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The "deadly wound" made by Protestantism is (being

Many have possibly already seen the original, but this video analysis by Pastor Doug Batchelor is excellent.  Please allow 42 min.
We really are living in the end of time.....

Watch for the use of NLP in the video portions and see how using the same words is meant to convey different meanings to different people. The messages in the two analyzed videos are calling all daughters of Babylon back into unity with the universal "mother" church and into the NWO one world religion.

Pastor Doug explains:
Pope Francis and Bishop Tony Palmer say there are no more protestants and that every christian is (really) a catholic. That we must put aside our differences and become one.

FYI: NWO = New World Order; NLP = Neuro-linguistic programming

Pretty much the whole agenda of the Protestant Reformation from the get-go was to try to get born-again believers to unite with the harlot church(RCC).

These leaders like Luther, Calvin, etc may have appeared to be heroes, but they were nonetheless controlled opposition(a lot like you see in politics with "liberal" Democrats vs "conservative" Republicans) playing the thesis to Rome's anti-thesis. Luther also wrote a book called "The Jews and Their Lies", which was embraced by Hitler during Nazi Germany.

Now fast-forward to our present day, and look how Catholic these Protestant and Baptist churches are. I was in a Lutheran church 3 years ago - and it was just dead, dead, and DEAD. The "pastor" didn't even mention the Jesus once. Forum Index -> Bible Prophecy, Dreams, Visions
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