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Albert Pike, Globalism, and WW3, NWO, 666 Beast
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:00 am    Post subject: Albert Pike, Globalism, and WW3, NWO, 666 Beast  Reply with quote

Albert Pike Satanic Vision of 3 World Wars

Albert Pike Satanic Vision of 3 World Wars
How 3 World Wars Were Planned to Help Establish the New World Order
The NEXT ARAB-ISRAELI WAR as planned by the Arabs.
This is WW 3 intended to produce the antichrist.
Knowing the Time of Visitation  

The Planned World War 3 between the Jewish state and her immediate Arab neighbors, as envisioned by Albert Pike's demonic vision of 1870,
is detailed in this shocking report to the Congress. This most shocking intelligence report reveals the likely scenario of this war.
Remember, the Plan is for Antichrist to come walking through the smoke, dust, and destruction of this war!!

World War 3 will indeed occur sooner or later.

Many Christians and even many non-Christians look ahead to this event as being the last battle around the return of Messiah or simply heralds the end of humanity.
No one ever talks about a World War 4.

In a time of wars and rumors of wars as this day is, the looming threat of this long awaited battle seems always just around the corner.

The tensions in the Middle East surrounding Israel and it's neighbors, supposed threats out of Iran
and ongoing involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan which the United States and the whole world is linked to, smacks of World War inevitability.

The establishment has provided two options for the formulation of opinions on this matter -
one can either be wholeheartedly Zionist or conversely self assured that the Israeli government is, all by itself, the heart of the trouble.


Pastor David J Meyer, Last trumpet newsletter

Seeds of Christian Persecution Growing in the USA

Giants in America
NEPHILIM, Black Eyed children (demons)


The Coming Spiritual Twilight


Dhimmitude, Islam conquored America, Christians a THREAT

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

              Posted   <*))))><   by  

ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

666, the Beast, Pike and WW3

666  *  The Beast system of Revelation (Apocalypse) Chapter 13 Holy Bible
WW3 is coming. Just like WW2 was the precursor to the UN, WW3 will usher on a One World government.
About 2/3 of Albert Pike's Evil plan has unfolded in 2012 and we are on the threshhold of WW3.
World events are created by the (illuminati, Bilderberg, globalists, NWO) to insure their continuous global rule.
The Evil plan of Al Pike is NOT a fraud as some claim, and as long as people dont believe it and dont ACT against it, its working.
Here are excerpts from several sources.  I have worked on this in the past.  I am updating it.

Albert Pike's incredible Satanic vision
The power and ability of occultists to achieve their goals is supernatural, but it is Luciferian, Satanic.
The period of time from the Civil War to the beginning of the Cold War, many of those years had a Freemason President in the White House.

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the Illuminati agent between Muslims and 'Zionists.'
The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and Israel mutually destroy each other.
Other nations divided on this issue will fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.

He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and the laws. The saints will be handed over to him for a time, times and half a time.
Daniel 7:25

We shall unleash the atheists and provoke a social cataclysm.
Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, will receive Lucifer (Satan, the devil).
(Freemason, Mormonism, Catholicism, Islam ultimately at the root worship Satan.)

That day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition (hell), who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is For the mystery of iniquity doth already work only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. once sin is full blown then the man of sin will be seen it is coming right after this war hope everyone is ready.
2 Thessalonians 2

Albert Pike, former Confederate War hero, became the leader of North American Freemasonry after the Civil War. Pike was a certified genius. He spoke 16 languages fluently.
He graduated from Harvard University. He was thoroughly familiar with Jewish occult Cabala, the cornerstone system of the New World Order.
Pike became one of the supreme leaders toward the drive for the New World Order.

Pike had supernatural spirit guides (demons, evil spirits) who dispensed 'wisdom' as to how to achieve the New World Order.
January 22, 1870 Pike and Guiseppe Mazzini conceived the Evil Plan which would establish the New World Order.
This Plan was kept very secret within Freemasonry circles since the time of its inception, known only to fellow occult Illuminist conspirators.
(This information is taken from a book from a former Luciferian Illuminist, Doc Marquis.
His book is "Secrets of the Illuminati" and reveals much formerly hidden detail known only to Illuminists).

3 world wars
The secret Pike plan to control the world foresaw the need for 3 world wars to overthrow the Judeo-Christian World Order and establish the Satanic New World Order.

I. The First World War was designed to enable the Czarist Government in Russia to be overthrown.
2. The Second World War was originate between Great Britain and Germany.
3. The Third World War was to be between Judaism and Islam.  Israel did not exist as a nation in 1870 but Christians knew it would exist again.

