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Anti-aircraft missiles found in Sinai
August 29,  2010
   Egypt police seize missiles, ammunition bound for Gaza
Egypt police raided several secret weapons depots in Sinai, discovered 190 fully assembled anti-aircraft missiles.
Arsenal including antitank charges intended for Gaza.
They also uncovred an arms cache.
Egyptian forces raided Rafah on its Egyptian side, where additional arsenals with explosives and automatic weapons were uncovered.

In early August, rockets were launched from Sinai towards Eilat and Aqaba.  A Jordanian citizen was killed by one of them.  Palestinian terrorists were blamed.,7340,L-3944978,00.html

The source was not named but I suspect Iran shipping them overland via local Bedouins.

Israel may reoccupy Sinai
July 07, 2011   Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin
Egyptian breakdown raises concern over terror threats.  The Sinai is a lawless land.
Israel may reoccupying the Sinai Peninsula because of the growing prospect of infiltration by Muslim terrorists,
Egypt unwilling to guarantee security and the prospect of a cut-off of natural gas supplies flowing through sabotaged pipeline.

There is a heightened terrorist threat to Israel from the Sinai now.
Since the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in January, Egypt is eager for war with Israel.

Where Moses received the 10 Commandments from GOD
Once belonged to Egypt, then to Israel, now to Egypt in 2012

EGYPT became a terror base in 2011, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas - multiple pages

GAZA and WESTBANK terrorism

Jerry Golden reports from Jerusalem, Israel


#2 canal opens August 2015

ISIS downed Russian plane over Sinai

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More missiles fired at Ashkelon,  Libyans in Gaza

July 11, 2011
Hamas fortifies Egyptian border against Libyan infiltrators
Hamas began building fortifications to block western boundary with Sinai to curtail the smugglers from Libya who are causing mayhem.  (I am laughing)
These infiltrators are being housed in Gaza and provided with food. Hamas blames them for the resurgence of rocket fire into Israel.
HAHAAHAAA!  They are all Islam!  Hamas blaming is nuts!

Hamas encouraged the traffic at first, because the smuggled cars provided a conduit for anti-tank and anti-air missiles.
But then, they when they saw the cars arriving with former Libyan fighters eager to line up with the Army of Islam, they decided to cut their losses and put a stop to it.

Terror in Sinai
Oh come on, I smell a rat - an NWO Beast Plan rat.   Al Qaeda may be CIA so always look at that term suspiciously.

July 30, 2011   NEWS from HELL
150 masked, uniformed (?) al Qaeda gunmen rode into the Sinai capital of El Arish on pickups and motorcycles, shooting with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.
They attacked the police station
Witnesses said they were not locals.

Since the rightful leader, President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown, Hamas, al Qaeda and Bedouin gunmen have been running riot through Sinai, while Egyptian security officers hide in fear - or complicity.
Israeli forces deployed the length of the Egyptian border likewise stood aside while El Arish was occupied and terrorized by al Qaeda.
None of the Egyptian, Israeli or American intelligence agencies monitoring the desert peninsula were prepared.

Sinai turning into terror hotbed
April 6,  2012  
 Israel building a fence. It can't stop missiles but we will find a solution for that.
Israel will strike those who aim to harm her.,2506,L-4212959,00.html

Israelis should leave Sinai
April  21,  2012  Since the fall of Mubarak, Egypt is now the enemy of Israel, and Israel better wake up.
Israelis currently vacationing in Sinai, the Egyptian peninsula warned to return home immediately.
Sinai has become a haven for Muslim terrorists.
Egyptian security forces have 'lost control' of the peninsula since the fall of former president Hosni Mubarak last year.,7340,L-4218826,00.html

Muslim attacks on Egypt - Israel - Sinai
Impossible to pick the bones on this chicken!
August 6, 2012  
Muslim terrorists stormed an Egyptian commando post in Sinai with bombs, grenades and sidearms, killing 16 Egyptian soldiers, wounding more and taking hostages.
Egypt said the gunmen infiltrated Sinai from Gaza through the smuggling tunnels disguised as Sinai Bedouin.
Bedouins are involved in smuggling drugs and weapons.
There is some merit in reading this debka link but dont draw many conclusions.

Egyptian and Israeli accounts of the attacks in which 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed and the Israeli border crashed Sunday night, Aug. 5, don’t match up.
Egypt points the finger at Hamas Gaza, Israel at Sinai Salafits.
DEBKAfile postulates Iran arranged it.
I say no one tells the truth.  I am so sick and tired of Muslim terrorists being called anything else!
Libyan MB Muslim terrorists have been in Sinai a long time, and smuggling weapons to Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Palestinians are trying for a state - again - and these devils DO NOT want peace.  They are born trouble-makers and liars.
Iran, lebanon Hellzballah, Syria, Palestinians, Libyan terrorists are all involved.  The attack on Israel looms.
Impossible to pick the bones on this chicken!

Terror attack 15 minutes from start to finish
On the morning after the attack at the Kerem Shalom border crossing, the IDF swiftly assassinated the terror cell which infiltrated Israel Sunday night.,7340,L-4265104,00.html

Egypt hunts Sinai terrorists, will strike Gaza if needed.
In wake of deadly border attack, Egyptian army surrounds Rafah to prevent suspects from escaping.
IDF says aerial strike on terrorists who infiltrated Israel in armored vehicle prevented major disaster.
Egyptian army units have surrounded Rafah on the Egyptian side of the border with Gaza.,7340,L-4264947,00.html

Wake-up call for Egypt,7340,L-4265000,00.html

IDF strikes terrorist in Gaza

The Israeli Air Force bombed a motorbike in Gaza Sunday, striking a terrorist who had been plotting a terror attack along the Egyptian border for weeks.

IDF foils assault on southern border after terrorists kill 16 Egyptian soldiers
August 5, 2012  GOOD JOB ISRAEL!  WELL DONE!  Smile
A major effort by Gaza-based Palestinian terrorists to infiltrate into Israel was thwarted on the Israel-Egypt-Gaza border on Sunday night.
The gunmen killed at least 16 Egyptian soldiers and commandeered two Egyptian armored vehicles before attempting to cross into Israel; they were stopped by the army and the air force, and several terrorists were killed. The death toll was earlier reported as 15.
The army and the police continued searching the area overnight, and additional troops were deployed, in case any of the terrorists were still on the loose inside Israel.

Terror carefully planned nearly succeeded
August 6, 2012  Terrorists were more than a kilometer inside Israel, speeding toward kibbutz, when Israeli army blew up their vehicle.
Gunmen, who were wearing suicide bomb belts and planned to attack local civilians.
The terrorists drove about a mile into Israel toward Kibbutz Kerem Shalom before the Israeli Air Force was able to get a clear shot and blow up their armored vehicle without risk to civilian traffic on the road.
This was a very carefully planned and complex terror attack.

Sinai war zone
August 8, 2012  
Bedouins attacked checkpoints and killed Egyptians on borders.
Egyptian attack helicopters and fighter jets fired missiles to break up battles between Salafi Bedouin and Egyptians.
It was the first time since 1973 that Egyptian warplanes were deployed in the Sinai skies.
Bedouin fighters have been trained in coordinated terror tactics.
My guess is, trained by Libyan MB Muslim terrorists.
Dont be fooled by different names, groups - its all Islam.  Unfortunately Obama has US troops fighting on the Muslim side.
Israel defined Salafi Bedouin goal to drown the Israeli-Egyptian peace pact in rivers of blood.  That is the goal of all Muslims and Obama.
The goal of this new war appears to be Bedouin against Bedouin, so sparking a vendetta between the tribes of Sinai and the Israel Negev.

Hamas urges Egypt to open Rafah crossing
August 10, 2012  Haniyeh calls on Morsi to open border crossing closed since Sinai attack, claims Gaza is stable.  haha
Ismail Haniyeh pledged his support for Egypt's investigations of the attack.
Rafah crossing is a lifeline for Gaza to bring in drugs and weapons to attack Israel.
Egypt suggested initially that Palestinian gunmen were involved.
Of course Hamas claims Palestinians took no part in the Sinai massacre, but they are known liars.,2506,L-4266854,00.html

Egypt to Hamas: Hand over 3 in connection to Sinai attack
Cairo says one of the attackers bodies was identified as a member of the Gaza-based group.

Egyptias thirst for Jewish blood

August 11, 2012  
 Believe NO BORG news sources.  I edit to be a little more clear.
Egypt military in Sinai is a violation of the 30 year old Egypt-Israel peace treaty.
Morsi's anti-terror ploy to root out pro-US influence in Cairo, cut Israel from Sinai.

Israel foolishly allowed Egypt to deploy fighter planes and armored troop carriers in Sinai, which was ruled a demilitarized buffer zone under their 1979 peace treaty.
Egypt President Mohamed Morsi was to go in on a counter-terror offensive against lawless Muslim bands.
But soon Israel realized their error.  They should be worried about what the Muslim Brotherhood president is really up to.

Morsi sacked key military officials who are pro-western, and replaced with Muslim Brotherhood, the worst of the worst.
I knew Egypt had no intention to clean up the terrorist networks in Sinai.
They are Hamas lifeblood, and Hamas is also MB.

Israel allowed Egyptian assault helicopters to Sinai, stupidly trusting Obama.
I just cant believe Israel would be THAT DUMB!  There is a missing piece, or Bibi is also a NWO puppet.
Too much of the debka reports try to be politicly correct interspersed with pieces of partial truth.

Israel gives Egypt green light to deploy attack helicopters in Sinai
August 10, 2012  For more than 30 years, Egyptian soldiers with heavy weapons
were virtually banned from much of Sinai to create a buffer between the longtime enemies. Now, Israel has green-lighted the surge in hopes militants on its doorstep will be defeated.

Morsi amend peace treaty with Israel
August 13, 2012  Egypt president may move to extend full sovereignty over Sinai in wake of attack on border police.
To understand HOW VERY BAD this is, imagine someone who wants to KILL YOU moving into the house next door to you.
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is considering amending the Camp David Accords to expand Egypt’s control over the Sinai, Egyptian media reported Monday

Morsi seeks to give Egypt full sovereignty and control of the entire Sinai peninsula.
Ehud Barak approved Egypt's initial use of air power in the Sinai, for the first time since the 1973 war.
Israel foolishly approved.
Morsi is an Islamist from the hard-line Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt considering violating peace treaty with Israel
Islamist president sending troops, tanks to border region

August 15, 2012  Egypt’s Islamist President Mohammed Morsi is studying the possibility of keeping tanks in the Sinai Peninsula on a permanent basis, according to a senior Egyptian military official.
The military buildup would violate a key provision of peace accords signed with Israel in 1979 that calls for the total demilitarization of the peninsula.

Over the last two weeks, there have been reports of Egypt sending in light tanks, armored vehicles and attack helicopters in the Sinai purportedly to fight Islamic groups blamed for a spate of attacks and attempted attacks against both Israel and Egyptian police.

The Jewish state has kept largely quiet about the Egyptian military deployments, choosing instead to let Cairo’s military attempt to root out the jihadists that have taken up positions throughout the Sinai.
The Egyptian military leadership has long been considered a quiet ally of Israel’s own defense establishment.

However, Morsi’s most recent unilateral sacking of the Egyptian military brass has now sent alarm bells ringing across Israel. The move signals the centralization of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood coalition and his presidency’s dominance over the military, which has long been seen as an independent force.

Muslim Brotherhood leaders over the years have called for Egypt to abandon the peace treaty signed with Israel. The treaty was the basis for the opening of billions of dollars in U.S. aid that built the Egyptian military into one of the strongest forces in the Middle East today, perhaps second only to Israel.
Asked about calls to amend or cancel the peace accords, Morsi’s spokesman, Yasser Ali, told reporters, “The state respects international accords but at the same time serves the interest of the nation and Egyptian citizens.”

Egypt bargains /bribes for US aid
August 20, 2012  al Qaeda is CIA and they are in the Sinai.

There is so much disinformation is ALL Borg news articles!
Israel put Iron Dome anti-missile battery in Eilat Sunday, Aug. 19, 5 days after missiles fired on them.
Egypt sent tanks into the peninsula, violating the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.
Israel asked them withdrawn.
Egypt is waiting for Barack Hussein Obama to send them money.
They demand half a billion dollars from the United States and a US guarantee for an International Monetary Fund loan of $4.6 billion.

