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Peregrine falcons misc. 2014-15

Delaware Peregrin falcons
Red Girl and Trinity
2014 she has 6 eggs!!  This is VERY RARE!!

March 15 – Delaware falcon laid a 6th egg! Peregrines have been documented to lay up to 7 eggs, but over 5 is very rare.

April 15  I see 4 fluffy white chicks  Smile


forum, pics,1884.0.html

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


April 21, 2014
April 20 Craig Koppie, a USFWS raptor biologist, removed two of the chicks from the nest box this afternoon because we had concerns that they weren’t being fed enough.  
I will post updates when I have them.

A cute video with one of the kids poking it's head out!

Apr 20 video

April 19 feeding video

eyasses growth  (from Del)

Anthony Gonzon will be conducting a short training session on Sunday, April 27th around 1:00 PM on the roof of the parking garage across from the nest box.
The Fledge Watch will be taking place from Friday, May 23rd until they fledge! It usually lasts about a week but I'm really hoping they all fledge over Memorial Day Weekend when there's no traffic in town!

Delaware falcons had 6 eggs initially,1884.45.html


April 22, 2014    dawn feeding

This nest has had problems in past years.

Nottingham Peregrin falcons 2014
April 23, 2014  Three adorable white chicks hatched
since last night.


April 23, 2014  UPDATE on chicks removed Sunday
The 6th chick did not survive, the fifth chick is doing very well and should be returned to the nest box next week.

April 25, 2014 Nottingham falcon family picture
3 babies plus an egg
 The egg hatched next day.
Nottingham Trent University Falcons blog,1890.0.html

April 26, 2014 Nottingham falcons - 4 babies

A falcon in Kentucky lost her mate - has she found another?
Are there 3 males courting her?  will she re-nest?  2 pages,1886.0.html


May  1, 2014  Thursday
Morning feeding - vocal - kak kak as parent arrives, chup chip peep as feeding
Those fluffy chicklets are a cuteness overload for sure!
Parent flies off with remains, does not keep in nest box.

ff - that is so precious!  Both parents feeding!  Thanks for posting!!
These are wonderful parents!
Notts blog,1890.15.html

There was / is a territory dispute between males.
Her mate no one is sure about.  She had 5 eggs, 2 hatched and chicks died.
The eggs were eventually collected.
Now she has 2 male suitors, and has begun scraping inside box.

2 blogs,1886.15.html

Wilmington Delaware falcon NOTES
Of the 6 eggs laid, all 6 hatched, 2 chicks were removed to try to save them but unsuccessful.
2 died and crossed the rainbow bridge.
The remaining 4 chicks have been hiding from the cam in a corner from the wind and heavy rain.
Good for them, bad for viewers!  Smile

2 blogs,1884.90.html

Wilmington Delaware falcons - May

Nottinham falcons
May, 2014

May 2  From Wilmington DELAWARE falcons fb page -
The falcon chicks are starting to get more active, flapping their wings which is how they build up their muscles to get ready for flying.

The female Kentucky falcon has at least 1 male courting her.
She is 'scraping' - something falcons do to prepare a depression for eggs

May  11 - 12,  2014

Izat all?  

wheres mum  

Wilmington Delaware falcons
May  11 - 12,  2014


May 11 family  Yep - thats 3 males all right

GANGWAY!  Comin thru!  My name aint Ruffian for nothin!


Ima gonna break outta here!  I see an outside!

GROWTH  Wilmington Delaware falcons  2014
I thot it'd be fun to see how fast they grew.

April 9

April 21


May 11  -  Last family day we see - down in the box


May 12  GRADUATION DAY -  to the ledge

May 13  A ledging we go!  Flap, hop ... UP!

