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The RAPE of Africa

The RAPE of Africa
Is Angola next on the NWO Ebola  hit list?
September 11, 2014
When I saw the headline today - Ebola threatening Liberia existence -
I wondered whether Liberia and West Africa have natural resources the globalists want, and would need to kill off the people to take it.  So I did a quick web search and came up with this.
I do not know where this will go.

The U.N. Agenda 21 plans to kill off a majority of humans on earth.

Barak Hussein Obama wants to send the U.S. Military to West Africa to - help.

If the globalists, the NWO (new world order, 666 beast system) can kill off the population it can take the spoils.

This is the article I saw

Ebola threatening Liberia existence
September 10, 2014
Monrovia (AFP) - Ebola is threatening the very existence of Liberia
Liberia is facing a serious threat to its national existence.
Liberia has accounted for  2,296 deaths, half of all Ebola fatalities.
4,293 deaths in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria as of September 6

This is the result of a QUICK web search

Liberia: Rich but Poor
Africa Panel Lists Resource Cursed Nations
How can countries be so rich in mineral wealth and yet so poor?
No region has provided more abundant evidence in support of the resource curse theory than Africa. Countries such as Angola, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria have been widely used as case studies to explore the links between resource exports, conflict and poor governance.

Monrovia, Liberia - Natural resources are mainly oil.
Resource rich African countries are amongst some of the poorest in the world.
The resources are not helping to impact the lives of the population including Nigeria, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Angola experiencing the resource curse.
Ebola in each of these - except Angola.  Is Angola next?

Natural resource wealth should strengthen economic growth, provide governments with an opportunity to support human development, and create employment. In practice, it has often led to poverty, inequality and violent conflict.

Liberia wealth natural resources
Liberia Abundant Natural Resources: A Blessing and a Curse
Here, oil and gas resources have crowded out the potential for economic growth brought about by manufacturing or service industries that have created so many jobs in countries like China and India.

In Liberia, there are no improved or advanced methods of agriculture; the soil is scarcely stirred,
there are no carts, wagon or other wheeled vehicles, no railroads; the mineral wealth remain almost untouched.

Liberia has gold, diamonds, and rubber forests, a vast iron-ore mountain range. Welcome to a resource-rich, but still dirt-poor Liberia.

Africa's natural resources can lift millions out of poverty
Africa stands to reap a windfall from its natural resources.

Managing Natural Resource Wealth
Iraq, Sudan, Angola, Liberia, and Afghanistan.
Natural resource-rich countries demonstrate a higher than average risk both of experiencing conflict and of returning to conflict.
Control over natural resources is fundamental to sovereignty.

Between 1989 and 2003 Liberia experienced two exceptionally bloody civil wars.
Natural resources played a significant role in fuelling the war.
Successfully overcoming decades of corruption and breaking entrenched patterns of resource mismanagement will require sustained political will.
Liberia today stands at a crossroads – clear and transparent management of its resources could drive development and enable citizens to benefit from the wealth that is rightfully theirs.

West Africa, Liberia, Algeria, Nigeria, Mali, Guinea, Sierra Leone
August 2014 EBOLA is ripping thru WAfrica


EBOLA is a psyop,  a Hoax

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ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


The economic growth in Liberia and Sierra Leone could decline by 3.5 percentage points because of disruptions to the mining, agriculture and service industries.
Economic growth in Guinea could fall by 1.5 percentage points, the I.M.F. said.

It would be interesting to know WHO is buying up land and property in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone

Buying property in Liberia
The process of buying land is complicated and land fraud is rampant. Foreigners cannot own land except naturalized citizens

Foreign Investors Are Buying Up Farmland in Third World
A number of developing nations have sold or leased much of their farmland to foreign investors. The list is led by Liberia, whose arable land is 100 percent under foreign ownership.

Ebola could wreck W Africa economies
Sept 18, 2014  
The Ebola outbreak could have a catastrophic impact on the economies of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the World Bank says.  The cost can be limited if the epidemic is contained by a fast global response.  Its too late for fast, it has gone on for 3 months - or 10 months from case #1.  Barack Hussein Obama announced a larger US role in fighting the virus, ordering 3,000 US troops to WAfrica.

WAfrica productivity has dropped in sectors of the economy such as agriculture and mining as a result of quarantine measures, and because of fears about the spread of the disease. Many people are working less, and earning and spending less as a result, fuelling poverty.

West Africa wealth

Sierra Leone
Oct. 15, 2014
 Sierra Leone exports 90% of the worlds diamonds. Most of the diamond mining is near the border with Guinea and Liberia.
Is it chance that EBOLA central is Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia?

Higher chocolate prices
Oct. 15, 2014
 The prices of chocolate just doubled!
Ebola in West Africa is threatening the price and production of chocolate.
Half of the world’s cocoa production are neighbors to Liberia and Guinea. That could mean less chocolate and higher prices.
Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria produce half of the world’s cocoa.
Ebola is jeopardizing cacao harvests and chocolate supplies.
Ivory Coast has closed its borders with Liberia and Guinea, shutting out many of the migrant workers needed to pick the cacao beans.

WHY is Nigeria Ebola-free?
Oct. 15, 2014
In August, Nigeria closed all schools until October
To STOP the Ebola virus, all schools in Nigeria were closed until 13 October.
WHO may declare Nigeria and Senegal Ebola-free October 20th.
Nigeria and Senegal completed a 42-day period with no new cases.
If no new cases are detected, WHO will declare the end of the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Senegal on Friday 17 October, and Nigeria October 20th.
No new cases have been recorded since August.;_ylt=AwrT6VpOPj5UFSwAVQoPxQt.

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