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Obama Speechs DAMN ISRAEL and U.S.A.



Cursed is he who moves his neighbor's boundary mark.
Deuteronomy 27:17

I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
Zechariah 12:9

I remember when another US President forced Israel in giving up land and we had Katrina/Rita.
This man is bringing the wrath of God again upon us.

Obama's Recognition of Pre-1967 Borders is the
Beginning of the End for Israel

19 May  2011
0bama recognition of a Palestinian state existing along Israel's pre-1967 borders is an existential threat for the Jewish state.
Barack Obama endorsement of the creation of a Hamas-led Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders,
signals the most egregious foreign policy decision his administration has made to date, and could be the beginning of the end as we know it for ISRAEL.

Judas 0bama betrays Israel
I am not surprised.  This is what I expected of a demon-driven Muslim such as Obama!
Zechariah 12 is near, Armageddon, Gog-Magog
Read article here,7340,L-4071411,00.html

Obama's speech stuns Israelis
Didnt stun me.  ANGERS me but doesnt surprise me.

A radical shift

Netanyahu Blasts Obama:
Borders 'Indefensible, Challenges Our Existence

Obama Broke His Commitment to Israel

Yes it needs its own thread.
Yes - a cold chill ran thru the govt of Israel after demon 0bama's speech.
Yes - it will bring the wrath of God down on the USA - soon.
God's strikes fast when we touch His land.
Lord - only strike those who voted for 0bama.

God Cannot Lie

May 20, 2011
Obama gave two speeches at the same time,
one to those of us who know what is really happening in and to Israel and throughout the Middle East and another too the ones without a clue and are brainwashed by their CFR controlled media.  
As for that second group, I will completely ignore for they are hopelessly being led down a road of certain destruction by the most clever liar and deceiver ever to sit in the White House.
As for all those who fall into that second group have already left us after reading the above statement.

Let me begin by giving those who live in the USA a warning and some solid advice.  
Prepare for what Obama has brought on you for you have seen nothing yet, you see the truth is, God cannot lie, and His Word is so very clear,

Gen 12:3.  And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Zech. 12
Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.

And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

Zech. 12:9
And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

10  And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications:
and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son,
and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

I realize that I am preaching to the choir and most reading this already are acutely aware of these Scriptures and dozens of others.

Obama has made his stance 100% clear, he stands with the so-called "Palestinians" and has come down of the side of the systemic destruction of Israel and the surrender of Jerusalem to God's enemies.  He knows that the 1967 borders he speaks of makes Israel completely indefensible, he says that this Terrorist Palestinians State must be bordered with Jordan, and that it must be contingent with Gaza, meaning that Judean and Samaria (West Bank) must be connected with Gaza cutting Israel in half.  Then there is the distance at Israel's narrowest place to 7 miles between this new Islamic Terrorist state and the Mediterranean Sea.  You don't have to be a military stratigest to see this is not a possibility for Israel, Netanyahu will make his speech and if he stands like he should the sparks will fly between the White House and Jerusalem like never before.

If you live in the United States and you live in a remote area you may not be fully aware of what is happening in regards to the Islamic take over of your education system and some major cities like Dearborn Michigan or Detroit. Or maybe you are not aware of the Terrorist Organization building terrorist training camps around the US. You could spend a few minutes doing a search on Google or whatever search engine you use and get yourself informed.

There is much we don't know about the smooth talking liar, we know little to nothing about his family and what we do know is not good.  Most of his college and university records are locked up and cannot be viewed, He now believes he has dispelled the doubts about his place of birth and citizenship, and it seem to matter not what is exposed about him for the main line media will always protect him.  And for those of us who refuse to accept all the lies will soon find out how unpopular we really have become.

There is however good news here, God is still in control, and the reason for such a man to sit in the White House at this time is simply because God is allowing it to bring the truth of His Prophetic Word before our very eyes, if we have eyes to see. This is not to say we should accept the evil, but should be aware of it and we should always reject evil and make it flee from us.

