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Paul Ryan, traitor!

2015  Paul Ryan is another tool of the NWO, a wolf.

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan at ObamaCare Summit
When Wilson yelled - YOU LIE! - to Obama, he was telling the TRUTH.

ObamaCare is CONTROL, EUGENICS, not health

Key points made by Mr. Ryan are -
February, 2010

· CBO has told us they cannot yet estimate the Presidents plan because it lacks detail. But because it closely aligns with the Senate bill lets unpack the Senate bills CBO score.

· The Majority claims credit for reducing the deficit by $131 billion over 10 years. Thats less than this months deficit.
· This is the result of six years of spending, paid for by ten years of tax increases and Medicare cuts. The true ten year cost when subsidies kick-in? $2.3 trillion.
· The bill is full of gimmicks that more than erase the false claim of deficit reduction:

o $52 billion of savings is claimed by counting increased Social Security payroll revenues. These dollars are already claimed for future Social Security beneficiaries, and claiming to offset the cost of this bill either means were double-counting or were not going to pay Social Security benefits.

o $72 billion in savings is claimed from the CLASS Act long-term care insurance. These so-called savings are not offsets, but rather premiums collected to pay for future benefits. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad has called these savings, A ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud.

· Additionally, the nearly half-trillion dollars in Medicare cuts cannot be counted twice. Medicare is in dire need of reform in order to make certain that we can ensure health security for future seniors.

· Using Medicare as a piggy bank, it raids a half trillion dollars from retirees health coverage to fund the creation of another open-ended health care entitlement.

· The Presidents chief Medicare actuary says up to 20% of Medicare providers may go bankrupt or stop taking Medicare beneficiaries as a result. Millions of seniors who have chosen Medicare Advantage will lose the coverage they now enjoy.

· Objections to the policy aside, you cannot use these savings twice to both extend the life of Medicare and to pay for other spending. The half-trillion dollars in Medicare cuts are either to extend the programs solvency or to reduce the cost of this deficit but not both as its authors claim.

· When you strip away the double-counting of Medicare cuts, the so-called savings from Social Security payroll taxes and the CLASS Act, the deficit increases by $460 billion over first ten years and $1.4 trillion over second ten years.

· Finally, one of the most expensive and most cynical of the gimmicks applies to Medicare physician payments, the so-called Doc Fix.

· By the Administrations own estimate, the Doc Fix adds an additional $371 billion to the cost of health care reform. With the price tag beyond what most Americans could handle, the Majority decided to simply remove this costly provision and deal with it in a stand-alone bill.

Ignoring this additional cost does not remove it from the backs of taxpayers. Hiding spending doesnt reduce spending

Wisconsin's Paul Ryan was GOP 2012 vice presidential nominee with Romney

Paul Ryan website

Paul Ryan Speaker of the House 2015

Series on youtube

A GOLD TAX is hiddin in ObamaCare [/size] - plus more

Judge Andrew Napolitano on Challenging the Health Care Bill
You’re in for an unpleasant surprise

OBAMACARE  *  A System from HELL

Paul Ryans name appears on several pages here


HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


We have failed to listen to America
John Boehner Floor Speech March 21, 2010

Opposing DEMONcrat Government Takeover of 'Health Care'.

LISTEN to this speech.  It is EXCELLENT!

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn warned that he and the staff of several other GOP senators will be monitoring with a microscope any potential payoffs to DEMONcrats that materialize down the road in exchange for their vote on the health bill.

"If you think you can cut a deal now and it not come out until after the election, I want to tell you that isn't going to happen.
And be prepared to defend selling your vote in the House," said Coburn.  
'We will look at every appropriations bill at every level, at every instance, and we will outline by district, and we will associate that with the buying of your vote.'

Tom Coburn Stern Warning to Dems

Paul Ryan

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn to at the end of 2016.
Coburn, 65, has been battling  prostate cancer

Paul Ryan ran for VP with Willard Mitt Romney, October    2011

House to vote: New Year's Night on the cliff
January 1, 2013
   Maneuvered into a political corner, House Republicans abandoned demands for changes in emergency legislation to prevent widespread tax increases and painful across-the-board spending cuts and cleared the way for a final, climactic New Year's night vote.

The decision capped a day of intense political calculations for conservatives who control the House. They had to weigh their desire to cut spending against the fear that the Senate would refuse to consider any changes they made in the "fiscal cliff" bill, sending it into limbo and saddling Republicans with the blame for a whopping middle class tax increase.

Adding to the GOP discomfort, one Senate Democratic leadership aide said Majority Leader Harry Reid would "absolutely not take up the bill" if the House changed it. The aide spoke on condition of anonymity, citing a requirement to keep internal deliberations private.

The legislation cleared the Senate hours earlier on a lopsided pre-dawn vote of 89-8. Administration officials met at the White House to monitor its progress.
"I do not support the bill. We are looking, though, for the best path forward," House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., declared after one meeting of the party's rank-and-file.
Despite Cantor's remarks, Speaker John Boehner took no public position on the bill as he sought to negotiate a conclusion to the final crisis of a two-year term full of them.

* Bill passed. - 257 - 167, where  85 of the Repubs voted for it.
It's also been reported that Paul Ryan voted YEA.

Fiscal Cliff Showdown Postponed to March
January 2, 2013
 Federal lawmakers yesterday gave their blessing to legislation that boosts income tax rates and government spending while kicking many of the fiscal cliff issues down the road for several weeks.
The $1.2 trillion in scheduled spending cuts falling largely on the Pentagon have now been officially postponed for two months.
The next manufactured crisis comes March 1, the day the cuts will take effect unless Congress intervenes again to stop them.

Putting off dire problems for another day is now becoming routine in Washington, D.C., commentator Jim Antle opined on Twitter.
We have reached the point where temporarily averting self-inflicted disasters at the last second is a political success.   Laughing   Twisted Evil

The Obama-approved fiscal-disaster procrastination bill received final congressional approval in the House last night
with relatively little Republican support after a prolonged fight during a long lame duck session of the outgoing Congress.
Obama and Demoncrats got almost everything they wanted, as many Republicans dropped their long-standing opposition to income tax rate increases.

