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Pope16 resigns, INDICTED and Malachy Prophecy


Pope Benedict will resign on February 28, citing his health as a reason.
He was installed in April 2005 after the death of the nice pope JP.
Some claim JP was poisoned.
So, will pope16 once again be Joseph Ratzinger?
Will there be another pope, or will Barak Hussein Obama or another become world dicktator some call the antichrist?

Benedict was elected pope in 2005 after the death of Pope John Paul II.
The pope said that he would step down at 8:00 p.m. on February 28, Rome time.
When will the next pope be elected?
A meeting of the College of Cardinals to elect the next pope will be held. The gathering is known as a "conclave."
Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said there would be elections some time in March and he anticipated that there would be a new pope before Easter.

Pope Benedict 16 resigns, Lightning strikes Vatican

Malachy popes prophecy, Petrus Romanus

Pope Malachi vision of coming popes

Malachi Prophecy
St. Malachi, the 12th century Irish bishop, who in a vision saw the names of all of the Popes from his own day until the end of the Catholic Church. Exactly 112 of them.

Petrus Romanus

Prophecy of the Popes

Pope is the Beast

The Beast Strikes


Pope John Paul II Dies Apr 2, 2005,_2005

UNKNOWN Evils of the Vatican, Global Project LUCIFER


What if Barak Obama is the next pope?   EEK   Twisted Evil

February 4, 2013  Chris discusses a new article about how the Roman Catholic Pope has now been granted an official "seat" in the city of Jerusalem, in the room where the Last Supper is believed to have taken place, and where the tomb of the Jewish King David is believed to be.  Unknown to the mainstream press is the centuries old ambition of the papacy to rule the world from Solomon's rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.  How do these events fit in with Bible prophecy?  And could the final manifestation of Antichrist be on the horizon?

A Seat for the Pope at King David's Tomb
An historic agreement has been drafted between Israel and the Vatican. The Israeli authorities have granted the Pope an official seat in the room where the Last Supper is believed to have taken place, on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and where David and Solomon, Jewish kings of Judea, are considered by some researchers, to also be buried.

Malachy popes prophecy, Petrus Romanus, antichrist

Holy Roman Empire revived, Charlemagne

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ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


I'll admit, I jumped up on my sofa when I saw this news report when first logged onto the net.
Buckle up, the ride is really going to get very interesting now...

Job_38:35  Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, Here we are?

Psa_18:14  Yea, he sent out his arrows, and scattered them; and he shot out lightnings, and discomfited them.

Psa_77:18  The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook.

Psa_97:4  His lightnings enlightened the world: the earth saw, and trembled.

As Predicted In Petrus Romanus: Pope Benedict XVI In Shock Resignation. Conclave To Elect "Final Pope" Before Easter
Pope Benedict XVI is to resign at the end of this month after nearly eight years as the head of the Catholic Church, saying he is too old to continue at the age of 85. The unexpected development surprised governments, Vatican-watchers and even the 85-year-old's closest aides. The Vatican says it expects a new Pope to be elected before the end of March, ahead of Easter. Papal resignations are not unknown, but this is the first in the modern era. The BBC's Alan Johnston in Rome says the news has come "out of the blue", and that there was no speculation whatsoever about the move in recent days. Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti is quoted as saying he was "greatly shaken by this unexpected news". A Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, said that even the Pope's closest aides did not know what he was planning to do and were left "incredulous". He added that the decision showed "great courage" and "determination".

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Cardinal Peter Turkson, Ghana - next pope?

Papal resignation sparks global disbelief
2/11/13  RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Roman Catholics around the world expressed disbelief and grief Monday at the first papal resignation in six centuries. Some saw it as a dramatic act of humility, others as a sign of crisis in the Roman Catholic Church. And many expressed hope that a more energetic and charismatic new pope would lead the church into a new era.

Shock was the overwhelming first response to Pope Benedict XVI's announcement Monday that he would retire Feb. 28.
"He can't quit like that. This can't be," said Alis Ramirez, an ice cream seller headed to church in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. "A vacuum is created. It's like when a loved one dies."

The news also brought reawakened calls for a pope from the developing world, long considered a bulwark against continued losses in church membership in Europe and the United States. While the church has been battered by growing secularism and sex abuse scandals in the northern hemisphere, the number of believers is growing in Africa, and half the world's Catholics live in Latin America.
"We need someone young who can bring back the dynamism to the church," said Zulma Alves, a cook who was lighting candles in front of a Rio de Janeiro church that was closed for Carnival.

In Cuba, site of one of Pope Benedict's final trips, the few parishioners outside Havana's Cathedral before doors opened early Monday said they understood his reasons for stepping down and hoped it he would be replaced by a younger pontiff.
"The church must bring itself up to date with the modern world," said Angel Aguilera, a 33-year-old municipal worker.
Antonio Marto, the bishop of Fatima in central Portugal, said Benedict XVI's resignation presents an opportunity to pick a church leader from a country from the developing world.

"Europe today is going through a period of cultural tiredness, exhaustion, which is reflected in the way Christianity is lived," Marto told reporters. "You don't see that in Africa or Latin America where there is a freshness, an enthusiasm about living the faith.

"Perhaps we need a pope who can look beyond Europe and bring to the entire church a certain vitality that is seen on other continents."
It may be time for a "youngish" pope, possibly from the developing world, said Andreas Dingstad, a spokesman for the Catholic diocese in the Norwegian capital of Oslo.
"The church is growing most in the south. So I think lots of people will be ready for a pope from Africa, Asia or South America. But who knows, it's the early days still," Dingstad said.

The nation with biggest Christian population in Africa, Nigeria, has some 20 million practicing Catholics. In Lagos, Nigeria's largest city, trader Chukwuma Awaegwu put his feelings simply Monday: "If I had my way, an African should be the next pope, or someone from Nigeria."

"It's true; they brought the religion to us, but we have come of age," he said. "In America, now we have a black president. So let's just feel the impact of a black pope."
But Cardinal John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, a Nigerian who was made a cardinal in November by Benedict, said papal politics are not normal politics.

"Popes come and popes go. It doesn't mean when a pope comes, the church completely changes, now. It isn't like a politician who wins an election and begins to implement manifestos," Onaiyekan said. "It is a different ball game all together, and I hope people out there realize that."

Bookmakers in Britain quicly offered odds on candidates to replace Benedict. Ghana's Cardinal Peter Turkson, Canada's Cardinal Marc Ouellet and Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria led in betting.

Scholars of other faiths also weighed in on the outgoing pope's legacy.
In Britain, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, leader of the world's 77 million Anglicans, expressed "a heavy heart but complete understanding" of the pope's decision.
A noted Islamic scholar in Jerusalem was less sympathetic. He said Benedict would be remembered by Muslims for misrepresenting their faith, damaging years of careful interfaith dialogue by his predecessor John Paul II.

"I regret that his term was not marked by genuine rapprochement with the Muslim world," said Mustafa Abu Sway of the Palestinian al-Quds University. Abu Sway said many Muslims couldn't forget Benedict's much-criticized lecture in 2006 at the University of Regensburg in Germany when he referenced a remark about Islam that offended Muslims.
"I just hope that the next Pope would do a much better job," Abu Sway said.

Many Catholics, however, praised Benedict for bravery and modesty in deciding to step aside.
In the pope's native Germany, the pontiff's older brother, 89-year-old Georg Ratzinger, told the dpa news agency in Regensburg that a doctor had advised his brother not to take any more trans-Atlantic trips and said was having increasing difficulty walking. "His age is weighing on him," Ratzinger said.

In Poland, the homeland of Benedict's predecessor, John Paul II, Krakow Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz said he was "surprised like everybody else," but said cardinals at the Vatican could see that Benedict was "weakening, had problems walking" even as his intellect remained strong.

The resignation was an act of deference to the greater good by a man "demonstrating his humanity," said Father Luis Rivero, Archdiocesan director of campus ministry for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami.
"There are times that only we know that we have to let go. And sometimes people may see that as a failure, but it's honorable when someone reaches their point they have to let go because they can't do this effectively anymore."

Angelo Scola is one of the frontrunners as well...

Cardinal Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan, at 5/1, was moved by Benedict from another high-profile post, Archbishop of Venice, in 2011.
Milan is the biggest diocese in Europe and Milan and Venice between them have produced five Popes in the last century.
He is a top scholar on Islam and Christian-Muslim dialogue and could be seen as well-placed to deal with the changing nature of religion in the modern world.

February 11, 2013  Chris discusses the shocking news from Rome that the current Pope -- Benedict XVI -- has announced his resignation by the end of this month.  This is the first pope in nearly 600 years to make such a decision, but what will it mean?  While speculations abound as to who will be the next pope, it is important to consider that many Catholics and Vatican leaders have followed the so-called prophecies of a Catholic "saint" named Malachy for hundreds of years.  Malachy is said to have foretold the number of popes from his time in the twelfth century up until the end of the world.  According to his list, Benedict XVI is the second to last pope -- while the next pope after him is supposed to be named Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman).  The reign of this final pope is to see the destruction of the Catholic Church, along with Armageddon and the end of the world.   Could any of this be true?  How should Christians view this so-called prophecy?  Is it merely fictional Catholic mysticism?  Or is it possible that the Vatican could be manipulating world events to make it appear that such prophecies were being fulfilled in order to lend credibility to their own teachings?

Pope Benedict 'will not interfere in successor's affairs'
BBC News  - ‎2/12/13
Pope Benedict XVI will not interfere in the affairs of his successor after his decision to resign later this month, the pontiff's brother has said.

This is a trend I've noticed especially in recent years - "younger" leaders are really being pushed by the NWO-runned MSM(and the wicked world system). Not just Obama when he first ran for Prez in 2008, but recently GOP Sen Marco Rubio is being pushed as the next GOP "savior"(despite him pushing illegal immigration reform). Rubio is only 41(the Gen X/MTV/Pepsico age group) despite being a junior Senator(which was around Obama's age when he was first elected Sen in Illinois).

And then "leaders" in other aspects of society like communities, corporations, etc, and yes even PASTORS have gotten younger as well. Not that I have anything against young people, but this flies in the face of what scripture says...

1Tim_5:1  Rebuke not an elder, but intreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren;

1Tim_5:17  Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.

Heb 11:1  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Heb 11:2  For by it the elders obtained a good report.

Pro 20:29  The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the gray head.;_ylv=3

The Catholic Church Needs a Younger Pope


Catholics are stunned by the news that Pope Benedict XVI is retiring at the age of 85, for health reasons. What might be more surprising is that he held on as long as he did.

