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The Real Hunger Games

The Real Hunger Games
March, 2014  Farms Will No Longer Grow Real Food

FEMA’s hotwash for its recent food and water contamination ‘exercise’ will not be made public, but evidence is emerging as to why the ‘exercise’ was conducted.  Secretary of Agriculture Vilseck invoking the name of god and his blessings (it is unknown what god he was referring), recently addressed the Commodity Classic with ingratiating ‘thank-you’s’ as he laid out the future landscape for American agriculture.  He struck as a venomous snake with his forked-tongue injecting depopulation toxin into the crowd and they loved it!  What you are about to read would not have been possible without lobbyists doing a phenomenal job coercing and manipulating your Congressmen into funding the new Farm Bill.  The new Farm Bill will down in history alongside the Patriot Act and the Patient Affordability Act (Obama Care) as one of the most dangerous bills ever passed in history.

In an attempt to garner your trust Secretary of Agriculture Vilseck boldly stated that as a nation we have achieved food security.  “We no longer need to worry about where our next meal is coming from”.  Americans “do not have to rely on someone else for food,” and that America does NOT import food because, “virtually everything we need to feed our families is grown and raised in this great country”.  He then sings praise to commercial agriculture for contributing to our economic security because we spend so little of our paychecks on food due to efficient operations.  “Nowhere in the world do people have the 10-15% ‘flexible funds’ remaining in their pockets after they visit the grocery store!“  Government agencies have their eyes to redistribute those ‘flexible funds’ and your food.

The USDA slowly began converting food crops to GMO (genetically modified organisms) with a small but vocal group of concerned citizens and scientists raising the alarm. As if devastating our food crops with GMO is not enough, seeking energy security, the government is investing untold dollars in five bio-refineries.  This is so we can obtain freedom from foreign oil by converting our food into fuel, strengthening our national security.

Dazzling his audience Vilseck proclaimed the “good news” that we are experiencing the strongest agricultural economy in our history!  Never mind the trend indicators that we are experiencing a food shortage, fewer farms, and an aging farmer population.

Farms Will No Longer Grow Real Food

To put it simply, there is no room in agriculture for food to feed Americans.  In the real life hunger games, Secretary Vilseck ‘thanks’ the increasing number rural and agricultural families forced to send their sons and daughters as tributes for community-service slavery,  or for slaughter, in the hands of the military-industrial-complex.  Because you willingly sacrifice your sons and daughters, America is:  

The federal government is claims creation of eight million jobs although the Secretary of Agricultural Vilseck brazenly admitted that there is no longer an American middle-class. But as a token of good-will our benevolent agricultural Czar held out an imaginary American opportunity ladder for all.

Fall of the Republic

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