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USA small airplane crashes

FLORIDA  *   American Airlines
October  29,  2010 
Hole appears in plane at 31,000 feet.
American Airlines flight returns to Miami after rapid decompression after a 2 foot hole opened up in the fuselage of an AA jet during a flight from Miami to Boston, giving passengers a scare.
The hole led to rapid decompression at 31,000 feet about 30 minutes into the flight, and oxygen masks were automatically deployed.
The plane carrying 154 passengers descended to a lower altitude.
The incident is similari to cracks found in the fuselage of a United Airlines Boeing 757 in September.

Remember the roof blowing off a flight to Hawaii?

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HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
UPDATE May 2014

ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Indonesia  *  Engine blows off passenger jet
A380 Qantas jet engine disintegrates

November 4,  2010    

Twitter reported a Singapore-bound jetliner crashes in Indonesia, debris from a plane found on Batam island.
Qantas update: Singapore State TV says A380 lands safely after 1 of 4 engines shut down

A Qantas Airways jet was forced to make an emergency landing after an engine exploded shortly after take-off from Singapore, showering debris onto houses and a shopping mall below.
Qantas said the Airbus A380 suffered an engine failure and grounded its A380s.
The plane landed safely with no injuries to its 459 passengers.


Qantas A380 engine blast severed cables
18 November 2010
Further details have been released of the difficulties faced by the pilots of the Qantas A380 superjumbo that saw one of its engines explode.
Airbus, the plane's manufacturer, has said that flying debris from the Rolls-Royce engine severed cables in the aircraft's wing.  Shocked

A separate report by the AP new agency said the explosion caused a series of system failures in the plane.
The pilots made a successful emergency landing in Singapore on 4 November.

Airbus made its comments in its latest report to airlines.
It said that the severing of cables in one of the plane's wings meant that the pilots could not immediately shut down one of the A380's three other engines.

AP's report was based on an interview with Richard Woodward, a vice-president of the Australian and International Pilots Association, who it said had spoken to all five pilots who were on the plane.
He said they received 54 computer warning messages following the engine failure.
"The amount of failures is unprecedented," Mr Woodward was quoted as saying.

Qantas said earlier on Thursday that up to 40 Rolls-Royce engines on Airbus A380 superjumbos worldwide would need to be replaced.

Rolls-Royce has said the engine failure "was confined to a specific component" which led to an oil fire and loss of turbine pressure.
All 459 passengers and crew on the plane that had to make the emergency landing were unharmed.
Qantas had grounded all six of its A380s.

All engines fail, plane crash lands
RUSSIA  *  Plane crash lands after ALL engines fail
December  4,  2010  -  2 dead as engine failure airliner lands in Moscow
The plane broke up after making an emergency landin


December 07, 2010

An alert air traffic controller at Logan Airport in Boston may have averted a Thanksgiving Eve plane collision on a runway, saving hundreds of lives on one of the busiest travel nights of the year.
“The pilot made the wrong turn,” Matt McCluskey, the president of the Boston Air Traffic Controllers Union, said. “Luckily, we were on top of our game.”

JetBlue Flight 1264 from Austin, with 91 passengers, had just landed and hooked right instead of left, which put it on a collision course with another JetBlue plane gaining speed for takeoff.

Mark Libby, a 32-year-veteran air traffic controller who is one year from retirement, noticed the stray plane and commanded it to stop.
“JetBlue hold. JetBlue 1264 hold right there. JetBlue 1264, hold, hold!”
The plane stopped. A possible disaster was averted.

Laser incidents worry aviation officials

December  9, 2010

FAA officials are worried about a steady increase of people pointing lasers at aircraft cockpits.
The intense light can temporarily blind pilots and has caused some to relinquish control of planes and helicopters to their co-pilots or abort landings.
Over the past six years, there has been a steady increase in reports from across the country of people pointing lasers at aircraft cockpits.
This year, there have been more than 2,200 incidents, up from fewer than 300 in 2005.
There hasn't been an air crash so far, but the incidents have aviation officials worried.

Dozens of people in the United States and around the world have been arrested for pointing lasers at aircraft cockpits, most often near airports during takeoffs and landings.
Those are the most critical phases of flight, when pilots need to be their most alert. Interference with air navigation is a federal crime.

Sky-diving plane crashes in Louisiana

I have been told by a pilot that this plane was designed for 4, not 5 people.

