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Several Medical Airlifts are crashing

Medical Airlifts crashing

I am starting this thread because I have been seeing medical planes and helicopters going down.  Feel free to add to this.

Medical helicopter crash
July  29, 2010      ARIZONA

Tucson medical helicopter crash kills all 3 aboard - pilot, flight nurse, paramedic

Medical Plane Crash      
July 23, 2010    MICHIGAN

Ludington MI-  The U.S. Coast Guard is earching lake Michigan for 4 people who were riding on a medical transport plane, when it
went down into the water near Ludington Michigan, at about 10am central time today.  A fifth person, the pilot, was rescued by a good samaritan.

The Cessna 206 aircraft took off from Alma, Mich., heading to Rochester, Minn., but reported having problems to the air traffic controller.  The coast guard dispatched 2 boats and a helicopter.
The Coast Guard was notified by an air traffic controller who reported losing contact with the aircraft at about 10 a.m., Central Standard Time.

While the plane was on its way to Rochester, Minnesota, the Coast Guard would not confirm that it was headed for the Mayo clinic, although a Coast Guard spokesman tells Fox News
"It was going to a clinic in Minnesota and there was at least one medical patient onboard"
The one person who was rescued, Jerry Freed of Alma, is suffering from mild hypothermia.

EagleMed crash
July 22, 2010  OKLAHOMA

Members of the NTSB and FAA are on the scene of Thursday's medical helicopter crash in a Kingfisher County field that killed two people and critically injured another.

The EagleMed helicopter was en route from Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City to a hospital about 90 miles away in Okeene when it went down about 8 p.m. near Kingfisher, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford. Kingfisher is about 50 miles northwest of Oklahoma City.

Jason Aguilera with the NTSB said investigators are looking into what is called "Man, Machine, Environment" to begin ruling out what caused  the crash.
"We'll take a look at the history and experience of the pilot, the maintenance records of the aircraft and the weather conditions at the time of the accident," Aguilera said.

A source told NEWS 9 that the survivor the crash indicated that something was wrong with one of the doors on the chopper and that something fell off causing the tail rotor to malfunction.

The NTSB has yet to talk to the medic who survived the accident, but that's likely to happen in the next day or so and a preliminary report is due out sometime next week. A final report can be expected in 6 to 12 months.

The two killed in the crash of a medical helicopter in Oklahoma have been identified as the pilot and a nurse. A paramedic on board was injured. Authorities say the EagleMed helicopter was on its way to pick up a patient when it crashed about 8 p.m. Thursday near Kingfisher, about 50 miles northwest of Oklahoma City.

EagleMed LLC of Wichita, Kan., released a statement early Friday identifying the victims as pilot Al Harrison and nurse Ryan Duke.
The statement says paramedic Michael Eccard is hospitalized with injuries suffered in the crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration says the helicopter was en route from Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City to a hospital about 90 miles away in Okeene when it went down.
The cause of the crash has not been released.


Shocking Number of Plane Crashes

Not medical airlifts - but interesting info

August 13, 2010    By Holly Deyo

With 10 plane crashes in the first 11 days of August, I wondered is this unusually high?
I decided to investigate and was shocked to see so man statistics stack up. My search was nearly complete when news of Tuesday's Alaskan crash hit the airwaves.

Since so many accidents came up the search was limited to only the past 4 months. Even so, what a surprise to see a whopping 75 wrecks in that short a time.

To make matters worse, there are surely more incidents than could be located as some may have occurred without mention in the news or websites could have "rolled them off" into ether space.
Crashes that occurred in other countries – unless they were too major to ignore like the July 28 Pakistan disaster – likely didn't even make global news on the Internet.

In all probability the 75 count is considerably underrated.

According to Aircraft Crashes Record Office (ACRO) based in Geneva, the statistics (left) for the last decade only cover aircraft carrying at least 6 passengers and they don't include choppers or military fighters.

After looking at the numbers, it makes one wonder if this is a year so drive to destinations... or in Dirty Harry's infamous words, do you feel lucky?

