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Tecumseh Curse and the U.S. Presidency * Code Talker

Rest in Peace!   Sad
These were heroes of WW2

Navajo Nation mourns passing of Code Talker
October 15, 2009  Willard Varnell Oliver
, a member of the Navajo Code Talkers who confounded the Japanese during World War II
by transmitting messages in their native language, died Wednesday. He was 88.

Lawrence Oliver said his father died at the Northern Arizona Veterans Administration Health Care System Hospital in Prescott, Ariz.
He had been declining health for the past two years.

ARCHIVES: Bush honors original Navajo Code Talkers

Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. ordered flags on the Navajo Nation to be flown at half-staff from Oct. 15-19
in honor of Oliver, who is at least the fifth Code Talker to die since May.

Oliver was part of an elite group of Navajo Marines who confused the Japanese during World War II by transmitting messages in Navajo.

The Code Talkers took part in every assault the Marines conducted in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945. Their work was declassified in 1968.

Oliver, who grew up between Shiprock and Farmington, N.M., served in the South Pacific with the 2nd Marine Division from 1943 to 1945.
He was wounded during the battle of Saipan of 1944.

Oliver's brother, Lloyd Oliver, was also a member of the elite group.
His funeral is scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday in his hometown of Lukachukai.

Several years ago President George W. Bush invited the Navajo Code Talkers to the whitehouse to receive a medal.  GOOD!
I have done an indian webpage years ago, and included them.

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ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


We Owe Indians our LIVES!
On that first Thanksgiving Day our ancestors would have
starved to death, they never would have survived if it had
not been for INDIANS in the new land.

Call them Shawnee, Seminole, Apache, Cherokee, Sioux, Arapahoe or tribes extinct, we owe them our lives. Instead, we have taken theirs.

THE NAVAJO Code Talkers helped us win a war, because
the enemy never broke the code of the Navajo language.
They fought for the honor of the earth, the land.
We need the native Americans.
They have much to teach us.
We should celebrate they are still with us.


Tecumseh's Curse and the U.S. Presidency
Also called the ZERO YEAR CURSE

Preliminary History to Tecumseh's curse

Email Prophecy, Year 2000

I (Diane) live near Lafayette, Indiana, the Tippecanoe Battleground and Prophetstown. The connection between this area & the Presidency fell into place with the events of the election. (Diane has prayed here since 1993, as have other intercessors.) I take this curse on the Presidency seriously, & believe the prayers that have been offered up have weakened it's power, but not completely broken.

THIS WILL RELEASE AMERICA from the spirits of division & poverty that are keeping us from receiving our spiritual inheritance and fulfilling our destiny to spread the Gospel throughout the world.

Barak Hussein Obama the LAST US president
Executive Order (EO) 13603
vision of the 12 houses

In the vision of the 12 houses, the last US President,
the man saw WITCHCRAFT was the cause of the destruction of the USA.

Historical background and prophetic insights

America, Indiana, Ohio and part of Michigan were part of the Northwest Territory.  It was a bloody battleground for Indian, French, British and American forces.  On Nov. 4, 1791, Little Turtle led a united Indian attack against the white man at a  place that is known as Fort Recovery, Ohio, where 75% of the infant U.S. army was destroyed in St. Claire's Defeat. A young Shawnee brave named Tecumseh was at this battle and it no doubt had a significant impact upon him.
He saw the power of tribal unity.

Reprisals against Indians followed, & General Anthony Wayne was sent to establish Fort Recovery at the site of St. Claire's Defeat. There's a stone obelisk that resembles the Washington Monument here.

Wayne's forces, including an officer named William Henry Harrison, engaged, & defeated the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers (S. of Toledo) in 1794. This forced the Indians into signing the Treaty of Greenville at Greenville, Ohio, August 3, 1795.  Tecumseh refused to sign this
treaty & began building the greatest Indian resistance movement in American history. The lines of the treaty at Fort Recovery going east and south from there, to protect Indian lands west of it. The treaty was quickly broken as settlers began moving.

In 1808 Tecumseh and his brother, The Prophet established an Indian settlement along the Wabash River known as Prophetstown, a military and spiritual training ground for over 1,000 warriors.

Tecumseh appeared to have prophetic anointing  but his brother assumed the role of spiritual leader while Tecumseh served as military leader.  The Prophet was a reformed alcoholic who claimed to have had a "resurrection experience" in which the "Master of Life" revealed to him the way to lead others to paradise.  At that time he took the name "Tenskwatawa" which means "The Open Door."