December  18,  2010    Saturday
3 killed, 2 hurt Saturday when a small plane carrying a group of sky divers crashed, killing 3 and injuring 2 others on board.
Witnesses reported seeing the Cessna 182 take off about 2:30 pm and was about 200 feet in the air when it lost power and the pilot attempted to make it back to the runway.
When the plane crashed, the wreckage caught fire and three-fourths of the plane was burned. The 3 victims died at the scene.


2 dead in plane crash

Small plane, medical helicopter collide in midair; chopper lands safely, but 2 die in Cessna
December 31, 2010
Two people were killed after a midair collision between a small airplane and a helicopter in Weyers Cave near Shenandoah Valley.
The crash between a Cessna 172 and a medical transport helicopter happened a half-mile north of the airport.
The damaged helicopter landed safely with two crew members and a patient aboard.


Former Alaska Senator on board crashed plane
August 10,  2010  
A private plane carrying a former head of NASA and, possibly, former Sen. Ted Stevens crashed Monday night in a rugged stretch of Alaska.
Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was on board a plane that crashed Monday night in a remote location about 325 miles southwest of Anchorage.

9 people were aboard the DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter, a single-engine plane commonly used to ferry passengers in and out of remote areas.
The NTSB said rescuers at the scene reported 5 deaths.
O'Keefe and Stevens were said to be traveling with their sons.
Stevens' former counsel, Ken Nahigian, confirmed to Fox News that the former senator was on the flight.

Alaska's Air National Guard said its team and another from the U.S. Coast Guard have arrived on scene and have begun treating survivors and loading them onto a helicopter to be transported to Anchorage.

Former NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe also was on the flight, according to defense contractor EADS North America. O'Keefe is the current chief executive of the U.S.-based division of the European firm.
Stevens' condition was not known.

Former Sen. Ted Stevens dies in Alaska plane crash
August 10, 2010    
Ex-NASA chief, son survive accident that killed 5 people.
Former Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, died in a single-engine plane crash in southwest Alaska that killed four other people, including one of his former congressional aides, officials said Tuesday.
A former NASA chief was among the four survivors.

Stevens, 86, the longest-serving Republican senator in history, was among 9 people on board when the 1957 DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter,
crashed into a mountainside Monday afternoon about 17 miles north of the southwest Alaska fishing town of Dillingham.

Also killed were Bill Phillips, a former Stevens’ aide; Dana Tindall, 48, of Anchorage, senior vice president of Anchorage-based communications company GCI;
Tindall's 16-year-old daughter, Corey; and the pilot, Theron "Terry" Smith, 62, of Eagle River, according to Alaska State Troopers.

Former NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe and his teenage son Kevin survived the crash with broken bones and other injuries, said former NASA spokesman Glenn Mahone.
Stevens and O'Keefe, now the CEO of defense contractor EADS North America, were longtime fishing buddies.
The other survivors were Phillips' 13-year-old son, Willy, and Jim Morhard of Alexandria, Va., a one-time Stevens' aide turned lobbyist.

The survivors spent Monday night on the mountain with several volunteers who discovered the wreckage and tended to the injured until rescuers arrived Tuesday morning.  
They were taken to Providence Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska State Troopers said.

The plane, which was registered to GCI, was flying from a GCI company lodge on Nerka Lake to another fishing camp, the Federal Aviation Administration said.
Stevens was with former members of his staff and their families, family friends said. Stevens’ wife, Catherine, was not on the plane.

ALASKA plane crash
August 11, 2010
Waving hand from Alaska plane crash wreckage first sign that there were survivors.
A pilot who spotted the wreckage of the amphibious plane carrying former Sen. Ted Stevens looked down on the gashed mountainside and thought that no one could've survived such a crash.
Then, he heard another pilot say on the radio: A hand was waving for help from a window of the red-and-white aircraft.
"It surprised me because I didn't think it was survivable," said Eric Shade, 48, owner of Shannon's Air Taxi.

The discovery set in a motion a frantic rescue effort that culminated when National Guardsmen had the four dazed survivors, suffering from broken bones and other injuries, airlifted off the mountain. Five others, including the state's most revered politician, were dead.

A fishing trip that Stevens and his friends have made for years to a southwest Alaska lodge — sometimes drawing criticism for hosting lobbyists and lawmakers there to discuss government issues — had ended in tragedy and left family searching for answers.

