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Obama OKs nuke deal with Vietnam
Feb. 2014  
Obama signed off on a controversial civilian nuclear deal with Vietnam.
The cooperation agreement with the communist nation allows the U.S. to sell nuclear fuel and technology to its former foe. It aims to help guarantee Vietnams' energy independence as China asserts a more prominent role in the region.

“I have determined that the performance of the Agreement will promote, and will not constitute an unreasonable risk to, the common defense and security,” Obama wrote in a memo for the secretaries of State and Energy.

The deal aims to get Vietnam to import the fuel it needs for its reactors instead of producing it domestically. But it doesn't bar the country from conducting its own uranium enrichment, raising concerns about nuclear proliferation.

The agreement is also seen as a potential complicating factor in the ongoing nuclear talks with Iran. Iran has repeatedly accused nuclear powers, and the United States in particular, of a double standard in terms of which nations are allowed to run nuclear programs that are allegedly for civilian purposes only.

Health news in Vietnam



 DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Vietnam factories burnt in anti-China protest
May 14, 2014
Several Chinese factories set on fire amid anti-China protests at an industrial park in southern Vietnam, amid tensions over the South China Sea.
The protests came after China moved a drilling rig into waters claimed by Vietnam.
China called Vietnam a provocateur.
Some factories were Taiwanese companies, not Chinese.

Anti-China rioters torch factories in south Vietnam
Anti-China rioters set fire to about 10 factories in a southern Vietnam industrial park, AP reported Wednesday, citing a park management official. The attacks followed anti-China protests by workers at the park and nearby locales. Rioters targeted factories thought to be Chinese, though many were Taiwanese owned, the official said. Up to 20,000 people were involved at the height of the protest, a foreign diplomat told AP. China’s deployment of an oil rig in the South China Sea earlier this month has sparked public anger in Vietnam, as the nation claims the waters as its own.

Beijing to provide security to China firms after Vietnam protests
China has expressed concern after thousands of people rampaged in industrial zones in Vietnam’s south following protests against Chinese oil drilling in a disputed part of the South China Sea. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that China enacted unspecified emergency mechanisms to provide security to Chinese companies, Reuters reported. Beijing also made representations to Vietnam over the incident.

Vietnam doesnt realize what its asking for.
CHINA is the provocateur, claiming territory NOT theirs

Vietnam riots over Chinese drilling spread, killing 20
May 15, 2014
- 20 people have died and over 100 were injured in Vietnamese riots, signaling the worst breakdown in relations with China in decades. This follows China’s oil drilling in disputed waters. Hundreds of Chinese have now fled to neighboring Cambodia.
At least five deaths were reported to be Vietnamese, with the rest having been described as mainland Chinese.

The mass rioting included over 20,000 workers on Tuesday, before they split into smaller groups and started attacking factories near Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon.
A day after looting and arson had erupted in two southern Vietnamese provinces, aggression by locals against the Chinese initiative had resulted in about 1,000 of them attacking the country’s biggest steel mill overnight, local newspapers and medics reported on Thursday.

"There were about a hundred people sent to the hospital last night. Many were Chinese. More are being sent to the hospital this morning," Reuters heard by phone from a doctor at the Ha Tinh General Hospital.
But the brunt of the Thursday violence was borne by Taiwanese firms (as well as some South Korean ones), as the ensuing chaos of the large-scale attack on the industrial complex resulted in the angry Vietnamese mistaking Taiwanese vehicles labeled ‘Formosa Plastics’ for Chinese ones. Officials from the company – Taiwan’s biggest investor in Vietnam – were not available for comment.

Laos Defence Minister plane crashes
17 May 2014
 I suspect sabotage.  Just too suspicious.
A Laos air force aircraft carrying senior military officers and officials, including two ministers and the capitol’s mayor, has crashed in the north of the country.
Of the14 people on board only three have reportedly survived.
A source in the nation's Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti that among the passengers there were the Defense Minister and his wife, as well as the Minister of Public Security, the mayor of the country's capital, Vientiane, deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs, and the deputy chief of the Laos government secretariat and other officials.
The names and occupations of the survivors have not been reported.

The crash happened as the flight was on its way to Xiangkhouang province to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the second division of the Laos People's Army, the source said.
The Ukrainian-made An-74 TK300 aircraft crashed while coming into land, just four kilometers from the airstrip. The plane was brand new, delivered to Laos in 2009 for carrying VIP passengers.
All of the celebrations were canceled following the accident, including the military parade.

A military plane carrying Laos Defence Minister Douangchay Phichit and other senior officials has crashed in the north of the country.
3 passengers had survived.
the defense minister of Laos and his wife were on board.T
It is thought the plane came down in the province of Xiangkhouang, nearly 500km (311 miles) from the capital Vientiane where its journey began.
About 20 people, including the the governor of Vientiane, are thought to have been on board.
It said the cause of the accident was under investigation.
The officials are believed to have been travelling to an official ceremony in Xiangkhouang.

China evacuates nationals from Vietnam after riots
May 18, 2014
China is sending 5 ships to evacuate Chinese nationals from Vietnam following a wave of anti-Chinese riots.  16 critically injured Chinese left Vietnam on a chartered flight.
The Vietnamese are angry over a Chinese oil rig in their waters.