What I noticed mostly in his speech was the quick and sudden mention of the word "contingent" because this means that according to Obama Israel must be cut in half.  It well may be that Obama has spoken clearly what is about to happen to the US as God splits it and divides it in whatever way He so Chooses.  My advice to those living in the US would be to hold on, for the road ahead will be terrible in the sight of men.

You may not like the truth, but as the Word says it will set you free, and in order to become totally free from all the above one must accept their Faith in God to deliver them, giving them a peace of mind that says there is a peace that lives inside of me that overcomes the storms around me, and I will be a witness of this love and peace that comes only through a personal relationship with Jesus (Yeshua).  Keeping in mind that eternity is a very long time, you life here is but a few years and it is more of a trail than a life, and God has given you the right tools in the spirit to be over comers.

I want to encourage you again to plant a garden if you don't have enough land do it in boxes look on the Internet or check this out on my site  Click HERE.  There is a growing world wide food shortage and prices are going to be much, much higher as the availability will become more and scarce.

What Obama has done in this speech is good, for it has made it necessary for Israel to stop looking for the US to protect her and get on her face before God for He is our source and it is in Him that we have security that will reach into eternity.

God's plan to re-gather all the Jews back to this land is about to come to pass, you and I have been called to be a part of that re-gathering, I personally count it a high blessing to stand on His Word and know that what men believe or not, has no real effect on the truth of God's Word.

It has been a hard struggle but we do have a network ready to go into action to save Jewish lives and we do have two 60-foot boats knowing that somehow God will supply a much larger boat to save many more.  Again I ask you to pray about your part in this Ministry; if God has called you to such a Ministry He loves you.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden
Reporting from Jerusalem, ISRAEL

May  20,  2011    
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is prepared to make compromises to peace
but he rejected Barack Obama's proposal that Israel return to its 1967 borders.
The Palestinian Conflict with Israel is about 1948, not 1967 !
The devil couldnt draft a speech worse that what Barak Obama gave May 19th.

Bibi and Barak lock horns

May  21,  2011    

Netanyahu is one of 12 Mid East leaders saying no to Obama
By rejecting Barack Obama's proposal for Israel and its troops to pull back from the West Bank to behind the indefensible 1967 lines, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lands in the company of 11 Middle East and North African rulers who spurned his Middle East policy in the past 6 six months.
Egypt's Hosni Mubarak was the only one to keep faith with Obama - who pushed him out.

Barack Obama's presentation of his Middle East vision May 19 increased the prospects of an Israel-Palestinian or an Israeli-Arab war this year.
Obama openly destroyed any hope of peace in this speech - not that there ever was any hope for peace with Palestinian terrorists.
But Obama will use the speech for the biggest squeeze Israel has ever faced.
Much more here

Obama damned USA, immediate judgment fell

Obama damned USA, immediate judgment fell

89 confirmed dead

May  22,  2011   Sunday  
Following the example of his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama damned the USA by
favoring Palestinians and condemning Israel to 1967 suicide borders in his speech.  
Immediate tornado judgments fell on the people of the U.S.A.

My prayer is that the wrath of GOD would spare those of us who DID NOT vote for Obama.

Obama AIPAC speech endorsed 1967 borders
Hamas wants to discuss 1948 lines

0bama told Jews in DC the US wont stand for Israel's isolation in international arena.  He already has!

In a speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Sunday, Obama said that
the US "believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine.
THAT WAS DECIDED in 1948 !  

The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps.  NO!,7340,L-4072740,00.html

Immediate tornado judgment fell
May 22, 2011
About 50 tornadoes tore though parts of the Midwest on Sunday.

