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WAR! Palestinians target school bus, order from Hellzballah

              Palestinians target Israeli school bus

Hamas is threatening to raise the cross-border violence until Israeli troops pull back.
Its anti-tank missile attack on the school bus Thursday was the opening shot of its battle for the buffer zone. debka, article further down this post

April  8,  2011   Friday

Israeli aircraft and ground forces struck Gaza on Friday because Palestinians fired missiles / rockets on Israel, a school bus was struck on Thursday.
Gaza terrorists hit an Israeli school bus near the border with an anti-tank rocket, badly wounding the driver and a 16-year-old boy.

Hamas declares ceasefire in Gaza because Israel is defending themselves.
What a sick joke!  Hamas fires off rockets into Israel, one meant for a major port industrial city, then  says CEASE FIRE!  Dont shoot back!  Just let us KEEL you!

Boy is being treated for severe trauma to the head, after sustaining shrapnel injuries.,7340,L-4053704,00.html

They Just Want To Kill Us, war May 15?

It Never Ends - They Just Want To Kill Us

April  9,  2011  

After listening to some news reports over the recent attack on a Yellow Israeli School bus,
I found it no surprise to once again see how plainly and openly the anti-Israel bias is from the Liberal Left Media.  
Most even failed to report it fully, and others simply said a bus was hit by a Hamas anti-Tank missile - omitting the fact that it was a school bus.  
But thank God, for once again we witnessed a miracle. All but one of the children had just been let off the bus when this missile hit.
It had been launched some 2.5 kilometers away from out of Gaza.  
There was one 16 year old still on the bus and he has been badly hurt and is being treated in hospital.  
Please pray for him and the driver who was also injured.  

Hamas continued the attack by firing 45 more missiles into Israeli towns with the intent to kill civilians.
Of course, with no condemnation from the UN

But when the IDF retaliates the world hears how terrible the Israelis are and that a pregnant woman was killed along with some terrorists in the IDF bombings of Hamas.  
Surely there isn't a sane person with an ounce of brain matter who would think that Israel would want to harm a pregnant woman?  

There isn't another army on earth that goes as far out of their way to avoid harming civilians than the IDF.
When you are fighting an enemy who hides behind its civilians there is going to be unfortunate collateral damage.  
But for all who have taken the time to analyze the tactics of these so-called "Palestinians" this is just what they want to happen.
Their largest war is not on the battlefield but with world opinion. They have become masters at manipulating the media.  
They are in fact trying to build a "state" upon the blood of their own children.

Israel knows that Hamas is now in possession of missiles that can reach Tel-Aviv, thanks to Iran, Syria, Russia and China, and now they are threatening to use them.
Hezbollah in Lebanon says they have over 20,000 missiles that can reach Tel-Aviv and that they will send 100 per day into that city.  


Assad in Syria is in deep trouble - the Sunni Moslems are rioting in the streets, and there are reports of gunfire.
Assad's only way out may be to start the next war with Israel, knowing that Hamas and Hezbollah will join in very quickly.

Yet there is an even greater threat looming.  
Egypt is now mostly controlled by the Moslem Brotherhood who repeatedly state that Israel must be destroyed.  

What is troubling is that had the US and Israel possessed the courage to take out Iran's nuclear threat a couple of years ago, Hamas and Hezbollah would not be armed and willing to destroy Israel today.
But instead we now have the greatest friend the Islamic world ever had, sitting in the Oval Office.  

There is a little good news to report. Israel has finally installed the Iron Dome anti rocket defense system,
and yesterday it brought down a Katyusha rocket aimed at Ashkelon, one of our largest cities.
This too is not being condemned by the UN.
Instead all they can talk about is that Israel must make peace with Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah and all those who have sworn to kill every Jew in Israel.  
The fact that there is no one for Israel to talk peace with seldom, if ever, comes up.  

War will happen soon - May 15 ?

It's in the air again all over Israel; we are going to have a war this summer - possibly early spring.  
I've had several conversations with people who are in the know and they all believe there is no way out of it.  
It will be a really bad one, with many killed. The enemy has had lots of time and much help in arming themselves with tens of thousands of missiles on our northern and southern borders.
We hear of possible dates on which this war will begin, as if it hasn't been ongoing.
May 15 is being talked about on Facebook and it is said around here that many "Palestinians" are eagerly awaiting that day.  
But we have seen too many of these dates come and go to get overly excited about this one.  That may be the plan to lull us to sleep.  
It is my belief that it will come in the middle of the night, on the Sabbath or a holiday when they can catch most Israelis relaxed and at home with their families.
If Israel can muster up the courage to do what has to be done it could happen at any moment.  But one thing is certain - it is about to happen.  


If you are Jewish and reading this, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET ON A PLANE AND COME HOME TO ISRAEL.
God has given you a homeland and has made it possible for you to fight for your lives and avoid being herded into camps and murdered.  
I pray daily that God will keep you safe wherever you may be, but if you can come home - do it now.  

In the meantime Connie and I have to make another trip.  
There will be panic and Jews will need to have someone to direct them to safety and not into traps.  
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.
Shalom, Jerry Golden


ZionsCRY  DAILY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


UH OH  -  WAR is very VERY CLOSE!

OVER 60 Palestinian missiles fired at Israel in 3 days.  Missile blitz from Gaza ordered by HELLzballah.  A million Israelis head to shelters

UPDATE  April 9, 2011, 6:08 PM
Hamas fires 24 Grads, 50 shells Saturday. A million Israelis still in shelters

April 9, 2011  debka

OVER 60 Palestinian missiles fired at Israel in 3 days.

Israeli tank in action against missile firing teams in Gaza
Before dawn Saturday, April 9, Hamas inflicted its heaviest missile blitz yet on southern Israel, with orders from the Lebanese HELLzballah.

