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NBG Bald Eagles offspring - HK, HE and Dad Norfolk

HK photo by RLukei

NBG Bald Eagle HK
HK Establishing Territory at Honey Bee Golf Club

Norfolk Botanical Garden bald eagle wearing purple band HK:
Egg laid Feb 10, 2009 – Hatched March 21, 2009
Banded April 29, 2009 Purple HK #0679-01346 – Sex = Male
HK is the older brother of NX  (Nixy)

Juvenile bald eagles are well known for being “wanderers” during their first 4 or 5 years.
HK not flown far from Honey Bee Golf Course on the North Landing River in Virginia Beach, VA during the past year.

As I watch eagle nests, I wonder how the male establishes a territory.
Watch HK and learn with me!  I took these notes from Reese Lukei blog.

One area of bald eagle behavior that not much is known is the when and how of territory establishment.
We are learning from HK, with the help and photo documentation of our  local eagle photographers.
It is now known why HK is sticking so close to Honey Bee besides being an excellent place to forage for fish.
HK is in the process of building a nest on the golf course.   Very Happy

Does HK have a girlfriend?
Maybe. Photographers Jim Deal and Shelly Fowler have captured photos of two bald eagles of the same age (she has darker tail feathers) sitting together and one is definitely HK.
Also HK was photographed by Bob Mislan carrying a stick on Feb 1.
A stick is a house payment, if your an eagle!

Reese wrote -
Feb 2, 3, 4 I observed HK bringing sticks to the nest 11 times.
During that time I have not seen a female bald eagle come to the nest, and it appears that HK is constructing the nest by himself – apparently establishing his territory.

Source Links posted by RLukei
Photo of HK and his nest by Bob Mislan here

Dr. Bryan Watts Receives Mitchell Byrd Award, posted June 2012
On May 19, Dr. Bryan Watts received the Mitchell A. Byrd Award for Scientific Achievement
during the joint meeting of the Virginia Society of Ornithology and the Tennessee Ornithological Society held in Johnson City, TN.

Reese Lukei, CCB
Updates on HK will be here first

Epitaph for an Eagle
NBG nest and the death of that female which resulted in no more NBG nests permitted  Sad

NX (Nixy) NBG female has a transmitter.  
She was removed from nest when her mom died and raised at WVC

Richmond Va nest

2013 Lucy One Foot at the Blair Wisconsin nest, Eagles4kids

2012 Bald Eagle Nesting Season, several nests

Norfolk Botanical Gardens and area local photographers
Photographers sites are fantastic for aging bald eagles.  They show NBG offspring at each age.
Colorings and markings vary a great deal.

Bob Mislan - ShutterBugBob

NBG OFFSPRING!i=2338749629&k=9KQ2dCQ

Bob has taken some astonishing ACTION shots of HK!  WOW!  I'm impressed!  *tears!i=2338786450&k=nPH6vmC!i=2338786494&k=g9DVtWS

Pam Monahan!i=2355541956&k=PfBmNHs

Mike Inman - Mike

Norfolk eagle photographers - list


Norfolk Botanical Garden  ( NBG )  VIRGINIA
March 11, 2013  UPDATE

Norfolk Gardens new release
they took down 5 nests already and the eagles continue to build H

This is a huge loss to NBG - they are not pleased
it hurts us - hurts NBG - hurts town of Norfolk
people are not donating like they used to to NBG
Dont punish NBG for this.  Its NOT their fault!

Eagle Cam fans to flock to Norfolk council meeting February 4, 2013
people have signed up to speak out against the imminent move of three eagle nests at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

August 2013 I emailed NBG to ask if donations are off.
People should NOT punish the beautiful gardens for what the airport did to our eagles.
They replied -

Thank you so much for your interest in the Garden.
We are sure there are a number of eagle fans that have decided to not renew their membership and we are no longer receiving major donations for the eagle cam.  However, we still do have many eagle fans that visit the Garden for a hope of a glimpse of DAD eagle who we do site periodically.  
The eagle cam was a wonderful education program that is missed by many including NBG staff and
we appreciate the time we had with the eagle family.  

Thanks again for your support of our beautiful garden.  Cathy

Cathy Fitzgerald, Director of Donor Relations
(757) 441-5830 ext. 319

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Here are a couple more posts on HK by Reese Lukei

HK June 9, 2013
Viewers have inquired as to whether HK has been seen lately along the North Landing at Honey Bee Golf Course.
HK was on the north edge of the golf course today.
Pam Monahan captured a great photo of HK flying overhead this afternoon.
Photo copyright and I dont have permission to use it.

HK is Becoming an Adult
June 22, 2013
 HK is the brother to Azalea (HH), both of whom were banded at their nest site at Norfolk Botanical Garden
in Norfolk, VA on April 29, 2009. HK hatched March 21, 2009 so is now beginning his 5th year.
HK has constructed a nest this past fall and winter on the Honey Bee Golf Course in Virginia Beach, VA
and continues to be seen in the area of the golf course.
June 21, 2013 Pam Monahan took a photograph of HK.
Photo copyright and I dont have permission to use it.