Israel Asks Egypt to Remove Tanks From Sinai
August 21, 2012   Israel is troubled by the entry of Egyptian tanks into the northern Sinai Peninsula without coordination with Israel, a violation of the terms of the 33-year-old peace treaty between the two countries, and has asked Egypt to withdraw them.

Israel, Egypt reach understandings on Sinai
August 24, 2012   Headlines I DO NOT believe.
Egypt affirms commitment to Israel peace treaty
Egypt stressed Cairo commitment to the 1979 peace treaty in a telephone call with Israel.
The talk was held amid Israeli concerns over Egypt sending fighter jets and tanks in Sinai.
Egypt reassured Israel about the Sinai operation and confirmed that Cairo and Jerusalem had reached understandings on the matter.,7340,L-4272499,00.html

Egyptian Cleric: People Thirst for Jews' Blood
The sermons by cleric Sallah Sultan, who founded the Ohio-based American Center for Islamic Research, were aired on July 27 and August 3. "I travel all over the world," he says, "and I met supporters of Al-Aqsa, of the prisoners, of Jerusalem, and of Palestine – people who thirst for the blood of the Jews, and who are eager for the promised war against the sons of Zion, until Palestine is liberated in its entirety." Sultan goes on to say that "Under the previous [Egyptian] regime over 30,000 Zionists entered Egypt every month, defiling its land. The Egyptian police were forced to protect them, while they were getting drunk and picking fights." "There was a great scandal, when [alleged Israeli spy] Misrati and some Jews entered Egypt, in order to commit all kinds of crimes here: counterfeit dollars, taking photographs of military bases, girls with AIDS seducing young Egyptians in order to infect them, and the vilest act of all.

Terrorists Storm International Peacekeeping Base in Sinai
September 15, 2012
 4 peacekeepers hurt when scores of Muslims stormed the Multinational Force camp in northern Sinai with grenades, mortars and automatic guns Sept. 14.
The casualties were transferred to the Israeli hospital in Beersheba.
The terrorists faced heavy resistance before torching the facility and hoisting the black jihad flag.
1,500 troops from the United States and other countries have been posted in Sinai to monitor the (NOW DEAD) 1979 peace accords between Egypt and Israel.,2506,L-4281634,00.html

Nov. 01, 2012
 Israel Today tends to have the most accurate reporting
The Muslim Brotherhood seized power in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia following the Arab Spring, and plan to do the same in Syria and Jordan.
They are the Muslim Brotherhood, the world's most influential modern Islamist organization.
What threats do they pose to Israel and Europe?

The MB was founded in Egypt in 1928 and turned into a powerful political tool, promoting the establishment of states based on Sharia Law.
Muslim Brotherhood has established branches in nearly every Arab and Muslim country, and the west.  
In Egypt and some other Arab states, the Brotherhood was viewed as a threat, so they set up in France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK etc.
In U.S.A. its called CAIR.
MB organized and grew.
MB networks span Europe and North America to become the most powerful Muslim organization.
They are funded from Gulf states like Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
Osama bin Laden was Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi, and called al qaeda.  al qaeda never existed.

EGYPT Sinai Harbors Terrorists
November 3, 2012  
Pay NO attention to what Muslim terror groups call themselves, its all Islam.
The Sinai peninsula is increasingly lawless. Israeli security is critically threatened.
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood demanded that Egypt regain control of security in Sinai.
Islam, al-Qaida, MB - all the SAME entity.
Its laughable to see the news break Islam down to group names.
The increased jihadi activity in Sinai is no threat to Egypt, its supported by Egypt!

President Mohammad Morsi INTENDS to amend the Camp David peace accords with Israel, probably cancel it.
Morsi is MB who are sworn to destroy Israel.
Is this the Daniel 9:27 treaty?  (He will confirm a covenant / treaty)  I dont know.

U.S. weapons are smuggled thru Libya from Sudan to jihadi groups In Sinai and Syria.
This is what the Bengazi Libya US ambassador Stevens was doing - gun running.

Mohamed Zawahiri reawakens Egyptian Islamic Jihad, said he will help mediate an end to the conflict between jihadists and the Egyptian military in the Sinai Peninsula.
Again, this is laughable!  He was released from jail when Morsi took Egypt presidency.
Tell news guys we make peace!  Yes yes!  Tell them this - they believe anyting!
The goal of both is to implement EVIL Islamic Sharia law.  This is happening in Gaza too.

Egyptian military forces entered the Sinai October 29th.  They are NOT going after their Muslim brothers!
As the Sinai connects Egypt to both Israel and the Gaza Strip, its location is of strategic value for terrorist attacks against Israel.
A major natural gas pipeline running through the Sinai has been bombed several times.

REMEMBER - the MB plans to overrun JORDAN too.
Turkish PM Erdogan plans to visit Gaza.  This is BAD.  The Holy Bible speaks of all nations coming against Israel.
Turkey turned against Israel a couple years ago.  They became a mideast bully, leader of jihads.

Israel has no top-level contact with Morsi government
Muslim Brotherhood rise in Egypt upset bilateral relations with Israel and resulted in an effective downgrade.
Morsi cant even utter the word Israel.

Egypt's Morsi pardons all political prisoners Oct 8


Sinai, Egypt, Turkey, Russia and (cough) truce
Nov. 18, 2012  
 Israel launches fresh, major air-sea attack on Gaza after Hamas spurns ceasefire.
Egypt and Turkey mediate and Gaza.  Thats a joke.
Day 5 of IDF Gaza operation after daylong bargaining Saturday among Washington, Jerusalem, Cairo and Gaza failed to produce an Israel-Hamas truce.
WHY does Israel bother with any 'truce' with Muslims, the Muslims dont keep them.  Israel cant be that dumb!

Egypt and Turkey 'ceasefire' only pushed Hamas unacceptable terms.
Egypt smuggled Hamas terror chief Haniyeh out of Gaza and over to Sinai.
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi decided that Haniyeh must be continuously available by phone to lead the Hamas side in the ceasefire negotiations.
This was not possible so long as the Hamas prime minister remained in Gaza.
All of Hamas leaders are hiding for fear of targeted assassination by Israel.
They have switched off their phones and electronic communications to avoid giving away their locations to Israeli surveillance.
Haniyeh was even afraid to communicate with Cairo through the Egyptian military mission in Gaza.
Moving Haniyeh to Sinai put a Hamas negotiator in place to lead a truce.

Turkey is a Hamas terror base since Obama began war in Syria.
Israel insists that a ceasefire be signed between the US, Egypt, Turkey and Israel, and exclude Hamas, which would be bound by a separate agreement with Cairo.
Israel wants the United States to act as guarantor for a ceasefire. Erdogan has invited Russian President Putin.
Hamas has rejected all of Israel's terms.  Surprise, surprise.

Israeli objectives - eliminating Hamas war arsenals and restoring peace to the population of Israel.
The ground operation will not go forward so long as there is a chance of a ceasefire unless there is escalation from Hamas or a strike that caused significant casualties.

ARAB SPRING * The Battle for Jerusalem
Perhaps now Israel will re-occupy Sinai

US pledged troops for Sinai next week
Nov. 24, 2012  

Israeli PM Netanyahu agreed to a ceasefire for halting the Israeli Gaza operation after Barack Obama pledged to deploy US troops in the Egyptian Sinai next week.
The Gaza Op main goal was a total stoppage of the flow of Iranian arms and missiles to Gaza smuggled in from Sudan and Libya through southern Egypt and Sinai.
(If Obama puts U.S. Muslim troops in Sinai, they will be as blind as the U.N. peace keepers.  Again I say Israel made a deal with the devil - Obama.)

Obama will accelerate the construction of an electronic security fences along the Suez Canal and northern Sinai and Philadelphi route through which arms are smuggled into Gaza.
US security will need to be deployed in Egyptian Sinai to man this.
Tis will take months, meanwhile, the Palestinians have plenty of time to replenish their weapons stocks.

So Obama assured Netanyahu that US troops would be in place in Sinai next week, after he obtained Egypt President Morsi's consent.
The first US special forces are due to land at Sharm el Sheikh airfield in Sinai in the next 48 hours and go into action against the arms smugglers without delay.
Iran has no direct control of weaponry from their port til they reach Gaza.

Netanyahu is impressed by the change in Obama reelection.  (Dont believe it.)
By opening Sinai to American troops 'for Israel defense' insures Israel against Cairo failing to honor the peace treaty Egypt signed with Israel in 1979.  (Wanna bet?)

This means that the blockade on Gaza has been extended to the Sinai Peninsula. (Supposedly.  I'll believe it if I see it.)
Iran shiploads of arms due in Sinai any hour.

When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near.
Luke 21:20

I want to know HOW MANY U.S. troops.  Will it be enough?  Highly unlikely.
My guess is they will stop a few but turn a blind eye to most.

Iran moves to rearm Hamas
Nov. 25, 2012  
Here is the report on the Iran shipload of missiles for Gaza I've been waiting for.
I already knew this much.  Neither link says where this ship is NOW.

Tehran shipping Fajr-5 rockets through Sudan to Gaza.
Israeli satellites have spied rockets etc being loaded, believed destined for Gaza.

The shipment includes Iranian-made Fajr-5 missiles
A Khartoum Sudan weapons plant acted as a transit point for weapons shipments to Gaza.
Sudan is supported by Iran and used as a route to transfer weapons to Hamas terrorists in Gaza via Egypt.
Longer-range missiles in Sudan could be aimed at Israel.
Iran intends to re-arm Hamas quickly.
(Now it will be a test of Obama to see if U.S. troops in Sinai stop this.  I have my doubts.)
Even while ceasefire was being negotiated, missiles for Gaza were being loaded onto Iran cargo ship.
Israel says they will attack and destroy any shipment of arms for Hamas.,7340,L-4311159,00.html

Iran missile experts in Gaza
ISRAEL FAILED in their Gaza op!
November 26, 2012  
DEBKAfile Exclusive
3 days after the Gaza ceasefire halted Israel's 8 day operation to stop the latest Palestinian missile blitz,
3 Iranian missile engineers got into Gaza, and more are on their way from their base in Lebanon.
Bedouins led them through secret smuggling trails in Sinai undetected.

They entered Gaza through one of the tunnels Israel had blasted 72 hours before the ceasefire.
The Iranians came to assess the performance of their missiles vs Israeli missile defenses.
They found out 14 missiles will overwhelm Israeli defense.
Israel will do all it can to prevent Iran from re-arming Hamas after its losses in Gaza operation.

Israel will fire on any arms Gaza

American-made missiles from Libya headed for Gaza  
January 4, 2013
Anti-tank, anti-aircraft and other rockets discovered south of el-Arish in Sinai
Egyptian security forces say they discovered a store of American-made missiles headed for the Gaza Strip.
The missiles were discovered in the northern Sinai peninsula.
Some in Israel believe Israel should re-take Sinai.
The missiles were about to be taken by truck to the smuggling tunnels at the border with Gaza.

Libya Egypt Terror in Sinai
January 8, 2013
-  My analysis from article details
Jihadist terror is rampant in Sinai, a threat to Israel.  I have watched to see if Obama sent the promised US troops to Sinai, and even inquired of an Israeli source.  Nothing.
FINALLY this report indicates Obama never sent the US troops to Sinai, promised to Israel.  So much for the word of that lying basturd.
* On Nov. 21, Barak Obama pledged the immediate deployment of US troops in Sinai as part of the ceasefire deal which ended Israel's Gaza operation

The United States has still not taken steps against the Egyptian or Libyan Ansar al-Sharia terrorists which assassinated Chris Stevens and 3 US staffers on Sept. 11. 2012.
This cross-alliance still functions with impunity over Benghazi and eastern Libya, funded by the smuggling of arms to Gaza (and Syria) via Sinai - Egypt.
Sinai security is deteriorating as Egypt struggles to retain some grip on the territory.

O PLEASE!  Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is the head terrorist!  Enough of this pretense!
Egypt and Hamas are both Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Sunni terrorists with the goal to wipe out Israel.
Hamas is in cahoots with terrorists in Libya and Sinai and Egypt is part of it, NOT against it.

