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May, 2015 ZionsCRY news and analysis

Pilot me

National Day of Prayer May 7

Day of Prayer May 7, 2015 to be headed by Pastor Jack Graham
Jack Graham is the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas and radio-TV PowerPoint Ministries.
Click to LISTEN to his message on prayer.

Do not pray for this people nor offer any plea or petition for them
do not plead with me, for I will not listen to you.
Jeremiah 7:16, Jeremiah 11:14, Jeremiah 14:11

If My people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,
and pray, and seek My face,

and turn from their wicked ways

THEN I will hear from heaven,
and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
2 Chronicles 7:14

Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong
and the one who is filthy, still be filthy
and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness
and the one who is holy, still keep himself holy.
Revelation 22:11

BEST Pastors Conference
May 18-21, 2015 at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago Illinois
Moody has THE BEST pastor in USA - Erwin Lutzer
This conference is a week that can transform your entire life!  CDs or MP3s of past conference sessions at
Erwin Lutzer can be heard on BBNradio online or at oneplace

CHAT with Shepherd in #USpolitics

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
UPDATE May 2014


Houston pastors fight SIN
May 1, 2015 -  A Queer Thing Happened to America
A lawsuit against a Houston transgender-rights (SIN) ordinance that grabbed national headlines when the lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, subpoenaed the sermons of area pastors is being escalated to the state Court of Appeals.  The pastors have filed an appeal.

SIN-loving Judge Robert Schaffer caved in to the LGBT and ruled that we were a few hundred signatures short.  He invalidated over 5,000 signatures. We are confident that his decision will be overturned on that basis alone at the state Court of Appeals.  Good luck.  At the time, Rush Limbaugh called the subpoenas “one of the most vile, filthy, blatant violations of the Constitution that I have seen.”

TEXAS state news

WARNING!  June 6, 7 and 8 Devil days at Disney - WARNING!
DONT plan any vacation to include Disney this weekend!

In the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.  2 Peter 3:3-4


Obama sends Idaho Muslim terrorists
May 1, 2015 -  Obama war continues on Christians and Patriots
The Islamic transformation of Idaho.
Hundreds of Muslim terrorists from Syria, Iraq, and Somalia settling in Idaho.
One 'refugee' Fazliddin Kurbanov, was indicted on terrorism charges for recruiting Muslims in Utah and teaching them to build bombs that would target public transportation and military bases.

Spartanburg, South Carolina, has also been selected for a Syrian refugee community.  Unlike Boise, residents in Spartanburg have mustered an organized opposition to them, saying the town already has high crime and poverty.

Christians and Patriots have moved to Idaho since 2008 knowing they would fight this govt.
Idaho has been shaken this year by  several rare earthquakes.  Is God warning?
Minnesota Somali Muslim terrorists have been raising hell there for years - in schools and the communities.

Idaho state news

Muslim terrorists pouring into U.S. cities
May 1, 2015
-  Muslims streaming into the United States at a rate of 100,000 per year.
Huge surge of unscreened Muslim terrorists flooding into USA.

How does the U.S. State Department choose?
Areas where there are Christian Patriots.

Can the communities be assured they are not tied to ISIS?  NO!

There are Good Watchmen who are True Christians but there is also a Satanic Cult called "The Watchmen" and some claim to be christian.  They are wolves.

One of their techniques is to use of the power of 3 -
repetition of 3 words, phrases or sentences -
This is how spells and incantations are preformed by witches so listen for it even in casual conversation, speeches and radio shows.
I do know about the power of 3 - and its used by Evil ones many ways.

GOD forbids witchcraft - absolutely forbids it.  King Saul died due to seeking a witch.

MOST today who claim to be 'christian' - arent saved, they are pagan.
Whether they are devils intentionally deceiving others or deceived themselves, God knows.
What is really odd is that 3 sermons by 3 pastors in the past 3 weeks or less has been on Acts,
how GOD killed ANANIAS and SAPPHIRA for lying.

False Teachers in Churches, wolves

666 - New World Order, Mark of the Beast, anubis

May 2, 2015
-  The character assassination underway against Christians is something that five years ago was unimaginable.  Family Research President Tony Perkins was invited to be on "Face the Nation" for a cordial conversation about the Supreme Court and same-sex marriage, but turned out to be a professional ambush.
Host Bob Schieffer used discredited intelligence to attack.  CBS interview was an assault against Judeo-Christian people of faith.  Kontrolled media will stop at nothing to use their power to silence and fine Americans who embrace traditional marriage and other politically incorrect truths.

A daughter, a new princess
May 2, 2015
-  Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to daughter.
Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have a baby girl.
The name of the baby will be announced in due course.
Charles had said he was hoping for a grand-daughter.

Royal baby
May 2, 2015 LONDON
 -  Prince William's wife Kate has been admitted to a London hospital for the birth of their  second child.  Catherine was admitted to the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital in west London where her first child, Prince George, was born in July 2013.,7340,L-4652791,00.html

The royals

Very Happy

Peacekeepers rape children
May 2, 2015
-  French peacekeepers instead of protecting children, sodomized boys, some as young as 9.
DONT believe this is an isolated incident.  The U. S. Supreme Court is about to legalize this in USA if they rule for the queers!

Big Daddy, ISIS leader paralyzed
May 2, 2015
-  ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi incapacitated with spinal damage sustained in a March 18 airstrike in Nineveh west of Mosul.  Nineveh is close to the Syrian border.  He is being treated by two doctors from Mosul, Iraq.  A female radiologist from a Mosul hospital and a male surgeon had treated Baghdadi.  Baghdadi’s wounds could mean he will never again lead the ISIS.  ISIS is now being led by Abu Alaa al-Afri.  
Abu Alaa al-Afri replaces al-Baghdadi as Islamic State leader.  So Abu is now Big Daddy - Abu means Daddy.
Abu is said to be more important than his commander and very strict about sharia law.


Afghan govt. to meet Taliban in Qatar for talks
May 2, 2015
-  A delegation from the Afghan government heads to Qatar for a meeting with Taliban.
A Taliban official in Qatar said some Pakistani officials would also be present.
REMEMBER - Obama sent the 5 GITMO Talibrains to Qatar - where they are free to go anywhere!  
These 5 are hardened terrorist leaders!

5 Talibrains traded for traitor Bergdahl

Obama gave the Taliban 5 of its brains to plan more terrorism!
Evil or Very Mad

Golan terror attack on Israel is close
May 2, 2015
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report  -  Syrian President Bashar Assad and Hizballah are set on a major terror offensive to start attacking Israeli Golan, and Iran pledged its Guards and Afghani Shiites in Syria will be available if Israel defends itself.  They know the IDF / IAF will defend Israel.  DEFENSE is NOT a counter-attack.

An area from Damascus to the Golan to be provided for all terrorists willing to attack Israel. It includes Hermon and Lebanese Chebaa Farms. Tehran, Syria, Druze, and Hizballah will establish new militias for the attack. The commander of the Druze militia is a known murderer Samir Kuntar, who joined Hizballah in his youth.

Syrian Druzes are part of this plan, and they have already tried to plant a bomb near Israeli Golan border April 26 but IAF saw and killed all 4 and the device did not detonate.  Thank GOD!

ICC rejects Israel
May 2, 2015 -
 The prosecutor claims she plans to investigate both sides.
If the ICC was unbiased, it NEVER would have accepted this invalid claim!
ICC prosecutor rejects Israel’s fears of bias in war crimes investigation.
Israel has been reassured that the International Criminal Court will not exercise bias in rendering its decisions in the investigation of suspected war crimes committed in Gaza 2014 summer when Hamas repeatedly attacked Israel until the IDF had to respond in SELF DEFENSE.

The court is to consider the arguments and the evidence brought against Israel by the Palestinian terrorists who attacked Israel!  INTERPRETED this means the Palestinians are suing Israel for defending against Palestinians attacks!

International Criminal Court

US Navy bolsters presence in Persian Gulf
May 2, 2015
-  US warships protecting American-flagged ships in the Strait of Hormuz may extend assistance to other vessels, after Iran seized a ship.,7340,L-4652784,00.html

Yemen angry at Saudi
May 2, 2015
-  Thousands in Sanaa protest against indiscriminate shelling.
Essentially, the Yemen people are paying the price of a Saudi-Iran war.

Two Iranian destroyers reach Bab el Mandeb
May 1, 2015
DEBKA  -  The Iran Navy has sent the Alborz and Bushehr destroyers to the entrance of the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb, between Yemen and Djibouti “to protect commercial shipping.”