There aren't many huge organizations effectively run by 80-something leaders. Sure, medical and cultural advances have allowed people to live rich lives far longer than anybody might have imagined 50 or 500 years ago. Seniors play a vital role in society as grandparents, mentors, living historians and even breadwinners.

But when aging leaders cling too long to power, the results can be unpleasant or worse. Rupert Murdoch, the 81-year-old CEO of News Corp., seemed flummoxed and inarticulate last year when he testified before the British Parliament about the phone-hacking scandal at several of his newspapers. At one point he even appeared to nod off, while his son James handled many of the questions requiring detailed answers.


Vatican acknowledges that pope had pacemaker
2/12/13 — The Vatican is acknowledging for the first time that Pope Benedict XVI has had a pacemaker for years and that its battery was replaced a few months ago in secret.
Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said Benedict had the pacemaker installed "a long time" before he became pope in 2005. He called the latest medical procedure "routine."

It was the first time the Vatican has mentioned a papal pacemaker.
Italian daily Il Sole 24 said the pope had the pacemaker procedure less than three months ago in a Rome hospital and did not miss any public appearances.
Benedict is resigning on Feb. 28 because he says he has become too infirm to handle the burdens of the papacy. He will become the first pope to step down in six centuries.

'Israel, Vatican near historic relationship upgrade'
1/30/12 Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon: J'lem is on verge of signing agreement to formalize diplomatic relations with the Holy See.
After 14 years of glacial negotiations, Israel and the Vatican are on the verge of signing a long-elusive agreement that would formalize diplomatic relations, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said on Tuesday.
Ayalon’s comments to The Jerusalem Post came after a meeting in Jerusalem of a working commission that has been trying to iron out various issues between Israel and the Holy See since 1999.

Israel and the Vatican established diplomatic ties in 1993.
“In the last four years a lot of ground has been covered, and after long, intensive and serious negotiations we have overcome most if not all the outstanding issues that have prevented signing of this agreement for so long,” Ayalon said.
He said the two sides were “on the verge of signing, subject to final approval by the government of Israel and the Holy See.”

Ayalon explained that the final agreement was not signed on Tuesday, because it was not appropriate for a caretaker government to sign the agreement, and that the actual acceptance and signing should be left to the next government.
“All the ground work is finished and I trust the new government will sign soon, which is nothing short of a milestone in the relationship,” he said.

Ayalon, who has led the negotiations with the Vatican for the past four years, but will be leaving his post next week, said the conclusion of the agreement signifies a “real upgrade in relations between Israel and the Holy See, and between the Jewish people and one billion Catholics around the world, to the benefit of both sides.

Ayalon and his counterpart from the Vatican, Ettore Balestrero, the under-secretary of the Holy See for the relations with states, issued a joint communiqué saying the joint commission that met on Tuesday “took notice that significant progress was made and looks forward to a speedy conclusion of the agreement.”

Jerusalem expects this agreement to improve relations not only with the Vatican, but also with other Catholic countries around the world for whom the Vatican’s position vis-a-vis Israel is important.

Over the years the discussions have centered around three main issues: the status of the Catholic Church in Israel; the issue of sovereignty over some 21 sites in the country, including the Cenacle – the site of the Last Supper on Mount Zion; and taxation and expropriation issues.
Ayalon said that agreements have been reached on each of the issues.

The most contentious was the issue of sovereignty over the Last Supper Room, with the Catholic Church demanding ownership, and Israel not willing to relinquish it. The two sides have essentially agreed to disagree on the matter, but not let it stand in the way of the overall accord.

While the Catholic Church does not pay taxes on its properties in Israel, under the agreement, religious institutions owned by the Holy See will be exempted from tax, just as synagogues and mosques are, but church-owned businesses will not.

The agreement also works out the issue of expropriating Church property for infrastructure purposes, with a list of five sites – including the Mount of Beatitudes and Capernaum near Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) and the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth – where land expropriation would not be allowed except for public safety in situations of emergency, and then only after coordination with the Church.

Luk_12:15  And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

Eph_5:3  But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints;

Col_3:5  Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:

A Seat for the Pope at King David's Tomb
Feb 2013   Op-Ed
Israel seems to have sold Jerusalem to the Vatican
An historic agreement has been drafted between Israel and the Vatican. The Israeli authorities have granted the Pope an official seat in the room where the Last Supper is believed to have taken place, on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and where David and Solomon, Jewish kings of Judea, are considered by some researchers, to also be buried.

It is the culmination of a long campaign by the Catholic Church to regain religious stewardship over the place where Jesus is supposed to have broken bread and drunk wine with his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion.
This is an enormous issue pushed through without any public debate.

According to our sources, the agreement, which is expected to be ratified next June, gives the Pope a “special authority” over the second floor of the building, so that Christian pilgrims will be able to celebrate religious functions like Pope John Paul did in 2000.
The agreement constitutes Israel’s capitulation to the Vatican’s efforts to “Christianize” the holy site, like when a Catholic convent was built in Auschwitz.

The Catholic Church has long wanted control over part of the area on Mt. Zion so as to turn it into an international religious center for Catholics. The blueprint of the agreement reads as follows: “The Vatican hands over this use of the Cenacle to the Custody of the Holy Land which will keep the Cenacle open from 6 AM to 8 AM for the celebration of the Holy Mass”.

In the long term, the gesture will increase tensions between Jews and the large assets of the Vatican. The Church has long been working to reduce Jewish rights in Jerusalem and in the Old City. Now, after the Muslim Waqf authority expelled the Christians from the Temple Mount and turned it into a mosque, it’s the turn of the Vatican to lay its hands on the Jewish Jerusalem.
The Custody of the Holy Land, the Franciscan order who, with Vatican approval, is in charge of the holy sites, campaigns with the Arabs against Israel.

As far back as May 2000, Yasser Arafat met Islamic and Christian clergymen at the presidential offices in Ramallah to back Palestinian Arab sovereignty over Jerusalem. Among the clergymen who attended the meeting, Diodoros I, patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, Torkom II, patriarch of the Armenian Orthodox Church, Catholic Patriarch Michel Sabbah and officials from the Custody of the Holy Land.

"An official meeting took place in Ramallah, Palestine, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine". This is the official note of the Vatican press office about the meeting between the Catholic officials and the PLO representatives which took place this week.

The Vatican is also asking that Israel hand over to the Vatican’s control dozens of sites, 19 in Judea and Samaria and 28 in Jerusalem. The Catholic Church want to discuss some properties on Mount of Olives, Har Hazeitim, which is the very history of the Jewish people. If you want to keep Jerusalem united, you have to keep Har Hazeitim. The Vatican knows that.

In 1989 charges were made by the Catholic authorities that Israel desecrated the Cenacle on Mount Zion. The charges, which appeared in the Italian bishops’ newspaper Avvenire, said that the Israelis put a memorial plaque on the roof of the Cenacle. The plaque was put in place after the 1948 War of Independence in memory of soldiers who fell in the Old City and whose burial place was unknown. Every year, the bereaved families cleaned the plaque.

Why did the Catholic authorities complain? Last year a similar charge was made from the Catholic authorities that Israel wants to “Judaize” Mount Zion.
Should the Vatican gain sovereignty over Mount of Zion, millions of Christian pilgrims will flock to the site, and this will threaten the Israeli presence in the Old City’s Jewish Quarter and Jewish access to the Western Wall.

The Vatican wants the Jews out of the Old City and apparently Israel’s government is agreeing with them. Turning the Cenacle into an active church is also a way of desecrating the holiness of the site known as the Tomb of David.

The Vatican and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation expressed a common position in the Basic Agreement of 15 February 2000, intended to support the recognition of a special statute for the City of Jerusalem. In the memorandum, signed by Vatican officials and the PLO, an organization dedicated to the mass deportation of Israel’s Jews, the Catholic Church wants Israel relinquishing sovereignty at the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. The Vatican-PLO agreement’s preamble on Jerusalem shows that the Vatican's attitude on Israel's capital is still stuck in the unforgivable anti-Semitic rhetoric of the 1940s.

Until 1948, Christian access to the Cenacle was severely limited, because it was used as a mosque. Since then, the State of Israel is committed to protecting the holy places of all religions, and guaranteeing the right of worship for all faiths.

But no Israeli government must tolerate any policy of division, “shared control” or “internationalization” that opens the door to a return to the Arab apartheid of Jordanian occupation between 1948 and 1967.

Jerusalem is not for sale. For thousands of years, the Cenacle area was almost always totally closed off to Jews.

Sovereignty over Mount Zion is politics, not only religion. The day after the Pope celebrated a mass on Mt. Zion in 2000, he went to Yasser Arafat headquarter to support the Palestinians’ right to return.
A few months later, the Oslo war began. And Jews were sacrified again on the altar of “peace”. It was their last supper.
This week, the Vatican in its official documents began referring to the "State of Palestine".

Why the Pope Really Stepped Down:  ]Your Guide to Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories
**At the top of this list in this article is NOT the Malachy "prophecy"(although it's eventually mentioned at the bottom), but his health, his N@zi past, the church's sex abuse scandal...uhm...these AREN'T conspiracy theories, these are FACTS! Rolling Eyes

Did lightning strike St. Peter's Basilica the day the pope resigned?
Are you the kind of person who believes in omens? If so, what do you make of this stunning photo, snapped by an Italian photographer, of lightning appearing to strike the top of St. Peter’s Basilica the day Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation? A sign from above, a hoax or one lucky break for Filippo Monteforte, the Italian shutterbug who is credited with capturing the image? According to news agency Agence France-Presse, Monteforte reportedly took the photo Monday. Skeptics, of course, doubted that anyone could get that lucky and questioned the photo's authenticity, but others believed the photo was real and was a sign from above.

AP Interview: African papal contender wants change

Now where have we heard this before? Rolling Eyes

Proverbs_24:21  My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change:


VATICAN CITY (AP) — One of Africa's brightest hopes to be the next pope, Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson, says the time is right for a pontiff from the developing world, and that he's up for the job "if it's the will of God."

In an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press, the day after Pope Benedict XVI announced he would soon resign, Turkson said the "young churches" of Africa and Asia have now become solid enough that they have produced "mature clergymen and prelates that are capable of exercising leadership also of this world institution."

The church in the Third World doesn't need a pope of its own to thrive, he said. It's done just fine growing exponentially with European pontiffs. But Turkson said a pope from the global south, where half of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics live, would "go a long way to strengthen them in their resolve."

Turkson, 64, became Ghana's first cardinal when he was elevated by Pope John Paul II in 2003, while he was archbishop of Cape Coast. Six years later, Benedict tapped him to head the Vatican's peace and justice office, which tackles issues such as the global financial meltdown, armed conflicts and ethical codes for the business world.