Heavy Grad missiles were aimed at 7 Israeli cities injuring 10 civilians. One aimed at Israeli nuclear reactor.
Sirens sent people running for cover.

The Iron Dome systems deployed last week intercepted 6 of the Grad missiles fired at Beersheba, Ashkelon and Ashdod.
The IDF righteously responded by targeting 3 senior Hamas commanders in an air strike in Khan Younes, Gaza.

April 8 over 60 Hamas missiles hit Israeli towns, villages and farms.
This heightened Israeli fury over Hamas attack on a school bus April 7 with a Cornet anti-tank missile.

Hizballah told Hamas to blitz Israel into relinquishing the 500-meter deep security strip the IDF established inside the Gaza border.
Hizballah wants Hamas to bring their forward and firing positions right up to the Israeli border, a convenience enjoyed by HIzballah on the Lebanese-Israeli border.
The IDF desparately NEEDS this buffer zone.
Hamas is threatening to raise the cross-border violence until Israeli troops pull back.
Its anti-tank missile attack on the school bus Thursday was the opening shot of its battle for the buffer zone.

In the last 48 hours, Israeli helicopters, tanks and navy have been pounding Gaza while Hamas releases dozens of attacks on Israel without pause.
Israeli civilians were told to stay close to bomb shelters in the days to come. Schools, road traffic, public transport and businesses will function intermittently.

Hamas appealed to Cairo to broker a ceasefire.
OUTRAGE!  Muslim Brotherhood - enemies of GOD - control Hamas and Egypt!

Israeli did not bother to respond since the rulers of Gaza have violated every agreed ceasefire in the past.
These days, Hamas is sure it is on a win-win course and has little to fear from stepping up its war on Israel until it gets what it wants.

Has the Arab - Israeli war begun?  

April  10,  2011   ZionsCRY Commentary / Analysis

This is beginning just as the Passover Holidays approach,
when the perfect Lamb of GOD was slain 2,000 years ago

Has the mideast war awaited already begun?  ISRAEL MUST STOP the missiles from Gaza, it is mandatory.
Hamas wants to kill all the Jews, regardless of age.  Its sworn to wipe Israel out - and the USA now agrees with this evil goal.
First Gaza on Israel's south, who Ariel Sharon foolishly gave to 'palestinian' Muslim Arabs.
Next HELLzballah on Israel's north, then Syria and Turkey and Iran.
Then the most devastating attack of all - from Egypt, which hardline jihadists now rule.

OVER 60 Palestinian missiles fired at Israel in 3 days.  
Missile blitz from Gaza ordered by HELLzballah.  A million Israelis head to shelters

If Arabs laid down their weapons, there'd be peace today.
If Israel laid down their weapons there'd be no Israel.
NOTHING  ISRAEL could do would ever be 'enough' to pacify Evil Islam

Israel backs down

After WW2 Jews said NEVER AGAIN!  Now they are willingly walking into Hamas ovens.

April 10, 2011  
PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak were expected to take military action to put a stop to the Hamas missiles inflicted on Israeli civilians month after month.
7 Israeli towns had 120 missiles rain on them April 8-9.
But Israeli leaders succumbed to a phony ceasefire deal that would perpetuate the harassment.
Israel will keep it, Hamas will not.

Conflict with Hamas likely to escalate

April  13,  2011    

IDF soldiers to remain on high alert along the Gaza border as thousands of trucks carrying goods pass into Gaza.
A shaky cease-fire went into effect, ending several days of Gaza attacks on Israel.

On Sunday night, a Kassam rocket hit south of Ashkelon but on Monday the border was quiet, with the IDF, Hamas and Islamic Jihad abiding by a cease-fire reportedly brokered by United Nations representatives to Israel.
IDF sources said they predicted that while the cease-fire had gone into effect, it would likely be limited in time.
“We succeeded in postponing a large-scale conflict with Hamas but that conflict is likely inevitable,” one senior officer said on Monday.
At the same time, the officers predicted that the fighting with Hamas and the other Palestinian terror groups would likely return to the buffer zone along the border between Gaza and Egypt. Since the beginning of the year, the IDF’s Gaza Division has discovered dozens of improvised explosive devices along the border, a sharp increase in comparison to 2010.

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories announced on Monday that despite the recent escalation in violence, it had coordinated the transfer of 3,656 trucks to the Gaza Strip with food and medical supplies.


ZionsCRY  DAILY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


Hamas continues launching missiles
April  16,  2011     Saturday

Friday, April 15 two Grad missiles exploded in Ashdod and Ashkelon.  Anyone who believes a Hamas ceasefire is a FOOL.
Hamas has realized that Iron Dome is not enough to shield Israelis from their missiles.
With a large anti-Israel terror jihad flotilla due in May, Hamas needs to drum up drama.

More missiles fired at Ashkelon,  Libyans sneak into Gaza

July 11, 2011
Hamas fortifies Egyptian border against Libyan infiltrators
Hamas began building fortifications to block western boundary with Sinai to curtail the smugglers from Libya who are causing mayhem.  (I am laughing)

These infiltrators are being housed in Gaza and provided with food. Hamas blames them for the resurgence of rocket fire into Israel.
HAHAAHAAA!  They are all Islam!  Hamas blaming is nuts!

Hamas encouraged the traffic at first, because the smuggled cars provided a conduit for anti-tank and anti-air missiles.
But then, they when they saw the cars arriving with former Libyan fighters eager to line up with the Army of Islam, they decided to cut their losses and put a stop to it.



Israel Palestinian Conflict
Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.
The video explains where the terms West Bank, occupied territories and 67 Borders originated and how they are incorrectly used and applied.
Judea and Samaria are called the westbank.

This is also very good

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