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NZ Hot air balloon crash kills 11

NZ Hot air balloon crash kills 11

January 7, 2012
11 people are dead after a hot air balloon burst into flames and smashed to the ground near Carterton New Zealand.
The people were enjoying a nice ride and by the looks of it they clipped a power wire.
All on board died when the balloon came down.
A nurse who was second on the scene dodged live power lines as she ran to help two people who had tried to jump clear.
A woman was doing CPR on 2 people who had jumped and landed on her farm.


Eleven dead in New Zealand hot air balloon crash
7 January 2012
Police and witnesses say the balloon struck power lines and burst into flames, before plunging to the ground.

A balloon reportedly crashed to the ground in flames in New Zealand, killing all 11 people on board early Saturday morning local time.
According to the BBC, the hot air balloon crashed near the town of Carterton in a remote area on the North Island of New Zealand around 7:30 a.m. local time.
Eyewitness accounts indicate a flames bursting from the balloon, prior to impact with the ground.
While a large storm system was approaching from the north, observations from 50 miles away to the south in Wellington were relatively light between 10 and 15 mph around the time of the incident.
Farther to the north, on the North Island, in Auckland, winds were between 5 and 10 mph around the time of the crash.
Generally balloonists choose early morning or evening flights, when the air is relatively still in the lower levels of the atmosphere.
Indications are there were some clouds in the vicinity, but generally at or above 25,000 feet, well above flight level.
Radar did not indicate any showers or thunderstorms in the area, despite the storm system farther north over the nearby Pacific Ocean.

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