Charles Krauthammer called the measure a “complete rout for Democrats.” Many House conservatives “hate the bill for good reason … This is a complete surrender on everything.”

Bill Kristol called the bill a mess that was “ridiculous in too many ways to count” but urged House Republicans to vote for it anyway to get the issue behind them.
The two month delay of the sequester [i.e. spending cuts] will make actual governance even more difficult (how is the Pentagon supposed to plan for the rest of the year?) …
And we will face another cliff when we hit the debt ceiling and the sequester again in two months.

The U.S. government’s bond rating has been downgraded already and many more downgrades are on the horizon.
It is worth noting that the bill passed last night only because House Democrats supported it.

The measure was approved in a House vote of 257 to 167 after GOP leaders decided not to insist on government spending cuts.
Speaker John RINO Boehner and Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan voted for the package,
breaking with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy who voted against it.
In total 85 Republicans voted for the bill and 151 voted no. On the Democratic side there were 172 votes in favor and 16 against.

U.S. Is Totally Broke
Federal Govt. Fiscal Gap Is $222 Trillion

U.S. Senate narrowly passes first budget in four years
March 23, 2013
- The Senate on Saturday narrowly passed its first federal budget in four years, a move that will usher in a relative lull in Washington's fiscal wars until an anticipated summer showdown over raising the debt ceiling. The budget plan passed 50-49 at about 5 a.m. after a marathon voting session in the Democratic-controlled chamber. Four Democratic senators facing tough re-election campaigns in 2014 joined all the Senate Republicans in opposing the measure, which seeks to raise nearly $1 trillion in new tax revenues by closing some tax breaks for the wealthy.

The Senate budget, which reflects Democratic priorities of boosting near-term job growth and preserving social safety net programs, will square off in coming months against a Republican-focused budget passed by the Republican-dominated House of Representatives. Neither of the non-binding blueprints has a chance of passage in the opposing chamber, leaving Congress no closer to resolving deep differences over how to shrink U.S. deficits and grow the economy. But they give each party a platform from which to tout their respective fiscal visions.

The Democrats' plan from Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray aims to reduce deficits by $1.85 trillion over 10 years through an equal mix of tax increases and spending cuts. The Republican plan from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan seeks $4.6 trillion in savings over the same period without raising new taxes. It aims to reach a small surplus by 2023 through deep cuts to healthcare and social programs that aid the elderly and poor.

Murray said after the vote that she would try to work with Ryan on a path toward compromise. "While it is clear that the policies, values, and priorities of the Senate budget are very different than those articulated in the House budget, I know the American people are expecting us to work together to end the gridlock and find common ground, and I plan to continue doing exactly that."

*  Fiscal cliff - USA could be taken over due to debt

Ryan Compromise Will Keep Obamacare Forever
October 11, 2013
Breitbart News reported that House Republicans have offered a new deal to the White House to end the fiscal stalemate. The GOP plan, authored primarily by House Budget Chair Rep. Paul Ryan according to Hill sources, would meet Obama's demands in exchange for negotiations on a longer-term budget agreement.

At least two high-ranking Capitol Hill sources have told Breitbart News that Ryan’s plan would also help protect Obamacare as it is currently implemented.

Ryan's office deny the claims. “What your sources are attempting to attribute to Congressman Ryan is not accurate,” Kevin Seifert, Ryan’s spokesman, said in an email.

But the Capitol Hill conservative sources are adamant Ryan offered at least two things that they say would mitigate some of Obamacare's hardest-hitting effects on certain communities that are needed for the GOP to take the law down in the end.

The high-ranking conservative source said that this deal will ensure America has "Obamacare forever" and that Ryan's "pro union votes are really coming to light now."

At a meeting on Friday morning, the sources said Ryan’s plan was presented to a group of members. Ryan's plan would grant President Barack Obama a no-strings-attached “clean” debt ceiling increase for six weeks and acquiesce to Obama’s latest demand that Republicans also pass a Continuing Resolution to end the partial government shutdown.

The plan was pitched to a room full of members of the House GOP caucus. Not only would Ryan’s plan amount to a GOP capitulation on the debt ceiling and budget, it would mitigate certain effects of Obamacare to help labor unions and members of the business community.

The grand bargain Ryan is attempting to negotiate would include a repeal of the medical device sales tax, a part of Obamacare even liberal Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) supports removing.

The high-ranking sources also claimed Ryan was trying to negotiate a proposal that would increase from 30 to 39 the number of weekly hours worked to qualify as a full-time worker that would trigger the mandate that employers provide health insurance or pay a $2,000 per employee fine. The sources described this proposal as a hand-out to labor unions. The 30 hour threshold in ObamaCare annoyed people like Teamsters Union President Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. and prompted him recently to speak out against Obamacare.  

The source also said Ryan’s "grand bargain" would increase the number of employees a company may have without providing health insurance from 50 up to 100. This would mitigate effects on the larger members of the small business community, who are currently some of the most ardent opponents of Obamacare.
Ultimately, one of the sources says, such proposals end up keeping Obamacare the law of the land "forever" as it would take away from momentum against it.

OBAMACARE was never about healthcare!  Page 13  America news

Paul Ryan'd be a disaster as House Speaker!
October 12, 2015
-  Paul Ryan would escalate the GOP’s Civil War as House Speaker.
Some GOP leaders want Paul Ryan as the new Speaker of the House.
Ryan would expand the massive divide between the leadership and the base.

Ryan is out-of-sync with the base.  He is a NWO shill.
Ryan favors amnesty to illegals
DONT say immigrants, you confuse criminals with legals!
Ryan favors open borders.
Ryan was instrumental in pushing legislation Obama wanted but the Republican base hated through Congress last summer.

