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WHO warns of measles spread in Europe
December, 2011
 The World Health Organization on Friday warned that Europe faces an explosion of measles cases next year unless it takes urgent steps to contain the viral respiratory disease.

In the first nine months of 2011, 36 Western European nations reported a total of 26,000 measles cases, including more than 14,000 in France alone, according to the WHO's latest data.
There were nine deaths, six in France, as well as 7,288 hospitalizations.

Measles, a contagious illness characterized by high fever and the eruption of small red spots, is particularly virulent in Europe from February to May.
Outside Europe, the WHO said, measles had also spread in Democratic Republic of Congo, with more than 100,000 cases, as well as in Nigeria and Somalia, with more than 15,000 cases each.

In Europe, 90 percent of cases affected adolescents and adults who had not been vaccinated or had failed to receive follow-up vaccinations.
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a similar warning on Thursday in which it said the European rise in measles began in late 2009, after six years of decline.
In order to reach global health targets of eliminating measles by 2015, the
CDC recommended that vaccinations cover 95 percent of the population with two doses of measles-containing vaccine.


Pestilence Watch * Ebola, SARS
Deadly Diseases Like Measles And Mumps Make Frightening Comeback

Enterovirus D68 * EV-D68 * flaccid myelitis * OBOLIO

Measles 2015 Outbreak compared to Enterovirus
January 28, 2015
-  The outbreak of the Measles virus is gaining attention.  
Some see similarity to the Enterovirus D-68 outbreaks.
Enterovirus D-68 in 2014, measles was essentially eradicated in the U.S. prior to this year.
So what changed?  Obama's illegals.

Disneyland measles outbreak spreads
An outbreak of measles that began at Disneyland before Christmas 2014 is disrupting lives in 6 states.
70 people have been diagnosed with measles, and hundreds more have been exposed at schools, doctor's offices, hospitals, shopping malls etc. The outbreak has spread to Utah, Washington, Colorado, Oregon and across the border to Mexico.

The true cause is Obama illegals - BUT they blame the unvaccinated

Enterovirus D68 * EV-D68 * flaccid myelitis * OBOLIO

With this current measles disease, they are by and large trying to push the vaccination agenda. Saw CNN on Fri night - and that's all they obsessed about(vaccines).

63 or so got the measles in CA this year, and now it's up to 91 recently - seriously, isn't CA the 7th largest union in the entire world? 91 people is NOTHING. Even in any other state in America it's NOTHING.

Instead of blaming the REAL CAUSE of diseases - Obamas illegals -
they are promoting vaccines and blaming the unvaccinateds.

Twisted Evil
Establishment propaganda continues despite vaccines proving largely ineffective


Health officials in Maryland are scrambling to explain why a 12-month-old Baltimore infant developed a measles-like rash weeks after receiving the measles vaccine.

City health authorities are closely monitoring a 1-year-old girl who, despite receiving a measles vaccination on January 2, developed a rash typically associated with the highly-infectious measles virus.

“It’s frightening to think… Could measles be in Baltimore?” pondered City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen.

It’s even more frightening to think that the vaccine meant to prevent the measles could actually be causing it.

“This child does have a lot of symptoms of measles and also has positive blood testing,” Dr. Wen admitted, according to CBS Baltimore, but the diagnosis has not yet been confirmed – as developing a “measles-like rash” is a symptom associated with Merck’s M-M-R vaccine.

Since measles cases started cropping up at the Disneyland theme park in California last month, media outlets and health authorities have colluded to whip the public into a panic, urging the unvaccinated to head to their nearest clinic while parroting the claim that the outbreak was exacerbated by people who refused the vaccine.

An article published in The Los Angeles Times last week, however, stated that many people infected with measles had in fact been vaccinated.

“Their cases point to a lesser-known aspect of the measles vaccine: That even those who get the shots have a small risk of getting sick, especially older people who were immunized in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s,” The Times reported.

The report went on to state that, out of 43 Disney-related measles patients, “37 were unimmunized, one had only one shot, and five were fully immunized.”

The Times also noted that 18 percent of the people who contracted measles in California last year, which affected travelers who visited the Philippines, had also been immunized against the disease.

The article also highlighted the curious case of a New York City woman who, despite being fully vaccinated, contracted and spread the disease to others in 2011, marking the first time “that a fully immunized person could transmit measles to others, researchers said.”

Predictably, the medical establishment and its apologists’ response to a possibly ineffective vaccine has been to urge the public to get more vaccines; yet, deaths that occur post-vaccination still fail to receive attention.

Take the case of Kiera Driscoll, a five-year-old Las Vegas girl who died in the hospital last Sunday after developing influenza, even though she had been vaccinated against the exact same strain of flu.

