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Bahrain unrest problem for US military
February 15, 2011  - Thousands gather for funeral of demonstrator who died in protests in Gulf.
Security forces in Bahrain fired tear gas and bird shot on mourners gathered for funeral procession.
This raises the possibility of more rallies and challenges to the ruling Sunni monarchy in Bahrain, a strategic Western ally and home to the US Navy's 5th Fleet.

Protesters day of rage coincided with major anti-government demonstrations in Iran and Yemen.
In the past week, Bahrain's rulers have attempted to undermine calls for reform by promising $2,700 for each family and pledging to loosen state controls on the media.

A main Shiite opposition group, Al Wefaq, denounced the tactics of security forces against the first major rallies in the Gulf since uprisings toppled long-ruling regimes in Tunisia and Egypt.
Bahrain's protesters claim they do not seek to overthrow the ruling monarchy but want greater political freedoms and sweeping changes in how the country is run.

But many Sunnis in Bahrain also are highly suspicious of Shiite activists, claiming they seek to undermine the state and have cultural bonds with Shiite heavyweight Iran. An ongoing trial in Bahrain accuses 25 Shiites of plotting against the country's leadership.
70% of the population of Bahrain are Shiite.,7340,L-4028792,00.html

Protests Spread To Saudi Arabia January 2011

Saudi Arabia put Obama in the whitehouse, NOT our votes.
Do you wonder WHY I keep saying Saudis put Obama in the whitehouse?  THIS is why!
THIS is the REAL reason Saudi Arabia royal family is so angry at Obama.
Obama betrayed them!

Saudi Arabia * War for the throne January 2015

Abu Dhabi, UAE
UAE news has been in with Saudi and Dubai






Saudi Arabia



Saudi Arabia
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Iran, Bahrain and Yemen, protesters take to streets
February 15, 2011    
Street clashes broke out across the Persian Gulf region as demonstrators in Iran, Bahrain and Yemen sought to capitalize on the recent uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia and swept by the thousands into the streets, where they were met by riot police.
The tumult in a region normally kept tranquil under the heavy-handed security of conservative Gulf regimes underscored the widening reverberations of fledgling pro-democracy movements in the Middle East, though the protesters' numbers have been small in comparison to the demonstrations that brought down the government of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt last week.

Tehran's streets turned into a chaotic mass of broken glass, burning trash bins, rocks and tear gas as thousands of people marched Monday toward Azadi Square, some clashing along the way with riot police in the first major reformist demonstration since widespread protests over a tainted national election that in December 2009 that left eight people dead.

"Mubarak, Ben Ali, now it's time for Sayed Ali!" some protesters shouted, referring to the former presidents of Egypt and Tunisia and Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei.
Though past street protests most often have featured slogans targeting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his government, Monday's rally more often attacked the supreme leadership itself, the underpinning of the entire Islamic state that seized power in a revolution of its own just over three decades ago.

"It's very interesting to see that the revolution of Iran is being questioned by its own people, with people saying it didn't bring them anything significant," said Mahjoob Zweiri, an Iran expert and professor of contemporary history at Doha University in Qatar.

But he said it would be premature to assume that Iranian protesters are pushing to overturn the ruling Shiite Muslim theocracy. "They are against some of the policies, they are against the approach of the state. But so far, they are not calling for the fall of the regime," he said.

In Bahrain, a small island emirate on the Arab side of the Persian Gulf near Saudi Arabia, riot police attacked hundreds of demonstrators with tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades and pellets, according to human rights observers. A member of parliament reported at least one protester dead and three injured. Yemen, meanwhile, was undergoing its fourth consecutive day of protests, with a reported 17 people wounded in two separate clashes between pro-reform demonstrators and pro-government activists, with riot police trying to stand between the two.

In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S. "clearly and directly" supports the protesters' aspirations in Iran. "What we see happening in Iran today is a testament to the courage of the Iranian people, and an indictment of the hypocrisy of the Iranian regime — a regime which over the last three weeks has constantly hailed what went on in Egypt," Clinton said.
Protests also reportedly broke out in the Iranian cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Kermanshah and Rasht, and at least one person died in the clashes in Tehran
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Mideast Unrest Spreads
Protests Target Iran, Bahrain, Libya; Egypt Dissolves Parliament, Sets Elections
FEBRUARY 14, 2011

Bahrain protests
February 16, 2011    

Thousands of activists camped out at the foot of a Bahraini landmark after the king pledged to consider reforms.
Police gave the area a wide berth, apparently allowing picnicing protesters to vent their anger.
Bahrain is the latest Arab state to face a surge of dissent following the revolts that toppled leaders in Tunisia and Egypt.  (and Lebanon in December 2010 and January 2011)
King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa announced that a committee would be established to study proposed reforms.

Saudis ready to aid Bahraini ruler
February 16, 2011    debka
   First riots in Libya after Yemen, Jordan
Despite security police efforts to dislodge them, anti-government protesters continued to occupy the main square of Manama, Bahrain Tuesday night, Feb. 15, even after its ruler, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa made a rare television appearance to regret the two deaths and promised a full investigation.
Wednesday, first protests were reported in Libya, starting in Benghazi, where eyewitnesses report police responded to stone-throwers with water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets.

In Yemen, security forces stayed on alert after five days of disturbances by protesters demanding President Ali Abdullah Saleh's removal from power although he promised not to run again when his term ends in 2013. Wednesday saw, security forces in Jordan and the army in Syria on high alert.

Saudi Arabia is especially alarmed by the swelling protest in its small but strategic neighbor, Bahrain, site of US Fifth Fleet headquarters for the Gulf region.
For the first time, Sunni Muslims joined the majority Shiite protest against the rule of the Al Khalifas who have been in power since 1971.
Shortly before dawn Wednesday, Feb. 16, the Bahraini king secretly asked the Saudis for riot dispersal gear for his security forces to break up the protests.
He also asked Saudi Arabia to place its security forces on the ready in case they got out of hand.

Riyadh had already taken action out of fear that its own large Shiite minority in the eastern oil-rich regions of the kingdom catch fire from Bahrain. Tuesday, security and military forces were rushed to those regions and security stepped up at the oil facilities and ports of eastern Saudi Arabia, most of which are manned by Shiites who are close to their coreligionists over the bridge in Bahrain.

To the north, Jordan too was rocked by serious street protests, a serious menace to the throne because they are staged with increasing intensity by indigenous Bedouin tribes, the traditional backbone of the Hashemite royal house. Overnight, armed tribesmen blocked Highway No. 1, the main road into the capital Amman, demanding the restoration of lands, which they claim were stolen from them over the years by the royal family and the Jordanian government.

Last week, 36 Bedouin tribal chieftains sent a letter to King Abdullah II with demands that he cede some of his prerogatives including the right to appoint prime ministers and ministers and
cut down on extravagant royal spending, especially by Queen Rania, when more money should be diverted to helping the poor.
Unrest against the Jordanian king has been simmering for weeks posing his rule with a double problem.

For now, the Bedouins are making the most noise while the Muslim Brotherhood and the majority Palestinian population are biding their time, waiting to jump in when the see the first crack in the royal stand against the disturbances.

The second problem is more serious. The Jordanian army consists of Bedouin fighters belonging to the same tribes as the protesters out on the streets. The royal security services have the same makeup. A crackdown against the demonstrations could spark a wholesale Bedouin mutiny against the Hashemite royal house or even the first Bedouin coup against a Jordanian monarch.

This peril and a range of responses were discussed Saturday, February 12, when US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen visited Amman and met King Abdullah.
Mullen also discussed the situation in Jordan, Israel's second peace partner, with Israel leaders Sunday and Monday (February 13-14).
Tuesday night, US President Barack Obama warned "autocratic rulers" that they cannot maintain their hold on power through coercion and force and must recognize the "world is changing."

In Syria, too, although President Bashar Assad Tuesday put on a big show of unconcern by mingling unescorted among a crowd of affectionate admirers in Damascus, the situation is very tense. Early Wednesday, he placed Syrian security forces and the army on high alert in readiness for the Day of Anger called for Friday, Feb. 18, by opposition organizations, including the Muslim Brotherhood. After Syrian intelligence received word that it was planned to be the most serious attempt to date to shake the dynastic Assad regime, police and security strength in Syrian cities were beefed up. Heavy reinforcements were moved into the Kurdish areas of the north, where the most violent protests are anticipated.

Assad has adopted the Iranian tactic of exerting maximum force to break up crowds as they form and giving security forces a free hand to open fire with live ammunition without having to ask for permission.
An earlier Syrian opposition demonstration attempt - Saturday February 5 – was quickly nipped in the bud by the preponderance of security forces in the streets. A small demonstration of several hundred took off in the northeastern town of Hasaka but nowhere else.

debkafile's sources say this coming Friday may be different: Opposition groups in the universities, and among the Sunnis, Kurds and Palestinians, are all gearing up for a large turnout in Damascus.

Police break up Pearl Square crowd
17 February 2011
Security forces in Bahrain have dispersed thousands of anti-government protesters in Pearl Square in the centre of Manama.
Hundreds of riot police using tear gas and batons moved in before dawn, with tanks now reported on some streets.
3 people died in the police operation, with 100 injured.
Ibrahim Sharif claimed the police had acted without any warning.  However, the crowd had been warned.  Muslims lie.

Iran roils Bahrain to stir Saudi revolts, executes protesters in Iran

February 17, 2011   DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

Tanks rolled into Pearl Square, Manama, early Thursday, Feb. 17, personally commanded by King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa in full military regalia, hours after his police firing live ammunition and tear gas failed to break up the tent city set up by protesters against his rule. At least four protesters were killed and dozens injured.

The monarch has divided his small 9,000-strong army into three parts, one for Pearl Square, a second to guard the Bahrain Petroleum Co. refinery which produces 267,000 barrels of oil a day and forms the backbone of the Bahraini economy; and a third placed around the royal palace and the residential districts of the ruling elite.

Al-Khalifa has two major difficulties to crack: For the first time, the king's biggest Shiite party, al-Wefaq has joined up with all 10 opposition parties to coordinate their protest action. The Shiite party leader, Sheik Ali Salman, says he is not seeking to establish an Islamic regime in Manama like the one in Tehran.  debkafile's sources say he is after one-man rule for himself and his words are about as reliable as the pledges of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to eschew a role in government.

But the Bahraini ruler's most acute problem is that while the Arabic and world media lump the protest movement in his kingdom with the pro-democracy uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, it is not the same in that it does not just represent genuine people power fighting an autocratic regime for reforms, but is fomented from Tehran.

Iran's objective is to overthrow the Al-Khalifa regime and replace it with the first pro-Iranian government in the Arabian Gulf region. A Shiite regime in Manama will stir the Shiite minorities to revolt in other oil-rich Gulf states - and especially in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, where they make up around one-fifth of the population.

In Tehran itself, meanwhile, debkafile's Iranian sources report that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad early Thursday conferred with Revolutionary Guards and Basij leaders on ways to further crack down on opposition protests after two days of harsh measures. Since Monday, 1,400 protesters have been arrested and their whereabouts are unknown. At least two died of bullet wounds.

The leaders of Iran's Islamic regime fear that the youngsters in Iranian cities will catch fire from the uprisings in Arab countries and be willing to fight for its overthrow.
As a key deterrent, an increase in the number of executions of dissidents was agreed between Ahmadinejad,  

most of his aides, Prosecutor General  Mohseni-eEjehee, the commander Internal Security Forces, Mohammad Reza Radan Mohammad Reza Naghdi, and the ultra-radical Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, Chairman of the Constitution Committee.
This measure later won the support of Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Majlis, who on Wednesday led 200 deputies in shouting for the two opposition Green Movement leaders Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi to be put to death.
debkafile's sources report: In the coming days, the world will be shown millions of young Iranians pouring into the streets of Tehran and other cities shouting pro-government slogans - alongside the executions of dozens of young Iranian democracy-seekers.

By killing them, the regime will try and break the back of the Mousavi-Karroubi opposition movement. Judging on past form, they will not be deterred by international condemnation.

Bahrain calls for toppling monarchy
February 18, 2011  
5 dead in protests.  Thousands called for the downfall of Bahrain's ruling Sunni monarchy after a deadly assault on pro-reform protesters that has brought army tanks into the streets of one of the most strategic Western allies in the Gulf.

Jordan tribesmen protest

Saudi help Bahrain, other nations riot

Saudi Intervention in Bahrain
March 14, 2011  Forces from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries will enter Bahrain to help the Bahraini regime quell unrest.
Saudi forces have already entered Bahrain, troops from United Arab Emirates will arrive shortly.  stratfor intel
Saudi Arabia is leading a coalition force into Bahrain to help the government calm the unrest there.
This move puts Iran in a difficult position, as Tehran had hoped to use the uprising in Bahrain to promote instability in the Persian Gulf region.
Iran could refrain from acting and lose an opportunity to destabilize the region,
or it could choose from several other options that do not seem particularly effective.  George Friedman, Stratfor intel

Bahrain war of annihilation
March 16, 2011
 Soldiers, police drive out hundreds of anti-government protestors in Pearl Square using tear gas, armored vehicles, 5 killed.
Bahrain cracked down on the rioters.  GOOD.
Troops fanned out across Bahrain, cutting off streets and arresting or firing at people who tried to cross.,7340,L-4043057,00.html

Bahrain locks down kingdom as uprising surges
March 16, 2011   Soldiers and riot police in Bahrain overran a protesters' camp, imposed a 12-hour curfew and choked off movement nationwide Wednesday. Witnesses described helicopters firing on homes in a hunt for Shiites and attacking doctors treating the wounded, while the government called the demonstrators "outlaws" for demanding an end to the monarchy.

The nation that once led the Middle East in entrepreneurial openness went into lockdown, its government propped up by troops from Sunni Gulf neighbors fearful for their own rule and the spread of Shiite Iran's influence.
The unrest that began last month increasingly looks like a sectarian showdown. The country's Sunni leaders are desperate to hold power, and majority Shiites want more rights and an end to the monarchy.
Wednesday's assault began in Pearl Square, the center of the uprising inspired by Arab revolts in Egypt and Tunisia. But the violence that left at least five people dead on Wednesday did not stop in the capital.
Doctors at the country's main hospital said their facility was taken over by security forces, blocking physicians from either leaving or treating the wounded on site.