The Irish prophet  Saint Malachy has predicted that  the next Pope after Benedict will be the last and he will be
Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations;
when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people
. The end.

* 666 * Beast * antiChrist and the Vatican
Many pages

The Breaking News for February 11, 2013 is that current Pope Benedict XVI is resigning the end of February. Brannon’s guests are former Catholics Chris Pinto and Mike Gendron.

What are the prophesies of Malachy, a “Saint” that it appears the Church of Rome has been deliberately following for years?
Why should Christians not give any credibility to these predictions of Malachy?
Why are people watching to see if the next Pope takes the name Pope Peter?
How can Christians use the news of the current Pope’s resignation to share the gospel with those caught up in the lies of the Church of Rome.

Peter Turkson

In October 2011 Cardinal Turkson called for the establishment of a “global public authority” and a “central world bank” to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises. The document, Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority was very specific, calling for taxation measures on financial transactions. It notes that “The economic and financial crisis which the world is going through calls everyone, individuals and peoples, to examine in depth the principles and the cultural and moral values at the basis of social coexistence,” it said. The document condemned what it called “the idolatry of the market” as well as a “neo-liberal thinking” that it said looked exclusively at technical solutions to economic problems. “In fact, the crisis has revealed behaviours like selfishness, collective greed and hoarding of goods on a great scale,” it said, adding that world economics needed an “ethic of solidarity” among rich and poor nations.



In 2012, in response to a speech by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urging Church leaders to do more for human rights and in particular gay rights in Africa, Turkson, while recognising that some of the sanctions imposed on homosexuals in Africa are an “exaggeration,” stated that the “intensity of the reaction is probably commensurate with tradition.” “Just as there’s a sense of a call for rights, there’s also a call to respect culture, of all kinds of people,” he said. “So, if it’s being stigmatized, in fairness, it’s probably right to find out why it is being stigmatized.” He also called for distinction to be made between human rights and moral issues.

FWIW, wasn't the same rhetoric used when Obama ran for President in 2008(which around that time he rose to popularity as the sitting one, Bush II, was the most hated one up to that time)? And for that matter too, the Southern Baptist Convention used similar PC rhetoric when they elected the first black President(Fred Luter), although no the previous President wasn't hated or anything.

Is it time for the first African pope?


Two popular African Catholic cardinals — one from Ghana, the other from Nigeria — are among the frontrunners to replace Pope Benedict XVI

Bookies put odds on just about everything, so it's no surprise that they're already sizing up the chances of potential successors to Pope Benedict XVI, who this week became the first pontiff in six centuries to announce his resignation. The process of choosing the next pope probably won't be complete until the end of March, or later, but for the first time the favorites appear to be leaders from outside Europe. One, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, is from Canada. The others are from Africa — Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson of Ghana and Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria. Is now the time for the Catholic Church to pick its first black pope?

Church leaders in Africa appear split on how likely that is to happen. It would be "quite some miracle," according to Matthias Kobena Nketsiah, archbishop of Cape Coast in Ghana. "If the Church chooses a Third World person or a black pope it will have to come to terms with itself," he said. "I am not saying the Church is racist, but there are overtones and perceptions that maybe add up to that." Others are giving better odds. Cardinal John Onaiyekan of Abuja, Nigeria, said recently that he wouldn't be surprised to see an African pope in his lifetime, possibly soon. "The fact that the Gospel is to be preached to all peoples, languages, and races means that the highest leadership of the church should be open to anyone from any race, language, and nation," he said.


Pope Says He Will Be ‘Hidden to the World’ in Retirement


Saying he would soon be “hidden to the world,” Pope Benedict XVI took his leave of parish priests and clergy members of the Diocese of Rome on Thursday as he offered personal, and incisive, recollections of the Second Vatican Council, the gathering of bishops 50 years ago that set the Roman Catholic Church’s course for the future.

Benedict, who announced his resignation on Monday in a move that stunned the Roman Catholic world, also indicated that he would not hold a public role once his resignation became official on Feb. 28. Benedict is the first pope to step down in nearly 600 years.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 6:06PM

Chris continues his discussion of the Catholic "saint" Malachy prophecy concerning the list of popes who would supposedly reign until the end of the world and Armageddon.  According to the list, the next pope elected should be the last and final pope.  Throughout the twentieth century, many Catholics have tried to align the prophecies of Malachy to make it appear that they are coming to pass.  Could the next pope be elected under this same influence?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 9:19PM

Chris discusses the old world term for the Papal throne, which was specifically
mentioned by Pope Benedict as he announced his resignation.  But what is the
greater symbolism?  Also, a number of mainstream media news organizations
have reported that lightning struck St. Peter's Basilica in Rome within a few
hours of the Pope's stunning announcement.  Some are calling it a sign from God,
but could it merely be a theatrical stunt?

Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 1:22PM

With all the flurry surrounding Pope Benedict's resignation, Chris continues his discussion on the Barque (ship) of St. Peter, one of the symbols used in Catholicism for the papacy.  In the 19th century, a Catholic "saint" named Don Bosco claimed to have a vision of two pillars that arose during a time of great turmoil in the Catholic Church.  According to Bosco, the Barque of Peter would be anchored to these pillars as the means of help and salvation.  Modern Catholics have made reference to the vision as one "for our times."  But what do the pillars actually symbolize?  And how can we as Christians be good witnesses to Catholics, in shining the light of truth according to the Word of God?


Video Explaining St. Malachy Prophecy - February 14
Note from Olive Tree: We recognize this as extra-biblical revelation so we must use caution. However, we agree with columnist Jack Kinsella that Satan is capable of moving some players around on the global chessboard. The accuracy of Malachy's prediction is likely too on target to ignore. At the same time, it must not be used in the manner we use Bible prophecy.

The pope has a seat on Temple Mount Zion, in Jerusalem as of February 2013.
That is HUGE!  When Rome and the vatican are destroyed, will the pope sit in Jerusalem and oversee 3rd Jewish temple?
That is one way (of several ways) bible prophecy is interpreted.
It appears to me that the papacy is deeply Masonic, which is Satan worship.

All we see is illusion, lying, false, not real.  Learn to see thru others eyes!
Dont read events in your own logic, but rather as others will see it.  
A couple weeks ago I said, if you believe TV NEWS, which is totaly kontrolled, you are living a movie.
This is becoming increasingly true.  
Sandy Hook was a hoax, it was a drill.  No one was shot.  Media scammed the sheepl.

Demonic aliens are soon to be revealed as good helpful beings.
Both this whitehouse and the vatican eaglerly await these demons.  Truth is stranger than fiction.
Those who truly believe the bible and know the Lord will understand.

Earthquake?  Highly possible.

I watched Satan falling from heaven like lightning.  Luke 10:18

The Roman Catholic Church is  DAMNED!!!

Petrus Romanus, Hagmann Report Feb 15, 2013
Petrus Romanus, The Final Pope is here. We are witnessing prophecy unfold before our eyes as we learn that Pope16 is stepping down.
Tom Horn, Cris Putnam and Steve Quayle discuss this prophesized event with Doug Hagmann.
Have the cardinals intentionally occultly followed Malachi vision or has each pope been chance?
Will the March pope be an alien from space - a nephilim, demon seed?
Dont read events in your own logic, but rather as others will see it.

For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book,
If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.
Revelation 22:18

Pope Gives 2 Weeks Notice
February 14, 2013   Jack Kinsella (edited)

The Catholic church was thrown into turmoil after Pope Benedict XVI made the shock decision to quit the papacy because of his deteriorating health.
The decision came like a bolt out of the blue, and almost immediately lightning (Satan) struck the Vatican - TWICE.
No Pontiff in history has stepped down on health grounds.  That PROVES he is not Christ!

According to legend, Irish Bishop Malachy O'Morgair had a strange vision during a trip to Rome.
He was given a list of all the Popes who would rule over the Catholic Church from his day until the Second Coming.
Malachy listed a total of 112 Popes from Celestine II until the return of Christ.  
Pope John Paul I was the 109th Pope elected August 26, 1978 and reigned from one moon cycle to the next.
John Paul II was 110th pope.

April 8, 2005 Cardinal Ratzinger chose for his Papal name, Benedict XIV and is the 111th pope.
According to Malachy, Benedict XIV will be the last Pope before 'Peter the Roman' of whom Malachy has much more to say than he does of the other Popes.

In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations
after which the seven-hilled city (Rome) will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people.

The 112th Pope will be the last Pope (as assigned by St. Malachy).  
If he chooses any name except Peter, then St. Malachy's predictive run will have completed its course and one more Vatican conspiracy will bite the dust.
". . . Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people.  The end."
On the other hand . . . if Malachy gets this one right, it will be just one more confirmation that we are living in the last of the last days before the Lord returns.  


Green Christianity Marxism in the Church, Green dragon
Malachy pope prophecy demonic?
Saturday, February 16, 2013
Jan's first guest is , head of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. He is a voice of balance in the "creation wars" reminding all that
Christian environmentalism is Marxism into the church.  Jan speaks with Dr. Cal Beisner, then Jan talks to Terry James about the resignation of the Pope.
Rome is a major end-time biblical player.
What about St. Malachy's prophecy that the next Pope will be the last? Jan quotes Jack Kinsella who suggests such accurate forecasting would have to be demonic.

Resisting the Green Dragon
Environmentalism Deadly And Destructive

Resisting the Green Dragon takes its cue from James 4:7, Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you, Were going to show not only whats wrong with environmentalism, but also what true, Biblical creation stewardship is all about and how the Dominion Mandate of Genesis 1:28 links to the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19.

Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is none else
I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning,
and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure.
Isaiah 46:10-11

The Roman Catholic Church is  DAMNED!!!

Wouldn't surprise me if they already picked the new Pope many moons ago, alot like how they pre-determine elections here in the USA.
If that's the case, they might as well make it known now and spare everyone the hassle of going through all this nonsense daily debating in the NWO-runned media.

Vatican says conclave could start before March 15
2/16/13 The Vatican said on Saturday that the conclave to choose the successor to Pope Benedict could start before March 15 if enough cardinals are in Rome to elect him.
Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said Church rules which regulate the timing of conclaves could be "interpreted" differently this time because of the unique circumstances of Benedict's historic resignation.
He had said earlier that the conclave would start between March 15-20 according to existing rules. But he said on Saturday that events could move more quickly since the Church was dealing with an announced resignation and not a sudden papal death.