Delayed American action in Sinai has produced 3 results:
1.  The Sinai arms smuggling route (which also serves Iran) is thriving as never before.
2.  Sinai has evolved into an operational hub for Africa and the Middle East
3.  In the absence of any resistance, Muslim terrorists are close to the Israeli border.

al Qaeda does not exist.
al Qaeda is Muslim Brotherhood, both Sunni jihad Muslim.
You can read some interesting details on this link but they dont give the true picture.  Debka wordings are too cautious.
Everyone seems afraid of calling Obama-Morsi the terrorists they are.

* ARAB SPRING * The Battle for Jerusalem


Sinai sewage
Apr 6, 2013
 As sewage levels increase along the Sinai coast line, Egypt blames Israel as usual.
Sewage flowing into the Mediterranean in Haifa.
Egypt accused Israel of causing pollution levels to rise on Sinai coastline.
They claim that since Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip, Israel has removed major water pumps, which has allowed sewage to reach Sinai.
If the Palestinians cannot be responsible for the services in their imaginary *state* they dont deserve a state!
WHY should Israel fund terrorists who kill them?

Missiles from Sinai close Eilat airfield
Apr 17, 2013
Eilat airfield was closed for a couple of hours after 5 Grad missiles were launched from Sinai. 3 exploded in Israeli town, 2 more near Aqaba, Jordan.
Missiles took the IDF by surprise.
Iron Dome did not function
Muslims are preparing multiple attacks simultaneously from Sinai and Gaza.
Israel holds Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood terrorists) responsible.
Egypt is MB also and fully plans war on Israel.


Egypt Sinai operation, seals Gaza border
May 19, 2013
I doubt these stories and consider them an excuse to put war stuff in Sinai.
Sinai Muslims have used the Sinai to carry out attacks across the border into Israel.

Egypt Sinai op miitary buildup is very bad, especially when Assad, Hellzballah and Palestinian terrorists in both Syria and Israel are openly preparing war on Israel.
Egypt does fool me using excuses for this, but sadly often seemingly fools Israel.
Egypt claims men were nabbed at gunpoint near Rafah Gaza border, northern Sinai.
Morsi ordered a military operation to free them.

This is the largest militarization in the peninsula since August 2012.
The peninsula was largely unpoliced until 2012 as part of Israeli peace accord with Egypt.
Some in Israel want Israel to re-occupy Sinai.

Egypt shut the border crossing into Gaza, claimed Sinai is under control of the jihadists.
I suspect Egypt knows Hamas are the culprits and will smoke them out.

Egypt impounds Hamas missiles
May 27, 2013
Hamas and Egypt both MB jihadists, both want Israel destroyed.  What is the point of this news item?  Just for show perhaps.
Egypt impounds SA-18 rockets for new Hamas anti-air unit.
Egyptian police seized large consignments of weapons destined for the Gaza Strip as part of their campaign to halt the flow of contraband Libyan weapons to Palestinian terrorists.
The shipments included advanced SA-18 IGLA bound for the new Hamas anti-air unit, as well as improved Qassam rockets and 100 military vehicles.
They were seized in Egyptian raids in Sinai and the Western Desert on the Libyan border.

400 US soldiers may deploy in Sinai
The Obama idea of peace is for Israel NOT to defend her citizens.

400 US soldiers have finished training in Texas for their peacekeeping mission in Sinai.
Their mission is to man posts and security checkpoints in the Sinai Peninsula in support of the Egyptian army,
in accordance with the agreements for ending Israeli 2012 Defense Cloud Operation.
Their departure date has not yet been set.

Missile shot at Suez Canal from Sinai by Muslim terrorist.
June 26, 2013
The missile exploded near the eastern bank of the Suez Canal.
It was the first rocket attack on the canal.
Egypt claims it was to warn the Egyptian army not to intervene in the Tamarod (uprising) June 30 to oust the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist regime.
I doubt this claim.

Sinai police chief murdered in Sinai
June 29, 2013
 Armed men ambushed Sinai police inspector Brig. Gen. Mohamed Hani and shot him dead as he was leaving home in El Arish in his car.  He was the highest ranking Egyptian offier killed by armed Sunni Salafist Bedouin in Sinai.
This showed their support of the uprising across Egypt against Morsi.
Thats odd, both Morsi and Salafist are Sunni Islam terrorists.

Egyptian army posts 30 tanks on Sinai-Gaza border
July 1, 2013
 Russian and Turkish sources report that the Egyptian army has posted 30 tanks on the Sinai border with the
Gaza Strip to seal the Palestinian territory against the spillover of the disturbances sweeping Egypt.

Sinai Could Become a Nest of Terror
July 4, 2013
 With the Muslim Brotherhood dethroned in Egypt, Israel concerned they may camp in Sinai to assist Hamas to carry out terror attacks in Israel.
Sinai has become a haunt of thieves, terrorists, drug smugglers for several years.
MB will not take Morsi removal lying down, and there is the very real threat of civil war, with Brotherhood forces likely to take positions in Sinai, where they already have many allies among the Bedouin. Gaza could also supply a large number of fighters in case of need.

In retrospect, it appears that the Egyptian Army deploying tanks around the Gaza-Sinai border came in anticipation that Hamas terrorists would try to get over the border and reinforce Morsi supporters. But if order breaks down in Cairo, Alexandria, and other cities, those tanks will be needed to restore calm, in which case MB could get help from Gaza for attacks on Israel.

Heavy clashes in Sinai
July 5, 2013  Terrorists attack Sinai Airport, military checkpoints

Muslim terrorists opened fire on the El Arish airport and 3 military checkpoints.
Attackers fired rocket-propelled grenades (Holy Bengazi Batman!) at the army checkpoints outside the airport, close to the borders with Gaza and Israel.

Army arrests Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader near Libya border
Furious Brotherhood says it will not work with new leadership, calls for Friday of Rage
Sinai, gunmen attack military checkpoints, police station, el-Arish airport.
Clashes between the Egyptian army and Sunni Muslim terrorists Friday on the Gaza-Egypt border.
Military Apache helicopters hovered over northern Sinai, Egypt closed the Rafah border crossing.

Terrorists targeted 2 military checkpoints, a police station and el-Arish airport, where military aircraft are stationed.
Clashes were ongoing Friday afternoon.
Rafah police station came under rocket fire.

Rafah Crossing Closed due to Sinai Tension
The Rafah Crossing between Gaza and Egypt was closed Friday morning.

DEBKA July 5 - Multiple Islamist attacks in Sinai. Sunni Salafist terrorists struck Egyptian security forces in Sinai early Friday. At least one Egyptian soldier was killed and several injured. The assailants fired rocket-propelled grenades at army checkpoints guarding El Arish airport near the Gaza Strip and Israeli border. Another attack targeted a police station in Rafah south of Gaza, close to the local headquarters of Egyptian military intelligence. The Egyptian army has imposed a blackout. The incident is believed to have been more extensive than reported with substantial casualties.

Egypt shuts crossing July 5, 2013  
Egypt shuts Rafah crossing into Gaza after overnight Sinai attacks.
One Egyptian soldier dead, two injured after strike on police, army stations in Rafah and el-Arish.
200 Palestinians were turned back to Gaza.
Terrorist threw hand grenades at a security checkpoint.
Explosions reported in Eilat. Israel Thursday evening.

Saudis aided Egypt coup
Saudis, Gulf emirates actively aided Egypt military coup.
The Egyptian military could not have managed their clockwork coup without the aid of Saudi Arabia and Dubai.
Saudis and UAE backed Egypt generals after they failed to hold the tide back in Libya, Egypt and thus far Syria.
Saudi King Abdullah had his revenge for the toppling of his friend Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, for which he has never forgiven Obama.

The Saudis, UAE and other Gulf nations, such as Bahrain and Kuwait, would financially help keep the Egyptian economy running, so Egyptians
would see that in a properly managed economy, they could be guaranteed a minimal standard of living and need not go hungry as many did under Muslim Brotherhood rule.

Evil Qatar funded the Evil Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama did NOT cut off aid to Egypt.
US diplomats and their families ordered to leave Cairo at once.

For Israel
The removal of Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt has far-reaching ramifications for Israel. In the immediate term, it gives Israel some security relief.

Laughing   Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot which rules Gaza, has suffered a setback with the loss of its MB parents. Laughing

My analysis
Saudi Arabia put Barak Obama in power in the US whitehouse.  This is very interesting.  Was Morsi just too hot for Obama to handle?
Obama-Morsi attack on Bengazi and all the scandals.  Those 2 just too cozy, had to dump Morsi.
I do remember Saudi anger at Obama for not supporting Mubarak.

EGYPT NEWS updates


Gaza, Judea-Samaria (westbank)

Arab Spring, round 2 July 2013
I still say this is the Battle for Jerusalem


Sinai Jihadists Fired Rockets on Eilat
July 6, 2013
A Sinai jihad terror group fired Grad missiles toward the Red Sea resort city of Eilat Thursday.
They operate in the Sinai and Gaza.  Thus far, no debris of rockets has been found.

Everyone is putting on an act publicly, believe nothing.
Obama frowns on Egyptian army alignment with Gulf regimes, crackdown on MB.
Obama totally favored his Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.
Gen. El-Sisi appears to dismiss Obama.  GOOD!

Egypt plans a crackdown on the Sinai al Qaeda Sunni Salafist terrorists.  Morsi-Obama deliberately
turned a blind eye the massive flow of weapons smuggled in from Libya into Sinai and Gaza.
The Brotherhood set up an armed Center of Revolt for resistance against any takeover of rule in Cairo.
The generals must stop the MB before they spread out of control tothe Suez Canal and intl ship traffic.
Will these generals forbid Iran ships as Mubarak did?

The MB killed a Coptic priest and Salafists blew up the Sinai gas pipeline to Jordan.
To succeed, the Egyptian army must destroy the weapons caches the Muslim Brotherhood hoarded
in Sinai.  Obama was sending many of those US weapons thru Libya to MB.
Everyone is putting on an act publicly, believe nothing.
Folks, the Ezekiel 38 war and pre-war are shaping up before our eyes!

Sinai  Coptic priest murdered by MB terrorists
July 7, 2013  Mina Aboud Sharween
, the Coptic priest, was attacked by Salafists in El Arish Sinai after the MB declared Sinai its center of revolt.

Another Sinai MB Attack, Al Qaeda flags in Sinai
July 11, 2013
Israeli green light for big Egyptian Sinai offensive, after Islamists fail to assassinate Egyptian general
Israel approved a major Egyptian offensive in Sinai.
Maj.-Gen. Wasfi arrived in Sinai July 8 to set up headquarters in El Arish.
Around 30 Muslim MB terrorists (MB, Hamas, Salafist, Al Qaeda) laid in ambush for his convoy. As the cars drove past, they came under attack.

Then a minivan drove the length of the convoy shooting machine guns with armor-piercing bullets, trapping the Egyptian army and gunning down those who tried to escape.
Egypt and Israel concerned the terrorists had prior knowledge of the timing and route taken by Gen. Wasfi convoy in Sinai.
O please!  You need not look any further than ElBaradei!

With Israeli consent (in line with the 1979 peace treaty), the Egyptian army withdrew forces from Suez Canal towns and deployed them in Sinai.
Israeli Defense Forces are on high alert, heavily deployed along the Sinai and Gaza border fences and in Eilat.

Hamas abetted the MB riots - Hamas is the child of the MB.
Salafists flew black al Qaeda flags on their vehicles.

Egyptian troops have been blocking the smuggling tunnels between Sinai and the Gaza Strip.
But now, they are concerned to cut down the traffic of terrorists moving in the opposite direction to the Sinai.
150 Hamas were seen heading into Sinai via the tunnels.
Hamas hopes to salvage something from its debacle in Cairo. Maybe an attack on Israel.

Another Sinai MB Attack
Al Qaeda flags in Sinai
July 11, 2013   Wednesday

MB terrorists in Sinai attempted to assassinate the commander of the Egyptian Army, General Ahmed Wasfy.
His car came under heavy fire in El Arish Sinai.
The army arrested one, but the other escaped.
Wasfy was not injured.