GOD often sends judgment the same day His land is touched.
The past couple years tornadoes have been so severe, they created a new catagory - EF.
At least 89 dead after an EF4 twister hit Joplin, Missouri and continued for 6 miles.
75% of Joplin was destroyed.
The half a mile wide tornado struck a hospital and leveled businesses and homes, x-ray films from the hospital were found 70 miles away.
Many of the dead were residents looking to seek shelter when the buildings they were in collapsed.

Interstate 44 had significant damage as 20 cars and tractor-trailers were overturned.
Missouri Governor declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard.
The number of dead is expected to rise as the crews sort through the rubble.
Hail reported quarter and softball size.
Minneapolis was hit by a tornado Sunday afternoon.
KANSAS tornado reported 1 dead, Oklahoma reported damage.

KANSAS 1 dead

Minneapolis  1 dead

It cut the city in half
Twister search finds 17 survivors, but more dead
Death toll rises to 116; 1,150 people injured; 25 percent of Joplin damaged


Compassion and mercy come with - REPENTANCE!
Dont say I have no compassion for the victims.  I do.  I am trying to tell people to adhere to GOD's values, not mans.

DO PRAY for the living - but when you do - PRAY THEY SEE GOD'S TRUTH!

Hurricane Katrina developed the SAME DAY the USA pushed Israel into giving Gaza to Palestinian terrorists.

ZionsCRY  DAILY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


Whenever a major disaster strikes certain areas, I check and see if there are meanings of the names of places that were hit.

I looked up the name Joplin and it was interesting what I found:

English: patronymic (A name derived from the name of a father or ancestor) from the Biblical personal name Job.

God is removing His hedge of protection from this country and He is letting Satan have his way like what happened with Job.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addresses AIPAC Monday, May 23.
Israel MUST always remember that Obama LIES!  It is fatal to forget that.
May 23, 2011  
US Barack Obama explained (lied) to AIPAC conference that the final Israeli-Palestinian borders would differ from the 1967 lines because of the mutually agreed swaps.
Netanyahu thinks he can work with Obama.  ERROR!
Obama has consistently been pandering to the Palestinians.
Withdrawal is against Israeli security.

Thanks poppa .. that is interesting.
I wonder how many in Joplin voted for Obama.

CJ asked:
I wonder how many in Joplin voted for Obama.

According to the 2008 presidential election results, they voted 2 to 1 in favor of the Republicans but they put in a Democrat Governor.

All guesswork is GUESSING.  Smile
May 24 power hour internet radio on GCN said these tornado storms are being CAUSED by stuff our govt is doing to make tornadoes / storms worse.
I believe it.  Maybe 'they' want to destroy everyone who DID NOT vote for 0bama.
The whitehouse has been punishing foxnews and others who have criticized 0bama.
Govt has weaponry which can steer and intensify storms that arise.  G.W.E.N. is one of these, which I call a cousin of HAARP.
I can see when one of the military installations is 'shooting' a storm when I loop the dopplar on the internet.
I used to have a govt website where I watched this but govt took it away from the public.

I was out of town since Friday, and came back today(thanks to a flight cancellation last night b/c of all the bad weather).
When I saw this news over Joplin on Mon morning and how it just came suddenly, this was almost exactly my first thoughts as you guys brought up.

CJ wrote:

I believe it.  Maybe 'they' want to destroy everyone who DID NOT vote for 0bama.

Probably doesn't matter who they voted for, really - I was in Akron/Canton, OH over the weekend, and it's a rather conservative town. However, couldn't tell you the Freemasonic nonsense I see in the city. The YMCA has pretty much been hijacked by them, and the local museum is doing a special for a good bit on M.C. Escher's(sp) painting works.

I don't know if Escher is a Luciferian or whatever, but his works just SCREAM it, ie-a few of his comments remind me what 33rd Degree Mason Manley P. Hall said.(I need to look it up on the internet) He seems to be very popular and well respective, and the mass media movies/tv shows are influenced by his work.

At the very least, God is saying "Enough is Enough!" will all this idolatry being in display in all these cities.