“The youngster is the fourth child in the Nevada-based county – and the 56th nationwide – to have died from the flu in the past few months as vaccines have proved largely ineffective,” the Daily Mail reported.

Last month, Infowars also covered the case of Ayzlee McCarthy, a child from Iowa who also inexplicably died after receiving a flu vaccine.

But vaccine deaths aren’t just limited to the young.

In November 2013, a Utah mother went public claiming she believed her son’s death to be a direct result of taking the flu shot.

“We’re angry because we believe it’s the flu shot that (caused) it,” mother Lori Webb told The Salt Lake Tribune. “I’ve never been so scared in all my life to see my son go through so much.”

Many are also unaware that the overwhelming number of people who have experienced life-altering adverse reactions following vaccine injections led the U.S. government in 1986 to appoint a special governing body to deal solely with vaccine injury cases.

A program known as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which receives up to 20,000 reports a year, also works to document adverse vaccine reactions, up to and including death, acting as an early-warning service to alert CDC and FDA authorities.

The CDC itself has a horrible track record of informing the public of vaccines’ ill effects.

While a link to cancer and the polio vaccine of the 1950s and 60s had long been established, the CDC in 2013 abruptly decided to delete web pages dedicated to the debacle’s history, a vaccine which they admitted had been administered to over 98 million Americans despite being contaminated with a primate form of cancer virus.

Last month, the CDC also came out stating their flu vaccine was not properly matched for this year’s flu strain, and earlier this month, the US’ foremost health authority also came out and admitted the vaccine helped less than 1 in four.
CDC lies: Measles outbreaks confirmed among children already vaccinated

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Maybe Mickey Mouse is responsible for spreading measles to children at Disneyland? This is a more likely hypothesis than health department claims that unvaccinated children are to blame for a recent outbreak that occurred at "the happiest place on Earth," in which 39 people -- and counting -- from at least four states, according to the latest reports, have been confirmed as having contracted the disease while visiting the park.

Official reports are claiming that unvaccinated children are to blame because some of those who contracted the measles hadn't been vaccinated. Some of them had been vaccinated, of course, and the original source of the disease has yet to be determined. But like always, it is automatically those pesky individuals who choose not to inject their bodies with a vaccine linked to brain damage and autism -- and that's been shown to spread the measles -- that must have triggered the outbreak.

The interesting thing about this latest measles outbreak is that the media is parading it around as evidence that not getting vaccinated triggers disease outbreaks, even though the original source of the disease is unknown. It is entirely possible that a vaccinated person spread the disease to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, which in and of itself shows the lack of effectiveness of vaccines.

If the vaccine for measles -- in the U.S., this vaccine is the combination measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) injection -- really did work as claimed, then all the measles cases identified at Disneyland would have been in unvaccinated people. But they weren't. Early on, media reports claimed that "most" of the cases were in unvaccinated people. More recent reports are saying that "some" of the people were unvaccinated.

MMR vaccines can trigger "atypical" measles, potentially triggering a measles outbreak

As you may already be aware, many previous measles outbreaks have occurred among mostly vaccinated populations, for which health officials have no explanation other than to, again, blame the unvaccinated (which makes no sense). Many measles-vaccinated individuals have also come down with what's known as "atypical" measles infection later in life, the direct result of having gotten vaccinated.

In a paper published back in 1979, atypical measles infection was described as a "hypersensitivity" response to a natural measles infection due to having previously been injected with an inactivated measles virus. A measles epidemic that occurred several years prior in Northern California exhibited all the signs of atypical measles caused by vaccination.

"In typical measles a maculopapular rash occurs first at the hairline, progresses caudally, is concentrated on the face and trunk, and is often accompanied by Koplik's spots," explains the study, as reported by the International Medical Council on Vaccination.

"In AMS [atypical measles] the rash Is morphologically a mixture of maculopapular, petechial, vesicular, and urticarial components. It usually begins and is concentrated primarily on the extremities, progresses cephalad, and is not accompanied by Koplik's spots."

Without going into too many details, the point here is that a measles-vaccinated population was responsible for this particular outbreak, and likely many others. And yet the mainstream media is making no mention of AMS in its reports, instead choosing to perpetuate the lie that unvaccinated people are always the cause of disease outbreaks. While they may be the cause in some cases, they are most likely not in most of them.

As we reported back in 2011, the Institute of Medicine even admitted in a report claiming that MMR vaccines don't cause autism that the vaccines can, in fact, cause measles. On page 574, in fact, this report claims that the evidence "convincingly supports" the notion that MMR vaccines cause measles.


