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Nelson Mandela - DEAD at LAST!

Nelson Mandela in hospital
25 February 2012  
Former South Africa President Nelson Mandela taken to hospital, condition stable after surgery.
The 93-year-old has suffered declining health.

Its been said he has told the blacks in South Africa to slaughter the whites on his death.  I have no idea if true, I got that info from a woman in SAfrica.
Nelson Mandela sings Kill the Whites

Nelson Mandela recovering well after laparoscopy

Mandela released from hospital Feb. 26

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ZionsCRY  NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


Nelson Mandela has lung infection
11 December 2012
 South Africa's first black President Nelson Mandela is being treated for a lung infection, the president's office has said.
This is the first time officials have revealed why Mr Mandela, 94, was rushed to a military hospital in the capital, Pretoria, on Saturday.
Tests showed a "recurrence of a previous lung infection", presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj said.
Mr Mandela is responding to his treatment, Mr Maharaj added.
News of the hospital stay has prompted much concern in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela undergoes operation to remove gallstones
15 December 2012  
 Nelson Mandela, has had an operation to remove gallstones, according to a government statement.
The operation was successful and Mr Mandela is recovering.
Mr Mandela, who is 94, was admitted to hospital last Saturday after suffering a recurrence of a lung infection.
Tests revealed the presence of gallstones and doctors treating Mr Mandela decided to remove them once he had recovered from the infection.

Nelson Mandela has recovered from infection
6 January 2013  Mandela has recovered from a lung infection and surgery to remove gallstones, and continues to improve.
Mandela, 94, spent almost three weeks in hospital last month, and has since been receiving treatment at his home in Johannesburg.
It was his longest stay in hospital since he left prison in 1990.

Mandela served as South Africa's first black president from 1994 to 1999 and is regarded by many as the father of the nation.
His health has been a cause of concern for many years. He first contracted tuberculosis in the 1980s while detained in Robben Island prison.

Nelson Mandela hospital stay enters sixth day
1 April 2013

Former President Nelson Mandela is spending a sixth day in hospital where he is being treated for a recurring bout of pneumonia.
Doctors reported "a further improvement in his condition", South Africa's presidency announced earlier.
This latest spell in hospital, which began on Wednesday evening, is his fourth in just over two years.
Mandela first contracted tuberculosis in the 1980s while detained on windswept Robben Island.
His lungs are said to have been damaged while working in a prison quarry.

Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital in serious condition
Jun 8, 2013
 Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital in serious condition.
The former South African president is in a serious but stable condition.
Mandela, 94, has been ill for some days but deteriorated overnight and was transferred to a hospital in Pretoria.
Mandela was the first black president of South Africa.
Mandela was taken to hospital, from his home in a suburb of Johannesburg by a close member of his family.

South Africa: Nelson Mandela in critical condition

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Nelson Mandela's health has deteriorated and he is now in critical condition, the South African government said Sunday.

The office of President Jacob Zuma said in a statement that he had visited the 94-year-old anti-apartheid leader at a hospital Sunday evening and was informed by the medical team that Mandela's condition had become critical in the past 24 hours.

"The doctors are doing everything possible to get his condition to improve and are ensuring that Madiba is well-looked after and is comfortable. He is in good hands," Zuma said in the statement, using Mandela's clan name.

Zuma also met Graca Machel, Mandela's wife, at the hospital in Pretoria and discussed the former leader's condition, according to the statement. Zuma was accompanied on the visit by Cyril Ramaphosa, the deputy president of the country's ruling party, the African National Congress.


Nelson Mandela In Critical Condition
June 23, 2013
 Nelson Mandela's health has deteriorated and he is now in critical condition, the South African government said Sunday.

Mandela near death June 26, 2013

Obama and George W. Bush both in Africa, NOT scheduled to meet

Nelson Mandela on life support
His condition has worsened over the last couple of days.

By the time we hear they are on life support, they are dead

Nelson Mandela hospital release reports incorrect
31 August 2013
Mandela has been in hospital since 8 June
Reports that Nelson Mandela has been discharged from hospital are incorrect, South Africa's presidency says.
Mandela was critical but stable but at times his condition became unstable prompting medical intervention.
His prolonged hospital stay has caused concern both in South Africa and abroad.

1 September 2013 Nelson Mandela has left hospital and has gone to his Johannesburg home, where he is continuing to receive intensive care

Nelson Mandela dies
December 5, 2013
 South Africa died at 95.
Mandela will have a state funeral.
Mandela, a former president, battled health issues in recent months, including a recurring lung infection that led to numerous hospitalizations.

Prior to his presidency, Mandela was incarcerated for 27 years at three different prisons after pleading guilty to 156 acts of public violence including the Johannesburg railway station bombing.
He was also a member of the South African Communist Party and a co-founder of Umkhonto we Sizwe, a guerrilla warfare group declared a terrorist organization by the United States in the 1960s.