The UN is nuts and the BBC is nutser.  They dont want civilized rulers in power.
The UN human rights chief has condemned the use of force against protesters.

Saudi Arabia Annexes Bahrain
WHAT!    Thats where the US 5th fleet is!
March 28, 2011  
Riyadh turns island into its outer defense line against Iran.
Saudi Arabia Virtually Annexes Bahrain, Will Build a Missile-Naval Base opposite Iran

Arab spring spreads to Saudi Arabia
January 30, 2011
 While the biggest threat to the Middle East region is the possibility that the population of Saudi Arabia may try to imitate what has been happening in the area, thereby bringing total chaos to the established regional geopolitical and more importantly, energy, structure, the first protests in the Saudi Arabia city of Jeddah are already in the books. The clip below shows the peaceful demonstrations that have taken place recently, which as Fedupmontrealer explains are "taking place in front of the Municipality in protest of the severe lack of infrastructure, and corruption, that led the city to be inundated this week causing billions of dollars of damages for the second time in two years." That this is even occurring in a state where the average wealth is orders of magnitude greater than in Egypt is remarkable. On the other hand, we expect more news such as those from yeserday that Kuwait is paying its citizens $3,500 plus free food for a year to keep calm. Oddly, visions of money dropping helicopters, infinitely extendable unemployment insurance and tax breaks keep dancing in our head.

IRAN threatens Saudi Arabia
March 3, 2011
 March 11 is the first Day of Anger planned in Saudi Arabia, Iran warned Riyadh against cracking down on the Shiites in Arabia.
Saudi considered that unprecedented interference in Saudi domestic affairs.
Hellary Clinton accused Iran of using its Lebanese surrogate Hellzballah to influence events in the Arab world.
Truth from HELLary - Im shocked!
IRAN threatened that Saudi Arabia could be the next target of the revolution engulfing the Arab world.

Silence on Saudi King's medical condition
December  19,  2010
No outsider has seen 87 year old Saudi King Abdullah and no medical bulletins have been issued since Dec. 3 when he underwent an operation at the Presbyterian Hospital, New York USA.  He and his relatives have taken over a whole hospital wing and the entire Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.
Saudi is the dominant power of the Persian Gulf.
Dec. 15, concern for his health sharpened after US VP Joe Biden was not admitted to the king's bedside when he visited the New York Hospital with a letter from
Obama.  I wouldnt want Biden anywhere near me if I was ill.  Somewhere I read the king's life is under threat, he may be hiding.  Dont know.
There is a question of who will take the throne when king dies.

Saudi Arabia Day of Rage originally scheduled for Friday, March 11 is re-scheduled to Monday, March 7.
March 7, 2011  Seems odd to me you can schedule riots like this.
Riots against the Saudi throne are planned by Shia for several towns in Arabia.
Remember - mosques are bases for WARS and weapons are stockpiled in them.
Once Saudi Arabia  falls, so will Bahrain where the US 5th Fleet has its base, and Oman and UAE - ALL the Gulf states will fall, then how can we get our troops out of Iraq?
Here are many details

Saudi police patrol Riyadh ahead of demonstrations
March 11, 2011  Friday  
Hundreds of police have been deployed in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, ahead of anti-government rallies planned for after Friday prayers.
Security forces have blocked roads and set up checkpoints.
Analysts have warned that any violence could have a big impact on global oil prices.
Protests are illegal in Saudi Arabia, which has had an absolute monarchy.

* combined threads

Oil could hit $200-$300 on Saudi unrest-Yamani
Apr 5, 2011

* Political discontent in Saudi not resolved-Yamani
* "Surprises on the horizon" Yamani predicts
* Consultant says Saudi a "time bomb", change inevitable

LONDON, April 5 (Reuters) - Oil prices could rocket to $200- $300 a barrel if the world's top crude exporter Saudi Arabia is hit by serious political unrest, former Saudi oil minister Sheikh Zaki Yamani told Reuters on Tuesday.
Yamani said he saw no immediate sign of further trouble following protests last month calling for political reforms but said that underlying discontent remained unresolved.

"If something happens in Saudi Arabia it will go to $200 to $300. I don't expect this for the time being, but who would have expected Tunisia?" Yamani told Reuters on the sidelines of a conference of the Centre for Global Energy Studies (CGES) which he chairs.
"The political events that took place are there and we don't expect them to finish. I think there are some surprises on the horizon," he said in a speech.

Saudi Arabia - Iran War
April 5, 2011  
Bahrain now the 14th province of Saudi Arabia
Saudi King Abdullah made a deal with the Bahraini monarch Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for Arabia to annex Bahrain.  Tehran is ticked off!
WAR may soon become unavoidable.  
IRAQ who USA liberated with our blood and assets will join IRAN against Saudi.
US Fifth Fleet has its headquarters in Bahrain.  Saudi may evict them.

Bahrain King Hamad agreed to hand to Riyadh control of Bahrain defense, external, financial and domestic security affairs.
The Saudi Prince Mutaib was confirmed as commander of the Saudi and GCC forces.
Saudi was called into Bahrain to help put down the Shiite uprising, and would soon build a naval base there, opposite Iran.

Bahraini will not be governed by a Saudi prince like the others but by a member of the Al Khalifa royal family who will enjoy equal royal privileges with his Saudi peers.

Iran - Hellzballah are actively stirring up uprising against the Saudi throne.
Saudi forces now guarding Bahrain borders against any external attack.
Planes taking off from Iraq or Lebanon would not be permitted to land in the kingdom.
The Saudi fleet will move from the Gulf of Oman and Red Sea to the military section of Bahrain where the US Fifth Fleet has its headquarters and berths its ships.  

Iran compares Saudi actions in Bahrain to Saddam Hussein in Kuwait, but Kuwait did not invite Saddam, Bahrain asked Saudi.
Iraq's Shiite PM Maliki reviled US Middle East policy.
The threats from Tehran and Baghdad prompted the Gulf Cooperation Council to hold a meeting which condemned Iran interference in the internal affairs of Bahrain.  Saudi King Abdullah is ready to challenge Tehran headon.

Iran cant back down without appearing weak.  War inevitable.  The trigger is cocked, the timing unknown

Saudi action against Iran
April 20, 2011   Iranian students rampage in Tehran

Saudi Arabia gave up on US and Israel confronting Iran and prepares to act.
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman have reached a parting-of-the ways with Washington,
King Abdullah can NOT forgive 0bama for throwing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to the wolves.
Saudi Arabia will lead the Gulf region to confront Iran.

Thousands of Iranian students have laid seige tothe Saudi embassy in Tehran.
Iran warned Pakistan against allowing Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to buy troops, and beefed up its strength along the Pakistani border.
Syrian president Bashar Assad claims the revolt against him was instigated from Riyadh.

Will IRAN invade Saudi Arabia
April 24, 2011   A  Middle East powderkeg is brewing.
Shia Iran is considering handing Sunni Saudi Arabia an ultimatum over Bahrain.
Iran could block the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf - this is NOT a new threat.
Bahrain and the Saudis blame Iran for instigating the violent demonstrations.
The liklihood is VERY HIGH that Iran is behind all the unrest, toppling leaders of nations, to cause Armageddon to bring their Mahdi.  KNOW YOUR ENEMY.
IRAQ will support IRAN, dirty ungrateful Muslims.  The NWO is behind it all.

May  31,  2011     debka
Israeli-Saudi Strategic Concord
In secret deal, Netanyahu gains Saudi backing for military option against Iran.
Saudis Have Big Plans for a Divided Yemen
They are pushing for a new Saudi-ruled Arab Republic in southern Yemen.

Saudi prince raises prospect of nuclear arms race with Iran

Iran and Saudi Arabia are in proxy conflicts around the world

Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former Saudi intelligence chief, has warned that if Iran obtained nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia would too. Analysts say the two are already engaged in a 'cold war' in various parts of the world.

Britain's Guardian newspaper revealed recently that Prince Turki al-Faisal gave an unpublicized speech earlier this month to senior officials at a NATO air base in the UK during which the former Saudi intelligence chief and ambassador to Washington and Britain implied that a nuclear arms race could break out in the Middle East if Iran continues to pursue its nuclear ambitions.Faisal did not outline specific policies, but warned that if Iran had a nuclear weapon, it "would compel Saudi Arabia … to pursue policies which could lead to untold and possibly dramatic consequences."The newspaper also quoted an unnamed Saudi official as saying "we cannot live in a situation where Iran has nuclear weapons and we don't."

"If Iran develops a nuclear weapon, that will be unacceptable and we will have to follow suit," the official said.,,15202534,00.html

US, Saudi relationship in good shape

September  17,  2011  
O-LIES - Barak Obama is a pathalogical liar - FACT, not hate.
FACT - The Arab revolt was orchestrated by the NWO (new world order, globalists.)

Claim - Saudi warned Obama not to veto the Palestinian drive for statehood in the UN.
This article is a LIE according to what I read elsewhere.  Saudi DOES NOT WANT a Palestinian state!
Claim - Barack Obama and Saudi King Abdullah have a good understanding.
The key diplomatic relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States is good despite disagreements.  O-LIE.
FACT -  King Abdullah was FURIOUS at Obama for abandoning Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak.


Did Saudi Arabia king Abdullah die?
October 22, 2011
Prince Nayef, Saudi Crown Prince-in-waiting
*It appears Abdullah died but the langage is too mysterious to be sure.  
If there is a funeral, he is dead - right?
O good, USA media is not unclear.  He died.  Wait .. who died?
When you figure it out, let me know.

Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz's long-expected passing aged 87 in New York Saturday, Oct. 22 could not have happened at a more auspicious time for his presumed successor,
Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, to move up as next in line to the throne after King Abdullah.  

With the rest of the Arab world beset by anti-regime uprisings - and just two days after Libya's Muammar Qaddafi was brutally killed in the streets of Misrata -
the Saudi kingdom's 60-year old succession system offers a singularly smooth transition of power.

Saudi hardheaded Prince Nayef may step into the shoes of Sultan
Nayef has a record of suppressing domestic opposition with an iron fist
He is a conservative in Saudi terms, meaning he is close to the clerical establishment.
In Saudi Arabia the imams are full partners with the royal rulers and will be especially supportive of Nayef.
Nayef favors Muslim Brotherhood hardline jihad Islam, empowered by the Arab spring
Oct 25 is Abdullah state funeral

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Dies
Hmmm .. now I am more confused
The heir to the Saudi throne, Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz Al Saud, died abroad Saturday after an illness, state TV said.
The death of the 85-year-old prince opens questions about the succession in the critical, oil-rich U.S. ally.

Sultan was the half-brother of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, who is two years older than him and has also been ailing and underwent back surgery last week.
The most likely candidate to replace Sultan as Abdullah's successor is Prince Nayef.

Sultan died at a hospital in New York City. He is expected to be buried Tuesday in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Sultan dies
The crown prince was King Abdullah's half-brother and first in line to the Saudi throne.

Does shariah calculate to 666  ???

HAJJ  to  Mecca could become violent
October   26,  2011   Growing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran threaten war.
The Hajj annual pilgrimage in which millions of Muslims converge on Mecca in Saudi Arabia is threatening to become a flashpoint.
Pilgrims have already begun arriving, expected to peak in the second week of November.
Both Saudi Arabia and Iran regards itself as the leader of its wing of Islam.
The US troop withdrawal from Iraq will create a power vacuum that tempts both Iran and Saudi Arabia.

America surrendered to Iran Oct. 21, 2011

Iran to patrol US East Coast

2010  Hajj

Saudi Arabia names new crown prince
Nayef is hardline Islamic, NOT good!

October   26,  2011   RIYADH, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia named a new crown prince, the tough-talking interior minister
who is known for cracking down on Islamic militants and resisting moves toward greater openness in the ultraconservative kingdom.
Prince Nayef bin Abdel-Aziz Al Saud is heir to the Saudi throne following the death of the previous second in line, Crown Prince Sultan, last week.
Nayef would assume the throne upon the death of King Abdullah, 87, who is recovering from his third operation to treat back problems in less than a year.
Video on Saudi TV showed the king sitting in an armchair, wearing a white headscarf and robe, with another cream-colored robe draped over his shoulders. He did not speak.
Images broadcast earlier this week from the funeral of Prince Sultan showed the king with a surgical mask covering his face.
Prince Sultan died in New York Saturday at the age of 80 after an unspecified illness.
Traditionally, the king chooses his heir. But Prince Nayef was chosen by Allegiance Council, a 37-member body composed of his brothers and cousins. Abdullah created the council as part of his reforms and gave it a mandate to choose the heir.

Saudi King Calls for Arab Super State
December  23,  2011  
This is BIG BAD  NEWS!
Saudi King Abdullah has called for the formation of a Gulf Arab Union that would dominate the Middle East.
The GCC nations have technically been at war with Israel since 1948, raising uncomfortable questions about Israel's treaties with Egypt and Jordan should those nations join.
The GCC is comprised of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, and was formed in 1981 as a security alliance against Iran.

Saudi Air Force bigger than Israels
January 26, 2012  
Saudi Air Force will have more F-15 fighters than Israel, Jerusalem concerned.
USA to sell Saudi Arabia 84 advanced F-15SA fighter-bombers, and upgrade the planes the Saudi air fleet has now.
Riyadh is also buying 72 advanced Euro Typhoon fighter bombers.
They will have the largest and most sophisticated fleet in the Middle East.
One of several Saudi Arabia air bases is very close to Israel.
Most of the 911 attack terrorists were Saudis.
Israel asked USA for Saudi assurances about the reliability of the air crews who will man the new planes.

Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Export
19 February 2012   They promised to INCREASE oil export - now they are siding with Iran.
They are not fool enough to trust Hussein Obama!  The world’s top oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, appears to have cut both its oil production and export in December.