May 13  Ruffian, the girl. LEFT,  she has a green band

1 fledged May 22
1 fledged May 23


Nottingham May 23, 2014


2015 Falcons Season

Wilmington Delaware
This nest has had problems in past years.
In 2014 -  2 of her 5 chicks didnt survive, 3 fledged.,2005.0.html

Kentucky - Mill Creek,1886.45.html

Notts - England

GSB  -  Minnesota - Mississippi River bluff
Peregrine Falcon nest 2013 * Mississippi River bluffs
This nestbox had all 4 young fall but survive in 2013
So for 2015 season they added a beam to prevent that,865.2250.html

Photos in raptorresource forum

Kentucky falcon - Diana
March 5

11.51 am  She laid an egg

March 7
5.13 pm  I see egg #2

March 10
05.18 am  I see 3 eggs, she is in doorway

She is incubating her 3 eggs - usually means she is done laying

Wilmington Delaware Red girl
March 7  

5.58 am  Red girl arrives - leaves- twice
8.40 am  She comes, sits, spins, looks around, glares at cam (dont break the lens!)
-  She appears to have a nice brood patch
4.03 pm  Red girl laid egg

March 10
7.25 am  Red girl laid 2 eggs

March 12
Nottingham falcon in box

March 18, 2015  

Delaware falcon 5 eggs
Kentucky falcon 5 eggs
Nottingham  2 eggs so far

GSB still mating - no egg

March 19, 2015

Still dont have your fill of falcons?  Here are 3 more cams!
Watch as the birds arrive, mate, lay eggs and raise young.

Xcel Falcons Minnesota

Delaware falcon 5 eggs
Kentucky falcon 5 eggs
Nottingham  3 eggs - she laid a 3rd


March 22, 2015
Nottingham laid a 4th egg
Its hard for the smaller male to cover more than 3 eggs

April 11, 2015 falcon eggs
5 Kentucky
5 Delaware
4 Notts

April 23, 2015

Kentucky laid 5 eggs which have hatched.
1 chick died
Keep up here,1886.75.html

Delaware laid 5 eggs, 4 have hatched
1 egg has not hatched
Keep up here,2005.30.html

Notts laid 4 eggs - 2 have hatched, the other should hatch today
Keep up here,1890.105.html

LIVE cam

NEW falcon cam in Baltimore Md
Boh and new bride Barb2 - first year nester, 3 eggs,2011.0.html

I created a new thread for them.

2015 Falcons Season Chicks

Wilmington Delaware

5 eggs, 4 hatched
This nest has had problems in past years.
In 2014 they had 5 chicks, 3 fledged, 2 didnt survive.

2 forums track this nest with photos,2005.30.html


Kentucky - Mill Creek
5 eggs, 4 hatched, 3 healthy, 1 didnt survive

2 forums track this nest with photos,1886.75.html


Notts - England
4 eggs, 4 hatched and look good
Live cams

2 forums track this nest with photos


April 24, 2015     Friday

Notts, England     4 hatchs        
This pair of falcons look greyer than in USA.
This pair is so sweet to each other!  She chup chups to chicks as she feeds them.
Early mornng feeding - you can see all 4 chicks, some get full and fall over.  Too cute.  

Here is a video one of skys (bcaw) people took of feeding

Live cams

Mill Crk Kentucky -  Diana and Tucker
May 3, 2015     SONday  Shepnotes
Dawn finds a pile of pefa, one by one they awake.
They sure look about banding age, but I see no banding info
FINALLY!  Brekky!  We bin waitin n waitin - we HUNGRY!

June 7, 2015
3 Mill Creek Kentucky falcon young have fledged.

The 4 Wilmington Delaware young have fledged

Harrisburg PA falcons
All 3 girls fledged, 1 flew into a window and died

Xcel sherco laid 4 eggs and none hatched.
She is still setting them poor thing

Fargo had 2 eggs, only 1 hatched

Xcel Black Dog Falcons had 4 eggs, 3 hatched
This is the most affectioonate pair!  But VERY aggressive to intruders! Forum Index -> Misc
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