The Montgomery County Health Department said on Friday it is investigating a report of a possible measles case.

They call it a case of "physician-suspected measles."

The patient is a 15-year-old boy. There was no immediate word as to where the boy lives, with the health department is only saying he is from Montgomery County.

"The patient has been evaluated and testing has been conducted in order to determine if this is a true case of measles. Specimens are currently being delivered to the State Public Health Laboratory," the health department said in a statement.

"The patient is self-isolating at home under the guidance of MCHD until the results of the lab work are completed."

Officials from the Montgomery County Health Department would not speak on camera but they say the investigation is ongoing.

Dr. Dyanne Westerberg, from Cooper University Hospital, says this is about measles in general.

"As long as he's quarantined and only in contact with people who've had measles or the measles vaccination, then everything should be fine. The problem comes when he's exposed to people who have not had the disease or the vaccination. It's highly contagious," said Dr. Westerberg.

Some parents and others are concerned about the health department not giving out any more information about the suspected case in Montgomery County.

"And if they're not telling you who it is, I don't think that's fair," said Dorothy Sonnedag.

"I was really concerned. I'm thinking they need to be more forthcoming and let everybody know what's going on so we can be aware and be able to identify where this kid is so we can make sure our kids are immunized," said Donna Yates.

This comes amid a measles outbreak in the United States, with more than 100 cases reported.

In California, a Santa Monica daycare reopened its doors on Friday after a baby there came down with the measles, but only for children who have been vaccinated. 14 babies there who may have been exposed are being kept home, ordered to quarantine for 21 days.

Five more babies are believed to have contracted measles at a daycare outside Chicago.

Measles had been declared completely eliminated just 15 years ago.

Measles can be serious - in some cases, leading to swell of the brain and even death.

All parents are encouraged to vaccinate their children.
Monday, 16 February 2015
Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths, Zero Measles Deaths, Since ’04

Over the last decade in the United States, the deaths of over 100 children — at the very least — have been linked to receiving a measles vaccine, compared with zero children dying from the disease itself, according to the U.S. government’s own compiled data. Put another way, an American child would have been infinitely more likely to die after receiving a measles shot, percentage-wise, than from getting the actual measles disease in the last ten years. Thousands more have suffered from adverse reactions to the measles shot and other vaccines. The explosive numbers have massive implications for public health efforts, analysts said.

Of course, the establishment media entirely failed to report those figures as it hysterically demonized “anti-vaxxer” parents — at least until the facts went viral in the alternative press. USA Today even published an especially unhinged screed encouraging the jailing of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, though it was not clear whether the Amish and other religious communities would be included in the proposed mass-roundups. Now, elements of the increasingly discredited and wildly mischaracterized “mainstream” media are engaged in a ham-handed damage-control effort.

While all of the data is publicly available online through the federal government, it appears that the first outlet to put the information together in one report was Health Impact News. Its article promptly went viral and sparked a cascade of follow-up stories in the alternative media. editor Brian Shilhavy first highlighted data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing that there have been no child measles deaths since 2003 in the United States.

Next, Shilhavy used a graph (shown below) based on a variety of U.S. statistics to show measles mortality rates in America going back to 1900. Until about the 1920s, more than 10 per 100,000 were dying from the disease. However, by 1955, with advances in medicine and huge progress in sanitation, nutrition, and living standards, those rates steadily declined from 1900 levels by almost 98 percent to a mere 0.03 deaths per 100,000. The vaccine was introduced in 1963, and by then, measles was almost a non-problem in the developed world.

Then Shilhavy detailed the results of his search through the CDC’s “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System” (VAERS). “The search result contained 108 deaths over this period, resulting from four different measles vaccines sold in the United States during the past 10 years,” he wrote. “This database reflects only deaths that were reported during the time frame, and therefore probably reflects a much lower number than actual deaths, since most doctors and health authorities believe vaccines are safe, and would not normally attribute a death to a vaccine and actually report it.”

As the facts were going viral, the largely discredited website labeled the facts as “false.” However, in its half-baked effort to supposedly expose the data as “false,” the radically pro-government website mostly attacked straw men while relying on data from Third World countries with widespread malnutrition and a lack of even basic healthcare services.

Meanwhile, Newsweek, still attempting to recover after the unprofitable and Big Pharma advertisement-supported magazine was sold for $1 dollar in recent years, also piled on. In an error-riddled propaganda piece, the embattled online outlet notes that “it’s true some people may have died as a result of the measles vaccine.” But it goes on to claim, citing Third World statistics from the United Nations’ “dictators club” that are not applicable in the United States, that “many more would have died without them.”    