VP Joe Biden claims critics of Iran nuclear deal ‘don’t get it.’
Oh we get it, Joe, and we dont like it!  Obama wants Israel and the USA destroyed,
and he knows Iran with their pals Russia and China will do the job.
US Navy to accompany US-flagged ships in Persian Gulf

Iran pushing Hezbollah to attack Israel
May 1, 2015
-  There is no surprise here.
Iran has instructed Syria and Hezbollah to provoke conflict on northern border of Israel as a ploy to increase Iran's regional influence.  Iran has recently increased its pressure on Hezbollah and Syria to carry out attacks on the Israel-Syria and Israel-Lebanon borders.


Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
May 4, 2015 -  Charlotte means petite, feminine version of her grandfather, Prince Charles
Charlotte is also the middle name of Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new arrival will be as known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte
of Cambridge.  The decision of what to call their second child was William and Kate's alone.
Her middle name Diana was chosen in honour of her late grandmother Princess Diana.
Prince William and Princess Kate baby daughter born May 3, 2015.
Tower Bridge was lit up in pink to mark the princess birth

Princess Diana

Goldman Sachs trial
May 2, 2015
-  A jury has convicted a former Goldman Sachs programmer of stealing their trading code. The panel found Sergey Aleynikov guilty on only one count of stealing “secret scientific material” from the bank, after reaching a split decision on a similar count. Aleynikov, a dual citizen of Russia and the US, was charged with stealing the computer code as he prepared to leave the investment bank for a trading start-up in Chicago in 2009.

Goldman Sachs is NWO

Jews assaulted in Paris
May 1, 2015
-  Two Jewish residents of Paris were assaulted on the street by a gang of 40 people on Boulevard Voltaire.  Police warned local Jewish businesses owners to be extra vigilant.  The attackers were associated with anti-Israel groups.

Police warned local Jewish businesses owners to be extra vigilant.  O WOW!  Thats tough action!  Warning the victims is sure to stop the nazi-Muslims!  Media isnt even willing to call the attackers Muslims or nazis!


70 Israelis rescued from Nepal
May 2, 2015
-  70 Israeli hikers were airlifted from Nepal by private helicopters Friday.  The Israelis were stranded in the Langtang region.  They hope to find the last missing Israeli, Or Asraf, who has not made contact since the large-magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal last Saturday.,7340,L-4652747,00.html

2 Strong earthquakes hit Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
May 1, 2015
-  An earthquake of magnitude 7.1 struck off Papua New Guinea on Friday, 128 km south-south-west of Rabaul, at a depth of 61 km.  Rabaul lies in the shadow of Mount Tavurvur, an active volcano.  The area was also struck by a 6.9 quake on Thursday.

Magnitude 7.9 earthquake hits Kathmandu, Nepal
April 25, 2015  Death toll to date over 7,000

Earthquake Volcano Report
May 2, 2015
-  Dutch Sinse predicts quakes south of Los Angeles.
Quake hits at 22 minute mark - as he is giving  May 1, 2015 earth report

Dutch Sinse Earth Reports
Today I created a thread for him

Bend, Oregon volcano vents steam, seen on satellite Apr 30
There is a string of volcanoes there

Henry Gruver had a vision of NUCLEAR ATTACK on AMERICA.  When china attacks, those west coast volcanoes will go off.  GOD is showing us the attack on America is very close!

CHECK OUT the EARTH section of this forum


MICHIGAN has 2 earthquakes of 4.0
May 2, 2015
-  An extremely rare 4.0 magnitude earthquake has struck Southern Michigan.
The fault zone in Michigan is related to the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ).  
The New Madrid on TN border just experienced a borderline 3.0M earthquake less than 24 hours earlier.

This was one of the strongest quakes ever experienced in Michigan.
It was a magnitude of 4.2 about 9 miles southeast of Kalamazoo, near Galesburg.
Dozens of residents in several different regions beyond Kalamazoo — from Mount Pleasant and Sterling Heights to Lansing and even as far as Cleveland, Ohio felt it.

I know the New Madrid fault will split wide open, when unknown.
I've heard there is an east-west fault to New Madrid zone clear from off the west coast.

Dutch Sinse Earth Reports are excellent
Earth is VERY busy!

Isaiah 24
The earth is utterly broken, the earth is split apart, the earth is violently shaken.
The earth staggers like a drunken man, it sways like a hut, its transgression lies heavy upon it,
and it falls, and will not rise again.

Jade Helm, the Auschwitz Express
May 2, 2015 -  There are trains with shackles on them.
Jade Helm 15 operation across the southwest is not merely a standard training exercise.
A concerned Texas Ranger indicates that the government is preparing for a Day of Wrath scenario in which ISIS terrorists cross the southern border of the United States and simultaneously attack soft TARGETS across the nation.

The scope of Jade Helm may go much farther than just preparing for terrorists. Trains moving throughout Texas have been outfitted with shackles for dissident roundups and martial law. His letter sheds some light on the WALMART store closings.

Pantex is a high value TARGET ( nuclear stockpile - )
Jade Helm is CLOUDED in secrecy.

Operation Jade Helm, bank collapse, martial law

Evil or Very Mad

Tunisia terror threat
May 3, 2015
-  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns Israelis against visiting Tunisia
Several thousand Jews from France and Israel make this trip every year.,7340,L-4653016,00.html

Africa, north * Tunisia, Sudan

US, Israel, Greece end war games
May 3, 2015 -
 The US Sixth Fleet and the Israeli and Greek air forces wound up a joint war game.
Israeli Navy missile ships also took part in the exercise.
Russia and China Navies joint exercise in the Mediterranean Sea is in mid-May,

China, Russia to hold naval exercise in Mediterranean
May 1, 2015
-  The Russian and Chinese Navies are to hold a joint exercise in the Mediterranean Sea in mid-May, a first in that part of the world.  The aim is to deepen cooperation.  Chinese Navy warships currently on an anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden.

Moscow and Beijing both oppose US criticism of its military policies. China is being accused of aggressive deployments in the South China Sea, Russia has been subjected to economic sanctions over Ukraine.

Iran has enough material for 8 nuclear bombs
May 3, 2015
  DEBKA  -  Obama and Joe Biden have gone out of their way to be friendly to Israel.  April 23 Biden spoke at the Israeli embassy’s Independence Day reception. He claimed USA has Israel’s back.  Ya right.  The rift with Israel proved disadvantageous to Obama so USA is trying to convince Netanyahu that Israel’s Iran concerns are needless.
Here, take this nice little red pill, it will all be over fast.
Article full of BS

Chinese develops downtown Los Angeles
May 3, 2015
-  A feisty female developer from China is leading the transformation of the L.A. downtown skyline.
Downtown Los Angeles real estate city within a city.  A hotel and condominium tower, and 2 more condo towers for the second phase.  As chief executive of Chinese development firm Greenland USA, I Fei Chang is overseeing $6 billion worth of real estate development in the U.S., making her one of the biggest developers in the country.

     Dallas shooting ISIS attack

May 4, 2015 TEXAS -
 Two Muslim terrorists shot dead after opening fire outside a Curtis Culwell Center conference on Muhammad cartoons in Garland, Dallas, Texas.  The devils began shooting at a security officer before being killed by police.
Security had been high because Muslims are known to be dangerous, evil and insane.
The event was critical of Islam, and included a contest for Muhamed drawings.
Geert Wilders had been one of the keynote speakers at the event.

ISIS attack in Garland
Texas terrorists tweeted allegiance to ISIS during attack

Twitter account @atawaakul removed by Twitter.


Muslim fundraiser in Garland, Texas

NEW YORK cop shot
May 3, 2015  UPDATE
-  The wounded officer is reportedly expected to recover.
A plainclothes policeman is in critical condition after being shot in the head in New York.
Brian Moore was shot while attempting to question a suspect from his police car in Queens.
He and his partner were in an unmarked car when they saw a man adjust something on his belt.
The officer underwent surgery after the shooting.

Demitrius Blackwell was arrested about an hour after the incident.
Blackwell was recently paroled after serving 7 years in prison for attempted murder.
Suspecting he was carrying a gun, the officers approached him.
Blackwell removed the gun from his waistband and fired several times, striking Officer Moore in the head.

Chances are the lunatic media will mourn the death of the terrorists.   Twisted Evil

Obama obstruction, intimidation, and harassment
May 3, 2015
-  Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson said the Obama administration is the most controlling and least transparent administration in decades.  The White House is used to calling the shots.

The government pours tax dollars into programs likely to fail.
Their complaints have nothing to do with accuracy.
They controversalize a story to make it radioactive.

The frenzy results in a “soft censorship.”  Americans now “see a homogenized mix, a narrow slice of what’s happened,” thanks to White House overstepping its bounds.  Reporters who objected to Obama restricted access had little recourse except resigning.

