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Abu Dhabi, UAE
LIBYA * ISIS invades in 2015
Oldest American, Adele Dunlap of New Jersey, turns 114
Oldest alphabet identified as Hebrew may confirm Biblical ex
Facebook favors Islam, terror, hates Christians, Jews
Jerusalem Vatican, king of Jerusalem, oktar antichrist
2 Peter 1:21
Ahava * USA replacement product
AIPAC * Hussein 0bama, Friend of Israel ???
Excavations at Sea of Galilee Uncover Evidence of City Where
Istanbul, Bosporus, Dardanelles
ISIS bombs airplanes, Russian, EgyptAir
Obama Nuclear bad deal w/Iran
Timna airport
Suez Canal
World's smallest Bible would fit on the tip of a pen
Israeli archaeologists find inscription of name from Bible
Lost tribes of Israel found
Saudi Arabia * War for the throne January 2015
Caliphate, ISIS, ISIL
U.S. Navy
Red Sea: Archaeologists Discover Remains of Egyptian Army Fr
ZionsCRY Daily news, commentary * Sept. 24-30, 2014
ISIS M.B. WAR on the MidEast
GOD changes the missiles paths in mid air
Bodies of 3 kidnapped Israeli teens found
Global event - August 2014
Jews, GO HOME to ISRAEL - ONLY Israel is safe
Pope Francis visits Israel, supports terrorism
Excavators discover 3,800-year-old biblical fortress in City
The Aleppo Codex
ILLEGAL gas deal Palestinian-Russia
Israel would Strike Iran Universities
Hate Fest at Stanford U. - Where is the Jewish Protest?
Dead Sea is drying up
Biblical-Era Town Discovered Along Sea of Galilee
Ancient Wall In Israel Matches Bible's Tale Of Assyrian Atta
US strike on Syria * Mideast Waco
Barak Obama Plan To Destroy Israel
Whats to Become of Egypt?
Court: Passport law on Jerusalem unconstitutional
Golan Heights, Israel, Syria * Gate of Hell
Druze, Kurds, Yazidis
Israel NOT an apartheid state
Christianity in Israel
YESHUA, Jesus Christ was a Rabbi, HE is Messiah
discovery supports Biblical account of Shiloh's destruction
Al Jazeera buys Gore's Current TV, terms undisclosed
Dead Sea Scrolls fragments go online
QATAR rising Evil influence in MidEast
US warships near Israel for evacuation
Against All Odds, miracles in Israel
Jews, DONT go to Libya!
IDF Quarantines Yoav Base Amid 'Outbreak'
MENE MENE TEKEL PERES * Book of Daniel prophecies
President Nixon saved ISRAEL from annihilation
Israel on the road to Damascus
Israel mass evacuation plan
Israel’s prophetic return
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez publicly curses himself
Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard
Hebron evacuation is SIN!
Islamic March to Jerusalem Israel
USS Lincoln crosses Hormuz
Archaeologists Discover Jonah-Era Wall
hebrew language
Arab hack attack on Israeli websites
Israel, Cyprus, Turkey Gas, oil War in Mediterranean
RED SEA New Island, volcanoes, earthquakes
Kuwait news
Israel * Rabbi killed accidently
These are the friends of Israel????
DECEMBER ATTACK on IRAN - has begun?
Israeli Economy
666 for Israeli Military
Gadhafi captured, possibly killed
Israeli Gilad Schalit released
OccupyChicago Joins ‘Destroy Israel’ Anti-war, Anti-America
Israel and Hamas agree prisoner swap to free Shalit
Christianity in Iran
Israel mobilizes for Palestinian riots
Palestinian terror attack in Tel Aviv
Discovering the largest city of ancient Canaan
why Israel MUST sign peace treaty before March 15
ISRAEL * Dozens of casualties in terrorist attacks
NEW Palestinian Ramadan War on Israel
Unusual earthquake close to Israel and the Gaza strip
Dead Sea Smuggling
Gaza Opulence * They are NOT poor!!!!
ISRAEL WARS * Isaiah 13, 17, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 Gog-magog
Syria attacks US Embassy
Paris summit
U.S., EU to present Mideast peace plan 7/11
Are many Palestinians really Jews?
US Warships Moved to Syrian Coast
"The Protocols of Zion" Propaganda...