God has put it into their hearts to carryout His own purpose by acting in harmony in surrendering their royal power and authority to the Beast, until the prophetic words of God shall be fulfilled.
Revelation 17:17

The Illuminati plan for World War 3
Gerald Celente wrote of it

Revelation 13 - multiple translations give a broader view, fascinating

Because they did not love of the Truth, God will send upon them a strong delusion so that they will believe what is false (a LIE). 2 Thes 2
2 Chronicles 7:14  If My people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.




Albert Pike Satanic Vision of 3 World Wars

The Coming Spiritual Twilight
Pastor David J. Meyer

ARAB SPRING * The Battle for Jerusalem
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Joined: 12 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings: The New Atlantis -- Volume 1

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings unfolds the fascinating history behind the founding of America, and exposes the esoteric underbelly of its design. Why is Washington D.C. built on the 77th Meridian? And are the Revolutionary War cities really built in perfect alignment with Stonehenge? Follow the journey of secret societies from England to the New World and learn of their "ancient hope" of establishing a democratic commonwealth that would one day extend to all nations. In the 16th century, Sir Francis Bacon was at the helm of such societies as the leader of the Rosicrucians and first Grand Master of modern Freemasonry. As such, he is considered by some to he the true founder of America. For centuries, controversy has surrounded this man who is said to be the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I and the real author behind the Shakespeare plays.

When Bacon penned his classic work, The New Atlantis he outlined his vision for the perfect society; a democratic commonwealth governed by scientific achievement. How were the founding fathers impacted by Bacon's plan? And is America being driven by this vision today?

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings 2 - Riddles in Stone - Secret Architecture of Washington
"Riddles In Stone: Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.", will continue to explore the fascinating history behind the origins and focus of the world's most powerful nation: America. Why was this nation founded? How was the precise location of Washington, D.C., determined? What is the meaning of the seemingly countless occult images in our nation's capitol? Volume II zeroes in on the Masonic & Rosicrucian influence so prevalent amongst our Founding Fathers as they planned, and began to implement, the layout of America's Capitol. For years, extreme controversy has abounded as to the exact meaning of the occult symbols found within the street layout, the buildings, and the monuments of Washington, D.C. Is there really an inverted Pentagram formed by the street layout just north of the White House? We have discovered the esoteric reason why this Pentagram is missing one segment. Was this city laid out to reflect the vision of a Masonic Christ foreseen by Sir Francis Bacon? Is it true that America's capitol was laid out "according to the stars", i.e., in the astrological shapes of certain planets and stars so revered by occultists? Why did our Masonic Founding Fathers perform "Corn, Wine, and Oil" ceremonies at cornerstone layings and at the dedication of the finished structure? Does this occult "wisdom" represent the interests of America, or a hidden agenda? As with Volume I, this "Secret Mysteries" series will continue to explore current -- and possibly future -- events by examining America's past. What can these realities mean for the unfolding destiny of America and the world?
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Secret Mysteries Of America's Beginnings - Vol 3 - Eye Of The Phoenix, Secrets of the Dollar Bill
“Eye of the Phoenix” documents the bizarre history of the design of the dollar bill, exposing the occult activity surrounding the FDR administration. There is perhaps no other period in U.S. history when so many people were so deeply involved in the occult, and held positions of power that reached all the way to the White House. Phoenix focuses specifically on the years prior to World War II leading up to 1935, when the Great Seal was taken out of obscurity and placed on the foundation of America's currency.

According to official records from the State Department, FDR and his Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, specifically chose to use the Great Seal because, as Freemasons, they believed the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (which they equated with the New Deal) could only be fulfilled under “the eye” of the Great Architect of the Universe (the god of Masonry).

Two heavily influential occultists during the FDR era were Manly P. Hall and a Russian mystic named Nicholas Roerich. Manly Hall's writings influenced Freemasonic presidents FDR and Harry S. Truman. It is even said that Hall was responsible for the number of stones on the pyramid of the Great Seal, and for the identification of the eagle as a phoenix.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Roerich was an international figure and Theosophist. His quest for Shambhala and the Stone of Destiny (symbols of the New World Order) captivated Henry Wallace. According to a variety of sources, it was Roerich's influence over Wallace (and ultimately FDR) that led to the placement of the Great Seal on America's currency. As American Heritage writes: “The State Department grew very nervous about Roerich, but he had influence in the Oval Office.”