40% rise in Global immigration to Israel in 2015
May 4, 2015
-  A rise in antisemitic attacks against Jews is driving them home.
Jewish immigration to Israel from around the world rose over 40 percent in the first three months of 2015, the UK’s Guardian reported.  6,499 Jews arrived in Israel between January and March, the vast majority of immigrants came from eastern Europe. 1,971 immigrants came from Ukraine, 1,515 from Russia.
French immigration to Israel rose by 11 percent, from Britain a 43 percent rise.

This is glorious!  Nowhere on earth is safe for Jews - not even USA!  GO HOME - to Israel!

Israel’s Economy Defies Logic
May 4, 2015 -  The Israeli economy is expanding beyond expectations, in defiance of the global economic slowdown.  That is the LORD GOD blessing His land and people!  Israel’s high-tech sector is in the midst of a boom. Israel has gained a global reputation as a technology innovation leader.
China is investing $millions in Israel.

Damascus suicide bomber
May 4, 2015
-  Suicide bomber blows himself up in heart of Damascus
A suicide bomber blew himself up in a neighborhood where major security compounds are housed.  The area is adjacent to key government installations and embassies.  The explosion rocked the residential and commercial quarters, which is a main crossroad of the city and is home to many Syrian Kurds.,7340,L-4653519,00.html

Isaiah 17 says Damascus will be utterly unlivable  - and the Syria 'rebels' which are Sunni jihadists and ISIS are using chemical weapons.

Golan shell injures UN soldiers
May 4, 2015 Monday
 Breaking News  -  Two wounded after mortar fire from Syria hits Israeli side of Golan Heights.  Two UN soldiers have been injured.

Shells landed near Quneitra in the Golan Heights. The IDF is examining the circumstances surrounding the incident to determine whether the mortar shells were a leakage of shooting from nearby fighting in Syria.

Golan news

Lake Ashi in Hakone, with Mount Fuji in the background.

Mount Hakone gushing steam
May 5, 2015
-  Gushing Steam throughout the Owakundani volcanic valley in Japan, about 40 miles West of Tokyo, and 23 miles East of Mount Fuji.  Many volcanic temblors have been measured since April 26 there, according to the officials.“  Japan has cut public access to the hot springs resorts, saying there is a possibility of eruption at Mount Hakone, which has not had a major eruption in 2,900 years.
Scenic Lake Ashi lies in Hakone volcano calderas.

7.5 mag earthquake Papua New Guinea, South Pacific
May , 2015
-  A powerful earthquake rattled Kokopo, Papua New Guinea, generating a small 3 foot tsunami near the epicenter, bringing down power lines and cracking walls, but causing no widespread damage.  The tsunami was seen in the harbor of Rabaul.   Rabaul was flattened by volcanic eruptions in 1994.  The quake was followed by a 5.9 magnitude aftershock.  The latest quake followed a series of seismic activity in the region in recent weeks but there had been no reports of major damage to buildings or infrastructure.

This is the THIRD PNG quake over 7.0 magnitude this week

5.6 quake New Zealand
May 4, 2015
 -  A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck near Wanaka, on New Zealand South Island.
Residents said it was VERY NOISY.  Ring of fire very active.
There are earthquakes under 4.0 all along the San Andreas fault USA
PNG had a couple huge quakes this month.

Recent volcano and earthquake report
May 5, 2015
-  Dahboo7  -  Undersea Volcano Erupts Off Oregon.  Magma on the move.
Axial Seamount, an active undersea volcano off the Oregon Coast began a new eruption.
The seafloor dropt 8 feet.  The volcano is located along the boundary between two tectonic plates — the Pacific Plate and the Juan de Fuca plate — about 300 miles west of Oregon.

The entire earth is very active the past 2 weeks
Earthquaes, storms, tornadoes, etc.


Poor Assad!
May 5, 2015
Debka report  -  Syria opposition (ISIS) are receiving heavy weapons from the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, so the bad guys - rebels - are winning against Bashar Assad’s army.  

ISIS has positions directly opposite Assad’s stronghold of Latakia and the Homs plain, and in southern Syria  Quneitra region opposite the Israeli Golan.  ISIS is armed with tanks, rocket launchers, antitank weapons, and vehicle-mounted antiaircraft machine guns and thousands of TOW missiles.  All the hardware has night-vision attachments.

Israel needs to distance Iran and Hizballah from its borders with Syria.
Saudi Arabia and USA seek Assad’s overthrow.
It is hard to see much good coming out of this Syrian policy!

If Assad falls, Hezbollah falls
Hezbollah terror chief Nasty Nasrallah admits Assad regime may never regain control over Syria.  
The fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his regime would also mean the fall of Hezbollah, said Hassan Nasrallah.,7340,L-4653868,00.html

Iran, Russia to dump Assad?
May 6, 2015
-  Hizballah terror chief Hassan 'Nasty' Nasrallah denied Iran and Russia had decided to quit backing Syrian President Bashar Assad.

HOW is this NOT world war 3 in Syria?  
Both Russia and Iran back Assad, and so does China in the background!
I dispense with phony groups names and call all the bad guys ISIS.

Hizballah hosts Fatah delegation on Israeli border tour
May 5, 2015
-  350 Fatah Muslim terrorists from North Lebanon were the guests of Hizballah on a tour of the Lebanon - Israeli border.  Palestinian terror chief Mahmoud Abbas is Fatah president.

Dis aint good - but aint no surprise.

Laughing    ISIS condemns Hamas
May 5, 2015
-  ISIS-Jerusalem in Gaza condemn Hamas on Twitter.
Does anyone else find that funny?  ISIS - Hamas is like looking in a mirror!  BOTH are worse!  !  They are BOTH Daesh!  Islam is Islam and muslims are terrorists - all of them!
They said Hamas are worse the Jews after Hamas demolished a Salafist mosque in Gaza and arrested one of ISIS-Jerusalem leaders.  They issued threats against Hamas targets if its prisoners were not released within 72 hours.

Twisted Evil   USA investment in Iran oil
May 5, 2015
-  USA to explore investment in Iran oil, removal of sanctions.
Sanctions are SUPPOSEDLY still in place.

Avigdor Lieberman quits
May 5, 2015
-  Avigdor Lieberman stepped down as foreign minister and withdrew his candidacy for the post in Binyamin Netanyahu’s next government, by taking his Yisrael Beitenu party out of coalition talks and opting for the opposition.  I sure dont see this as good!,7340,L-4653865,00.html

Aden, Yemen
May 4, 2015
 -  Saudi-led ground troops enter Aden.  The fighters in Aden are Yemenis.
Saudi-led ground troops deployed in Aden to support loyalist militia fighting Houti, more are on the way.
The ground troops, mostly Saudis and Emiratis of Yemeni origin, will focus on evicting Houthis from Aden  airport.  The ground forces have entered the airport.

     U. S. A  

USA granting rights and practices to HOMOSEXUAL SIN
results in the land itself rising up against the peoples in the nation!

Leviticus 18
Do not have sex with your sister
Do not have sex with your neighbor’s wife
Do not sacrifice your children to Molek (abortion)
Do not have sex with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
Do not have sex with an animal

Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, even the land was defiled so the land vomited out its inhabitants. If you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.

Texas Gov warns Obama on Jade Helm 15
May 5, 2015
-  The Federal government is preparing to conduct Jade Helm 15, a sinister multi-state military exercise throughout the US, and folks are nervous. The war simulation has been clouded in secrecy.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will have his Texas State Guard monitor the federal exercise to safeguard Texans’ constitutional rights, private property & civil liberties, letting Obama know that the fine men and women of the Texas State Guard will have eyes open.  Governor Abbott is doing his job making sure the Fed’s remember that they are actually accountable to somebody.

Hey, Hillary, Trey Gowdy doesnt want to dance
May 5, 2015
-  That’s how Judge Jeanine Pirro summed up the likely attitude of Gowdy who chairs the House Select Committee on Benghazi. The Clinton lame excuses demonstrably false.
Congressman Trey Gowdy, former prosecutor and a man who doesn’t take kindly to lies and the disregard of subpoenas, has Hillary between a rock and hard place, Pirro said.
“Hillary, you do not destroy evidence, you do not conceal evidence and you do not lie. Your Washington two-step is not going to work with Trey Gowdy, the tiger you poked in the eye when his committee sought your emails on Libya. I get why you wanted a private server. But you may just have outsmarted yourself.”
And now she’ll have to face the music.

Michigan earthquake a big deal
May 6, 2015 -
 A 4.2 is rare for Michigan.  A 4.2 earthquake is no big deal, but the quake in Kalamazoo County was noteworthy because so many felt it.  13,656 people from 5 states felt the quake.
The tremors were felt in parts of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin, plus southern Ontario.
The Michigan quake was one of 18 in the world on May 2 with a magnitude of at least 4.0.

