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OCTOBER, 2016 ZionsCRY NEWS analysis


OCTOBER, 2016 ZionsCRY
NEWS and analysis you can TRUST

Rosh HaShana
Return to GOD!

Jewish holy days 2016

Sonday, October 2  is Rosh HaShanah
It is GOD's new year
This is the Jewish New Year.   A new beginning.

October 11-12   Yom Kippur
The Day of Atonement

October 16 - 23 a week long Jews live in tents / booths
Sukkot, Feast of booths / tabernacles

December 24 - January 1 is  Hanukkah (Chanukah)
Festival of Lights, feast of the dedication of the temple's cleansing - Maccabees

Aaronic blessing

The LORD bless you, protect and keep you.
The LORD make His face shine upon YOU and be gracious unto YOU.
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you His Peace
Aaronic priestly blessing in Numbers 6:25-26
It is the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim (Cohen priests)
with both hands representing the Hebrew letter Shin, for Shaddai, meaning Almighty God.

CHOOSE this day whom you will serve,
as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.
         - Joshua 24:15

Doubt everything you hear or read - even me
Almost NOTHING  we see is REAL!!!

Daniel 11:32
The people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.  

Very Happy  As for me and my mouse,
we will serve the LORD, YESHUA, JESUS CHRIST!


ZionsCRY NEWS archives

Sept. ZionsCRY NEWS 2016


There was a university in Louisiana I attended where like a good percentage of the students are Jewish - if Yom Kippur fell on a weekday, then from sundown that day to sundown the next day, there were no classes.

Matthew 7:13
Enter by the narrow gate.
For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction,
and those who enter by it are many.  

For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to LIFE,
and those who find it are FEW.

There is no news more cricial today than GOD's!
LOVE TRUTH, even if you dont like it!

John 14:6   YESHUA, Jesus Christ said,
I AM the Way, and the Truth, and the LIFE.
NO ONE comes to the Father but through Me


FIJI area VERY DEEP earthquakes
CERN is causing DEEP DEEP earthquakes in Pacific around FIJI.

Atlantic Cat 4-5 Hurricane Matthew
Oct 1, 2016
 -  Mathew means Gift of GOD.  Category 5 Hurricane Matthew weakens to Cat 4 in the Caribbean Sea.  Matthew maximum sustained winds 155 mph.  The storm may hit Florida and US east coast next week, uncertain.

Katla Volcano trembling
Oct 1, 201
6  -  Unusual seismic unrest around Katla has forced southern Iceland to raise the aviation alert level to yellow.  Seismic activity in Katla volcano, South Iceland, continues, 200 tremors in the past 24 hours.

California San Andreas fault
Oct 1, 2016
-  Risk of big earthquake on San Andreas fault rises after quake swarm at Salton Sea.  Rumblings deep under the Salton Sea. A rapid succession of small earthquakes, 3 over magnitude 4.0, began rupturing near Bombay Beach, continuing for more than 24 hours. Before the swarm started to fade, 200 earthquakes had been recorded.

The quakes hit in a seismic zone south of the San Andreas fault end. It could wake up the nearby San Andreas.  The swarm increased the likelihood of a major quake in Southern California.

This is no joke, its a high liklihood - but when unknown
You might be more concerned with a huge earthquake caused by a failure of the Cascadia plate, followed by a 100- foot high tsunami.

California Falls into the Sea
The 1937 Vision of Joe Brandt

I saw the Tribulation

La Palma Cumbre Vieja Volcano
Scientists Warn of Massive Tidal wave from Canary Island Volcano
2001 by Steve Connor, Science Editor, The Independent, London

A YUGE wave travelling faster than a jet aircraft will devastate the eastern seaboard of America and inundate much of southern Britain, say scientists who have analysed the effects of a future volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands.

A massive slab of rock would break away from La Palma and smash into the Atlantic Ocean to cause a tsunami.  Most of the wave's energy would travel westwards to the American coast but enough would be flicked north towards the English Channel to cause catastrophic coastal damage.

A computer model has been designed to show the way the tsunami will build after the volcano, called Cumbre Vieja, erupts on La Palma, at the western end of the Spanish island chain. It describes the almost unimaginable scale of an event that the scientists say could happen at any time within the foreseeable future.

Major quake-tsunami USA east coast ** old

Canary Island ALERT
Quakes Atlantic, Leewards, Canarys, Azores, Portugal


     U. S. A

History is repeating
Sep 30, 2016
 -  history is repeating - Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag against Cuba that originated within the DoD and the JCS in 1962. The proposals called for the CIA to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians blaming it on Cuba and justify war.

We are beginning to suspect they will allow Trump to be elected, to let him take the blame and forever destroy nationalism  

Obama's been trying hard to start war with Russia and China, which will be WW3.

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

Revelation 18:23  
And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  


Oct 2, 2016
 -  Israel seals off Palestinian terrorists for the Jewish Holidays which begin TODAY.
Israel has locked the West Bank and Gaza Strip borders citing safety concerns ahead of the Jewish new year.  Israel approved construction of Jewish homes.

Russia warns USA
Oct 2, 2016
 -  Russia warned the United States against carrying out any attacks on Syrian government forces, saying it would have repercussions across the Middle East.  Airstrikes on Aleppo struck an ISIS hospital in Sakhour.  Assad regime change in Syria would create a vacuum that would be filled by terrorists - just like Lilbya.  U.S.-Russian tensions over Syria have escalated since the USA broke a cease-fire.  Assad-Russia have launched a major onslaught on ISIS in Aleppo.

Aleppo hospital bombed
Oct 2, 2016
debka  -  An air raid on the rebel-held eastern half of Aleppo Saturday hit the largest hospital for the second time in a matter of days.  There are also reports of Russian-backed Syrian government forces hitting Aleppo's historic Old City.

DO NOT claim Assad is killing 'his own people.'  
Assad is killing ISIS terrorists - obama's people

Aleppo Syria
Oct 1, 2016
-   How Americans are being lied to by the Western press.
Russian President Putin and Syria President Assad are the GOOD GUYS in Syria.  Shia - Alawite President Assad likes the Christians - he protected them.  USA broke a cease fire with an attack on Syrian soliders killing 60 of them and injuring hundreds more.

US aggression against Damascus
Oct 1, 2016
 -  If the US ousts the Syrian Assaad government, it would have major negative long-term consequence for the entire region.  If the US launches a direct aggression against Damascus and the Syrian Army, it would cause a terrible, tectonic shift in the entire region.  There would be a power vacuum in Syria just like Libya, where Muslim terrorists rule.  In Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s Army became the basis of ISIS.
The USA broke the Syria ceasefire in September.
ISIS-alqaeda are Wahabi Sunni Islam - Saudi

Laughing   Turkey building wall on Syria border
Oct 1, 2016
 -  Ankara building a 10-foot-high concrete wall to extend 560 miles.  It will be finished by the end of February 2017.

Isaiah 17:1
An oracle concerning Damascus  
See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

Mosul operation

Oct 1, 2016
 -  Kurdistan operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS-DAESH to begin this week.  The Iraqi army and the Peshmerga Kurds would participate in the operation.  But Kurds will not enter Mosul.

Massoud Barzani, the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, went to Baghdad with a Kurd delegation, on the official invitation of PM Haider al-Abadi.  The Mosul operation was the main topic.

Iraqis already arguing over land they haven't yet freed from ISIS.  If forces in Iraq succeed in liberating Ninevah province and its capital, Mosul, its feared that conflicts are likely to ignite over disputed areas and their management.  People of many differences reside in Ninevah province.

Dividing up Ninevah province is being discussed.  Some say dividing Ninevah into 8 provinces is impractical.   Kurds have liberated northern parts of Ninevah that are close to Kurdistan.

ISIS-alqaeda are Wahabi Sunni Islam - Saudi

Iran attack drone
Oct 2, 2016
 -  Iran says new Saegheh attack drone modeled on captured US RQ-170 Sentinel.  Iran claimed they built a new attack drone which is similar to a US stealth drone captured 5 years ago.  (gift from Imam Obama)  In Aug. 2012, Chinese visited Iran and copied the US stealth RQ-170 drone.

5 Egyptians killed by ISIS

Oct 2, 2016
DEBKA  -  Islamists attacked a taxi heading to El Arish airport in northern Sinai. The terrorists pulled the police officers out of the vehicle and shot them dead. Earlier, nine Egyptian policemen were injured when their armored car blew up on an IED near Rafah east of El Arish.


Moscow synagogue Security guard shot
Oct 2, 2016
 -  A security guard at a Moscow Choral synagogue was shot seriously when a man armed with a gun and a gasoline canister attempted to break in and set it alight.  The Muslim terrorist was arrested.

Brexit begins  
Oct 2, 2016
 -   Theresa May takes an axe to EU laws.  (why not bleachbit)
Theresa May will repeal the 1972 European Communities Act in a move that will formally begin the process of making Britain’s Parliament sovereign once again.  PM May Government will begin work to end the legislation that gives European Union law supremacy in Britain.

And the USA should UNexit -  get outta the  U.N. too!

Obama Crosses Out The Word ‘Israel’ Next To ‘Jerusalem
’ On Official White House Press Release


Only GOD know if this month or when.
Obama has pissed off Putin for the LAST TIME


Oct 7, 2016
-  This is NOT an exercise.  On possible war footing nobody plays games.  Putin is not playing games. Heard one unit asking for Clarification of orders, so this not a game.

Steve Quayle is only 3 events from RED SCREEN on his website

I know Quayle is often overly hyper, but Obama has pissed off Putin once too often.

RED SCREEN means nuclear war is inevitable.
1 -  Russia shoots down a U.S. plane or ship
2 -  Another Putin warning
3 -  Massive cyber attacks on bank(s)

Nuclear Exchange with Russia
Oct 5, 2016
 -   Stateside Military told to Prepare for Intercontinental One-for-One Nuke Exchange.  US military in Syria have been calling their families back in the states telling them they have been told to prepare for a tactical nuclear exchange with Russia in Syria, and forces in the USA have been ordered to prepare for ICBM missile exchange(s) with Russia.  
Families told to immediately RELOCATE away from US Military bases.

Russians Ordered to Bunkers as Nuclear Subs Reach Strike Points

US suspends bilateral contacts with Russia over Syria

Deal with the devil
US ready to ally with terror to overthrow Assad

*  Obama has sided with the Muslim terrorists for 7 years!

Russia deploys advanced anti-missile system to Syria for first time

WAR with Russia may be imminent  
Oct 8, 2016
 -  World War III upon us.  A major confrontation between Russia and the West is approaching rapidly.  
USA painted an F18 to look like Russia SU24. Speculation that plane might be used for a false flag.  This painted USA plane would shoot down one of our own planes, blame Russia, and WW3 would be ON.


False Flag, govt terrorism

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

The USA has been warned for years
Obama has been INTENTIONALLY pissing off Russia and China
Obama has been TRYING to start WW3


     U. S. A

40 Million Russians Going to Bunkers October 4th  
Oct 3, 2016
 -  Is this only a drill?  What Do They Know?  
Between October 4th and October 7th, a massive drill involving 40 million Russians will participate in a massive evacuation drill all across Russia.

Moscow is prepared for a possible nuclear attack upon their country with enough underground bomb shelters for their entire population.   Russia accused the USA of nurturing an aggressive nuclear strategy.

WW3 * pay attention

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

This is set up like Drudge

WikiLeaks promises Clinton revelations Oct. 4 from Berlin

Oct 3, 2016
 -  There is gross abuse of the food stamp system.
Muslim Woman Caught Buying Sodas With Food Stamps - to Sell in Her Store.
Food stamps have become a hammock for lazy people and an invitation for fraud.

One man saw a Muslim woman spend a fortune on soda pop and he decided to confront her in the parking lot. He recorded the entire conversation. Apparently, she had already been caught buying things on food stamps and reselling them in her store and she was doing it again. She said her name is, “F America!”  She wants to get free inventory for her store and then turn around and sell it to the people who have already paid for those drinks in the first place!

Send these pigs back to Libya, Arabia, wherever!

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  


Russian listening station south of Havana.


Cuban missile crisis 2016  
Oct 7, 2016
-  Gee thanks Obama!  Russia may re-launch military bases in Cuba and Vietnam which were closed in 2002.  It would correspond with Russian interests to restore the bases in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa that were closed.


Tigris and Euphrates Rivers of Eden losing water

Isaiah 13, 17, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 Gog-magog

Brits have words
Oct 6, 2016  -  Steven Woolfe
is in serious condition in hospital following an altercation at a meeting of MEPs in Strasbourg, said Nigel Farage.  Mr Farage said Woolfe collapsed and his condition is serious.  Woolfe, MEP for the North West, said he will stand for the party's leadership after Diane James stepped down.
The incident followed some lively exchanges at a party meeting.