Netanyahu urges US return to 1845 borders

Netanyahu says will give up some land for peace

Netanyahu says will give up some land for peace

May 24    WASHINGTON (Reuters)
Israel is prepared to make "painful compromises" for peace with the Palestinians, including the handover of land they seek for a state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Congress on Tuesday.
Palestinians swiftly dismissed the Israeli leader's terms for a deal as placing more obstacles in diplomacy's way, casting doubt as to whether frozen peace talks would resume anytime soon.

Netanyahu received frequent standing ovations in addressing the joint meeting of Congress, a bastion of support for Israel. The speech came after a testy exchange last week with President Barack Obama over the contours of a future Palestine and Netanyahu used it to reiterate his expectations ahead of any talks.

They included Palestinian recognition of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people and the scrapping of Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' unity accord with the Islamist movement Hamas.

"Tear up your pact with Hamas. Sit down and negotiate. Make peace with the Jewish state," Netanyahu said.
"I am willing to make painful compromises to achieve this historical peace. As the leader of Israel, it is my responsibility," the right-wing leader said, echoing a pledge in a speech to Israel's parliament on May 15.

"Now this is not easy for me. It's not easy because I recognize that in a genuine peace we will be required to give up parts of the ancestral Jewish homeland," he said, referring to the occupied West Bank.

Netanyahu explicitly suggested for the first time that Israel would cede some Jewish settlements in the West Bank, although others would be annexed under any future agreement.
"In any peace agreement that ends the conflict, some settlements will end up beyond Israel's borders. The precise delineation of those borders must be negotiated," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu said any "compromise must reflect the dramatic demographic changes that have occurred," referring to Israel's construction of hundreds of settlements on land Palestinians want for a state.
Repeating a message he has delivered consistently during a five-day visit to Washington, Netanyahu said "Israel will not return to the indefensible boundaries of 1967,"
narrow lines from before Israel captured the West Bank in a war 44 years ago.

Obama drew Israeli anger when he said on Thursday a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip should largely be drawn along the pre-1967 frontiers.
A frosty meeting with Netanyahu followed at the White House on Friday when the Israeli leader, with Obama sitting at his side, rejected those borders.

On Sunday, Obama seemed to ease Israeli anger by making clear Israel would likely be able to negotiate keeping some settlements as part of a land swap in any deal with the Palestinians.

The White House offered a low-key response to Netanyahu's speech. Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, said in London that the Israeli leader had "reaffirmed the strength of the U.S.-Israeli relationship" and had "pointed to the importance of peace." Obama is visiting London.

Nabil Abu Rdainah, a spokesman for Abbas, said Netanyahu's vision for ending the conflict put "more obstacles" in front of the Middle East peace process.
"What came in Netanyahu's speech will not lead to peace," Rdainah said in the West Bank city of Ramallah, rejecting Netanyahu's call to hold onto swathes of West Bank land including East Jerusalem, where Palestinians want their capital.

Hani Masry, a Palestinian analyst said Netanyahu "wants the Palestinians to give up everything and get a state of leftovers."

On the other side, settler leaders and members from Netanyahu's own Likud party also voiced their objections, but with no diplomatic breakthrough in sight, his ruling coalition did not seem to be in jeopardy.

Netanyahu's address was greeted warmly by congressional leaders. Some Israelis pointed to that reception as a success while others thought he had not offered enough to break the diplomatic deadlock.

"What he's offering I don't think you would find even the most moderate Palestinians would buy into," David Newman, an Israeli political scientist, said. "He's offering a truncated West Bank. He wants to leave as many settlements as possible."

Netanyahu called on Palestinians to see their future "homeland," rather than Israel, as the place to resolve the issue of Palestinian refugees.
He again voiced opposition to a planned bid by the Palestinians to seek U.N. recognition of statehood in September in the absence of peace talks.
"Peace cannot be imposed," he said. "It must be negotiated."