Attack on Egyptian police station in Sinai
MB Muslim terrorists
raid security post near Gaza border, 2 dead, 6 wounded.
They attacked a police station in Egypt Sinai Wednesday morning.
The attackers fired machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and firearms at the building.
Other simultaneous attacks at nearby security checkpoints.
The attack outside Rafah was the latest in a series of strikes.

Cairo seeking Israeli okay to widen Sinai offensive by Egyptian army

Cool   Gaza smuggling at a near-standstill
July 11, 2013
 Israeli and Egyptian officials say Egyptian army activity has curtailed the transfer of weapons and goods via tunnels into the strip
After years of intense smuggling activity, transfer of goods and weapons through the tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip has ceased in the last 10 days.
The tunnels have been used in recent years as a major commercial artery between Gaza and the Sinai.
During the last two months, 250-300 tunnels between Gazan Rafiah and Egyptian Rafiah were active.
The tunnels were an important source of income for the Hamas government, which levied a tax on all goods entering Gaza.

July 13, 2013  Sinai terrorists kill Egyptian police officer, 2nd in critical condition after Sunni MB attack on Sinai checkpoint south of el-Arish.

Egyptian army launches operation to cleanse Sinai of terrorists
The Egyptian military has launched an offensive against Islamic militants in Sinai after gunmen try to assassinate Gen. Ahmed Wasfy on Wednesday


Israel-Egypt team up, Obama unhappy
July 14, 2013
 The coup in Egypt July 3, 2013 has undone what Obama has worked hard for 5 years to do!
US marines deployed off Suez, Sinai - WHY?  To help terrorists and attack Israel?
That damned Barak Obama is sooooooooo on the WRONG side - again.

Obama disapproval of Israel and Egypt taking matters in their own hands in the last two weeks.
Obama accused Israel of independent military action against Syria, and Egyptian army of persecuting the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a vicious revenge, Obama Pentagon named Israel as responsible for the explosions at the Syrian weapons depot at Latakia on July 5.
This risked prodding Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syria into retaliating against Israel.
Obama also wants to embarrass Putin for sheltering Snowden.

Obama put 2 assault ships carrying 2,600 Marines at the southern Egyptian Red Sea coast to threaten Egypt.
Obama tells Egypt that if they took their persecution of the Muslim Brotherhood too far, American Marines stood ready to step in.
That damned Barak Obama is sooooooooo on the WRONG side - again.

DEBKA July 14 - Israel and Egypt Team up against Sinai Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.  I figured they would team up, its in both their interests.
Deliberate Egyptian Apache Gaza over-flight to warn Palestinian son of MB Hamas that they too were targeted.

Sinai War - Egyptian bus blast in Sinai
July 15, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood terrorists blew up an Egyptian army busload of workmen in Sinai using rocket-propelled grenades.
The attack came near the Israeli and Gaza borders.

Many casualties in the war between the Egyptian army and the MB (Muslim Brotherhood) terrorists.
Salafists, Palestinian Hamas and Jihad Islami are all MB / Al Qaeda (CIA).

July 15 rocket-propelled grenades blew up a bus carrying workmen to the Multinational Force (MF) based at Al Gora near El Arish in North Sinai.
At least 3 killed.
More killed in a gunfight nearby. The Salafists were trying to plant explosives along the road. Many of them died when gunshots detonated the explosives they were holding.
(work accident, insert laughter here.)

Egyptian troops confront MB violence at 4 flashpoints in Sinai, 2 near the Israeli border.
One is Rafah south of the Gaza Strip
The MB, Palestinian Hamas and Libyans plan a violent uprising against the Egyptian army in Sinai.
Egypt intercepted arms convoys crossing from Libya into Egypt on their way to the Gaza Strip.

The IDF bolstered military units in the area.
80% of all tunnels have been demolished.

El Arish has become the most dangerous of all 4 flashpoints.
The Egyptian force is constantly assaulted.
Fighting is raging along the Egyptian-Israeli border opposite Ovda Israeli southern air base.


Loud explosions in northern Sinai
July 17, 2013
DEBKAfile - Salafist gunmen carried out a series of multiple attacks Tuesday night on Egyptian military facilities in the El Arish,
Sheikh Zweid areas of northern Sinai. After midnight, they launched a major assault on the main Egyptian base in Rafah on the Gaza border.

Gaza sealed for Sinai offensive
July 19, 2013
The Egyptian army launched a major offensive dubbed Fattah 2 (Conquest 2) against the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist coalition of Salafists, Hamas and Jihad Islami groups terrorizing Sinai.
Egypt (NOT ISRAEL) sealed off the exit from the Gaza Strip through Rafah, and warned Hamas that the crossing will remain closed until the campaign ends.
Blame ONLY MB and Hamas for this.

Israel on alert
2,600 US Marines in the Red Sea on alert
Obama has threatened the Egypt army, will he act or not?

The situation in Sinai is rapidly getting worse
Hundreds of Muslim terrorists have joined forces to block key roads, choking off the movement of goods between Egypt and Israel
and placed 1,000 troops, including some American officers, under siege.  
Any vehicle driving in or out of Al Gora comes under anti-tank rocket fire.
The MB terrorists are now attacking Egyptian military 30 times a day.
July 18 they shot up a police station near El Arish, killing an Egyptian officer and injuring five soldiers.

The Egyptian army is sending a steady flow of reinforcements including tanks and Apache helicopter gun ships to the area, with Israels consent.
The Egyptian army has been retreating, leaving the terrorists in full control.
MB terrorists likely to attack the Suez Canal and the main cities of Egypt - and Israel.

Explosions heard in Eilat from fighting in northern Sinai
July 27, 2013
Eilat woke up to the sound of explosions. Israel and Egypt have both imposed a strict blackout on the fighting which broke out Friday night in northern Sinai when armed Salafists attacked three Egyptian military facilities at Rafah and Sheikh Zweid. The Egyptian army deployed Apache gun ships against the assailants after three armored vehicles were attacked. Some sources report three fatalities in the battle; other say the casualty toll is much higher.

Egypt Explosion near Suez Canal
July 30, 2013
 News is breaking
Egypt investigating an explosion near the Suez Canal.
Suez Canal Authority said shipping operating as normal.
Witnesses heard an explosion around dawn near a residential area about one kilometer from the canal.

Palestinians prepare for Eid al-Fitr
Aug 9, 2013
 Palestinian Muslims participate in celebrations to mark Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, which continue til Sunday.
Egypt closed the Rafah border with the Gaza Strip for the end of Ramadan threat.

Israeli drone kills 5 in Sinai
Aug 10, 2013  
Sinai Muslim MB terrorists were planning a cross-border rocket strike into Israel when hit by Israeli drone.
Israel stays silent.  Israel MUST defend her people!  They have excellent intellegence.
Islamic terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula were the target of an Israeli drone strike into Egyptian (?) territory, a rare operation that could indicate increased Egyptian-Israeli
cooperation.  GOOD!  Rocket squad leader escaped.  dangnabit.
Egypt said the drone fired from the Israeli side of the border.
If Egypt has Israels back, that is GOOD.  Obama sure doesnt!
While Morsi was president in Egypt, Israel was in ever-increasing jeopardy.  General Sisi is a great replacement!

An Egyptian helicopter flew over the site a few minutes after the drone strike.
The Israeli attack was in cooperation with Egypt.
Israeli drone destroyed their rocket launcher.

Unprecedented cooperation with Egypt
The drone had been flying over the site of the attack since early Friday morning.
The drone strike comes after Israel briefly prevented landings at an airport in the Red Sea resort of Eilat on Thursday.
Egypt had intelligence suggesting terrorists planned to fire missiles at Israel, Sinai and the Suez Canal.

Egypt walks the wire in denying Israeli strike on Sinai
August 10, 2013  DEBKA
Developments on Israeli southern border may be encouraging, insofar as the Egyptians appear willing to target jihadists.
Egypt claimed there was no coordination between Israel and Egypt regarding explosions in the Rafah region.
Peace between Egypt and Israel is best for the Egyptian people, and they ought to welcome cooperation.

The Israeli drone missile strike took place near the Kerem Hashalom crossing in the triangle between the Israeli, Egyptian and Gazan border.
It struck terrorists who target both the Egyptian military and Israel.
Israel faces growing Global Jihadist threats on its southern and northern borders.

I am NOT surprised at this cooperation.  Israel and Egypt have been cooperating since General Sisi got MB terrorist Morsi out of power.


Hamas supplied Sinai terrorists with missiles
August 10, 2013
Hamas supplied Sinai terrorists with Iran Fajr-5 missiles to attack Eilat.
The missile launcher destroyed by an Israeli drone in North Sinai was capable of firing 4 Iran-made Fajr-5 missiles which Hamas possesses.
Its range covers Gaza to Tel Aviv or Eilat from Sinai.  The Fajr-5 leveled an Israeli building in Rishon Lezion in Nov. 2012.
However, Egypt tipped off Israel.  Praise the Lord!
Since then, Hamas has upgraded the Fajar-5.  When Hamas smuggled the weapons to the Sinai terrorists is unknown.
The launcher was rigged for firing at targets in Israel.
Eilat has come under rocket fire from Sinai in the past.
Hamas Palestinian terrorists rule the Gaza Strip and have no desire for peace.

The attack took place on the Muslim Eid al Fitr festival.
The 6 terrorists killed fled toward the Gaza border.
Were they Hamas?  It doesnt matter, they are all MB.

Israels Sinai dilemma
Aug 11, 2013
 Like Gaza, Sinai has become a hornets nest of terrorist activity.
The Sinai desert is part of Egypt, so how does Israel deal with emerging terror threats. On the one hand they need to respect Egyptian sovereignty.
On the other is the obligation to defend Israel.
Reports of an Israeli drone strike remain unconfirmed.
Human life should take precedence over all other considerations.
The Egyptian military is engaged in a major counterterrorism campaign in Sinai against the MB jihadists.

Israel respects Egypt sovereignty
Aug 11, 2013
 Defense minister Yaalon neither confirms nor denies Israeli participation in Friday drone strike in Sinai.
Jerusalem respects Egypt sovereignty and that preserving the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty is of utmost importance.
Israel is aware of Egypt increased anti-terror activities and respects the Egyptian army efforts to protect its people.
Israel will not allow spreading rumors to harm the peace treaty between our two countries.
Ansar MB terrorists admitted they were preparing a strike into Israel on their website.
The damned fools admit their terror plot!

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood goes underground in Gaza
Aug 12, 2013  Mr. X secret Brotherhood leader
.  Who is that - Barak Hussein Obama?
Muslim Brotherhood officials escaped from Egypt and smuggled themselves into the Gaza Strip to lead an uprising against the military.
The group was headed by Mahmud Izzat (Mr X aka iron man) Ibrahim, 4th in rank after Supreme Guide Muhammed Badie.
They are ALL baddies.

They set up a command post at the Gaza Beach Hotel
The plot is worse than first thought.
Its commanders manipulate politicians (including Obama) from the shadows.
Yep. Another Arm of the Beast.
X Ibrahim is running the show both in Sinai and Cairo from the Gaza Beach Hotel, under the auspices of the Palestinian Hamas terrorists.

He plans to conduct a war of bloody terror.
Gen. Sisi knows that this command center in Gaza must be destroyed.
He needs help from Israel Defense Forces, just as the IDF needs the Egyptian army in Sinai.
This is a VERY interesting development.  Each operating in the others territory.  Frought with hope - but also danger for Israel should it be a trojan horse agreement.


Sinai missile fired at Eilat Israel
Aug 13, 2013
 Iron Dome intercepts terrorists rocket bound for Eilat Israel.
Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted a Grad rocket bound for the southern Israeli city of Eilat overnight Monday.
Warning sirens blared and residents reported hearing 2 explosions shortly after midnight in the Israeli Red Sea resort town.
Muslim Sinai Ansar terrorists took responsibility for the attack.
The rocket came from a desert area near the Israeli border and may have been launched remotely.