Germany cant bail out Deutsche Bank
Oct 3, 2016
 -  German Chancellor Merkel cannot afford to bail out Deutsche Bank given the hard line Berlin has taken against state aid in other European nations and the risk of a political backlash at home.  Germany's biggest bank shares went into a tailspin fueled by a demand for up to $14 billion from U.S. authorities for misselling mortgage-backed securities before the financial crisis.  Some Deutsche Bank Clients Unable to Access Cash.  Germany's largest lender continues to be impacted by the public's declining confidence.

Prince Charles visits Israel
Oct 3, 2016
 debka -  Prince Charles visits his grandmother’s grave on Mt. of Olives, Jerusalem in Israel.  Charles, Prince of Wales, after attending the funeral of Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, took advantage of his trip to the Holy Land to visit the tomb of his grandmother, Princess Alice of Battenburg, mother of *Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.   Princess Allice sheltered Jews in World War Two and was later honored as one of the “righteous among nations” by the Holocaust Memorial foundation. The Mount of Olives, site of the biblical Jewish graveyard, is also the resting-place of many non-Jews.

*Prince Philip is Queen Elizabeths husband.,_Duke_of_Edinburgh


This is NOT an exercise.  On possible war footing nobody plays games.  Putin is not playing games. Heard one unit asking for Clarification of orders, so this not a game.

Shocked    Putin authorizes sinking NATO ships Exclamation
Oct 6, 2016
 sorcha  -  NATO-0bama threatened Russia, Putin responds - and HE DOES NOT BLUFF.  Russian President Putin authorized local control to naval commanders operating in the Levant War Zone to fire upon and sink all NATO warships upon the outbreak of hostilities with the West.

Obama regime keeps advocating for World War 3, yet the American people are being kept from knowing how close their nuclear destruction is by their propaganda media.

Ankara suicide bombers

Oct 8, 2016
 -  Two suicide bombers blow themselves up near Ankara.  They were hiding at a horse farm outside the capital. Their car flew a Turkish flag and was found to contain plastic explosives and ammonium nitrate.  They were planning a car bomb attack.  Oct 7 a  Bomb-rigged motorbike exploded at Istanbul police station in Yenibosna area, not far from the airport.

Oct 6  Istanbul shutdown a Kurd TV channel, IMC TV channel was raided by Turkish police, who cut short its broadcasting on air.  Erdogan and his phony antics to set himself up as dicktator.  Evil man.

Exclamation  Question   Saudis adopt Gregorian calendar
Oct 8, 2016  
-  Saudi Arabia switched from the Islamic lunar Hijri to Gregorian calendar Sunday in a their latest austerity effort to curb spending amid bankruptcy rumors.  Islamic lunar Hijri calendar: Year comprises of 12 months lasting 354 or 355 days, or 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar.
The Hebrew calendar runs 12 months most years, and the puts in an extra month some years.

4th beast / kingdom  - Daniel 7:23 some say Rome (VATICAN)

Daniel 7:25
He shall speak words against the Most High, and
shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and
shall think to change the times and the law, and
they shall be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time. (3.5 years)

This is truly odd

Oct 5, 2016
 -  Boatload of beaches try to reach Gaza today.  Women's flotilla to try to reach Gaza in a bid to break Israel’s naval blockade.  This is war on Israel.  There is no blockade.  The flotilla left from Barcelona with 15 beaches, I mean, females.  The boats can bring aid to Ashdod port to have its contents inspected, then Israel will deliver it to Gaza.  There is NO blockade, only securty.  Israeli navy will intercept the boat and escort it to Ashdod.

Flotillas to Gaza are war on Israel

Kurdistan Syria
Oct 4, 2016
-  At least 30 killed at Kurd wedding and many injured in a suicide bombing near Hasaka.  Some unconfirmed reports suggested that a female suicide bomber was responsible.  My guess is Turks did this.

USA targeted ISIS
Oct 4, 2016  -  BELIEVE NOTHING!
 The Pentagon has confirmed a US airstrike targeting and killing ISIS-Qaeda-Nusra commander Abu Faraj al-Masri in Syria.

Russian embassy in Damascus Syria shelled
Oct 4, 2016
 -  The Russian embassy in Damascus came under fire on Tuesday nfrom the Jobar neighborhood of Damascus, which is under ISIS control.

ISIS has 7,000 to defend Mosul
Oct 4, 2016
 DEBKA  -   ISIS Saudi commander Abu Azem al-Muhajir claimed at least 7,000 fighters stood ready to defend Mosul, Iraq.  Sunni Muslims will never accept Shiite rule from Baghdad. Maybe, they brag a lot.  DEBKA estimates that no more than 3,000 ISIS fighters are present in Mosul.

Israeli pilot killed in F-16 crash
Oct 6, 2016
-  Israeli Air Force pilot Maj. Ohad Cohen Nov died as he ejected from his F-16 fighter jet upon returning from an airstrike mission in the Gaza Strip. The jet caught fire and crashed moments later outside Ramon Air Force base in southern Israel.
The navigator who ejected landed safely.

Circumstances surrounding the fire remain unknown. Captain Nov had been returning from IAF reprisal airstrikes against Hamas targets after a rocket was launched into Sderot Israel.,7340,L-4863318,00.html

I suspect it may have been fired on or sabotage

Abbas rushed to hospital
Oct 6, 2016  
-  Palestinian terror chief Abu Mazen Abbas rushed to a hospital in Ramallah. Mahmoud Abbas will undergo a cardiac catheterization.


ISIS fires missile at Israel
Oct 5, 2016
-  Just as Jewish Holidays begin, a rocket fired from Gaza explodes near homes in Sderot in southern Israel.  There was damage to a residential neighborhood.  ISIS-Sinai claims responsibility. IDF tanks and artillery opened fire toward Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza in response to the attack.

Israeli Gas market dries up
Oct 5, 2016
-  PM Binyamin Netanyahu has been forced to give up plan to pipe gas from Israel’s offshore fields to Turkey for sale in European markets after France and Germany intimated that dealings with Ankara were unacceptable.  Plans to expand the Leviathan gas well have also been put on ice.

Although the search goes on for alternative buyers, the main export markets in Europe for Israel gas, barring the smaller markets of Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, have suddenly dried up.  This is misfortune for the Israeli economy.

Europe today refuses to have any truck with Turkey and Erdogan in the light of his 2016 behavior.  Turkey allowed Muslim terrorists into Europe, his persecution of the Kurds, his détente with Moscow and, finally Turkey’s alienation from NATO.  France and Germany will not buy Israel gas piped through Turkey.

Jordan NEPCO signed a contract for the purchase of natural gas from Leviathan over 15 years.  There are still conditions attached.

Cyprus has its problems with Turkey so there are glitches there.
Egypt gas sales have their own problems.
Investors are keeping their distance.

click for MAP

Israel gas and oil

Saudi King Salman may be killed by his son
Oct 7, 2016
 -  The Iran and Saudi Arabia war of words keeps rumbling on.  Iran General Qassem Soleimani said Saudi Arabia's deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, son of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, is very impatient and might kill his king father.

Saudi Arabia * War for the throne

Saudi Arabia NEWS

Russia shoot down US warplanes
Oct 7, 2016
 -  I hope Putin holds fire for 3 more months til we are rid of this wicked basturd in the whitehouse! Russia warns coalition jets carrying out air strikes over Syria.
Russia has ordered the USA not to carry out airstrikes on Syrian army positions.  S-400 units protect troops on the ground and their radius may be a surprise.


We are going to loose good pilots and some old jets if someone doent stop this!
Syria is not our fight. It is a clear violation of international law for us to be there.



Oct 6, 2016
-  Third World War fears have been voiced by the newspapers over the growing tensions with the USA.  Russian state newspapers predict direct military conflict with US over Syria.  Confrontation on par with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Vlad tells Obama - Leave Europe!
Oct 7, 2016
-  Vladimir Putin issues Ultimatum to the United States to Leave Eastern Europe.  Vladimir Putin asked the US to remove its defense infrastructure from Eastern Europe and from the territory of new NATO members in the Balkans and the Baltics (Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland) as well as its troops stationed there in recent years. He also insists that Washington's sanctions are lifted and compensation paid for the damage caused by them.  (I love it)

Nuclear war soon?
Oct 6, 2016
 -  Russia tells citizens nuclear war with the West could happen soon.  Russian TV has issued a chilling warning that war with the West could be imminent. America sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday proposed a law suspending a Moscow-Washington agreement to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium.  Underground shelters in Russia can house 12 milion people – enough for the entire population of Moscow.

Moscow will shoot down plane


When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

WW3 now

This has been a very real threat so long, I am afraid people will not take this seriously.
Ihope putin holds his temper til obama is out out OUT

Please Vlad - DONT blame the American people for the jackass in our whitehouse.

Earth  NEWS      

Hurricane Matthew
Oct 8, 2016
 -  At dawn the winds are 105 mph, moving N at 12 mph, Pressure: 955 MB
Hurricane Matthew will continue to spin northward with a swath of flooding, power outages and damaging winds in coastal areas from Florida to Georgia and the Carolinas into this weekend.  800 died in Haiti and that number is expected to grow.  Meteorologists believe a dot inside the eye of the storm is a flock of birds trapped inside the eye of Hurricane Matthew.

Govt lies, weather channel lies

Nassau ground observations DID NOT match weather statements on Matthew.  The govt has been lying to them about Hurricane Matthew intensity to make exaggerated point on climate.  ALSO The govt can and does steer and intensify storms, govt wanted attention OFF HELLary scandals.

Hurricane Matthew bypasses South Florida
Oct 7, 2016
 -  Category 3 wind 120 mph
Movement NW at 14 mph, Pressure 938 MB

Oct 7, 2016  -  Wind 105 mph, Pressure 968 MB

JAPAN Typhoon Chaba
Oct 3, 2016
 -  Category 4 Typhoon Chaba Direct hit on Okinawa likely today, Monday.  Typhoon Chaba may be the strongest typhoon in Japan in 3 years.  Chaba is well east of Taiwan, 180 miles south of Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, moving northwest.


Yom Kippur
the Day of Atonement

Jerusalem alert for Palestinian terrorism
Oct 11, 2016
   -  Israel fears that the shooting attacks in Jerusalem Oct. 9 was just the opening shot of a round of major Palestinian terror assaults over the Jewish High Holidays.  Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement

October - Muslims USUALLY attack Jewish Holy days

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot
The fall Jewish holidays

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot
The fall Jewish holidays

Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Muslim terrorist attacks
Oct 9, 2016
-  Damned palestinian Muslim pig kills 2 in Jerusalem ISRAEL.  2 dead of injuries from a Palestinian Muslim terrorist shooting rampage in Jerusalem.

Palestinian Muslim terrorist opened fire Sunday morning opposite the Jerusalem police station.  A car opened fire at the rail station at the Central Police Headquarters intersection, injuring those standing there. Then he drove to the Shimon Hatzadik station and opened fire, wounding more passersby.  Finally the demon was eliminated by police.
Two of the injured died, a 30-year-old policeman and 60-year-old woman.

Palestinian terrorist rampaged through 3 sites, the light rail station opposite French Hill, the Shimon Hatzadik Tomb and a main Jerusalem thoroughfare, ending in a shootout at the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrach. There, he was surrounded by police and killed after injuring two police officers, one dead. The terrorist was a resident of Silwan.  The killer was Hamas terrorist Mussabah Abu Sabit who had been banned in Jerusalem.
This was the most serious Palestinian terror attack (so far) during the October Jewish High Festivals.

Jerusalem, ISRAEL NEWS

Terror rampage timed for Jews Holy Days / month of October
Those damned demon-possessed Palestinian devils dont want peace!  Anyone who prefers the Terrorstinians over Israel is either a Muslim, a communist, or both.



Yemen fires Missiles at US ship
Oct 10, 2016
-  Two missiles were fired by Houthi in Yemen at American destroyer USS Mason.  They landed in the water of the Persian Gulf.  Several days ago, a ship from the United Arab Emirates was also targeted by missiles fired by the Houthis.  A ballistic missile was launched from Yemen at an air base in Saudi Arabia near Mecca.

US: Navy destroyer in missile attack from Yemen
Saudi military base also targeted by missile fired deep inside the kingdom near holy city of Mecca.

The destroyer was positioned north of the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, which serves as a gateway for oil tankers travelling to Europe through the Suez Canal.
Houthis are backed by Iran

Saudi airstrike kills 140
Oct 9, 2016
 -  A Saudi airstrike hits Houthi funeral in Yemen, killing 140 and injuring 525.

This will escalate into something that NO ONE ever expected.
Houthis are Iran’s proxies in Yemen.