CJ wrote:
Malachy pope prophecy demonic?
Saturday, February 16, 2013
Jan's first guest is , head of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. He is a voice of balance in the "creation wars" reminding all that
Christian environmentalism is Marxism into the church.  Jan speaks with Dr. Cal Beisner, then Jan talks to Terry James about the resignation of the Pope.
Rome is a major end-time biblical player.
What about St. Malachy's prophecy that the next Pope will be the last? Jan quotes Jack Kinsella who suggests such accurate forecasting would have to be demonic.

From what I understand, the RCC is notorious for using these so-called "prophecies" to subsequently manipulate world events. This isn't the first of their so-called "prophecies". I heard that 12/21/12 nonsense was one of their other "prophecies" as well.

Could they be hoaxed to begin with? That's a good question, as again, they use them to try to manipulate world events and deceive the world.

Rev 12:7  And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
Rev 12:8  And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
Rev 12:9  And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

CJ wrote:
Petrus Romanus, Hagmann Report Feb 15, 2013
Petrus Romanus, The Final Pope is here. We are witnessing prophecy unfold before our eyes as we learn that Pope16 is stepping down.
Tom Horn, Cris Putnam and Steve Quayle discuss this prophesized event with Doug Hagmann.
Have the cardinals intentionally occultly followed Malachi vision or has each pope been chance?
Will the March pope be an alien from space - a nephilim, demon seed?
Dont read events in your own logic, but rather as others will see it.

About 1/2 way through listening to this - LONG(wish Tom, Steve, and Chris didn't go into too much mumble jumble), but nonetheless they said some interesting things in it. Apparently world leaders everywhere will be gathering next month when the new Pope is elected(if I understood what they said correctly - they mentioned the words representatives, so it could have meant something else), and they also mentioned the 2011 Ridley Scott movie movie "Prometheus" as a big conditioning propaganda in entertainment, just to name a few.

They also mentioned how 12/21/2012 was never "interpreted" by them to be "the end", but the beginning of their unleashings to usher in the New World Order in the years ahead.

Heard 2/3 of the Tom Horn/Steve Quayle interview over this when all was said and done - LONG and too drawn out, although as I pointed out in my previous post, they made some interesting points(even though I don't buy the whole St. Malachy "prophecy" as part of the word of God).

BEWARE of Tom Horn, FYI - this is just a snippet over why he's likely a closet Catholic, but he's been subtlely getting out alot of pro-Catholic deceptions from his web site et al the last couple of years. If anything, it's largely him and Quayle(who I think is a closet Catholic too) that are pushing this Petrus Romanus agenda. I don't know why various end times prophecy conferences around the country and end times Christian media programs welcome him.

Tom Horn & Cris Putnam – Satan’s Vatican Heralds

End Time Current Events: 2-17-13-Part 1

Table of Contents:
» Pope Resigns & the Malachy Prophecy
» Tom Horn, Cris Putnam & Raiders News Network are at it again: Promoting the Catholic Death Cult and its “Prophets” as an “End Time” Source of Truth


End Time Current Events: 2-17-13–Part 2

Table of Contents:
» Cardinal Peter Turkson Has Emerged As The Oddsmakers 3-to-1 Favorite to become the Next Pope
» A Sign From Above? Lightning Strikes Vatican On Pope’s Shock Resignation
» Anglicans seeking full communion with Rome: We Are In a Particular Way Spiritual Children of Benedict XVI
» Pope accused of crimes against humanity by victims of sex abuse
» The Most Evil Pictures of Pope Benedict (Suitable for Framing or an 8X10 Glossy-Sarcasm)
» Open Letter and Appeal to Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Republic of Italy from Kevin D. Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State
» Reuters Bombshell Report: Roman Church admits the Pope’s Guilt: Joseph Ratzinger to Evade Justice and will hide out in the Vatican for his own legal immunity and “protection” against being convicted on Catholic, pedophilic sex crimes cover-up
» Benedict XVI the Vatican Last Tsar: Final despotic acts-Vatican jails: worldwide locations
» Benedict XVI’s Role in Global Ecumenism
» As Pope Benedict XVI prepares to leave office, one Jewish journalist takes a hard look backward to the Pope’s attitude toward Jews.
» Catholicism & Freemasonry both are Sun Worship / Phallic Baal Worship.



Joh_5:43  I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

Pope resignation deepens doubt, despondency for Italians


ROME (Reuters) - Pope Benedict's shock resignation has robbed Italians of the one element of certainty in a time of deep doubt, with the country beset by graft scandals and heading for an election that will not bring the radical change so many crave.

The pontiff has long been the one stable element for Roman Catholic Italians in a modern state that has become a byword for political instability and flawed politicians.

All that changed a week ago when Benedict announced he would be the first pontiff in 700 years to resign, causing alarm and despondency among many faithful in a country whose history has been shaped by the presence of the headquarters of the Church for 2,000 years.

"We are in a moment of social, ideological and cultural crisis and in a moment like that it is completely wrong for him to leave," said Emanuele Vitale, 22, a Sicilian student who joined around 100,000 people packed into St Peter's Square on Sunday for one of Benedict's last appearances before his resignation on February 28.

Another person in the square, pensioner Antonio Mingrone, 68, said: "It is unsettling. At a time when there are all these political conflicts and an economic crisis, it is one more thing weighing on our minds."

Outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti, himself a devout Catholic, referred to the "disorientation" of Italians over the pope's decision. "It seems like an epoch is changing on both sides of the Tiber and we feel robbed of points of reference."

Massimo Franco, a leading Italian political commentator and author of several books on the Vatican, told Reuters: "The resignation adds instability to instability. The Church which was a source of stability is now a major source of instability.

"Today the Vatican is a sort of mirror of Italy," Franco said. "Before it was the opposite. Now there is a chaotic Italy and chaotic Vatican."

Italians will vote next Sunday and Monday in an election whose outcome is still unpredictable at a time when the country desperately needs firm and decisive government to address a major recession, stagnant growth and soaring unemployment.


Pope will have security, immunity by remaining in the Vatican
2/15/13 - Pope Benedict's decision to live in the Vatican after he resigns will provide him with security and privacy. It will also offer legal protection from any attempt to prosecute him in connection with sexual abuse cases around the world, Church sources and legal experts say.

"His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless. He wouldn't have his immunity, his prerogatives, his security, if he is anywhere else," said one Vatican official, speaking on condition of anonymity.
"It is absolutely necessary" that he stays in the Vatican, said the source, adding that Benedict should have a "dignified existence" in his remaining years.

Vatican sources said officials had three main considerations in deciding that Benedict should live in a convent in the Vatican after he resigns on February 28.
Vatican police, who already know the pope and his habits, will be able to guarantee his privacy and security and not have to entrust it to a foreign police force, which would be necessary if he moved to another country.

"I see a big problem if he would go anywhere else. I'm thinking in terms of his personal security, his safety. We don't have a secret service that can devote huge resources (like they do) to ex-presidents," the official said.

Another consideration was that if the pope did move permanently to another country, living in seclusion in a monastery in his native Germany, for example, the location might become a place of pilgrimage.

This could be complicated for the Church, particularly in the unlikely event that the next pope makes decisions that may displease conservatives, who could then go to Benedict's place of residence to pay tribute to him.
"That would be very problematic," another Vatican official said.

The final key consideration is the pope's potential exposure to legal claims over the Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandals.
In 2010, for example, Benedict was named as a defendant in a law suit alleging that he failed to take action as a cardinal in 1995 when he was allegedly told about a priest who had abused boys at a U.S. school for the deaf decades earlier. The lawyers withdrew the case last year and the Vatican said it was a major victory that proved the pope could not be held liable for the actions of abusive priests.

Benedict is currently not named specifically in any other case. The Vatican does not expect any more but is not ruling out the possibility.
"(If he lived anywhere else) then we might have those crazies who are filing lawsuits, or some magistrate might arrest him like other (former) heads of state have been for alleged acts while he was head of state," one source said.
Another official said: "While this was not the main consideration, it certainly is a corollary, a natural result."

After he resigns, Benedict will no longer be the sovereign monarch of the State of Vatican City, which is surrounded by Rome, but will retain Vatican citizenship and residency.
That would continue to provide him immunity under the provisions of the Lateran Pacts while he is in the Vatican and even if he makes jaunts into Italy as a Vatican citizen.

The 1929 Lateran Pacts between Italy and the Holy See, which established Vatican City as a sovereign state, said Vatican City would be "invariably and in every event considered as neutral and inviolable territory".

There have been repeated calls for Benedict's arrest over sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.
When Benedict went to Britain in 2010, British author and atheist campaigner Richard Dawkins asked authorities to arrest the pope to face questions over the Church's child abuse scandal.

Dawkins and the late British-American journalist Christopher Hitchens commissioned lawyers to explore ways of taking legal action against the pope. Their efforts came to nothing because the pope was a head of state and so enjoyed diplomatic immunity.
In 2011, victims of sexual abuse by the clergy asked the International Criminal Court to investigate the pope and three Vatican officials over sexual abuse.

The New York-based rights group Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and another group, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), filed a complaint with the ICC alleging that Vatican officials committed crimes against humanity because they tolerated and enabled sex crimes.
The ICC has not taken up the case but has never said why. It generally does not comment on why it does not take up cases.

Feb 20, 2013  WILL THIS END the PAPACY?
Possible indictment of Pope Benedict XVI coming
A pope to go to jail for Church crimes.
Pope16 to seek immunity from prosecution for criminal conspiracy.
Arrest warrant for pope benedict16 - Joseph Ratzinger
Vatican has protected child torture and rape in the Roman Catholic world church.
If the vatican is convicted of complicity in crime, that would surely end the papacy.
The vatican has been a mafia engaged in money laundry for decades.  It is Satan's throne.
Pastor Jim of Prophecy in the News talks about why Pope Benedict XVI stepped down.

Criminal Chargesagainst Joseph Ratzinger, Pope of the Roman Catholic Church on grounds of Crimes against Humanity


Pope may change conclave rules before leaving: Vatican
2/20/13 - Pope Benedict may change Church rules governing the conclave where cardinals from around the world will meet next month to secretly elect his successor, the Vatican said.
Benedict was studying the possibility of making changes to two laws established by his predecessor Pope John Paul before he abdicates on February 28, a spokesman said.
The changes may affect the timing of the start of the conclave.
Spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said Benedict was considering making changes that would "harmonize" two documents approved by his predecessor.
One governs the period while the papacy is vacant, known as the "Sede Vacante," and another is more specific about the running of the conclave after it begins.