The cause of the crash was being investigated on Wednesday as National Transportation Safety Board officials hiked to the scene and began examining the wreckage, chairwoman Deborah Hersman said. They had hoped to interview the survivors Wednesday in the hospital but their medical conditions made it impossible.

Officials said a technology that Stevens had long pushed to improve air safety in Alaska wasn't installed in the downed plane. It was unclear whether the instruments would've prevented the Monday crash.

Several medical volunteers who scrambled up the boulder-strewn slopes to the crash site found survivors trapped inside the fuselage, with one still strapped into the co-pilot seat. Rescuers had to cut alders to reach survivors, and then ripped open the plane to get them out.

"They didn't do too much talking with us," said Alaska Air National Guard Senior Master Sgt. Jonathan Davis, one of the rescuers lowered onto the mountain from a helicopter. "If they did talk, they were asking for pain medication, and we helped them with that."

At a hearing in 2002, lawmakers grilled GCI executive Dana Tindall, who died in the crash, about the trips.
Tindall testified that Stevens and William "Bill" Phillips Sr., who also died in the wreck, once arranged for a staff member to travel to the lodge to learn about the telecommunications world as GCI looked to expand its business.

"We entertain business associates. We entertain — there have been FCC commissioners out there. And there have been members of the United States Congress out there," Tindall told lawmakers.

Stevens and ex-NASA chief Sean O'Keefe, who was also on the plane and survived, were fishing companions and longtime Washington colleagues who worked together on the Senate Appropriations Committee led by the GOP lawmaker. Stevens became a mentor to him.

Phillips and Jim Morhard, who survived the crash, also worked with him in Washington. Morhard founded a lobbying firm. Phillips was a lobbyist.
Authorities said the group boarded the 1957 float plane sometime Monday afternoon for a trip to a salmon fishing camp.

Lodge operators called the fish camp at 6 p.m. to inquire when the party would be returning for dinner, but were told that they never showed up. Civilian aircraft were dispatched, and pilots quickly spotted the wreckage a few miles from the lodge, authorities said.

A doctor and EMTs were flown to the area and hiked to the wreckage as fog and rain blanketed the area and nightfall set in, making it impossible for rescue officials to reach the scene until daybreak.

Tom Tucker, who helped shuttle the medical workers to the scene, described seeing a survivor still strapped in the front seat with the nose of the plane in shambles. His head was cut, and his legs appeared to be broken.
"The front of the aircraft was gone," Tucker said. "He was just sitting in the chair."

He and the other responders made a tarp tent over the missing cockpit to keep him dry. It was rainy and cold, and he believes the passengers' heavy duty waders protected them when they went into shock. Temperatures ranged from about 48 degrees to 50 degrees overnight at Dillingham.

Plane crashes in Alaska are common because of the treacherous weather and mountainous terrain. More than 80 percent of Alaska's communities, including the state capital of Juneau, are not connected to highways or road systems, making travel by air an essential.

The aviation dangers have prompted federal officials to push for more airplanes to be equipped with a new technology that provides pilots with better weather information.

Federal Aviation Administration chief Randy Babbitt in June credited the technology — a surveillance system intended in part to help pilots have a greater sense of awareness when they're nearing bad weather — with "making a real difference" in air safety in Alaska.

The plane Stevens was on was not outfitted with that technology, Jim La Belle, regional director for the NTSB, told The Associated Press. He declined further comment, deferring to the investigative team.

The technology, hailed by the FAA as "the future of air traffic control," is called Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast. It's meant to help replace the radar that pilots and controllers now rely on with GPS technology.

The system can cost from $7,600 to $10,900 to equip a general aviation aircraft, FAA spokeswoman Tammy Jones said. Plans currently call for all aircraft flying within certain controlled air space to be equipped with the technology by 2020, she said.

Alaska was one of the first test sites for the program. In June, FAA said that, under the Capstone project, it has equipped "hundreds of general aviation aircraft" in southeast Alaska with the technology.

The other people who died are: pilot Theron "Terry" Smith, 62, of Eagle River; and Tindall's 16-year-old daughter, Corey. Authorities said autopsies were performed on all five victims and a toxicology screen was performed on the pilot, both standard procedures. Results weren't immediately available.

In addition to O'Keefe, his son Kevin and Morhard, the other survivor was Phillips' son, William "Willy" Phillips Jr., 13. He was in good condition.

Paul Pastorek, who's acting as a spokesman for the O'Keefe family, said in a statement Wednesday that the injuries to O'Keefe and his son don't appear life-threatening, "and we are confident they will have a full recovery." The younger O'Keefe attends Syracuse University.