I havent kept up, but the war has continued

Turkey *  Putin and Erdogan
Oct 11, 2016
 -  Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkey King Erdogan met in Istanbul to advance reconciliation with Turkey.  His appearance at an international energy conference was his first visit to Turkey since Turkey’s downing of Russian jet.

Egypt Ceding Islands to Saudi Arabia
Oct 10, 2016
-  An Egyptian court held its first hearing on a government appeal against a lower court ruling in June that rescinded an agreement to hand over control of two key Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.  The islands of Tiran and Sanafir belonged to Egypt.  Saudi Arabia had only temporarily handed over control of the Islands to Egypt in 1950, fearing they would be attacked by Israel.



Matthew 16:18
I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.

Who is The Rock?
YESHUA, Christ Jesus, the Messiah is The
Rock on which the Christian Church is built

is a play on words.  In the original mss its clear, in translations its not clear.
Jesus told Peter he was just a little pebble.
The Lord Jesus Christ is the Rock, was the rock in the desert from which the Israelites drank.  

The true Church is built on the LORD JESUS CHRIST - NOT Peter.
The vatican, pope are the devils cult which has deceived millions into HELL.
The true Church is invisible, has neither wall nor demonation.

FAITH * The ROCK is Christ

1 Corinthians 10:4
All drank the same spiritual drink. For they were drinking from the spiritual Rock accompanying them, and that rock was Christ. (The Messiah).



1 Corinthians 11
Whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. Everyone ought to examine themselves before they eat of the bread and drink from the cup. For those who eat and drink without discerning the body of Christ eat and drink judgment on themselves. That is why many among you are weak and sick, and a number of you have DIED (fallen asleep).

Holy Communion
The Lord's Table

Communion for sinners!
Oct 9, 2016  -  ROME
, The whore that rides the Beast!  This is a total violation of the Holy Bible, a rape of Jesus Christ!  This is BLASPHEMY, a rape of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Diocese of Rome’s new guidelines allow Communion for SIN - sexually active cohabitating couples.  They may receive without repenting.



     U. S. A

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  

2 cops dead in Palm Springs, California
Oct 9, 2016
 -  Two police officers shot and killed and another wounded, suspect arrested.  Officers Jose Gilbert Vega and Lesley Zereby killed.  Palm Springs has an encampment of Muslims.

Christians Shouldnt Be Pacifists
Oct 10, 2016
 -  A thoughtful, distinctly Christian vision for engaging world affairs. It aims to apply biblical principles to complex subjects like America's role in the world, the use of military force, and the preservation of a stable international peace and political order.

Young evangelicals are prone to a neo-Libertarian isolationism, pessimistic that America has any major constructive role in sustaining global order.  The young and the comfortable too often assume their security and ease are the human historical norm. They don't know that war, genocide, tyranny, extreme poverty, and oppression are far more common to the human experience.
The Bible has more to say than just Jesus red letters.

San Andreas sister fault
Oct 10, 2016  
-  New fault discovered in southern California that runs parallel to the San Andreas.  Located by the shallow, inland Salton Sea and to the west of the San Andreas fault, the new fault has been dubbed the Salton Trough Fault.

Salton Sea volcanoes

TRUMP WON BIG!  Full coverage here

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates
Countdown to elections November 8

HELLary Clinton has Parkinsons etc

Clinton foundation scandals

Clinton crime family



Russia moves missiles
Oct 10, 2016  -  Iskander missiles sent to Kaliningrad are in range of major Western citie
s.  Russia moves nuclear-capable missiles within range of Berlin and Warsaw as tensions escalate between the nation and the West.  Poland is concerned.
Germany said situation more dangerous than Cold War.  Kaliningrad is a Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania.



China reactors to South China Sea islands
Oct 11, 2016  
-  China is developing a portable nuclear reactor. Within 5 years it could become an ideal energy source for naval outposts in the South China Sea.  The technology is similar to nuclear reactors used on Soviet submarines back in the 1970s.


Iceland banker trial
.  Iceland sentenced ninth banker found guilty of market manipulation that helped caused 2008 crash.  The Supreme Court in Reykjavik returned guilty verdicts for all nine defendants in the Kaupthing Bank market manipulation case, one of the biggest cases of its kind in Iceland's history.

Kaupthing was a major international bank headquartered in Reykjavik. For years it perused overseas expansion plans, but collapsed in 2008 under huge debts.

Their sentences range from 1 to 4 years for crimes relating to misleadingly financing share purchases - the bank lent money for the purchase of the shares and used its own shares as collateral for the loans.
They are also found guilty of creating a misleading demand for Kaupthing shares.

You might want to check this out

Interesting - check this

JAPAN Aso Volcano erupts
Oct 8, 201
6  -  Mount Aso volcano, the largest active volcano in Japan had its first strong explosive eruption since January 1989 on October 7, 2016, sending a column of ash up to 11 km (36 000 feet) in the air.

Volcanic ash is covering cars, houses and roads in the city of Aso and has been reported as far as 320 km (200 miles) from the crater.  Farmers have reported that some vinyl greenhouses 6 – 8 km (4 – 5 miles) away from the crater had been broken by ash and small rocks.


Oct 12, 2016  
Wikileaks  -  The entire mainstream media is controlled and scripted by the Clintons and demoncrats.  Mainstream media is an arm of The Beast.  News media is nothing more than an extension of the state.  Massive, total media collusion with the Clinton mafia.  Entire leftist media is told exactly what to print, what to ask and what to think by the Clinton campaign.

Demoncrats, the Clintons, the federal government and the mainstream media have all merged into one grand orgy of collusion, spewing disinformation and lies to keep their criminals Obama and the Clintons in power.

The Clinton campaign tells the media what to print, what questions to ask, what to censor and what to conclude.  CNBC, CNN, NYT, etc. are not allowed to engage in anything resembling real journalism. Their stories are scripted in advance. Everything is orchestrated and engineered. The game is rigged at every level.

GOP Coup on Trump
Oct 12, 2016
 -  Find out what really happened with the tape release.
GOP establishment - globalists - tried to stage a coup.  GOP wanted to move Pence to the top of the ticket after Trump dropt out.  Hellary would win, then Ryan / Rubio 2020

Oct 12, 2016
-  Jason Miller -  Clinton Campaign was in Communication with Obama DoJ on the Email Investigation.  Obama Department of Justice collusion calls into question the entire investigation into her private server.

Stephen Miller, National Policy Director
While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton ignored federal law and allowed thousands of convicted criminal illegal immigrants to be released into our communities.  Hillary Clinton never invoked the law and instead allowed thousands of criminal aliens to be released into our communities.  Americans have been victimized by Hillary Clinton’s willingness to ignore federal law and failure to take diplomatic action.

Clinton Foundation’s interests were prioritized over public safety.  1/ of donors giving more than $1 million are foreigners.



Scotland considers 2nd independence referendum
Oct 14, 2016
 -  Scotland said an Independence Referendum Bill would be published next week, which marks the first step towards holding a referendum.

ISIS shells Russian embassy in Damascus
Oct 13, 2016
 -  Russia's embassy in Damascus hit with mortar fire for 2 hours.
The Russian embassy in Damascus, Syria in was shelled for two hours.  It damaged buildings but none of the embassy staff were wounded.

Isaiah 17 predicts utter devastation of Damascus

Syrian No Fly Zone
Oct 12, 2016
 -  FACTS on the Syrian No Fly Zone.
The USA has no business in Syria.  Vladimir Putin is NOT a Dictator,  he is an ELECTED LEADER with massive popularity and support in Russia and worldwide.  Putin is not murdering anyone. Russia and Putin are ALLIES of SYRIA, a SOVEREIGN NATION whose President Assad was Democratically ELECTED as well.

Russia was INVITED by SYRIA to help get rid of ISIS SUNNI MUSLIM TERRORISTS.
There are NO Moderate rebels, they are CIA funded, Sunni Muslim JIHADISTs from Saudi Arabia.

The USA suspended Diplomatic Relations with Russia last week, and the Russians take this VERY SERIOUSLY!  SO DO I!!!

The USA is in a De-Facto State of War with Russia right now, 40 Million Russians were on Civil Defense Exercises all last week.

NO US/NATO Military Aircraft to fly in Syrian airspace without Russian permission.

British MPs denied vote to trigger Brexit
Oct 12, 2016
-  Parliament will not be granted a vote on triggering Article 50.  UK Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to agree to a full and transparent debate on the launch of Brexit negotiations.

Samsung catching fire - recall


DEFCON 2 is missiles flying

Oct 15, 2016  

The system has 5 levels of alert, DEFCON 1  the most severe.
US nuclear attack warning upgraded to level 3 (from 2) at Russian threat.
The defense readiness condition, dubbed DEFCON, is an alert system used by the US military to indicate the risk of nuclear war.
US Air Force is ready to mobilise in 15 minutes.

The DEFCON Warning System
News and analysis of the nuclear threat against the United States

Usually mainstream media DO NOT report things like this - unless they fit AGENDA.
Therefore my guess is - bombs could fall in USA before November 8.
This is a GUESS - NOT a prediction.

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack  
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

Nuclear War on the Horizon

Dont ignore these warnings!



This is WAR!

THIRD TIME Iran missiles target US warships
Oct 16, 2016
DEBKA  -  The 3 U.S. vessels patrolling the Bab al-Mandeb strait came under attack from Yemen in the Red Sea by Iran C-802 missiles.  I thot our navy destroyed all 3 Iran bases in Yemen.

USA in HOT war NOW - it will worsen - PRAY
Oct 16, 2016  -  SERIOUS
: we just bombed Yemen -Obama used exec order on OCT. 13 - Cyberspace war with Russia - EMP attack possible - The_Donald
See info here -

Yemen NEWS

Obama will blame Russia but its his fault

Russia, Egypt joint military drills
Oct 16, 2016
 -  Russian Airborne units have been sent to Egypt to take part in joint military drills, the first such bilateral exercise in Africa.  Drill will last until October 26.  Apart from the paratroopers 100 tons of military and special equipment will be delivered to Egypt on transport planes.

US Navy Tomahawk missiles strike Yemen
Oct 13, 2016  BREAKING
- US military strikes Yemen in response to missile attack on ships.
US knocked out 3 Iran radar bases in Yemen involved in missile launches threatening Red Sea ships.  The stations were built and  operated  by Iran Revolutionary Guards to blockade the Red Sea.

U.S. Navy destroyer USS Mason was targeted by C-802 missiles again Wednesday.  The USS Nitze launched Tomahawk cruise missiles and destroyed the radar sites.  The radars coordinated to guide the missiles to the ships.  Shipboard defenses destroyed the missiles.

Iran Fights for Control of Key Bab Al-Mandeb Strait
C-802 missiles supplied to Yemeni Houti for blocking Red Sea to world shipping.  

4 C-802 missiles targeted the US Navy patrollillng the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandeb Strait. The same threat hangs over Israeli ships from its southern port of Eilat through the Gulf of Aden and out to the Indian Ocean.

US, Saudi, Egyptian and Israeli intelligence agencies missed the huge consignment of Iran missiles as it headed towards Yemen.  Iran military on Perim island in the mouth of the Bab al-Mandeb strait, Red Sea.

A highly advanced radar installation is required for the use of the C-802 missiles.  The USS Mason, USS Nitze and USS Ponce were dispatched to the Red Sea to patrol the strait opposite the Yemeni coast.

Yemen fires Missiles at US ship
Oct 10, 2016
-  Two missiles were fired by Houthi in Yemen at American destroyer USS Mason.  They landed in the water of the Persian Gulf.  Several days ago, a ship from the United Arab Emirates was also targeted by missiles fired by the Houthis.  A ballistic missile was launched from Yemen at an air base in Saudi Arabia near Mecca.

Terrorist in Chief and Hellary want us in a war before November.

Houthis are backed by Iran

Saudi military base also targeted by missile fired deep inside the kingdom near holy city of Mecca.

Saudi airstrike kills 140
Oct 9, 2016
 -  A Saudi airstrike hits Houthi funeral in Yemen, killing 140 and injuring 525.

This will escalate into something that NO ONE ever expected.
Houthis are Iran’s proxies in Yemen.

This is a Saudi-Iran war in Yemen.

Nuclear War on the Horizon



North Korea Nuclear Missile Threat - NOW
Oct 16, 2016  Very Bad New
s  -  NKorea tested a Super-EMP weapon.
North Korea can strike the U.S. mainland with nuclear missiles right now.
This could kill millions of Americans in an EMP attack.
Beast media dangerously underestimate North Korea capabilities, and do NOT warn Americans.  In 2009 NATO headquarters said that North Korea's Nodong missiles were armed with nuclear warheads.

