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Syria, Egypt, bible - notes

I need to file this somewhere, so am filing it here for others to see.
I know Isaiah 17 lurks soon .. God alone knows when.
June 1, 2011  email from cookie

truly it is getting towards things being forefilled, .. keep your eye n
the Middle East Syria ,  Damascus will be a reduced to rubble.  It is a
precursor to a larger Middle East invasion. time marker  ... before Gog
comes on the scene.  Isaiah 17:1-3

Egypt  and the cities of Aroer will be stricken in some way, .. nuclear
strike sounds like, I believe so ! and since 2006 i said it would take
something really big like a hit or hits so big at the same time to
explain the missing of masses of people gone, and then there will be a
count of people, ... and the disappearance of the saints,    
    Micah 7:1- 2
Damascus and Egypt will be wiped out, then the Anti-Christ will arise
to pick up the pieces, ... Ezekiel 38-39 that is when likely the Jews
are on their own
     .   "Good" is the Hebrew word "Chasid" , which elsewhere is
translated "saint"  "The saint is perished out of the earth ."

  Micah seems to describe the disappearance of Gentile Christianity
from the face of the earth as he refers to the harvest in v.1 and the
disappearance of the saints in  v.2
The word "perished"is translation of the Hebrew word "ovad", which means
" to cause to disappear".
    There are 15 Hebrew words translated "perish" in the Bible. Most of
them are pretty bloody. However the word "ovad" simply means to
"disappear". We call it the Rapture.
The Rapture will most likely as i said in 2006 in the mist of a heavy
duty nuclear war happen.. just a matter of time.
And now in study i am reading about Micah,            most like
comfirmation to what i thought 2006.  
   I never studied Micah before, ... our Lord said to seek Him i do
each day and praise Him, in Him i have hope.
All glory to God,  i say without Him i am nothing. Bless you all.


feel free to add notes on this thread


Two-Thirds of Syrian Internet Networks Shut Down, Renesys Says
By Jonathan Browning - Jun 3, 2011 10:57 AM CT

About two-thirds of Syria’s Internet networks became unreachable early this morning, security firm Renesys said on its website today.

Within half an hour, the routes to 40 of 59 networks were withdrawn from the global routing table, Renesys said. The country’s Web traffic depends on domestic operator Syriatel Mobile Telecom SA, the company said.

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