Conservatives want Daniel Webster

Evil or Very Mad   Run Ryan run - NO DONT!
October 13, 2015 -  The evil GOP leaders and RINO
s want Ryan specificly because he will just be another Boehner and McCarthy.  Paul Ryan would consider the speakership if the TEA party obey him.  The Freedom Caucus (TEA party GOOD guys) insist that the next speaker run a more bottom-up operation, more floor votes on conservative legislation even if it lacks the votes to pass, less cracking down on members who buck leadership.  Freedom Caucus priorities are rule changes. Ryan wont be eager to engage in their horse-trading.
If you still arent convinced Ryan is a BAD choice - OBAMA WANTS HIM!

Kontrol freek king wanabe Paul Ryan
October 21, 2015
-  Paul Ryan will run for House Speaker.  Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan will serve as US House Speaker if Republicans unite. Harry Reid endorses Paul Ryan for Speaker.  That ought to be the KISS of DEATH to any true Republican!  

Paul Ryan is a DISASTER!  There are no greater assurances of that than his endorsement by Bonner and dirty Harry Reid!  That is equivalent to wolves voting for a wolf to guard the henhouse.

ALL but 40 GOP in the House are RINO aka DEMON-crat!  
Only the 40 Freedom Caucus are Patriotic AMERICANS.  They want Daniel Webster.
This proves Ryan is only a tool of globalists.
This also reveals Romney would have been just like 0bama.


NO!  to Paul Ryan
October 22, 2015 -  The House Freedom Caucus voted against endorsing Ryan
If Paul Ryan is true to his word, he will drop out of contention for the House Speakership.
The RINOs support Paul Ryan.  If Paul Ryan has any integrity at all he will DROP OUT of the speaker race.  Since Ryan has failed to achieve the Freedom Caucus endorsement, the question now becomes if he will stick to his promise and drop out of contention for the Speakership.

In the private meeting inside the U.S. Capitol, Paul Ryan promised the House Freedom Caucus the world to try to earn their official endorsement.  He failed.  Almost every Freedom member opposed a Ryan Speakership.  But when Ryan made all these promises to them in there, many of the members believed him at face value.

Among the Ryan promises were a return to regular order, changes to the steering committee that decides committee assignments centralizing power in the Speaker’s office.  Ryan even promised to give up the Speaker’s 5 votes on the committee and an end to retaliation against Republican members who vote their conscience.

He reiterated his promise in the full GOP conference of no amnesty bill under resident Obama, which conspicuously did not extend to the next president, and an end to crisis-to-crisis governance under outgoing Speaker Rep. John Boehner.  He also promised more regional representation rather than representation centralized in the Speaker’s office.

There were only 2 catches to Ryan’s promises: first, those present couldn’t tell the public what just happened because it would infuriate 'the other side' of the House GOP conference. And King Ryan would get what he wanted.  Ryan wants to severely undercut the power of rank-and-file members to hold a Speaker accountable.

Ryan’s demands, the end of democracy in America.
Conservatives are coalescing against Paul Ryan to ascend to the Speakership.
Paul Ryan is worse than John Boehner.  Boehner didn’t keep his promises, but at least he made them.

Ryan is making no promises to do anything to advance a conservative agenda. He is demanding a Mafioso-style loyalty oath to his RINO agenda.  Yet Ryan is demanding conservatives support him.  No wonder Obama, Reid and Pelosi like him.  He is another NWO tool fool.

In a bizarre act of arrogance unprecedented in American political history, *establishment Republican Paul Ryan has spelled out the terms under which he will accept the Speakership.
What Ryan announced was a set of conditions that amount to discarding any pretense that the House of Representatives is the Peoples’ House.

Tea Party Patriots launch campaign against Ryan for Speaker
October 22, 2015 -  The Tea Party Patriots is are conservatives who promotes fiscally responsible activism as part of the Tea Party movement.
Paul Ryan is NOT the guy.

*establishment is an INSULT

October 27, 2015 -  Da fix iz in!  Paul Ryan is Boner II.

Paul Ryan and his friends have scheduled a Speakership election victory party for Thursday evening, even though he has not won the floor vote.  The invitation was sent to schedulers in all House Republican offices.

Daniel Webster is still running for Speaker!!
Webster is committed to governing in a principled, member-driven manner.
TEA party not dead, we are waiting


Book Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture.
Dr. Michael Savage discussed Stop the Coming Civil War.

We’re down to the wire.  What do we do about a rogue government?
More Government, zero representation.  It is a government unto itself.  It doesn’t represent the people.  In the last chapter Savage lists a 40 point plan for how to get America back to to its founding principles and rid itself of leftist ideologies.  Americans have no idea about the Muslim invasion.  They have no idea about the rogue government.  They have no idea about Barry in the White House.

Paul Ryan: No Mass Deportations
Nov 16, 2015
 Newsmax  -  Paul Ryan ran for VP with Mitt Romney - 2 losers!
House Speaker Paul Ryan says not to expect any Donald Trump-style mass deportations under his watch.  Ryan doesnt advocate the plan to deport every illegal.

Dump Paul Ryan!
Dec 19, 2015
 -  Wisconsin Tea Party declared war on Paul Ryan.
We were warned when dirty devil Harry Reid offered his support for Paul Ryan for Speaker back in October.  Ryan was elected Speaker of the House in October.
Now in December Speaker Ryan passed a trillion dollar budget deal that was widely praised by Barack Obama and Democratic leaders.  (And cursed by patriotic Americans)  Demoncrats got everything they wanted.
Now there is a movement under way to primary Paul Ryan out of office.

Paul Ryan faces primary challenge
Mar 28, 2016
-  This will shake up the establishment in a profound way.
A wealthy businessman is mounting a primary challenge to House Speaker Paul Ryan, saying that after donating to his past campaigns he feels betrayed by Ryan on trade deals and immigration.  This DOES NOT bode well for GOP/RNC putting Ryan up for USPresident! Haha!

The TEA party was double-crossed by  Ryan when he passed a $2 trillion spending package in 2015.

Trump, Ryan compete for control
Donald Trump and Paul Ryan compete for control of the GOP Republican Party.
As Trump inches closer to the nomination, he and Ryan are increasingly competing for dominance over the party. Neither is backing down.

