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news tip to me from military -

January 6, 2017
news tip to me from military -
it looks like the Obama Admin are planning to destroy and shred all of President Bill Clinton's Presidential Administration Archive and blame it on a Russian hack.

they would be doing this also because there is information contained in Bill Clinton's archive...documents that can be used as solid evidence in a court case.

they are attempting to delete actual documents that will be used in a criminal court case.
by doing this the Corrupt Communist Democrats will be erasing history itself.

that took place during President Bill Clinton's Admin at LOS ALAMOS NEW MEXICO during the 1990's when the hard drives were stolen that contained the specs of the Technology that was TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED.  Bill and Hillary allowed the Chinese to work at Los Alamos in New Mexico during that time and allowed them to access the information and allowed the Chinese to walk away with it in their possession and fly back to China with it.

---------- end

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