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N.Y. Bronx train derails, kills 4

Bronx major train derailment
December 01, 2013 -  4 dead - 40 hurt

Metro-North passenger train derails in New York City.
A passenger train has derailed in New York City in the Bronx, killing 4.
5 cars are off the track, 2 cars on their sides.  Train engineer said brakes didnt work.
Reports are the wreck was on a curve and train was going too fast.
Photos taken of the accident scene show 8 cars derailed.  The MTA said cars on the 7 car train derailed
about 100 yards north of the station on a curved section of the track.
At least two of the dead appeared to have been ejected from the train.
The derailment occurred near where a freight train derailed in July.

The agency said the crash was reported by the engineer and it wasn't clear if any crew members are injured.
Edwin Valero was in an apartment building above the accident scene when the train derailed. He said one of the cars ended up a few feet from the edge.
At least two of the dead appeared to have been ejected from the train.
The derailment occurred near where a freight train derailed in July

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ZionsCRY  NEWS with Prophetic Commentary

HARBINGER  WARNINGS and Isaiah 9 prophecy
The Revelation of the Holy Bible is occurring worldwide.


Probe into crash cause begins
NY commuter train was going 82 mph   and was to only be going 30 mph

The bend where the derailment occurred was in a slow-speed area.
The train, run by Metro-North, appeared to be going "a lot faster'' than normal as it approached the bend coming into the station.
The speed limit on the curve is 30mph (50km/h), compared with 70mph in the area approaching it, Mr Weener said.
An official from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is quoted by the New York Times newspaper as saying that the train operator had reported that it was going into the turn too fast and that he had performed an emergency braking manoeuvre.

The operator told the first rescuers to reach the scene that he had "dumped" the brakes, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Dumping the brakes is said to be a last-resort move that has the effect of slamming on the emergency brakes on all the cars of a train at once. It is usually done to avert a collision with another train or a vehicle at a grade-level crossing.

* This article still reads 4 dead - some say 9

New York train crash driver 'lost focus' before crash
4 December 2013
Rockefeller had succumbed to "highway hypnosis"
The driver lost focus moments before the crash, a union leader has said.
William Rockefeller, 43, "basically nodded" and caught himself too late to stop the train.
The Metro-North train was travelling at nearly three times the speed limit on a bend when it jumped the tracks.
Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) would not comment on Tuesday on Mr Rockefeller's level of alertness before the train wreck on Sunday morning.
Rockefeller told emergency officials on the scene he had been in a daze, he nodded. He zoned out.
His drug and alcohol tests came back negative, investigators had so far found no "anomalies" in the train's brake system.

I would NEVER EVER want to ride in a vehicle with this guy!
Once you get hypnotized it will always be a problem!
HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED and not permitted to drive anything ever again!

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