Some Christian leaders continue to downplay the occult nature of the dollar bill; but once you understand the beliefs and influence of Roerich, Wallace and Manly Hall, you will clearly recognize the Luciferian nature of its design.
Also discussed in this documentary are: the Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati past and present, Theosophical Society, Benjamin Creme and the Maitreya (i.e. Antichrist); along with a prediction for how the dollar will be used to establish the New World Order.

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings 4 - Hidden fatih of the founding fathers
"The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers" by Adullam Films, written & directed by Christian J. Pinto. The full presentation is 3 hours long, and covers the beliefs of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, and John Adams. The film also gives a Biblical view of what these men believed, and how their philosophies are acknowledged in Bible prophecy. Learn more at www.adullamfilms.com
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Aug 16, 2013
TV, radio are fear mongering and it will get worse.  Their job is to distract the people / sheepl.
We are in the final stage of the Beast 666 system of Revelation 13.
World leaders are looking at World War 3 as desirable!  
Henry Gruver saw in a vision Russian ships coming to USA in the Atlantic and nuking us.
The LIBOR gold and banking scandal is HUGE.
Where is Paul Revere?  America needs heroes NOW!

LIBOR gold and banking scandal

Dhimmitude, Islam conquored America, Christians a THREAT

Boston Marathon Explosions kill 3, injure dozens

13 original illuminati families

Du Pont
Van Duyn

Families interconnected to those.


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Share International Still Advertising and Doing Interviews with UN Officials and Other Global Elites
August 19, 2013
Here is a recent ad in a liberal magazine [Utne Reader for July/August 2013]--I got a pile of magazines from a friend and saw this the other day. These first two pictures were taken by me. Share International is still out there advertising. For my readers unfamiliar with Maitreya or Share International, there is more on Maitreya here.  

More World Masters below...Remember when I wrote about them recently? Keep that article in mind as you read here.
If a star ever did show up, it'd probably be from Project Blue Beam.

From Share International.
It's interesting when you look into how much Share International is hooked up with United Nations leaders and globalists. Some may ask you mean to tell me that some of the leaders are that closely associated with the people advertising for their would be Antichrist and "World Teacher"? While the average guy on the street may think these people are crazy, this would be like saying to the Moonies or something, sure you can interview me!  Many of the world elite have been interviewed by them.

Like this guy.... Frederico Mayor Zaragoza, former head of UNESCO, named co-president of the Alliance of Civilizations in 2005, allowing himself to be interviewed by Share International in 2007:

The article is still up online, and in it, he calls for more power for the United Nations and bringing "peace" and "people" power. In 1997 he was interviewed by Lucis Trust for their "World Goodwill" newsletter too. [wonder how many of them got interviewed by them too?]

Now here is a later interview with Frederico Mayor with Share International [March 2012] where he discusses the Arab uprisings and more about the United Nations.

Here is one quote:
"I think we have to be hopeful because the human species has been given the divine capacity to create. The United Nations will not continue if nations are not united. Therefore, we cannot allow that its own creators abandon it, like the US, which is complaining that Palestine has been readmitted as a state with full rights. In fact, these attitudes are outworn; this arrogance does not produce the same effect as in the past. We can perceive a positive change in human feelings, and thanks to the new technologies of communication and information we will open up important spaces of power and representation throughout the world. We are, indeed, at the threshold of a new dawn."

It looks like at least one UN official takes Share International seriously. I wonder how many others do?
Well fellow member of the Alliance for Civilizations, Karen Armstrong did.
Other names I found on the Share International website include: [Warning links to one world religion supporting Share International website]

Harlan Cleveland  [previous ambassador to NATO, diplomat]
Howard Zinn [well known leftist historian]
Rolf Carrier [UNICEF director]
Jan Pronk [high level UN official, European politician]
Methodist "Minister" now deceased Rev. Howard Ray Carey
Ambassador Richard Butler [Australia's ambassador to the United Nations]
Anita Roddick [founder of the Body Shop]
Dr Steven Greer [founder of CSETI (the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence],

I just chose some at random, there are many others and even to find these names I had to search indirectly using another term. Think about the implications with otherwise intelligent and educated people saying YES to a group that openly shares in their magazine and on their website, channeled INTERVIEWS with their "master" MAITREYA! This will really make you wonder. Could they all be ignorant of this group's aims when they said, Sure I'll do an interview with you!?

