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Unification Church head Sun Myung Moon dies in South Korea

Unless this cult leader repented, he's in Hell...


SEOUL (Reuters) - Sun Myung Moon, founder and head of the Unification Church with millions of followers around the world, died at a retreat near the South Korean capital Seoul on Monday, church officials said.

Moon was 92 and had suffered complications from pneumonia, said the officials.

He carried on an active public life until recently, officiating a mass wedding for 2,500 in March and leading a service of more than 15,000 followers in July.

Moon has handed over day-to-day operations of the church, which has its headquarters in Seoul, to one of his sons and the management of the Tongil Group with interests in construction, resorts, travel agencies and a newspaper to another son.

(Reporting By Ralph Gowling)

Sun Myung Moon Crowned 'King Of America' At U.S. Senate Building

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