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† † † † † † OMAN

Morocco, Oman Bahrain
February 27, 2011
†Omani forces fire on protesters, killing 2. †Yet another Gulf nation in turmoil.
Troubles in Bahrain, Shiites want ruling family out. †This is a far more serious situation than we are being told.
If the wacko Muslims oust the peaceful ruling family in Bahrain, the USA loses its 5th fleet base.
5 dead in Morocco bank burned by protesters.


US strike on SYRIA

Mideast war drums



Israel NEWS


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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Oman sultan visits IRAN
Sept. 1, 2013  
Hey, the lil guy is kind of cute!
Oman Sultan Qaboos bin Said brought a proposal that Iran might be readmitted to an international money-transfer system if it agreed to reduce its uranium enrichment activities.
Qaboos has good relations with both countries and has successfully mediated several disputes between them.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has been staunchly opposed to any concessions to the West on the nuclear program.
But years of U.S. and European sanctions have badly hurt the Iran economy.
Iran new president Hassan Rouhani campaigned on a promise that he would seek to reduce Western sanctions.
Qaboos objective might have been leaked to the newspapers by conservative elements opposed to any deal with the United States.
Expected U.S. air strikes on Syria could increase the chances of deal-making.,0,6785814.story


Iran wants Saudi isolated in the Gulf
Dec 11, 2013
 Persia owns the Gulf
Iran and the UAE are close to an agreement to return 3 Iranian-occupied islands in the Arabian Gulf to the Emirates.
GCC members UAE and Oman have sided with Iran against Saudi interests.  Javad Zarif talked them into isolating Saudi Arabia.
The conspicuous absence of Oman Sultan Qaboos from GCC summit in Kuwait this week.
He has been a go-between Barack Obama and Iran President Hassan Rouhani.
His absence told GCC that Oman stands aside from Saudi dictates for the approval of anti-Iranian resolutions.

3 islands in the mouth of the Strait of Hormus were seized by Iran in 1971 during the reign of the Shah.
The UAE has consistently demanded their return.
Iran Guards established a large naval, air force and missile bases on them.
Now Tehran is willing to share.

Oman pounded by major hailstorm
May 26, 2015
-  Rain and hailstorm fell in Fanja around 2 pm and wadis are overflowing.

6 Yemeni terrorists released from GITMO
June 14, 2015
-  Six Yemeni prisoners held for years at Guantanamo Bay sent to Oman.

Weapons Cache off Somalia
Mar 8, 2016  -  An Australian Navy
ship seized a huge cache of weapons near Omanís coast from a fishing vessel bound for Somalia, exposing a possible violation of a U.N. Security Council arms embargo.  If they had only donated to the Clinton Foundation they could have got that shipment thru. Forum Index -> ISRAEL and MidEast NEWS
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