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Why Bad Times in the USA?

           Why Bad Times in the USA?

We are reaping what we have sown!
Seeing Biblical patterns of blessing and cursing on individuals and countries, and
observe how our country is responding to the commands, laws, judgments, statutes, and ordinances The Heavenly Father has so graciously given for our good,
the evidence points to our reaping what we have sown.
The scales of Heavenly justice are tipped dangerously on the cursing side.  Deuteronomy 27-30

We do not support Israel as a country as we once did.
We fail to support her right to have the Heavenly mandated borders and let her enemies challenge her sovereignty.
Every time we support Israel’s enemies, we have a national disaster happen on our soil within 24 to 48 hours.

Homestead, Florida was nearly demolished in 1992 by Hurricane Andrew
New Orleans was nearly demolished in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina.
North Carolina beaches were ruined by 2003 Hurricane Isabel.
Our borders are being over run by aliens who are robbing us.
Destruction is at our borders but no one seems alarmed. It has already touched us in warning.

We allow pornography. So our children and women get abused, beaten, raped, and killed.
We allow public Scripturally defined nakedness in our public places. And so our women, boys, and girls get raped and killed.

We have dressed our children up like little dolls instead of sensibly and modestly and
wonder why they dress so scantily and like street walkers when older and wonder why they get  stolen, raped, and killed.

We allow cross dressing. Men shamefully wear women’s clothing.
And so our children get confused as to what sex they are and shame us by being homosexuals and lesbians.

We allow the sanctity of sex to be sold as cheap merchandise and see our children promiscuous.
We minimize the role of fathers and are forced to support single mothers rearing children alone.

We fail to respect the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of the elderly as well as help them in their infirmities.
So we get little respect from our own children and suffer in our middle age from health problems formerly limited to the elderly.

We glorify the outlandish spending and frivolity of the rich and famous while being forced to live our lives paycheck to paycheck.
Our unwillingness to discern has brought us leaders who are greedy and evil.

We have eaten “food” that is not real food, and now we have diseases that we can not cure.
We have turned the tables so that real food, organically grown food, is now a delicacy of the wealthy and out of the reach of the common man.

The natural tables are so turned around that we have to pay premium prices for bagged manure for our gardens,
superior bottled water for our thirst, and true food, organic foods. These things used to be free as a gift from above.

We have willingly and self ignorantly injected our children with chemical non-medicines that end up permanently harming their ability to live up to full capacity.

We have let the idle and lazy eat when they should have worked for themselves,
and now they are taking the hopes of our having a simple but adequate retirement away after working many years in hope of rest.

We have so spoiled our children with every silly wish and toy, now they self medicate with recreational drugs to deal with reality.

We are the most unhappy, unfulfilled, self centered, fault accusing, selfish, pleasure minded, entertainment craving,
unsatisfied, materialistic minded, psychoanalyzed generation whose troubles started when we left the Scriptures in the dust.

We have left the Biblical principles our forefathers clung to to begin this country which made it one of the best countries ever on earth,
but  soon the glory will fade by the hands of those forgetting, minimizing, altering, denying, and mocking the
Power Who ALONE helped us, and blessed us, and sustained us in the past.

We have allowed it to bring shame, degradation, and mockery when the name of Our Saviour is mentioned
Who promised us that if we were ashamed of Him, He would be ashamed of us.

We have not rested when He said to rest (Exodus 20:8 ) or feasted when He said to feast (Leviticus 23),
or fasted when He said fast (Leviticus 16:29) so we are weary, confused, unhealthy, stressed, and ever craving.

We have over-farmed our soils, not observing the 7th year rest (Leviticus 25:4),
and taken the covering off our land, and been left with depleted dustbowls and poor quality food, craving , craving more and more.

These and many other things have we done to our great shame, confusion, frustration, and our undoing.

We have left the path of Noah, Job, Daniel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Elijah, all the prophets,
and our wonderful Messiah and more and reaped the whirlwind.
REPENT NOW!  Change.  Call out to Him who only can enlighten, direct, and save.
Lucinda Robinson
Source - Email February  9, 2012

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