Salafi group claims responsibility for Eilat rocket
Following early Tuesday's interception of rocket headed for residential area, another Salafi group claims responsibility for attack
Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem, a jihad organization operating in Gaza and Sinai, claimed responsibility Tuesday for the rocket attack on 1 am Tuesday.
A statement released by the group read that the rocket was launched to avenge the killing of four militant of extremist Salafi group Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis on Friday, claiming the attack was carried out by "a Jewish unmanned aircraft".
"Eilat and other Jewish towns will not be enjoying security, tourism or economy. Jews will pay for the blood of the jihad fighters," the message stated.,7340,L-4417043,00.html

Apache gunships hit Sinai terrorists
Sept. 3, 2013
 An Egyptian helicopter gunships fired 13 rockets at MB terrorists near the northern Sinai border with Gaza.
This aims at putting a stop to the free movement of terrorists.
The Egyptian army seeks to curtail terrorist activities which endanger both Egypt and Israel.
Doing a great job too!

Terror attack on Suez Canal foiled
Sept. 1, 2013
Authorities at the Suez Canal in Egypt said they dodged an attempted terror attack on the vital waterway Saturday.
The head of the Suez Canal Authority said a terrorist had tried to damage Cosco Asia, a Panama-flagged ship, but failed completely.
The flow of goods through the canal had not been impeded by the attempt.
The attempt failed completely and there was no damage to the ship or the containers it carried.
The canal, which links the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, is one of the most important in the world.

Egypt: Terror Attack in Suez Canal Fails
Authorities in the Suez Canal say that a terrorist staged an unsuccessful attack on a Cosco container ship passing through the canal.

Suez Canal Authority says attack attempted

Suez Canal terror attack video
Sept. 6, 2013
 Terrorists LOVE to film their evils!
Video shows 2 men firing RPGs at COSCO ship transiting Suez Canal
Clip logo featured the black Islamist jihad flag.
After the canal attack, the Egypt army arrested 3 men for firing at the ship.

Sinai - Big explosion traps many at Egyptian El Arish command
Sept. 11, 2013
 A big explosion at the El Arish Sinai trapped many Egyptian officers and soldiers.
Egyptian army offensive to root out Sinai terrorists have reaped successes.
Over 150 smuggling tunnels linking Sinai to Gaza have been destroyed. DEBKAfile

Suicide bomb attacks in Egypt's Sinai kill 6
Another 10 soldiers and seven civilians were wounded by the blasts outside the military intelligence headquarters in Rafah and at a nearby checkpoint.
A military spokesman blamed "Islamist terrorist elements" for the violence.

The military has launched an offensive in the Sinai to deal with a rise in attacks since it ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in July.
Security fears intensified last week with a failed assassination attempt on the interior minister in Cairo. An al-Qaida-inspired group based in Sinai said it was behind the bombing that targeted Mohammed Ibrahim.

On Tuesday, troops backed by helicopter gunships raided militant hideouts in the villages of al-Mahdiya and Naga Shabana, south of Rafah, killing nine people, arresting 10 others and seizing weapons and ammunition, military officials said.

Egypt tackles Sinai
Oct 2, 2013
 The Egyptian army launched an offensive to confront Muslim terrorists in Sinai.
They have dubbed the central Sinai as the Tora Bora of Sinai.
The Jabal mountain range has no proper roads.  Many caves in that area.
Thousands of terrorists hide there, loaded with weaponry.
Egypt is using mortars and Apache attack helicopters and are assisted by the USA and Israel.

Egypt Gen. Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi decided to go after them, after they began firing anti-tank rockets at international vessels passing through the Suez Canal.
Sept. 4 their rockets struck containers on a ship and started a fire.  Later, another vessel was hit.
The attackers were traced to Jabal.

Sinai MB blow up Egypt gas pipeline
January 1, 2014
 Sinai Muslim Brotherhood terrorists blew up the main pipeline supplying gas to the Egyptian industrial facilities and army camps in the peninsula. Gunmen set off the explosion southwest of El Arish.

Egypt helicopter crash
Jan 26, 2014
 Muslim terrorists claim they shot down Egyptian military helicopter in Sinai near the Gaza border with an anti-aircraft missile.  5 dead.

Missile fired on Eilat from Sinai
Feb 1, 2014
  Iron Dome intercepted a Grad missile fired against Eilat Israel from Sinai Friday night.
MB terrorists holding Israel hostage in revenge for Egyptian strikes. Earlier Friday, Egyptian Army bombed their hideouts in N. Sinai, killing 13 terrorists.

Eilat Israel targeted by missiles from Sinai
Feb 2, 2014
 Eilat Israel being targeted by missiles from Sinai every few days.
Israel is depending on Egypt instead of their own.
The world and Israel all denying global Jihad, yet that is exactly whats gone on the last couple years.
Eilat is thus hostage to jihadist Muslim terrorists.

Israel had 36 spying stations in Sinai
Feb 6, 2014
 Egypt reports Israel had 36 spying stations in Sinai
Six suspects arrested are Israeli citizens, two of which are Israeli Arabs and the other 4 are suspected intel. officers.
A court trial investigating an Israeli network of nine alleged spies – three Egyptians and six Israelis - began  in north Sinai, but was postponed until March.

The file is known as the “Ovadia” case, named after the person leading the spy network, Israeli intelligence officer Danny Ovadia.

6 of the suspects are Israeli citizens, two of which are Israeli Arabs and the other four are suspected military intelligence officers.
Some of the suspects, including the Israelis, are being tried in absentia.
4 Israeli military intelligence officers recruited the main suspect, Ibrahim, through his father-in-law, Abdullah Salim who fled to Israel.

Ibrahim reportedly began spying for Israel in October 2009, sending information to Danny Ovadia, who was known as “Abu Akram”. He sent information related to the security situation and living conditions of the Beduin in Rafah and their smuggling of weapons in the border region.

The intelligence report also claimed that Israel used 36 stations to recruit young spies, who would send Israel information about the positioning of Egyptian forces and the chaotic situation in Sinai.

Israel Navy fires on terrorists off Gaza coast
Mar 26, 2014
Is the lovely peace with Egypt which Israel has been enjoying breaking down again?
Israeli navy vessels destroyed two Gaza-bound smuggling boats from Egypt.
IDF warning shots the Palestinians ignored, and secondary explosions were heard.
Gaza terrorists fired on the IDF.
Palestinian Arab Muslims claimed the ships were carrying cigarettes, but cigarettes dont explode from gunfire.
Palestinian boats were heading toward Rafah, home of MB terrorists in Sinai.

Egypt to build anti-terror fence in Sinai
The move is meant to isolate the coastal city from others in the Sinai region and to control entry and exit points.
El-Arish is located approximately 30 miles from the Rafah crossing to Gaza.
This comes after Israel successfully built its own security barrier on its border with Egypt, which greatly helped stem infiltration.
Security sources said the fence would encircle the city, allowing access through 10 entrance points. The gates will be equipped with surveillance cameras and electronic devices to detect explosives.

Suez Canal suicide bombings
May 2, 2014
 Two suicide bombings on the bank of the Suez Canal killed an Egyptian soldier and struck a bus, injuring four passengers. This was the first time the Muslim jihadists had struck in the Suez Canal region.  No its not - they struck before.

Egypt arrests ISIS in Sinai - GOOD JOB!
June 28, 2014
Egypt tracks ISIS terror cell crossing from Gaza
through Rafah_Sinai tunnels and arrested them.

Hamas wants Egypt to open Rafah
July 10, 2014  
Hamas is firing rockets and missiles at Israel in order to pressure Cairo to open the Rafah border crossing, and to enable the transfer of money. July 10 Egypt opened Rafah, helping Hamas.

EGYPT opens Rafah for Hamas
July 10, 2014
EGYPT helps Hamas MB terrorists, opened Gaza crossing to let injured Gazans through.
Egypt opened its Rafah border crossing to Gaza on Thursday to receive wounded Palestinians.
Hospitals in north Sinai, which borders Gaza and Israel, have been placed on standby.

The crossing is usually closed, as Egypt maintains a strict blockade on Gaza in order to isolate Hamas from the Sinai.
Hamas offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists aid jihadis to carry out terrorist attacks inside Egypt and Sinai.
Hamas open use of human shields is responsible for civilian deaths in Gaza.
Israeli sends a warning flare at the site of the intended strike.

Egypt shuts Gaza border again -  GOOD!
July 12, 2014
Egypt shuts border with Gaza, thwarts bid to smuggle rockets into Sinai.
PRAISE the LORD, I was afraid Egypt had turned against Israel.
Israel is still letting supplies into Gaza.
Egypt closed the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip on Friday, preventing ambulances and passenger buses from leaving.
Egypt thwarted an attempt to smuggle rockets into the Sinai.

Muslims use ambulances to smuggle weapons and suicide bombers into Israel.

Sinai missiles hit Eilat, Israel
July 15, 2014  
Missiles launched at Eilat overnight from Sinai, Egypt.
30 people were taken to Eilat Hospital. One 53 year-old woman had shrapnel removed from her face.

Egypt thwarts attacks on Israel
July 24, 2014  
The Egyptian army thwarted an attack against Israel,
killing a suicide bomber who ran towards the border near Kerem Shalom.
The terrorist carried an explosive device and wore an explosive belt on his body.
The army destroyed a vehicle loaded with Grad rockets before they were fired at Israel.
The attack was in Sheikh Zuweid Sinai near the Gaza border.

Gaza rocket kills 4 children in Egypt Sinai
July 27, 2014  
Four children were killed on Saturday in Egypt Sinai when a Gaza missile hit their home.
El-Joura, Sinai is a bastion of Islamis terrorists.
Egypt is Hamasses worst enemy.  Even as it presents itself as a mediator in the conflict, Egypt is taking a hard line, refusing any opening that would strengthen Hamas.,7340,L-4550220,00.html

EXPECT this link to have the most accurate coverage

Egypt Sinai bus crash kills 33
August 22, 2014  
Two buses collide in Sinai killing some 33 people
A bus coming from Sharm e-Sheikh collided on a southern Sinai road with a second bus driving from Egypt Friday. At least 33 people were killed and 40 injured, most of them tourists from Russia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.,7340,L-4561995,00.html

Tunnel economy booming near Rafah
WHY dont Israel and Egypt blow up these tunnels?

Smugglers thrive in Sinai towns bordering Gaza.
A third of the houses near Egypt border with Gaza are tunnel smugglers.
They boarded up their doors and windows to avoid the attention of the authorities.
Many smuggling conduits into Egypt have skirted detection.
That has allowed transports of weapons, etc to continue to Gaza.,7340,L-4561899,00.html

Egypt Sinai attack
Sept 2, 2014  
An attack on an Egypt army convoy in Egypt Sinai killed 11 soldiers.
Two were killed by a roadside bomb and the others were shot as they tried to flee.
Muslim terrorists in Sinai have stepped up attacks on policemen and soldiers since July 2013.
Egypt makes no distinction between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sinai terrorists.,7340,L-4566751,00.html

Some in Israel think the IDF needs to re-occupy Sinai.  
From appearances, it seems Israel and Egypt are working very well together.

Hamas missile squad in Sinai
Egyptian troops hunt Hamas rocket gangs in Sinai.
Hamas is doubling the budget for its military wing.
Hamas rocket squads in Sinai at the launching sites they have buried beneath the desert.
Hamasses have an elaborate network of sunken rocket pads across northern Sinai and along the Egyptian-Israeli border.
Hamas moved rocket teams into Sinai just before ending war on Israel. They plan to use them as a second front for resuming rocket fire on Israel.

A remote activation system is located in Bedouin villages. Hamas pays the tribesmen to provide them with food and water. Hamas has rocket manufacturing workshops in the northern Sinai towns of Rafah and Sheikh Zweid.

Two days after the ceasefire went into effect, Egyptian news said 31 houses used as launching pads and workshops for rockets were destroyed in the crackdown.

Sept. 1 Gen. Will Safti arrived in Ramallah for an attempt to bring the quarrelling Hamas and Abbas Fatah factions together for a coherent Palestinian line at the talks in Cairo for a permanent ceasefire. But the acrimony between Fatah and Hamas is so relentless, that he gave up and returned to Cairo.

Cairo feared that Hamas will activate the Sinai rockets against Israel launched from Egyptian soil. Hamas Gaza command will then be able to deny responsibility and Israel cant hit back.

Gaza - Sinai
Sept 8, 2014  
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi recently offered the Palestinians an independent state in the Egypt Sinai in return for dropping claims to the pre–1967 borders on Israel.
Egypt would give the Palestinians land in the Sinai that would expand the Gaza Strip fivefold.

