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The Fall of Singapore in 1942
Lamentations of my Grandfather, Henry Gordon Gooch Ashton

By Richard Ashton    (My comments posted like this.)

Feb. 15 is a big day for Singapore.
Its the 70th anniversary of the British surrender to Japanese invaders on Singaporean soil, and the start of a brutal regime.
It is a big deal over here in Australia, and it did not need to have happened.
An Australian Prime Minister blamed the Brits for deserting Australia, and Singapore also felt they had been deserted.

My grandfather inspected the fortifications at Singapore many years before, and reported the defences were inadequate.  
He was told it was none of his business to detail why, even though they sent him to inspect and report.
Then they hid his report.  It is all there in his memoires.
(TRUTH has never been loved by the most.)

He was still alive when Singapore fell
It was known he was the author of the report, so it would be assumed he was incompetant and gave it a clean bill of health.

Grandfather wrote...........

Singapore fell on 15th February 1942  and was a grievous blow to Britain and her allies.  
The shock was great, as it was generally believed the fortress (ie the whole island) was impregnable and there were many heart-burnings over it.
You will see at page 57 of this journal such a thing was anticipated in my report of 1911

Page 57
it was a very full and descriptive one; at the end I reported that as all the mounted guns pointed seaward and could not be turned about,
the port seemed to be completely at the mercy of any land attack from Jahore

This report was, I suppose, as usual pidgeon-holed, but as afterwards proved by the Japanese attack in the 2nd world war - I was correct.
The Admiralty said I had gone beyond my [can't read word] in remarking this, but being on the Far East Defence Committee, I did not feel I was   (rnd)
(RA - that word I could not read may be province)  Another case of 'Yes Minister' I suspect.
Grandfather was a master mariner under sail and as shown in WW1 that he was a competant highly decorated officer on the field of battle.

(It is said Pearl Harbor - Hawaii USA Dec 7, 1941 - was also foreseen and foreknown - but our president then needed that war to pull USA out of a depression.)
I seriously believe that Singapore was so vital to the Japanese stranglehold on the western Pacific, that Pearl Harbor was attacked to prevent US ships sailing to help Singapore.
And I also believe firmly they did not expect either to be done with so little effort.

All round the world the nations kept on appeasing Hitler and Hirohito.
Singapore was defenceless because of the direction Japan attacked from, which my grandfather pointed out 30 years  earlier.

(I believe those he reported to then understood that also.)

The attitude was that Singapore will never be attacked from Malaysia, only from the sea.


The medal on the wrong side was a Royal Humane Society medal of gallantry.
He dove into the icy water from his ship to rescue a man who fell overboard from drowning.
He was a Lieutenant-Commander in the Royal Naval Reserve.  Brits maintained reserves in peace time.
Lieutenant Commander is the same I think as Major

Rare color film

Richard pastor's chat ministries as eagles
Richard Ashton's wife Pat died very suddenly in her sleep September 23, 2011

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Plane lost all engines in flight
May 27, 2015
-  A Singapore Airlines Airbus jet lost power on all of its engines mid-flight.
Flight 836 flying from Singapore to Shanghai lost power mid-flight on both of its engines.
while cruising at 39,000 feet.  The plane descended 13,000 feet before the crew was able to restart the engines, and it landed safely in Shanghai an hour and a half later.

Singapore warehouse explosions, fire
October 12, 2015
-  A large factory blaze at Tanjong Kling Road in Singapore. Witnesses filmed the site erupting in explosions and thick billowing smoke.  Fire engulfed a laboratory.  The SCDF said one person was pronounced dead at the scene, while seven people were taken to hospitals within the city. They are suffering from various injuries ranging from lacerations and burns to smoke inhalation.

How Singapore culls its Muslim population
Mar 30, 2016
 -  In 1965 Singapore had 15% Muslims. Today, nearly 50 years later, Muslims still comprise the same 15%.  How has Singapore been able to do this?

-  Strict non-immigration policy for Muslims
-  Strict legal prohibition of interfaith-marriages between Muslim men and non-Muslim women in Singapore.

In Singapore, no Muslim male is allowed to marry a non-Muslim female, period. No Large Scale Muslim Immigration is Allowed. No asylum seekers. No economic parasites. Except for some individual cases of highly educated professionals, Singapore never allows large scale immigration of Muslims from any Muslim country.

Singapore bank suspends London loans  
June 30, 2016
 -  One of Singapore's largest lenders, UOB, says it has suspended its loan programme for London properties, due to uncertainty caused by the UK's decision to leave the EU.  Singaporeans were the top Asian buyers of UK commercial property in 2015.  UOB has the highest exposure amongst the big 3 banks in Singapore to London property loans. UOB also offers international loans for Australia and Thailand.

Asian banks assess London property risks
June 30, 2016
-  Asian banks look at the political and economic uncertainty in the UK - and some of them don't like what they see.  Singapore UOB is temporarily suspending its loans programme for London properties.

Meanwhile DBS, Singapore's and South East Asia's largest lender, and OCBC have decided to stay in the game for now. They say they're monitoring the situation closely - telling their customers to be aware of the foreign exchange and government policy risks. Forum Index -> World NEWS
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