Russia opens fire on North Korean vessel
Oct 15, 2016
-  Russian border patrol agents were forced to open fire after attempting to stop a fishing vessel with North Korean crew on board for inspection, but the crew resisted.  One North Korean dead.  Russian guards found illegally-obtained water bio resources on board the vessel.

Russian spy ship deploys off Syria, Lebanon
Oct 15, 2016
debka  -  The Russian Navy put spy ship Yantar opposite the Lebanese coast midway between Syria and Israel.  From here it can move either to Syria or Israel.  Electronic warfare gear includes jammers, interception devices and code-breaking software.



     U. S. A

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  

Twisted Evil   USA FBI, Justice Dept. leaders corrupt

Revelation 18:23  
And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

A Vote of Treason
Oct 16, 2016  -  There are only two ways to vote, for Donald Trump or for Hillary Clinton.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against corruption of government, globalism, the climate change HOAX and against media interference in politics.  A vote for Donald Trump is a chance to hold Hillary Clinton responsible for her crimes and therefore all of the crooked politicians. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for a police state, a vote to end individual rights forever.

The next president will likely be a war-time president. War with Russia may be inevitable before the next president can take office.

So many things are now known about the media establishment and the collusion it shares with the Clinton campaign. More things are being found out every day as Wikileaks provides proof of the public perception. The people were right, there is a conspiracy to keep them uninformed and misinformed.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for accountable leadership.
A vote for Hillary is, in effect an act of treason.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against the Beast of Revelation 13 - SATAN.

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016


     U. S. A

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  

Shocked   Ominous  Exclamation
Obama to Decide on Military Action in Syria TODAY
Oct 14, 2016
 -  Dicktator Barack Obama is expected to decide options in Syria.  One option includes air strikes in Syria - knowing Russia will shoot our plane down, war with Russia.  Russian and Syrian forces are mingled.
One alternative is to further arm ISIS.

Military blog, several pages

God bless our troops in harms way

PARENTS with kids in public schools
Oct 14, 2016  -  PRAY GOD
show you which day NOT to send your child to school.
A NY school district will be doing a complete evacuation drill, loading kids onto buses to move them off school grounds with no mention to parents as to where they
take them.
Both Russia and the US gov are quietly running drills.

San Diego and Tacoma sirens
Oct 14, 2016
 -  Air-Raid Sirens in San Diego and Tacoma Oct. 13th, Fighter Jets Seen Scrambling, Reports of Explosion Sounds.  Additional reports numerous helicopters launched from Camp Pendleton in California, far more than is typical for late at night.

Additional reports of Air raid sirens near Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton, Ontario on the eastern seaboard.

This may be just a normal drill. In light of the very real threat from Russia over Syria and Yemen and nuclear war, an exercise is certainly wise.


Levels of Hell
Jesus teaches more about Hell than heaven!

If God is as loving as people say, why does He condemn people who dont keep His statutes? Why are nonbelievers banished to spend eternity in Hell?
God doesn't send people to Hell — they send themselves.

The message of hope, grace, forgiveness and eternal life through YESHUA, the LORD JESUS CHRIST is offered to everyone who comes to Him in repentance and faith.

NOT thru Mary or a pope!

Of course not everyone will accept Christ's offer of salvation. Strobel told CP that he recently interviewed an atheist who told him that he didn't like the God of the Bible and didn't want to spend eternity in Heaven with Him. He would rather go to a place where his friends are going — Hell.

The Bible suggests that there are degrees of suffering in Hell, that not everyone's experience will be the same. That some will have different levels of suffering than others. I think that's important in understanding the mercy of God.

AMERICA DIED the day she allowed Barak Hussein Obama in our whitehouse.  0bama and Hellary clinton have spent 7 years burying our nation.  That is a fact.  Another fact is - its our SIN as a nation - our laws distancing themselves from the Almighty and His ways.  June 2015 was the last nail in our coffin.  Leviticus 18

HELLary Clinton back in our whitehouse again will seal our national buriel.  Nuclear war, govt doing to all christians all Jews here what Hitler did to them.  

Can Donald J. Trump bring America back?  Not without GOD.  Not without reversing much of whats been done in our laws over decades - from taking bible out of schools - from the slaughter of our babies (abortion) - to reversing the legalizing of the filthy shameful homosexual perversions.

President Donald Trump may be able to STOP this train to hell for a short season,  GOD would give him time to reverse decades of poking our finger in Gods Eye for decades.  Will he?  No one knows.  

The possibility of nuclear bombs on American cities BEFORE NOVEMBER 8 is very real.  Obama has done all he could for 7 years to start world war 3.  HE WANTS WAR WITH RUSSIA and Putin is now angry enuf and is preparing his nation for nuclear war with us.

Abomination to the Lord
Oct 15, 2016
-  Dave Reagan about Brexit in prophecy. European instability is needed for the end-time scenario to play out.  Eric Barger talks about Hillary Clinton’s spirituality. Its New Age/occult involvement which includes talking to Eleanor Roosevelt and other practices. What implications does this have for America?

Program archives


Lining up with GOD is the ONLY ANSWER!


RT bank accounts blocked in UK
Oct 17, 2016
 -  RT Russian news bank accounts have been blocked.  It seems that in leaving the EU, London also left any freedom of speech obligations behind there.  REMEMBER - London has a Muslim mayor - who takes orders from Islam.  The National Westminster Bank has informed RT UK that it will no longer have them among its clients.   The entire Bank Group would refuse to service RT.

Russia Today bank accounts frozen in UK - is that a clue?  does Russia have Assange?
Putin is smart - he may well have taken Assange. lets hope so.  If not, Assange is dead.

Mosul Iraq assault  
Oct 17, 2016
 -  Iraqi PM Haidar al-Abadi said the military operation to recapture Mosul had begun.  It includes 3 groups.  American special operations, artillery and engineering units with floating bridges for crossing the Tigris River, plus the US air force.  Iraqi army armored divisions, special ops forces, regular troops and anti-terror police units.   The Iraqi Kurds Peshmerga.  Haidar said only Iraqi fighters would enter Mosul.  Probly not true.  Iraqi are cowards.

Tehran wont be left out of the epic capture of Mosul.  Turkey not invited.  They are too friendly with ISIS and against Kurds.

Mosul is a mess and so is this article.



ewish holy days 2016
October 16 - 23 is  Sukkot, Feast of booths / tabernacles

ZionsCRY Commentary
Oct 16, 2016 -  I find myself cheering Putin / Russia - against the USA!  WHY!?  Because my passion and reason for blogging news so committedly is TRUTH and FACTS, and the Beast  (BORG)  media is lying!  I get closer to the facts from Russia news!  That disturbs me of course!

WHY hasnt American govt built bomb shelters for us?  Putin has!
I will tell you.  Russian President Vladmir Putin cares that his people LIVE.
Our govt wants us to DIE.

The U.N. Agenda 21 is that 80% of Earth population DIE.

Putin preparing for all-out war
Russia test-fired 3 nuclear-capable ballistic missiles from submarines in the Sea of Okhotsk north of Japan and the Barents Sea, as well as one from an inland location.  How much further things will go before it is too late.

Royal Navy to intercept Russian warship
British Royal Navy warships race to intercept heavily-armed Russian aircraft carrier heading for English Channel as it practises bombing raids near Scotland.  Russia's flagship Admiral Kuznetsov and 7 additional vessels will pass UK on way to Syria.

Russian warship in English Channel
Oct 16, 2016
 -  British admirals plan to escort Russian ships which will pass by the UK’s shores en-route to the Mediterranean.  The Admiral Kuznetsov left the port of Severomorsk Saturday for the eastern Mediterranean. The carrier will be escorted by the battle cruiser Peter the Great, the anti-submarine vessel Severomorsk, and five other vessels of Russia’s Northern fleet.
They may go through the North Sea, down the Dover Strait, and through the Channel.

Scotland Nuclear Sub Base
Oct 16, 2016
 -  Fate of Nuclear Sub Base in Scotland Unclear after Brexit.
TRIDENT sub base on west coast of Scotland is a target.  Would Scotland's independence from the United Kingdom shutter a Trident nuclear submarine base - a key in NATO deterrence against Russia.  Some in Scotland dont want it there.

Currently, Britain's nuclear missile submarines armed with Trident missiles are based at Faslane on the River Clyde, and all of its nuclear warheads are stored at Coulport about eight miles away.

Russia will come down the Atlantic and nuke U.S. east coast
When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

That vision reads like the newspaper would read -
-  if we had honest journalism

Shocked   Exclamation

   WikiLeaks Julian Assange kidnapt

Oct 17, 2016
 -  Wikileaks states that Julian Assange's Internet has been interrupted.
Julian Assange's internet access has been cut by an unidentified state actor. Assange has been up holed up at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London for 4 years.  Calls, texts and emails not immediately returned Monday. London Police declined comment.

redditpost - I am in the UK. There is a D-Notice over reporting that power has been disabled at the embassy and military units have encircled the premises. Julian is being apprehended and the UK is willfully violating the sovereignty of an embassy as an unprecedented decision for state actors.

UK chat saw a pic of black van early this am saying Assange was inside leaving embassy.

Twitter -
Brits cut off power then raid Ecuador (kidnap Assange)

John Kerry threatened the Ecuadorian President with grave consequences for Equador if Assange is not silenced
All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. - Thomas Jefferson

Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump
Wow, interview released by Wikileakes shows quid pro quo in Crooked Hillary e-mail probe.Such a dishonest person - & Paul Ryan does zilch!

Assange kidnapt

Hillary's health

Stuff is going on, fog of war, the Beast wants to stop Assange and used its power to shut off internet access to the Embassy.  Assange has a dead man switch to keep stuff coming, will happen without him

Hillary may be worse off then people thought and they used studio tricks to fake some of her recent experiences.

The invasion of Mosul IRAQ has begun
- to take the media coverage off arresting Assange


Hillary Clinton disqualified
Oct 18, 2016
 -  Attorney General Michael Mukasey said Hillary Clinton's private email server is illegal -AND - it disqualifies her from holding any federal office  
Apparently, the FBI forgot to visit the Cornell Law Library.

United States Code
Title 18. Section 2071

“(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.”

Yes, it explicitly states "shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States."

United States Constitution



NEW 1984 Wikileaks Data Dump
Oct 18, 2016
 -  Wikileaks Released its First Insurance File dated January 1, 1984
Wikileaks server has opened at the address

A glimpse into thousands of doc, pdf, wav, jpg and various other files, as well as dozens of subdirectories including Videos, Syria-files, Collateral Murder, Japan Bribery Affair, and many others.

This may indicate that things are about to get to a climax vis-a-visthe trove of information in Wikileaks' possession.

Blog has a lot of links and info

George Soros insinuates that Trump will likely win the coming election by a landslide, but Hellary will be elected.  He even openly comments that the election will be controlled by a 'small group of extremists' of which he himself is included!

Steal election (or is that - erection? )



Eurotunnel power failure
Oct 18, 2016
-  Chaos as Eurostar and Eurotunnel Channel Tunnel services between England and France suspended after massive power failure. Thousands of passengers suffered major disruption.

The electrical supply problem in the train tunnel blocked traffic between Britain and destinations on the continent such as Paris, Brussels and Lille. No trains were stuck underwater.

It wasnt Russia who caused trouble in Ukraine
Oct 18, 2016  -  It WAS the USA!
The Ukrainian president was replaced by US-selected nazis.  This crisis was triggered by the west's attempt to pull Ukraine decisively into its orbit and defence structure, via an explicitly anti-Moscow EU association agreement. Its rejection led to the Maidan protests and the installation of an anti-Russian administration – rejected by half the country – that went on to sign the EU and International Monetary Fund agreements regardless.

No Russian government could have acquiesced in such a threat from territory that was at the heart of both Russia and the Soviet Union. Putin's absorption of Crimea and support for the rebellion in eastern Ukraine is clearly defensive, and the red line now drawn: the east of Ukraine, at least, is not going to be swallowed up by Nato or the EU.

Britain closed Russia accounts
Oct 19, 2016
 -  NatWest decision to close all of RT’s UK accounts have caused some confusion in the British media.  BBC claimed a letter had been sent to one of RT’s suppliers, not RT itself, and no accounts had been frozen.  RT is the brand name of a global network, and Russia Today TV UK Ltd it is the sole provider of all of RT’s operations in the UK, which includes servicing the salaries of the entire 60+ staff of the RT UK television channel.

Brit news



Hellary moved money to Qatar - a Sunni terrorist state
Oct 19, 2016  sorcha  -  Hillary Clinton’s Sudden Move of $1.8 Billion to Qatar Central Bank Stuns Financial World.  Hillary Clinton transferred the money for ISIS.