Saudi Arabia closes their embassy in Syria March 15,  2012
Saudi Arabia and Italy on Wednesday became the latest countries to suspend embassy activities in Damascus and withdraw their staffs. Spain suspended its embassy activities earlier this month, and the United States and France previously closed their embassies.

Destroy all churches in Arabia  Twisted Evil
March 18,  2012
The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia said all churches in the Arabian Peninsula must be destroyed. This includes Kuwait.
This prompted anger and dismay from Christians throughout the Middle East.
In Saudi Arabia, all religions other than Islam are banned.

Poverty in Saudi Arabia
30% of Saudi nationals are are living in poverty.
When most people think of Saudi Arabia they think of the vast oil riches of the country and the life style that goes with this;
huge villas, brand new American cars, the latest in technology, designer brands on display in the countless malls to be seen across the cities etc.
It is true that there is much ostentatious wealth in this country and some of the villas I have seen in Riyadh are breathtaking
however, the reality for many Saudis is very different.

1600 Riyals ($427/£244) is the breadline in Saudi Arabia and those who earn 1200 Riyals ($320/£182) per month or less are below the poverty line.
The article mentions that there are some public sector employers who exploit workers and fail to set a minimum wage.
Many workers are earning 1200 Riyals or less per month despite working long hours and they receive no health cover.
When considering low wages in Saudi Arabia and the poverty in which many live, one must also remember that
families on average are much larger than in countries such as the US; families tend to have 4 children or more.
Around half of all Saudi families don’t own their homes, with a considerable percentage of them living in shanties.
The King is trying to impliment a housing scheme to help those that dont have good housing.

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef dies
16 June 2012  Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Nayef, next in line to throne, dies at 77.
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has died outside the kingdom.
Prince Nayef to be buried Sunday in Mecca.
Prince Nayef had left Arabia in May for a holiday and medical tests.
Unconfirmed reports said Prince Nayef had been receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Geneva.
Nayef was named crown prince in October 2011 after the death of the previous crown prince.
Next in line is expected to be 76-year-old brother Prince Salman.
Saudi King Abdullah is 89 years old and must name another son in his 70s as sucessor.

Crown Prince Nayef, the hardline interior minister who spearheaded Saudi Arabia's fierce crackdown crushing Al Qaeda's branch in the country
after the 9/11 attacks in the United States and then rose to become next in line to the throne, has died. He was in his late 70s.

June 18, 2012  Saudi Arabia named Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz to be crown prince Monday, the state news agency reported, putting him next in line to the throne

Saudis are buying nuclear-capable missiles from China
July 4, 2012
Saudi Arabia to purchase Chinese nuclear-capable Dong-Fen 21 ((NATO-codenamed CSS-5) ballistic missile.
China would also build a base near Riyadh.  Eh?  China also has bases in Pakistan.
Saudis can buy a nuclear warhead from Pakistan.
Saudis poised for action in Syria on the Jordanian and Iraqi .

Riyadh Saudi Arabia explosion
November 1, 2012
 22 dead, 111 injured in Saudi capital
The death toll from the explosion is expected to rise
The massive explosion destroyed an industrial building that damaged nearby buildings as it was demolished.
The vehicles near the scene of the incident were ablaze and 5 engines were dispatched to the place.
An oil truck exploded when it crashed into a concrete flyover, and the blast damaged neighboring houses and cars.

Explosion in Bahrain Nov 5, 2012

Saudi Arabia Implements SMS-Tracking System
Nov 24, 2012
Saudi Arabia has long been the only country in the world that does not allow women to drive. Now, there appears to be a new development in controlling the movements of its female population: the Kingdom has reportedly introduced an electronic tracking system alerting male guardians when a woman has left the country.

Reports emerged of the system last week when Manal al-Sherif, a women’s rights campaigner who has urged women to defy the driving ban, was alerted by a husband who received a message from the immigration authorities advising him that his wife had left the international airport in Riyadh. He happened to be traveling with her.

Saudi King Abdullah  *  Dead or Alive?
Nov 26, 2012  JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia

Breaking News, one report says alive, one says clinicly dead
November 26th, 2012

Saudi King 'clinically dead', according to reports
Saudi King, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, has been in a state of 'clinical death' for the past two days, according to Arabic newspaper, Asharq Alawsat.
A report by the paper claimed that medical staff in Saudi Arabia have confirmed that the King's basic organs are no longer working.

According to the source: 'The fate of the king will be determined within three to four days.'

The news seemingly contradicts reports from the Saudi Royal Court, which publicly announced that the eleven hour operation had been a success. According to state news agency, SPA, the monarch, believed to be in his late 80s, was in hospital for surgery to tighten a ligament in his back.

News of the King's 'clinical death' has raised questions over who will be his successor.

With the current Crown Prince of Saudi, Prince Salman, 76, next in line for the throne, Asharq Alawsat's source claims his brother, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef has deployed forces to contest the succession.
The Saudi Royal Office denied the allegations.

Saudi Crown Prince Salman "reassured" Saudis during a cabinet meeting on Monday about King Abdullah's health, more than a week after the monarch had surgery to tighten a ligament in his back, state news agency SPA reported.
The king, believed to be in his late 80s, was admitted for surgery on November 16 and an announcement from the Royal Court said he had undergone a successful back operation that took 11 hours.

Saudi stability is of global concern. The key U.S. ally holds more than a fifth of world petroleum reserves and is the birthplace of Islam, where millions of Muslims flock to perform the annual haj pilgrimage.

"His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz reassured everybody about the health of King Abdullah," SPA said without giving any details or saying when the king might be released from hospital.

The Saudi stock market, which was on a downward trend throughout the day, reversed course and the index closed up 0.4 percent.

Top royals have repeatedly visited King Abdullah at the Riyadh hospital since the operation, SPA said on Saturday, but no photographs of the monarch have been released.
The crown has passed down a line of sons of the kingdom's founder King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, who died in 1953.

Abdullah - who took power in 2005- named his brother Prince Salman, 13 years his junior, heir apparent in June after the death of Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz. Salman deputises for the king while he is away and has chaired both this week and last week's cabinet meetings.

King of Saudi Arabia 'Clinically Dead'
Nov. 28, 2012 I guess its official - he's gone, well, not official .. err .. semi official??

The king of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, is clinically dead, reports the daily Al-Sharq il-Awsat.
His condition is expected to change soon. (You mean - unplug him?)
Saudi Arabia holds more than a fifth of world petroleum reserves. Home to the city of Mecca, Islam's holiest city, the country is also the biggest U.S. ally in the Gulf region.

On Tuesday Nov 27, the Saudi stock market index dropped to a 10-month low, closing 1.3 points lower.
In the event of his death, King Abdullah has named Salman as heir apparent, a move made in June following the death of Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz.

There has been 'disputes' over who would suceed the king.

Saudis will give $100 million to Palestinians
Jan. 16, 2013
- Saudi Arabia will give the Palestinian government in the Israeli-occupied West Bank $100 million to help alleviate a worsening budget crisis, the Palestinian president's office said.
President Mahmoud Abbas has struggled to convince Arab countries to deliver a $100 million monthly "safety net" they promised when he secured de facto U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state in November, prompting Israeli sanctions.

Abbas thanked Saudi Arabia, a longtime benefactor to his government, for the funds, which will be transferred imminently.
"The state's budget is facing a large deficit as a result of the docking of Palestinian money by the Israeli government as a punitive step after the U.N. recognition of Palestine as an observer state," Abbas said in a statement.

This is HUGE NEWS!
Saudi gives weapons to Syria terrorists
March 28, 2013
 Saudi heavy weapons supply to Syrian rebels breaks up Arab summit in uproar.
The Saudi operation coordinating with Turkey.
Syrian MB rebel terrorists ner Aleppo have obtained 220-mm Russian-made MLRS rocket launchers from Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan.
Russia brings cargo planes loaded with weapons into Syria to help Assad.
Moscow warned the rebels that if they attack Russian planes, Russian special forces will come in to wipe them out.
Russian warships in the Mediterranean were ordered to to Lebanon Beirut port.

The news that Saudi Arabia was supplying Syrian rebels stunned the Arab League summit in Qatar.
Qatar powerful enemy of Israel, friend with Hamas in Gaza.
Qatar helped bring the Evil Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni) to power in Damascus.

IRAN, Bahrain and Saudi dispute
Apr 6, 2013
Tehran seeks to expand its influence in the region, describes Bahrain as the 14th province of Iran.
Saudi Arabia and Bahrain offer a glimpse into the ongoing war in the region.

Bahrain is a tiny island emirate home to a Shia Muslim majority ruled over by the Sunni Muslim Khalifa monarchy.
Sunni Islam is the terrorist part.  Muslim Brotherhood are Sunni, Barak Hussein Obama is Sunni put in whitehouse by Saudi royals.
Shiites crushed in March 2011 following the entry of Saudi, Kuwaiti and United Arab Emirates forces. Tensions remain high.

Saudi Arabia is a main regional rival of Iran.
They are separated by sectarian loyalties, strategy toward the West and competition for dominance in the Gulf.

In Bahrain, recent revelations have centered on two cases.
In the first, a Bahraini citizen convicted in July 2011 of transferring military information in Bahrain to Iranian diplomats in Kuwait had his 10-year sentence confirmed this week.
He sought to photograph military installations in Bahrain and homes of USA Naval employees in the Gulf.

In February 2013 Bahraini authorities arrested 8 Bahraini citizens accused of membership in an Iran terror cell who planned to attack Bahrain airport and assassinate Bahraini officials.
Shia majority in Bahrain and the Saudi Shia minority face real repression and discrimination.
The existence of real and justified grievances does not, however, cancel out the evidence of Iranian subversive activity.
It was the shia who were so happy to see USA troops entering Iraq in 1992.

Saudi behind Boston bombings
Apr 17, 2013
 Saudi terror cell behind Boston Marathon bombings. Manhunt for escaped suspect.
Police and agents search Saudi suspects apartment outside Boston.  FBI investigation suspects Saudi terror cell.
Earlier they were saying he was NOT a suspect. DUH!  Muslim terrorist Barak Hussein Obama wont allow any Muslim to be called the terrorist he is.
Osama bin Laden was Saudi.  CIA hired him.  Al Qaeda is the CIA.

The Saudis got Obama into the whitehouse in 2008 without ever being vetted.
15 of the 911 hijackers were Saudi.

3 Saudis share an apt near Boston which was searched after one was questioned.
A Saudi student was hospitalized with badly burned hands. One of his flatmates was taken into custody over visa problems. A third is on the run.
All three hail from a prominent Saudi family.
FBI Boston Marathon probe pointed to Mid-East terrorists with domestic support.
The characteristics of the bombing are similar to the Palestinian attacks on Israel.  
However, the US govt / NWO being responsible is a far stronger liklihood.


TROJAN!  Saudi-Iran Plan
May 14, 2013
Saudis put Obama in the whitehouse to destroy Israel and Iran.
Any pact the Saudis make with Iran has an evil goal.
Saudi- Sunni - terrorists, Shia less so.  Assad - Shia.

Saudis talk to Iran about options for Syria and Lebanon.
Saudi Arabia has decided to explore dialogue with its great regional rival Iran for ending the Syrian conflict and assuring Lebanon.
Saudi has given up on Obama policy for Syria in view of Russian and Iranian unbending support for Bashar Assad.

Saud al-Faisal spoke with Iranian FM Ali Akbar Salehi at OIC in Jeddah.
Riyadh first priority is to stabilize Lebanon through a Saudi-Iranian entente on political equilibrium in Beirut.
The Saudis would next seek an accord with Tehran on the outcome of the Syrian civil conflict.

The Saudi rulers have concluded they had better look to their interests in Lebanon, which hinge heavily on the Sunni clan headed by Saad Hariri.
If they wait till a victorious Hizballah comes marching home and grabs power in Beirut, protecting Lebanon Sunni community will be that much harder.

HIzballah has increased its clout in Lebanon and Syria and its leader Hassan Nasty Nasrallah will have a greater say in any deal for Lebanon on the strength of his successful support for Assad.

Riyadh has little faith in the evil idiot John Kerry.
Obama is so enmired in the Bengazi scandal of ObamaLIES he cant do anything.

Russia firmly backs Assad, the USA cant hold out against the Russians.
A Saudi-Iranian deal gives Assad a political accommodation for ending the Syrian war.
The Saudis also deeply disapprove of the Turkish role on Syria.
Saudi-Iran seeks to outmaneuver Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan before he reaches the White House May 16 to confer with resident Obama on Syria.
I re-write these complex and messy articles.

Twitter will damn your soul, Saudi cleric says
5/19/13  Concern is mounting in Saudi Arabia that more and more people are using Twitter. So the head of the country's religious police condemns its use.
Life becomes more meaningful when someone from a long way away reflects your own thoughts.
It makes you feel less alone, less forlorn on your island of one.
I was, therefore, lifted to heights previously unimagined on hearing that the head of Saudi Arabia's religious police has declared that Twitter is an appalling waste of time, mind, and soul.
Actually, it's worse than that.
As the BBC reports, Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh mused that anyone who uses Twitter "has lost this world and his afterlife."

Saudi missiles to Syria rebels
Jun 17, 2013
Saudi Arabia to give the MB rebels in Syria MANPADS anti-aircraft missiles
Sunni Saudi Arabia is a key supporter of the Sunni Syrian rebels.
Hamas and Egypt president also Sunni.

Interesting article from 2012

Saudis start deporting pro-Hizballah Lebanese and Shiites
June 21, 2013
Saudi ambassador to Beirut Ali Awad Assiri said Thursday that Lebanese citizens who support Hizballah will be deported over the group’s role in the Syrian civil war, including “those who financially support this party.” He held Hizballah fully responsible for the decision by the Gulf Arab countries to expel Lebanese citizens. On June 12, DEBKAfile reported that Kuwait had sent thousands of Lebanese nationals out of the country.

Disturbances sweep across Saudi oil region
June 29, 2013
Widespread clashes between Shiites and security have been sweeping oil-rich eastern Saudi Arabia.