Water found in Jerusalem
Syria, Egypt, bible - notes
Obama Speechs DAMN ISRAEL and U.S.A.
Happy Birthday Israel!
USA Disasters * The Israel connection
Gaza, Humanitarian Crisis
ISRAEL - Palestinian border attacks, Naksa, Nakba day
WAR! Palestinians target school bus, order from Hellzballah
Goldstone WRONG in his report on Israel
Saudia Arabia jailed 2 Indian Christian men for prostletyzin
American military targeting Israel?
Where’s the international outcry against Arab apartheid?
EGYPT NEWS (ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood)
Jordan Valley (ISRAEL)
HAMAS - means violence, lawlessness
Saudi Arabia * GCC * UAE
Church unearthed in Israel may hold Zechariah tomb
ARAB SPRING * The Battle for Jerusalem
ISRAEL * Exposing the foreign government puppetmasters
Why Our Country is in the Mess it is in, Here is Why!
Iran Nuke Test in North Korea
Crusades part two! CHRISTIANS TARGETED in Muslim nations
Completely Surrounded
Erekat: 10 EU states will upgrade their PLO missions
IRAN cuts subsidies, forces on alert
MEDIA SILENCE when Arabs rape workers
Ancient Roman Statue Found After Storm
Israel Receives Nearly 1 Months Worth Rain
Calamity called a Palestinian state
Hanukkah * The Festival of Lights
Israeli news sources
Has Israel 'attacked' the Iranian nuclear program already?
Israel to extend construction freeze
Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Yom Kippur war
Dubai news
Four Muslims and a Jew .... On a Red Carpet
Egypt, Lebanon want a nuclear plant
Aug. 21 Deadline for Israeli Attack
One Trigger Finger Can Start WW3
Possible attack on Japanese tanker in Hormuz
Israels killed in helicopter crash in Romania
Israel's secret new weapon?
WORSE that DEAD? Ariel Sharon, former Israeli P.M.
Tisha B'Av * The 3 weeks, 21 days
FINANCE * OECD to Meet in Jerusalem, Israel
GAZA and westbank terrorism, westbank is still Israel
Lawmaker Steny Hoyer For Israel
EGYPT Protests are fomented by Iran and Turkey
What If The PM Of Israel Gave Obama Orders On Ameica
Another way Israel could stop Ships!
Iranian Guard general assassinated in Damascus SYRIA
Jerry Golden reports from Jerusalem ISRAEL
ISRAEL National Home Front drill begins
Massive US Air-Sea-Marine build-up opposite Iran
Flotillas to Gaza are war on Israel
LEBANON (Hezballah) NEWS
Israel can make a tank disappear
COVENANT WITH DEATH? * No E Jlem building for 2 years
IRAN (Persia) NEWS
Palestinians inflexibile
The GENESIS PREDICTION, Obama and Israel
JORDAN, the Palestinian state, ISIS 2015
Netanyahu at his best
Abbas rejects offer of 60% of West Bank
Arms Dealing Found - in GALILEE!
Iran begins war games
ISRAEL borders * 1967 or 1948? * Mountains of Israel
The House and the Bulls - A Dream / 4 Apocalypse horsemen
Barak Hussein Obama to FORCE Israel's Borders
SYRIA * WW3 will begin in Syria
If Iran is attacked, nuclear devices will go off in America
Deport Palestinians from West Bank!
Israeli leaders, Roots of Evil
Obama will impose - FORCE - 'peace' plan
Israelis closer to God, further from peace
Will Obama make Israel get rid of nukes?
10,000 flowers sent to Netanyahu
Gaza Palestinians fire on Israel, IDF strikes in Gaza
Ritual sacrifice attempt
Arabs unite against Israel
Who is Insulting Whom, Madam Secretary?
GOLD in Gaza, it is Wealthy! Hamas-Israel clash
Bibi meetings with Hussein 0bama, WHY BOTHER?
America, Israel's New Enemy
Israel is hungry for GOD in Ashdod
Obama recalls bunker-buster bomb kits to bar Israeli strike
MidEast Quartet news
Hurva, Tiferet Israel synagogues
DEATH of ISRAELI Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
VP Joe Biden visits Israel
Isaiah 19 Highway of Holiness, Holy Highway
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