Unsurprisingly, the CDC claims its vaccination program “eliminated” measles in 2000. “The United States was able to eliminate measles because it has a highly effective measles vaccine, a strong vaccination program that achieves high vaccine coverage in children and a strong public health system for detecting and responding to measles cases and outbreaks,” the CDC argued.

However, as the graph above shows clearly, measles was virtually a non-issue in the United States years before the vaccine for it was introduced in 1963. In fact, as more than a few doctors and experts have pointed out, fully vaccinated people continue to get and spread measles, as has been proven in countless official studies and in the peer-reviewed literature. A recent measles outbreak in New York, for example, was last year traced to a fully vaccinated person. Some patients even get measles from the shot!    

The U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), meanwhile, does caution that its reports of adverse reactions do not necessarily establish a cause-and-effect relationship. As numerous analysts including Shilhavy with Health Impact News pointed out, though, in reality, the system almost certainly underestimates the true count. This is primarily because unsuspecting parents and doctors — convinced that vaccines are entirely safe — would be unlikely to link the vaccine with the sudden death of their child, even though the package inserts clearly warn of possible death or serious injury as potential side effects.  

While those who rely on the establishment press for information might not know it, countless medical professionals have spoken out about the issue for decades. “After frightening you with the unlikely possibility of measles encephalitis, your doctor can rarely be counted on to tell you of the dangers associated with the vaccine he uses to prevent it,” explained the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn in a paper e-mailed out as part of a health newsletter. “The measles vaccine is associated with encephalopathy and with a series of other complications such as SSPE (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis), which causes hardening of the brain and is invariably fatal.”

“Other neurologic and sometimes fatal conditions associated with the measles vaccine include ataxia (inability to coordinate muscle movements), mental retardation, aseptic meningitis, seizure disorders, and hemiparesis (paralysis affecting one side of the body),” Dr. Mendelsohn continued after explaining that, in the developed world especially, measles is hardly a deadly plague requiring national paranoia and vaccination at gun point. “Secondary complications associated with the vaccine may be even more frightening. They include encephalitis, juvenile-onset diabetes, Reye's syndrome, and multiple sclerosis.”

“I would consider the risks associated with measles vaccination unacceptable even if there were convincing evidence that the vaccine works,” the late prominent medical doctor concluded. “There isn't.” More recently, numerous high-profile doctors and experts have made similar statements, despite the overwhelming pressure and threats from government and Big Pharma to remain silent on the risks.

Indeed, unlike virtually any other product or industry in the United States, the federal government protects vaccine manufacturers from liability when vaccines kill or injure patients. This forces victims of vaccine-related injuries — or the families of those whose deaths are linked to vaccines — to rely on the dubious federal VICP to receive compensation from taxpayers, rather than the companies that produced and sold the potentially dangerous product.  

The National Vaccine Information Center, which encourages education and opposes government mandates on the issue, highlighted a number of other statistics that again have been glossed over by the establishment press. “As of January 5, 2015, there had been 946 claims filed in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) for injuries and deaths following MMR vaccination, including 57 deaths and 889 serious injuries,” the Center reported.

“Using the MedAlerts search engine, as of December 14, 2014 there had been 6,962 serious adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in connection with measles-containing vaccines since 1990,” the NIVC continued. “Over half of those serious measles vaccine-related adverse events occurring in children three years old and under. Of these measles-vaccine related adverse event reports to VAERS, 329 were deaths, with over half of the deaths occurring in children under three years of age.”

As the NIVC also pointed out, the vaccine does not necessarily protect a person from measles, contrary to the false narrative pushed by misleading establishment press articles and bureaucrats. “Evidence has been published in the medical literature that vaccinated persons can get measles because either the measles vaccine fails to provide temporary vaccine-acquired immunity or the vaccine’s effectiveness wanes over time,” it reported. Especially problematic: Vaccines may provide temporary protection but wear off, leaving adults vulnerable to measles at a later stage in life, when the disease can be far more harmful.  

Despite establishment media efforts to manufacture unwarranted hysteria and demands for “medicine at gun point,” studies and experts suggest that the approach may backfire in a major way. For one, parents who never even realized that medical professionals and studies have found vaccines to be far less than totally safe and effective become aware of the controversy.

Plus, with trust in government at historic lows, any PR efforts by politicians, lobbyists, and bureaucrats are almost assured to generate a backlash and fresh suspicions. That is unquestionably a positive development — especially when it comes to vaccines. Parents and patients should have all available information prior to giving consent and making important medical decisions in consultation with their doctors. Forum Index -> HEALTH and Medical NEWS
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