Laughing    Netanyahu urges US return to 1845 borders      Laughing
Israel already gave up land - Gaza - and did they get peace?  

Obama-Netanyahu-Abbas summit BAD for Israel
May  28,  2011    
A satanic summit is coming, between Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Terror Chief Mahmoud Abbas.
What Bibi has supposedly agreed to is pure Evil.



CJ NOTE - 0bama reassured Israel too, to stab them in the back.
Trusting 0bama is Death

Obama exhorts US, allies to bolster Arab spring

May 28, 2011   WARSAW, Poland
Holding out Poland's transformation to democracy as a model for the world, President Barack Obama on Saturday exhorted Western allies and the American public alike to extend their support, energy and vision to those now reaching for democracy in the Middle East and North Africa.

Obama wound up his six-day trip to Europe with a message aimed squarely at the people of the United States, saying that in a time of tight budgets, "I want the American people to understand we've got to leave room for us to continue our tradition of providing leadership when it comes to freedom, democracy, human rights."

Obama, in a brief news conference with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, assured Americans that he spends the bulk of each day worrying about the U.S. economy and how to strengthen it and create jobs. But he coupled that with the message that it is a U.S. obligation to support democracy around the globe, one that pays dividends in the form of a safer and more prosperous world.
Speaking with urgency in his voice, Obama said that while no outside country can "impose change" on another, "We can really help. We can facilitate. We can make a difference."

His message was a tacit answer to simmering sentiment that America should cut back on foreign assistance at a time when it is grappling with deficit troubles at home. In fact, foreign aid makes up less than 1 percent of the federal budget.

Earlier in the day, Obama met with Poland's president, Bronislaw Komorowski, and with a team of Poles, including veterans of the Solidarity movement, who recently visited Tunisia to share their advice on how to build a democracy. A popular uprising in Tunisia led to the overthrow of a longtime autocrat and sparked the protest movements that still sweep through the region.

Poland, Obama said, "has gone through what many countries want to now go through, and has done so successfully."
Obama also offered reassurances to the Poles that his efforts to "reset" relations with Russia would not come at the expense of the security of Poland or other nations in Central and Eastern Europe.
He said improved U.S. contacts with Russia "has benefited the region ... because it's reduced tensions and has facilitated genuine dialogue about how each country can move forward."

Citing struggles for democracy in Poland's own neighborhood, Obama had tough words for Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. He praised Poland's assistance to Belarusian people and its efforts to encourage changes in Belarus. "President Lukashenko has shown a total disregard for democratic values, the rule of law, and the human rights of his own people," Obama said.

Timed to coincide with Obama's visit, the United States and Poland completed an agreement that will place a U.S. Air Force detachment in Poland beginning in 2013. The presence of U.S. warplanes on Polish soil is designed to improve the ability of U.S. and Polish armed forces to cooperate as members of the NATO alliance.
"The order of magnitude is not really large, but the gesture is very significant," Tusk said.

Obama did not, however, bring with him a solution to a longstanding irritant to the Poles: their exclusion from a visa waiver program for those traveling to the United States. Many Poles feel that their strong support for the U.S. and their contributions to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should have won them the privilege of visa-free travel to the United States.

Obama said Poland doesn't qualify for the waiver based on current law but promised that he was working to change that.

Obama's four-nation tour of Europe was aimed at strengthening the U.S. alliance with its Western allies, and encouraging them to shoulder greater responsibility in world affairs. He made stops in Ireland, England, France and Poland, at the final stop joining a summit of Central and Eastern European leaders.

In Ireland, Obama explored his Irish ancestry on his mother's side and spoke to throngs in Dublin about Ireland's contributions to the world.

In England, he and his wife, Michelle, were honored with all the pomp and ceremony of a state visit by Queen Elizabeth II, and he consulted with Prime Minister David Cameron about a range of foreign policy matters, including the war in Afghanistan and the so-called Arab spring movement.