Germany's Catholic bishops approve use of morning-after pill for rape victims - @dw_english

looks like there will be some changes with the new pope after all

Rev 17:10  And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
Rev 17:11  And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

Rome will burn, regardless of Italian election result
2/21/13 - Regardless of who wins next weekend's parliamentary election, Italy's long economic decline is likely to continue because the next government won't be strong enough to pursue the tough reforms needed to make its economy competitive again.
Bankers, diplomats and industrialists in Rome and Milan despair at how Italians are shifting allegiances ahead of the February 24-25 vote to favor anti-establishment upstarts and show disgust with the established parties.

That makes it more likely that no bloc will have the political strength to tackle Italy's deep-rooted economic crisis, which has made it Europe's most sluggish large economy for the past two decades.
Final opinion polls predict that the vote will deliver a working majority in both houses for a centre-left coalition governing in alliance with technocrat former prime minister Mario Monti. Political risk consultancy Eurasia assigns this scenario a 50-60 percent probability.

Feb 22, 2013

Of course!  That the result of the sin of forbidding to marry.
Papal resignation linked to inquiry into Vatican Sodomite officials.
Discovery of blackmailed clergy who are Sodomites.
The pope himself is most likely queer.

In May 2012 Pope Benedict butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested and charged with having stolen and leaked papal correspondence that depicted the Vatican as a seething hotbed of intrigue and infighting.
Some cardinals are united by sexual orientation.


Rom 1:20  For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
Rom 1:21  Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
Rom 1:22  Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
Rom 1:23  And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
Rom 1:24  Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
Rom 1:25  Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
Rom 1:26  For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
Rom 1:27  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
Rom 1:28  And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

Feb. 13 pope16 said that God is not an instrument to be used for ones own ends.
NOW THAT I AGREE WITH!  Name it and claim it - TAKE NOTE!
You are practicing witchcraft!

Power Struggle Behind Pope’s Resignation; Cardinal Leads as Replacement
Pope Transfers Top Official After Report of Secret Leaks Dossier
February 22, 2013
 - Pope Benedict XVI transferred an official after his name appeared in Italian media reports about a secret Vatican dossier on the leaking of papal documents.
Reports said the pope decided to resign in December after receiving a dossier detailing a network of sex and corruption inside the Vatican.
The reports known as Vatileaks were the result of an internal probe.
Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi declined to comment.
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone was once touted as a possible candidate for the papacy.

Monday, February 18, 2013 at 9:52PM

Chris discusses the most recent development since the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI earlier this month.  It is now reported that the Pope is seeking immunity from being prosecuted for "crimes against humanity" during his time as Cardinal Ratzinger, before he was elected to the papal chair.  The charges come from a group known as the International Tribunal into Crimes Against Church and State (ITCCS). An unnamed European country and the ITCCS are pursuing an attempt to reportedly "... hold the Pope accountable for the Vatican’s cover-up of child sex crimes."

Kerry urges Syrian opposition to attend Rome talks
— U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry tried Monday to patch back together a conference with Syrian opposition leaders that was to be the centerpiece of his debut overseas trip, urging Syrian rebel leaders not to boycott the meeting and insisting that more help is on the way in their fight against President Bashar Assad.

Kerry not only made a public plea at a joint news conference Monday with British Foreign Secretary William Hague, he also called Moaz Khatib, leader of the Syrian Opposition Council, "to encourage him to come to Rome," a senior U.S. official said. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Kerry was in London for the first leg of his first trip as secretary of state — a hectic nine-country dash through Europe and the Middle East. The trip includes a Syrian opposition conference Thursday in Rome, which some members of the sharply divided Syrian opposition council have threatened to boycott.

Kerry also dispatched his top Syrian envoy to Cairo in hopes of convincing opposition leaders that their participation in the conference in Rome is critical to addressing questions from potential donors and securing additional aid from the United States and Europe.
The Rome meeting is the centerpiece of Kerry's nine-nation tour of Europe and the Middle East
"We are not coming to Rome simply to talk," Kerry told reporters in London. "We are coming to Rome to talk about next steps."

British Cardinal to skip papal conclave
Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Britain's highest-ranking Catholic leader, says he is resigning as archbishop in the wake of misconduct allegations and will be skipping the conclave to elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI.
The cardinal said in a statement Monday that he will not attend because he doesn't want media attention focused on him during the important session in Rome.

Experts said the decision not to attend the papal conclave is unprecedented; never before has a cardinal stayed away from a conclave because of personal scandal, according to Vatican historian Ambrogio Piazzoni, the vice prefect of the Vatican library.
The Vatican confirmed that O'Brien had resigned as archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh. It was accepted under the code of canon law due to O'Brien's age; he turns 75 — the normal retirement age for bishops — on March 17.

Pope changes Catholic law to allow earlier start for conclave
Pope Benedict has changed Catholic Church rules to allow the conclave that will choose his successor to be held earlier if cardinals are ready, the Vatican said Monday.
In a motu proprio – in effect, a personal decree – he introduced modifications to the laws governing the timing of the secret election, which had been due to begin on March 15 or later.

Pope Benedict XVI officially stands down from his role on Feb 28, having resigned earlier this month citing his own failing health.
A conclave – the behind-closed-doors ballot of cardinals – cannot begin within 15 days of the papacy becoming vacant; in this case, March 15.
But the amendment to that rule, announced on Monday and reported by Vatican Radio, means the process could begin earlier if all the eligible cardinals arrive in Rome sooner.

The date of the conclave's start is important, The Associated Press reported, because Holy Week begins March 24, with Easter Sunday March 31. In order to have a new pope in place for the church's most solemn liturgical period, he would need to be installed by Sunday, March 17 — a tight timeframe if a conclave were to start March 15.

The number of cardinals eligible to take part reduced by one, from 117 to 116, on Monday after the sudden departure of Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who is facing allegations from priests of “inappropriate behavior.”
The Observer newspaper reported Sunday that the Vatican had been notified of the allegations, which stretch back 30 years.

Nothing new here, but nonetheless elections and appointments to high offices are pre-determined years in advanced(ie-Obama as far back as the 80's here), so it looks like maybe Turkson is the one the NWO people are introducing in advance.

Ghana's Turkson is Irish bookmakers' favorite for new pope
2/26/13 - Ghana's Peter Turkson is the Irish bookmakers' favorite to replace Pope Benedict, putting a non-European in pole position to lead the 1.2 billion-member Roman Catholic Church for the first time in more than a millennium.
Irish bookmaker Paddy Power offered odds of 11/4 against for Turkson, meaning successful punters would win 11 pounds for every four staked, while Britain's second largest bookmaker Ladbrokes offered odds of 5/2 against.

Turkson would be the first non-European to lead the Catholic church in more than a millennium if he is chosen to succeed Benedict. Italian Angelo Scola is second favorite according to Paddy Power at 3/1 against.
"Pope Benedict quitting leaves a tall hat to fill - let's just hope God gives him a good reference for his next job," a Paddy Power spokesperson said in a statement. "As for the betting, the real action kicks off now."

2/27/13 Leading Catholic Blogger Sees More Evidence That The Pope Is Gay

Pope Benedict XVI will officially retire at 8 p.m. tomorrow, but his retirement package is raising a few eyebrows — and resurrecting rumors about his sexuality.

Rather than decamp to some monastery in Germany as many expected, Benedict will instead stay living in the Vatican.

CNN reports he will be living in the Mater Ecclesiae (Mother of the Church) building, which formerly housed a cloistered convent in the Vatican gardens. He will be referred to as the "emeritus pope" and keep wearing the white — though he will lose his trademark red shoes, perhaps wearing a pair of "handcrafted brown loafers" instead, the WSJ reports.

One detail that has caused particular scrutiny is that the Pope will continue to live with his trusted secretary Archbishop Georg Ganswein, who will also be head of the new Pope's household — from the sounds of it, working two jobs.


INFALLIBLE NO MORE: Benedict vows obedience to next pope...

Flies to papal retreat in helicopter...

Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter
February 13, 2013
by itccs
Diplomatic Note was issued to Vatican just prior to his resignation
New Pope and Catholic clergy face indictment and arrest as "Easter Reclamation" plan continues
A Global Media Release and Statement from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State - Brussels:

The historically unprecedented resignation of Joseph Ratzinger as Pope this week was compelled by an upcoming action by a European government to issue an arrest warrant against Ratzinger and a public lien against Vatican property and assets by Easter.
The ITCCS Central Office in Brussels is compelled by Pope Benedict's sudden abdication to disclose the following details:

1. On Friday, February 1, 2013, on the basis of evidence supplied by our affiliated Common Law Court of Justice (, our Office concluded an agreement with representatives of a European nation and its courts to secure an arrest warrant against Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict, for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy.

2. This arrest warrant was to be delivered to the office of the "Holy See" in Rome on Friday, February 15, 2013. It allowed the nation in question to detain Ratzinger as a suspect in a crime if he entered its sovereign territory.

3. A diplomatic note was issued by the said nation's government to the Vatican's Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, on Monday, February 4, 2013, informing Bertone of the impending arrest warrant and inviting his office to comply. No reply to this note was received from Cardinal Bertone or his office; but six days later, Pope Benedict resigned.

4. The agreement between our Tribunal and the said nation included a second provision to issue a commercial lien through that nation's courts against the property and wealth of the Roman Catholic church commencing on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013. This lien was to be accompanied by a public and global "Easter Reclamation Campaign" whereby Catholic church property was to be occupied and claimed by citizens as public assets forfeited under international law and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

5. It is the decision of our Tribunal and the said nation's government to proceed with the arrest of Joseph Ratzinger upon his vacating the office of the Roman Pontiff on a charge of crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy.

6. It is our further decision to proceed as well with the indictment and arrest of Joseph Ratzinger's successor as Pope on the same charges; and to enforce the commercial lien and "Easter Reclamation Campaign" against the Roman Catholic church, as planned.

In closing, our Tribunal acknowledges that Pope Benedict's complicity in criminal activities of the Vatican Bank (IOR) was compelling his eventual dismissal by the highest officials of the Vatican. But according to our sources, Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone forced Joseph Ratzinger's resignation immediately, and in direct response to the diplomatic note concerning the arrest warrant that was issued to him by the said nation's government on February 4, 2013.

We call upon all citizens and governments to assist our efforts to legally and directly disestablish the Vatican, Inc. and arrest its chief officers and clergy who are complicit in crimes against humanity and the ongoing criminal conspiracy to aid and protect child torture and trafficking.
Further bulletins on the events of the Easter Reclamation Campaign will be issued by our Office this week.
Issued 13 February, 2013


Posters promoting African pope appear in Rome
Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana is not "running" for pope but he clearly has supporters who think enough of him that they have plastered posters with his picture around Rome.
"Vote Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson at the conclave!," was written in bold on posters above a photograph of the cardinal, a favourite among bookmakers to succeed Benedict, who on Thursday became the first pope in six centuries to resign.
The posters were plastered over banners that had been used for candidates in Italian elections earlier this week.