Western bankers were stunned after the Bank (BIS) registered a $1.8 billion transfer from the Clinton Foundation (CF) to the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) through JP Morgan Chase.

Qatar Central Bank is that government bank.  Clinton Foundation is an international criminal money laundering organization whose clients include the Russian mafia.

Clinton pal John Podesta has ties to the Russian mafia and money laundering.

15 October 2016 Hillary Clinton and John Podesta met with JP Morgan Chase at Clinton’s Chappaqua Compound outside NYC.  Within 12 hours  the BIS registered the transfer of $1.8 billion from the Clinton Foundation to the Qatar Central Bank.

HSBC issued a Red Alert to prepare for a severe market crash.
German Deutsche Bank is nearing its doom and laying off thousands of workers worldwide. Hillary Clinton has just protected $1.8 billion of her wealth.

Qatar receiving Hillary Clinton’s $1.8 billion, a royal place was ordered emptied in preparation for the early November arrival of a dignitary - Hillary Clinton perhaps?

Deutsche, Central Bank scandals, LIBOR Gold

Clinton foundation scandals

David Brock, the clinton Money Launderer

Hellary Clinton, the murdering lying TRAITOROUS witch-bitch - Mama DAECH
Willy has gold in Dubai. Many trips there after Hills brother got the gold mine in Haiti

Obama Throws Top US Marine General In Jail, Then Allows ISIS Leader To Escape

Russia Names Hillary Clinton As “Murder Suspect” In Death Of Top UFO Researchers

Sorcha website  
Weed the garden for bites of hidden fruit



Another N. Korea missile test fails
Oct 20, 2016
 DEBKA -  North Korea launched a missile from Kusong, it crashed immediately after lifting off.

Oct 20, 2016
 DEBKA -  A terrorist in Afghan army uniform kills 2 Americans at base near Kabul with an automatic weapon.  3 others were wounded.  Chances are it was a USA weapon.

Philippines fish South China Sea
Oct 19, 2016
 -  Beijing may grant Philippines rich South China Sea territory in Scarborough Shoal.  China may give the Philippines unspecified conditional access to rich waters just northeast of the disputed Spratly Islands.
The turnaround is since Duterte began threatening (insulting) resident Barack Obama.   Laughing


WW3 Warning
Oct 19, 2016  -  War Might Begin Before US Elections - I take this seriously!

Putin warns USA - If You Want a War, You Will Get One - Everywhere.
Vladimir Putin issues Dire World War 3 Warnings.  These are the most serious tensions between Moscow and Washington in decades, the war might begin even before the November elections in the U.S.

Shocked  Evil or Very Mad   Hillary sacrificed national security
Oct 20, 2016
-  Hillary Clinton Should Be Arrested For Leaking Top Secret Nuclear Intelligence on National TV, said Pentagon.  You want this woman in charge of our nukes? If you were a military planner for one of our global enemies/rivals, and someone who is married to a former US President tells you how much time it will take for a nuclear response, the first thing you'd do is use that information to figure out how far from our coastline or border you'd have to be in order to launch a first strike that would take out command and control within that response-time gap.  Shes unfit to hold any position of power.

This irresponsible bitch wants our enemies to attack us!

GOD has sure used Donald J. Trump to EXPOSE all the hidden Clinton evils for DECADES - and the massive (depressing!) corruption thruout our entire govt.

Donald Trump vs Hellary Clinton

OR WAR .......................


Idea   Pastor David Jeremiah sermon on Israel
When America Turns Her Back on Israel

America's future depends on our national support of Israel
Part 2   He does not name the book he read.  Genesis 12.3

The book he read which he does not name is
EYE TO EYE  by Bill Koenig

Bill Koenig website
He is a whitehouse correspondent



U.S. East Coast Under Cyber Attack
Oct 21, 2016
 -  Sites across the internet had problems on Friday morning following a DDoS cyberattack on a major internet management company.  Dyn — a company that hosts domain name systems — was the subject of a cyberattack that caused major problems for numerous websites. People have reported issues with Twitter, Box, Boston Globe, New York Times, Github, Airbnb, Reddit, Spotify, SoundCloud and numerous other sites.

LQQK at the maps for areas of outage.  Russia retaliating for Obama attacks?

Make no mistake -
this is PART of WAR!
Take down our communication so we cant warn families



2 Prophecys, Perry Stone
October, 2016
Perry Stone  -  Why Donald Trump is such a THREAT to the globalists.  This is excellent!
Perry Stone says - A national tragedy is coming, one on the east coast, one in the center and one on the west coast.
Michael Boldea has foreseen a major earthquake in USA
His grandfather, Duduman, foresaw nuclear bombs on U.S. coasts.

Prophecy 2
The apostle John DID live to see the return of Jesus Christ - the Revelation!!
And we who now live will see Him return!
Resist the Beast - he lives NOW  -  he waits behind the curtain - AND -
-  he hates Donald Trump, who will DELAY him!
Donald Trump is  INTENSELY HATED by the friends of the Beast

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

The U.S. huge embassy in Iraq has an underground city.
Perry Stone says Babylon will return  - a combined Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.
The new entity will call itself - Babylon

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016




ISIS attacks Kirkuk
Oct 21, 2016
 -  ISIS attacked 4 police stations, Kurd offices in Kirkuk, and a power station. They also stromed residential neighborhoods.  Kurds largely regained control of the city.
ISIS said they seized half the city and the Dubiz power plant.  3 car bombs were detonated.

Kirkuk Governor Najmadin Karim said ISIS had not seized any government buildings or even enter them.  ISIS was wandering the streets dressed in police uniforms.

ISIS-SYRIA claims they downed a US warplane
Oct 21, 2016
 debka  -  ISIS-SYRIA claims they downed a US A-10 Warthog fighter near Hasakah in northeastern Syria. The Rmeilan air base, now being operated by the US military, is in a Kurdish-controlled area not far from Hasakah.

Syria will down Turk planes
Oct 21, 2016  -  GOOD!
Damascus warned the Turks bombing Kurds in northern Syria, vowing to intervene next time Ankara sends its planes over its border.  Syria accused Turkey of flagrant aggression, which targeted innocent citizens, a dangerous development that could escalate the situation.

Any attempt to once again breach Syrian airspace by Turkish war planes will be dealt with and they will be brought down by all means available.
Turkish artillery guns have been firing at innocent Kurds.

Why does Egypt need such weapons?
Oct 21, 2016
-  Egyptian army is growing stronger and Israel is silently trembling.  Egypt has been purchasing 4 subs and the world’s most expensive weapons systems amid a deep economic crisis.

Israel is wondering where Egypt gets the money.  ALSO, Egyptian army has been conducting major exercises, including one with Russian military soon.  The main enemy in these exercises is Israel.

Egypt and Israel view their relations as a first-rate strategic asset. Egypt deeply appreciates the indirect Israeli aid in the war on ISIS in Sinai.  The Egyptian army has been deployed in Sinai and established two military airports in Sinai. The Egyptian navy has also docked in El-Arish.  All this against the peace treaty.,7340,L-4867874,00.html

Trump, Pence video in Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Oct 20, 2016
-    Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence will address a gathering by satellite video near Jerusalem Temple Mount on October 26 that will stress the unity of the city.  The rally intends to send a message that the Trump Republican Party is united behind need to safeguard the unity of Jerusalem, and to prevent any political interference regarding the historic identity of the city.

Oct 20, 2016  DEBKA -  Female terrorist shot dead near Nablus while trying to stab Israeli border policemen.

Russian pause for Aleppo
Oct 18, 2016
 debka  -  Russian and Syrian air forces stopped air strikes on Aleppo for humanitarian pause to let civilians leave and deliver supplies.

Mosul operation

ISIS halts Mosul offensive
Oct 19, 2016  
-  A day after US launch, the Mosul offensive ground to a halt.  
The Iraqi forces (cowards) withdrew which left the Kurds no option but to stop.
I can explain.  Obama is Captain ISIS.  He wants them out of Mosul so not to be killed.

Hundreds of ISIS fighters fleeing from Mosul, Nineveh province Iraq to Raqqa, Syria
ISIS is using civilians as human shields.
Iraqi and Kurdish commanders pause Mosul offensive, holding positions.

5,000 American troops are also involved.
Mosul offensive may push the Muslim terrorists to return to Europe.  
Why would you fear them, you've been inviting them?  

Iraqi forces gain ground around Mosul
Oct 18  Iraq-Kurds are pressing towards Mosul, on the border of Kurdistan.  Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have claimed significant territorial gains in the first day of the operation to retake Mosul.  


Send ISIS back to Saudi Arabia!
Evil Turk air force is bombing - NOT GOOD
They bomb Kurds, the good guys!



America has lost
Philippines turns its back on USA, gets cozy wif China
Oct 22, 2016
-  China and the Philippines explore oil in South China Sea.  Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte sits down with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.  China and the Philippines could begin exploiting long-untapped energy reserves in the South China Sea.  Philippine agreement to explore for energy sources in a part of the South China Sea close to the Philippine coastline.  Could be oil and natural gas lurking beneath there.
Philippines powder keg in the South China Sea
Duterte told 0bama to go to hell, called him son of a whore

Terror alert level raised on London Underground
October 22, 2016
DEBKAfile -  Scotland Yard said the level of terror alert has been elevated in the London Underground rail system. Passengers were told to expect large numbers of armed police officers at the stations.

West Africa
Cameroon train derailment kills 53
Oct 22, 2016
 -  At least 53 people killed and 300 others injured after a passenger train traveling between Yaounde and Douala, Cameroon was derailed.  The crash occurred close to the central town of Eseka.  Cameroon is in the armpit of Afrika

Belgium jewel thieves
Oct 22, 2016
-  Belgian Cora Mall, 3 hooded men armed with Kalashnikov rifles robbed a jewelry shop in Châtelineau, 2 explosions were heard.  The jewel thieves fled with stolen goods in an unidentified vehicle.


Hamas has rendered Gaza unfit for habitation.
Oct 23, 2016
-  I have to edit and correct so much crap in articles!
The slow ruin of Gaza agricultural began when Hamas came to power. But farmers were dealt a near fatal blow by the 2014 Operation Protective Edge war Hamas forced on Israel.

As long as Gazans vote for Hamas terrorists, God will NOT bless them.
And there is NO blockade on Gaza.  Tons of goods are trucked in from Israel DAILY, truck after truckload.

IAF hampered by Russian Navy
Oct 23, 2016
-  The presence of Russian Aircraft Carrier in Eastern Mediterranean limits the IDF.  The Russian carrier Kuznetsov off the coast of Syria has Israeli defense concerned.
Kuznetsov will limit the Israeli military’s ability to act both openly and covertly in Syria and Lebanon.

Israel has reportedly carried out a number of airstrikes in Syria to prevent to transfer of weaponry to HELLzballah.  Kuznetsov has crew of 2,000 sailors and dozens of fighter jets and helicopters.  Israel had a deal with Russian President Vladmir Putin but in September Putin went with Turkey again.  BAD news.




The resurrection of Russia
Pastor David Jeremiah part 1

The resurrection of Russia
Pastor David Jeremiah part 2

Vladmir Putin has been GOOD, RIGHT for 7 years.
I hope that doesnt change.  As soon as he turns against Israel, he is BAD.

Egypt gives Mursi 20 year prison sentence
Oct 23, 2016
 -  Deposed Muslim Brotherhood prez Mohamed Morsi gets 20 year prison sentence.  HE DESERVED the DEATH PENALTY!  An Egyptian court confirmed a 20-year prison sentence against former president Mohamed Mursi for the killings of protesters in 2012.

The Obamatollah is not pleased.
Morsi should get in touch with Trump and make a deal for a reduced sentence by fingering his co-conspirators B.H. Obama and H.R. Clinton.  I KNOW in my gut Trump has ALL the evidence he needs to HANG Hellary-0bama

ISIS assassinates Egyptian commander in Cairo
Oct 23, 2016
 debka  -  Brig-Gen. Adel Ragai, commander of the army's 9th armored division based in Dahshour  military base west of Cairo, was gunned down near his home by an Islamist group tied to ISIS in Sinai. This is near the highway to the Suez Canal city of Ismailia and would have given the killers a good chance of getting away. Terrorist attacks in Cairo have multiplied in recent weeks.

YES, I believe these 2 news items are related

US air strikes killed Iraqi civilians
Oct 23, 2016
 debka  -  Russia said the US coalition is responsible for striking mourners in Daquq Iraq south of Kirkuk on Friday, killing dozens of civilians, including women and children.