California wavin
May 6, 2015
-  Surf advisory warns that some waves may reach 15-feet, powerful rip currents could pull swimmers out to sea.  Newport Beach, California is known for its powerful surf, but these waves are not standard for this area. They are from a major storm off the coast of New Zealand.

Israeli air attack near Khartoum?
May 6, 2015
-  Israeli war planes hit Scud factory, missile storehouses near Khartoum, destroying Iranian missile shipment.  Sudan denies.  Explosions heard in Omdurman, west of Khartoum. They are attributed to a missile attack to destroy long-range missiles.  In 2012, an air strike hit a large convoy in Sudan carrying weapons from Iran destined for Hamas Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Sudan claims it downed Israeli UAV north of Khartoum.
Hezbollah claims Sudan shot down an Israeli drone. Sudanese citizens reported hearing loud explosions during the night.  News reports foreign planes struck a target in Omdurman.,7340,L-4654271,00.html

October  2012  a Khartoum missile factory bombed and leveled by 4 warplanes was manufacturing Iranian Shehab missiles under license from Tehran.

Question    Iran navy chased USA ships off   Question  
May 6, 2015
-  Iran claims their destroyer chased off a U.S. warship and 2 aircraft that approached their ships in the Gulf of Aden.  2 Orion and the USS Winston Churchill destroyer were forced to turn around after the Iran ship issued warnings for them to change course.

Iran denied their navy vessels headed to Yemen changed their course.  Iran warships are currently sailing through Yemen’s Bab Al-Mandeb Straits which connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden.
Iranian ships are there to deliver weapons to Tehran’s Houthi proxies in Yemen.

         CUBA NEWS

Florida-Cuba ferry service
May 6, 2015
-  Passenger ferries may run between Florida and Cuba for the first time in 50 years after the US government approved new services.  Washington announced the restoration of diplomatic ties in 2014 December, and has now lifted the ban and some ferry companies say they have been given licences.

If all goes smoothly this could be up and running by September.
Havana Ferry Partners of Fort Lauderdale, Florida said it had a licence.
Ferries will also be allowed to transport cargo to Cuba.
JetBlue announced new charter flight service from New York City.

Cuba news

ISIS is winning - in the USA
May 7, 2015  
(edited) -  If this is where we stand on FREE SPEECH, the jihadists are winning!  
Megyn Kelly responded to criticism of the Texas Mohammed Art Exhibit by saying, “If this is where American sentiment stands on this issue, then the jihadis are officially winning.”
The organizers were trying to make a point about Muslim intolerance and about free speech principles on which the USA is supposed to stand firm, whether or not we like what is said.

FREE SPEECH is a value at the very core of who we are. The group holding this contest was not on TV, it was holding a private event behind closed doors to make a point about liberty.

THANK GOD the Muslim jihadis who wanted to massacre Americans were shot dead by a quick-reacting police officer on scene.
There has been an INEXCUSABLE rush to condemn the event organizers - WITHOUT mention of the true criminals, the Muslim jihadists who sought to murder Americans over a cartoon!

The event organizers are condemned for being 'provocative' and even inviting their own attempted murder.

The FBI had been aware of Garland, Texas jihadist attacker Elton Simpson for 10 years, but they did not follow his violent, pro-jihad tweets because “there are so many like him” that the agency is overwhelmed.
I dont accept FBI too busy to keep tabs on Muslim jihadists in USA!  That is a load of crap!
The whitehouse and DC and DHS are full of Muslim jihadists!  GOD HELP US!

Simpson left a long paper trail Simpson of engaging with jihadists online.
Simpson was a convert to Islam with a long history of extremism.

Muslim jihadists - affiliated with ISIS - Simpson and his roommate, Nadir Soofi, attacked a private art contest in Garland, Texas armed with assault rifles and body armor.
THANK GOD they were neutralized by an officer, a HERO!

ISIS are Twittering all day long with jihadists in USA!
There are at least 71 active ISIS jihadis in the United States trained to kill.
There are far more than 71 - in all states.

71 ISIS in 15 states
ISIS doesn’t need a Mohammed cartoon excuse to wreak havoc in America.

ISIS death threats against Pamela Geller
ISIS has now issued death threats against Pamela Geller, the organizer of the cartoon contest.
Please realize the headquarters of ISIS-USA is in whitehouse-DC.
ISIS has trained terrorists in Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan.

Obama Brown Shirts, Martial law, police state USA, SS squad
Are they Muslim jihadits - ISIS?

Leviticus 18
Do not have sex with your sister
Do not have sex with your neighbor’s wife
Do not sacrifice your children to Molek (abortion)
Do not have sex with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
Do not have sex with an animal

Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, even the land was defiled so the land vomited out its inhabitants. If you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.

Obama is Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, ISIS, jihadist

USA granting rights and practices to HOMOSEXUAL SIN
results in the land itself rising up against the peoples in the nation!

Obama SS squad
California rogue police force
May 7, 2015
-  Three people have been charged in California with impersonating law enforcement officers after claiming jurisdiction in 33 states.  One is an aide to California's attorney general.
They said they belonged to Masonic Fraternal Police.  
(Barak Hussein Obama is a 33 degree mason.)

Their web page reads. "We are born into this Organization, our bloodlines go deeper than an application."
(illuminati, nephilim, Obama's SS squads he promised in 2008)
Uniforms, weapons and vehicles were found in premises linked to them.
Brandon Kiel, David Henry and Tonette Hayes were arrested on 30 April and released later that day.

Obama brown shirts, nazis, ISIS
July 2, 2008 in Boulder, Colorado Obama promised the creation of a “Civilian National Security Force just as powerful and well funded as the US Military.”
A private army is necessary to control the masses.
Oath Keepers formed, loyal to American citizens and the U.S. Constitution because of Obama's vow.  Obama wants a gang loyal to him alone.  Loyal only to the beast.
Several DNC run factcheck website deny Obama said this, but video of him proves he did.

Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong
and the one who is filthy, still be filthy
and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness
and the one who is holy, still keep himself holy.
Revelation 22:11

Obama Brown Shirts, Martial law, police state USA, SS squad
Obama brown shirts, nazis, ISIS

     U. S. A  

Oath Keepers STOP Feds in Oregon
April 2015
- Oath Keepers Muster in Oregon to prevent 139-Year-Old Gold Mines from being seized by BLM.
Oath Keepers from around the country set up camp in the Galice Mining District near Merlin, Oregon in preparation for another standoff with the BLM, this time local miners.
The Feds ordered the miners to evacuate the premises by April 25.

Bureau of Land Management ordered local miners working at the Sugar Pine Mining Claim in the Galice Mining District near Merlin to vacate the property that locals have mined for the past 139 years.
The owners of the claim contacted the Oath Keepers who then called for militia members to gather at the mining claim to ensure that the Bureau of Land Management respects the miners’ Fifth Amendment right to due process.

In 1876 congress let Sugar Pine Mining establish their own rules and regulations.
BLM lacks the authority to regulate the mines.

Feds stealing private land

Baltimore's Hasty Prosecutor
May 7, 2015  -  Police charges in Freddie Gray case are FRAUD
Mosby’s determination to prosecute the police outweighed any sense.

 Page Croyder said - Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby charging 6 Baltimore police officers after the death of Freddie Gray reflects either incompetence or an unethical recklessness.
Alan Dershowitz sharply criticized her for using her charging power as "crowd control."  The charges wont stick.
Any prosecutor interested in justice would have used all the tools at her disposal.  Mosby ignored them. Her mind was made up before filing charges, she failed to make use of the grand jury to test the 'evidence.'
Mosby locked up two completely innocent officers.  She falsely claimed the knife that Freddie Gray had was legal.  In fact it was illegal.  Mosby had no probable cause to lock up the arresting officers.

Many busses hauled hundreds of soldiers to Baltimore.  
May 4, 2015
 Dahboo7  -  Military vehicles staged also.
Huge military camp set up between Baltimore stadiums.
Most busses are white, some medium or dark bluish.

May 5 the mayor cancelled the national guarad and curfew

Maryland state news

Evil or Very Mad   EVIL
Obama backs Palestinian state at UN
May 7, 2015
-  Barack Hussein Obama has given the green light to European governments to file a UN Security Council motion proclaiming an independent Palestinian state. It will be passed by an overwhelming majority and therefore be binding on the Israeli government.

