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Panama Canal

Panama Canal Closed for 1st Time in 21 Years
December  9, 2010   Central America
- REMEMBER  -  CHINA OWNS PANAMA thanks to Jimmy Carter
Flooding forced the closure of the Panama Canal for the first time in 21 years and heavy rains were being blamed for at least 8 deaths.
A thousand people in Panama were evacuated because of historic flooding caused by record rainfall.
President Ricardo Martinelli said it was the first time the canal was closed because of weather since it opened in 1914.

The last time the canal closed was on Dec. 20 1989, when U.S. troops invaded the country to topple President Manuel Noriega.
The canal was closed after water overflowed the banks of lakes Gatun and Alajuela, which supply the canal. Authorities opened the floodgates for both lakes.
About 5 percent of the world's naval commerce moves through the canal, and the U.S. is its main user.

wiki - The Panama Canal is presently owned by a Hong-Kong CHINA based billionaire, Li Ka Shing
Panama owns the Panama Canal. Because of the Torrijos Carter Treaties. Signed b
Jimmy Carter signed away Panama on September 7, 1977


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Panama Canal to limit ship size
August 8, 2015
-  The Panama Canal Authority says it will temporarily cut the size of ships allowed through because of drought, which may affect up to 20% of traffic.  A similar restriction was imposed for the same reason in 1998.  A further cut could be imposed mid September if the situation does not improve.
The Gatun and Alhajuela lake levels are reduced.
Shipping companies had been warned the cuts could be coming.
Panama took control of the canal from the US in 2000, thanks to Jimmy Carter.

New Panama Canal Opens
June 26, 2016
-  A Chinese container ship entered the newly expanded locks that will double the Panama Canal's capacity.  Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela said, This is the route that unites the world.

In 1999, stupid dolt President Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal. Forum Index -> World NEWS
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