Unlike the Italian parliamentary election, candidates for the papacy cannot launch public campaigns, suggesting the poster came from Turkson fans or maybe even pranksters.
Cardinals will meet in a closed-door conclave in the Sistine Chapel in about 10 days, a gathering where their choice is said to be inspired by the Holy Spirit and not earthly politics.
Turkson would be the first non-European to lead the Catholic Church in more than a millennium if he elected.

But an old Roman saying warns about campaigning, even indiscreetly, to become pope or even trying to predict the outcome of conclaves.
It goes: "He who enters a conclave as pope, exits as a cardinal".

Just saw this vid - not that I agree with him on everything, but interesting nonetheless...
In my opinion the final pope in already in power . Tarcisio Peter Bertone from rome has filled the conclave with Cardinals from Italy . Tarcisio is also an anagram for Iscariot , as in Judas Iscariot !

Final Pope Already in Power ! Tarcisio is anagram for Iscariot ( Judas) ! Peter the Roman Bertone !

New pope 'to pledge to serve until death'
3/4/13 CARDINALS plan to ask the next pope to pledge in his inaugural address that he will serve until his death, unlike Benedict XVI, whose resignation, they believe, has destabilised the Catholic Church.
Doubts have emerged about the impact of Benedict's decision as the cardinals begin a series of meetings, known as general congregations, to discuss the church's future.

and both will be in Jerusalem Israel during Passover this year.
Same time Jesus Christ was crucified.

Papal vote preparations start in earnest at Vatican
3/3/13 VATICAN - Preparations for electing Roman Catholicism's new leader begin in earnest on Monday as the College of Cardinals opens daily talks to sketch an identikit for the next pope and ponder who among them might fit it.
The idea is to have the new pope elected during next week and officially installed several days later so he can preside over the Holy Week ceremonies starting with Palm Sunday on March 24 and culminating in Easter the following Sunday.

The general congregations, closed-door meetings in the interregnum between a papacy and the conclave to choose the next one, will hold morning and afternoon sessions in an apparent effort to discuss as much as possible in a short time.
The list of challenges facing the crisis-hit Church could take weeks to debate, but the Vatican seems keen to have only a week of talks so the 115 cardinal electors -- those under 80 -- can enter the Sistine Chapel for the conclave next week.

Exo-Vaticana: The Year Of Three Popes... And Their UFOs Over The Vatican
A book with a cover as sensational Exo-Vaticana has a lot of explaining to do and this post will do just that. For Roman Catholics, the year 1978 will long be remembered as the year of the three popes. Pope Paul VI, the pope who forebodingly declared, “The smoke of Satan…has entered the Sanctuary,” died on August 6, 1978. In extraordinary agreement with the centuries-old prediction “from the midst of the moon” by Saint Malachy, on August 26, 1978, the precise day of a half moon, Cardinal Albino Luciani was elected on the second day of the conclave and became Pope John Paul I. Whereas we explained the preternatural circumstances connecting these events to the nine-hundred-year-old apocalyptic oracles of Saint Malachy O’Morgair in our previous work Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here, we did not realize that these events coincided with a major UFO flap over Rome that spanned the ill-fated rule of John Paul I through the early reign of John Paul II and...

Doctrine Of Assumption In 1950 After A Close Encounter Of The First Kind In A Spinning "Opaque Sphere" In The Sky
According to his own testimony, the Pope who declared the dogma of the Assumption saw a UFO four times. This information is confirmed by a handwritten, unpublished note from Pope Pius XII, which is part of the "Pius XII: The Man and the Pontificate" display. The display opened in the Vatican to the public today and will run through Jan. 6. The papal note says that at 4 p.m. on Oct. 30, 1950, during his "habitual walk in the Vatican Gardens, reading and studying," having arrived to the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, "toward the top of the hill […] I was awestruck by a phenomenon that before now I had never seen... [an] opaque sphere, entirely surrounded by a luminous circle... There was a very light little cloud in front of it... the opaque sphere moved outward slightly, either spinning, or moving from left to right and vice versa. But within the sphere, you could see marked movements with total clarity and without interruption."

Famed SETI Astronomer: Disclosure Of Those Aliens Described In The Upcoming Book "Exo-Vaticana" Are ‘Very Close’
Using a network of 42 high powered radiotelescopes — known as the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) — scientists and researchers working with Ms. Tarter are constantly scouring the skies for non-naturally occurring radio and optical signals emanating from far away worlds that could one day provide evidence of intelligent life on other planets. “Everybody who is working in the field of exoplanet detection can almost taste it,” said Ms. Tarter, who was the inspiration for Jodie Foster’s character in the sci-fi film Contact. “We’re very close. We’re going to have a rocky planet the size of the Earth, at a distance from a star that’s like the sun, where liquid water is plausible on the surface. When we can point up to the star and say: ‘Right there is another Earth,’ I think that inevitably the next question is going to be, does anybody live there, and can we get there? And I think that will make this even more tangible for people.”

Bookmakers Say It’s Italy vs. Africa for Next Pope
3/1/13 In the grand scheme of things it’s anybody’s guess, but a leading oddsmaker says three top Catholic leaders — one from Africa and two from Italy — have the best chances of becoming the next Pope.
As of Friday, Ireland’s Paddy Power has Ghana’s Cardinal Peter Turkson the favorite to succeed Pope Benedict with odds of 5-2 — put $2 on and win $5 if he is elected.

Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola, is second favorite at 11-4, followed by another Italian Cardinal, Tarcisio Bertone.
Paddy Power’s leading contenders for the papacy are:

5-2 Cardinal Peter Turkson, 64, (Ghana) President, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.
11-4 Cardinal Angelo Scola, 71, (Italy) Archbishop of Milan.
4-1 Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, 78, (Italy) Vatican Secretary of State.
8-1 Cardinal Marc Ouellet, 68, (Canada) Prefect for the Congregation for Bishops.
10-1 Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, 70, (Italy) Archbishop of Genoa.
10-1 Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, 70, (Italy) President, Pontifical Council for Culture.
14-1 Cardinal Peter Erdo, 60, (Hungary) Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest.
16-1 Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, 68, (Austria) Archbishop of Vienna.
16-1 Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, 69, (Argentina) Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches.
16-1 Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, 55, (Philippines) Archbishop of Manila.
25-1 Cardinal Odilo Scherer, 63, (Brazil) Archbishop of São Paulo.
25-1 Cardinal Francis Arinze, 80, (Nigeria) Cardinal-Bishop of Velletri-Segni.
25-1 Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, 70, (Honduras) Archbishop of Tegucigalpa.
25-1 Cardinal Sean O’Malley, 68, (United States) Archbishop of Boston.
33-1 Cardinal Timothy Dolan, 63, (United States) Archbishop of New York.
40-1 Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, 68, (Italy) Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy.
40-1 Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, (Argentina) Archbishop of Buenos Aires.
40-1 Cardinal Reinhard Marx, 59, (Germany) Archbishop of Munich and Freising.

Paddy Power spokesman Rory Scott told USA Today, “We are expecting this Pope-betting to be the biggest round of nonsporting betting in Paddy Power history — it’s a big market.
“It’s going to pick up as we head into conclave and we think it will reach about $7 million (U.S. dollars).”

End Time Current Events: 3-3-13–Part 1

Table of Contents:
» Review of the Online Exo-Vaticana Reports–Parts 1 & 2


End Time Current Events: 3-3-13–Part 2

Table of Contents:
» Review of the Online Exo-Vaticana Reports–Parts 3-6





^^ Apparently, from what Tom Horn's exposes have been concerning the Vatican/RCC, they have been behind not only the alien deceptions, but also the genetically engineered hybridization on humans behind closed doors. Apparently too, that 16 year old China swimmer that was breaking records at the Olympics may have been just that.
This is something I've seen in the NFL in recent years - 250-300 pd linebackers and linemen running 40 yard springs like CARL LEWIS! Yeah, NO JOKE! This isn't exactly some coincidence either...

OL prospect sets combine record
2/23/13  A few weeks ago there was a video of a high school running back/defensive lineman that made waves in Hawaii with some amazing speed for a 350-pound man mountain. Maybe if he makes it to the combine in a few years he might have a chance at breaking the record that Terron Armstead set Saturday.
Armstead, an offensive lineman from the small school of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, wowed scouts and analysts in attendance when he got his 300-plus pound body moving fast enough to run a 4.71 40-yard dash Saturday morning.
It is the best time for a lineman in the 40 since at least 2006 when the NFL really started to keep records. He was almost bested later in the day by Lance Johnson from Oklahoma, but edged him out by a hundredth of a second (he was timed at 4.72).

Brittney Yevette Griner (born October 18, 1990) is an American women's college basketball player at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.[1][2] In 2012, the three-time All-American was named the AP Player of the Year and the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four. Standing 6'8" tall, Griner wears a men's US size 17 or 18 shoe and has an arm span of 86".[3][4]

In 2009, Griner was named the nation's #1 high school women's basketball player by[3] Griner was selected to the 2009 McDonald's All-American basketball team.[5] On March 20, 2012, Griner threw down a one-handed dunk against the Florida Gators, becoming just the second woman to dunk in the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.

High school

Griner attended Nimitz High School in Houston. In addition to lettering in basketball throughout high school, she played varsity volleyball as a freshman.
During her senior year, Griner led the Cougars to the Texas 5A girls basketball state championship game, where the Nimitz lost 52-43 to Mansfield Summit High School. Griner dunked 52 times in 32 games as a senior, setting a single-game record of seven dunks against Aldine High School.[6] The mayor of Houston Bill White declared May 7, 2009, Brittney Griner Day. On 11 November 2008, she recorded 25 blocks in a game against Houston Alief Hastings, the most ever recorded by a female in a high school game in the US. In her 2008–09 season, she recorded 318 blocks, a single season record.[7]

Griner was named a WBCA All-American and participated in the 2009 WBCA High School All-America Game, leading the team by scoring 20 points and collecting 9 rebounds.[8]
In her junior season, Griner averaged 23.2 points, 9.4 rebounds and 5 blocks per game.[16] She blocked more shots than any other Division I women's team that season.[17] Griner was named AP Player of the Year [18] and The 2012 Premier Player of Women's College Basketball. On April 3, 2012, Griner led Baylor with 26 points, 13 rebounds and 5 blocked shots to win the Division I Women's Basketball Championship, 80-61 over Notre Dame. Griner was named the Final Four's Most Outstanding Player. Baylor finished its undefeated season with 40 wins, the most in NCAA history.