Photo of HK and girlfriend


Norfolk Botanical Garden raised bald eagle named HK
April 2014  purple band on his left leg

Feburary 27, 2014  Honey Bee Golf Course in Virginia Beach
HK has built a nest on the golf course. The nest tree is less than 100 feet from a private house and 20 feet from a public road.
Eagles have habituated to our human environment.

Eagle tracking

KS spotted at Honey Bee golf course Jan 9, 2014
KS hatched in a nest in Virginia Beach in March 2011. She was transferred to the Wildlife Center of Virginia for rehab then released by WCV staff on August 30, 2011 KS with NBG eaglet NX at Berkeley Plantation on the James River.
Nothing was seen of KS until January 9, 2014 when she was located perched on a transmission tower next to HK who is from the 2009 nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden, and who has built a nest on Honey Bee Golf Course about 3 blocks from the transmission tower.

NBG and WCV eagles offspring tracking

NX (nixy) travels
I have not been faithful recording here

Epitaph for an Eagle
Mom and Dad Norfolk
. NBG 2011 nest and tragedy of the female killed


The eagle has landed, at Honey Bee
January 13, 2014
I'd say HK is every bit the stud his dad is!  Smile
Its as if HK, the banded eagle who appears ready to nest at Honey Bee Golf Club, is the crown prince.
HK has built a palace high in a pine tree, and some royal watchers know where it is. It appears that he has courted several ladies.
Eagle lovers are waiting for news of a future heir to the eagle throne in Hampton Roads.

HK, so named for the initials on his leg band, was born and banded five years ago at Norfolk Botanical Garden. This was before HK’s dad, whom eagle lovers called “Dad Norfolk” was ousted from his throne.
Those were the days when Dad Norfolk reigned supreme. All eyes were on this eagle and his mate as they nested and raised youngsters in full view of an awed public for many years.

And HK, the presumed heir, is doing his best to carry the royal lineage down to Honey Bee – far from the airport, yet situated on the North Landing River where the fishing is every bit as good or better than the lake at Norfolk Botanical Garden.
In areas off the golf course, many royal watchers, including Pam Monahan, go with their cameras in hopes of catching a glimpse of HK, whose leg band is visible when he flies, and other eagles that hang out at the golf course.

Another HK blog, pics

Very Happy

NBG offspring -  HK, HE and Dad Norfolk
March 2015
 I found news about HK and HE and Dad here,577.915.html

Dad Norfolk's new mate is Bald Eagle HE,
his daughter from the 2008-2009 nesting season

Dad Norfolk has ditched DT and has a new mate
HE from the nesting of 2009 - one of his offspring.

my edit of photographer Mike Inman RRP forum post
February 2015  A nest was built in early spring 2014, It took until October for Mike to get a good enough picture to identify the male (Dad) and noticed that the other eagle had a silver band (not DT).  I sent some pics to Reese, CCB, they confirmed what I was reading. Now it is not uncommon for a mate to leave a pair because of lack of laying eggs and that is what I feel happened to DT - She went on to prosper elsewhere. It is also heard of for animals and birds to inbreed.
The bands on the female say she is Hk's sister HE from the nesting of 2009. . She has beat her brother on egg laying. Heres hoping to a new family of egg hatching.
CCB may do a press release.

Norfolk Eagles Chick Has Hatched
March 14, 2015  New Report About Bald Eagle HK

Click links for photos

Bald Eagle HK

Botanical Garden eagle saga has a happy ending
August 17, 2015
-  The great big black bald eaglet was hunkered down in a pine tree doing its best to ignore the noisy, mobbing crows.  It was the eaglet's first full day out of the nest, and the crows were determined to make the baby miserable.

The Norfolk Botanical Garden male (Dad Norfolk) finally settled for a nest site on private property this winter in nearby Hunt Club Point in Norfolk. It is a much safer spot in the middle of a two-acre wooded lot. On the north end of Lake Whitehurst, the new nest is about a mile away from the old one.

Not only did the male finally find a new home, but he also found a new mate - his daughter, to be exact. She is an eagle dubbed HE when she was banded at the garden nest in 2009.

The father-daughter relationship was of interest to biologists at the Center for Conservation Biology who don't have the opportunity to track such day-to-day activity among individual animals very often, explained Reese Lukei.

The mating of full siblings or parents with offspring has been rarely documented.
It is assumed that youngsters usually fly far enough away from their home nest that inbreeding is unlikely, but HE is obviously a homebody.  Brother HK has a nest near Honey Bee Golf Club in Virginia Beach, and sibling Azalea, who was tracked for 3 years, visited home often. Forum Index -> Misc
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