Saudis aided Egypt coup
Saudis, Gulf emirates actively aided Egypt military coup.
The Egyptian military could not have managed their clockwork coup without the aid of Saudi Arabia and Dubai.
Saudis and UAE backed Egypt generals after they failed to hold the tide back in Libya, Egypt and thus far Syria.
Saudi King Abdullah had his revenge for the toppling of his friend Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, for which he has never forgiven Obama.

The Saudis, UAE and other Gulf nations, such as Bahrain and Kuwait, would financially help keep the Egyptian economy running, so Egyptians
would see that in a properly managed economy, they could be guaranteed a minimal standard of living and need not go hungry as many did under Muslim Brotherhood rule.

Evil Qatar funded the Evil Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama did NOT cut off aid to Egypt.
US diplomats and their families ordered to leave Cairo at once.

For Israel
The removal of Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt has far-reaching ramifications for Israel. In the immediate term, it gives Israel some security relief.

Laughing   Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot which rules Gaza, has suffered a setback with the loss of its MB parents. Laughing

My analysis
Saudi Arabia put Barak Obama in power in the US whitehouse.  This is very interesting.  Was Morsi just too hot for Obama to handle?
Obama-Morsi attack on Bengazi and all the scandals.  Those 2 just too cozy, had to dump Morsi.
I do remember Saudi anger at Obama for not supporting Mubarak.



MERS virus kills 2 more
July 7, 2013  MERS, (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) coronavirus
Is this one of the Ezekiel 38 promised pestilence curses of the enemies of God and Israel?
2 more in Saudi Arabia have died from MERS, a new respiratory virus related to SARS.
The new virus belongs to a family of viruses that most often cause the common cold.

WHO convenes emergency talks on MERS virus
The World Health Organization convened emergency talks on the MERS virus.
The first recorded MERS death was in June 2012 in Saudi Arabia. Several more this April, May and June 2013 taking it to 79 cases.  43 MERS patients have died to date, thats 54%.
Like SARS, MERS has flu-like symptoms and it causes kidney failure.


Saudi missile base targets Iran and Israel
July 11, 2013
 IHS Janes revealed a nuclear-capable, surface-to-surface missile base deep in the Saudi desert, with capabilities for hitting Iran and Israel.
That is Obamas assignment by the Saudis who put him in the whitehouse - destroy USA, Israel and Iran.
The photos revealed two launch pads with markings pointing to Tel Aviv and Tehran.
Saudi Arabia reportedly acquired missiles from China in the 1980s.

Obama talks to Saudi King Abdullah
July 13, 2013
 The White House reported that Obama discussed the crises in Egypt and Syria with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Friday. Obama emphasized that the US will keep supporting the MB rebels seeking to oust Syria President Bashar Assad and voiced concern about violence in Egypt and the need for an inclusive, democratic process to return a civilian government. Their conversation ended with Obama and Saudi king at odds on both Syria and Egypt. -DEBKA

Saudi king calls on Arabs to stand with Egypt
Aug 17, 2013
Saudi Arabia King Abdullah speaks at OIC summit in Mecca.
He called on Arabs to stand together against MB attempts to destabilize Egypt.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its people and government stands with its brothers in Egypt against terrorism.
Saudi Arabia was a close ally of former president Hosni Mubarak and has historically had a difficult relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.
It pledged $5 billion in aid to Egypt after Mohammed Mursi of the Brotherhood was ousted in 2013 July.

Exclamation   Assad thinks Obama will stop Israeli reprisal
Aug 28, 2013
DEBKA Exclusive
Barack Hussein Obama would not allow a large scale Israeli military strike on Syria.
The IDF may harm the terrorists Obama hired.
Israel thinks Syria will strike Jordan rather than Israel.
John Kerry has been lying as usual, and you cant trust the UN.
The entire Obama govt and most of Congress lie.  We are in a melluvahess in Syria.

Saudi Tabuk air base F-15 warplanes could cross through Jordan airspace and hit Syria.
A French squadron of Rafale bombers is also based at Tabuk in Saudi Arabia.
The situation could take a different turn if Syria targeted the US forces deployed in Jordan.
Israel is more likely than Jordan to be first in line for Syrian payback attack.

Saudi Arabia Exclamation  Question


Saudis Go on Full Alert - Putin War Threat Stuns Muslim World
Sept. 1, 2013
 Sorcha Faal
Russian President Putin ordered his Armed Forces for a massive military strike against Saudi Arabia in the event that the West attacks Syria.
This has stunned the Sunni Muslim world and forced the Saudis to go on full war alert.
Syrian rebels in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta have admitted that they were responsible for chemical weapons incident Obama blames on Bashar Al-Assad.
Obama told his rebels to do that and he would blame Assad.
Putin is smarter than the Americans.
Suadi Prince Bandar uses the Chechens operating in Syria.  The Saudies put Obama in the whitehouse.

Putin became enraged after his meeting with Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan who warned that if Russia did not accept the defeat of Syria, Saudi Arabia would unleash Chechen terrorists under their control to cause mass death and chaos during the Winter Olympics scheduled to be held 7-23 February 2014 in Sochi, Russia.
Sorcha website has many supporting links, and I know enough from a private source to believe some of this.

Iran mends ties with Saudi Arabia
Sept. 20, 2013
My suspicion is Iran has promised nukes to Saudis.
IRAN President Hasan Rouhani calls past differences with Riyadh trivial tensions.
Iran has reached out to the long-estranged rulers Saudi Arabia, praising the Sunni kingdom as a friend of the Shiite Islamic Republic and dismissing ongoing strife with Riyadh as trivial tensions.  Saudi Arabia, a key regional ally of the US, has long pushed for action against Iran nukes.

Speaking at a gathering of Hajj officials in Tehran, Rouhani called Saudi Arabia a friend and brother of Iran and asserting that the 2 nations are willing to remove trivial tensions from the path of bilateral ties in order to fulfill bilateral and Islamic world interest.
Holy Antichrist Batman!

2 Saudi soldiers killed
September 26, 2013
An army vehicle exploded and burned during a regular training mission east of Riyadh.
The bomb was planted deliberately in the vehicle of the elite force which is the main pillar of the Saudi Arabia ruling royal family.  debka

Saudi UN speech canceled
Oct 2, 2013
Saudi Arabia cancels its address to the UN to express dissent with the resolution on Syria chemical weapons, and displeasure with the US turn on Iran.

Netanyahu U.N. Dance  
A nuclear Iran would be equal to 50 North Koreas in its threat to the world.
Netanyahu has tough task of rebuilding a credible Israeli military option against Iran
Obama knows Israel military is up to a solo operation against Iran. Tehran is convinced that Israel like the United States has lost the appetite for a military initiative.
Netanyahu must convince Iran that his challenge at the UN should be taken seriously.
Iran can use Syria or Hellzballah, or even Hamas in Gaza, to keep tensions high.
NO ONE has an appetite for war.

Gulf emirate officials recently visited Israel, signaling a further widening in the rift between Israel and resident Barack Obama over Iran.
These visits were in line with the ongoing exchanges Israel was holding with Saudi and Gulf representatives
to align their actions for offsetting any potential American easing-up on Iran’s nuclear program.
This is the first time Israel official sources have publicly aired diplomatic contacts of this kind in the region.
They also reveal that Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates have agreed to synchronize their lobbying efforts in the US Congress.

Hajj 2013 begins
Oct. 13, 2013
Millions of Muslims commence annual Hajj pilgrimage  to Mecca October 13-18, 2013.
To ensure safety, Saudi Arabia has deployed 100,000 soldiers.
Numbers reduced on fears of the MERS virus which has killed 60 people worldwide, 51 of them in Saudi Arabia.
MERS cases raise concerns pilgrims could be infected and return to their homelands carrying the virus.

MERS virus

What is Islam? Hajj, Eid

Rumors rumors
Oct 12, 2013
Saudis worst nightmare, Obama striking a bargain with Iran.
I saw that headline and remembered the Mossad man who said the Saudi royal family put Obama in power in the whitehouse - to destroy Israel and Iran.
I have read blogs claiming Obama is betraying his handlers and doing his own thing.
Rumors rumors.


Lest I be unclear, the United Nations is a curse on the USA and the free world.

The Saudi King is REALLY ANGRY with Hussein Obama!
Saudi Arabia declines UN Security Council seat.  Unprecedented
The UN General Assembly elects 5 new members to the Security Council including Saudi Arabia.
The 15-member council includes five permanent members with veto power, the US, Russia, China, Britain and France, and 10 nonpermanent members elected for two-year terms.

Saudi rejection of Security Council seat is a snub for USA.
The Saudi Arabia unprecedented refusal of a Security Council seat an insult to Obama.
It is unheard of to refuse this honor!
The Saudis accused them of double standards, failing to act against the Assad regime and falling down on a host of international issues in the Middle East. However, the snub essentially indicated the Saudi disapproval of Obama outreach to Iran.
Saudi Arabia is an enemy of Christians and liberty, and even they hate Obama - and they put him in power.

Saudi Arabia refuses UN Security Council seat
Saudi Arabia, in an unprecedented show of anger at the failure of the international community to end the war in Syria and act on other Middle East issues, said on Friday it would not take up its seat on the United Nations Security Council.
The kingdom condemned what it called international double standards on the Middle East and demanded reforms in the Security Council.
Egypt President Mubarak was a good friend of Saudi king.  Obama traded him for the MB terror king. Morsi.
Saudi Arabia also angered by a rapprochement between regional foe Iran and the United States.
Saudi is angered by many things, and I dont agree with them, but always like any nation who shames Obama.

Russia slams Saudi Arabia for refusing UN seat
Saudi Arabia refuses UN Security Council seat, citing double standards, failures.
Russia slammed Saudi Arabia for refusing to accept its seat on the UN Security Council, calling the kingdom's decision strange in light of its anger at the international community to end the conflict in Syria.  Russia is surprised and puzzled by its accusations against the Security Council.
This decision would have to have been taken by King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud or Crown Prince Salman.
Saudi Arabia has wanted to get onto the Security Council for 3 years.

Russia holding UN Security Council hostage to protect Syria President Bashar Assad

Saudi Arabia turns down UN Security Council seat
double-standards on the Security Council prevent it from carrying out its duties and assuming its responsibilities
One Security Council diplomat, quoted by AFP, said the announcement was "totally unexpected" and without precedent.
Saudi Arabia has turned down a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, accusing the world body of double standards.
The Saudi foreign ministry said the UN needs to be reformed first.
It said the Security Council had failed in its duties towards Syria as well as in other world conflicts.
UN diplomats expressed surprise at Riyadh.
Russia called the move bewildering, strange.

Arabs Rrealizing Israel is NOT the enemy
Oct 19, 2013
Some Arab states are beginning to realize that Israel is not the true enemy.
On many issues, we are united, said Israeli PM Netanyahu.
Many of the Arab states have turned against the same Islamist regimes that most threaten Israel.
Many nations in the area have a strong desire to eliminate the influence of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Netanyahu hinted Israel and several Arab states are actively cooperating on various fronts.
With America an unreliable ally, Arab states are looking for a strong anchor nation with which they can coordinate their own battles against Iran.
Many have found that ally in Israel, even if must happen in secret.


The House Of Saud Pushes For A “New United Nations”…

Flying well below the radar of the Mainstream Media was the House of Saud’s recent refusal to be a part of the current United Nations Security Council.  The Saudi government cites the United Nations refusal (and thus by default, the United States) to engage in military action against the Assad regime in Syria.  This refusal is far more significant than the sum of its parts – it is a strong signal from the Saudis of a desire to see a greatly enhanced, strengthened, and militaristic United Nations.  In effect, the House of Saud is now calling for a New United Nations.  Readers of my books know well the implications of THAT chilling term…

Saudi Arabia rejects seat on U.N. Security Council, says 15-nation body unable to solve world’s crises

Saudi Arabia is rejecting its seat on the U.N. Security Council and says the 15-member body is incapable of resolving world conflicts

The move came just hours after the kingdom was elected as one of the Council’s 10 nonpermanent members.

In a statement carried on Friday by the official Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi Foreign Ministry accused the Council of having “double standards” and failing in its duties toward Syria.

It says this alleged failure enabled Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime to perpetrate the killings of its people, including with chemical weapons, without facing any deterrents or punishment.

…The Ministry also says the Council has not been able to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict over the past decades and has failed to transform the Middle East into a zone free of weapons of mass destruction.

Please note the now open outrage by the House of Saud over the United State’s failure to bomb Assad into oblivion.  Many Americans wondered why Barack Obama, who could not act against Libyan terrorists attacking a United States ambassador, and who has ignored bloody conflicts around the globe, was so determined to engage our military in Syria.

Look to Saudi Arabia.

The current American president was doing THEIR bidding, using this nation’s military as a chess piece for the House of Saud’s ongoing work in dominating the Middle East and much of the world.

Arab states urge Saudi Arabia to take UN seat
Oct 20, 2013  UNITED NATIONS
- The Arabs at the United Nations urged Saudi Arabia to reconsider its decision to renounce a seat on the U.N. Security Council.  They hope that Saudi Arabia will maintain their membership in the Security Council.
Obama would like the Saudis to keep the council seat.
No country has ever been elected to the Security Council and not taken the seat. As an incoming Security Council member, Saudi Arabia would take its council seat on Jan. 1 for 2 years.

Saudis lash out at UN council after rejecting seat
22 Oct 2013
UNITED NATIONS (AP) Saudi Arabia's U.N. ambassador lashed out at the Security Council and indicated that his country is standing by its decision to reject a seat it was elected to on the U.N.'s most powerful body.
Abdallah Al-Mouallimi delivered a scathing attack on the council's failure to end the Israeli-Palestinian and Syria conflicts and to convene a conference on creating a nuclear free zone in the Middle East at a meeting Tuesday on Mideast issues.