Just saw this on Yahoo(over Griner)...

The Hype: Could Griner play in the NBA?
Michelle Beadle and Dave Briggs discuss the week that was for women in sports. Brittney Griner scored 50 points against Kansas State while Lauren Silberman embarrassed herself at the NFL combine. Beadle and Briggs discuss what they think would happen if Griner got a tryout against other NBA hopefuls.

Video in this link says "You play ball like a guy...".

Jerome Corsi
Tarcisio 'Judas' Bertone has been running the Vatican - Judas expected to be pope.
Did Pope Benedict XVI line up his successor and then resign to fulfill a 900-year-old prophecy that the next leader of the Roman Catholic Church would be history’s “final pope?”

The idea was posed by Tom Horn, co-author of the book “Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here.”
Horn and his co-author, Cris Putnam, accurately predicted Benedict would become the first pope in nearly 600 years to resign.
Horn believes the last pope, called “Petrus Romanus” in the prophecy by Irish Archbishop St. Malachy, could be the man who is set to take over interim leadership the moment Benedict resigns Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. local time, becoming the acting Vatican head of state.

The claim centers on Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro (Peter in English) Evasio Bertone, born in Romano Canavese, Piedmont, the current secretary of state for the Vatican, who Pope Benedict XVI appointed Camerlengo, or Chamberlain, of the Holy Roman Church April 4, 2007.

In the period known as “sede vacante,” when there is no sitting pope, Bertone will be called upon as Camerlengo to serve as the head of the Roman Catholic Church.
He will be in charge until the College of Cardinals attending the upcoming Papal Conclave in the Sistine Chapel select a new pope.

Benedict XVI has made decisions that indicate Bertone could be, or at least once was, his choice for successor.
Working alongside Bertone, Benedict appeared to be “stacking the deck” in Bertone’s favor Jan. 6, 2012, when he named 22 new cardinals. Most are Europeans, primarily Italians, already holding key Vatican positions.
As a result, Europeans currently number over half of all cardinal-electors, 67 out of 125. Nearly a quarter of all voters in the conclave will be Italian.

“When he appointed these new cardinals,” Horn said, “Benedict seemed to put his definitive stamp on an Italian successor, stacking the College of Cardinals, those who could be called upon to give Bertone the so-called apostolic chair of St. Peter.”

Horn said the idea was not Benedict’s alone.
Most Vatican experts attribute the large number of Italian appointments to the influence of Bertone, he said.
Benedict may have resigned in part because he wanted to have a hand, even if indirect, in influencing the selection of his successor.

Gay Sex Rings, Filth Corrupting Vatican

Benedict XVI resigned in early February. The report he received was a final straw. The Filth has been corroding the soul of the Catholic Church for years, and the reason is the power-grabbing ineptitude and secrecy of the Curia – which failed to deal with the perpetrators. Now the Curia itself stands accused of being part of The Filth. Benedict realises the Curia must be reformed root and branch. He knows this is a mammoth task. He is too old, and too implicated, to clean it up himself. He has resigned to make way for a younger, more dynamic successor, untainted by scandal – and a similarly recast Curia. Benedict was not prepared to wait for his own death to sweep out the gang who run the place. In one extraordinary gesture, by resigning, he gets rid of the lot of them. But what then? The Curia are usually quickly reappointed. This time it may be different. It involves scores of departments, like the civil service of a middling-sized country. It has a Home and  Foreign Office called the Secretariat of State. There’s a department that watches out for heresy – the former Holy Inquisition which under Cardinal Ratzinger dealt with, or failed to deal with, paedophile priests.

Cardinal O'Brien Faces Sexual Conduct Inquiry

Cardinal Keith O'Brien is expected to face a Vatican inquiry after admitting his sexual conduct had at times "fallen beneath the standards expected of me". The inquiry into the former head of the Catholic Church in Scotland is not likely to begin until after a new Pope is chosen - a process starting later. On Sunday, the cardinal apologised to the Church and the people of Scotland. He resigned after three priests and a former priest alleged improper behaviour dating back to the 1980s. Cardinal O'Brien was Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric until he stood down as the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh last month.

Cardinals set Tuesday as start date for conclave


Cardinals have set Tuesday as the start date for the conclave to elect the next pope, a milestone in this unusual papal transition and an indication that even without an obvious front-runner, the cardinals have a fairly good idea of who best among them can lead the Catholic Church and tackle its many problems.

The conclave date was set on Friday afternoon during a vote by the College of Cardinals who have been meeting all week to discuss the church's problems and priorities and the qualities a new pope must possess.

Tuesday will begin with a morning Mass in St. Peter's Basilica, followed by a solemn procession into the Sistine Chapel and the first round of secret balloting in the afternoon.

Only one vote is held the first afternoon. If black smoke is sent snaking out of the chapel chimney to indicate there is no immediate victor, the cardinals will retire for the day. They will return Wednesday for two rounds of balloting in the morning, two rounds in the afternoon until a pope has been chosen.

In the past 100 years, no conclave has lasted longer than five days.

Catholics create 'virtual conclave' for new pope

VATICAN CITY (AP) — A pastor in Ontario wondered about behind-the-scenes politicking ahead of the conclave to elect the next pope. He could have read news reports or listened to briefings by the Vatican spokesman. Instead, he asked a cardinal. Less than an hour later, the response arrived.

"What I see is a real desire to know, and so evaluate, the papabili against criteria of qualities demanded by situations," wrote Cardinal Wilfrid Napier of Durban, South Africa, using the term "papabili" for cardinals seen as papal contenders.

The exchange occurred on Twitter, one of many online interactions that have made this papal succession unlike any other for Roman Catholics and observers of the church. While the election starting Tuesday will remain strictly secret, social media is providing a direct link to the events surrounding the succession, creating a virtual conclave that involves lay people in everything from voting to prayer.

"I think it's fabulous for the church," said Brother Martin Browne, a Benedictine monk in County Limerick, Ireland, who is following Vatican analysts and reporters on Twitter instead of watching general news coverage. "I think more people understand what's going on now because there's greater access to good information."

No one will be posting updates from inside the Sistine Chapel. The Vatican will activate electronic jamming devices so no one can listen in or report out. "You obviously can't have cardinals inside the conclave tweeting 'Uh-oh, trending right now: new young cardinal from wherever,'" said Greg Burke, a Vatican communications adviser.


Dark financial clouds hang over Vatican
All roads lead to Rome, and the road to the papacy starts here.
First thing tomorrow, the cardinals who will choose the next pope will gather at St. Peter's Basilica to celebrate mass together.

Then, in the afternoon, they will march to the Sistine Chapel, lock the door and begin the conclave, where they will begin casting their votes for the new spiritual leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, including more than 66 million in the United States.

Today, the cardinals held the last in a series of private consultations about the kind of leader the church needs.
As they did, red velvet was hung on the doors leading to the central balcony of St. Peter's. It is on that balcony that the new pope will be introduced to the world.

The Vatican is more than the world's largest religious institution -- it's a business. It is also a business in trouble. Behind great ecclesiastical pageants, like former Pope Benedict's farewell, there are back-room financial scandals at Vatican Inc.
In an old stone tower, in Vatican City, is the Vatican Bank.

The church's various departments, its priests and employees keep accounts here; secret accounts, hidden from the prying eyes international regulators. An Italian court investigating the bank found documents showing some accounts had been used for money-laundering and other illegal -- and for the church, highly embarrassing -- activities.

Vatican watchers, like Marco Politi, have studied the court documents that verified the bank's transactions have not always been kosher.
"There was money of the mafia who was recycled through the channels of the Vatican Bank, and also bribe money to political parties in Italy went through the Vatican Bank," Politi said.

With dark financial clouds hanging over the Vatican, the European Union insisted the bank open its accounts to public scrutiny. When it was too slow, tourists felt the pinch. When European bankers suspended the Vatican's credit card facilities, visitors couldn't use plastic to buy Sistine Chapel tickets.
Thirty million dollars of Vatican money in Italian banks was seized and only released when the Church promised to reform.

The final pope is already in power -
Tarcisio Bertone, Judas Iscariot, Peter the Roman

Mar 12, 2013
Roman Catholic cardinals gather under the gaze of Michelangelo Last Judgment
painting.  How prophetic!  The secret conclave is steeped in occult, Satanic rituals.

Because they did not love of the Truth,
God will send upon them a strong delusion so that they will believe what is false (a LIE).
2 Thesselonians 2:10-11

the vatican is satan's throne.  Its 100% corrupt and evil and has been for generations.


A chapel vote, then a papal vote...

Cardinals swear oath of secrecy...

The 20 men who could be Pope...

Anti-mafia cops raid diocese...

Conclave To Elect Final Pope Starts Tues

The College of Cardinals' eighth General Congregation has decided that the Conclave for the election of the new Pope will begin on 12 March 2013. This is according to a communiqué issued by the Holy See Press Office. The Mass "Pro Eligendo Pontefice" will be celebrated in St. Peter's Basilica in the morning andf in the afternoon cardinals will begin the Conclave. The 115 cardinal electors are ready to vote for the new Pope. The average age of the cardinals is 72, most of them were appointed by Benedict XVI and over half of them are European. There are 28 Italian cardinal electors making them the largest group but all five continents are represented. Italy is the most represented country in the Conclave, with 28 cardinals. It is followed by the United States, which has 11 cardinal electors and Germany with 6. Spain and Brazil will have five cardinals...

Over 20 Moles Inside Vatican Says La Repubblica Interview

An anonymous report of a group of over 20 moles planning to leak more information from inside the Vatican was circulating in Italian media on Thursday. "There are many, more than 20 people, all tied to the Holy See. We're made up of men and women, laypeople and prelates," an anonymous, self-proclaimed former mole said, according to an interview in Italian daily La Repubblica. Anonymous and unsourced reports from alleged insiders at the Vatican have been surfacing in Italian media in the weeks following the announcement of Benedict XVI's resignation on February 11. Many outlets have speculated that one motive for Benedict's abdication was the so-called Vatileaks case last year, when the pope's butler was arrested and...

The End Begins: Second Vatican State To Be Established In Jerusalem

People are not aware that the planning of a the seat of the last antichrist has reached its final stages. This work got a booster after the implementation of the Oslo “peace accord”. The final push for the end game, started with the formation of The Council of the Religious Institutions of the Holy Land in 2005. This council has Muslims, Jews, Catholics and claimed to be “Christians” in its governing body. When you read their statement of faith, you are introduced to the final One World Religion. They try to tell us that all faiths leads to the same god. Now they plan the arrival of their leader.... collected from the governance of the present Papal system. The final plan will be presented to the government of Israel as an offer, they simply “have to” accept. The new statehood in Eastern Jerusalem will have a “Chief administrator” who govern a “special regime”. His powers will be similar to the Pope of Rome.