Paul Ryan 2020 - or 2016?
Speaker Paul Ryan could be in prime position to run for president in 2020 if Donald Trump leads the GOP to a monumental collapse in November.  Ryan called for civility as Cruz blamed Trump for actions Cruz has taken.

Sexcapader Ted Cruz

Is Paul Ryan a Muslim?

Paul Ryan will be GOP nominee  
April  4, 2016
-  Top Republicans believe Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will be nominee.  HOPE NOT!  They think Paul Ryan will wind up as the nominee, perhaps on the fourth ballot at a chaotic Cleveland convention.  Ryan is establishment, he is owned.
Ryan is more calculating and ambitious than he lets on.

Remember Ryan may be Muslim!

Paul Ryan
April  18, 2016  -  Speaker Paul Ryan has a lot of work to do in the House.
The first order of business is protecting the GOP from Donald Trump.
LOL!  Eyeroll here!  Ryan is just a younger John Boehner, and just as impotent to CHANGE whats WRONG.

Paul Ryan Wisconsin Mafia
May 2, 2016
 -  This mafia ensured Trump would not win Wisconsin.
The Ksick mafia ensured Trump would not win OHIO.
The Utah mafia ensured Trump would not win Utah.
RNC/GOP politics. Embrace monopoly!

Paul Ryan’s primary opponent: I’ll support Trump
May 6, 2016
 -  When House Speaker Paul Ryan said he wasn’t ready to support Donald Trump, his Wisconsin primary opponent saw an opening.  Paul Nehlen supported Trump.
Trump has coattails already!

Ryan - Trump to meet
May 7, 2016
 -  Donald Trump to meet with Paul Ryan, other GOP leaders Thursday, May 12th.
Speaker Ryan has invited Donald Trump to meet with members of the House in Washington  to discuss about Republican principles. GOP no longer has principles!

Donald Trump agrees to meet with Paul Ryan ‘before we go our separate ways.’
Donald Trump disagrees with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus's characterization of a conversation they had about House Speaker Paul Ryan not ready to support Trump.
Trump remembers he told Reince it was totally inappropriate what Paul Ryan said.

Vote Paul Nehlen August 9 Wisconsin
May 7, 201
6  -  Paul Ryan could lose House seat to Nehlen in primary.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan urged GOP party unity by not endorsing the GOP nominee.(What??)  Paul Nehlen appears to be gaining ground on Ryan in the hotly contested Wisconsin Primary.

Paul Ryan 41%
Paul Nehlen 46%

Remove Paul Ryan as the RNC Chairperson at the convention


Call Speaker Ryan's office and request him to resign as GOP Chairman of Convention since he is not supporting Donald Trump.

Also, call Reince Preibus at the GOP and ask him to call for Ryan's resignation.

We cannot have a Chairman of the GOP convention who is not willing to support The People's choice.

Preibus: (202) 863-8500
Ryan: (202) 225-3031


Snake Ryan MUST be Cantored!
He is so dishonest, such a wicked heart!
Paul Ryan says U.S. Must Admit Muslim terrorists.

House Speaker Paul Ryan declared that the United States cannot turn away thousands of Muslim terrorists now setting fires in Canada oil sands.  Hypocrite Ryan sends his kids to a Catholic school.

Paul Ryan announced that he could not yet support Trump.
He foolishly said the burden of unifying the party falls on Trump.
Excuse me!  Losers don't make demands, they make pleas!
Ryan was compromise choice as speaker, has never won a state-wide election.
Ryan said Trump inherits the party of Lincoln and Reagan and Jack Kemp.
But Trump did not “inherit” anything. He WON!

Donald J. Trump struck a more conciliatory tone about Paul Ryan and Ryan appeared to reciprocate, saying he would step down from his position as chairman of the Republican National Convention in July if that is what Trump requests.

Ryan may step down as convention chair
Paul Ryan opened the door to stepping down as Republican convention chairman if Donald Trump asked.  Ryan’s temper tantrum did him far more harm than good.

Ryan step down as convention chairman if Trump wants
Sarah Palin supports Paul Nehlen, a pro-Trump Republican challenging Ryan.

Evil or Very Mad   Lyin Paul Ryan sold shares on same day as private briefing of banking crisis
Paul Ryan sold stock in US banks on the same day he attended a confidential meeting where top level officials disclosed the sector was heading for a deep crisis.  Lyin Ryan denied profiting from information gleaned from the meeting.

Even Israeli paper blabs about the traitor Paul Ryan

TRUMP meets the Devils
May 12, 2016
 -  BIG meetings today as Donald Trump faces Establishment, lyin Ryan, GOP-RNC heads.

May 12, 2016
 -  Paul Ryan in angry crosshairs as 15,000 seek his removal as RNC chair.
A petition to remove Speaker Paul Ryan from chairperson at the July Republican Convention in Cleveland has 15,000 signatures.  Ryan isnt ready to support Trump agenda.  But American voters aren’t waiting and have a petition - Remove Paul Ryan at the convention.  Since Paul Ryan has reneged on his pledge to support the GOP Nominee (Donald Trump), he should be removed.

ON VIDEO Paul Ryan said there are Muslims serviing in the House - and -
Ryan had a Muslim BEARD in this video ..
hmmmm no wonder he hates Trump
Paul Ryan is likely a Muslim

Paul Ryan is in another fight he doesn’t want — this time over LGBT rights
House Speaker Paul D. Ryan finds himself in the middle of yet another Republican civil war as the battle over LGBT rights has come to Congress, threatening to divide an already fractured GOP.

It is a fight the speaker does not want to have — especially in a competitive election year in which presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s candidacy is already tearing the party apart.

Democrats won an opening salvo late Wednesday night, when the House approved on a vote of 223 to 195, a measure by Rep. Sean Maloney (D-N.Y.) to deny payment to federal contractors who discriminate against LGBT employees. Maloney, who is openly gay, had proposed such language before, but it was defeated last week on the House floor after Democrats accused Republican leaders of pressing their members to switch votes at the last-minute.

“Equality wins! We have a long way to go, but achieved big victory. Will keep fighting until every #LGBT American is safe, can pursue dreams,” Maloney tweeted.