It was his first public appearance following the government's stunning about-face Friday when it rejected a council seat hours after the General Assembly elected Saudi Arabia to serve a two-year term.
Al-Mouallimi referred reporters asking whether the government would send an official letter to the U.N. rejecting the seat to Friday's Foreign Ministry statement.

Exclamation  Idea  Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic ties with US over response to conflict in Syria
   Saudi Arabia is an important ally to the U.S. as it provides a secure source of oil
   Saudi diplomats now promise a 'major shift' in relations with the U.S. over inaction in the conflict in Syria
   Secretary of State John Kerry says he is committed to keeping a good relationship with the Saudis

Upset at resident Barack Obama's policies on Iran and Syria, members of Saudi Arabia's ruling family are threatening a rift with the United States that could take the alliance between Washington and the kingdom to its lowest point in years.
Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief is vowing that the kingdom will make a 'major shift' in relations with the United States to protest perceived American inaction over Syria's civil war as well as recent U.S. overtures to Iran, a source close to Saudi policy said on Tuesday.
Prince Bandar bin Sultan told European diplomats that the United States had failed to act effectively against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, was growing closer to Tehran, and had failed to back Saudi support for Bahrain when it crushed an anti-government revolt in 2011, the source said.

Question  WHAT?
Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic ties with USA!
I knew the Saudi king has been angry at Obama for 2 years.  If this is true, its HUGE.
This doesnt appear final - yet - but

If Saudi is angry Obama didnt remove Assad in Syria, yet now threatens to establish ties with Russia, who fully backs Assad, it makes me highly suspicious.
Saudi placed Obama in the whitehouse to destroy the USA, Iran and Israel.  Obama has betrayed them

I did a search and saw these also.
Upset at resident Barack Obama’s policies on Iran and Syria, members of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family are threatening a rift with the United States that could take the alliance between Washington and the kingdom to its lowest point in years.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies, unhappy with a U.S. pivot from a leading role in the Middle East, are taking more active roles in the influencing of foreign affairs, such as arming al-Qaeda in Syria's civil war and bankrolling the Egyptian military takeover.
"When you're not viewed as a reliable ally, and as a country no longer as dominant in the region, you lose influence on everything," says Elliott Abrams, a former adviser on the Middle East to former president George W. Bush. "You'll get less help on anything that doesn't involve their immediate interests."
Abrams says the Obama administration's reluctance to take a strong hand in the region's conflicts is fracturing longstanding relationships with allies and threatens to make it harder to control events in favor of U.S. national security.


MB threat to Israel, Golan, Jordan, Saudis
Oct 27, 2013
 IDF Golan defenses to drill along the Israeli-Syrian borders.
IDF command is deeply concerned by developments in southern Syria, concerned about a full-scale multi-front war situation.
Most of the Muslim MB terrorists streaming into Syria are from across the Muslim world including the Russian Caucasian.
MB terrorists hold the land along the bank of the Yarmuk River not far from the Syrian-Jordanian-Israel border.
The alarm in Israel and Jordan is shared by Saudi Arabia.
12% of the MB rebel terrorists are Saudi nationals.  (Most 911 hijackers were Saudi.)

Russians in Cairo - This is serious!  Exclamation
Oct 29, 2013
Russians in Cairo for secret talks with Egypt military leaders. The visit was arranged by Riyadh as a further step to distance Cairo from its dependence on the United States. Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan was in Moscow in July for talks with Putin on Russian arms for Egypt, with the Saudis footing the bill.


How serious is the US-Saudi rift?
Nov. 3, 2013
 USA strategic Arab partnership is suffering the biggest strains since it emerged that 15 of the 19 suicide hijackers who had attacked the US on 9/11 were Saudis.
18 October Saudi Arabia turned down its seat on the UN Security Council in protest.
Saudi Prince Bandar told European diplomats they would be making a major shift in relations with the US.

Saudi Arabia put Obama in the whitehouse, NOT our votes.
Do you wonder WHY I keep saying Saudis put Obama in the whitehouse?  THIS is why!
THIS is the REAL reason Saudi Arabia royal family is so angry at Obama.
Obama betrayed them!

August  2012  interview with Avi Lipkin
I met Avi Lipkin in 2002 when he was in USA.  He is a Jew who preaches in churches and synagogs.
He says Bark Husatan Obama is Muslim.  I knew that.  Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist, so is his staff.
In this interview he tells us a lot what was and what is coming.
He says the Egypt economy will collapse and they will come to USA.
He mentions UN Agenda 21
He says Muslims threatened the Vaitican.
Jerusalem IS ONLY holy to Christians and Jews - NOT to Muslims, thats a lie.

The old Iran President is gone, Iran has a new president 2013

Saudi Arabia has nukes from Pakistan
Nov. 7, 2013
 Saudi Arabia has bought nukes from Pakistan.  Warheads stand ready when Iran goes nuclear.  Riyadh has the missiles needed to launch them.
Saudi Arabia may already have deployed missile systems.

This report says nuclear weapons are ready and waiting delivery in Pakistan,
but by the time the public is told this much, YOU KNOW the Saudis already have them set and ready to fire.
Iran has had nuke capability for some time already, its not in the future.

Since 2009 Saudi Arabia has said it will not sit back and let Iran go nuclear.
The Saudis put Obama in power in 2008 to handle Iran, but Obama has betrayed them.

Saudi, Israel, France vs Iran

Israel welcomes French President Francois Hollande
Nov. 17, 2013
Israel is working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan
Riyadh gave Jerusalem the okay to use Saudi airspace and to cooperate on other tactical support.
Israel is coordinating plans with Saudi Arabia.
The Saudis are so furious with Obama that they are willing to give Israel all the help it needs.
Netanyahu urged France to remain firm.
After meeting Hollande, Netanyahu will head to Moscow.
Iran directly threatens the future of Israel.  (So does Obama!)

French-Israeli-Arab front against Iran
French President Hollande and Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu consider forming a joint French-Israeli-Arab front against Iran.
French President Francois Holland and FM Fabius arrive in Jerusalem today.
They are likely to determine how France, Israel and Saudi Arabia respond to the Obama Middle East moves.
Geneva pointless talks Nov. 20 between 6 world powers and Iran.

France will be given the option of aligning with the Middle East powers - Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE - which challenge Barack Obama and John Kerry on Tehran.

The next decision will be whether they are willing to consider military action on Iran.
France torpedoed the original US proposal in Geneva conference,
Paris, Riyadh and Jerusalem feel they were driven into a corner by Obama policy against their interests.

Hollande is confronted at home with anger over soaring prices and an unpopular French president.
Yet France is willing to stick its neck out and challenge Obama.

Hollande felt the need to talk to Netanyahu before deciding whether or not to pursue an independent French path against  Obama.
Netanyahu meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow Nov. 20.
He will see how far Russia is willing to go to fill the strategic void left by America.

The decisions reached by the French president and Israeli prime minister are therefore of critical import to the next round of nuclear negotiations with Iran Nov. 20.

Mossad working with Saudis on contingency plans for potential attack on Iran
Saudis furious over Iran nuclear deal on table and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs on military option.

Europe, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates and Israel have bonded together against Obama

Riyadh has given its consent for Israel to use Saudi airspace to attack Iran.
The Saudis are willing to assist in an Israeli attack by cooperation on the use of drones, rescue helicopters and tanker planes.
Once the Geneva agreement is signed, the military option will be back on the table, say the Saudis.   Sunday Times

Israel to provide Arabian Gulf with defense shield
Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates have asked Israel to provide them with a military shield.

Mossad working with Saudis on contingency plans for potential attack on Iran
Saudis furious over Iran nuclear deal on table and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs on military option.

Riyadh has given its consent for Israel to use Saudi airspace to attack Iran.
The Saudis are willing to assist in an Israeli attack by cooperation on the use of drones, rescue helicopters and tanker planes.
Once the Geneva agreement is signed, the military option will be back on the table, say the Saudis.   Sunday Times

Israel NEWS

I actually heard Saudi Arabia had given Israel a north Arabian airfield to attack Iran - over a year ago

Israel inspects Saudi bases
Nov. 25, 2013
If Israel tries to attack Iran, Obama will have Israel shot down!!!!!!!!!!!!
Could be used as staging ground for strikes against Iran
Israelis were in Saudi Arabia to inspect bases that could be used as a staging ground to launch attacks against Iran.
Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and other Arab and Persian Gulf countries have been discussing the next steps toward possible strikes on Iran.
Obama forbids a strike on Iran without his permission.  SCARY!
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel is not obligated by this agreement. The deal allows Iran to keep current centrifuges used to enrich uranium.  Iran gets sanctions relief.


Israel, Saudi, Iran, USA
Nov. 30, 2013  Enough enriched uranium in Iran for 4 nuclear weapons.
Pakistan has 4 nuclear bombs for Saudi Arabia
Saudi King Abdullah and Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu were not won over by Barack Hussein Obama.
Their skepticism only grew.
Is the world realizing Obama is nothing but an empty-suited LIAR?

Iran has capacity for producing 4 nuclear bombs.
Anything and everything Obama says is hollow  -  a LIE.
Obama wants to keep a nuclear bomb out of Saudi hands.

Iran already has enough enriched uranium to make four bombs. The Geneva deal did not address the nuclear threat at all.
Iran reached that point a year ago.

Detail here, but realize Muslims lie, Obama is Muslim, so is Iran, Muslims brag and threaten.
You cannot believe one word any Muslim says!  So writing what they say has no value.

Pakistan Nuclear ties with Saudis
Dec 2, 2013   WW3 is building rapidly
 is aligning with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
India is distancing itself from Israel

Gen. Raheel Sharif, who comes from a distinguished Punjabi military family, started work as new chief of Pakistan army.
Pakistan has been involved in the 12-year war in Afghanistan against Taliban, both of which used Pakistan lawless tribal territories as rear bases for their war on USA.

The Obama strategy without success is diametrically opposed to that of Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif.
Sharif is anxious to be rid of Taliban terrorists threatening stability.
The Pakistani government wants to reach terms with Taliban leaders and complete the transfer to Saudi Arabia of the nuclear weapons and missiles Riyadh purchased.  This transfer may have already started.
Pakistan is on the side of the Sunni Arabs against Shiite Iran.

These critical moves have not been lost on Iran or India.
India wants a southern Iranian port near the Pakistani and Afghan borders in the Arabian Ocean.
This would give Iran and India a strong foothold in Afghanistan after the American exit.
India sees Chabahar port as a counterweight for the big naval base China is building at Gwadar on the Arabian Ocean to share with Pakistan.

Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran are enemies.
The Saudis are using Baluchistan in SW Pakistan as their base for subversive operations against Tehran.
Israel is assisting this Saudi-Baluchi campaign.
The outgoing chief Kayani kept Pakistan army clear of Pakistan political wars.
But he also worked with terrorists against India.

Pakistan news

Super-Stuxnet wormwar
Dec 3, 2013
 Mossad and Saudi intelligence are designing super-Stuxnet to destroy Iran nuclear program.
Iran news claims that Saudi Arabia and Israeli Mossad are producing a computer worm more destructive than the Stuxnet malware to sabotage Iran nuclear program.

In 2010 it was claimed that Stuxnet was developed by the US and Israel.
It was the malworm which attacked the software of Iran uranium enrichment program and caused a major slowdown, as well as disrupting its only nuclear reactor at Bushehr.  It also infected Russian computer systems!

Now Iran claims that Saudi Prince Bandar and Tamir Pardo, Israeli Mossad, met on Nov. 24 in Vienna.
According to Fars. Riyadh was willing to fund Israel.
Saudi prince and Israel had rendezvoused in the Jordanian port of Aqaba. Saudi Crown Prince Salman warned Bandar that this was causing concern in the royal house.

Fars claimed that Prince Bandar secretly visited Israel under cover of French President Hollande state visit in November. WHOA!
Bandar took part in discussions in Tel Aviv on ways to halt Iran nuclear progress.

IRAN wants Saudi Crown Prince Salman to reprimand Bandar for his partnership with Israel
A group of princes seeks to remove Salman as Crown Prince. Bandar is one of them.
Tehran is worried about the Saudi-Israeli intelligence partnership.

Saudi Prince Bandar is Right
October 29, 2013
 Saudi Arabia Prince Bandar made a secret visit to Jordan this week.
Bandars visit to Jordan came on the heels of a conference in Israel.
Jordan could be the pretext for Bandar going to Israel too.

Saudis killed Hizballah terror chief
Dec 6, 2013
 Slaying Hizballah commander ratchets up Saudi covert war on Iran and Lebanese proxy
Nasrallah said the Saudi war against Iran has never stopped.
The gunning down of Hajj Hassan Hollo al-Laqqis, a high-ranking Hizballah commander and close crony of Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, raised the stakes of the clandestine war running between Saudi Arabia and Iran, two weeks after two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the Iranian embassy in Beirut.
The Hizballah officer was killed by five shots to the head and throat in the underground parking lot of his home in the Hadath neighborhood southwest of Beirut, when he returned home from work after midnight Dec. 3.  Hizballah described  Laqqis as an elite member of the military wing.
Accusing Israel of the deed and threatening revenge apparently made more sense to Hizballah that accusing Riyadh, which is out of its reach.
Saudi Arabia was behind the slaying of the Hizballah terror chief.

Iran wants Saudi isolated in the Gulf
Dec 11, 2013
 Persia owns the Gulf
Iran and the UAE are close to an agreement to return 3 Iranian-occupied islands in the Arabian Gulf to the Emirates.
GCC members UAE and Oman have sided with Iran against Saudi interests.  Javad Zarif talked them into isolating Saudi Arabia.
The conspicuous absence of Oman Sultan Qaboos from GCC summit in Kuwait this week.
He has been a go-between Barack Obama and Iran President Hassan Rouhani.
His absence told GCC that Oman stands aside from Saudi dictates for the approval of anti-Iranian resolutions.

3 islands in the mouth of the Strait of Hormus were seized by Iran in 1971 during the reign of the Shah.
The UAE has consistently demanded their return.
Iran Guards established a large naval, air force and missile bases on them.
Now Tehran is willing to share.