Russian flotilla passes UK
Oct 23, 2016
 -  Russian aircraft carrier Kuzentsov and fleet of warships passed by British shores on the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar on their way to Syria. The flotilla rounded Norway. Putin sent an aircraft carrier to Syria to send a clear message to the West. Anything you can do, I can do - BETTER.  Russia has 10 ships off the coast of Syria including missile ships.,7340,L-4869094,00.html

Very Happy  Anything you can do, I can do better

ISIS hits Kirkuk
Oct 22, 2016
 -  ISIS terrorists hit Kirkuk in a coordinated attack, catching the USA slepeing.  Kirkuk is southeast of Mosul.  11,000 Peshmerga Kurds protected it under the command of Gen. Mariwan Mohammed.  The Kurds headed out to the Mosul offensive, leaving Kirkuk vulnerable.  THAT sounds like 0bama-Hellary plan.

ISIS Muslim devils execute at least 284 Mosul civilians, children among them. Jihadists who had used them as human shields dumped the victims’ bodies in a mass grave.

Twisted Evil



Gettysburg address
Oct 22, 2016
 -  Trump prepares for Gettysburg address unveiling first 100 days agenda.
Trump Speech Saturday in Gettysburg, PA Civil War battlefield site.  Trump's agenda compared to the 1994 Contract with America that helped Republicans win the House of Representatives in 1994.
Themes include immigration, regulatory reform, tax cuts and border security.

Donald Trump will plant a flag on hallowed ground Saturday morning by laying out near the Gettysburg National Battlefield what he would do in his first 100 days as President of the United States.
The Civil War location has great significance: 'Gettysburg was the moment when the war turned.'
And he aims to enter the campaign's final two weeks by making 'a closing pitch to voters.'

Donald Trump in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania will give a speech meant to outline the agenda for his first 100 days in office.  This battle WAS CONSIDERED the TURNING POINT of the Civil War.
The slaves were given their freedom after this war. TODAY, most of us are slaves to a corrupt system. We must have our freedom, for this nation to survive 2016.

Putin ordered the Russian military to protect Donald Trump at all costs, as Trump is all that stands between peace and World War 3 - whatdoesitmean. com/index2145.htm

From time to time the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed
with the blood of tyrants and patriots. - Thomas Jefferson

We may need to fight them for our freedoms.


     U. S. A

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  

Putin warns of US Election Theft
Oct 22, 2016
 -  Military to Protect Trump at all costs.  Russian President Putin infuriated after learning that Obama is refusing to allow Russian experts to monitor the US presidential election, thus signaling Hillary Clinton intends to steal it.  Putin ordered the Russian military to protect Donald Trump at all costs, as Trump is all that stands between peace and World War 3

I am NOT laughing.  GOD could use Russia to give us President Donald Trump.
The Beast globalists will stop at NOTHING to off our Donald - including nuking his rally

U.S. East Coast Under Cyber Attack,
Oct 21, 2016
 -  Sites across the internet had problems on Friday morning following a DDoS cyberattack on a major internet management company.  Dyn — a company that hosts domain name systems — was the subject of a cyberattack that caused major problems for numerous websites. People have reported issues with Twitter, Box, Boston Globe, New York Times, Github, Airbnb, Reddit, Spotify, SoundCloud and numerous other sites.

LQQK at the maps for areas of outage.  Russia retaliating for Obama attacks?

West Coast cyber attack
Oct 22, 2016
 -  West Coast cyber attack as East Coast recovers.
any of the websites affected by the first attack which hit the East Coast are back up, sites hosted on the West Coast have been hit.

If cyber outages are trial run to disrupt things on election day, it is a good idea to vote early.


Oct 22, 2016
 -  Early voting in Illinois votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats. Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote at the Library.  Moynihan said, “I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent. You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat.”  He notified the election judge and was eventually allowed to vote for Republican candidates, including his own race.

Shadow govt
Oct 21, 2016
 Dahboo7  -  The 7th floor group (Satanists) at US State Dept.
Shadow govt. referenced in new FBI dump.

There was a powerful group of very high-ranking STATE officials that some referred to as The 7th Floor Group or The Shadow Government.  This group met every Wednesday afternoon to discuss the FOIA process, Congressional records, and everything CLINTON-related to FOIA/Congressional inquiries.

Establishment in panic
Oct 21, 2016
Pat Buchanan  -   Ruling class fears the people won't accept its political legitimacy.
We the People will NOT accept Hillary Clinton in the whitehouse again!
Establishment is terrorfied!  They FEAR we the people no longer accept its political legitimacy or moral authority.  It may rig the system but they are disconnected from the people it rules and is detested.  Having fixed the future, the establishment finds half of the country looking upon it with contempt.

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates
Countdown to elections November 8

Clinton foundation scandals

1,000 points of Rebellion, revolution.



AT&T buys Time Warner
Oct 23, 2016  -  Major media shakeup
.  AT&T  to buy Time Warner, a deal that will transform the phone company into a media giant.  AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson will head the new company and Time Warner Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes will leave.  This combines millions of wireless and pay-television subscribers with Time Warner TV networks such as CNN and Warner Bros. film studio.

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016
President Donald Trump will try to undo the AT&T - Time Warner deal,
which would create a major media conglomerate.

Internet attacks are just the Start
Oct 23, 2016  -  The Beast
wants to take the entire internet offline to deny us accurate information and communication.  The Beast wants to crash the grid too.  Attacks last week temporarily took down some of the biggest names on the internet.

Oct. 21 cyberattack: rehearsal for US Election
Multiple waves of online DDoS attacks blocked many major websites Friday Oct 21, at times making it impossible for users to access Twitter, etc.  The attack started on the East Coast and spread westward in 3 waves during the day.  This may have been staged as a rehearsal for the disruption of American Nov. 8 elections.  I say 99% liklihood the US govt did this.

If you are able to buy any of these items ASAP,
its an investment you will not regret

SURVIVAL information

Very REAL possibility of bombs in USA before Nov. 8
PRAY Putin holds off!

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

Revelation 18:23  
And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

Happy HELL0eek!

NUCLEAR WAR if HELLary is in whitehouse!




Cool   October 26  Wenzday
Donald Trump and Mike Pence will deliver satellite video
addresses to a rally near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem ISRAEL

Putin reaffirms Israel-Russia ties
Oct 24, 2016
 -  Amid Russia’s stepped up military activity in Syria and increased tension between Moscow and Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday.

Israel wont sign US document regulating export of drones
Oct 24, 2016
 -  Israel is reportedly refusing to sign a US document on the use and export guidelines of armed drones, fearing it would hurt its defense industries.

Iraqi army near Mosul
Oct 24, 2016
 -  Spectacular RT drone footage shows the Iraqi army amassing its forces at the gates of Mosul.  ISIS brings down government buildings, and sets fire to oil wells, refinery and pumping stations as they flee.  Holy Kuwait Batman!

Earlier, terrorists set fire to the remaining stockpiles at a sulfur plant in Mishraq. The toxic gases have filled the area, causing severe breathing difficulties.

ISIS attacks Kirkuk, Iraq
As the American coalition focus is on Mosul, ISIS launched a counterattack in Kirkuk.  Thank you Obama said ISIS.

Donald Trump said
The attack on Mosul is turning out to be a total disaster.
We gave them months of notice. U.S. is looking so dumb.

Its not stupidity Donald, its Obama's PLAN.
The globalists lured armies to Mosul so ISIS cud attack Kirkuk

Turkey not wanted in Mosul
Oct 24, 2016
 -  Turkey takes part in advance on Mosul.
Baghdad has repeatedly told Turkey - STAY OUT!
Iraqi forces wear protective masks after winds brought fumes from a burning sulfur plant.

In Kirkuk, Kurd-ISIS clashes continue.
Oct 24, 2016
 -  ISIS sidetracks Mosul operation to fronts around the city
US-Iraqi-Kurd armies have not broken through ISIS.
ISIS mounted several counter-attacks.
ISIS also attacked Anbar province near the USA Ayn al-Asad Air Base southeast of Mosul.


Drug-Resistant Super Gonorrhea on the Rise  
Oct 24, 2016  Superbug Alert!   -  Here’s the latest threat in the antibiotic-resistant era.
New drug-resistant gonorrhea superbug is resistant even to the 2 antibiotic combination that is used when other drugs fail.  Some people do not experience symptoms right away, so the disease goes undetected.

     U. S. A

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  

California  bus-truck crash kills 13
Oct 23, 2016
-  At least 13 people are dead, others rushed to hospitals after a tour bus collided with a semi-truck early in the Desert Hot Springs area. The big rig driver was unhurt. Details on a possible cause of the crash were unclear.

Very Happy  Last Man Standing TV show
Oct 23, 2016  -  Trick or Treat
Turns Sour at the Baxter Party. (Tim Allen as Trump)
It’s once again Halloween at the Baxter house, and Last Man Standing presented a really effective, fun way to celebrate the pagan holiday. I really enjoyed watching all the promos get released for this week’s episode, and as a fan, I was not disappointed.

Mike is tired of having Halloween parties, so he devises a plan to make this the final year: Everyone should dress as each other, and watch the arguments unravel the holiday. Vanessa gets some bad news related to the teachers strike. Mike and Chuck end up choosing the same costume.
First of all, I find it quite amusing/scary how much I relate to Mike

Last Man Standing
Oct 23, 2016  Halloween at the Baxter house


* This was a GOOD SHOW!

YUGE Trump Flash Mobs everywhere

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016

Jack Chick died
His Gospel tracts good - order some, pass em out




ISIS near Jordan
Oct 25, 2016  -  ISIS seizes 2 Iraqi cities, Rutbah and Sinjar
ISIS captures Rutba, western Iraq near the Jordan border.
Last week, ISIS overran Kirkuk; this week, Sinjar and Rutba.
Iraq-Kurds meeting heavy resistance, outside Mosul.
Arab media describe  suicide carbombs blown up among Iraqi soldiers causing many casualties.
The Sinjar defeat was a disater for Kurd Peshmerga
The fighting in Kirkuk died down Sunday after 3 days.

Iraqi Shia forces including Sunni tribal militias were deployed to guard Rutba, however, they were no match for ISIS.  Mosul planners did not take into account that ISIS would mount major attacks in unexpected places.
Jordan army went on war preparedness as the fighting neared.

Rutbah, Rutba, Rutbah, Rutbah Wells, or Ar-Rutba is an Iraqi town in western Al Anbar province, completely inhabited with Sunni Muslims.  It occupies a strategic location on the Amman-Baghdad road, and the Mosul–Haifa oil pipeline.  Rutba is located on a high plateau. It has been described as the most isolated town of any size in Iraq.

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016

The Mosul planning was done to HELP ISIS!


Malta plane crash
Oct 25, 2016
 debka  -  Five French defense officials killed in small aircraft crash in Malta.  3 French defense officials and 2 contractors were killed aboard a small aircraft when it crashed at Malta aircraft shortly after takeoff for Misrata in northwestern Libya.
There was no indication of an explosion prior to the crash.  The officials aboard were on a French Customs surveillance operation for tracing Illicit trafficking routes, including human and drug trafficking.  The plane was seen rising in the air and nose-diving into the ground.

video of plane crash

Malta news

ISIS attack in Pakistan
Oct 25, 2016  
-  More than 60 dead, 200 hostages in ISIS attack in Pakistan.  6 terrorists, some with bomb vests, stormed a police training center in Quetta, Pakistan, taking hundreds of cadets hostage.  Pakistani military commandos managed to rescue over 200 hostages, after a 3 hour standoff.

ISIS fatally shot an intelligence officer. The suspects used an a 9mm pistol as they were traveling on a motorcycle.  Akbar Ali, an intelligence sub-inspector, was waiting at a local bus stop near his home in Charsadda district as he headed to work when the gunmen opened fire.  Akbar Ali was killed on the spot.


Xi Jinping with Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge

China President Xi
Oct 25, 2016
 -  China needs a strongman leader and Xi fits the bill.
New push to name Xi Jinping as Chinese Communist Party's core leader.
There are strong signs of a renewed effort to formally name President Xi Jinping as the core of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which will cement his power ahead of a leadership reshuffle next year.

Xi Jinping 2012 - 2016

Oct 25, 2016
-  GOOD!  HALLELUJAH!  In two separate criminal complaints, Egyptian lawmakers have charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama assisted the MB in crimes against Egypt and its citizens.

Remember when BHO went on the apology tour right after he was elected in 2008? He told world leaders that America had been involved in too many countries affairs.

How do you think that the Arab Spring came about? Obama was a major player in this, and George Soros supplied the money. The plan was to destabilize the Middles East, and rid the Arabic countries of their secular governments, and replace them with the Muslim Brotherhood. That was the plan.

His diabolical plan backfired in Egypt when his buddy Mohamed Morsi was ousted and incarcerated in 2012.

Obama has often hosted the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House AND PUT THEM IN POWERS OF THE U.S. GOVT.

