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World event - August 2014

Many people I have spoken to , Christians , even people of other faiths believe we are in that time in the Bible – the End Times. The signs are unfolding-Famines, floods, earthquakes in various places, weather changes even the seas are affected.
And Wars & rumors of War.

However, I have spoken to some specially gifted people. There are people amongst us who are able to receive messages from the highest levels even heaven.

It is regarding this “Wars & rumors of war”

We are aware the world is entering into a phase of tension & more tension.
Russia has made its move regarding the Crimea in the Ukraine. The presence of Russian soldiers are noted in the area near Crimea. China has also started claiming islands in the South China seas  also claimed by Taiwan, Vietnam , the Philippines, Malaysia and there are gun boat incidents and disputes.

Altho, the China & Russia incidents are significant, reading the Bible tells us the area that is of greatest impact is the Middle East.

The message I received is this

The Middle East is about to enter into a phase of tension and Escalation.
The Middle East has a history of wars, upheavals, tensions between neighbors, it has been recorded in history & in the Bible. It is an explosive area and we are entering into transition on earth like never before.

No human being knows when it will happen. But heaven is helping by revealing the event.
The month of August 2014, is the date given.
The consequences of this is the price of petroleum especially gasoline and fuel will go up. 
People & historians remember the Oil Crisis of 1973-74, it was an Energy Crisis & was also known as the Arab Oil embargo.
Well, this coming event will make people remember the Oil Crisis of the 70s again. Everything will be affected, food as in groceries, power including electricity even water. Some areas may need candles for light. The costs of everything will go up.

Be prepared.

I predict NO, this Aug 2014 date will be proved false.

What I've been told by someone is that this year is a year of preparation and NEXT YEAR (2015), things will go off the cliff, not specifically war, but natural disasters at least. This is perhaps the last year of "normal".

okay, you are saying 2014 will be a normal year.

Well, this event which is just next month , I was told in certain areas, the
situation was serious enough that there would be disruption of the
transport of goods and that you would need to stock up on canned goods especially food because it will disappear from  supermarkets and local stores.
And water which is important for life will also be a premium in certain areas.

Well, in time we'll see what happens next.

Over and over again, false flags, scaremongering. When are these date predictions ever right? So far, NEVER. Why waste time getting wound up over them?

ALL HELL has been loosed since 2008!
No one who is AWAKE thinks 2014 will be quiet.
My problem is date-setting - especially without specifics.
Note ...............

July 8, 2014  After weeks of Hamas shooting missing into Israel, Israel FINALLY launches defense.

US border invasion began in June!

Obama keeps firing salvo after salvo in his war on America and Christians.

And I  am not mentioning the wars Obama started in Egypt, Syria, Ukraine - oops - I guess I mentioned them!

August?  Someone didnt listen to (cough)  'the prophet' - and started early!


Lazarusty wrote:
I predict NO, this Aug 2014 date will be proved false.

What I've been told by someone is that this year is a year of preparation and NEXT YEAR (2015), things will go off the cliff, not specifically war, but natural disasters at least. This is perhaps the last year of "normal".

I know these "political" elections are rigged and scripted - but nonetheless it looks like they're doing all they can to give Obama complete control after the midterm elections this year(and maybe even 60 Dem Senators). For example, all of this "in-fighting" in the GOP b/w the establishment and Tea Party has been all by design(ie-the aftermath of the 2000 Presidential election was PEANUTS compared to what's going on in the aftermath of the GOP Primaries in Mississippi now). Ultimately, it's only potentially making them easier to rig it for the Dems this year.

If this scenerio happens, then Obama has full reign to do whatever he wants for the rest of his term - hate to say it, but this country is under judgment for rejecting Jesus Christ.

VISIONs of Ed Waldon
UPDATED July 2014

July 2014 is Hamas Ramadan war with Israel.
Al Quds (Jerusalem) Day is an annual day to call for Israel to be destroyed.
It is the last Friday of Ramadan

The 1973 Yom Kippur war was a Ramadan war.
July 2014 is Ramadan month - Hamas started war with Israel.

WAGON  WHEEL  /  Earthquake vision
Heaven waits for this quake.   It will signal My judgment.


Fruit of the EARTH - SIN!
Ed Waldon vision Feb 5, 2005
GOD took me to a corner and said,
Speak forth judgment on the Earth!! Forum Index -> Bible Prophecy, Dreams, Visions
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