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Tornado Hits San Antonio as Severe Weather Rattles South and
Did the crash of Comet Swan trigger a CME on the Sun?
British government organizes national threat registery with
England quakes, storms, English channel
‘Earthquake swarm’ shakes New Brunswick village- like ‘a bun
Montserrat’s Soufrière Hills volcano unleashes small pyrocla
JAPAN earthquakes, volcanoes
Myanmar (Burma) floods, Earthquakes
Madagascar, AFRICA
NASA to launch 5 rockets quickly to track winds in the 'litt
Island off west coast of Scotland shaken by five tremors
Indonesia Mount Merapi volcano activity
Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano awakes
Central America quakes, volcanos, sea storms * old
ITALY earthquakes, vocanoes, storms
COLOMBIA earthquakes, volcanoes, flood
Earthquake 9.0 Alert for April
Mexico, Central America quakes, volcanos, hurricanes, Panama
Cloud height decreasing on Earth and NASA scientists are uns
Missouri Earthquakes, floods
Miami experiences its hottest day in 24 years
[VIDEO]Sun Tornado Causes Hot Scene in Space
(Rare)4.1 magnitude earthquake rattles Switzerland
Western Canada struggling with record snow-fall as rest of c
Carp invasion threatens North American fish industry
Comet Garradd to make its closeth approach to Earth in March
EUROPE Weather
Birds Invade Town: La Grange, Ky. Swarmed By Black Birds
Kermadec earthquakes
U.S. to begin large-scale emergency perparedness drills for
Bird-Watchers Revel in Unusual Spike in Snowy Owl Sightings
Death Valley, California-Nevada
Earthchanges: Natural disasters cost world record $366 billi
Fungus has killed up to 6.7M bats in 'potential extinction'
STRANGE sounds heard around the world
Carolinas weather, earthquakes, hurricanes
Magnitude 3.1 earthquake rattles Winslow(AZ) area
Israel unusual weather events
Weather takes another bizarre turn, dropping extreme winter
Earth at its Closest Point to Sun this Week
Wintry weather causes 41-car pileup in Kentucky
Super-volcano just 390 miles from London about to erupt?
India Cyclones, Typhoons
ALASKA and islands Volcanoes
Sun news
Egypt earthquakes, freak weather, nature (also Sinai)
KOREA earthquakes, volcano, weather
7 hurt, buildings damaged by strong Ga. storms
Death toll in Philippine floods over 1500
Comet Lovejoy, the Christmas Comet
Pacific Earthquakes, PNG, Papua New Guinea
Mysterious planet-sized object spotted near Mercury
Wicked Winds Lash Western USA
125 Orange Spheres Flew in Waves Toward Lee's Summit, Mo
Bolivia earthquakes, Trinidad, South America
Category 4 Hurricane Kenneth, Pacific
New Zealand volcano, small earthquakes
ALASKA fires, rare weather, nature events
PERU earthquakes and volcanoes
HAWAII Earthquakes, volcanoes, Hurricanes, weather etc
Quakes Atlantic, Leewards, Canarys, Azores, Portugal
GREECE, Crete, Cyprus, earthquakes, volcano
TEXAS earthquakes, weather, nature, bugs
Hurricane Maria in Atlantic
Weather disasters keep costing U.S. billions this year
Gulf of Mexico storms, Florida, Louisiana * 2011-2013 **
JAPAN Typhoons and severe weather
Are Category 6 Hurricanes Coming?