Evil or Very Mad    Rick Warren fasts and prays for Rome conclave
This morning Saddleback’s pastor Rick Warren asked his Twitter fans to follow him as he fasts and prays for the cardinals who will select the new pope.
Will he pray for the truth of God’s breathed-out Word to be proclaimed to Catholics everywhere? Will he ask God to convict these leaders to repent of false teaching and ask forgiveness for pointing these sheep away from the Bible and toward Mary as a co-redeemer with Jesus?

Certainly God is in control and knows who the next pope will be. He even knows how this pope will influence and perhaps orchestrate the events that God will use to reveal Himself in His coming as He promised. Time is growing shorter, and we have a huge opportunity to reach the lost with the message of repentance and forgiveness, and proclaim Christ crucified for our sins once and for all.

US Catholics Support Gay marriage, Poll Finds

US Catholics support gay marriage by a larger margin than ordinary Americans despite Church teachings that forbid it, a new poll out Friday has found. The Quinnipiac University poll found 54 percent of Catholics support same-sex marriage while just 38 percent are opposed, compared to a 47-43 percent margin among all American voters.

Both margins represent a reversal from the 36-55 percent opposition among all voters the group found as recently as July 2008. "Catholic voters are leading American voters toward support for same-sex marriage," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the polling institute.


BornAgain2 wrote:
US Catholics Support Gay marriage, Poll Finds

Filthy damned SIN!

and Rick Warren is evil too

Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong
and the one who is filthy, still be filthy
and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness and the one who is holy, still keep himself holy.
Revelation 22:11

Predictor of Benedict's resignation eyes vote through lens of prophecy
March 13, 2013  Author who predicted Pope Benedict XVI would be the first pontiff in 600 years to resign is keeping
close watch on the conclave of cardinals through the lens of a medieval prophecy that indicates the man they select will be historys final pope.

Tom Horn, co-author of the book Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here has a list of 10 men in the Sistine Chapel who best fit St. Malachy Prophecy of the Popes.
Horn predicted Benedict would step down April 2012.
Apparently that was when Benedict made the decision he didnt announce until Febarury 2013.
Malachy prophecies culminate with a final pope called Peter the Roman whose reign ends with the destruction of Rome and the judgment of Christ.

Horn top 4 candidates - in order of liklihood, in my opinion
Judas  -  Tarcisio Pietro (Peter) Evasio Bertone, born in Romano, Italy, Benedicts choice to succeed him.
Peter Turkson of Ghana, who would be the first African pope
Angelo Scola, the archbishop of Milan. He has 50 Italian cardinals in his corner
Peter Erdo of Hungary.

Vatican is Satans throne

Evil or Very Mad

March 13, 2013
Holy cow!  How illuminati can we get?

CHOSEN 3-13-13
Pope Francis Supported Civil Unions as Cardinal

When Argentina was on the verge of legalizing gay marriage in 2010, Pope Francis - then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires - suggested the church support civil unions, according to news reports published at the time.

"We don't have a fanatic vision," his spokesman, Federico Wals, told Argentina's Infonews in 2010. "What we are asking is that the laws are respected. We believe that we must propose more comprehensive civil union rights than currently exist, but no gay marriage."

Faced with the likelihood that gay marriage would be legalized, Bergoglio, then head of the Argentina Bishop's Conference, suggested during a meeting with bishops in 2010 that the church support civil unions in the country. The idea was rebuked by the bishops, Pope Francis' authorized biographer, Sergio Rubin, told the Associated Press.

PHOTOS: Pope Francis Through the Years

With civil unions, which were already legal in parts of Argentina, off the table, Bergoglio became the public face of the battle against the proposed gay marriage legislation proposed by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

In Argentina, where three-quarters of the country is Catholic but only 19 percent said they regularly attended Mass, according to a 2010 Pew study, Bergoglio encouraged the faithful to protest the legislation, which needed parliamentary approval.

In a letter asking for prayer from Argentine monasteries, Bergoglio called same sex marriage "an attempt to destroy God's plan" and likened gay adoption to a form of discrimination against children.

Despite his efforts, the law passed in July 2010, making Argentina the first country in South America to recognize same-sex marriage equality.

Kirchner, who has been a progressive force in the country and once called Pope Francis' views "medieval," met privately with the new pontiff Monday at the Vatican. The two had previously clashed on measures such as mandatory sex education in schools, free distribution of contraceptives in public hospitals and the right for transsexuals to officially change their identities.

But all tensions were put aside, at least temporarily.

"I saw him serene, confident, at peace, calm and also busy and concerned, not just about the enormous task that will be governing the Vatican State, but also about the commitment to changing the things he knows must change," she said at a news conference after the meeting.

Evangelical Leaders Luis Palau and Rick Warren Salute Pope Francis – What Are the Implications?
Several Christian media outlets are announcing the “friendship” between evangelical mega-evangelist Luis Palau and the new Jesuit Pope who was elected at the Vatican in Italy this past week. Headlines are letting Christians know that one of their most popular evangelists has a special relationship with “Pope Francis.”

Palau is not the only evangelical leader to send his praises and words of support to the new pope. Rick Warren sent out a message on his “Twitter” account just prior to the election, “Join me today in praying and fasting for the 115 Cardinals seeking God’s will in a new leader,” and after the election Warren tweeted “Welcome Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, #HabemusPapam ["We have a pope!"] You have our prayers.” Christians who look at things from a biblical point of view and take into consideration biblical prophecy about the last days will have a difficult time not being concerned about the implications of Christian leaders exhibiting a kind of comradeship with the Roman Catholic leader. As Lighthouse Trails and Understand the Times have attempted to warn believers about the ecumenical, interspiritual one-world religion that is coming, once again we see the lethargy regarding spiritual deception within the ranks of Christian leaders.

While behaving with Christian charity toward the Pope and praying for him (as we should for all people) is not a bad thing in and of itself, Luis Palau and Rick Warren’s ongoing minimizing of the extreme differences between biblical Christianity and Roman Catholicism is. Over the years, the Palau crusades have included Catholic counselors for those coming forward to receive Christ, and Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven movement has offered Catholic-focused programs. This goes beyond the scope of reaching out to Catholics with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and negates Scripture that tells Christians to be discerning and speak up against false teachings.

In an interview with Luis Palau on Relevant magazine website, talking about his friendship with the new pope, Palau stated: “I think that’s the emphasis he is going to bring to the papacy: That the Gospel is primary, that we must emphasize it and especially with youth.”1 But just what “Gospel” will the pope actually emphasize? Will the true Gospel of Jesus Christ be able to be emphasized when it is shrouded in Masses, Eucharists, Transubstantiations, Marian apparitions, and a “new” evangelization program that seeks to bring back the “lost brethren” to the “Mother” church? To understand more clearly the concerns that Lighthouse Trails and Understand the Times share, please read some of our material on just what Roman Catholicism teaches. We do not have any animosity toward Catholics themselves, but we do see the Roman Catholic church as a body of deception, leading millions away from the Gospel with a “justification by works” false gospel and a eucharistic christ that is “another Jesus.”

Below is just one of many headlines by Christian media boasting of Luis Palau’s relationship with the Pope.

“Luis Palau: New Pope Francis a Friend of Evangelicals”

By Anugrah Kumar
Christian Post

Evangelist Luis Palau, who knows and has prayed together with Pope Francis on several occasions, called the new leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics a friend of evangelicals who is respectful of all sides of Christianity.

“I exploded,” Palau told, of his reaction after his son, Kevin Palau, president of the Luis Palau Association, shared the news that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, was elected pope this week. “I just couldn’t believe it. In the last election, he was in the running but he told me he felt led by God to remove himself from the race. I said, ‘Maybe next time,’ and he said, ‘I’ll be too old.’”

The fiery preacher who some have called the “Latin Billy Graham,” said whenever they prayed together, Bergoglio asked him to “lay your hands on me and pray for me, that God will keep me as servant.” The new pope is respectful of all sides of Christianity, Palau said, adding the press referred to him as the “evangelical pope” in 2008. Click here to read more.


Catholic Cardinal Who Said Homosexuality Was 'Moral Degradation' had A Boyfriend
3/21/13  Oh thats no surprise, even the popes have male lovers.
A recently-resigned cardinal with a reputation for being anti-gay may have had a long-running physical relationship with another man, according to new reports.

The scandal began earlier this year when reports that Scottish Cardinal Keith O'Brien had "inappropriate contact" with male priests appeared in the British press. O'Brien, the highest ranking Catholic in the UK, resigned the next week, admitting that his "sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me."

O'Brien's resignation letter, however, remained quite vague as to what he had done wrong.
New reports published in the Scottish Herald, however, suggest that O'Brien had a "long-standing physical relationship" with one of the men whose accusations went public.
"The complainant is known to have been in regular telephone contact with Cardinal O'Brien until recently," the paper writes, "and was a frequent visitor to St Benets, his official residence in Edinburgh's Morningside."
O'Brien is reported to have admitted to the relationship.

Laughing    2 popes?  
May 2, 2013
ROME - Pope Benedict back at the Vatican
Pope Francis welcomed his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI back to the Vatican.
The retired Pope Benedict had been living at the papal retreat in Castel Gandolfo since he formally stepped down as head of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world and left Vatican City on February 28.

Benedict was the first pope in nearly 600 years to resign.
Benedict traveled back to the Vatican on Thursday by helicopter. He will live on the Vatican grounds at a newly renovated convent called Mater Ecclesiae. He was driven from the Vatican heliport to his new residence where he was greeted by his successor. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told reporters that Francis greeted Benedict, "with great fraternal cordiality. Together they went to the monastery chapel for a brief moment of prayer."

Benedict's new home is a far cry from the palatial papal apartment at the Vatican and the retreat at Castel Gandolfo. "It used to be the gardener's house.


Malachy pope prophecy
Jack Kinsella suggests St. Malachys prophecy is demonic.

Pastor-Prophet David Wilkerson prophecied in 1973 also.
David Wilkerson spoke of a Super Church which would seriously persecute the true Christians (non-Catholics).
The persecution of charismatic Catholics will be the worst - from within the RCC.

Evil Jesuit pope Francis - Chosen 3-13-13

Malachi Prophecy

Catholic church, POPE is the BEAST

The POPE is the BEAST in Revelation
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