide in 2008 who is serving as an informal adviser in 2012, said Romney would not have needed to change strategy if Christie had run.
"The campaign was built to accommodate any challengers. You recognize it's going to be competitive no matter who gets in," Madden said. "I would disagree that this is a big plus for Romney."
In making his decision, Christie might have been guided by the failures of other candidates with strong credentials who came late to a presidential race -- Democrat Wesley Clark in 2004, Republican Fred Thompson in 2008 and Perry this year.

After quick starts, Clark and Thompson fell flat and Perry has struggled.
"This idea that it's easy to run for president -- Rick Perry is showing that it's a lot harder than it looks," said Fergus Cullen, former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pat Robertson: Mitt Romney an 'Outstanding Christian'

10/2/11  In an interview published Saturday to mark 50 years of Christian Broadcasting Network, Chairman Pat Robertson said he liked Mitt Romney’s politics and saw the Mormon presidential candidate as an “outstanding Christian.”

Although many evangelicals are skeptical of the Mormon faith’s claim to Christianity, Robertson called former Massachusetts Governor Romney an “outstanding Christian” in an interview with The Associated Press.

But when asked if he was alright with a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the White House, the 81-year-old head of the television network refused to answer.

In a Pew Research Center poll in June, 34 percent of white evangelicals said they would not vote for a Mormon candidate, and a quarter of all Americans said they were less likely to do so. While Mormons also believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, there are many other doctrinal differences between evangelicals and the Latter-day Saints, such as on the Trinity and the Bible.

Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, one of the most influential groups in conservative circles, also said he would no longer endorse presidential candidates. “I’ve personally backed off from direct political involvement,” he was quoted as saying. “I’ve been there, done that.”

Robertson, a former Southern Baptist pastor, said he now believed that politics was not going to change the world. “It’s really not going to make that much of a difference.” But he would continue to comment on the news of the day, and his comment on Romney’s Christianity was perhaps part of that.

During Romney’s campaign for the 2008 Republican nomination, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said, “Here is the bottom line. As an Evangelical Christian – a Christian who holds to the ‘traditional Christian orthodoxy’ of the Church – I do not believe that Mormonism leads to salvation.”

Controversies are not new to Robertson. He told viewers of his “700 Club” program this month that divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer’s disease, “a kind of death,” was justifiable.

“I hate Alzheimer’s,” he said. “It is one of the most awful things because, here is a loved one, this is the woman or man that you have loved for 20, 30, 40 years, and suddenly, that person is gone. They’re gone. They are gone.” Robertson’s views were criticized by most Christians.

Robertson, whose TV program is viewed by around 1 million people in the United States each day, admitted in the AP interview that he could have worded some of his controversial comments differently. But he appreciated his forgiving audience.
During the 2008 presidential election, Robertson endorsed former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was pro-abortion, for the White House.

After the 9/11 attacks, Robertson said the federal courts, pornography, abortion rights and church-state separation caused an angry God to allow the event.

Robertson was once a highly influential figure. He is founder of American Center for Law and Justice, Operation Blessing International Relief, Development Corporation, Regent University, and a few other organizations. In the 1988 presidential election, he was a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

However, in recent years, Robertson has lost his political influence, and he knows that. “When I was in charge of the Christian Coalition I was available to mobilize grass roots support for somebody,” he said. “I don’t have any army right now. It’s just an opinion, and that isn’t quite as good as it used to be.”

Robertson said he wasn’t sure for how long he would continue to host the TV program. “I’m still strong and it seems like I’m doing all right, but I don’t want to overstay my time.”

Robertson recalled that what he started as a tiny UHF station in Portsmouth, Va., had now grown to become a sprawling campus in Virginia Beach. He was especially proud of reaching overseas audience, which he said would continue to be a focus of the network.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mitt Romney is a son of Satan.  He is NOT christian!  He is mormon.
Until this, I was unwilling to discredit Pat Robertson, who I followed regularly on the 700 Club on television years ago.
I am very disturbed by this.  There is no excuse for this.
Mormons call themselves 'christians' but follow satanism .. another Jesus - NOT THE SON of GOD.
The meanings of their words are NOT CHRISTIAN.
Some claim Pat is a mason which is satanism.

I saw Pat's son on a video and he appeared drunk.  I found it revolting.

Mitt Romney, GOP candidate for prez


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

2 Romney challengers dodge Christian question
Two Republican presidential candidates refused to say Sunday whether they believe Mitt Romney, a Mormon, is a Christian,
while a third said he doesn't agree with a Texas pastor who called the religion a "cult."
Herman Cain and Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann declined to answer questions about Romney's Mormon religion.
"He's a Mormon, that much I know," Cain said. "I am not going to do an analysis of Mormonism versus Christianity for the sake of answering that."

Bachmann called the issue a distraction.
"I think what the real focus is here, is on religious tolerance. That's really what this is about," Bachmann said.
"To make this a big issue is ridiculous right now, because every day I'm on the street talking to people. This is not what people are talking about."

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum was more direct, sayin that he didn't consider Mormonism a cult.
"I'm not an expert on Mormonism. All I know is that every Mormon I know is a good and decent person, has great moral values," Santorum said.
But when asked if he believed Romney is "a true Christian," Santorum spoke somewhat haltingly:
"Mitt Romney is a true, he says he's a Christian. I believe he said Christian."

In Romney's 2008 campaign, Mormons said they felt maligned by claims they aren't Christian. The scriptures used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints include the Old and New Testaments, and sacred books that contain the revelations of their 19th century founder Joseph Smith.

The recent questions about Romney's religion surfaced Friday after a Baptist pastor told reporters after introducing Perry at a forum that Romney was "not a Christian." Robert Jeffress, who made similar comments in 2008, also told reporters that Mormonism is a "cult."

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich criticized Jeffress' comments on Sunday, calling them "very unwise and very inappropriate."
"I think that none of us should sit in judgment on somebody else's religion," Gingrich said. "I think he's a Mormon and Mormons define themselves as a branch of Christianity."

Cain and Bachmann appeared on CNN's "State of the Union." Santorum appeared on "Fox News Sunday." Gingrich appeared on CBS's "Face the Nation."

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