Planes Crashes April 1 - August 11, 2010

Aug. 11
Two Dead in Eastern Oregon Plane Crash,  Burns, OR
Cause: plane broke up on its way to the ground and was destroyed following impact near the historic Riddle Ranch on Steens Mountain, about 80 miles south of Burns, Fatalities: 5

Aug. 9
Victims in Crash That Killed U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens Identified
Dillingham, AK, Cause: crash likely due to heavy fog and harsh storm, Fatalities: 5

Aug. 7
Small Plane Crash Sets Pa. Home on Fire; 2 Found Dead in Wreckage, Man, Dog in Home Unhurt
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania – pilot error, Fatalities: 2

Aug. 7
Light Plane Crashes in Melbourne Yard
Mordialloc, Melbourne, Victoria, Fatalities: 1

Aug. 5
No Survivors in Gilpin County Plane Crash Rollins Pass, Colorado, Fatalities: 3

Aug. 4
Small Plane Crashes at Airport in Phoenix, AZ
Cause: plane crashed near Deer Valley Airport, reason unknown. Witnesses said they saw the plane take off and then loop around and they heard "sputtering" just before the crash.  Fatalities: 1

Aug. 3
11 Dead in Russian Plane Crash, Igarka, Russia
Cause: plane crashed while on approach to Igarka Airport in adverse weather conditions, Fatalities: 11

Aug. 2
Small Plane Crashes on San Diego Golf Course, Killing Woman and Injuring Man, 3 Children,  San Diego, Calif.
Cause: experimental plane crashed just after takeoff, after Crane radioed that a door was open and he was returning, Fatalities: 1

Aug. 1
Three Believed Dead in Alaska Cargo Plane Crash
Near Denali National Park, Alaska
Cause: cargo plane crashed into Mount Healy
Operator: Bill Michel
Fatalities: 3

Aug. 1
Skydiving Plane Carrying 6 Crashes in Western NY
Buffalo, N.Y
Cause: crashed while taking off this afternoon on a grass runway at the club's airfield in Newfane, about 35 miles north of Buffalo
Operator: Frontier Skydivers
Fatalities: 0

July 31
B.C. Dive Crews Seek Downed Helicopter Pilot
Near Lytton, British Columbia, Canada
Cause: tanker crashed 9 miles south of Lytton while fighting a forest fire
Operator: Conair Aviation
Fatalities: 1

July 30
Man Killed in Pierce Co., Wash. Plane Crash Identified
Graham, Wash
Operator: Robert James McDonald
Cause: plane went down when taking off from Kapowsin Field Airport
Fatalities: 1

July 28
Delaware Councilman Killed In Plane Crash
Delaware, Ohio - London Road, not far from the Delaware Municipal Airport
Cause: plane clipped a tree during descent
Operator: private
Fatalities: 1

July 28
Plane Crashes in Pakistan; No Survivors
Islamabad, Pakistan
Cause: passenger plane crashed in the Margalla hills while attempting to land at Benazir Bhutto International Airport. The tower lost contact with the plane as it was about to land in poor weather conditions. This is the 70th worst accident in aviation history.
Operator: Airblue
Fatalities: 152

July 28
Near Anchorage, Alaska
Cause: four airmen were killed when their cargo plane crashed into a wooded area near Elmendorf Air Force base
Operator: Military - U.S. Air Force
Fatalities: 4

July 27
Husband, Wife Injured in Plane Crash at Watertown Airport
Watertown, Wisconsin
Cause: Plane made a rapid descent, almost bouncing along the runway before the pilot got it back in the air, then lost control. The plane banked to its side and then crashed, somersaulting into a parked airplane and a hangar.
Operator: unnamed
Fatalities: 0

July 24
2 Die in KwaZulu-Natal Plane Crash
Cause: plane crashed into a sugarcane field near the road; witnesses reported a fuel leakage.
Operator: private
Fatalities: 2

July 24
Experimental Plane Crash Kills 2 Western Pa. Men
Sandy Creek Township
Cause: plane went down about 11:20 a.m. Saturday in woods southeast of Franklin/Venango Regional Airport
Operator: private
Fatalities: 2

July 24
Plane Crash Lands in Augusta County, Va.
Horse field along Hickory Hill Drive
Cause: plane crashed due to instant engine failure
Operator: Leo Van Der Goot
Fatalities: 0

July 24
Woman Killed in Crash on Runway at SD Airport
Spearfish airport, South Dakota
Fatalities: 1
Operator: unnamed

