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Shopping trolleys flung in Perth tornado

Shopping trolleys flung in Perth tornado


The tornado that cut a swathe through Perth's northern suburbs on Thursday was strong enough to send shopping trolleys flying, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

Spokesman Neil Bennett said the tornado that hit Dianella and Morley brought wind speeds of at least 125km/h, so anyone in the area was lucky not to have been hurt by flying debris.

Estimates of wind speeds up to 180km/h were guesses and were probably too high, Mr Bennett said.

"We can't measure the winds directly, so a structural engineer goes off to look at the damage, then gives us an assessment of the type of wind speeds that may have caused that damage, so we're waiting on confirmation," Mr Bennett told AAP on Friday.

Tornadoes were not particularly unusual, with a handful usually hitting the Perth metropolitan area and South West region during the cool season from May to October, he said.

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