Beijing has laid on charter flights and ships to move Chinese nationals out of Vietnam after two were killed and 100 injured in violent protests against Chinese oil drilling in disputed waters. Vietnamese warships tried to interfere with the drilling leading to a clash.. More than 3,000 Chinese workers have been evacuated so far. At least 15 foreign-owned factories were torched, some Chinese. Dissident groups are calling for more protests in major cities despite Vietnamese government appeals to end the protests. Beijing accuses Vietnam of not doing enough to stop the anti-Chinese violence.

LAOS plane crash
May 18  UPDATE
-  A plane carrying about 20 people crashed in a forested area in northeastern Laos Saturday, killing Lao Defense Minister Douangchay Phichit and his wife, as well as 3 other senior officials.

Vietnam says Chinese boat sank its fishing vessel in disputed waters
May 27, 2014
The head of Vietnam’s coastguard says a Chinese boat rammed and sank a Vietnamese fishing vessel in the disputed waters in the South China Sea on Monday, Reuters reports. The 10 fisherman who were on board the Vietnamese boat were rescued, said coastguard commander Nguyen Quang Dam. He added that the incident occurred 17 nautical miles from the massive oil rig China deployed between the Paracel islands and the Vietnamese coast. "A Vietnamese boat from the central city of Da Nang was deliberately encircled by 40 fishing vessels from China before it was attacked by a Chinese ship," Dam told Reuters by telephone.

China Sinks Vietnamese Fishing Vessel
Vietnam and China traded barbs over the sinking of a Vietnamese fishing boat, their most serious bilateral standoff since 2007 as China asserts its claims in the disputed South China Sea.
“It was rammed by a Chinese boat,” Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh said by phone of the Vietnamese vessel, with the crew of 10 rescued after the scrap. The incident occurred after some 40 Chinese fishing vessels encircled a group of Vietnamese boats in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone, the government in Hanoi said.

Vietnam boat sinks after collision with Chinese vessel
A Vietnamese fishing boat has sunk after it collided with a Chinese vessel near a controversial oil rig in the South China Sea, amid tensions between the two nations.
Both countries are blaming the other for the incident.
Vietnam's coast guard said the boat was encircled by 40 Chinese vessels before it was rammed, reports said.
But Chinese state media outlet Xinhua said Vietnam's boat collided with its vessel after "engaging in harassment".

The BBC's Martin Patience says that whatever the truth, the sinking is likely to further escalate tensions between the two countries, given that for the past few weeks they have engaged in skirmishes at sea.
The two are locked in an intensifying dispute over South China Sea territory.
Vietnam has protested against China moving its Haiyang Shiyou 981 rig to waters also claimed by Hanoi, at a spot near the disputed Paracel Islands.

Vietnam and Myanmar testing 3 patients for Ebola
August 20, 2014
They arrived from Africa suffering from fever.
Two Nigerians were sent to Ho Chi Minh City Hospital for isolation after they arrived by plane. Airline passengers sitting next to the pair August 18 from Nigeria via Qatar have been advised to monitor their own health.

In Myanmar a local man was taken to hospital after arriving at the airport Aug 19 from Guinea and Liberia.  4 people who accompanied the man to hospital also being kept under observation. Myanmar has one of the worlds worst healthcare systems.

Vietnam Drops Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

Last week, Vietnam became the first country in Southeast Asia to support same-sex marriage when the communist country's National Assembly struck down the ban.

According to LifeSiteNews, the country's motivation to strike down the ban came from pressure to attract homosexual tourism and the influence of U.S. foreign policy, which features Ted Osius, an active homosexual, as the new US ambassador to Vietnam.

"We could get more support from civil society in Vietnam because the American ambassador is gay," said Luong The Huy, a lawyer with the homosexuality-advocating Institute for Studies of Society. "He promotes a very good image of a very successful person who is gay," he said.

Though the government does not ban the union, it still does not formally recognize it or provide any legal support system.

“It’s getting out that Vietnam is a more friendly place,” the director of a homosexual advocacy group called Utopia Asia told the Bangkok Post. “Gays in Vietnam are certainly becoming more open. It has not ruffled any feathers as it might in some other countries in Southeast Asia. It will have a positive effect on tourism.”

"[The law] indicates to everyone that Vietnam is opening up more and welcomes everyone," said the owner of Gay Hanoi Tours. "Vietnam is changing very quickly. There are bigger gay communities and gay events."

One apparent venue of "gay events" just so happens to be the American Club in Hanoi.

Vietnam lifting the ban stands in stark contrast to other socially conservative countries in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, which recently reaffirmed its ban on homosexual behavior in 2014 and reiterated that any attempts to lift the ban must be made by legislators, not judicial activists.

Vietnam warns China over oil rig
Jan 20, 2016
 -  Vietnam said China has moved an oil rig into disputed waters in the South China Sea.  China moved the Haiyang Shiyou oil rig, and Vietnam demanded that China stop any drilling and remove the oil rig from the area where the two countries’ continental shelves overlap.

Vietnam reserves all its legal rights and interests in the area in accordance with international law.  The oil rig was at the center of a stand-off in May 2014 when China parked the rig off Vietnam central coast. It was towed away 2 months later. Forum Index -> World NEWS
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