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Rice can be unhealthy

Worrisome levels of arsenic found in rice
19 September 2012  Rice, a grain found in a number of food products including infant cereals, carries "worrisome" levels of inorganic arsenic, according to a Consumer Reports investigation released this week.
The watchdog group is urging consumers to limit consumption and has asked the FDA to set limits for arsenic in rice products and fruit juices.
"Arsenic not only is a potent human carcinogen but also can set up children for other health problems in later life," according to the Consumer Reports study.

The USA Rice Federation, the $34 billion industry's trade group, insists there is no documented evidence of adverse effects from rice consumption.
"The health benefits of rice must be properly weighed against the risks of arsenic exposure, which we believe are minimal," said the group's spokeswoman Anne Banville.

Information For Chemtrail Skeptics
19 September 2012, by Dan Bidondi (Infowars)

Chemicals include: Arsenic, aerosol, barium, depleted uranium, high levels of mercury, aluminum and several other toxic chemicals.

Soft Killing Americans
We are being poisoned.  Mercury pollution can alter the hormones toward same sex attractions

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

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DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


High Levels Of Arsenic Found In Some Rice California Rice Safe
September 19, 2012  “When there was cotton there they had to treat the cotton with arsenic pesticides to control the bowl weevil,” he said. “Now a century later, that arsenic is still in the soil, the rice is very effective at pulling it out of the soil in and it concentrates in the rice.”

...avoid rice altogether or just rice that was grown in Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri. “Stay with California rice, stay with Asian rice or when in doubt go with barley, go with oatmeal,” he said.
He added brown rice often contains more arsenic than white rice because it contains the plant’s shells....
I’m a pediatrician dealing with parents and babies one at a time. And the advice I’m going to be giving parents in my practice is avoid rice [ for children ] .”

various natural and man-made processes can cause the toxic element to accumulate in rice grains as they grow....
But the element also has common industrial uses, including in pesticides and wood preservatives. And according to the Environmental Protection Agency, inorganic arsenic (meaning simply a form of arsenic that has not bonded with carbon) has been shown to persist in the soil for more than 45 years.

Because of this, even dangerous arsenic-containing insecticides that are no longer in use, such as the lead-arsenate insecticides banned in the '80s, may continue to be absorbed by crops grown on contaminated soil for decades.
Elevated levels of arsenic in rice from Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas may have their origin in that region's long history of cotton cultivation, an industry that extensively utilized lead-arsenate insecticides.

Another possible contributor to arsenic in farm soil is fertilizer from chickens, whose feed sometimes contains arsenic.
But none of these potential sources of arsenic are specific to rice-farm soil, so they don't explain why rice contributes more dietary arsenic than other grains grown in the United States (according to an EPA estimate, rice accounts for 17 percent of total dietary exposure).

The basis for rice's apparently outsized arsenic capacity seems to lie in the water-flooded conditions that are used in its cultivation, which foster the absorption of water-soluble arsenic into the roots.
As grains of rice take in arsenic, they accumulate a disproportionate amount in their outer hulls, which are stripped off if the grains are refined into white rice. This is why brown rice, which has some nutritional benefits when compared with white rice, has been found to contain more arsenic.

Enhanced rice will harm you

Sushi good for you?
12 Mar 2013
-  Supermarket sushi is more like typical fast food than you'd think.
All that deliciously seasoned white rice wrapped around the minuscule pieces of fish and vegetables contains 290 to 350 calories and has the carbohydrate equivalent of 4 slices of bread.  The word sushi refers to the rice, not the fish itself.

Chinese companies mass producing fake rice out of plastic
2/15/11  (NaturalNews) The Chinese food contamination freak show is back in full swing with new reports out of Singapore indicating that certain Chinese companies are now mass producing and selling fake rice to unwitting villagers. According to a report in the Korean-language Weekly Hong Kong, the manufacturers are blending potatoes, sweet potatoes, and plastic industrial resin to produce the imitation rice.

A report in Very Vietnam states that an official from the Chinese Restaurant Association has announced that eating three bowls of this fake rice is the equivalent of eating an entire plastic bag. Consuming such plastic material is obviously a serious health hazard, and officials are allegedly gearing up to conduct an investigation into the factories accused of producing the phony rice.

The scandal is not a surprise when considering China's long legacy food problems, including the 2008 melamine-tainted milk incident where roughly 300,000 people were injured and at least six infants died as a result of being poisoned by the toxic chemical ( Other tainted food from China has included melamine-tainted pet foods, lead-tainted children's cups, and even another fake rice case where a Chinese company added synthetic flavorings to ordinary rice to trick people into thinking it was the more expensive "Wuchang" variety.

Some media commentators have already begun to run wild with the fake rice story, comparing the imitation rice to what they say is the imitation reality in which the world lives.

"Fake stimulus, fake money printing, fake GDP growth, fake goods and services being produced, is ... forcing us to consume fake food because we can't afford real food, because we have no real growth, we have no real economy, we have no real industry, we only have fake stuff," bemoaned talk show co-host Stacy Herbert from Russia Today. "So it makes sense that we're only eating fake food."


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