Hillary Clinton was working with Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Mahmood, in attempting to overthrow the current leader of Egypt, General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg.


2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name,
shall humble themselves, and pray,
and seek my face,
and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven,
and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Obama-Hellary Clinton plotted Bengazi with Egypt President Morsi.
President El Sisi has all the documents.  Did he give them to Donald Trump?

The swamp is draining itself!
Rats fleeing the swamp before its drained - behind Swamprat


If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  

Clinton Foundation CEO Braverman
seeking assylum from Russia
This is BIGGER than ALL the wiki and veritas!!

Eric Braverman seeks assylulm
Oct 25, 2016   -  Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman
seeks urgent and immediate political asylum from Russia.  He can expose The Real Hillary Clinton Scandal.  Eric Braverman arrived at the Consulate of Russia in New York City 23 October and presented his request for asylum.

Braverman asylum request was directly related to the sudden death of Wikileaks founder Gavin MacFadyen 22 October.
Macfadyns wife said lung cancer - anything else is speculation
Clinton Foundation power struggle between Chelsea Clinton and Doug Band when Chelsea started to take a more senior role and became increasingly concerned about an internal audit regarding Teneo.  Chelsea’s rise threatens some Clinton aides who had carved out influential and lucrative positions.

There Is Some Chatter That Eric Braverman is Seeking Asylum From The Russians
sorcha - whatdoesitmean - is a great source - its a group of whistleblowers

It is just possible that Braverman had too much decency.

Question   Will Hellary, 0bama flee?
Oct 25, 2016
 -  White House dodges on whether Obama will leave country under President Trump.  During a gaggle with reporters aboard Air Force One, Josh Earnest said Obama would campaign for Hillary Clinton and other Demoncrats.  Earnest was asked whether Obama would leave the country if Trump , is elected president.

HELLary sent nearly $2 billion to Qatar - why?
Rats fleeing the swamp before its drained - behind Swamprat?

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016

New Mexico
Drunk Driver Crashes into Medical Helicopter
Oct 25, 2016
 -  A drunk man was arrested after he drove around a barricade and smashed into an EMS helicopter.  The helicopter and an ambulance were responding to a man injured in an accident near the town of Gallup.  The drunk plowed through the roadblock, first striking the helicopter, which tipped over from the impact, then continued on to hit the ambulance before coming to a halt.



Rigging the Election
Ducks were Hellarys idea
Oct 25, 2016  James O’Keefe Project Veritas

Infiltration and disruption of Trump rallies orchestrated directly by the Clinton campaign.  Hellary herself personally approved this.  Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved  

Judge Andrew Napolitano said when Hillary is POTUS she can pardon herself

Trump Filing Lawsuit Against Clinton Over Organized DNC Violence


Oct 26, 2016  -  UNESCO denies Jewish ties to Jerusalem
, draft resolution to be voted by World Heritage Committee on Wednesday.  Pro-Israel organizations meet with UNESCO in protest against upcoming committee resolution.  StandWithUs met on Tuesday to present a petition against evil UNESCO disregard for the Jewish ties to Jerusalem.,7340,L-4870238,00.html

UNESCO Godless resolution
Oct 26, 2016  
-  UNESCO resolution is a disgrace to intelligent people, says Temple Mount archeologist Gabriel Barkay.  It’s a deplorable decision, which ignores historical and archeological facts.  UNESCO’s Satanic vote to deny Jewish ties to Temple Mount is an affront to science and history.  It also undermines the connection of Christianity to Jerusalem.  It is a disgrace to anybody who thinks of themselves as a civilized, intelligent person.

Archeology CONSTANTLY PROVES Jewish ties to Temple Mount -
-  which Evil UNESCO - and 0bama - deny.

October 26   Donald Trump and Mike Pence will deliver satellite video addresses to a rally near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem ISRAEL

IDF soldier injured by fire from Lebanon
Oct 26, 2016
 -  An IDF soldier was lightly injured after live rounds were fired from Lebanon at IDF forces in the Metula area in northern Israel.  The IDF were working on the northern security fence, promoting the soldiers to return fire.  Gunfire from Lebanon targeted IDF troops TWICE in less than 1 hour.  Lebanese gunfire was directed at IDF troops and foreign camera crews.,7340,L-4870487,00.html



IRAQ *  Mosul offensive
Oct 27, 2016
 -  Rudaw map
Dark green: under Peshmerga control
Spring green: Peshmerga encircle/battling
Red: Under Iraqi forces' control
Pink: Iraqi forces encircle/battling

Only the brave Kurds are engaged with the ISIS enemy.
What if all a sudden Iran started attacking the forces attacking Mosul?
Or if Turkey starts intervening because the don’t like the Kurds in Iraq?

There is a Mosul dam, a critical structure.
Kurds are working to contain the northern side of the city to reinforce containment of the dam.

Iraqi Soldiers Deserting
Oct 27, 2016  -  As always
.  The battle for Mosul, which launched on October 17 stalled.  Iraqi forces dont have the will to get the job done.

Saudi Arabia Yemen
Oct 28, 2016
 -  Saudi Arabia intercepts Yemen missile fired into Mecca.  This is an Iran missile, they are fighting Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi air defense system was able to intercept and destroy it.  A Patriot missile shot it down. Yemen Iran-Houti said the missile targeted an airport in Jiddah.  The Houthi news agency said the missile hit the airport and caused massive destruction.  In recent days, two commercial ships reportedly have come under fire in the same area.,7340,L-4871379,00.html

Turkey will participate in SYRIA
Oct 28, 2016
 debka  -  Turkey will participate in offensive to liberate Raqqa.
BUT Turkey wants to kill the Kurds, NOT ISIS!  Erdogan will target Manbij, controlled by Kurds.

Turkey pipeline explosion  
Oct 28, 2016
-  Gas flow from Iran to Turkey has been halted after a huge explosion rocked a pipeline in eastern Turkey.  Sabotage suspected explosion at natural gas pipeline in #Dogubeyazit, #Agri, #Turkey on the border with #Iran.  A huge blast and fire hit a pipeline in the town of Dogubayazit in Agrı Province in eastern Turkey bordering Iran.

Russia may lose patience over Syria accusations
The US should stop brazenly blaming Russia for the situation in Syria as it may face an equally harsh response, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned at the Valdai forum in Sochi, also addressing American exceptionalism, Trump and other issues.

Mr Putin my MAN, world LEADER, you have waited 7 years, resisting the Evil 0bama, you can wait another 2 weeks!  Help us!  We in America need you!

Russian, USA jets near miss over Syria
Oct 28, 2016
-  A Russian fighter flew dangerously close to a US warplane over eastern Syria.  
The Russian jet came to inside of half a mile.  The American pilot could feel the turbulence.
It was around midnight and the planes were flying without lights.

Target ISIS Aleppo
Oct 28, 2016
-  Russia may resume airstrikes on ISIS Aleppo due to the
increased terror activity.  ISIS is harming civilians.

Obama and Hellary Clinton are so eager for war.
The American people ARE NOT!
Can Russia save America from Obama?

Russian embassy in Damascus shelled
Oct 29, 2016
-  The Russian embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus was targeted from an area controlled by ISIS.  The source of the fire was in Jobar district, controlled by the terrorists.  The embassy building was damaged in the attack, with 4 of the Russian diplomats cars also being hit.  This is the third time in October that the Russian Damascus embassy was attacked.

ISIS has nukes and Damascus prophecy will be fulfilled

Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins. Isaiah 17:1

IDF strikes Lebanese vehicle used in attacks on troops
Oct 27, 2016
 debka  -  Hizballah staged 2 drive-by shooting attacks into northern Israel Oct. 26 from Lebanon, injuring an Israel soldier. The IDF returned the fire, hitting at least one target.  Hizballah-Iran have de-escalated their confrontation with Israel in response to a warning from Moscow.  Israeli PM Netanyahu asked him to intercede and Putin acceded.  Russia summoned a Hizballah officer to Latakia and warned him that Moscow would not tolerate the stirring up of border tensions with Israel from Syria.

ISIS prevents civilians evacuation from Aleppo
Oct 27, 2016
 -  Terrorists in eastern Aleppo opened sniper fire on civilians who were trying to escape.  No Russian airstrikes have been conducted in the area for 9 days.  ISIS refuse to surrender and constantly shell escape routes.  ISIS still shelling residential districts, blocking the civilians from leaving.

Airstrike on school
Oct 27, 2016
 -  Children reported killed in an airstrike on a  Hass school in Syria’s Idlib province.  Most likely NOT Russia or Assad.

President Bashar Assad is Syria's Donald Trump

UN failed in Aleppo
Oct 27, 2016
 -  Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations has criticized UN’s failure to properly organize humanitarian evacuations from Aleppo.   The UN did not exert the necessary pressure on sponsors of illegal armed groups (the USA) to convince them to cooperate with the aid workers on the ground.





 Kyrgyzstan govt resigns
Oct 26, 2016
 -  Kyrgyzstan's government resigned after President Almazbek Atambayev's Social Democratic party quit the ruling majority coalition, deepening a rift between the pro-Russian leader and his former allies.  The party broke up with its coalition partners over their refusal to back proposed constitutional reforms.  If the confrontation extends beyond a war of words, it could destabilize the volatile Muslim nation of 6 million which hosts a Russian military base.

Beijing holds South China Sea drills
Oct 27, 2016  
-  Beijing holds surprise South China Sea drills in response to US patrol.
China navy drills in the South China Sea after USS Decatur guided-missile destroyer sailed through.  China claimed the USS Decatur was trespassing and warned the US warship to leave.

Russian carrier group
Oct 27, 2016
-  Carrier battle group never planned to call at Spanish port.
Moscow has dismissed reports the group planned a refueling stop at the Spanish port of Ceuta, saying that such a port call was never scheduled.  Spain refused Ceuta port due to the pressure by the US and NATO.  Very believable.  Gibraltar has an unresolved status within NATO, but considered EU territory.

ITALY 6.4 quake
Oct 27, 2016
-  A 6.4 magnitude earthquake rattled a broad swath of central Italy, including Rome, one hour after a 5.4 magnitude quake hit the region.  The quake was felt in the capital, shaking centuries-old palazzi in its historic centre.
Some buildings collapsed, a motorway was closed and many people in the countryside were plunged into darkness as the power was knocked out but there have been no reports of casualties. Major damage are localized in the cities of Ussita and Visso where many houses collapsed.

The quake area was Marche, Macerata, 131 km NE of Rome and felt at distances up to 400 kilometers. It was preceded by a magnitude 5.5 earthquake 2 hours before.

I question the dead reports - at dawn TV news did not report any casualties.
It appears the 300 dead were in August from earlier quake.
Unsure so far - still early.

Some say the vatican will be destroyed and move to Jerusalem

       U. S. A

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  

Jury nullification
Oct 28, 2016
KDRV -  Oregon Jury Acquits Standoff leaders.
The leaders of the Bundy Mormon group in Oregon have been found not guilty of conspiracy and possession of firearms at a federal facility.  Jury exonerated brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy and 5 others of conspiring.  The Bundys were not released, as they are still facing charges in Nevada.

Ammon Bundy attorney Marcus Mumford demanded his client be immediately released,  U.S. marshals tackled attorney Mumford to the ground, used a stun gun on him several times and arrested him.  

Jeff Banta and David Fry walked out of jail free men after the verdicts.

Ranchers Bundys, Hammonds
Burns, Oregon story, 20 pages

We are destroying our institutions
Oct 27, 2016  -  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
had strong words for the current state of American government.  He acknowledged that the Court might also partially be at fault. Thomas called Washington, D.C. broken and suggested that public trust in the federal government had declined.

Donald Trump Jr. helps woman
Oct 28, 2016
-  Donald Trump Jr. was traveling between campaign events when his car was delayed by another motorist, whose car had stalled ahead of them.  DJ got out and pushed her car.  He hikes, he's very fit!  Video viral on Facebook and Twitter.


HELLary - Russia Uranium Deal
Oct 28, 2016
 -  Clinton has no Good Answers on Russian Uranium Deal.
The transfer of 20% of America’s uranium to a Russian-controlled company ( Clinton Cash ) has become a central subject of the presidential campaign. Donald Trump has referenced it in his speeches.

Russia purchased a Canadian company called Uranium One which controlled 20 percent of American uranium assets. This required the approval of several federal government agencies, because the deal involved a material (uranium) of national strategic importance.

CLINTON CASH (uranium)

USA on the brink of WW3 warns Putin  
Oct 28, 2016  -  A Hillary Clinton presidency guarantees a war with Russia
that could turn nuclear very quickly.  The globalists had Syria in their sights soon after 9/11, if not before.  Russia warns Americans we are teetering on the brink, Globalists Trying to turn the entire World into CHAOS.  YES thats always been their goal.  Russia and America are teetering on the brink of war with no way to manage it.  Yep, thats obama.

