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Obama grants first pardons of his Presidency

For these MINOR crimes Question  Mutilating coins Question

WASHINGTON -- President Obama has granted the first pardons of his presidency, to nine people convicted of crimes including possessing drugs, counterfeiting and even mutilating coins.

No one well-known was on the list, and some of the crimes dated back decades or had drawn little more than a slap on the wrist in the first place -- such as a Pennsylvania man sentenced in 1963 to probation and a $20 fine for mutilating coins. The White House didn't explain the charge, but tampering with federal currency is a crime.

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How I wish Obama will get the attention of people for not criticizing him but through his good works. President has pardoned numerous guilty crooks. We couldn't deny the fact that pardons just weaken the law unless it was a very minor crime and the sentencing judge was out to make a name for himself. He is sending out the message that "do the crime and he will make it okay". The list was unveiled on Monday. It is the third such list he has created during his operations. Obama will pardon five convicts. The chief executive also commuted 1 sentence. The presidential right to give pardons has drawn controversy on several occasions.

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