United Nations

Sad  Deal finally signed
May 7, 2015
-  And its a really BAD deal.  Bibi will have no freedom.
A final coalition deal has been signed between Likud and Jewish Home.
Jewish Home party entered the coalition and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to serve a fourth term as premier.  Home chairman Naftali Bennett will be appointed both Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister, as well as Netanyahu's security cabinet.,7340,L-4654766,00.html


Thousands celebrate Lag BaOmer
May 7, 2015 -  Tunisia hosts Jewish pilgrimage
Lag BaOmer on Mount Meron, lighting a bonfire at tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.
Lag BaOmer is a Jewish holiday celebrating a kabala rabbi.,7340,L-4654576,00.html,7340,L-4654529,00.html

Lag B'Omer Special
The significance of the holiday, Arutz Sheva

DID Iran chase US Warship away?
May 7, 2015
-  Iran releases Maersk Tigris container ship and its crew.
Iran navy confronted US vessel and several aircraft, causing them to change direction off the coast of Yemen.  Iran has now threatened to sell the captured Maersk ship, if its owners refuse to pay a hefty fine - despite it having been seized in international waters.
US Navy stops accompanying commercial ships through the Strait of Hormuz.,7340,L-4654554,00.html,7340,L-4654719,00.html


Syrian army captures area on Lebanon border
May 7, 2015
-  The Syrian army and Hezbollah captured a mountainous area on Syrian border with Lebanon and killed dozens of terrorists.  The area is a strategic position that overlooks Lebanese border towns.
Hezbollah targets al Qaeda gathering along border.  Lebanese Hezbollah targeted leaders of Syria's Nusra front near Lebanon's eastern border with Syria.  Hellzballah are an ally of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.,7340,L-4654803,00.html,7340,L-4654468,00.html


Obama  to Offer Saudis Bunker Buster Bombs and THAAD
May 7, 2015
-  Saudi Arabia may get bunker buster bombs to ease regional fears over the Iran nuclear deal.  They may not be effective against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Election 2015 - BRITS  VOTE
May 7, 2015
-  Britain national election is expected to produce an ambiguous result
Thats how the Israeli election turned out too.  Not good.
Polls predict a hung Parliament in which no party has a majority.,7340,L-4654688,00.html


EARTH watch May 7, 2015

Large sinkhole caves in at Boone Dam in Tennessee
May 5, 2015  
Dahboo7 -  Sinkhole has sunk further, we have water coming through dam upstream of nuclear plants.  Continued flow could destabilize dam, Section caved in.
Everything below 160 feet will be affected if the Boone Dam goes.

AND west TN in new madrid fault area had a small quake - entire NMFZ been shaking - on or near - all the way from Michigan to the Gulf.  Boone Reservoir is located on the South Fork Holston River in northeast Tennessee.


7.2 quake Papua New Guinea AGAIN!

3.4 quake Bryant, Washington, SE of Vancouver, Canada

4.4 quake Guatemala, SW of Suchiate, Mexico

C E R N the Opening of the Abyss
May 7, 2015
-  2015 is being called the International year of Light (LUCIFER means light-bearer, illuminati are ready - now.)
Witches called 'scientists' reactivate CERN, the Large Hadron Collider in an attempt to explore the origins of the Universe, God particle, extra dimensions where demons exist.

CERN could lead to the fulfilment of prophetic events spoken of in Revelation chapter 9, the unlocking and opening of the abyss where demons are loosed on the earth.

The Hindu (false) god Shiva destroys - so the Hindu (false) god Braham can recreate.
The temple of Shiva was destroyed in the Nepal quake.  hmmm
March 14 dances to Shiva at CERN - Swiss-France border area
This is a frightening, crazy video, because of its Satanic possibilities.
The pastor is Charles Lawson.  Be careful DISCERN ALL

CERN, Hadron, Higgs boson, LHC God particle

And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth
and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit / abyss.
Revelation 9

         U. S. A  

Evil or Very Mad    Virginia - Satan in schools
May 8, 2015
-  Fairfax County, Virginia School Board adds SIN to policies

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil!
Isaiah 5:20


Atlantic storm Ana
Subtropical storm Ana was located 170 miles SE of Myrtle Beach, Virginia with 45 mph maximum sustained winds, moving NW.  A tropical storm watch in effect for Carolinas.
Winds and surf will increase from Virginia Beach, Virginia, to Daytona Beach, Florida, through the weekend.
The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins June 1.

Leviticus 18
Do not have sex with your sister
Do not have sex with your neighbor’s wife
Do not sacrifice your children to Molek (abortion)
Do not have sex with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
Do not have sex with an animal

Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, even the land was defiled so the land vomited out its inhabitants. If you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.

USA granting rights and practices to HOMOSEXUAL SIN
results in the land itself rising up against the peoples in the nation!

Do not give the devil a foothold.  Ephesians 4:27

Congress gets oversight of Iran deal
May 8, 2015
-  The US Senate voted for a bipartisan bill that would let Congress review any final deal with Tehran.  Iran would be required to roll back its nuclear program in exchange for relief from the sanctions.  The measure, to be voted on in the House next week, is a watered down version of the original bipartisan bill, which would have subjected the accord to congressional approval.

The only senator to vote against the bill was Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton who objected on the grounds that the legislation does not require a final nuclear agreement to be submitted as a treaty requiring Senate approval.  US Senate passed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, which would give Congress a 30-day period to review a final nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

The bill’s next step is a vote in the House of Representatives before it reaches Obama’s desk.
Obama is expected to approve the bill.
Obama is known for being lawless and doing as he pleases, so I do not see this bill as meaningfull.,7340,L-4655123,00.html

Geneva-Lausanne nuclear deal w/Iran

I do my best but so much news is meaningless

The whole world is being run by the Beast NOW - we just do not know who he is yet, he is not "revealed."  The Beast has run the USA and the world for several years, how many unknown.

One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed,
and the whole earth marveled (wondered) as they followed the beast.
Revelation 13:3

2 Palestinians caught on way to Jerusalem with machine gun
May 8, 2015
-  Israeli police detained two Palestinians carrying a loaded machine gun after chasing them.  Their weapon was ready to fire.

Houthis target Saudi cities
May 8, 2015
-  Saudi General Ahmed Asseri said the Houthis targeted Saudi cities, and vowed to go after leaders.
Houthis shelled Najran, Arabia on border with Yemen.

Saudi FM proposes Yemen ceasefire if the Houthis comply.  lol - good luck!   Laughing

USA training ISIS - again
May 8, 2015
-  USA training and funding and probably arming ISIS (90 to 400 Syrian rebels) in Jordan, as in 2013, now they are repeating the evil error!,7340,L-4655182,00.html

Saudi Arabia and Turkey to topple Assad
May 8, 2015
-  Saudi Arabia and Turkey plan to overthrow Syrian ruler Bashar Assad. Turks are giving ISIS (Syrian rebels) intelligence and the Saudis funds for arms.,7340,L-4655181,00.html

WHY do they want Assad gone?  Because he let Christians worship in peace.
Some news I hate to read or report, but GOD IS IN CONTROL!



UK election conservative majority
May 8, 2015
-  Exit polls gave British Conservatives huge lead over Labor.
UK Conservatives currently at 296 seats with over 85% of votes counted.
David Cameron says he hopes to govern for all of the UK as a BBC forecast gives the Tories 329 seats - enough to form a slender majority in the Commons.
His party made gains in England and Wales, including taking Ed Balls' seat.
Exit polls project incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron to have come out far in the lead.

Labour leader Ed Miliband to resign after crushing defeat (RT)
Ed Miliband is expected to stand down later after Labour was wiped out by the SNP in Scotland.
Ed Miliband had a "difficult and disappointing" night

Conservative 329, Labour 234
The Conservatives are expected to have won a 37% share of the national vote
Cameron all but declared victory with intent to press referendum on Britain's membership of the EU.,7340,L-4655138,00.html

Virulent Anti-Israel MPs ousted in UK Election
Galloway and Ward, MPs with history of anti-Semitic comments, lose their spots in elections, proving 'Jew-baiting doesn't pay.'  But the radical MP announced his intentions to run for the post of London Mayor.

Britain, UK news

​China, Russia navies in Mediterranean
May 8, 2015
-  Chinese warships Linyi and Weifang join Russian Navy in Black Sea, Mediterranean for historic drill.  They took part in Russian Victory Day celebrations. This is the first time Chinese warships will have entered the Russian Black Sea base.  They will conduct joint exercises with Russia in the Mediterranean.
The ships will head to the Mediterranean May 12 for joint drills with Russian forces for a week.
9 ships are scheduled to take part.


Russia & China
May 9, 2015
-  China President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin to sign economic deals.  China took part in the V-Day celebration, military parade in Moscow demonstrating new Russian weapons.  China and Russia are strengthening cooperation. Russia sees China as a major importer of energy in decades to come.

