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RED SEA New Island, volcanoes, earthquakes

Satellite Photo Shows New Island Rising from Earth's Red Sea

RED SEA  *  NASA image and documented video provide first glimpse of new island formed in the Red Sea
January 18, 2012
 – NASA has released two stunning images of the world’s newest, and as yet unnamed, island. Located about 60 miles from the coast of Yemen the new island began forming by volcanic activity in mid-December 2011.  After nearly a month long eruption NASA believes that the volcano has now stopped: creating this peanut shaped island. The satellite images show the new island among neighboring islands and clearly show the cinder cone at the island’s centre. The new island is only a few meters from Rugged Island and Haycock Island in the Red Sea and now forms the 11th island in the Zubair Islands group located between Yemen and Eritrea. It measures 530 by 710 meters (1,700 by 2,300 feet) across and has surprised many scientists who didn’t expect the eruption from the Red Sea volcano to form any long lasting land mass. Eruptions such as this usually form short lived islands but NASA expects that this one will remain a permanent feature on the map. Below, the eruption in the Red Sea is captured on video. The scale of the eruption and how little press attention it received is both equally surprising. –Sociable

5.2 earthquake in the Red Sea between Saudi Arabia and Sudan-Eritrea
July 8, 2013

Related or not, I dont know

An island is born
December, 2011   Volcanic Eruption in the Red Sea (Yemen)

Amazing pictures show Red Sea underwater volcanic eruption creating new land.
Underwater volcanic activity has pushed an previously unseen island to the surface in a remote part of the Red Sea.
Fishermen witnessed spewing lava fountains reaching up to 90ft tall on December 19 near the group of islands known as the Zubair Group, off the west coast of Yemen.
Days later images released by NASA Earth Observatory show the underwater explosion seems to have created a new island in between the Rugged and Haycock islands.

A volcano erupted on a Red Sea island in 2007.


5.1 earthquake Red Sea Dec 23, 2013

ISRAEL earthquakes

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