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ZionsCRY World NEWS and Commentary September 16, 2012

ZionsCRY World NEWS and Commentary September 16,  2012

GOD's year begins -  Shana Tovah!!  
1 Corinthians 11 is today's scripture reading

Rosh Hashanah is reaffirmation of faith in God
- The first human-being, Adam, was created on Rosh Hashanah, the sixth day of Creation
- The opening of Noahs Ark following the flood
- The almost-sacrifice of Isaac (NOT Ishmael)
- Moses receiving the Ten Commandments and the Torah on Mt. Sinai

Pastors, please mobilize churches to pray for Israel & Mideast Sunday!
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ZionsCRY Commentary
September 16-18 GOD's New Year, Rosh HaShannah begins.
Jews will celebrate Rosh HaShanah Sunday, September 16 sunset
Today is the LAST DAY of God's old year.  Jews call this Rosh HaShannah.
Because the 24 time zones of the world read this, Rosh HaShannah has begun for some.
Autumn is a spiritual time of the year for Jews. Elul, a month of introspection, repentance,
reconciliation. ( read 1 Corinthians 11 )

Henry Gruver has something URGENT to say. Shocked
September  2012  Henry Gruver had visions years ago which appear about to be fulfille
He is an excellent man of GOD.  The Lord reveals things to him because he is a man of prayer.
There are others on this audio whose credibility I do not back, but LISTEN.
There are a lot of 'rabbit trails' - but PLEASE listen anyway.

Visions of Dumitru Duduman, Henry Gruver and AA Allen

This is The Battle for Jerusalem
This Islamic jihad war on the west had NOTHING to do with a video.
Yes I see this claim but ITS a LIE.
EGYPT's Morsi openly declares Jerusalem will be the capital of EGYPT

Israeli airline, El Al, is suspending all flights to Cairo indefinitely.
SYRIA BLINDED as Russian Early Warning Stations shut down.
The Video Didnt Do It

They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation
that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.  Psalm 83:4

This is The Battle for Jerusalem
Mursi openly said Jerusalem will become Egypts capital.
The Camp David peace accords signed between Israel and Egypt in 1979 have eroded.
Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi is simply not interested in normalization.
The Battle for Jerusalem begins by intimidating Israel's friends.

Islamic Caliphate forming FAST!  Morsi was just installed as president of Egypt in late June 2012.
He just gained control of the army and now this attack!  The Muslim Brotherhood is advancing the
Islamic caliphate. They are bringing the war to us. Their target is Israel and taking Jerusalem.
They want Jerusalem as the capital of their caliphate. Is this the Psalm 83 - Obadiah war?

Libya post targeted BEFORE assault
Benghazi Diplomatic Posts Targeted Repeatedly BEFORE Assault.  While Obama claims there was '
no actionable intelligence' that could have stopped the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Libya,
there was a heightened threat in the area due to 4 attacks on diplomatic, western targets leading up
to the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 others. 2 of the others killed were Navy SEALs.

Somber homecoming
Sep 15  4 Americans killed in U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya honored at Andrews AFB.
They were honored in a somber ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, MD on Friday.
Former Navy SEALs identified as consulate attack victims.  The U.S. State Department has identified
2 of the 4 Americans killed in the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi as former Navy SEALs.
Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were both decorated military veterans.
Tyrone served as a Navy SEAL and was a registered nurse and a paramedic, and had worked
protecting U.S. diplomatic personnel in dangerous posts all over the world since 2010.

Doherty was also an experienced Navy SEAL and paramedic.
Doherty was trained as a sniper and medical officer and responded to the attack on the USS Cole.

U.S. Marines arrive in Yemen
Sep 15  The remains of the four Americans killed in the Libya attack were returned to the U.S. Friday
in a ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, as Marines arrived on the ground in Yemen to deal with the aftermath of another
attack on the U.S. Embassy in the capital city of Sanaa.  Terrorists jumped over U.S. Embassy walls in Sudan and Tunisia.
3 people reported dead, 28 wounded during the Tunisia attack.

Obama leadership (?) questioned
Sep 15  The night after the first murder of an American ambassador in 30 years,
Obama flew to Vegas for a campaign stop.  Obama cares nothing about the severity of the situation.

This Islamic jihad war on the west had NOTHING to do with a video.
Yes I see this claim but ITS a LIE.
EGYPT's Morsi openly declares Jerusalem will be the capital of EGYPT!

Sep 15  Police in Paris detained around 100 people Saturday for taking part in a
riot near the U.S. embassy.  France has the largest Muslim community in Europe.