Victory Day parade in Moscow

VE Day
May 9, 2015
-  VE Day marked in Washington DC with WW2 aircraft flypast.
Victory in Europe Day was commemorated in the US with a flypast over the Washington Memorial, featuring many original aircraft from the Second World War.  It included the only B29 bomber still flying, the same model of plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, ending the global conflict.

     U. S. A  

America’s Final Warning from GOD
God will punish America for legalizing queerage

Jonathan Cahn spoke at the Washington Man of Prayer event held at the U.S. Capitol.
He had a fiery warning about what will happen to America if the U.S. Supreme Court dares to defy Almighty God.

America has had MANY final warnings -
this probably really is the FINAL

Muslims are winning the demographic WAR.
Christian / western culture is dying/dead

Driverless cars are crashing on roads
May 11, 2015 -  Kept secret.  Another Obama failure!

Four of the self-driving cars in California have gotten into accidents since September.
Two accidents happened while the cars were in control.
3 involved Lexus SUVs.
The fact that the accidents troubles were kept secret is concerning.

Security raised at US military bases at home over jihadist threat
May 8, 2015
-  The Pentagon raised its protection from level Alpha to Bravo for military bases after FBI reported that ISIL is recruiting thousands of potential terrorists in the US.   The heightened security level followed the foiled attack in Garland, Texas.

Ted Cruz concerned about Jade Helm 15
May 9, 2015
-  Ted Cruz echoed the concerns of many citizens as to the intentions of the Federal Government, which include WalMarts, and have made some wonder whether Texas is a particular target.

When the federal government attacks free speech rights, religious liberty and second amendment rights, it creates fear and distrust of the government.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has asked the Texas State Guard to monitor all U.S. military activity in Texas.
We have seen the Obama Administration disrespecting the liberty of U.S. citizens consistently.

The Obama mafia have demonstrated that it is untrustworthy

Jade Helm
May 8, 2015
-  They are preparing for something huge - Walmart, Jade Helm, USNORTHCOM.  There appears to be a China connection.  Its hard to know what is hype and whats not, but NEVER trust the Obama mafia!

Jade Helm

May 9, 2015
-  House Select Committee on Benghazi plans to interview 3 top aides to former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Chairman Trey Gowdy blamed the Obama administration for delays.
It is difficult to conduct an investigation when the Administration impedes the Committee’s progress.
The largest impediment is the Executive Branch (0bama mafia) itself.

Gowdy wants Clinton to appear and 60 others including Susan Rice, Patrick Kennedy and Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan and Huma Abedin.
Clinton has indicated she is willing to appear before the panel, but only once. Gowdy and the committee have requested two sessions.

The White House still stonewalling, refuses to cooperate with the Benghazi Committee.
Obama mafia not releasing requested documents.

If Gowdy gets EVERYTHING, Brak Obama, Hellary, and others go to jail for TREASON.

BENGHAZI Libya Coverup, Select Committee

Volcanic activity

Hundreds flee Mount Karangetang volcano
May 9, 2015
-  Large eruption of Mount Karangetang in Sulawesi Indonesia, over 500 people evacuated.

Volcano activity in Indonesia follows announcements that Bulusan Volcano in the Philippines is showing signs of eruption  as well as Mount Hakone in Japan showing signs after being dormant for 800 years!
May 8 there were 11 eruptions in one day at Sakurajima Volcano in South Japan.
Clearly the West Pacific is on the move.


California pressure
May 8, 2015  
-  May 1 - 8 earthquakes reveals tremendous seismic pressure building in the Southwest / West coast of the United States.  Movement begins around MULTIPLE dormant volcanoes along the US West coast.
Underwater eruptions are occurring off the West coast of Oregon.
Mono Lake Supervolcano earthquakes in east central California along the Nevada border.

3.7M earthquake near Mount Baker volcano in Washington State, May 7 2015:

May 9, 2015
-  West Yellowstone dormant volcanic activity rising.
MAY 9 a 3.0 earthquake occurred at the Westernmost portion of the upper Yellowstone magma chamber.
May 8th earthquakes in California at dormant volcanic locations.
Volcanic eruptions occurring off the Oregon coast.
The magma chamber extends far West into Idaho, and North into Montana.

ITALY earthquakes, volcanoes
May is seeing some earth activity here too, all over the Mediterranean.
Quakes usually warn of volcanic eruption

Ana strengthens
May 9, 2015
-  Mother's Day weekend Tropical Storm Ana to lash Carolina Coast.
Tropical storm warning expanded for Carolinas as Ana strengthens
Sub-tropical storm Ana southeast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour.

Typhoon Noul
May 9, 2015
-  Thousands evacuated in Philippines as Typhoon Noul approaches Luzon. The storm is predicted to reach category 4 with winds reaching 195 kilometers an hour. After lashing NE Philippines on Sunday, the storm is expected to head to Japan.


2 Hattiesburg police officers killed
May 10, 2015  Mississippi  
-  Officers Benjamin J. Deen, 34, and Liquori Tate, 24, were shot and killed during a traffic stop in Hattiesburg, Miss.  Black brothers Curtis and Marvin Banks killed them.
The Banks brothers are in custody Sunday .
God bless their families and friends.  Tate was so proud to be an officer.

Mississippi state news

Ole Nuke York
May 10, 2015 -  Nuclear plant unit north of New York City
shuts down after transformer failure.
A unit at Indian Point nuclear plant in Buchanan, New York state, was shut down following a transformer failure.  Several emergency calls reported a loud noise at the plant.
Unit 3 at the plant was shut down following the transformer failure.,7340,L-4655529,00.html

Transformer Failure At Indian Point Nuclear Plant In New York Sends Smoke Into The Air

New York news

Hail of a  Mother's Day

Carolina Coast to Endure Brunt of Tropical Storm Ana
May 10, 2015
-  Tropical storm moves onto the Carolinas coast today.
Ana is a strong tropical storm.

Severe storms threaten from Iowa to Texas
May 10, 2015
 -  Severe weather will continue with severe thunderstorms, winds, hail, lightning and tornadoes.

Tornadoes across plains on Saturday in Texas, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma. In Cisco, Texas, one person was killed and homes were damaged.

Lightning Strike Causes Massive Gas Well Explosion
May 8, 2015
Lightning struck a gas well in Denton, Texas, causing a massive explosion and fire. video


Yemen truce
Iran to send cargo ship to Yemen
May 9, 2015
-  An Iranian cargo ship will head to Yemen port of Hodeida.
It probably has arms hidden in goods for the Houthi - Iran has a long history of doing that.
A 5 day truce, cease-fire has been accepted to begin Tuesday, May 11th.

North Korea tested submarine missile
May 9, 2015
-  North Korea has test-fired a new ballistic missile from a submarine.
This is an alarming development as missiles fired from submerged vessels are harder to detect before launch than land-based ones.

The whole world is being run by the Beast NOW - we just do not know who he is yet, he is not "revealed."  The Beast has run the USA and the world for several years, how many unknown.

One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed,
and the whole earth marveled (wondered) as they followed the beast.
Revelation 13:3

ISIS attacks hospital
May 11, 2015 -  I call ALL these jihadists ISIS
Huge blast as video captures detonation of car bomb near hospital.
Assad loyalists barricaded in a hospital in Idlib province in NW Syria to fight ISIS.
The Idlib area is vital.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had pledged to rescue them.,7340,L-4655877,00.html

Hezbollah claims border
May 11, 2015
-  Hezbollah claimed they had pushed the rebels out of the Qalamoun mountain region near the Syrian-Lebanese border, but at a high cost.  Rebels claimed to have killed dozens of Hellzballah and Assad’s officers.

Hezbollah claimed a successful operation in taking the largest rebels base.
Hezbollah had reportedly been planning to launch an offensive in the area, but was ambushed by rebels.
The Qalamoun mountain range between Syria and northeastern Lebanon was an anti-Assad rebel stronghold until battles this week.

SYRIA Qalamoun battle
May 9, 2015
-  Battle for the Qalamoun Mountains on the Syrian-Lebanese border.
Qalamoun is do-or-die for President Bashar Assad, Hellzballah chief Hassan Nasrallah and Iran Gen. Ghassem (Qassem) Soleimani.
They are fighting ISIS-Al Qaeda Syria (same Daesh) who are joined by the United States Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and the UAE.
I DOUBT chemical weapons reports - unless the Daesh used them.