Stevens was a legend in his home state, where he was known as "Uncle Ted." The wiry octogenarian was appointed in December 1968 and became the longest-serving Republican in Senate history. He brought billions of federal dollars home for projects.

A local radio report said the pilot they had hired was replaced by another pilot who flew the plane into the side of the mountain.

To know if this was an accident or assassination, I would want to know if the pilot was Muslim, and what were those aboard into - what did they know.
Are we going to see other assassinations?
They killed whistle blower Matt Simmons Sunday night.

Oklahoma coachs killed in Arkansas plane crash
Nov. 18, 2011
The Oklahoma State University basketball program is dealing with another tragedy after a small plane crashed in Arkansas killing OSU coach Kurt Budke and assistant coach Miranda Serna.
Budke and Serna were on a recruiting trip to Arkansas and were killed along with two others, including the pilot, Thursday night in a plane crash in Perry County, Arkansas.
The FAA says the single engine Piper PA-28 seats four people.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford said Thursday law enforcement officers confirmed a debris field from a small aircraft about four miles south of Perryville and is investigating the crash.
Perryville is located north of the Ouachita National Forest.

(STILLWATER, Okla., November 18, 2011) -- Oklahoma State University women’s basketball coach Kurt Budke and assistant women’s basketball coach Miranda Serna were killed along with two others Thursday night in a plane crash in Perry County, Arkansas.
Budke and Serna were on a recruiting trip to Arkansas.  The other two individuals, including the pilot, were not affiliated with the university.  There were no survivors.

“The Oklahoma State family is devastated by this tragedy,” said OSU President Burns Hargis.  “Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of Kurt Budke, Miranda Serna and the other victims.
“Kurt was an exemplary leader and a man of character who had a profound impact on his student-athletes,” Hargis said.  “He was an outstanding coach and a wonderful person. We send our deepest sympathies to his wife, Shelley, and their children, Sara, Alex and Brett.

“Coach Budke elevated our women’s basketball program to new levels of success,” Hargis said. “He and his staff raised our profile in the nation’s toughest conference.”
“Miranda was an up-and-coming coach and an outstanding role model for our young ladies.”

Mike Holder, OSU vice president for athletics, said, “We are shocked by this terrible loss. Kurt Budke was an incredibly positive influence on his players and was a tremendous coach.  He quickly turned our program around and put Cowgirl basketball on the map. Miranda was a tireless worker and great recruiter.”

Holder said Jim Littell, associate head coach, would assume duties as interim head coach. The university announced the Cowgirls will not play games scheduled Saturday and Sunday. OSU counselors and athletic staff are offering assistance to the Cowgirl student-athletes and staff.

Budke was in his seventh season as Cowgirl coach, with an all-time record of 112-83. His team was 1-0 after a convincing victory over Rice Sunday. Under his direction, OSU made postseason appearances each of the past five seasons, including three trips to the NCAA tournament.

In the 2009-10 season, the Cowgirls won 24 games, including a school-record six victories against Top 25 teams, achieved a top-10 national ranking for the first time ever and reached the second round of the NCAA Tournament.
Budke transformed a program that endured a winless conference season in 2005-06 into a league title contender and NCAA Sweet 16 participant just two years later.

Before coming to OSU in 2005, Budke was a head coach for 12 seasons at Allen County (Ks.) Community College, Trinity Valley (Tx.) Community College and Louisiana Tech. His career record as a head coach was 465-130. Budke started coaching in 1984 as a graduate assistant at Washburn University before taking an assistant coaching position at Friends University.

A Salina, Kan., native, Budke earned all-conference honors as a player at Barton County (Ks.) Junior College in 1981.  Budke was born June 3, 1961 and is married to the former Shelley Balthazor. They have three children; Sara, who is a student at OSU, Alex and Brett.
Miranda Serna was in her seventh season as an assistant coach at Oklahoma State.  She previously worked in the same capacity at Louisiana Tech under Budke.

Serna helped guide the resurgence of the OSU women’s basketball as the program's recruiting coordinator. As a player, the Guadalupita, N.M. native helped lead Trinity Valley Community College to the NJCAA national title in 1996 and finished her collegiate career at Houston.