Maloney’s victory does not mean that House conservatives — angry over what they view as overreaching by President Obama — will not continue to wage the fight.

Paul Ryan says American freedoms at risk in separation-of-powers debate with Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., issued a stern warning Thursday about the rhetoric coming from Donald Trump about the way government should work.

“We will lose our freedoms in this country, including all of the Bill of Rights, if we don’t robustly defend the separation of powers,” Ryan said at his weekly press conference inside the U.S. Capitol.

Ryan was asked by reporters numerous times about Trump’s recent conduct. Just this week, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee questioned whether President Obama actually wants to stop terrorist attacks, accused many American Muslims of sheltering terrorists and said he could act unilaterally as president to prevent any type or class of people from entering the country. Trump made the last claim despite the fact that Article I, Section 8, clause 4 of the Constitution entrusts Congress with the power to “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.”

And on Wednesday night in Atlanta, Trump issued a rebuke to Republican leaders like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Ryan, who leads the lower chamber of Congress, and the many others who have criticized Trump over the past days and weeks for a merry-go-round of offensive, controversial and erroneous statements.

“Our leaders have to get a lot tougher, and be quiet. Just please be quiet,” Trump said. “Don’t talk. Please, be quiet. Just be quiet, to the leaders, because they have to get tougher, they have to get sharper, they have to get smarter, and we have to have our Republicans either stick together or let me just do it by myself.”


Paul Ryan is a CURSE on USA!
June 17, 2016
 -  House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn't agree with a proposal to ban Muslim immigration into the United States.  Ryan floated taking a President Trump to court if he tried to implement such a ban.  This damned Ryan hasnt threatened to sue Obama for majorly over-stepping his powers!!!

Trump needs to immediately terminate Ryan from his chairmanship of the Convention!!
Paul Rino never opposed a single unconstitional thing Obola did.
Cantorize this weasel before he gets more Americans killed.


Evil or Very Mad   Paul Ryan betrays Trump
June 18, 2016  -  Paul Ryan never liked Donald Trump, tells GOP to vote as they please.
Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois plans to write in David Petraeus.

Paul Ryan sounds like he wants David Petraeus on GOP ticket instead of Trump!  GOD FORBID!

David Petraeus

Evil or Very Mad

Ryan confused by immigration debate
June 18, 2016
 -  Ryan threat to sue Trump over Muslim ban not supported by law or history.
Paul Ryan seems to misunderstand the immigration debate.  Ryan said he would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers.  A ban on refugees based on their religion would not be illegal, and is specifically authorized in federal law.  It doesn’t exceed presidential authority.

Obama has done it 6 times.
The past 6 presidents have done it.

Trump is not calling for a ban on Muslims; he is calling for a pause in immigration from areas with a proven history of terrorism.  Federal law explicitly gives the president the power and authority to ban various classes of immigrants.

-   Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

Why Paul Ryan Wants Hillary Clinton To Win The White House

Posted on June 21, 2016 by DCWhispers

Sources now indicate Paul Ryan wants Hillary Clinton to be America’s next president, and is doing everything in his power to secure that very outcome.

If that allows Hillary to nominate up to three more Supreme Court Justices and thus tilt the balance of power of the Court so it represents far-left, progressive views, so be it.

The forty-six-year-old Paul Ryan doesn’t care because he has already been promised, and wishes to make certain, that he is the GOP’s 2020 nominee for president.

And it’s not just the 2020 election cycle that is currently on the table. Powerful Republican insiders are still hinting at a NEVERTRUMP moment at the upcoming GOP convention – and Paul Ryan is their top choice to emerge as a viable alternative.

That is the motivation behind Ryan’s multiple rebukes of Donald Trump’s views on immigration and gun rights in recent days. Ryan has all but given a full-throated defense of illegal immigration, including from nations that are known producers of terrorism, so that he can appear as the political alternative to Donald Trump, a candidate who garnered more primary votes than any Republican in history.

Then came Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent announcement that his company would not be helping to sponsor the Republican Convention this year due to Mr. Trump’s alleged racism and bigotry. (a fabrication created by the far left – of which Mr. Cook no doubt already knows.)

And what does Paul Ryan do after this announcement is made? Embrace Tim Cook by joining the Apple CEO for a fundraiser the following week, thus sending yet another anti-Trump message. This message is not intended to the American people so much as to the political power brokers of whom Mr. Ryan so clearly has sworn his allegiance to.

Speaker Ryan is not representing actual Republican voters who overwhelmingly chose Donald Trump to be their nominee, but rather the entrenched powers in D.C. who are in turn complicit in allowing the federal government to be controlled by such anti-American influences such as Saudi Arabia and the United Nations.

Paul Ryan is a globalist whereas Donald Trump is an American-first nationalist.

Therein lies the conflict – one that represents the very soul of America.

Mr. Trump’s unlikely ascendancy to the top of the GOP ticket is a direct threat to the globalist agenda and Paul Ryan has been given very clear marching orders to do all he can to prevent a Trump victory from happening. If that means working directly or otherwise to help Hillary Clinton into the White House in 2016, then so be it. The fact is, there is very little difference between the policies of Clinton or Paul Ryan as they are two sides of the very same coin.

Columnist Daniel Greenfield just this week declared Paul Ryan a traitor.

Sadly, Mr. Greenfield is correct.

2016 will not be an election of Republican vs Democrat but rather one of an America that once was and might be again vs an America that is fully absorbed into the globalist collective that would see it utterly destroyed.

Choose wisely.

Take Ryan OUT - OUT!
June 25, 2016
-  Paul Ryan billboards could take him down.
August 9 GOP primary in Wisconsin could unseat Rep. Paul Ryan.  Speaker Paul Ryan supports the Obama Agenda, Amnesty, endless Syrian Refugees aka ISIS Muslim terrorists, and he rejects Donald Trump and what he stands for. - us!  We the people!  Now there are billboards in Wisconsin that are pointing out how dangerous Paul Ryan is for America.