Greater Gaza would be a fully independent state under the sovereignty of the Palestinian Authority.  Abbas outright rejected it.
Major Palestinian Arab cities in Judea and Samaria would remain autonomous under the rule of the Palestinian Authority, but claims to the rest of the area would be dropped.

Abbas claims Sinai State Offer Fabricated
PA Mahmoud Abbas denied reports that Egypt had offered the PA a state in the Sinai Peninsula, in return for the PA agreeing to forego demands on the 1949 Armistice lines as borders. Abbas would not accept any alternative to a "Palestinian state" on the 1949 Armistice lines with eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

Gaza akbar (Greater Gaza)
I dont like it.  Hamas expanded to Sinai in July and isis is part of them.  
Abbas rejected it.  Of course!  Pestilinians dont want a state, they want NO ISRAEL.  
Obama likes it - reason enough to know its bad for Israel.

Egyptian policemen killed in Sinai
Sept 16, 2014  
Six Egyptian policemen were killed when a roadside bomb exploded as they passed through northern Sinai in an armored convoy.  Muslim terrorists (Hamass) in Sinai have stepped up attacks on policemen and soldiers in the last year.

Qatar abandoning Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas)
Sept 17, 2014  
Qatar policy shift could soon leave out Khaled Mashaal.
Hamas dismissed reports of Mashaal departure from Qatar.  He remains in Doha, but may not be there much longer.
Qatar decision to give the Muslim Brotherhood the boot does not bode well for Hamas.

Sunni jihadists (isis) in Sinai
Sept 22, 2014  
Sunni jihadists are the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.  News is so convoluted as to be nearly meaningless.
Isis praises Sinai MB terrorists, encourages more terror, and essentially declares war on Egypt President Sisi.

Changing names changes nothing, but a possible interpretation could be Hamas now takes direction from the Talilbrains

30 Egyptian troops killed in Sinai
October 25, 2014
-  Premeditated attack in Sinai kills 30 troops in el-Arish area.
A coordinated assault on an army checkpoint killed 30 Egyptian troops on Friday, making it the deadliest single attack in decades on the military.
The well-planned attack began with a car bomb which may have been set off by a suicide attacker.  Muslim terrorists then fired rocket-propelled grenades, striking a tank carrying ammunition and igniting a secondary explosion. Roadside bombs intended to target rescuers struck two army vehicles.,7340,L-4583879,00.html

Egypt imposes state of emergency in Sinai
Egypt has declared a 3 month state of emergency in parts of the Sinai.
President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has declared 3 days of mourning.
Egypt's Rafah crossing into the Gaza Strip was closed.,7340,L-4583903,00.html

Egypt and Israel have been unofficial allies against the MB since the totally EVIL Morsi was ousted thank GOD - may God bless Egypt.  Hamas has moved their operations from Gaza into Sinai.  ISIS is known to be in Sinai.


Hamasses testing missiles
October 26, 2014  
-  Hamas has been launching test rockets into Mediterranean Sea.
Such missile tests are done to check the capabilities of the Hamas arsenal.
Egypt stated Hamas was behind the car bomb in Sinai which killed troops.

Egypt - Gaza buffer zone
October 26, 2014
-  Egypt President Sisi plans to establish a buffer zone along the Sinai frontier with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.
MB (Muslim Brotherhood) and probably Hamasses / ISIL to blame for Sinai terror attacks.  Qatar may have had a hand also.


Gaza - Sinai

Weekend rocket fire from Gaza
November 4, 2014
What name MB terrorists call themselves - Hamass, salafi, isis,  - is of no consequence, it changes with the wicked winds.  Salafi terrorists challenging Hamas.  Hamas arrested 5 suspects.  Meaningless.
The rocket from Gaza which targeted Eshkol Israel over the weekend was likely launched by Salafi terrorists in support of Temple Mount rioting.  The rocket fire is expected to continue.  Hamas is testing rockets into the sea and renewing weapons smuggling into Gaza.

Sinai swears allegiance to ISIS
Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis Muslim terrorists have sworn allegiance to ISIL.
Ansar decided to swear allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, caliph of the Muslims in Syria and Iraq.

It looks like we are today witnessing the Battle for JERUSALEM.  Psalm 83

Egypt crackdown on Gaza border
November 8, 2014
-  Egyptian gov't wants to destroy Hamas smuggling tunnels.
Egypt Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi doesnt want more violence.
Egyptian troops are pressing ahead with the demolition of hundreds of homes along the border with the Gaza Strip, cutting off electricity and firing warning shots in the air to evict thousands of residents from the area.

The demolitions are meant to halt Hamasses smuggling of weapons and terrorists in and out of Gaza.  The goal is to raze 800 homes and force out 10,000 residents.

Egypt warned in October it would clear out a 500-yard-wide (meter) buffer zone along the border, after Hamasses killed 31 Egyptian troops near Rafah.  Israel started that but backed down.,7340,L-4589220,00.html

ISIS claims Sinai is a caliphate
Arab Muslims claim establishing a Sinai caliphate is the first step toward its advance on Jerusalem.  Egypt terrorists accept Big Daddy Abu Bakr Baghdadi (leader of ISIS) as Caliph.
There are thousands of Muslim terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula.


Egypt - Saudi rulers take charge
December 6, 2014
 Netanyahu’s epic understandings with Egyptian, Saudi and UAE rulers.
The 6 GCC rulers meet in Doha Qatar next week amid high suspense across the Arab world. Its agenda is to unravel the 2010 Arab Spring.  Also hints of quiet cooperation between Israel and key Arab rulers.

Doha parley is designed to restore Egypt under the rule of President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi to the lead role it occupied before the decline of Hosni Mubarak.  Another is to root out the Muslim Brotherhood by inducing their champion, the young Qatari ruler, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, to drop his government’s support (for MB).

At talks taking place in Riyadh ahead of the summit, Qatar appeared ready to discontinue the flow of weapons, funds and intelligence to the Muslim Brothers and their affiliates across the Arab world (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Hamas-ruled Gaza), as well as curtailing or shutting down the El Jazeera TV .

Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu may be a key ally.
Yet, Netanyahu has kept it quiet

This week, Israel quietly agreed to Egypt deploying 13 army battalions in Sinai (demilitarized under their 1979 peace treaty), including tanks, and flying fighter jets over terrorist targets.

This meeting in Doha is HUGE!
This is what I see after reading this debka article.
Israel and the named Arab nations (I aint so shore bout Qatar!) have turned on Obama.  GOOD!  

The Doha summit is designed to undo the effects of Obama support for terrorists.
Might this delay WW3, buy the world more time?  Unknown.  Maybe.

My doubt
Saudis put Obama in the whitehouse.  Wassup?
Did Obama betray them?

Arab leaders cannot openly admit allying with Israel.
We are told NOTHING we need to know in BORG (lamestream) media.



Egypt expands Gaza buffer zone
January, 2015
-  In bid to crackdown on Sinai terror groups, Egypt will double the width of a buffer zone being built along the border with the Gaza Strip to prevent terrorists infiltrating.  A 500-metre wide buffer zone is now being built, with some 800 homes being demolished in the process.,7340,L-4609733,00.html

Bomb wounds 4 Egyptian police officers in Sinai
January  5, 2015
-  Egyptian police wounded by a bomb in the Sinai.
The explosive was planted at the entrance of an apartment building in Al-Arish.
Jihadists killed hundreds of soldiers since the army toppled President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013.
Most attacks have been in the Sinai, which borders Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Hamas planned New Year's Eve attacks in Sinai
January  5, 2015
 -  Hamas terrorists had planned to carry out attacks during New Year's Eve celebrations in the Sinai, according to Egypt.  A Hamass Palestinian was killed by gunfire January 2 near the Egyptian Sinai - Gaza border.  Several Hamasses had tried to illegally cross the border.,7340,L-4611430,00.html

EGYPT calls for reform in Islam
January  8, 2015
 -  EGYPT President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi seeks to modernize Islam and purge Islam of extremist ideas of intolerance and violence that fuel groups like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.,7340,L-4612771,00.html

Egypt doubling Gaza buffer, demolishing 1,220 more homes
Egyptian military to destroy 220 homes and evict residents.
The northern Sinai Peninsula has become a hub for Islamic terrorists.,7340,L-4612866,00.html

Israel is so full of politics there aint much real news.

Egypt hits Sinai
February 7, 2015
-  Egyptian warplanes, helicopters nail 47 Muslim terrorists in Northern Sinai.

ISIS-DAESH target Israel, Egypt
February 9, 2015  
-  DEBKA  -  ISIS-DAESH Sinai plan a large-scale terrorist attack targeting Israeli and Egyptian targets across Sinai including the Suez Canal and Cairo.  ISIS was so elated by its Jan. 29 attacks which killed 40 Egyptian soldiers, that it is determined to keep going.  Jan. 29th ISIS used rockets, mortars, car bombs, and terrorist squads.  They are planning to similarly target Israel.

Agnad Misr
Seems the ISIS group planning this attack call themselves “Agnad Misr” – Soldiers of Egypt.
Apparantly its comprised of ISIS, Hamas Salafi, Al Qaeda - all Sunni Islam.

The Sinai threat is a priority for the Israeli military
March 14, 2015
-  The Sinai threat is a priority for the Israeli military.
The Israel Defense is preparing for an ISIS terror attack along the Israel-Egypt border in southern Israel.  The airport there is expected to become operational in 2017, an 18 mile fence is designed to protect the area.

ISIS Sinai claim to have fired 3 rockets at southern Israel’s Eilat port last week. They plan to fire 150 rockets daily at Egypt Sinai and the Eilat port. The terrorists will disguise themselves as smugglers or Egyptian security, so they would be able to approach Israeli troops.

Hamas are part of ISIS in Gaza and Sinai.  Muslims change their group name more often than their underwear.  With Iran a mother to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood their father, things are confusing.  Iran is Shia, MB is Sunni, ISIS is Wahabi Sunni.

ISIS-Sinai is packing large water tankers with explosives  
March 14, 2015  DEBKA -  Egypt reports that ISIS Sinai is rounding up water and fuel tankers and big lorries (trucks) and packing them with explosives for large-scale terrorist attacks on Egypt and Israel. They fancy themselves part of the Islamic Caliphate.

ISIS in Egypt behind Sinai attacks
April 5, 2015  RESURRECTION day!
ISIS-Egypt has claimed responsibility for attacks that killed 15 Egyptian soldiers and 3 civilians in Sinai.  They killed soldiers on a main road to Gaza.

GAZA and WESTBANK terrorism

The Saudi war in Yemen

Egypt preparing for War with Israel
April 6, 2015
-  The bible does say ALL nations will come against Israel.
Noha Hashad, pro-Israeli nuclear scientist who escaped Egypt in 2011, says what's happening in Sinai isn't what we think.
Noha Hashad exposed troubling insights regarding Egypt's military buildup in the Sinai Peninsula.

Egyptian army has been fighting ISIS in Sinai.
Hashad said "That's all for show.  Egypt is preparing for war with Israel. It armed and trained Hamas in Gaza. Whoever knows Arabic can hear them."  Born as a Muslim in Cairo, she was sent to a private school in Saudi Arabia where she studied Islam.

Israeli Security Col. Shaul Shay has warned that the "Badr 2014" military maneuver was meant to prepare for "a potential conflict with Israel."

A culture of hatred for Israel has been rampant in Egypt, despite peace treaty.  Palestinian PLO terror group founder Yasser Arafat served in the Egyptian army. The PLO was invented by Egypt.  Egyptian generals give lectures of how Israel is the only enemy (target) of the Arab Muslims.

In the original interpretation of the Koran, the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews.
Hashad said in the Koran "it is written that the land of Israel belongs to 'the nation of Moses.' Who are 'the people of Moses' if not Israel?  The sheikhs know this."

Hashad fled to Jordan and from there to Israel.
"Israel is a jewel. Israel is a diamond, and I'm lucky to be here," Hashad said.
Currently she is working to found a center promoting peace in the Middle East by confronting the cultural hatred towards Israel.