Saudi military delegation in Israel
December 11, 2013
 A high-ranking Saudi military delegation visited Jerusalem.  Saudi Prince Salman headed the delegation and was taken on a tour of Israeli military bases. No confirmation of these reports has come from any official source. - debka

Saudis order 15,000 US anti-tank missiles. For Syrian rebels?
December 15, 2013  Riyadh ordered 15,000 Raytheon BGM-71 anti-tank missiles,
likely destined for Saudi-backed Syrian rebels. - DEBKA

Gulf officials in Israel
Dec 26, 2013
Old news
Saudis were in Tel Aviv this month for consultations on Iran
A delegation from a Persian Gulf country recently visited Israel to meet with Israeli officials.
The Saudi officials met with officials from the defense ministries, even meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself.
In November, Saudi Arabia agreed to let Israel use its airspace in a future military strike on Iran and to cooperate over the use of rescue helicopters, tanker planes and drones.  (Saudi had given Israel an air base in northern Arabia a few years back.  Not widely known.)
Iran reported that Saudi Prince Bandar met with the Mossad in November.
Of course I already reported this!

Putin Orders Saudi Arabia Destroyed After Volgograd Terror Strikes
December 30, 2013
By Sorcha Faal

Putin Orders Saudi Arabia Destroyed After Volgograd Terror Strikes, Sorcha Faal
It is rumored Sunni Islam Saudi controls the Sunni Chechyn terrorists and there is reason to believe it.
Supposedly a Saudi told Putin he could guarantee no terrorism during the 2014 Sochi olympic games.

Suicide bombers hit Volgograd Russia - near Sochi Olympic zone
December 29-30, 2013

Iranians in Beirut Lebanon
Jan 27, 2014
 Secret Iranian team in Beirut to counter suicide attacks and upgrade Hellzballah intelligence.
Dont ask me why they like to say - secret!  Haha!
Iran is rebuilding Hizballah intelligence from scratch, because of all the suicide attacks.

Is there Saudi involvment in attacks on Hellzballah?  I cant quite tell.
Hizballah has apparantly lost control in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon.
Hizballah cant move night or day without coming under attack.

These attacks are targeted precisely by Syrian rebels and Lebanese Sunni Salafists aided by Saudis.
Supposedly, Israel and Saudi Arabia are sharing intel, if I recall correctly.

Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia
The Sunni Muslim Brotherhood was founded in l928, its goal the overthrow of all non-lslamic governents and the establishment of a unified lslamic state - (Sunni) caliphatc, a more equitable sharing of wealth.  hmmmm
Saudis were major financial backers and provided safe haven for Brotherhood leaders exiled from other countries.

Saudis and UAE Muslim Brotherhood Assault
Feb 8, 2014
They demand the expulsion of TV preacher Qaradawi from Qatar to Gaza.  DEBKA

UAE summons Qatari ambassador over Muslim cleric's criticism

Persian Gulf power play
Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood

Saudis to Muslim Brotherhood: Drop Dead.

Glimpse from misc links to an upcoming debka report.
Nothing but a headline today so I googled.

Saudi Arabia gives missiles to Syrian terrorists
Feb. 15, 2014
 Saudi Arabia to supply Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles.
Russia has accused the US of once again hijacking peace talks and pushing for regime change in Syria.
Russian-made antitank guided missiles and Chinese defense systems are waiting in warehouses in Jordan and Turkey.
They are likely to tip the battlefield scales favoring the terrorists.
Saudi Arabia supplying anti-aircraft launchers and missiles to the MB terrorists in Syria.

Mercenaries on US payroll
Obama is paying the MB rebels terrorists salaries to fight Assad.
Sunni-Shia hate each other.  Saudi, MB rebels and Obama are all Sunni.
Assad is shia-alawite.

Whats true?  God knows

Obama to offer Saudi Arabia coordination on Syria
Feb. 17, 2014
 King of Saudi Arabia expected to push for ousting of Assad.
Barack Obama plans to offer Saudi King Abdullah assurance of coordination on Syria policy during his March trip to Riyadh.
Last week, in a rare royal decree, the Saudi king outlawed travel abroad by Saudi citizens intending to join jihadists.

Saudis drop its lead antagonist Prince Bandar
February 19, 2014
 The live wire of the Saudi royal house’s drive against President Barack Obama’s détente with Tehran has been dropped. Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia’s National Security Adviser and Intelligence Director, has not been seen for more than a month.
Debka reported he was removed from Riyadh policy-making.  BAD!
Prince Bandar was in secret ties with Israel on Saudi and Israeli moves against Iran.
Israel lost the only other Middle East leader ready to publicly decry Obama’s policies on Iran and Syria.
Iran continues to support Assad.  GOOD!
Prince Bandar is a long-serving ambassador to the United States.  He vanished off Saudi and Middle East radar screens in mid-January, shortly before he was scheduled to visit Washington DC.

Saudis Military ties with Pakistan, India, Japan
They procure a Pakistani nuclear shield and troops, also Indian and Japanese fleets against Iran.

Pakistan nukes to Saudis
Feb 22, 2014  US at nuclear odds with Pakistan

US asks Pakistan to halt nuclear transfer to Saudis in respect of talks with Iran.  LOL!  Come on!
The Pakis are smarter than Americans!  THEY KNOW GENEVA TALKS ARE MEANINGLESS - wag the dawg!
Bwahahahahahahaa!  Sorry folks, lost kontwol.  Just cant hep it.

King Hussein Obama told Pakistan to hold back its nuclear arms transfer to Saudi Arabia to avoid upsetting the nuclear talks with Iran. This is hugely ironic.  See?  Even debka said it!  Too funny!  Hilarity at 4 am.  *yawn ... hahahahaa.

Washington seeks to curb the nuclear race triggered by its own acquiescence to Iran, recognizing its right to enrich uranium.
The Pakistani-Saudi nuclear deal is just one outcome of Obama policy.

Russia warns Saudis against giving Syrian rebels missile launchers
Feb. 26, 2014  
A Russian foreign ministry statement Tuesday voiced “deep concern” over reports that Saudi Arabia was planning to supply Syrian rebels based in Jordan with shoulder-launched surface to air missiles and anti-tank systems purchased in Pakistan for a rebel spring offensive. If these sensitive weapons reach extremists and terrorists flooding into Syria, they will in the end be used far from the Middle East, said the statement.  DEBKA

Gulf ambassadors pulled from Qatar
Mar 5, 2014  Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE
, part of the GCC, have withdrawn their
ambassadors from Qatar amid accusations that it has meddled in internal affairs
They say Qatar failed to commit to an agreement it signed three months ago.
Tensions between Qatar and the rest of the GCC have increased in recent years.
Qatar has gone rogue.

Saudi Arabia designates Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group
Mar 7, 2014
Saudi Interior Ministry also lists Nusra Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, whose fighters are battling Syrian President Assad.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar make war on IRAQ
Mar 9, 2014
IRAQ PM Nouri al-Maliki accused Riyadh of backing global terrorism,
sponsoring violence that has killed 1,800 in Iraq this year.
Saudi Arabia and Qatar are supporting terrorists in Iraq and have effectively declared war.
* See my note
Iraq shares a long border with Saudi Arabia.
Maliki, a Shiite, blamed neighbors for destabilizing Iraq.  (Iran, Syria, Turkey)
Maliki ticked off at foreign agendas with Saudi and Qatari incitement.  Uh huh.  NWO.
Saudi-Qatar are attacking Iraq through Syria and directly.

I KNOW it makes no sense!  Islam is irrational!  Islam is Evil and NOT
Terrorists are Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. (MB)  Qatar backs them.  
Saudi Arabia and UAE call Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, which they ARE.
But they are Sunni, not Shia, and Saudi Arabia is Sunni.  Only 10% are Shia in Arabia.
It looks as if Saudis are banning themselves!  Barak Obama is Sunni MB.
NWO uses MB but once they have served the NWO agenda, MB will be killed too.
Maliki is right, but I think he is cozy with IRAN, so discern.


Saudi Arabia brands Obama regime a terrorist organization
Mar 12, 2014   That is TRUE!

Putin told Saudi Arabia to explain their reasoning for labeling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.  DUH!  The MB has always been a terrorist organization.
Obama provided him evidence of Obama links to MB.
Egypt has documents proving Obama is a member of MB.
Obama is continuing to flood the US government with Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Obama appointing Muslim leaders in USA

Nuclear Arabia
Mar 12, 2014
The moment Iran goes nuclear, the Saudis will buy the bomb from Pakistan.
But they KNOW Iran has has nukes for years!  Why all the lies?
If Tehran succeeds in getting bomb, chain reaction race for arms will be ignited in Arab world.
As soon as Iran gets a nuclear bomb, Egypt will develop its own nuclear weapon, and Saudi Arabia will purchase one from Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia to close down Al Jazeera
Saudi Arabia will close down the office of Al Jazeera as the conflict with Qatar continues to escalate.  Al Jazeera is a front for the MB, as is Qatar.
Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain recalled their ambassadors from Qatar, accusing Doha of failing to abide by an accord not to interfere in each others internal affairs.
Saudi journalists cannot cooperate with Qatari media.

Saudis threaten to blockade Qatar by air, land and sea
DEBKA - Saudi Arabia demands that Qatar cut its ties with Muslim Brotherhood, close its Al Jazeera global television channel and expel local branches of the US Brookings Institution and Rand Corporation think tanks. If Qatar fails to comply with this demand, Saudi Arabia threatens to blockade the emirate by air, land and sea. The threat was issued before Riyadh withdrew its ambassador to Doha and branded as terrorist organizations the Brotherhood, Lebanon’s Hizballah, Syrian al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al Nusra and al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iran (ISIS).

Saudi Prince unhappy with Qatar’s links to Muslim Brotherhood
Mar 18, 2014
“As long as Doha does not revise its policy,” there’s no end in sight for the political crisis in Qatar, said Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal. The statement follows the March 5 return by their governments of Emirati, Bahraini and Saudi ambassadors from Qatar, a move spurred by the Gulf state’s alleged refusal to abide by the agreement that the Gulf Cooperation Council would not interfere in each other’s internal affairs. The three other GCC states are not happy with Qatar’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood, a party whose ideology is a challenge to the conservative principles of the Gulf region’s established monarchies.

Saudi mistrust overshadows Obama visit
March 28, 2014
 Friday -  Saudi anti-US step before Obama lands in Riyadh.
Shortly before Barack Obama arrived for a visit to Riyadh Friday, Saudi King Abdullah unexpectedly appointed former intelligence chief, Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, as second in the line of succession to the throne, directly after the incumbent Crown Prince Salman.
DEBKA:  Obama has been busy promoting Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef to this position.
Hahaha!  Slap at Obama!

US approach to Iran, Syria continues to fuel tensions in decades-long Saudi-US alliance.
Saudi Arabia has strong reservations about Obama deal with Iran, and disappointment over Obama lack of military action against Syria.

Mistrust overshadows Obama Saudi trip
Riyadh seems to be reaching out more towards Asia, including China, in an apparent bid to rebalance its international relations.
Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz visited China, Pakistan, Japan and India this month, reportedly to strengthen ties.

Obama, Saudi King discuss differences on Mid East issues
March 30, 2014  -  Saudi Arabia bragged in 2006 they would put a Muslim in the whitehouse in 2008 - and they did.
Barack Hussien Obama and Saudi King Abdullah (connected to an oxygen feed) discussed their differences over Iran, Syria and Israeli-Palestinian talks.  Also present were Crown Prince Salman, Prince Muqrin, and fm Saud al-Faisal, John Kerry and Susan Rice.

Obama Lands in Riyadh Bearing Predator drones.  This opens the door to the first shared Saudi-Egyptian-Israeli drone campaign versus al Qaeda.  Saudis warn Obama not to expect much from his visit

Saudi Arabia and Israel drone offensive without America
Obama is determined to discontinue American drone operations, but the drones will keep coming in Syria, Iraq and Egypt by Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Israel Plans Drones outside Its Borders.

Moscow claims Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov neutralized.
April 9, 2014  
Head of Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) Aleksandr Bortnikov said that Doku Umarov, the Chechen leader of the Caucasian Emirate terrorists, was killed in a combat operation.  How was not revealed.
Umarov was a high profile Muslim jihad commander in the Caucasus. He was Russian most wanted man, and also on the U.S. wanted terrorist list.
Umarov took responsibility for the suicide bombing that killed 37 people at a Moscow airport in January 2011 and the 2009 train explosion which killed 28 people.
Chechen jihadists are backed by Saudi Arabia - and Obama.

US Arms Syrian Rebels (terrorists, jihadists who kill Christians) Via Saudi Arabia.
Consignments include anti-tank, anti-aircraft missiles, heavy mortars and ammo. -debka

Egypt circulates thick file on MB
Egypt has evidence of Muslim Brotherhood conspiracies to topple Arab regimes with Qatari connivance.
Egypt, Saudis, UAE push War on Muslim Brotherhood out to US and Western Capitals. -debka
Will they save us from ourselves?  No.

Deadly Virus's Spread Raises Alarms in Mideast
April 14, 2014  
Saudi Arabia on Sunday confirmed a surge of cases of a deadly virus in the kingdom over the past two weeks, even as it tried to counter criticism that it wasn't doing enough to contain the outbreak. The United Arab Emirates over the weekend separately announced six confirmed cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, among paramedics there, one of whom died of the illness.

MERS is a camel virus

Prince Bandar replaced as Saudi intelligence chief
April 15, 2014  
Saudi intelligence director Prince Bandar bin Sultan has been replacedat his own request by his deputy, Yousef al-Idrissi.
Bandar, a former ambassador to the US, acted in the past two years as the kingdom’s point man on the Syrian conflict.