July 24
Four Missing in Medical Plane Crash
Lake Michigan
Cause: crashed into choppy waters several miles off the Michigan coast after reporting mechanical problems
Operator: Jerry Freed
Fatalities: 4

July 23
Seven Killed in Witbank Helicopter Crash
Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Operator: South African Police Service
Fatalities: 7

July 22
Fighter Jet Crashes at Alberta, Ont. Airport
Lethbridge airport
Cause: CF-18 Hornet crashed as the pilot practised a routine he was scheduled to perform this weekend at the Alberta International Air Show
Cause: pilot was doing low manoeuvres when he had to eject
Operator: Canadian Forces pilot Capt. Brian Bews
Fatalities: 0

July 18
Officials: Small Plane Crash In Maine Kills 2
South Portland, Maine
Cause: small plane crashed into a city street shortly after taking off
Operator: Mark Haskell
Fatalities: 2

July 15
Bodies of Plane Crash Victims Flown to Israel
Upper Michigan
Cause: unknown, plane had not attained an altitude of 1,000 feet when it encountered trouble
Operator: not disclosed
Fatalities: 4

July 15
Two Indian Brothers Killed in Texas Plane Crash
Tolar in Hood County, TX
Cause: plane was returning to Arlington Airport when a witness heard the engine cutting out before it took a nose dive into a hayfield
Operator: undetermined: it was either Casey Brinegar or Kartik Kalaichelvan
Fatalities: 4

July 15
Pilot Killed in Small Plane Crash Near Iowa Falls Airport
Iowa Falls, Iowa
Cause: plane crashed when the pilot was doing a test run in an experimental airplane. Plane took a nose dive into a nearby soybean field.
Operator: William Klemme
Fatalities: 1

July 14
Small Plane Crash Kills 4, Injures 1 in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Mackinac County Airport, Iowa
Cause: plane was airborne less than 1,000 feet before encountering trouble when it flipped after striking a median barrier on I-75
Operator: unidentified
Fatalities: 4

July 14
Pilot Walks Away From Plane Crash
Hutto, TX
Cause: plane crash landed in a cornfield
Operator: unidentified
Fatalities: 0

July 10
Victims Identified in Fatal Saturday Night Tulsa Plane Crash
Tulsa, OK
Cause: plane crashed in Mohawk Park after running out of fuel
Operator: unknown
Fatalities: 3

July 9
Man, Daughter Survive Plane Crash in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park,0,138277.story
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Cause: hasn't been determined
Operator: Jim Michaels
Fatalities: 0

July 8
Mexican Officials Among 8 Killed in Plane Crash
Monterrey vicinity
Operator: unknown
Fatalities: 8

July 5
Plane Crash in Romania Kills at Least 11, Including Air Force Colonel
Tuzla, Romania
Cause: military plane, on parachuting training flight, crashed into a field shortly after taking off
Operator: Military - Romanian Air Force
Fatalities: 11

July 5
Small Plane Crash-Lands on Westbound I-90
Between Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Cause: plane lost power and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in the westbound lanes of I-90
Operator: unnamed
Fatalities: 0

July 4
2 Midlanders, 3 Others Die in Plane Crash Near Alpine
Alpine, Texas
Cause: when attempted an emergency landing, the plane hit a rut in a muddy field, overturned and burned
Operator: O'Hara Flying Service II LP
Fatalities: 5

July 4
Pilot in Hospital After Float Plane Crashes in Pitt Lake
Pitt Lake, British Columbia
Cause: pilot error
Operator: unnamed
Fatalities: 0

July 3
Pilot Killed as Plane Crashes at Venice Golf Course
Venice, Calif.
Cause: pilot was practicing touch-and-go landings and takeoffs before the crash
Operator: Robert R. Davenport
Fatalities: 1

July 1
Serbian Military Plane Crashes into Lake
Kragujevac, Serbia
Cause: When the hydraulic system failed the left wheel would not come down, despite efforts to mechanically lower it so the pilot deliberately crashed the plane into the lake
Operator: Slobodan Jocic
Fatalities: 0

