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Seattle Christian school shootings

Seattle Christian school shootings
June 7, 2014  Aaron Ybarra
stormed into Seattle Pacific Christian University and shot 3 before his plan to kill as many people as possible was thwarted by a student building monitor who pepper-sprayed and tackled him as he reloaded.  1 student died.
In 2010, Aaron Ybarra called 911 to report a rage inside him and said he wanted to hurt himself and others.

Student Jon Meis stopped the shooter
Student student security volunteer called a hero for stopping gunman.

Aaron Ybarra had a fascination with school shootings and wanted to shoot up a school.
The killer walked into the building, confronted 3 students and then shot them.
Ybarra isnt a student at the school.

A Seattle Pacific University student building monitor is being called a hero after witnesses say he tackled Ybarra.
Jon Meis, the hallway monitor, pepper-sprayed Ybarra as he went to reload his gun.
Meis was joined by other students who rushed to help.  Police found additional shotgun rounds and a knife at the scene.  He was hellbent on killing a lot of people.

They dont say a word about the killer being Muslim - claim they dunno motive.
I guess he is a homosexual muslim who hates christians. Its a christian university and he wanted to kill Christians.  It was jihad.

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