Arabian chief pledges war on west
April 17, 2014
Arabian Peninsula Muslim terror chief Nasser al-Wuhayshi pledged to pursue the war against Western “crusaders” everywhere possible.
In Canberra, Australian Prime Minister John Key reported that a New Zealander with terrorism links known as “Muslim bin John”
and an Australian were killed in a US drone strike in Yemen last year.  DEBKA

Saudi health minister replaced amid virus outbreak
April 22, 2014
Saudi Arabia's health minister, Abdullah al-Rabeeah, has been replaced by Labour minister Adel Fakieh as the kingdom struggles to contain the surge of new cases of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Rabeeah has been made an adviser to the Royal Court, Monarch's decree said. Last week, the kingdom confirmed an additional 49 cases, mostly in the port city of Jeddah. Overall, Saudi Arabia has acknowledged 244 cases of MERS since 2012, of which 79 have died.
MERS is a viral infection that causes pneumonia-like symptoms. So far, about 30 percent of people with known infections have died.

Pestilences  -  17 new MERS cases
April 23, 2014
Saudi Arabia has discovered another 17 cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), as the total number of confirmed infections of the SARS-like disease has jumped by a third in the past week.
MERS has no vaccine or anti-viral treatment, but international and Saudi health authorities say the disease, which originated in camels, does not transmit easily between people and may simply die out.
King Abdullah replaced the health minister, Abdullah al-Rabeeah, yesterday amid growing public disquiet at the spread of the disease, which was discovered two years ago and kills around a third of sufferers.

The jump is of particular concern as Saudi Arabia is expected to have a large influx of pilgrims in July during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, followed in early October by the arrival of millions of people to perform the annual Haj in Mecca and Medina.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's second-largest city where many of the new cases have been discovered, is the main entry point for pilgrims visiting nearby Mecca, site of the holiest places in Islam but where there have been no confirmed cases so far.
Last year's Haj passed without any new infections being identified.

5 more deaths from MERS virus
April 27, 2014  
* a SARS version is in Egypt
Five new deaths from the Mers coronavirus have been announced in Saudi Arabia, taking the country's death toll from the disease to 92.
It comes as Egypt recorded its first case, in a 27-year-old man who had recently returned from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi officials said 14 new cases had been detected in the kingdom, bringing the total to 313 since the virus first emerged there 18 months ago.
Mers causes symptoms including fever, pneumonia and kidney failure.
A Saudi government statement said the latest five victims were two Saudi nationals, two elderly Palestinians and a Bangladeshi woman in her 40s.

Egypt's health ministry said the man diagnosed there with Mers - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome - was from the Nile Delta and had been living in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.
He is being treated for pneumonia at a Cairo hospital and is in a stable condition, the ministry added.

Last Monday, Saudi health minister Abdullah al-Rabiah was sacked without explanation, as the Mers death toll climbed.
On Friday, a spokesman for the World Health Organization in Geneva said it was "concerned" about the rising numbers of Mers cases in Saudi Arabia.
It called for a speedy scientific breakthrough as research continues into the virus and its route of infection.

Growing number of Mers cases in Saudi Arabia is deeply worrying
April 29, 2014  
The death toll in Saudi Arabia from the deadly Mers (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus has crossed 100 and the number of deaths recorded on Monday alone was the highest single-day toll. The number of cases reported, which until Monday stood at 339, and the alarming death rate of 39 so far for this month alone, are worrying indicators that the situation may rapidly be reaching a dangerous level. Particularly worrying is that the Ramadan umrah season is approaching, during which many more can get infected by the disease and take it abroad. A concern closer to home is that the ease of travel between Saudi Arabia and the UAE may have a detrimental effect here.

The UAE is possibly one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the region. With a large majority of its population being from foreign countries, it is a country of travellers whose global connectivity is like few others. Any major outbreak here can similarly have a ripple effect throughout the world, turning Mers into a pandemic. It is very important for governments to prevent panic. However, a careful balance needs to be reached between the need to prevent panic and the necessity of transparency to serve the well-being of the public. Saudi Arabia has an obligation to the region and the international community to explain how it intends to prevent the spread of the disease in the umrah season. Regional governments, in turn, owe their people an explanation on how they plan to keep the virus from crossing their borders, especially in cities that regularly witness an influx of tourists from Saudi Arabia. –Gulf News

Nuclear Saudi Arabia
April 30, 2014  
Saudi Arabia became the first Middle East nation to publicly exhibit its nuclear-capable missiles. Saudis parade DF-3 nuclear missiles for the first time in defiance of US-Iranian nuclear accord.
The long-range, liquid propellant DF-3 ballistic missile (NATO designated CSS-2), purchased from China 27 years ago, was displayed for the first time April 29 at a Saudi military parade at the Saudi-Kuwaiti-Iraqi borders.
The DF-3 has a range of 2,650 km and is equipped with a single nuclear warhead.

Pakistani Chief of Staff Gen. Raheel Sharif watched in the stands alongside King Hamad of Bahrain and Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi.

Saudis prove they have nuclear missiles and are ready to use them.
They have had them for YEARS.
Saudis estimate that the coming conflict will see the use of nuclear weapons.

By showing off their ageing Chinese missiles, the Saudis intimated that they had acquired the more advanced generation (DF-21) of this weapon, which they are keeping under wraps.
Saudis also recently purchased nukes from Pakistan.

The truce between Saudi Arabia and Israel is not a peace treaty.

Saudi ballistic missile site
Janes report
-  Saudi Arabia has a ballistic missile facility near the town of Al-Watah, 200 km west-southwest of Riyadh.
Satellite imagery shows the Al-Watah site differs in layout from the two previously identified launch sites for the DF-3 intermediate-range ballistic missiles that Saudi Arabia reportedly acquired from China in the 1980s. Most notably, it does not appear to have a garrison complex.
Nevertheless, it has two large launch pads that are identical to ones that can be seen at Chinese DF-3 bases.
The liquid-fuelled DF-3 was an early Chinese nuclear weapon delivery system and is believed to have a range of at least 2,000 km with a 2,000 kg warhead.

DF-3 Dongfeng Chinese ICBM

Is the USA using lab virus as a weapon against Saudi Arabia?
The liklihood is very high - proof unlikely available

18 new MERS cases diagnosed in Saudi Arabia
May 8, 2014
Saudi Arabia has identified 18 new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS),
pushing the total number of infections in the country so far to 449.
Four people died from the disease, taking the total death toll in Saudi Arabia to 121 since the form of coronavirus was identified two years ago.
The total number of infections nearly doubled in April and has risen by a further 21 percent in May.

Hagel to go to Israel
May 11, 2014
 U.S. Defense Secretary (evil) Chuck Hagel will fly to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel.
In Saudi Arabia, Hagel was due to meet with GCC.
All this wicked Haman ..  I mean Hagel will do is lie, just like John Kerry and Susan Rice.
What a waste of time and money.

MERS virus: Saudis warned to wear masks near camels
May 12, 2014
Saudi Arabia has urged its citizens to wear masks and gloves when dealing with camels so as to avoid spreading the MERS virus.  It suggested boiling camel milk and only eating cooked camel meat.
The agriculture ministry advised people not to come into contact with camels unless necessary and to wash their hands if they did.

Saudia Arabia is the country by far most affected by MERS, with 133 deaths since the virus was detected in 2012.  Nearly 500 people in the kingdom have been infected.
It is advisable to wear protective gloves, especially when dealing with births or sick or dead camels.
Drosten said that dirty hospitals are fuelling the epidemic and called for an urgent campaign to improve hospital hygiene.

Saudi fears rise

May 14, 2014  Saudi King Abdullah names son Turki bin Abdullah to governor of Riyadh province, one of the most important positions held by ruling family members, shortly after another son, Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah, was made governor of Mecca province of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia reports 3 more MERS deaths,
May 17, 2014
 Health authorities in Saudi Arabia have reported three more fatalities from the MERS respiratory virus, taking the death toll in the world’s worst-hit country to 163. The health ministry website also revealed on Saturday that 520 cases have been recorded in the country since MERS appeared in Saudi Arabia in 2012. It said three women died on Friday; a 48-year-old in Riyadh, a 67-year-old in Taif, and woman in Jeddah whose age was not disclosed. A spate of cases among staff at King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah last month sparked public panic and the dismissal of its director and the health minister. Other nations including Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, the Netherlands, the UAE and the US have also recorded cases, mostly in people who had been to Saudi Arabia. On Wednesday, the World Health Organization said its emergency committee, which includes global medical and policy experts, had flagged mounting concerns about the potentially fatal virus. The WHO called on countries to improve infection prevention and control, collect more data on MERS and to be vigilant in preventing it from spreading to vulnerable countries, notably in Africa.

But it has so far stopped short of declaring an international health emergency, which would have far-reaching implications such as travel and trade restrictions on affected countries. A WHO team carried out a five-day inspection visit to Saudi Arabia earlier this month and pinpointed breaches in its recommended infection prevention measures as being partly responsible for the spike in hospital infections. MERS is considered a deadlier but less transmissible cousin of the SARS virus that appeared in Asia in 2003 and infected 8,273 people, nine percent of whom died. Like SARS, it appears to cause a lung infection, with patients suffering coughing, breathing difficulties and a temperature, but MERS can also causes rapid kidney failure. –Al Jazeera

May 2014  -  3 have MERS in USA

May 23, 2014
– The Philippines said 2 of its citizens working in Saudi Arabia have died from the MERS coronavirus.  Their relatives have been informed and efforts were being made to bring the bodies home.  The deaths were recorded on May 12 and 18.  This brings the death toll to 177 worldwide with about 652 reported infections. Thousands of Filipinos work in the Middle East, while it is estimated as many as 10 million work overseas to escape widespread poverty at home. -YME

MERS appears to be nearly identical to SARS.  Are they making up names?  Are they creating lab virus to intentionally kill?
MERS, SARS Corona virus all about the same, not much variation.


Saudi Arabia, UAE report 6 more MERS cases
May 24, 2014
Six more MERS-CoV cases were reported today, three each in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as the springtime surge of illnesses continued, though at a more modest pace than it showed through most of April and early May. Also today, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) appealed for an urgent increase in research on MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) in animals, including a systematic hunt for animal and environmental sources of human infections. The new cases in the UAE were reported today by the World Health Organization (WHO), following its receipt of a report from UAE officials 2 days ago. All three cases were in Abu Dhabi. One case is in a 71-year-old man who has several preexisting illnesses and has been hospitalized since Feb 11, the WHO reported. He got sick with a fever on May 4 and tested positive for MERS-CoV 3 days later. He had had contact with another MERS case-patient, a 39-year-old female healthcare worker whose case was reported to the WHO on May 11. The second case involved a 26-year-old man whose infection was detected on May 8 through general screening at his (unnamed) workplace, though he had had no exposure to other MERS patients and no symptoms on the day of screening. He had contact with cows and sheep but not camels, nor had he consumed any raw camel products, the WHO said. For isolation purposes, he was hospitalized from May 8 to 14.

In the third case, a 36-year-old man got sick on May 2 and was hospitalized 5 days later, the WHO said. He tested positive on May 9 and then recovered and was released May 12. He had preexisting illnesses, but he had no exposure to other MERS patients, animals, or raw camel products. The three infections raise the WHO’s MERS count to 635 cases with 193 deaths. The number includes 17 cases that Saudi Arabia reported from May 16 to 18. Meanwhile, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) today put its own MERS count at 658 cases and 204 deaths. The numbers are listed in the agency’s weekly Communicable Disease Threats Report. Many camels in the Middle East carry the virus or have antibodies that suggest past exposure to it, but no one has yet figured out exactly how it spreads from camels to humans. Experts have been calling for case-control investigations and other studies to help answer that question and related ones. “There is an urgent need to focus investigations on the epidemiology of MERS-CoV in animal species, to prevent human primary infections and to avoid putting other people in danger,” Juan Lubroth, DVM, PhD, the FAO’s chief veterinary officer, said in today’s statement. -CIDRAP

Saudi Arabia - 282 MERS deaths
June 4, 2014
 Saudi Arabia reported significantly more MERS deaths.
282 MERS deaths since 2012.
As a coronavirus, MERS is in the same group of illnesses as the common cold.
But it is much more lethal, 30% of those infected died.

Here is my guess FWIW.
MERS, camel flu, has always existed in Arabia and other Muslim nations and always caused deaths, just never reported.  Muslims live with their animals and mate with them.

says Saudi Arabia is arming the Assyrians and fears they are next.
Saudis view the failure to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a victory for Iran.

IRAQ NEWS * Assyria rising

Jordan bombs ISIS
June 24, 2014
Jordan air force bombs ISIS which is also at Saudi border.
Both the US and Israel have pacts to defend the throne of Jordan King Abdullah.

The Jordanian air force hit ISIS June 23, as they drove into into the kingdom through the Turaibil border crossing. The jets destroyed 4 vehicles.
Jordan called up military reserves Sunday, after discovering ISIS targeted Amman.

By seizing Turaibil, the Islamists were able to cut off the main Iraqi-Jordanian artery for trade and travel between the two countries.
They may have been stopped for now by the Jordanian air strike.

ISIS in Saudi Arabia
Truly odd Saudi asks Egypt for help, when Saudi has been backing ISIS.
US and Israel are keeping track of the Sunni terrrorists rapid advances.
A desert separates Amman from the Iraqi border, ISIS easy to spot.
They have cells planted in most Jordanian towns to help them make their way across.

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi discussed ISIS.
The Saudi king wanted to hear Sisi promise to reward the oil kingdom and Gulf emirates for the financial aid with a pledge of Egyptian military help.

Kerry canvassed Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish leaders for a consensual candidate to lead an Iraq government. NOTHING John Kerry says has ANY meaning.  Ever.

IRAQ is now 3 states
Kurdistan in the north, Sunnistan / ISIS / CIA in west, and Shiastan in the south


John Kerry to Visit Saudi Arabia
June 26, 2014  
John Kerry goes to Saudi Arabia for talks with King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz about Iraq.
Obama-Kerry CAUSED the Iraq mess by training and arming the ISIS (CIA) terrorists.
Kerry told NATO he would stress Iraq and brief Saudi leaders on his visits to Baghdad.