DC, NYC, Virginia earthquakes
Carolinas Hurricanes Arthur and Irene
USA Drought, fracking, and the food supply
Record Year For Natural Disaster Losses
CHILE, nature oddities
Mount Etna volcano erupting, ITALY
California Weather * storms, floods, gas leak
Arizona, earthquakes, nature, rare weather
Astronomers Find New Comet In Our Solar System
God Is In Control
Near Earth Asteroids
June USA * God's wrath in fires and floods
CALIFORNIA Earthquakes
Alaska Earthquakes
NASA Warns To Prepare For a Disaster
Quest for 'God particle' has setback
Solar flares disrupt Earth communications
Arizona wildfires 2011 **
Truck-Size Asteroid Zips Close by Earth
Solar, Lunar Eclipses
Michigan earthquakes, severe weather, nature news
May tornadoes, storms Midwest and south (Joplin) 2011
8.4 earthquake in Libya
Earthquake shakes Acapulco
Tornado hits St. Louis airport
NEVADA Earthquakes
Mongolia earthquakes, weather
Expanding Earth Theory
Thailand, Laos, Earthquakes, weather
Major blast rips from sun after 4 years without X-flares
9.1 MAJOR Earthquake, tsunami hit northeast Japan
Record low temperatures follow snow in San Francisco
Dawn of double summertime as Coalition consider putting cloc
ARKANSAS tornadoes, earthquakes, odd weather
Earthquakes, Juan de Fuca, Pacific NW
OHIO severe weather and earthquakes
India, Nepal, Andaman Nicobar Earthquakes, Volcanoes
Winter Storms 2010 - 2011
Mount Saint Helens
100 Million Potentially Impacted by Next Storm
JAPAN earthquakes, volcanoes
Earth quakes in the little stans
BRAZIL FLOODS, mudslides
Pole Shift and Bird Deaths
CHILE Earthquakes, Volcanoes, wildfire
Waters drying up, drought worldwide * Euphrates
Australia storms, fires, nature
Heavy LA rainstorm prompts worries of mudslides
California storms
Winter 2010 - 2011 in North America and Europe
Earthquake 3D download
New York earthquakes, storms, rare weather
Rocky Road Blizzard Pacific Northwest
Supermoon, Blue Moon, Stonehenge
IDAHO quakes, severe weather
OREGON earthquake, volcanoes, weather news
MINNESOTA weather news, climate, fires
Wind storms across USA heartland
Typhoon Philippines, Taiwan, China, W Pacific
Pakistan earthquakes, floods
YELLOWSTONE PARK earthquakes, Volcano
Fiji, Tonga, Samoa Islands earthquakes, cyclones
Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquakes
ATLANTIC Hurricane Earl
Indonesia volcanoes, Singapore, Malaysia
South Pacific Earthquakes, Vanuatu, Caledonia
HEALTH CRISIS after Pakistan floods, 1,500 dead
IRAN Earthquakes, weather
Maryland, DC Earthquakes, hurricanes
WORLD Quakes, floods, blizzards 2010
Solar Storm imminent?
New Madrid fault mid-America
Earthquakes mid-Pacific, Solomon Is
Huge Hurricane Alex
CANADA Earthquakes, floods, fires
Oklahoma Earthquakes, tornadoes and rare weather
Quakes, storms Indian Ocean, Nicobar, Diego Garcia
NIBIRU\PLANET X - Complete Presentation
CROP DAMAGE, Corexit in the clouds
CHINA earthquakes, floods, drought, 3 Gorges dam
Guatemala, Ecuador earthquakes, volcanoes
Caribbean quakes, volcanoes, Windward, Puerto Rico, Cuba
Tennessee earthquakes, weather, etc
TAIWAN Earthquakes, Typhoons
Afghanistan earthquakes, weather, nature
5.1 quake Dominican Republic
ICELAND Volcanoes, earthquake * Bardabunga, Hekla
Tibet Earthquake, Western China
Vanuatu volcano video
QUAKES Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Algeria, N.AFRICA
Asteroid to Buzz Earth, signs in the skies
Rhode Island 200 year flood
The fault that could eat Los Angeles
EARTHQUAKES increasing globally
CHILE 8.8 EARTHQUAKE moved cities west!
ILLINOIS Earthquakes, severe weather
7.7 EARTHQUAKE in USA Before February 7th
Larger Magnitude EarthQuakes Trend Up
America now 5 governors - not ONE NATION?
HAITI earthquakes, weather
Polar shift, wander, magnetic north (anomaly)
HEAVY earthquake activity today!
MAJOR Hurricane Rick * 180 mph winds
Even the Camels Are Dying
WASHINGTON state, PNW earthquakes, severe weather
VOLCANOES, Earthquakes * Notes and Links = GENERAL info
More Pacific QUAKES follow TYPHOONS
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