I skimmed all the articles linked above and it's the usual pro-United Nations, pro-one world religion, one world government satanic deceptions. If anyone wants to deny what our global elites are up to, this is a quick study to show them. It is actually a condensed way to read multiple plans in one place and here on this website you can see their dreams for the power of the United Nations and how they wish to change things for their "new world".

Obviously even this figure is antichrist if not "The Antichrist" -a demon deceiving them, claiming divinity and even during segments of their channeled interviews to be superior to "jesus". Satan and his demons lie. Who knows if this is more distraction? It's hard to fathom, but when you see big names teamed up with this stuff, it tells you something.

I've read elsewhere that Prince Charles and Kofi Annan were interviewed too but could not find the articles. Share International and Lucis Trust in my opinion are connected...in terms of them supporting each other and promoting the same teachings.

Share International had this to say about Lucis Trust [notice the Satanic lies about Lucifer--the usual "ye shall be as gods" lies etc.]

Q. Alice Bailey founded the Lucifer Trust, which she later changed to the Lucis Trust -- what did she mean by 'Lucifer'?

A. Lucifer is the name of a great Angel, not an upstart in heaven who revolted against God and was put down into the nether regions as the Devil. That is a complete misinterpretation. Lucifer means light, and comes from the Latin lux, lucis, meaning light. It is the name of the Angel Who ensouls the human kingdom; every person, therefore, is a fragment of Lucifer. According to the esoteric teaching, the human souls individualized 18-and-a-half million years ago. Lucifer, the Oversoul, diversified itself, and each fragment became individualized.

These individualized human souls descended from the soul plane into incarnation. The ‘fall’ of Adam and Eve from paradise is the symbolic representation of this event; it has nothing to do with the Devil or with Lucifer as an evil entity, but with the divine nature of humanity itself as souls.


Check this video out....

Matt 24:23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

25 Behold, I have told you before.

26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 5:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The link between Mormonism and Freemasonry is key to understanding the two sides of the New World Order
for always there has been a religious and a political aspect to this monster.

Freemasonry had long been a powerful political influence on the stage of world affairs
prior to its emergence from underground in the early 18th century England,
and its influence has only grown since then under one guise or another.
Articles and information on Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge.

The Masonic Mormon Connection

Articles and information regarding the beliefs and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Also known as Mormonism).

Ed Decker main website

Freemason, Mormon, Muslim, Catholic

More sources of information

L. A. Marzulli
Nephilim of Genesis 6:4

SONS of GOD, NEPHILIM Genesis 6:4, Merovingian illuminati Bloodline

666 - New World Order, Mark of the Beast

666, the Beast, Albert Pike and WW3

Denver Airport, FBI HQ, Obama, NWO manifesto

G8 meetings * Globalist, NWO, Beast system planning

Pope praises satan, vatican is Satans throne

Age of Deceit video
Fallen Angels and the New World Order.


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PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1995 Obama Revealed The NWO Plan Being Implemented Right Now: The ‘Lost’ Obama Interview!
August 18, 2013  
Did Barack Obama in this 1995 video reveal the New World Order’s plans that are being implemented right now? This video is a fascinating look at a Barack Obama from long ago and the points that he makes in this video should end any discussion about the plans for a New World Order being merely a ‘conspiracy theory’. The long version of this interview is below the 1st one along with the videographers own thoughts.

Video and info below published by BMcrob6 on Jul 29, 2013
In other words, he inherited a time in history (Bible Prophecy) where:

The technology for the implanted RFID chip causing you to have to use your right hand or forehead (according to the designer of the chip that is mandated in ObamaCare). (Rev 13:16-18 )

The collapse of Communism which is a State (Country) conquer and rule vs what he and Bush and Clinton and Bush actually did to nudge us into a Socialist/Marxist Global conquer and rule (NWO).

Markets are going to happen….I.E. “the recession”, stimulus, becoming a spying Police State, and market manipulation.

But with that all being said, I inherited a socialist/Marxist dream that my African/Kenya (Old Assyrian Empire) and White American mother had, and with this background I match the description of both the Anti-Christ from the Bible and the Mahdi in the Quran. And, collectively (not individually) can decide our own fate…..hmmm, can you say Socialism?
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:31 pm    Post subject: Highly recomended reading Reply with quote

I believe the book "ZENITH 2016" BY Thomas Horn is a must read book.
It explains the whole understanding of the United States in perspective of it's end time purpose. I recomend this book as much as I did the Harbinger.
Don't pass by this enlightment of all the age of mankind from it's beginning.


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