The Prophet advocated a return to traditional ways for the Indians and proclaimed that Whites were children of the Great Serpent, an evil spirit. Anyone who disagreed with him was killed as a witch or traitor. Many converted Christian Indians were killed at the order of the Prophet.  Information about the Prophet suggests that much of his influence came from manipulation and witchcraft.

Tecumseh's Curse and the U.S. Presidency
Also called the ZERO YEAR CURSE

Summer of 1811 Gen. Harrison organized a 1,000 man army & marched to a spot about a mile from Prophetstown hoping to destroy it while Tecumseh was away on a southern recruitment drive. Tecumseh had left his brother in charge with orders not to attack the white men until the confederation was strong & completely unified.

Instead, Prophet incited the Indians with fiery false prophecies. He claimed they would be invisible if they attacked the white men & the bullets would not harm them.  He promised that Harrison would die. (I am seeing amazing parallels between what Diane has written & what I've seen!)

Nov. 7, 1811 the Indian warriors attacked Harrison's soldiers, who decimated the indians, as the Prophet chanted spells and invoked witchcraft from a nearby rock ledge (now known as Prophet's Rock). The Indian casualties were unknown, but their spirit was crushed and Prophetstown was burned to the ground, destroying Tecumseh's hope for a united Indian nation.

Although this battle is not considered significant in most history books, this was the one time in history when the U.S. was vulnerable enough that an Indian confederacy could have succeeded and changed the course of history for the native Indian. If Tecumseh had succeeded the Native American might have had a much different power base for bargaining with the United States.

Tecumseh returned to find Prophetstown destroyed, took the ashes and smeared them on his face and body, swearing the "eternal hatred of an avenger."  In December, 1811, there was a great earthquake in which the Mississippi River literally ran backwards, fulfilling one of Tecumseh's prophecies. Was this God's the course of American history had been changed? Tecumseh joined the British and was killed in Canada in the War of 1812, the Prophet lived out his life on a reservation in Kansas.

This is very powerful, do not underestimate

In 1841 W.H. Harrison became President of the U.S., won with false pride & unjust bloodshed. Harrison died shortly after entering office. His arrogance killed him. The Prophet spoke curses on both Harrison and the Presidency saying that every 20 years the President would die in office. So far it has happened except in 1981. Ronald Reagan was shot but didn't  die. Harrison was the first president to die in office followed by Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, F. Roosevelt and Kennedy. However, it is likely that the real power for this curse came from Tecumseh when he "swore the hatred of an avenger" at the burned site of Prophetstown. Tecumseh had spiritual authority because of his position and calling, to release the curse on a national level. He also had the backing of the blood of his ancestors crying from the ground.

Here is an interesting connection with Florida Hernando DeSoto entered America through Florida and pushed northward as far as Terre Haute, Indiana.  Tecumseh's Woodland ancestors had their first taste of European conquest at the hands of DeSoto who's primary goals were riches and power, for which he and his followers killed and tortured many Indians.

This Make Me Weep!  PRAY!

The curse on the Presidency is a curse on America.
Indians, 'Native Americans' and the Whites were to be
2 arms of the same body. The Native American represented
the prophetic. They knew about the ways of the Spirit.
The Whites represented the Apostolic.
They were sent with the Word.

The Lord wanted the two sticks joined in His hand
to form ONE mighty war club
against the REAL enemy - Satan.

Together they would worship in Spirit and in Truth.
Together they would be an unstoppable force for
evangelizing the world.


When Tecumseh's hopes were dashed, & the curse of blood cried from the ground was released, a spirit of poverty came over this country to rob it of its true spiritual inheritance.  We look like the most prosperous country in the world but the truth is we are Laodicean, poor, naked and blind. Because a curse also holds its sender captive, Indians are among the poorest and the hardest to evangelize. A spirit of division was also released resulting in Civil War and more racial divisions.

A spirit of division upon both Indians & the Church.  Neither can cooperate among themselves for their own good and unity rarely achieved. A spirit of witchcraft entered in, perverting the natural prophetic gifting of the Native American. A spirit of antichrist infiltrated the U.S. government resulting in a desire to dominate and control and brought great destruction.