2 killed outside US Embassy in Tunisia
Sep 14   BLACK JIHAD WAR flag
 raised in Tunesia.  Mob Gathers
Outside U.S. Embassy in London, burns American and Israeli flags.  Muslim terrorists jumped over
U.S. Embassy walls in Sudan and Tunisia.  3 people reported dead, 28 wounded during the Tunisia attack.
This mideast shakeup began over a year ago and will get far FAR WORSE.

Sinai attack
Sep 15  Several casualties from Muslim terror attack on Sinai peacekeeping mission.
4 peacekeepers hurt when stormed the Multinational Force camp in northern Sinai with grenades, mortars and
automatic guns Sept. 14.  The terrorists faced heavy resistance before torching the facility and hoisting the
black jihad flag
.   1,500 troops from the United States and other countries have been posted in Sinai to
monitor the (NOW DEAD) 1979 peace accords between Egypt and Israel.
<a href="" target="_blank">Israel should re-occupy Sinai</a>:

This is The Battle for Jerusalem
Israel will be annihilated by 2013 say some Arab Mideast nations</font>. Sep 1 news
RIGHT AFTER THAT all the US embassy attacks began.  Its a PLAN, not a video!  And Obama is PART of it.

Psalm 83
They have said Come let us wipe them out as a nation, that Israel be remembered no more</font>

This Islamic jihad war on the west had NOTHING to do with a video.
Yes I see this claim but ITS a LIE.

Mideast WAR or just playing?
The window for Israel to strike Iran began Sept. 15th, right where the US exercises are going on now.
I am afraid we are watching Pearl Harbor 2 in the Persian Gulf.  Every ship there is a sitting duck.
Is the US military going to PROTECT IRAN FROM ISRAEL?
Battleships, aircraft carriers, minesweepers and submarines from 25 nations are massing in the Persian Gulf
in an unprecedented show of force as Israel and Iran move towards the brink of war.  Obviously Iran will retaliate.
I am giving you a Mormon/LDS link that is watching mideast.  Be careful.

Mideast war

This is The Battle for Jerusalem

Psalm 83 war

Israel will be gone by next year

Next 50 days critical

US+ exercises in Persian Gulf Sept 2012
LDS forum, be careful, TOL

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where
thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where
neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal,
for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:19

WARNING!  Govt to RAID IRAs, pensions
Sep 16, 2012  I have warned of this for over a year

Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers warning that the US government will soon liquidate private
401k and IRA retirement accounts, and force private retirement assets into treasury paper as
no major buyers of treasury paper remain outside of the Federal Reserve.
Sinclair recommends investors STOP creating and funding retirement accounts at a minimum.

Though a host encamp against me, My heart will not fear.
Though war arise against me, in spite of this I shall be confident.
Psalm 27:3

NEWS Headlines WATCH.ORG -  -

Sep 16  Typhoon Sanba With 170-mph Threatens Japan today, then SKorea

Sep 15   Anti-American jihad hits Australia

Sep 15        US Credit Rating Cut again, CNBC

Sep 15          33,000 flee as volcano erupts near Guatemala</a>:

Jesus said, Do you believe in the Son of Man?
He answered, Who is He, Lord, that I may believe in Him?
John 9.35

4000 Tracts Seeded Muslim Festival

When the Righteous are in authority, the people rejoice.
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan
. Proverbs 29:2

Candidates for Antichrist
Its true Obama is lawless and hates Israel, America and Americans.  While its true that
Barak Hussein Barry Soetero Obama fits many characteristics the bible gives for the antichrist,
there are other candidates too.  Other candidates for Antichrist are King of Spain Juan Carlos
and Prince Charles or William.  Juan Carlos titles include that of King of Jerusalem, as successor
to the royal family of Naples.

Cuttingedge has one disagreement over the role King Juan Carlos of Spain and Prince Charles of England play.
While both men could trace their lineage back to King David through the Merovingian Blood Line line,
Prince Charles has the better credentials to be the Masonic Christ.
It is said only Messiah can build the Temple and Israel awaits him.
Candidates for Antichrist, Merovingian Blood Line

All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.
But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived
2 Timothy 3:13

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When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?  Luke 18:8
Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. James 5:8
A sound of battle is in the land, and of great destruction. Jeremiah 50:22  

Jesus said, I AM the Way, and the Truth, and the LIFE. NO ONE comes to the Father but through Me.
John 14:6

GOD's NEWS,  Holy Bible online
READ,  KNOW,  OBEY the 66 books of the HOLY BIBLE
Keep looking straight ahead, look neither to the left nor to the right, but look to the LORD JESUS CHRIST
Who is the author and finisher of your faith.  Trust in Him and be not disuaded from your calling.

BIBLES and sermons online

LUKE, Geneva audio bible

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HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy

ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary

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