June 30
Former Sentinel Intern Dies in Montana Plane Crash, Mont.
Cause: plane crashed in a remote area about 80 miles south of Kalispell just inside the Sanders County line
Operator: Sonny Kless
Fatalities: 4

June 29
Plane Crash Kills Two Tanzanian Military Pilots in Training Mission
Tanga Region, Tanzania
Cause: aircraft developed technical problems and lost communication with the base aviation controllers
Operators: Cuthbert Leguna and Lieutenant Andrew Yohana Kijangwa
Fatalities: 2

June 28
Two Injured in Great Barrington Plane Crash
Great Barrington, Mass
Cause: crash took place just short of the runway at Walter J. Koladza Airport
Operator: unnamed
Fatalities: 0

June 27
Rotterdam Helicopter Crash Kills 4
Maasvlakte, The Netherlands
Cause: helicopter plunged into bush-covered sand-dunes near Rotterdam in front of a large group of cyclists shortly after taking off
Operator: Heli-Holland Airservices
Fatalities: 4

June 26
Air Tanker Crash Delays Firefighting Efforts in Northern Colo.,0,3091647.story
Phoenix, AZ
Cause: plane sputtered and crashed into a building near a north Phoenix airport shortly after take off
Operator: unnamed
Fatalities: 1

June 23
Plane Crash Victim ID’d; Cause Examined
Modesto, Calif.
Cause: plane crashed into the side of a hill outside of Copperopolis, cause undetermined
Operator: Charles Kenneth Swanson
Fatalities: 1

June 23
Quebec, Canada
Cause: pilot reported a problem with his right engine after take off and tried to return for an emergency landing but crashed into a private field and exploded, approximately 1 mile north of Jean-Lesage International Airport
Operator: Aéropro
Fatalities: 7

June 22
Plane Crash in Louisa,0,7647261.story
Louisa, Virginia (west of Richmond)
Cause: plane struck some power lines and landed in a field on its roof
Operator: Myrl Martin
Fatalities: 0

June 19
Museum Believes Crashed Plane Can Be Saved,0,4000236.story
Bunker Hill; Ohio
Cause: plane crashed into a wooded area northeast of Bunker Hill
Operator: Wayne J. Noall
Fatalities: 0

June 19
Crews Cutting Path to Congo Crash Site
Republic of Congo; Yangadou, Cameroon
Cause: plane carrying executives of the mining company Sundance Resources crashed in a remote area on the Cameroon / Congo border
Operator: Aero Services
Fatalities: 11

June 18
5 Killed in Plane Crash Near Ruidoso, 2 Boys Survive
Outside of Ruidoso, NM
Cause: plane missed airport runway 24 and crashed about half a mile to the east
Operator: Rodney Duree
Fatalities: 5

June 18
Northern Mexico
Cause: helicopter, carrying 11 soldiers, crashed in poor weather in a mountainous area of northern Mexico
Operator: Fuerza Aérea Mexicana
Fatalities: 11

June 13
Near Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico
Cause: aircraft, carrying 6 security team members of candidate for governor, Roberto Borge, crashed into the jungle shortly after taking off
Operator: Servicios Aereos Milenio
Fatalities: 8

June 13
Ark Plane Crash Fatal to 4
Umpire, Ark
Cause: failure of the aircraft's left wing
Operator: Michael Lee Hunt
Fatalities: 4

June 11
Small Plane Crashes into School in Ariz.
Eagar, AZ (about 200 miles east of Phoenix)
Cause: plane nose dived into Round Valley High School and exploded
Operator: unnamed
Fatalities: 2

June 4
Plane Crash Lands in Field Outside Richfield Airport,0,1035084.story
Richfield, Utah
Cause: plane but it lost power and crashed land soon after take off
Operator: Tom Ostrander
Fatalities: 0

June 4
Two Survive Forced Landing
Port Clinton, OH
Cause: mechanical failure forced a crashed onto trees
Operator: Dennis Liebman
Fatalities: 0

June 3
Idaho Plane Crash Survivor Dies in Montana Crash
Helena, Montana
Cause: investigators believe the plane clipped a tree
Operator: Kjell Nielsen
Fatalities: 1

June 1
Plane Crash in Hanover County,0,2783542.story
Hanover County, Virginia
Cause: plane lost his engine when the pilot missed the runway by approximately 50 feet and landed in a field and flipped over
Operator: unlisted
Fatalities: 0