Very REAL possibility of bombs in USA before Nov. 8
PRAY Putin holds off!

Clinton foundation scandals

Wikileaks Dumps on Paul Ryan
Oct 28, 2016
 -  House Speaker Paul Ryan has been hostile to Donald Trump.
Ryan’s true reason for being against Trump, he’s an establishment hack in bed with Washington elites.  His brother-in-law’s wife is a district court judge that Hillary Clinton is floating as a possible Supreme Court nomination, should she be elected in November.


USA on the brink of WW3 warns Putin  
Oct 28, 2016  -  A Hillary Clinton presidency guarantees a war with Russia
that could turn nuclear very quickly.  The globalists had Syria in their sights soon after 9/11, if not before.  Russia warns Americans we are teetering on the brink, Globalists Trying to turn the entire World into CHAOS.  YES thats always been their goal.  Russia and America are teetering on the brink of war with no way to manage it.  Yep, thats obama.

World War III Is an Issue in This Election, Says Trump

Clinton foundation scandals

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016

Massachusetts - First shot of the revolution
72 killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston!

Oct 28, 2016
 -  This is how the American Revolution began, April 20, 1775
National Guard seeking to confiscate assault weapons were ambushed, 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw.  Gov Gage issued a ban on assault weapons and ammunition earlier, then went after citizens.  Local citizenry blamed government.

Began October 2016

Very Happy  Megyn Kelly to be Replaced  Laughing
On Fox News by Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Megyn Kelly to be Replaced On Fox News by Judge Jeanine Pirro.
Contract negotiations between Megyn Kelly and Fox News took an ugly turn after Rupert Murdoch suggested the star is replaceable.  Kelly is pushing for a raise that would bump her salary up to $20 million a year.

Keystone Dakota Pipeline
Oct 28, 2016
 -  Police remove protesters, make arrests.  Authorities arrested 117 people amid tensions over Dakota Access Pipeline project.  The chaos began erupting in late morning when police started moving in to break up protest encampments on public roads and on private land.  Police in riot helmets used a sound cannon device and pepper spray during operations that initially lasted 5 hours, before authorities said most of the several hundred protesters left voluntarily or were arrested.



It aint over til its over!
FBI reopening investigation into Clinton's email server!!!
Oct 28, 2016  
 -  FBI to take new steps in Clinton email inquiry, Weiner Computer seized.  FIB Director James Comey informed congress.  The emails were found on a computer used jointly by both Weiner and his wife, horrible Huma Abedin.  Hellary Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner, Huma's horrible hubby's laptop.

Hillary Clinton is livid!  Caught again!  Dang that cookie jar!
Hillary demands emails from FIB  Laughing  

FBI reopens Clinton email investigation
Oct 28, 2016  
Newt Gingrich & Rudy Giuliani on Hannity interview
FBI Director James Comey wrote a letter to lawmakers that the bureau is reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email

Project Veritas Media Matters
Oct 28, 2016  James O’Keefe  -  Soros funded Media Matters Brags About Sabotaging Roger Stone
.  Project Veritas exposes the DNC and the Clintons.  Pay for play expose with Robert Creamer landed him a meeting with Bradley Beychock, the President of Media Matters, an organization that has been attacking James O’Keefe for years.  During the meeting, Beychock gave the PVA journalist a tour of their offices, and boasted about their assault on conservative writer Roger Stone.
Evil demon David Brock tries to intimidate James OKeefe.

The Truth Will Set You Free, But First, It Will Piss You Off.


Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016
The champion, President Donald J. Trump, American hero!

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Countdown to elections November 8

Clinton Foundation criminal organization

Clinton crime family


HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

John 14:6   Jesus said -
I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life.
NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Isaiah 54:17   

Mark 13:7
When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed.
Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  

CHOOSE this day whom you will serve,
as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.  Joshua 24:15

Doubt everything you hear or read




Imminent prophecy of disaster in USA
Oct 29, 2016
 -  We are going into an age of chaos.
A great tragedy and financial crisis is coming to America.
Saints will soon die.  Billy Graham is a 'marker in time'
She seems to indicate this is SOON  - before holidays
Tell people you love them TODAY - Death is imminent
Another person posted - it was some kind of an explosion.

Russian President Putin is WARNING of War. I pray he holds off.  Hellary Clinton WILL bring war and Death.  If the grid goes down, people will have NO money and riot and kill.  A friend had a vision of - mounds of Death everywhere.  If Donald J. Trump becomes President things will be far better.


When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

Prophet Michael Boldea had a dream of a major earthquake in USA

- so did Prophet-pastor David Wilkerson.

Billy Graham

America under judgement, Hell opened, prophecy

Prophetic dreams of destruction to hit America

Presidents and Prophecy
Bill Koenig
Part 2  You need to listen to this - TO THE END!
Bill is author of 'REVEALED' - Obama legacy.  Its eye opening.



       HIGH TREASON!  

Wiki Final Blow
Oct 30, 2016  -  The hackers are NOT Russia
The hackers supplying Wikileaks were Anonymous and they have ALL HILLARY's 33k deleted emails and that they will release them by Nov 1.  Hillary together with Obama, was planning WW3 with Russia to forego criminal charges!

FBI Director James Comey reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server.  FBI received NEW emails from the hacking group Anonymous. Comey fears President Trump will indict him.

OBAMA-HELLary WILL START WAR WITH RUSSIA to cover up their crimes of TREASON!
HELLary Clinton transferred nearly $2 billion to a Qatar bank.
Qatar is preparing a luxury palace for Hellary.
Rumors Barak 0bama will flee USA.


Clinton crime family

HELLary Clinton health
She has Parkinsons, etc

Clinton foundation scandals

David Brock, the clinton Money Launderer

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates
Countdown to elections November 8

Donald Trump / Mike Pence 2016



Exclamation   BENGAZI BOMBSHELL - HIGH TREASON!   Exclamation
Oct 31, 2016
 -  Hellary Clinton TOLD Islamic Terrorists Where to Kill Ambassador Chris Stevens!  Hillary Clinton email scandal gets worse by the day. Already the subject of a criminal FBI investigation, it’s clear that Hillary’s biggest problem is a life-long prison sentence!  Forget prison, HANG HER for TREASON!

Hillary Clinton transmitted classified details of exactly where American Ambassador Chris Stevens was before the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.  Chris Stevens begged for security 600 times, Hellary refused.  See documentary 13 HOURS.

The email was actually first released in 2016 May, numerous emails sent to Clinton’s private address betrayed Stevens’ location. The email in question was written Sunday, April 10, 2011 to Abedin who forwarded the message to Clinton. At the time, Stevens was the U.S. envoy to the Libyan rebels.  Stevens is considering departure from Benghazi.

Emails detail Stevens moves from Malta to Benghazi, and each location and time.
This isnt just a honest mistake, this is HIGH TREASON!
Hillary Clinton needs the handcuffs on her now.
There is no time to waste!

We will NEVER KNOW how many covert operatives were killed or exposed and rendered useless by Hillary Clinton.

Exclamation   Hillary To Be Arrested?
Oct 30, 2016
-  James Comey has an insurrection on his hands beyond the ability of anyone to control. The senior FBI agents have enough dirt to toss Obama, Comey, Hillary and others in jail.

They presented Comey and Obama with a choice - “give us Hillary’s head on a platter and we will be silent on Obama’s complicity in federal crimes and we will allow Comey to quietly be succeeded by a person of our choosing on an incoming Trump Administration.”

The fact that Comey is taking action indicates that his hand is being forced and that he and Obama have accepted the terms offered by the insurrectionists in exchange for the face saving terms offered. This also dovetails with Assange saying the next wikileaks will result in the arrest of Hillary AND OBAMA.

The FBI must and use Hillary’s arrest/indictment/forced withdrawal from the race as a lightning rod to quell a furious public.
No one likes Hillary, not even her own staff.

This goes far beyond Hillary as Loretta Lynch, the head of the IRS and Homeland Security, to Huma, Valerie Jarrett and Obama. This will be the greatest crisis in the history of our Republic.  Exclamation

This is MY IDEA of a smoking gun Exclamation

ALL the elites KNEW what Hellary Clinton was before they ran her.  I always said she's a DEAD HORSE.  They PLANNED for her to be unable to make it - postpone elections - start civil war and/or martial law - and 0bama stay in power.


Holed up Huma
Oct 30, 2016
 -  Huma Abedin is holed up in her New York home and off the campaign trail.  Without her brain, Huma, Hellary should soon make a fool of herself.  Huma hiding after FBI reopened the case against Hillary Clinton based on bombshell findings on her husband's laptop.  FBI found Huma's horrible hubby, Anthony Weiner sexting a 15-year-old girl.

Huma is a Muslim Brotherhood operative, backed up all those emails for distribution to her Muslim friends overseas, with which to BLACKMAIL PRESIDENT HILLARY.
Huma is getting ready to flee the united states or take refuge in a embassy.
Is the FBI ready to pick her up for being a spy?
Several pages of information on this blog




Japan - USA  dispute
Oct 31, 2016
 -  Tokyo could ban US troops.  Japan could block the USA from being stationed on the islands off Hokkaido in the  Sea of Okhotsk, if this helps persuade Russia to give them back.   Vladimir Putin plans a December trip to Japan.  The Kuril islands are inhabited and became Russian after Japan’s defeat in World War II..

Gettin US troops OUTTA Japan would be GOOD!  

7.1 earthquake Central Italy
Oct 30, 2016
 -  The largest earthquake in 30 years struck Central Italy — M7.1 (M6.6 revised) and swarms hit directly inside the Michael Janitch forecast area.  A large swarm of subsequent M4.0 quakes followed.  This is the largest earthquake to strike Italy since 1980.  As this large earthquake struck, many homes and businesses were completely destroyed.  The famous Benedictine Basilica at the center of town was wiped out as an example of the intensity of this event.  This widespread destruction was due to the shallow location of the earthquake.

A series of earthquake warnings was issued on October 28, 2016, 2 days prior, calling for M6.8 to M7.8 seismic activity to strike this exact location in central Italy.  The warning videos made their way to Italians living in the forecast warned area.  Those viewers then contacted the mayor of the town worst hit, spreading word to residents to be prepared for a coming M6.8+ earthquake.  The warnings we issued were mentioned on BBC news by Janet Fullerlove while reporting on the earthquake out of central Italy!

Special thanks to Italian viewers Janet Fullerlove and William Pacetti who spread the warnings across the area. Thanks to their word of mouth, people slept in their cars the night before, and were mostly prepared for this earthquake to strike.  Injuries were AVERTED, and lives were possibly saved thanks to the warnings getting out to the people in time.


There is a concern nearby Mesuvius volcano will erupt

Michel Aoun elected president after long vacuum
Oct 31, 2016
 -  Tight security measures in Beirut.  Lebanon's parliament has elected Michel Aoun as president.  They call him a Maronite (catholic) christian, but he is backed by Shia Hellzbollah terrorists.
His candidacy was blocked by the Sunni earlier.  Saad Hariri likely to become prime minister.

Lebanon has been without a head of state for 2 years. Ahead of the vote, cars have been banned from entering most of central Beirut and metal detectors are set up in the streets around Parliament. Army helicopters are flying over the city.

Tel Afar, Syria *  Iran in sync with Russia
Oct 31, 2016
-  The Iran drive to capture Tel Afar, 55 km from Mosul in western Iraq, was designed to forge a link in the land bridge for Revolutionary Guards free passage to Hizballah in Syria. The battle led by Gen. Qassem Soliemani from the front lines.  (Yes he was reported killed, clearly incorrectly)
This plan was coordinated with Russia.


Shocked   RUSSIAN S-300 MISSILES locked onto planes over Syria.
Oct 30, 2016
debka -  Russian S300 missiles locked on Turkish Fighter Jets over Syria.  At the last minute Turkey backed down just as they were about to bomb.  This may be how its going to start.  One little false move.  Russia will have to deal with Turkey, as Russia is in ISIS and Turks sights!

Iran to lead Mosul operation
Oct 30, 2016  -  Qods Gen. Qasem Soleimani
leads Iraqi Shiite Bader Brigades to Tal Afar, west of Mosul.  Iran-Iraqi Shiites ready to assume a lead role, sparking the threat of violence in the mainly Sunni city.  ISIS has missiles with a range of 500km against Baghdad, Jordan and Israel.

The capture of Sunni and Shiite Tal Afar would cut Mosul off from Syria.
Turkey and the Kurds are seriously alarmed

Trump is correct, SHUT UP til the ops over, then brag of victory!

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