With the war in Yemen, Egypt is well-positioned to attack Israel again, as in 1967
1967 was - by the way - the last blood moon tetrad year

ISIS-Sinai threatens Eilat ISRAEL
May 31, 2015
-  ISIS-Sinai threatens to bomb the Eilat port in Israel.
ISIS to strike Eilat Port from Sinai  in partnership with HamISIS Gaza.  
They have done this in the past also.
Dont believe ISIS and Hamas are different, they are all the same, all Muslim Brohood.

ISIL war on mideast

EGYPT Sinai massacre
July 1, 2015
-  Dozens dead after ISIS-Muslim Brotherhood terrorists strike 5 Egyptian checkpoints in Sinai.  Up to 60 Egyptian Soldiers Reported Killed in bombings.
About 70 jihadists attacks included car bomb and attacks on checkpoints and a police station.
Terrorists also took soldiers captive and seized several armored vehicles.,7340,L-4674897,00.html

There are no reports I find that ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood have combined forces, but I am sure they have.  The MB have long desired to re-take Egypt and take Jordan and kill the king.

ISIL threat to Israel
July 2, 2015 -  Israel is part of the Levant
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned that ISIL is “facing our borders” in Egypt Sinai.
ISIL is also on the Golan Heights just a few miles from Israeli border with the Syrian Golan.
ISIL is also in Gaza.  ISIL Egypt, opposite Rafah, is facing our borders and we are joined with Egypt in the struggle against terrorists.

IDF reinforces Egyptian border
July 2, 2015
-   Israel decides to reinforce border.
The IDF has increased its presence on the Israeli-Egyptian Sinai border and close the Nitzana crossing on the southern border.,7340,L-4675373,00.html,_Israel

ISIS in Sinai is a serious threat to Israel
ISIL-Sinai pose a new challenge to the IDF. The use of simultaneous suicide bombings could soon be directed at Israel.,7340,L-4675381,00.html

SINAI  200 dead
Egypt Sinai  ISIL major battle
July 2, 2015 -  ISIL
near Israel’s borders from the Sinai and continued its Ramadan terror with a massive assault on Egyptian forces near the Israeli and Gaza borders.  200 killed.

ISIL launched a full-scale military offensive.  After the suicide bombing, ISIL gunmen riding in on minivans, backed by heavy mortar fire, stormed the stunned Egyptian troops.
Egyptian troop reinforcements encountered mines and bomb traps planted around their camps and police stations.  Egyptian Apache assault helicopters faced anti-air missiles.

USA forces in Jordan on the ready in case ISIL attacks them nearby in Sinai.
Israel shut its border crossings with Egypt and Gaza and sent more troops south.
ISIL has declared Sinai a province of the Islamic State.
ISIS draws from Libya.

Egypt wants IDF to strike ISIL in Gaza
Egyptian President el-Sisi wants Israel to crack down on Gaza.
ISIL is already in Gaza, al-Sisi said Gaza falls under Israel's responsibility.  Well DUH!  
The two armies may be coordinating.
ISIL-SINAI has mined the roads and spread its control to El Arish near Gaza.
ISIL has threatened to topple Hamas and Israel.
Many Gazans and Hamas have moved to El Arish and Sheikh Zuweid, and may be tempted to join forces with ISIS.
Hamas is an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.,7340,L-4675274,00.html

Pics, video, map

Egypt Air Force hits ISIL
July 2, 2015
-  After 50+ Egyptian soldiers killed in ISIS jihadist assault, Egyptian air force F-16s pound ISIL in Sinai.  Egyptian jets hit ISIS positions in Sheikh Zuweid.  Under Egypt's peace treaty with Israel, airstrikes and other major military deployments in the Sinai Peninsula require Israeli approval, since it is technically a demilitarized zone.  (Pretty funny at this point!)

Hamas-ISIS-Daesh Sinai Egypt
July 3, 2015
-  Hamas working with ISIS-Sinai.
Hamas helped organize Sinai attacks, specific examples of Hamas commanders involved in Sinai.
How is Turkey involved?  ISIS escalating campaign in Sinai raises a great deal of questions.
Is Hamas cooperating with ISIS?  How has ISIS in Sinai managed to withstand the Egyptian army?
The Egyptian army is a far tougher foe than any other, Egypt is a functioning state.

Egypt is determined to enforce its sovereignty over the Sinai.  The Egyptian central government has not invested enough in Sinai, it is still consolidating its control over the rest of the country.

ISIS-Daesh Sinai has been smuggling weapons for years, many USA weapons funneled thru Libya, giving it time to build up an extensive arsenal.

There is evidence of cooperation between ISIS and Hamas.
There is a sense of Islamic brotherhood.
Hamas is nationalist, whereas ISIS is transnational.
Cairo's regional foes may be playing a role behind the scenes.
There may well be Turkish input in trying to destabilize el Sisi govt.
Turkey is Muslim Brotherhood as is Hamas.
* As always, I add my edits according to my knowledge,7340,L-4675631,00.html

IDF Will Have to Fight ISIS
July 2, 2015
-  Arab armies are falling apart.  Israeli Zvi Mazel believes that the Egyptian army is not going to be able to defeat ISIS, the IDF will have to do the job.  The Egyptian army is very large, but for 2 years they have unsuccessfully fought Muslim terrorists in Sinai. They are just not experienced enough in guerrilla warfare.

ISIS-Hamas is taking over Sinai along Israel's longest border, operating near the Israeli border.  Mazel speaks as if this is future, but its been occurring for at least a year.

The problem is in nearly all Arab countries, their armies fall apart.
ISIS are true fanatics who are looking forward to fighting Israel.
The situation in Sinai is worse than Golan.

2011 - Egypt in a state of anarchy

ISIS-Sinai fires missiles into Israel
July 4, 2015
 -  Woman and 2 children killed in Sheikh Zuweid, Sinai.
3 ISIS Daesh-Sinai missiles hit Israel from Egypt Sinai.
Several Grads rockets struck Israel from Sinai, which borders the Gaza Strip.
The Israelis found fragments in Eshkol, Negev.
ISIS Daesh-Sinai - Islamic State - is shooting rockets into Israel.
ISIS has previously fired rockets at Eilat, Israel.

Israel relies on Egypt to fight Hamas and ISIS
July 4, 2015
-  Israel has evidence Hamas is aiding ISIS-Sinai in northern Sinai.
Hamas gives weapons and logistical support to them

Israel would be foolish to depend on Cairo.
The IDF must deal with ISIS-Sinai - and NOW.
ISIS is already overrunning both Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula.
The Suez Canal and the Gulf of Aqaba are jeopardized.
The IDF said the highway closing was done temporarily in line with the situation assessments, out of security considerations and the obligation to protect the citizens of Israel.,7340,L-4675887,00.html

ISIS used Russian weapons in Sinai attacks
Egyptian Army discovered an ISIS stockpile of weapons in Sinai.
ISIS heavily armed with sophisticated weaponry including Russian-made Kornet anti-tank missiles.
ISIS also used mortars, anti-aircraft guns and other guided missiles.,7340,L-4675603,00.html

Islamic State is Muslim, regardless what irrational world leaders claim.

Sinai Ramadan war
July 6, 2015
-  Egypt is fighting a major ISIS-Hamas Sinai offensive.
President El-Sisi is not fighting the sanitized war in Sinai that the IDF does.

Egyptian army backed by Apaches kills 63 ISIS between Sheikh Zuwaid and Rafah.  GOOD!

The battle is being fought in an area bounded by Sheikh Zuwaid, Rafah on the Gaza border, and up to Kerem Shalom and Nitzana on the Israeli border.

ISIS reinforcements are flooding into Egypt and Sinai from Libya and Iraq.
ISIS has taken positions in Cairo and the Suez Canal and waits for Muslim Brotherhood orders.
Underground smugglers controlled by Hamas and Hizballah, bring illicit weapons and ammunition supplies to Sinai from Libya via Egypt.

Egypt President El-Sisi must keep substantial military to defending the Suez Canal and Cairo also.
Iraq smuggling network through southern Jordan to the Gulf of Aqaba, by boats to Sinai.

The IDF closed Rte 12, Israel’s main southern highway which runs parallel to the Egyptian border up to Eilat. The estimates are 1,000 jihadists are at war in Sinai, more terrorists en route.

Egyptian army action focusing on defending Sheikh Zuweid, El Arish port and Rafah, and Sharm el-Sheikh in the south.

The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying,
Blessed be Egypt My people...
Isaiah 19:25


Highway 12 near Israel-Egypt border re-opens
July 8, 2015 -  The IDF decided to reopen Highway 12 in southern Israel near the Sinai border.
The road was closed last week amid ISIS war in Sinai.

Hamas targets civilians
Hamas targets Ben-Gurion airport, Dimona Reactor, Jerusalem, Haifa

5 Egyptian civilians were killed and 4 hurt after an ISIL shell fell on their home in Sheikh Zowaiid in northern Sinai.

New pharaoh?
ISIS/ISIL infiltrates Egyptian special forces
July 23, 2015 -  ISIS-Sinai and Libya
have banded together with Palestinian Hamas Gaza to control northern Sinai and  assassinate Egypt President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi.

July 22  Hisham al-Ashmawy claimed to be the new pharaoh.
He said Egypt had been overpowered.

ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood Target El-Sisi for Assassination
High Egyptian officials have gone into hiding as the Sinai war intensifies. July 15, 2015 - headline


ISIS DID SINK the Egypt ship with a fancy rocket

IDF could strike ISIS in Sinai Egypt
July 31, 2015
-  Israel says threat of terror in Sinai growing, IDF could preemptively strike ISIS terrorists Sinai Province if attacks imminent.  ISIS-Sinai responsible for sporadic rocket fire against Israel.

Hamas attack plans intricate details
August 12, 2015
-  He also revealed the location of the excavation centers, tunnels, and shafts, and gave information about the people digging them. He also said that the new road that was paved by Hamas near Gaza border is to be used in order to stage a surprise attack against Israel, in which vehicles will race toward the border with Israel.

Iran has been regularly transferring funds to Hamas, as well as weapons and electronics designed to down Israeli drones. Iran has also trained Hamas terrorists to paraglide as a means of penetrating Israeli airspace.

IDF aware of new Hamas tunnels
Hamas has 1,000 diggers as well as heavy machinery to construct the tunnels.

Israel catches Hamas smuggling tunnel operative
August 12, 2015
-  A Hamas tunnel terrorist in Rafah was detained. Ibrahim Shear worked in the Gaza-Sinai tunnels disclosed a Hamas plan for a new tunnel to link Rafah to the Israeli border terminal at Kerem Shalom. He gave the locations of the entire network, entrances and outlets.  Israel is concerned about the slowdown in Egypt’s operations against the Hamas tunnels into Sinai. -

Egypt can blow them up without the world criticism that Israel gets.


Laughing    Egypt kidnapping Hamas?
August 21, 2015
-  Ahahaa!  I'd call that - arresting terrorists!!!
Hamas accuses Egypt of kidnapping Hamas terrorist commandos in Sinai headed to Iran for training.  Hamas entered Sinai on a bus.  They were going from the Rafiah Crossing to the airport in Cairo.  (Remember, a bomb just went off in Cairo Aug 20)  Iran gave Hamas scooters, used to propel underwater divers quickly, allowing Hamas commandos to reach distant targets deep in Israel.

Iran arms new terrorist gang to annihilate Israel.  Hamas gets tons of arms from Iran.
Gen. Soleimani set up the Eastern Command of Al Qods.  These terrorists are organized according to sectors, with commands for Hizballah, the Palestinians, Syria, Iraq and the Gulf.  They are tasked to hand out weapons including missiles to Palestinian terror groups.  The plan is to take Jerusalem. The goal is the annihilation of Israel.


Hamas training as frogmen
Sept, 2015
-  Hamas is training frogman to strike Egyptian targets including Egypt's Mediterranean gas fields.
Hamas denied it but they lie.

Egypt kills 12 Mexican -  tourists Question
Sept 15,2015
-  Egyptian forces inadvertently kill tourists during hot pursuit of ISIS terrorists.
An Egyptian military operation against terrorists went awry when they opened fire on a convoy of Mexican tourists and their local guides in a desert area inhabited by ISIS-Sinai terrorists.
The tourists were away from the main road in an area off limits to foreign tourists.
2 of those killed were Mexican citizens.  Mexico demands investigation.,7340,L-4700422,00.html

Egypt is NOT to blame!
is worldwide and Mexicans are the same coloring as some Arabs and they were where they were not allowed to be.  Its possible they were NOT tourists, but ISIS.