Saudi King Salman to miss summit in USA
May 11, 2015
-  Saudi Arabia King Salman will not attend a May 12 summit of heads of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) at Camp David.  Crown Prince Nayef and the king's son, Prince Salman will attend. The decision marks a diplomatic snub.  The White House had said Obama would meet one-on-one with Salman.  King Salman has not traveled abroad since his ascension to the throne in January.
Bahrain King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa also opted not to attend. Bahrain is close with Saudi.
The rulers of Kuwait and Qatar have been confirmed.
Kuwait is seeking to purchase 28 F-18 fighter jets.

Saudi king, GCC rulers snub Obama summit
May 11, 2015
-  Saudi King Salman’s last-minute cancellation of his White House summit with Obama is seen as a calculated snub for Obama.  Obama’s Gulf summit teetered after Kerry failed to sell King Salman the 0bama plan to protect Gulf against Iranian missiles.  Saudis complained about the lack of US naval protection in the Strait of Hormuz, the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb and the Gulf of Aden. DUH!  US ships fled from Iran!

This is interesting. WHY isnt he traveling?  Is it just a snub?  Its rumored he has dementia.
Perhaps Saudis dont want him to make a fool of himself outside Arabia.


Plane crash in the Heartland
May 11, 2015
-  A vision posted in my forum.
I saw a Southwest Airlines plane fall from the sky, it is related to Kansas - somehow.
I kept hearing American Airlines, mechanical malfunction.
If this crash happens, it results in a very great death toll, many of them are children.
God said, "I will warn many of them not to put their children on the plane, but they will refuse to listen."

Sensitize yourselves to GODs Voice!!  AND OBEY IT!
I have heard testimonies from so many who obeyed His Voice - even when it seemed irrational - and been thankful later that they did.  I have no idea about this vision.  Pray about it.

Jerusalem Day parade
May 12, 2015
-  Jerusalem Day march is scheduled for May 17, a national holiday commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem after the Six Day War in 1967.  Last year Palestinian terrorists attacked Jews for parading the flag of Israel in Israel.,7340,L-4656351,00.html

Should Lions Gate be reopened for Jerusalem Day?
Minister Uri Ariel calls for police to reopen the Lion's Gate and allow tens of thousands of celebrants to march through Jerusalem Day.
Closing the Lions Gate Jerusalem radiates weakness and reflects a lack of Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Open the Gates to the Temple

Saudi strike force on Yemen border

May 12, 2015
-  Saudi Arabia strike force on Yemen border after Houti shelled Najran causing civilian casualties. A ceasefire begins tonight.  (quit laughing!)

Saudis hit Sanaa
Saudi air strikes pounded Sanaa hours before a truce was set to begin.
They hit a Houthi base.  Houthi positions in Aden also bombed.


Bin Laden raid is 'full of lies'
11 May 2015
Seymour Hersh said the US raid that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was a joint operation between the USA and Pakistani military.  At the heart of Hersh's article is the allegation that Bin Laden was under Pakistani protection with the financial assistance of Saudi Arabia.

I dont believe the Obama lies - or Hersh's either.
Either bin Laden died at Tora Bora in 2002 - or he is alive in Arabia.


Denmark moves closer to a cashless society
7 May 2015
 -  In 2016 some business should no longer be legally bound to accept cash PAYMENTS.
Denmark has moved one step closer to becoming a cashless society, as the government proposes scrapping the obligation for retailers to accept cash as payment.
Danes are already moving away from paper and metal money.
Almost a third of them use an app called MobilePay.

5 of Sweden's 6 big banks now operate cashless branches where possible, cases of card fraud have doubled in the last decade.  Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland lead the world in cashless payments.

Russia China Asian Bank
May 12, 2015
-  Russia to play a role in the China Bank AIIB.
Russia founding State of China-Led Development Bank.
Russia will encourage investments into infrastructure projects in Siberia and the Far East.
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is an international financial institution proposed by China in 2014 to  provide finance to infrastructure projects in the Asia region.
40 countries, including Australia, South Korea, Britain, France, Germany and Italy to sign up to the AIIB, with Japan and the United States the two notable absentees.
April 14 2015 Russia joined the AIIB as a founding member.

7.3 earthquake  Kathmandu, Nepal
May 12, 2015
-  There are people trapped near the Chabad house.
Another massive 7.3 earthquake strikes Nepal, epicenter near Everest base camp.
The earthquake destroyed buildings in Chautara, east of Kathmandu.  3 major landslides were reported in Sindhupalchowk district.  The Nepalese police tweeted that the public should remain in open areas, clear the roads for emergency crews, and to refrain from making phone calls as the networks were busy.

I was with some friends in a restaurant and suddenly the whole earth shook and things fell on the floor.  The locals immediately closed the stores and ran home, and they're hysterical.

Its the second major quake here in 3 weeks, with aftershocks rippling through Nepal, India.
The 7.8 earthquake on April 25 killed over 8,0 people and injured more than 17,800.

Nepal quake

How Beautiful Upon the Mountains

Amazing Grace, bagpipes

Hell and destruction are never full so the eyes of man are never satisfied.
Proverbs 27:20


Yemen - showdown or not?
Iran warships accompany cargo ship
US warns Iran, Iran warns US
May 12, 2015
-  US navy is monitoring the Iran warships accompanying Shahed cargo vessel to Yemen.  They warned the Iran ships to change course for Djibouti where the UN has set up a Yemen aid center.

Iran warns Saudis, US against targeting Yemen aid ship
The Saudis inspect all ships trying to enter Yemeni ports.  
Saudi and Egyptian warships are patrolling international waters off Yemen.  

Iran warned the Saudis that attacking an Iran aid ship will spark a fire.
FACT  -  Its Iran who has been sparking the fire!  If the Shahed is truly carrying only aid, not weapons, they should not object to delivering the aid to Djibouti.,7340,L-4656728,00.html

Evil ICC threatens Israel
May 13, 2015
-  ICC evil prosecutor Fatou Bensouda says if Israel does not hand over information on Gaza op, she will be forced to open full-scale 'war crimes' investigation.  Fatou Bensouda said she hadn't received any information from either side about the 2014 war in Gaza.  Bensouda warned Israel that if it didn't provide reliable information on Operation Protective Edge, she would open a full-scale investigation based solely on Palestinian claims of Israeli war crimes.  I may go with just Palestinian claims, she said.
ICC is not impartial, its anti-GOD and anti-Israel.

ICC, Hague

Question    Hassan has a heart? attack
May 12, 2015
-  Hezbollah terror chief Nasty Nasrallah was admitted to Beirut hospital after suffering a stroke or heart attack.  He is expected to give a speech on May 24.  February 2013 he was rumored to have cancer.,7340,L-4656523,00.html

Motorbike terrorists kill 47 on a bus
May 13, 2015  Karachi  
-  47 killed on a Karachi bus by Muslim terrorists on motorbikes.  The Pakistan Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

       U. S. A  

US Navy jet crashes in Persian Gulf
May 12, 2015
-  Navy Super Hornet F-18 strike fighter crashes in Persian Gulf, crew safely recovered.
F-18 launched from the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71).
The 2 men ejected out of the aircraft and were safely recovered without serious injury by crew aboard the USS Roosevelt.
The plane lost power shortly after takeoff from Roosevelt and is a total loss.
The F/A-18 is part of Squadron 211 based at Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia, and assigned to Carrier Air Wing One.

USA helicopter crashed in Nepal
May 13, 2015
-  A US Marine helicopter on earthquake relief duty was declared missing May 12 with 8 personnel on board.  It had just dropped off supplies.  It had mentioned a fuel problem on the radio.

U.S. helicopter and 8 bodies found
May 15, 2015 UPDATE
-  The wreckage of a US military helicopter has been found, no survivors.
Six US marines and two Nepali soldiers were on board.
The helicopter wreckage was found 56km (35 miles) from Kathmandu on a mountain, at an elevation of 3,383m (11,100 feet).
Ground troops are now being deployed to search the wreckage.

Rescue resumes

Parliament empties as quake hits chamber

US Military plane crashs

PRAY for Nepal
they are doubting their false gods, and turning to Christians.


Honeybee Deaths
May 14, 2015
-  A prolonged and mysterious die-off of the honeybees is worrisome both to beekeepers and to farmers who depend on the insects to pollinate their crops, apparently worsened in 2014.  Colonies remain in poor health, and overall death rates remain much higher than in the past.
About 5,000 beekeepers reported losing 42% of their colonies in a 12-month period.

Bees mysteriously dying worldwide

GMO crops may contribute to bee deaths

Monsanto is poisoning bees and people

6.8 quake Japan
May 12, 2015
-  A 6.8-magnitude earthquake has struck NE of Tokyo off the coast of northeastern Japan Honshu island in the Pacific Ocean.  Large areas jolted today were among those damaged by the 2011 quake and tsunami.
Dutch Sinse predicted this quake the previous day.