He was an evil man who now burns in hell


Nelson Mandela funeral plans set in South Africa
Dec. 7, 2013  
President Zuma ordered all flags to fly at half –staff until Mandela is laid to rest at his ancestral village of Qunu in the Eastern Cape on Dec. 15.
Sunday marks a national day of prayer and reflection, and a memorial service is to be held on Tuesday at Johannesburg's Soccer City stadium.
Mandela's last public appearance was at the same stadium in 2010 for the closing ceremony of the soccer World Cup.
Mandela's body will then lie in state in Pretoria for three days.

Barak Husatan Obama and Michelle Obama will be among the many leaders and dignitaries from around the world expected to travel to South Africa to pay their respects.

Obama orders U.S. flags flown at Half-Staff to honor Nelson Mandela
Its WRONG to fly the U.S. flag half staff for a foreign leader the likes of Mandela!!

Mandela was most likely one of the illuminati - like Obama.

Yeah, Mandela was yet another Vatican/globalist elite puppet on the world stage.

The MSM just saturated coverage of him the other day. Not surprising though as the world loves its own.
Mayor Bloomberg: New high school named for Nelson Mandela will open in Brooklyn

The Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice will open its doors next September. It will be located at Brooklyn's Boys and Girls High School, where Mandela visited in 1990.


One day after the death of South African icon Nelson Mandela, Mayor Bloomberg announced a new high school will be named for the famed apartheid fighter, it will open on the campus Mandela visited in 1990.

The Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice will debut in September 2014 at the Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn, where cheering throngs met the newly freed Mandela in 1990 and gave him a hero's welcome in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

"Equal opportunity and access to education were among the many things Nelson Mandela spent his life fighting for," Bloomberg said Friday.

"President Mandela once said 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.' Renaming the campus he visited shortly after his release from prison, will forever serve as a reminder that our mandate as public servants is to provide our children with the weapons they need for a successful future and help us build a city of inclusion," he said.

Mandela visited the school as part of whirlwind trip to New York City, where thousands cheered his public appearances. The anti-apartheid leader had recently been freed from a South African prison after serving 27 years.

"Nelson Mandela visited this building not long after he was released from prison, and we want to ensure that the special bond between the students and this legendary figure will live forever," said Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott.

"Every time they enter and exit its doors, our students at this new school will be reminded of the values he personified," Walcott said.

South Africa has become a major exporter of hatred against Israel.
Mandela also likened Israel to a “terrorist” state and did not regard the PLO as a terrorist organization.
There is a famous photo of him hugging Yasser Arafat. He supported the Palestinian use of violence.

What is his real legacy? Mandela never changed his philosophy on his release from prison, he just changed his technique.    He remained a communist/Marxist/globalist. South Africa today is the murder capital of the world and has the highest reported levels of rape of women, often by AIDS carriers who go unpunished.

Nelson Mandela was a communist and a terrorist
Mandela was a member of the South African Communist Party. He co-founded a terrorist organization that killed civilians, including children.
Fast food outlets and supermarkets were favored targets

And Barak Husatan Obama is exactly like Mandela - except Obama is Muslim MB terrorist.
America lost the war on terror - its now our whitehouse.

The nauseating, gushing Marxist terrorist Nelson Mandela lovefest is going to make ObamaMania 2008 seem like nothing!
Mandela was imprisoned for being a Communist terrorist murderer-bomber in service to the Soviet Union.
Mandela does not deserve to be honored.

Mandela and Israel

Mandela trip dominates Obama's schedule
Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are also scheduled to attend memorial for Mandela.

Barak Husatan Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Mandela are all from illuminati families.
Mandela Lived in a 30-Room Mansion While Dying Sister Lives in One Room with Seven Relatives!

Posted by Don Boys on December 7, 2013

In past years when one spoke of problems in South Africa, he often referred to the mistreatment of Blacks and their drive for racial equality in a nation dominated by a white minority. In this situation Nelson Mandela always became relevant to the conversation.

Mandela (educated at a Wesleyan Mission School) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 although it was obvious to all except the deaf, blind, and dumb (especially the dumb) that he was a terrorist and waged war against his own people and nation. But then, the Nobel Peace Prize seems too often be given to those who lean to the left, are left handed, and live out in left field. Of course, their left knees jerk incessantly.

Mandela was cofounder and director of the militant Spear of the Nation and was involved in burnings, brutality, and bombings by the dozens. One of his terrorist acts was the bombing at Church Street in Pretoria that killed 19 people and injured 217.  He even advised black youths to burn down their schools. Those same children are now struggling in college because they missed so much school in their early grades where foundational facts are taught.