Both men then headed to France for a two-day summit for leaders of the Group of Eight industrialized nations, which devoted considerable focus to how rich nations can help stabilize and foster democracy in Arab countries.

The president, who began his trip by exploring his Irish ancestry, at the end managed to find a Polish link as well, by virtue of his connections to Chicago's large Polish population.

"If you come from Chicago and you haven't become a little bit Polish, something's wrong with you," he joked.

Tusk, for his part, told Obama, "We feel in Poland that you are one of us."

Tom Mann, a scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington, said Obama's trip may have incrementally boosted his image with Americans as a leader on foreign policy but was "more of a boost for him among European leaders, which may help in pursuing U.S. interests in the Middle East and elsewhere."

Obama had first planned to come to Poland last year for the funeral of President Lech Kaczynski, who was killed in a plane crash along with other Polish leaders. But Obama's visit was scrapped six hours before his departure because of a volcanic ash cloud over Europe that disrupted air travel. The president visited a memorial to the 96 who died in the crash on his way out of town on Saturday.

After a long week with a crowded agenda, Obama seemed more than ready to head home. The tired-looking president paused midway through his answer to a Polish reporter to ask the man to repeat parts of his question.
0bama had been counting down the days until his return to Washington.
"One more day," he told reporters traveling with him Friday in France.

Is the US is suffering from the wrath of God

Nahum 1 (The Message)

God is serious business.
He won't be trifled with.
He avenges his foes.
He stands up against his enemies, fierce and raging.

But God doesn't lose his temper.
He's powerful, but it's a patient power.
Still, no one gets by with anything.
Sooner or later, everyone pays.

Tornadoes and hurricanes
are the wake of his passage,
Storm clouds are the dust
he shakes off his feet.

Nineveh Was a City in the Nation of Assyria that had experianced great saving revivals, manifestations of Gods great power, and his blessing of prosperity. In Just two Hundred years from the time of Jonah to the destuction of Nineveh, and the fall of Assyria the nation had turned from great repentance to rebellion against God. Once a great Protector and Ally of Judah the Lower Kingdom of Israel, Nineveh had become arrogant and had begin to extort Judah into a vast wasteland by causing them to become under the power of Assyria and her greta Armies. Judah begin to cry out and God answered by claiming that the great city of Nineveh, Assyrias most blessed city would soon fall and be destoyed.

The Message is still clear today, those that bless Israel will be blessed but those that continue to cause Israel to be under the strong hold of the nations of the World will suffer Gods wrath.

I wonder If we will come back to being a "Nation under One God" ? Or if we will continue to remove Him, and follow our own ways. We either are going to be His people, or His Enemy, we cant have it both ways. Is it time to get off the fence?

Obama emboldened terrorists

May 30, 2011    Terrorists ask 0bama to join jihad against Israel.

The organizers of an American terrorist flotilla setting sail for Gaza appealed to Obama to protect" their Audacity ship from Israeli defense.
Several of the ship terrorists are friends of Obama.  No surprise at all.
The Audacity flotilla is attempting to break Israeli naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The demonic speeches Obama gave last week emboldened the terrorists to claim his protection.
They know 0bama's jihad heart against Israel.

The Audacity is sailing to Gaza in June together with the 2nd international jihad flotilla, approximately 15 boats from 22 countries.

JIHAD Flotillas to Gaza are War on Israel

United States DHS puts Israel on terror watch list
July 2, 2011
Israel is on a list compiled by US immigration authorities of countries that might harbor terrorists.
Israel gives citizenship to Palestinians, some of whom are terrorists, but that is not 'harboring' them.
The USA has allowed a Muslim terrorist in the whitehouse!  Whats that!?
It appears harmless, however, I dont like it.

Indeed, the USA is under the wrath of GOD.  America died.
Nahum 1 online NASB

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