Idea    Wisconsin, Vote Paul Nehlen
Top Priorities
1) Reclaim Wisconsin’s 1st District for We The People
2) Stop Paul Ryan’s Cronyism & Corruption
3) Secure Our Borders & Enforce Existing Immigration Laws

Nehlen overtakes Ryan in Primary: calls for #Prexit (Paul Ryan exit)


Paul Nehlen vs Paul Ryan in Wisconsin
Paul Ryan is no longer a conservative Republican, nor is he pro-American.  65% of Ryan’s contributions come from WITHIN the beltway of Washington, D.C.  So WHO is it that is donating so heavily to Paul Ryan and why?  He is selling out his own district!

Globalist Paul Ryan betrayed Wisconsin voters by pushing open borders immigration policies and  fast tracking of resident Obama’s TPP agreement.
RYAN CAVES: House speaker tells GOP he will allow vote on gun measure, source says

House Speaker Paul Ryan reversed course Thursday, saying that the House of Representatives will take up a major gun safety measure next week.

According to a source on a GOP conference call, the speaker indicated that the House will indeed vote on a proposal that would prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns.

One of the issues discussed on the call was terrorist watch lists, the source said.

The source added that the speaker said it was important to make sure suspected terrorists can't obtain firearms.

The proposal will be part of a larger anti-terrorism package. Ryan also indicated that the House would take up Rep. Tim Murphy's mental illness bill that proposes removing some barriers for caregivers seeking care for patients with a history of violence, among other measures aimed at keeping mentally ill individuals from committing violent crimes.

The move came just a week after House Democrats staged a dramatic all-night sit-in calling for Ryan to hold a vote on gun safety measures in the wake of a terrorist shooting in Orlando, Florida. Ryan balked, saying that the House would not vote on a bill that could violate due process, and slammed Democrats for fundraising off the sit-in.

"This is nothing more than a publicity stunt," Ryan said. "This bill was already defeated in the United States Senate."

July 10, 2016

Paul Ryan drops to 43% against primary challenger Nehlen, also GOP

Paul Nehlen tells Paul Ryan - build a wall to protect Americans or tear down wall around Ryan mansion


Ryan says loose prisoners
July 17, 2016  -  Paul Ryan wants to release thousands of criminal illegals from prison onto the streets.  Following a primary poll showing Paul Ryan has plummeted to well below 50% in his home district, he sent out mailers assuring Wisconsin voters of his desire to secure the border, and urging them to support him in August 9th primary election.  In 2015 Ryan championed a spending bill that fully funded resident Obama’s open borders agenda,  including funding sanctuary cities, executive amnesty, and the release of criminal aliens.

Paul Ryan calls for tolerance on Black Lives Matter
July 18, 2016  -  HE NEEDS TO LOSE NEXT MONTH!
Ryan said we cant blame the shooting on Black Lives Matter.  Paul Ryan called for Americans to have more tolerance to solve the black problems plaguing communities.

He is a lunatic!
He supports cop killing!

Walker backs Paul Ryan
July 20, 2016
-  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker backs Paul Ryan in primary battle against Paul Nehlen in a fundraising letter to Wisconsin voters.  Nehlen is running on a pro-America platform arguing the needs of American citizens should be a Congressman’s first priority. If elected, Nehlen would likely join the pro-America wing of the GOP Congress led by Sen. Jeff Sessions and Congressman Dave Brat.

Ryan is a globalist.  Evidently Walker is also, as he had endorsed globalist Ted Cruz.  Ryan pushed to fast track the TPP, working to enact amnesty, and was a leading champion of Barack Obama’s crime agenda.
I suggest sending Rino Ryan one penny.

Get Rid of Him!
Aug 3, 2016  -  Phyllis Schlafly thunders for ouster of Paul Ryan.  Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump, now at age 91 she wants House Speaker Paul Ryan out.  So do MANY of us!  Ryan is not for American citizens.
Did Paul Ryan just predict that Clinton will win in a landslide?

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) sent an urgent fundraising appeal Thursday evening that warned: “If we fail to protect our majority in Congress, we could be handing President Hillary Clinton a blank check.”

Whether or not it was intentional, the phrase “blank check” has a political echo — one that suggests a deep fear by congressional Republicans that a sinking presidential candidate could take their majorities in the House and Senate with him, and that they are getting ready to desert him.

It goes back 20 years, to an infamous chapter in internecine Republican politics. In the weeks before the 1996 presidential election, as it became clearer and clearer that GOP nominee Bob Dole would not defeat incumbent president Bill Clinton, Republican operatives began urging their struggling congressional candidates to begin making the argument: “Let’s not give Clinton a blank check.”

In late October of that year, the National Republican Congressional Committee spent $4 million on television ads in 50 congressional districts where races were close. The final shot was of a blank check hovering over the Capitol dome. It was signed: “American taxpayer.”

For Dole, the implication that even his own party had given up on him was a devastating blow.

One of Dole’s top strategists that year was Paul Manafort, who is now Trump’s campaign chairman. Dole’s personal assistant was Michael Glassner, who has worked for Trump’s campaign for more than a year. A number of other Dole staffers now work for Trump.

Ryan used the words “blank check” at least three times Thursday, as Trump sat below Clinton in the polls and continued to deal with the aftermath of controversies of his own making. This week, Trump refused to endorse Ryan in the Wisconsin Republican primary and praised Ryan’s underdog opponent, Paul Nehlen. It was a snub that angered many Republican leaders.

“I like Paul, but these are horrible times for our country,” Trump said in an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday. “We need very strong leadership. We need very, very strong leadership. And I’m just not quite there yet. I’m not quite there yet.”

Trump’s campaign and Ryan’s office have yet to respond to requests for comment. Katie Martin, a spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said the historical comparison is unfair.

“There is no news here, nothing to read into, no secret message about the upcoming elections,” Martin said in an email. “The possibility of giving Hillary Clinton a Congress led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be an unmitigated disaster for the American people — as it was 8 years ago with President Obama.”

In the 1996 election, Republicans lost nine seats but managed to hold the House, the first time they had done so in consecutive elections in more than 60 years. This year, Republicans have a bigger cushion — their strongest House majority since 1930.