It is unusual if the media do not refer to him as a political prisoner; however, it is interesting that Amnesty International did not consider him such because that group “rejects the proposal to recognize as prisoners of conscience people who use or advocate the use of force.” Nelson did not qualify and the media’s “make over” will not change that fact.

Mandela is known for his many illicit affairs, but we are expected to overlook all that because he was so devoted to freeing his people and throwing off the oppressive white yoke! One day, his first wife returned home to find that Mandela had installed his mistress in his bedroom!

Nelson was married three times and abandoned his first wife (a Jehovah’s Witness who was never political following the precepts of that sect) to raise their three children alone. He married Winnie who lost all credibility with everyone except those whose salaries and benefits she pays. Nelson shot her into space (divorce) when she embarrassed him and became a drag on his political life. She was vocal about advocating terror and violence to support her cause.

Winnie, convicted of fraud and theft in 2002 and still a member of the ANC’s National Executive Committee, rides in a limousine and wears very expensive clothes and jewelry, and has scores of bodyguards wherever she goes. She was convicted of kidnapping a young man who was subsequently murdered. She also said, “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country,” referring to the grisly township practice of putting a gasoline-soaked tire around the neck of suspected apartheid agents (anyone working for the white regime), cutting under their arms, and setting the tire on fire. Then the black crowd of “freedom fighters” taunted the dying “agent of apartheid.”  Minnie is a sweetie.

Such savagery did not stop after Blacks took over. Three men were killed by necklacing last year for burglary. Early in 2013 four students were necklaced in Nigeria, so this gruesome death penalty is spreading across Africa, Haiti, and Brazil.

All the victims of necklacing in South Africa have been black! Almost 200! Nelson even defended Winnie’s infamous speech on necklacing! Yep, a man of peace, principle, and purpose

In Mandela’s long walk to free the Blacks of white domination, he and his former wife, Winnie, and his Red buddies at the ANC became filthy rich. One ANC leader said, “I didn’t enter this struggle to be poor.” They aren’t poor anymore. Meanwhile, the “natives on the reservation” are angry since the trainload of goodies did not stop for them. The gravy train stopped just long enough for Mandela and his Red cronies to climb on board before it chugged on down the tracks leaving millions of poor, disillusioned blacks wiping the soot from their faces. Winnie even said, “[Nelson] Mandela let us down. He agreed to a bad deal for the blacks.”

Mandela carefully maintained a statesman-like, friendly, likeable, reformer persona, trying to help his people (Blacks) but he has not shown any concern for his only living sibling, his elderly and sick sister. While Mandela built himself a 30-room mansion, surrounded by a high wall next to the main highway, his sister lives with seven relatives in one, round-shaped room sleeping in just four beds! However, it is crass, if not crude to speak of such things since he was a “man of conscience” and the “George Washington and Abraham Lincoln” of South Africa!

And he did spend 27 years in prison but even if he had been innocent, it would not qualify him being nominated as a member of the Trinity by the unbalanced, untruthful, unskilled, and unnecessary media!

Mandela's remains transferred to air base for flight to funeral
December 14, 2013
The remains of Nelson Mandela were transferred early Saturday to Waterkloof air base for a farewell from the African National Congress.
The military handed over Mandela's flag-draped coffin to the ANC at a solemn ceremony broadcast live on South African television. The proceedings included a multi-faith service and a musical tribute to Mandela at the air base.
Mandela's remains were to be returned to military control later Saturday morning. It will then be flown to the Eastern Cape in preparation for Mandela's funeral the following day.

Mandela's casket is expected to arrive at Mthatha in the Eastern Cape Saturday afternoon and to be greeted by a full military ceremony.
Rituals will also be performed before a motorcade takes the casket from Mthatha to the village of Qunu where Mandela will be buried on Sunday.


Funeral of Nelson Mandela Dec 15, 2013  Sunday
Mandela insisted on being buried in Qunu.

Thousands of South Africans turned out in torrential rain and searing sunshine.
Around 4,500 guests attended a two-hour public ceremony before Mandela was buried at a smaller, private ceremony for close family and friends on the family estate at Qunu, on the Eastern Cape.
The funeral was held according to the traditional burial rituals of Mandela's Xhosa clan, and his casket - draped in the South African flag and accompanied by a 21-gun salute - was escorted on a gun carriage into a tent specially built for the ceremony.
Prince Charles and Jesse Jackson were among a litany of foreign politicians and dignitaries to attend the funeral.

Nelson Mandela's body carried to burial site in Qunu

For Burial, Mandela Will Return To Qunu, South Africa, His Boyhood Village

The dispute between Makaziwe and Mandla is still not over
July  2013  the Mandelas prepare for the family graves to be returned to Qunu.

Apparantly the NWO chose Mandela buriel date.  I have a feeling he's been dead for months. Forum Index -> World NEWS
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