God's desire is to reverse this & restore America's true spiritual inheritance. His desire is for more than a reconciliation between the Native Americans and the Whites.  His desire is for a marriage, for them to live in Covenant Relationship as two arms of the same body. God's opened several doors of opportunity to lay the groundwork for repentance and reconciliation. Our first major prophetic intercession at the Battleground was on the anniversary of the battleground, Nov. 7, 1995. It was an ELECTION day.

This year election day occurred on Nov. 7 once again.  In July, 1999, I stood with a dear friend and Ojibwa pastor on the site of the last battle between the Indians & the US Army near the headwaters of the Mississippi. We joined our "war clubs" together in the shape of a cross and had a "marriage" ceremony.

We both declared that "your people will be my people."  During our last major prayer trip to the Battleground, a descendant of Harrison and my Ojibwa friend broke their war clubs over the monument on the battleground and embraced in forgiveness and humility under the statue of Harrison.

The foundation is laid, but the Indians walking in the position of Tecumseh, with spiritual authority, and a President with true spiritual authority, standing on the grounds of Prophetstown to finally break the curse.

I saw two Native American men meeting in reconciliation with a U.S. President on the grounds of Prophetstown.  I did not see who the President was. The only thing I felt for sure was that it would be a "surprise". I do believe the Lord has shown me who the 2 Native American men are to be.  Here is where intercession is greatly needed.

Both of these men have served their people in similar ways as the Prophet and Tecumseh did, working toward bringing restoration of their culture and unity to their people.  Neither know Jesus as their Saviour, which they MUST.

The next President of the United States MUST know Jesus.  These 3 men must come together in repentance and forgiveness in order to break the curse over the presidency and this country. Until this meeting occurs at Prophetstown America can not be released into her true spiritual destiny.

Satan does NOT want a Christian President in the White House, or for Indians to rise up in their true positions in Christ.  He knows what will happen when they are all in place. I am asking the body of Christ throughout America to intercede for His chosen Native American leaders to be established in their places. I am asking that you would war against all the forces of darkness that want to keep this country divided and that stand in the way of the salvation of these men.

PRAY that NOTHING will stand between them & a visitation by the Lord.  GOD wants to meet these men as He met Paul on the Road to Damascus. Salvation and righteousness will
spring up together. Pray that this reconciliation meeting will occur - and soon!

Pray!  The battle is for the destiny of this country and all of its nations within the nation.
Thank you for joining me on this battleground.

Prophetic word through Diane Bahler
November 17, 2000

I have put my own notes and witness in my spirit within Diane's word, as you could see.  DO NOT FEAR what you do not understand.  Instead, seek to understand.

Navajo Vets

July 26, 2001
President George W. Bush awarded the

Congress honored 29 Navajo code talkers today for language skills that helped the United States win World War II.  The Navajos were not the only code talkers used by the U.S. military Cherokee, Comanches, Choctaws served in World War I and also used their languages as codes, but only the Navajos are being honored today.

I think the indian 'code talkers' had guards who were to sacrifice their own life to save the Navajo, so valuable were they.

Govt is still stealing indian lands!
July, 2001 updated Sept 2006

2014 NOTES
There are more than one way to kill a man.
It seems the media, the press killed George W. Bush with unjust criticism.
Attacks were relentless.  It appears today as if the entire GOP / Republican party was killed.
For several years now there has been essentially no difference between Demoncrat and GOP goals - forming a new world order - the 666 Beast system of Revelation 13.

In the vision of the 12 houses, the last US President,
the man saw WITCHCRAFT was the cause of the destruction of the USA.

that the Light has come into the world,
and men loved the darkness rather than the Light,
for their deeds were evil.  

GOD so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have
Eternal LIFE. For God did not send his Son into the world
to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

He who believes in Him is not judged;
he who does not believe has been judged already,
because he has not believed in the name of the only
begotten Son of God.  John 3:16-19

The world is mean
Sept. 29, 2014
 In 1948 Arapaho Mark Soldier Wolf was drafted into the Marine Corps. He left the Wyoming Wind River Reservation and was eventually shipped to Korea to serve directly under Gen. Douglas MacArthur.  He returned to his Wyoming farmland in 1952 where his grandmother, an Arapaho war chief, greeted him with a war song.  Today that field is gone, replaced grounds polluted with tailings from a former uranium mill. Soldier Wolf’s log home and his livestock are gone.  Mark is left with bad dreams he calls night terrors. Forum Index -> Misc
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