However, they also have a standard-bearer who is far more toxic. In 1996, Dole was viewed positively by most voters, even as he lost. Trump, on the other hand, has the most unfavorable ratings of any candidate ever to lead a major party ticket since the advent of polling.

Ryan’s first use of the term “blank check” came during an interview with WTAQ radio in Green Bay, Wis., where Trump will hold a rally Friday night. Host Jerry Bader pressed Ryan on his support for Trump, despite the nominee’s ongoing controversial utterances. Ryan said he would remain behind Trump while continuing to speak out when he disagrees with him.

When asked whether there would ever be a point at which he would abandon Trump, Ryan said of his endorsement: “None of these things are ever blank checks.”

It was the standout line of the interview and appeared in numerous headlines. Hours later, the words popped up twice in Ryan’s fundraising appeal that was sent to email addresses collected during Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s failed presidential campaign.

The email reads: “96 days — that’s all the time we have left before Americans head to the polls on Election Day, and much more is at stake than the presidency. If we fail to protect our majority in Congress, we could be handing President Hillary Clinton a blank check.”

Clinton in the White House and Nancy Pelosi as the House speaker “would truly be devastating for our great nation,” the email continues, and it urges donations of $25 to $100.

The email is signed “Speaker Paul Ryan” and includes this P.S.: “We cannot afford to give Hillary Clinton a blank check if she’s elected president. We need a strong, conservative majority in Congress as our last line of defense.”

Mike DeBonis contributed to this report.

Paul Ryan predicts HELLary will win in a landslide
Aug 5, 2016
 -   Paul Ryan has been backhanding Trump every chance he gets. I'm so glad Trump praised Nehlen.  Sad that Pence endorsed the anti-American Ryan.  Gingrich is a snake!

Trump needs to forget about Paul Ryan. That snake wont support Trump, Ryan is anti-American.  Paul Ryan stands for everything Trump and we the people want to change.

At one point, Ryan was head 85-15% with like 50% of the vote in - they had to have rigged it, b/c it was previously reported that his opponent was leading in various polls. 85%? Really?

Sad   PAUL RYAN beat Nehlen easily
Aug 10, 2016
-  House Speaker Paul Ryan defeated Paul Nehlen, longshot Republican Wisconsin primary challenger who had been praised by Donald Trump.  Ryan’s celebration will be brief.  Trump and Ryan disagree on important issues.

The TEA party is not happy Ryan won.
Paul Ryan is an ENEMY of America!

Evil or Very Mad

Traitor Paul Ryan
Oct 9, 2016
 -  Paul Ryan was shouted down at his event in Wisconsin.  Ryan was joined onstage by worthless Wisconsites Ron Johnson and Scott Walker after the pro-Trump shouts began.  Some shouted, “God bless Trump!”

Wisconsin Crowd Turns on GLOBALIST Paul Ryan, Shouts "SHAME ON YOU!"

Supporters mob Trump Tower
Oct 9, 2016  
-  Donald wades into crowd on sidewalk.
Donald Trump’s supporters are NOT going to abandon him!!  Trump fans rallied outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan on Saturday.

An enthusiastic Trump waved to the crowd and yelled back a supporter, “I’m with you!”

Governor Mike Pence did not attend a campaign event in Wisconsin with the Evil 2-faced Paul Ryan.  Donald Trump was scheduled to attend but was disinvited by Ryan, Pence refused to attend.

Pence appearing at Rhode Island fundraiser amid latest Trump controversy

"The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me. This does not represent the man that I know. He has the heart and mind of a leader. I hope people will accept his apology, as I have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world. "

As for Donald Trump and this audio tape from 11 years ago,
“what difference at this point does it make"
 - Allen west

I am a REAL SOLID BIBLE-BELIEVING CHRISTIAN, and I dont hold 11 years ago words against Trump!  No rational person does!  Media are NOT rational, truthful or good.

Dan Senor, Top Paul Ryan Advisor leaked Trump Sex Talk Tape to WaPo

Traitor Paul Ryan
Oct 9, 2016
 -  Paul Ryan was shouted down at his event in Wisconsin.  Ryan was joined onstage by worthless Wisconsites Ron Johnson and Scott Walker after the pro-Trump shouts began.  Some shouted, “God bless Trump!”

Paul Ryan, Hell-slave
Oct 22, 2016  -  He’s With Her: Inside Paul Ryan Campaign to Elect Hillary Clinton President.
Donald Trump questioned whether Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan wanted him to win.  Both Ryan and Clinton are globalists, which is at odds with Trump’s America first.

Wikileaks Dumps on Paul Ryan
Oct 28, 2016
 -  House Speaker Paul Ryan has been hostile to Donald Trump.
Ryan’s true reason for being against Trump, he’s an establishment hack in bed with Washington elites.  His brother-in-law’s wife is a district court judge that Hillary Clinton is floating as a possible Supreme Court nomination, should she be elected in November.



Paul Ryan May Not Have 218 Votes for Speaker
Nov 12, 2016
 -  Republican lawmakers do not respect their base. They are voting this coming week to reinstate Paul Ryan as speaker.  But Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp says Paul Ryan may not have the votes to keep the gavel.

Paul Ryan spoke out against Donald Trump ALL YEAR. Ryan announced in October he was pulling his endorsement of Donald Trump. He held a separate press conference to tell reporters he would not campaign with Donald Trump. Paul Ryan cannot be trusted. He is loyal to the elites and not the people. Paul Ryan is pro-amnesty, big government, pro-TPP and anti-American worker.

Dec 15, 2016
 -  Hillary Clinton PAID RINOs to destroy Trump.  My guess is all these RINOs will be arrested when the DC pedo ring being called pizzagate is busted. Republicans who opposed Donald Trump were on Hillary Clinton’s payroll.

How did we let this massive Coup happen? This is far past betrayal, past draining the swamp. This is TREASON!!  Our govt heads have all nulled the U.S. Constitution.  We dont need new law, we need to enforce law we had! We need a mass hanging!