Oklahoma State University is a modern land-grant system of interdisciplinary programs that prepares students for success. OSU is America’s Brightest Orange.  Through leadership and service, OSU is preparing students for a bright future and building a brighter world for all.  As Oklahoma’s only university with a statewide presence, OSU improves the lives of people in Oklahoma, the nation, and the world through integrated, high-quality teaching, research, and outreach. OSU has more than 35,000 students across its five-campus system and more than 24,000 on its combined Stillwater and Tulsa campuses, with students from all 50 states and around 120 nations. Established in 1890, OSU has graduated more than 240,000 students to serve the state of Oklahoma, the nation and the world.

Plane From Philly International Searched At Boston’s Logan Airport
16 April 2013
 PHILADELPHIA – A plane that originated in Philadelphia and landed in Boston was searched after a popping sound was heard from a carry-on bag. The US Airways flight 1716 left Philadelphia International Airport at 9:24 a.m. and landed at Logan International Airport at 10:16 a.m. According to sources, a popping noise was heard coming from a carry-on bag and someone reported seeing what was believed to be smoke. Upon landing at Logan Airport, all the passengers aboard the plane were safely removed and taken to a shelter area nearby.

Investigators, along with a bomb-sniffing dog, searched the plane and several bags that were on-board the plane. The plane was eventually cleared and was allowed to proceed to the gate. Fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency personnel were located outside of the plane. There were no reports of any injuries. The incident remains under investigation.

This doesn't make sense - sounds like microwave popcorn was cooking in the c0ckpit.

Nashville plane crash mystery - CRASH or CRIME?
Oct 31, 2013
Plane crash went unnoticed for 7 hours.
Dense fog at the time.  The NTSB is investigating a plane crash on a tarmac at the Nashville airport that went unnoticed for nearly seven hours.
The crash killed Canadian pilot Michael Callan.
A pilot not authorized to fly in foul weather meanders into a foggy soup and tries to land.
Things go wrong. The plane crashes. The pilot is killed.
The wreckage of the single-engine Cessna was discovered on a runway by a taxiing plane at about 8:45 am.

Callan came to Nashville without logging a flight plan.
Callan flies apparently without radioing controllers, then when the plane crashes just off a main runway, erupts in fire, the crash goes undetected by anyone for hours.

The NTSB is focusing on a 7 hour window in which the Cessna 172R crashed along runway 2C at Nashville Airport.
The crash occurred sometime between 2 am when an airport worker conducted a routine runway check and 8:45 am when a taxiing aircraft reported seeing debris on the runway.
Rescue workers were dispatched and found the pilot dead amid the fire-scarred wreckage.

The Ontario-based flying club which owns the plane identified Callan as a club member who rented the plane and planned to return it the next day.
The accident is certainly a little unusual, to say the least, said FAA.
To have an airplane, even a small airplane, crash at a major airport and go unnoticed is unusual.

The dense fog, which may have contributed to the crash, likely prevented controllers from seeing the incident. The control tower is roughly one mile from the end of Runway 2C, the crash site.

The crash raises intriguing questions about the actions of the pilot and controllers.
Why was the pilot there?  Why wasnt he talking to anybody?
Aircraft are required to communicate with controllers when entering controlled airspace.

When you approach an airport of this size, you have to start contacting controllers well in advance, to let them know you're arriving. The pilot could have strayed into foul weather and been too preoccupied with flying the plane to contact the tower.

The accident also raises questions about the air traffic controllers.
How did the airplane get to the airport without the controller saying, Hey what is this guy doing out there?
Certainly this is an airport that has radar, lots of capabilities and how an aircraft could approach, possibly circle, then crash short of the runway, unnoticed for so long, does raise some questions.

Windsor Flying Club which owns the Cessna said the pilot rented the club plane for an overnight trip. It is not usual for him.
The pilot was certified to fly under visual flight rules, allowing him to fly in fair weather, and was qualified to fly at night, but did not have an instrument rating allowing him to fly into weather systems.

Nashville airport officials said the pilot circled over the airport for some time and that the plane crashed while trying to land about 2:30 am.

The pilot was Michael Callan, but no one seems to know why the Canadian was flying to Nashville.
He may have been lost, low on fuel, no one knows.
A Michael Callan was arrested in 2012 for child porn, but no one knows if this is the same man.
NewsChannel 5 reports a Michael Callan of the same age and date of birth was arrested last year in Windsor in connection with one of the largest child pornography busts in Canadian history.
We are waiting to hear from Canadian authorities on that part of the story.

My question - Was he secretly coming to TN on illegal business?  Sounds like it.