Egyptian general assassinated in Sinai
Sept 17, 2015 -  ISIS-Sinai
killed a senior Egyptian officer in the Sinai Peninsula.
DEBKA reported General Khaled Kamal Osman was in El-Arish when the Daesh terrorist opened fire from a passing car.  Egyptian army says it killed 55 ISIS-Sinai terrorists in Sinai


ISIS downs Russian airliner  over Sinai, EGYPT 224 killed
October 31, 2015  
-  Russian Airbus A-321 passenger plane with 224 people has crashed in central Sinai desert.
Egyptian rescue teams report finding debris in southern Arish, in the Sinai.

Egypt had lost contact with Kolavia (Metrojet) Flight 7K9268 shortly after it took off from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to head to Russia.  The flight took off at 5:51am local time and disappeared from radar screens 23 minutes after takeoff.

A source at Sharm El-Sheikh Airport said the pilot requested a change of course, saying the jet would have to land in Cairo.  It descended 5000 feet before Flightradar24 coverage was lost.

Nov 2
Russian nukes on the move!

20,000 Britons stranded in Sharm
ISIS missiles imperil Saudi, Jordan and Israel skies
Nov 5, 2015
-  The British Cobra (emergency cabinet) will not send airliners to or from Sharm El-Sheikh, stranding 20,000 British tourists.  Air traffic over Sinai and at Sharm are under threat from the ground.
Moscow accused London of hostility to Russia rather than security concerns.

PM David Cameron called a Cobra meeting to review the situation, plans are in place to evacuate the tourists.  Prime Minister David Cameron to meet Egyptian president Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi today.
ISIS-Sinai’s possession of advanced missiles also endangers planes flying over the Suez Canal, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel.
ISIS-Libya has the missiles capable of shooting down airliners flying at high altitudes thanx to Hellary Clintoon.

ISIS downs Russian airliner over Sinai, EGYPT


ISIS kills family of 9 in Sinai
Nov 12, 2015
-  Car bombing at El Arish police headquarters kills 9.  The attack misssed police headquarters and blew up a home.  Masked gunmen broke into a home in northern Sinai, murdering 8 civilians.  The news outlet further reports that an explosive device was placed near a local police precinct. Upon detonation, the bomb killed a girl.

Egypt Sinai
Car bomb kills 4 at hotel
Nov 24, 2015
-  Two bombs have exploded near an Arish hotel in Egypt Sinai where election judges were staying. At least 3 killed and 12 injured.  A suicide carbomb detonated in front of the Swiss hotel.  The terrorist attempted to drive his bomb-laden vehicle into the hotel before security forces opened fire, causing the car to explode.
Arish is the capital of Northern Sinai province.
The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) claimed responsibility.
2 election judges injured,7340,L-4730145,00.html

ISIS-Hamas is so powerful and entrenched in Sinai, we can say they are DEFENDING their state.  They are international criminals.

Easyjet cancels all Sharm el-Sheikh flights
British budget airline Easyjet canceled all flights to and from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh until 2016.

ISIS-Sinai leader in Gaza
Dec 3, 2015  -  Shadi el-Menei
, ISIS-Sinai leader Gaza to coordinate with Hamas.  Menei is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Egyptians, firing rockets on Eilat, sinking an Egyptian ship, the downing of a Russian airliner in the Sinai, and many other terrorist attacks.  Pray God neutralize Shady Meeney.

ISIS-Hamas is smuggling weapons through the cross-border tunnels that Egypt has not yet destroyed.
BOTH ISIS and Hamas are Sunni Muslim Brohood.

Egyptian warplanes using Israeli airspace
Dec 16, 2015
 -  Egyptian Air Force makes unprecedented flights over Israeli territory, likely with IDF permission, en route to bombing (ISIS) Islamic State targets in the Sinai.  Egyptian planes have crossed into Israeli airspaces.  The flights were conducted mostly in the triangular border area between Israeli territory, Egyptian land, and the southern Gaza Strip.

Egyptian planes enter Israeli airspace * so what?
Israel unfazed as Egyptian fighter jets penetrate its airspace for first time since 1973 war.
Israel has more Wisdom and self control than Turkey!
The Egyptian aircraft bombed ISIS targets mere kilometers away from the Israeli border, in the vicinity of El Arish and Sheikh Zuweid in the northern Sinai - an ISIS hotbed.

In light of the threat posed by ISIS, Israel has allowed Egypt to mobilize large numbers of troops to the region, in an agreed departure from the 1979 Israel-Egypt peace agreement that states the peninsula should remain demilitarized.,7340,L-4739912,00.html

Egyptian airstrike kills 15 ISIS in Sinai Dec 31
Egyptian air force planes hit a house in Rafah, Sinai killing 15 ISIS-Ansar terrorists and wounding 10 others. The house was located near the border with Israel.

ISIS Egypt blows up Sinai gas pipeline
Jan 8, 2016
 -  The Egyptian branch of ISIS claimed the bomb attack which blew up the Sinai gas pipeline to Jordan. The bomb was placed under the pipeline near Al-Midan in northern Sinai.

Arab gas pipeline in Sinai to Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey

6 Egyptian policemen killed in Sinai ISIS attacks
March 17, 2016 Breaking
-  In three separate incidents in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula on Thursday morning, six Egyptian policemen were killed and about 10 were injured in ISIS attacks using roadside bombs, sniper fire on police positions and mortar fire on a police base.  3 ISIS gunmen were killed in a shootout with policemen in the town of Sheikh Zuwayed.

ISIS kills 19 Egypt police in Sinai
Mar 20, 2016
-  An ISIS attack on a checkpoint in Egypt Sinai killed 19 policemen.  ISIS claimed it was a suicide bomber who blew up a car at the checkpoint, which jihadists then raided.  The attack was the deadliest in months in Sinai.   -

60 terrorists killed in Egypt Sinai operation
Mar 26, 2016
 -  Egypt reported the Egyptian army had destroyed several ISIS bases in northern Sinai. Some 60 terrorists were killed in the operation and another 40 injured.

Egypt seeks Sinai help
Mar 29, 2016
-  If not from USA, then from Russia.  Egyptian President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi asked resident Barack Obama for urgent US military intervention in Sinai.  The Egyptian army lacks the ability to eradicate ISIS without direct US military support.  Unless stopped, ISIS will transform Sinai into its primary forward base in the Middle East.  So far, Sisi has received no answer from the Muslim basturd in the White House.  Obama is the father of ISIS, he isnt gonna help!
Egypt may appeal to Moscow.  Vlad will help!

ISIS hangs flag on lookout post in Sinai
April  8, 2016  -  Saudi King Salman
Bin Abdulaziz visit to Cairo heralded a new chapter in the war on the Islamic State in Sinai.  Salman brought Egypt President El-Sisi 2 large checks to cover the oil needs.  Saudi owes Egypt for El Sisi's ships and military help in their Yemen war.

A billion dollars is been earmarked for weaning 13 Sinai Bedouin chiefs from their commitments to supply ISIS-Hamas. The Bedouin tribesmen pose a huge threat to Egyptian forces. They are ISIS eyes and ears in Sinai. ISIS has imported into Sinai through Bedouin smuggling rings a new type of extra-powerful Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

Israel has its own problems with Bedouins, since it also serves the Palestinian Hamas terrorists.

ISIS killed high Saudi officer near Riyadh
Islamic State claimed responsibility for the shooting attack near Riyadh which killed Saudi Col. Kitab Majed al-Hammadi, chief of internal security in the Al Qwayiyah Province. - debka

US removes Sinai forces
April  26, 2016
 -  Heck, if you wont keep peace there, get out!
The US military secretly withdrew about 100 men who had been serving in the multinational peacekeeping force in northern Sinai.  US sources refused to specify the current location of the troops. The American force was withdrawn  after the facility was shelled by ISIS-Sinai.
Egypt and Israel must now deal with it.

US Sinai pullback payback for islands handover
April  27, 2016
-  The US withdrew its forces from the Sinai Peninsula in retaliation for Egypt’s transfer of sovereignty over Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia.  Obama protested not being consulted.  O poor whiny baby!
US claims Egypt is on the verge of a revolution against al-Sisi.
Nice MAP

ISIS tells Israel they're coming
May 9, 2016
 -  There has been a major escalation in May of the ISIS threats against Israel. ISIS-MB is on their way to attack targets in Israel.  There are ISIS video threats from Syria, Iraq, Sinai, Egypt, and Libya.

ISRAEL prophetic wars
Gog Magog, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 13

Psalm 83 war?
REMEMBER - ISIS has joined with Hamas and Sinai MB terrorists.

Israeli-Egyptian ties
July 10, 2016
 -  Egypt Minister Sameh Shoukry visited Israel and met Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  They discussed Turk President Erdogan, Syrian President Bashar Assad and ISIS.

Erdogan could team with Iran and ditch Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE.  Egypt and Israel share a strong common interest.  Egyptian navy is the primary sea defense of the Sinai Peninsula, Suez Canal,  the Red Sea and the approaches to the Gulf of Aqaba.

Israel drone strikes in Sinai
July 11, 2016
-  Israel has carried out drone strikes against ISIS-Muslim Brotherhood terrorists  in the Sinai with Egypt’s blessing.  Jerusalem and Cairo cooperate closely on security measures in the Sinai and Gaza.

ISIS - Sinai bomb kills Egyptian general
July 12, 2016
 debka  -  Brig. Gen. Ahmed Kamal Mahmous of the Egyptian police was killed in northern Sinai when his car was blown up by an IED planted by ISIS terrorists operating in Sheikh Zuweid.  Another police officer in the car also died in the blast.

Egypt Sinai
Aug 2, 2016
  sky -  Egypt air strikes blow up ISIS explosives plant. Sky News reports that Egyptian air strikes destroyed an explosives and ammo plant in northern Sinai Monday killing at least 46 terrorists and wounding many more. The bombers were guided to target by precise intelligence received on the plant’s location.

ISIS terrorists shell Aleppo with toxic gas
Aug 3, 2016
 -  At  least 7 civilians died and 25 more were injured as terrorists fired shells, some containing toxic gas, at Aleppo.  Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) is continuing to shell residential areas in Aleppo and Damascus.

Syrian forces close in on Aleppo
Aug 3, 2016
 -  President Assad forces, backed by Russian air raids, recaptured hilltops and villages on the southwest edges of Aleppo.

ISIS is known to possess WMD
They are most likely guilty,7340,L-4836569,00.html

ISIS Sinai leader killed
Aug 5, 2016
 -  Egypt killed Abu Duaa al-Ansari, the leader of the ISIS Sinai Peninsula, in northern Sinai, south of el-Arish.  He was suspected of downing Russian plane in 2015 October.  He had organized attacks against the UN personnel in Sinai Peninsula.  45 other terrorists were also eliminated during the operation.

ISIS-Egypt planted a bomb on the Russian Metrojet passenger plane that crashed on October 31, 2015, killing all 224 people on board.  A321 was en route from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg when an explosion destroyed the plane in the air.

The name of Abu Doaa al-Ansari is not widely known and had not been previously mentioned as that of the leader of the Sunni known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, or Soldiers of Jerusalem.

5 Egyptians killed by ISIS
Oct 2, 2016
DEBKA  -  Islamists attacked a taxi heading to El Arish airport in northern Sinai. The terrorists pulled the police officers out of the vehicle and shot them dead. Earlier, nine Egyptian policemen were injured when their armored car blew up on an IED near Rafah east of El Arish.

ISIS strikes in Berlin, Jordan, Mosul
Dec 21, 2016  
-  Berlin and Karaka, Jordan are 3,000km apart, yet ISIS killers took 26 lives, injuring 18 others in the two countries.  Berlin, German hunts the truck terrorist they had COLD but let go.  Idiots.

In Jordan, 3 days of gun battles with security forces.
ISIS also hit Mosul, Iraq.  The US army offered little or no resistance.
Israel is threatened with ISIS on its Golan border in the north, on Sinai border in the southwest, and on its southeastern border with Jordan.

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