June 1
Alaska Plane Crash Victims in Critical Condition in Portland
Anchorage, Alaska
Cause: Cessna 206 crashed and burned in a busy business district during rush hour
Operator: unlisted
Fatalities: 1

May 30
NTSB Releases Preliminary Report on Collinsville Plane Crash That Killed Two
Collinsville, OK
Cause: engine failure
Operator: Kevin Covell
Fatalities: 2

May 30
Las Cruces Airplane Crash Sends 3 to the Hospital
Las Cruces, NM
Cause: preliminary reports showed the pilot immediately noticed problems with the plane after leaving the runway
Operator: Doug Newton
Fatalities: 0

May 29
2 Killed in Plane Crash Near Watertown, SD
Watertown, South Dakota
Cause: crashed nose-first southwest of the airport
Operator: Chad Lamb
Fatalities: 2

May 29
Four Feared Dead in B.C. Plane Crash
Ahousat, British Columbia
Cause: float plane crashed into the waters near Flores Island and sank
Operator: Atleo River Air Service Ltd.
Fatalities: 4

May 26
2 Dead After Small Plane Crashes into Toronto-Area Building
Markham, Ontario
Cause: plane's engine cut out, and it hit the top of a four-storey office building on 8900 Woodbine Avenue
Operator: unnamed
Fatalities: 2

May 26
Small Airplane Crashes in Guatemala, 4 Killed
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Cause: causes of the crash are still unknown, but the bad weather condition could have been one of them
Operator: Jose Rodriguez
Fatalities: 4

May 25
Two Dead in Toronto Plane Crash
Markham, Ontario
Cause: plane slammed into the roof of Thinkway Toys shortly after taking off
Operator: unnamed
Fatalities: 2

May 22
Nearly 160 Killed in Mangalore Plane Crash
Mangalore, India
Cause: While attempting to land at Mangalore Airport, the plane overran the runway, slid down a ravine into a wooded valley, and burst into flames. This is the 58th worst fatal accident in aviation history.
Operator: Air India Express
Fatalities: 159

May 17
Plane Crash in Afghanistan Kills 43
Salang pass, Afghanistan
Cause: the plane crashed in Salang pass, 60 miles north of Kabul, cause not yet known
Operator: Pamir Airlines
Fatalities: 43

May 15
Eight People Killed in Suriname Plane Crash: Official
Near Pokisi, Suriname
Cause: plane crashed into a forest in poor weather 10 minutes after taking off
Operator: Blue Wings Airlines
Fatalities: 8

May 12
Tripoli Plane Crash: Boy Survivor Yet to Be Told of Family Deaths
Tripoli, Libya
Operator Afriqiyah Airways
Cause: aircraft crashed and disintegrated one-half a mile from the runway while attempting to land at Tripoli International Airport
Fatalities: 103

April 21
3 Foreigners Die in Pampanga Plane Crash
Pampanga, Philippines

Cause: electrical fire forced the cargo plane's pilot to attempt an emergency landing in a rice field when the plane crashed, broke into pieces, and burst into flames
Operator: Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines
Fatalities: 3

April 13
Cargo Plane Crashes in Mexico; 6 Dead
Monterrey, Mexico
Cause: crashed 1.5 km from the airport, while making a final approach to General Mariano Escobedo International Airport
Operator: Airborne Freight Company Union
Fatalities: 6

April 13
Merpati Nusantara Airlines - Boeing 737-322
Manokwari, West Papua, Indonesia
Cause: airliner overshot the runway while landing and ran into trees at Rendani airport. The aircraft broke into several pieces, all 103 aboard survived.
Operator: Merpati Airlines
Fatalities: 0

April 10
Near Yelizovo, Russia
Cause: crashed 67 km away from Yelizovo
Operator: Kamchatka Airlines
Fatalities: 10

April 10
Polish President Dies in Jet Crash in Russia
Smolensk, Russia
Cause: military jet crashed into a forest and broke-up while attempting to land in dense fog
Operator: Military - Polish Air Force
Fatalities: 96

April 5
Odessa, TX Plane Crashes into Balmorhea Lake
Operator: Kamchatka Airlines, Fatalities: 1

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