John McCain, Lindsay Graham,  Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich Took Secret Payments from Clinton to Destroy Trump

Clinton coup to Overthrow America
Officer Pieczenik, Counter coup leader - Untouchables
Criminal CIA, DoJ - Trump being fed information by insiders
SAVE THIS LINK!  There is a LOT going on!

U.S. President Donald Trump
Keep up with his cabinet picks

The govt coup was complete
AMERICAN counter-coup took it back!

Trump met with Fiorina in early December 2016, and may have made a deal.  Dont think OUR MAN isnt on top of all this!!!

House repudiates UN resolution on Israel
Jan 6, 2017  
-  The US House of Representatives passed a scathing rebuke to an 0bama United Nations Security Council resolution in December that condemned Israeli settlements as illegal.

Is Ryan a closet Muslim?  How much does Soros pay him?
Paul Ryan supports the 2 state crap, the suicide of Israel.
Trump had those words STRIPPED from the RNC platform.
Paul Ryan is poison, just like his Demoncrat wife.


Feb 6,, 2017  
-  BIG RINO traitors.  George Soros is responsible for funding Demonrats and riots, he has also bankrolled Senator John McCain and other Republicans opposing President Trump.

Sen. John McCain, AZ
Sen. Lindsey Graham, SC
House Speaker Paul Ryan, Wis
Gov. John Kasich, OH
Sen. Marco Rubio, FL
Rep. Carlos Crubelo, FL - who?
Why isnt Ted Cruz on this list?  

Also listed

Boehner, John (R-OH) House $2,600
Grassley, Chuck (R-IA) Senate $1,000;state=&sort=A&cycle=2016


Paul Ryan Rides Horse on border
Feb 23, 2017  
-  House Speaker Paul Ryan was spotted riding a horse during a tour of the U.S.-Mexico border.  He also visited immigrant processing centers, and rode in a helicopter and a heavily armed boat during his tour of the border near McAllen, Texas.

GOP Plan May Shove Single-Payer Medicine Down America’s Throat

Perhaps inadvertently, but as sure as day follows night, the Grand Old Party may shove single payer socialized medicine down America’s throat.

Ordinary citizens feel the financial pain with every invoice from a hospital, lab or physician. The sum total of consumer invoices for medical services and pharmaceuticals is the cost of U.S. healthcare. It is that simple. Insurance is just a way to pay these bills – it is just financing. Premiums skyrocketed because medical bills skyrocketed.

The U.S. government’s own projections confirm that growth in medical pricing will drive the growth in total national health costs: “Throughout the 2016-25 projection period, growth in national health expenditures is driven by projected faster growth in medical prices.” The GOP’s focus on insurance premiums while totally ignoring the pricing of medical services, is madness!

The healthcare industry spends more on lobbying than the defense, aerospace, and the oil and gas industries combined. Politicians have sold us out, permitting hospitals, labs and physicians to avoid the very price competition that is our nation’s only pricing constraint.

Read more:

GOPe Worried - GOOD!
Mar 16, 2017  
-  Trumpcare is already causing GOP to worry about Midterms.
For some reason, the GOP believes if they go about things in a similar fashion as Demonrats, the outcome will be different.

RyanCare has received sharp criticism from all sides, and rightly so.  Paul Ryan tried to sell us 0care2, but if that is the closest he can come, they should definitely be worried about their future.

I hope Paul Ryan blabs himself out of a job!

One-Term President?
Mar 17, 2017 Chuck Baldwin
-  How much does President Donald Trump understand about the swamp he promised to drain.  He has appointed numerous big-government, pro-war globalist CFR to his administration.

Trump Gives CIA Power to Use Drones to Bomb terrorists.  Thats fine in the mideast as long as its forbidden in USA!  Trump has sent U.S. troops into Syria, and President Assad did NOT consent. (not publicly)  WHO will our military forces will be targeting in Syria.

Then there is the Ryancare monstrosity!  Senator Rand Paul and Tom Cotton are against Ryan’s bill.  Congressman Massie said Ryancare is “a stinking pile of garbage.”

Paul Ryan is a snake, a viper

Time to replace Paul Ryan as House speaker
Paul Ryan failed miserably in his first important task for the Trump agenda.  One would think that Ryan would have a well thought out plan to repeal Obamacare.  Ryan did not support Trump during the primaries and did his best to damage Trump.  Ryan and the Republican leaders should have been working (WITH FREEDOM CAUCUS) on a bill to repeal Obamacare.

Blog Comments
RyanCare plan based on no input from conservatives!  NONE, NADA, ZILCH!
Louie Gohmert said - BASED ON a LIE (that the Senate Parliamentarian said that the entirety of needed changes could not be considered under reconciliation).
Paul Ryan needs to go!
Several pages of commentts and links  here

Step Down Ryan!
Mar 26, 2017  
-  Paul Ryan Needs to Step Down as Speaker of the House!
Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement
He is clearly NOT a leader
The judge blasts Ryan!

WOW! Watch Judge Jeanine's public scathing of Speaker Ryan

Trump-Ryan Deeply Divided Over Tax Cuts
Mar 28, 2017  
-  After failing healthcare reform, Paul Ryan plans to fail tax relief too.  Trump proposed a plan that would have reduced taxes drastically.  Ryan and his mafia put together a crappy plan.  Ryan the snake wants Trump to fail.
Graph, video on link

Battle of the Pauls - again

July 16, 2017  
- Battle of the Pauls - again.   Americans are sick of the corruption in Washington, and Paul Nehlen plans to drain the swamp himself, by starting in his own congressional district.  Paul Nehlen is a Republican candidate for Congress challenging Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st district. Nehlen is tough on immigration, and Paul Ryan has betrayed the people of Wisconsin.

Book call to action,
“Wage The Battle:
Putting America First in the Fight to Stop Globalist Politicians and Secure the Borders.”

Paul Nehlen appeared on the Hagmann Report recently to outline his vision for the new conservative movement centered around Christian conservative values, economic nationalism, and a drain the swamp mentality toward establishment politicians on both the left and right.

Paul Nehlen MUST WIN - Cantor him!


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