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The Age of Earth: Why it Matters

The Age of Earth: Why it Matters
Jun 14, 2013  I saw this on TV and it is EXCELLENT!
Is the age of the Earth old or young?

We asked this question of Mike Riddle on our television show.
Christians can defend The Faith using Genesis and a literal 6 day Creation.

LIE  -  Science claims earth is millions and millions of years old.

FACT - That comes from a misinterpretation or misunderstanding of the limits of science. Scientists cannot prove the age of the earth.
Science does NOT mean fact. People do not understand that there are different types of sciences.
The scientist cannot prove the age of the earth, because according to Science he would have to have been there to observe it being made.
There is overwhelming scientific evidence that shows the earth is very young.

The real issue is that believers are not starting with the Bible. When I read the Bible beginning with Genesis, it starts off telling us that God created everything in 6 days. God uses the word day there. What God did to make sure we understand they were literal days is that He put a number with each day: first day, second day, etc.
LISTEN to the video.  So MUCH more than the printed article!

Bible prophecy radio, new program weekly
Link to mp3 so you can listen anytime

Very Happy

Dr. Kent Hovind does a great job teaching about creation science and a young earth. He also switched to a post-trib teaching when he searched it out.
His Creation Series is very informative and many can't beat him in the evidence he presents. Forum Index -> CHAPEL
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