Small plane lost over USA crashes in Jamaica
September 5, 2014
The aircraft was flying from Rochester, New York, to Naples, Florida.
The plane’s occupants did not respond to attempts to communicate.
Two U.S. fighter jets trailed it to Cuban airspace. It failed to respond to attempts to communicate.
Officials suspect hypoxia, or a deprivation of oxygen, may be behind the lack of response.

The fighter pilots visually verified that the pilot was unresponsive and slumped over the controls.
The plane is described as a Socata TBM-700 lightbusiness and utility aircraft.
At 1:28 p.m. the US fighter jets broke off as the plane reached the airspace of Cuba.
A Cuban fighter jet tailed the American plane.

NORAD reports that the windows of the plane are frosted over, but no information on the status of the pilots is known.  
It is believed that the plane belongs to a real estate company in Rochester, NY.
The plane crossed Cuba and headed toward Jamaica.
A Cuban fighter jet is now tailing the American plane

Unresponsive American plane crashes in Jamaica
A small American airplane crashed on the island of Jamaica

Lost plane over the Atlantic

US couple's plane crashs off Jamaica
September 06, 2014
Jamaica –  Rescue crews searching off Jamaica's coast on Saturday said they could no longer see debris spotted earlier, stymieing efforts to solve the mystery surrounding a small plane carrying a prominent upstate New York couple that went on a ghostly 1,700-mile journey after the pilot was apparently incapacitated.

The plane was carrying Rochester real estate developer Laurence Glazer and his wife, Jane, both experienced pilots

Jamaican officials said that possible wreckage from the single-engine turboprop Socata TBM700 was sighted Friday evening by a military aircraft flying off the island's northeast coast, drifting roughly 24 miles (38 kilometers) off the coastal town of Port Antonio.

The island's military said in a statement that Jamaican and U.S. officials felt the sighting was "consistent with that of a high-impact debris field."
But on Saturday Jamaica Coast Guard Commander Antonette Wemyss-Gorman said that the pieces of floating debris could no longer be seen.
"We would have to assume it may have sunk," she said.

The area where the private French-made plane went down has depths of up to 2,000 meters (more than 6,500 feet), according to Leroy Lindsay, director general of Jamaica's civil aviation authority.

Unresponsive Plane Crashes Near Jamaica
A private U.S. plane with an unresponsive pilot crashed into the ocean north of the Caribbean island.
The plane went down about 14 miles northeast of Port Antonio and the military sent aircraft to investigate. There was no immediate information about the people on board.

FlightAware identified the plane's tail number as N900KN. FAA records show the plane is owned by Buckingham Properties which is owned by Larry Glazer.
Glazer's son Rick Glazer didnt have any comment.

The incident marks the second time in less than a week that private pilot has become unresponsive during a flight. On Saturday, a pilot lost consciousness and his plane drifted into restricted airspace over DC.

Fuddy only death in Hawaii plane crash
Tied to Obama birth certificate - assassination
Loretta Fuddy Bombshell
October 29, 2014 -  Maui Police Department; Loretta Fuddy's Original Cause Of Death Is Drowning.
When Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy, a central player in the production of Barack Obama’s controversial birth certificate died in a mysterious plane crash, those of us who are convinced that the birth certificate was forged, suspected foul play.
She drowned with her life jacket on.  WHY?

There are countless plane crashes, both normal and assassinations.

Boeing 777 crash lands at San Fransicko airport
July 7, 2013  A Boeing 777
operated by Asiana Airlines crashed while landing at San Francisco Intl Airport on Saturday.
The airplane was coming in from Seoul, South Korea and crash landed.
Plane came in too low and landed too short.  2 dead, 23 people injured.
The plane was carrying 292 passengers and 16 crew members.

United, US Air nearly collided off Hawaii in May 2014
About 590 people were on the 2 planes

Bahamas plane crash kills 9
November 10, 2014
A small plane crashed on approach to Grand Bahama, killing all 9 people on board.
The Lear 36 Executive Jet had taken off from Nassau and crashed while attempting to land in Freeport around 5 p.m.  The crash occurred as people were gathering in Grand Bahama for annual Christian leadership conference.  Myles Munroe and his wife, a prominent Bahamian minister who organized the event, reported killed.

Landing plane - sideways!
November 2014
It was so windy in Chicago a plane landed sidewize - this is unbelievable!
No crash - just a shocking video.  GOOD JOB.

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