I am reporting as I see things, not as article is written.
June 27, 2014  Saudi Arabia King Abdullah
calls up Saudi armed forces, Egyptian troops ready to fly to Arabia.
June 26 Saudi King Abdullah summoned a meeting and ordered all necessary measures to protect the kingdom against terrorist threats. This meant a general call-up of military units for a high level of preparedness.
DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose that Egypt is assembling an expeditionary commando force to fly to Saudi Arabia and bolster its border defenses.
This flurry of Saudi-Egyptian military steps comes in the wake of intelligence gathered by Saudi reconnaissance planes showing Iraqi Al Qaeda-linked Sunni fighters (ISIS) heading for the Saudi border and aiming to seize control of the Iraqi-Saudi crossing at Ar Ar (pop: 200,000).

This reads as if Kerry told Jordan and Arabia NOT to defend from ISIS.
Remember - Obama trained, equipt and sent ISIS.
Obama is funding BOTH SIDES - Hegelian dialectic - and he wants congress to give him MORE money for ISIS in Syria

Syrian warplanes (most reports) tried to damage the partially repaired runways inside Iraq to prevent any more Saudi air shipments from landing.  One report said this was an Iranian plane.  I dont know.
6 countries are involved in IRAQ, the US, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

YES it gets confusing, as both Saudi Arabia and Jordan kings are Abdullah.
There is an interesting history between these 2 nations.


IRAQ NEWS June 27, 2014 reports Saudi Steps into Iraq War to Push Iran and ISIS out.
Riyadh first backed ISIS only to find those terrorists lurking at its own back door.

Saudi Arabia deploys soldiers on Iraq border
July 3, 2014
Saudi Arabia deployed 30,000 soldiers to its border with Iraq after Iraqi soldiers withdrew.

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah discussed Iraq with Obama.
July 4, 2014
Baghdad has blamed the Saudis for encouraging genocide in Iraq.
Saudi Arabia gives money and supplies to Sunni rebels in Syria, so has USA, and that is the group which formed Isis.

4.5 earthquake Red Sea (Between Eritrea Africa and Saudi Arabia) July 11, 2014

MERS may be airborne
July 24, 2014  SAUDI ARABIA –
Genetic fragments of the deadly MERS virus (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) were detected in the air of a barn where an infected camel was kept.
Researchers collected air samples from a camel barn owned by a MERS patient who died in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  One of the camels in the barn had MERS.

CDC getting dozens of calls
Aug 6, 2014  
CDC has received several dozen calls from hospitals about people who are ill after traveling in Africa.  A lot more Ebola testing has been going on around the nation than we have been hearing about in the mainstream media.  
A Liberian man just died from Ebola in Morocco, and a man that traveled to Saudi Arabia from Sierra Leone Aug. 3 is being tested for Ebola.

Breaking News
Saudi man dies in Jeddah, thought to have contracted Ebola on Sierra Leone trip @Yahoo News

Israel not taking criticism too seriously
August 13, 2014  Israel not taking Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi  
belated criticism too seriously.
This bloc has given Israel extraordinary latitude to fight Hamas, they are threading
a line between their strategic interest and popular Arab opinion.

Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have come out belatedly against Israel attacks in Gaza
in response to rocket fire, rhetoric meant for the masses.
Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE were uncharacteristically silent over Israeli defence against Hamas.
They view Hamas as worse.
This bloc is fighting to maintain their regimes stability against terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Jordan King Abdullah criticized Israel harshly.
Saudi Arabia King Abdullah condemned international silence over Israeli defense.
Egypt claims the border with Gaza at Rafah remains open, despite media reports claiming the border was closed.

Saudi Arabia - 2 new cases of MERS, including one death
August 13, 2014
One death and a new case of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in Riyadh after a lull. The last case of the virus was reported on July 10.  There have been 722 cases of MERS-CoV in the Kingdom since June 2012, of which 299 have died.

Saudi prince motorcade attacked, robbed in Paris
August 19, 2014  
Robbers wielding Kalashnikovs attacked the motorcade of a Saudi prince on its way from the Saudi embassy to Le Bourget airport, making off with 250,000 euros in cash and sensitive diplomatic documents.

Did they want money or documents?  Probably document and probably ISIS, the Iraq Sunni jihadists who have plenty of money.

Eight gunmen in 2 unmarked BMWs seized the Mercedes carrying the money and documents, later releasing the driver. No shots were fired.
Robbers steal Saudi prince's car.
JT - A gang of thieves hijacked the first of 10 vehicles in the convoy, driving off with the three occupants before letting them go, police said.

Its quite an unusual attack. They were obviously well-informed.
It lasted just a few seconds, suggesting a very organised and especially informed commando unit, who had information and accomplices.
The burned shell of the stolen Mercedes and an abandoned car later discovered nearby.

Notes, documents in Arabic and some medical drugs were later discovered near the abandoned cars.
A manhunt has now been launched across France in a bid to track down the thieves.

The Saudi embassy in Paris put out a statement saying that the vehicle was hired by a Saudi citizen and was not an embassy car.  However, the embassy said it had helped the citizen until he left Paris.


Saudi Arabia - 2 suspected Ebola patients flee hospital  
August 20, 2014
Two men (African illegals apparantly) suspected Ebola ran away from a health center in Madinah province Saudi Arabia.
The came to see the doctor complaining of difficulty breathing and bleeding while passing urine.
They ran away after being asked to produce their residency permits.
The police are still searching for the patients. –Gulf Business

Egypt and UAE air strikes on Libya
August 26, 2014
War planes bombard Tripoli capital as Islamists seize control of Tripoli and airport.
Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have been joining forces in secret to carry out air strikes on Libya
without informing the US.  Egypt denied it.
Egypt and UAE are solid military allies and are backed by the US.
UAE was the source of pilots, warplanes and aerial refueling planes while Egyptian bases were used to strike Tripoli.

43 Fiji UNDOF abducted near Golan
August 30, 2014  
43 Fiji UNDOF members were abducted near Golan border.
Golan buffer zone was overrun in the fighting between isis and the Syrian army.
Israel asked Qatar to help UNDOF since Qatar controls the isis.
Why should Israel rescue Hitlers?

Saudi King Abdullah summoned Western ambassadors to his palace in Jeddah to convey an urgent message -  Terrorism is an evil force that must be fought with wisdom and speed, and if neglected it will arrive in Europe and America. King knows its here now.
This is a long meaningless article.  I re-wrote it.

Isis or isil is Hamas and boko loco and alqaeda and Sunni Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA.  
CIA director Chuck Hagel is Muslim and a bad actor.  The world is seeing the true Islam, and it is NOT peaceful.

The Muslim terrorists have been in USA and Europe and all nations for many years, and in control in the US whitehouse for 5 years.  
This whitehouse considers it a joke because they are Muslim Sunni terrorists too.

Egypt warns Qatar
Sept 4, 2014  
Egypt and Emirates Take First Military Swipe at Qatar
Three top Saudi princes warn Qatari Emir to stop aiding Islamists and radicals in Libya.
Here are some links from Feb.

I dont have much info on this, only pieces

Despite Ebola, 70,000 Nigerians Haj
Sept 10, 2014
Muslims travel to worship the black rock October 1 for Hajj, their pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has no plan to ban Nigerians from performing Haj this year because of Ebola virus.
Nigeria has reported 13 confirmed ebola cases with 5 deaths.

Egypt - Saudi rulers take charge
December 6, 2014
 Netanyahu’s epic understandings with Egyptian, Saudi and UAE rulers.
The 6 GCC rulers meet in Doha Qatar next week amid high suspense across the Arab world. Its agenda is to unravel the 2010 Arab Spring.  Also hints of quiet cooperation between Israel and key Arab rulers.

Doha parley is designed to restore Egypt under the rule of President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi to the lead role it occupied before the decline of Hosni Mubarak.  Another is to root out the Muslim Brotherhood by inducing their champion, the young Qatari ruler, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, to drop his government’s support (for MB).

At talks taking place in Riyadh ahead of the summit, Qatar appeared ready to discontinue the flow of weapons, funds and intelligence to the Muslim Brothers and their affiliates across the Arab world (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Hamas-ruled Gaza), as well as curtailing or shutting down the El Jazeera TV .

Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu may be a key ally.
Yet, Netanyahu has kept it quiet

This week, Israel quietly agreed to Egypt deploying 13 army battalions in Sinai (demilitarized under their 1979 peace treaty), including tanks, and flying fighter jets over terrorist targets.

This meeting in Doha is HUGE!
This is what I see after reading this debka article.
Israel and the named Arab nations (I aint so shore bout Qatar!) have turned on Obama.  GOOD!  

The Doha summit is designed to undo the effects of Obama support for terrorists.
Might this delay WW3, buy the world more time?  Unknown.  Maybe.

My doubt
Saudis put Obama in the whitehouse.  Wassup?
Did Obama betray them?

Arab leaders cannot openly admit allying with Israel.
We are told NOTHING we need to know in BORG (lamestream) media.



Saudi King reportedly hospitalized
December  31, 2014
-  Saudi King Abdullah has been admitted to a hospital in the capital Riyadh where he is undergoing medical tests, state media reported citing a royal court statement.

January  2, 2015 -  Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz temporarily needed help to breath through a tube on Friday due to a lung infection but the procedure was successful and his condition was now stable, state media said.

"After the necessary medical tests by the medical team, it became apparent that there was a lung infection that required the insertion of a tube to aid with breathing on a temporary basis this evening," according to a statement from the royal court carried on the Saudi Press Agency.

It said that the procedure had resulted in "stability and success."

Saudi Arabia's elderly monarch was admitted to hospital on Wednesday for medical tests, state media said, citing a royal court statement, after he suffered what one source described as breathing difficulties.

Saudi king succession
January  5, 2015
 -  Saudi successions are usually smooth. The royal family knows that succession battles can be devastating and will do everything to avoid one.  91 year old King Abdullah took power in 2005 after the death of his half-brother King Fahd.  Abdullah named his half-brother, Prince Salman heir apparent in June 2012.  Salman, 78, is rumored to be in poor health. His successor, deputy crown prince Muqrin is younger and will be able to rule for longer.  King's Muqrin appointment was controversial and not unanimous.

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is suffering from pneumonia and temporarily needed help to breath, increasing speculation on who could succeed him.  The procedure was successful and his condition is now stable.

The Arab oil era is over
January  5, 2015
 op ed  -  As the Arab  Gulf states are left with no money to spend, the era of Arab power is coming to an end.  The United States lifted the restrictions on American oil exports in 2014, and is exporting oil.

The US is already the world's biggest oil manufacturer, bigger than Saudi Arabia!
This means that oil prices will continue to drop. As a result, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf states will suffer, the oil cartel will collapse.,7340,L-4611200,00.html


A man I knew years ago named Alan believed the 10 horns (of oil) are OPEC.
Arabs are most of oil, the beast being USA.
The past year, several of his prophetic theories have become interesting.
I met Alan in person.

The 10 horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast.   These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.
The 10 horns which you saw on the beast will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire.
Revelation 17

Saudi king gravely ill prepares to step down
January 5, 2015  -  ISIS strikes Saudi Arabia border
Saudi King Abdullah ready to abdicate over ill health.
King Abdullah has cancer of the lungs. Two American specialists have been rushed over to treat him.
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, 91, the Saudi monarch who brought his kingdom into modern times, is gravely ill and reportedly ready to abdicate. He hands the reins of government to 2 successors.
Abdullah organized an orderly succession to maintain regime stability. He lined up his half-brother, Crown Prince Salman, 78, to sit on the throne. However, since Salman suffers from dementia, the next crown prince Muqirin, 70, will rule the realm in practice. Announcement of the abdication may be delayed.

3 Saudi guards were killed by ISIS terrorists Jan. 5, two wearing bomb belts.  They were attempting to infiltrate the kingdom. 4 attackers were killed in the clash, two by suicide.

Saudi Arabia in one of the most perilous periods of its history. Riyadh has been watching Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons with extreme alarm and no faith in USA.  (DUH!)

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Big Daddy) has not only invaded Iraq and Syria but is also eyeing Saudi Arabia.
Saudis concerned that jihadists returning home from fighting with ISIS will unleash violence to overthrow the royal house.
Since the “Arab Spring”, the Saudis have regarded the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas as enemies.
Former kings relinquished the throne only when they died.

Saudi Arabia
Two border patrol officers killed in terror attack near Saudi border with Iraq,7340,L-4611421,00.html

LQQK soon for Saudi King Muqirin

Saudi Arabia is guardian of the 10 Commandments Mt. Sinai
The real mount Mt Sinai FOUND in Saudi Arabia
Mt Sinai - the cave of Elijah is there, everything there matches scripture perfectly

Our natural reaction is to say - hey, he's 91, people die.
But this is BIG and well worth paying attention.
Major things going on in the world.

What will Saudi Arabia's next King mean for Israel?
January  8, 2015
 -  Saudi King Abdullah, 91, is in worsening medical condition, posing the question of succession and what it will mean for Israel.
Saudi Arabian King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz's serious medical condition suggests an imminent crisis in the future.

Israel Professor Bligh believes that everything that happens in the Middle East has some sort of effect on Israel.

Saudi Arabia and Israel have become important allies over Iran.
Their relationship has grown increasingly tight.
Saudi government should pass between the royal sons who will have a coalition with the other sons.

Bligh estimated that King Abdullah would not last much longer.  His successor Prince Salman is in the initial stages of Alzheimer's disease, meaning the crown might pass to the King's son by a Yemeni maidservant.

According to Saudi law, a son born to a king by a maidservant is not allowed to become king.
The question now is if you break the Saudi law and appoint him to a term, there will be hundreds of candidates to become king in the future.
The final succession decision will fall to 200 princes.

Saudi blogger Badawi 'flogged for Islam insult'

A Saudi Arabian blogger has been publicly flogged after being convicted of cybercrime and insulting Islam, reports say. Raif Badawi, who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail, was flogged 50 times. The flogging will be carried out weekly, campaigners say. Mr Badawi, the co-founder of a now banned website called the Liberal Saudi Network, was arrested in 2012. Forum Index -> ISRAEL and MidEast NEWS Page 1, 2, 3  Next
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