Dutch Sinse predicting quakes

EARTH watch


CANAMEX, NAU Pan American hiway Mexico to Canada

North American Union and CANAMEX Highways
CANAMEX Corridor, Pan American highway Mexico to Canada.
Part of NAU, North American Union and TPP, trans Pacific partnership
When it is a corridor it is globalist and bad.

From Wikipedia
The CANAMEX corridor is a corridor linking Canada to Mexico through the United States. The corridor was established under the North American Free Trade Agreement.  Its proposed for use by railroads, pipelines and fiber optic telecommunications infrastructure.  The United States portion of the highway was established as a High Priority Corridor. The treaty establishes that the CANAMEX highway will be upgraded to at least 4 lanes along its entire length.  The CANAMEX Corridor was also specified by NAFTA to include a railroad systems.

CANAMEX, Highway to hell?
 -  Projects such as highways, mines, pipelines, etc., are detrimental to the environment and health, and often lead to displacement, with disproportionately damaging effects on indigenous people.  It would bring more traffic and pollution to the areas.  CANAMEX Corridor links Alberta, Canada with Mexico, running through Arizona and 4 other states of the U.S.  The Sun Corridor and CANAMEX already exist, utilizing existing freeways and rails, though they will not be considered completed without growth, expansion, and development unless it’s stopped.

Bundy was only the tip of the Iceberg, They'll be back

Are the TPP and Jade Helm Inter-related?
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is one of the most insidious bypasses of our system that I have ever seen.  The TPP confers almost absolute authority on Obama.
Secret Deal Could Contain a Myriad of Gun Restrictions, Ammo Bans!
Obama gun control and possibly the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty within the TPP.
Jade Helm military exercises summer 2015 - “Master the Human Domain”

Nevada UFO Highway 375
Nevada State Highway 375 stretches for 98 miles from US-93 in the southeast to US-6 in the northwest. It crosses 3 high desert valleys in south central Nevada. Except for a couple of ranches, the town of Rachel is the only settlement along the way.

Nevada State Highway 375 was officially named the Extraterrestrial Highway in 1996 for the many UFO sightings along this stretch of road. The highway is near Area 51, a USAF test facility.  Hwy 375 is the fastest connection between Yosemite National Park, Zion National Park and Grand Canyon.
* I dont know if this is related to CANAMEX or not.,_Nevada

Reference other links

TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership, World Trade Ctr

APEC Asia-Pacific Summit * TPP

North American Union / SPP

Jade Helm

Bundy - Feds BLM tries to steal land
Bundy was only the tip of the iceberg

The whole world is being run by the Beast NOW - we just do not know who he is yet, he is not "revealed."
The Beast has run the USA and the world for several years, how many unknown.

One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed,
and the whole earth marveled (wondered) as they followed the beast.
Revelation 13:3

Storm clouds are gathering
For the 666 BEAST empire to rise, America must fall.
Barak Hussein Obama has step by step been INTENTIONALLY
signing the Death Warrant of the United States of America

HARBINGER  -  apostacy  (churchs accept sin)
HARBINGER -   abortions
HARBINGER -   queerage
HARBINGER  -  lawlessness

HARBINGER  -  Abandoning Israel
THIS is a major HARBINGER of doom

Evil Vatican recognizes ‘State of Palestine’
I have to wonder if GOD will soon destroy the Vatican with a major earthquake.
This frankenpope will then move to Jerusalem.  

Obama/USA will vote for a 'State of Palestine’ at the UN.
His venomous, Satanic hatred of Israel has shown for 6 years.
Abandoning Israel heaps more judgment!

Shemitah and blood moons are HARBINGERS.
The Shemitah is a harbinger, a sign.  All harbingers are not doom.  
The 4 blood moons are an 18 month harbinger, a sign - but of what - good or bad?  
Looks pretty BAD to me!  USA and the world have broken ALL GOD's laws!

SHEMITAH, Countdown to calamity
I have put this together, just included links for ideas.

The Shemitah (Sabbath year) began in 2014 at sundown September 24th
with the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year,
and concludes Sept. 13, 2015.  
It could hold severe consequences for the future of the United States of America

Jonathan Cahn's Shemitah predications along with the 4 blood moons.
Cahn is not the only Christian leader who sees judgment on the horizon for America.
Many others have all spoken out with words of warning in recent months.
Anne Graham Lotz issued a “Mayday” alert for Americans full of pure pre-trib rapture nonsense!  
All of Cahn's tragedies can occur and there be no pre-trib rapture.  (TRUE!)

Lotz believes the U.S.A. is careening headlong toward judgment and its going to be ugly.
About that much she is right.  Prayer WILL NOT save America - PERIOD.  This nation has gone too far.  
Judgment is set.


A pre-tribulation rapture is among the WORST of Satan's hoaxes.
Read your bible, believe and obey it, live holy, Jesus Christ forgives TODAY, go to Him today and live pure. Stand strong, stand against SIN. The mark is nigh.
The Beast is in control of the whole world system NOW.
GOD IS IN CONTROL OF SATAN, but has given him a short period of history.

Barak Obama, the last US president
Daniel 7:25

America's Final *FINAL!* WARNINGS

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is a Messianic Jewish pastor and author of “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of the Shemitah”

Read this and the Comments, too

Vatican Officially Recognizes ‘State of Palestine’ in New Treaty May 2015

Harbinger and Shemitah, 5 pages

Blood moons

Many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another.
And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.
And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.
But the one who endures to the end will be saved.
Matthew 24

Will frankenpope move his throne to Jerusalem?

Vatican and Obama seek death of Israel
May 14, 2015
-  If Obama pressures Israel concerning the Palestinians, it would be for political reasons and as retribution for Netanyahu's victory in March elections.
US pressure may prevent the IDF from operating in the West Bank.
This would END any calm in the West Bank and spark significant instability.
This is a result of the evil Vatican's recognition of the "state of Palestine."
Palestinians are expected to utilize the ICC and the UN.
Israel is under pressure from ICC to provide reliable information
concerning Israel's 2014 operation against Hamas terrorists who attacked Israel.

4 hurt in terror attack
May 14, 2015
-  Three 16-year-old boys were wounded, one seriously, after being run over by a Palestinian car terror attack near Bethlehem, at the entrance to the town of Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem.  This is the same bus stop from where 3 teens were abducted and killed in 2014.

The Palestinian Muslim driver fled, but was caught shortly after.
He is a Hebron resident.,7340,L-4657378,00.html

Israel disappointed after Vatican officially recognizes 'state of Palestine.'
The Vatican officially recognized the state of Palestine in a new treaty.
The treaty concerns the activities of the Catholic Church in Israel and its recognition at the judicial level.,7340,L-4657003,00.html,7340,L-4656979,00.html

Vatican Officially Recognizes ‘State of Palestine’ in New Treaty

Vatican recognizes Palestine - Harbinger of doom!


The whole world is being run by the Beast NOW - we just do not know who he is yet, he is not "revealed."  The Beast has run the USA and the world for several years, how many unknown.

One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed,
and the whole earth marveled (wondered) as they followed the beast.
Revelation 13:3

ISIS eating IRAQ
May 15, 2015 -  ISIS
takes Ramadi and Jubbah, next door to US training base
US officers and soldiers are training Iraqi troops to fight ISIS at this base.
Ramadi, capital of Anbar, IRAQ fell to ISISI May 15 after its inhabitants fled. The town controls the traffic on the Euphrates River.  ISIS arm is also heading toward Baghdad to disable the airport.

Assad army and Hellzballah secure border zone
May 14, 201
5 -  To me all the terrorists are ISIS, regardless their names.
Lebanon's Hezbollah and the Syrian army made big advances against ISIS in the mountainous Qalamoun region.,7340,L-4656966,00.html

Iran complains to UN about Saudi Yemen blockade
May 14, 2015 -
 Iran cargo ship nears the Yemeni port of Hodeida under warship escort.
Iran has lodged a complaint with the United Nations Security Council over Riyadh’s blockade of Yemen against "aid deliveries."

Iran fires at oil tanker
May 14, 2015
-  Five Iran fastboats fired shots across the bow of Alpine Eternity, an oil tanker in the Persian Gulf in an attempt to stop the ship.  The Iran Navy approached the ship just off the coast of the UAE, but in international water.  The tanker fled to the UAE.
Saudis complain this is AGAINST intl law.
Iran plans to take over the Persian Gulf.

Libya, 8 killed
May 15, 2015
-  Rocket strike in Benghazi kills 8, 7 of them children.,7340,L-4657591,00.html

Laughing   Gaza work accidents
May 15, 2015
-  I LOVE work accidents, when terrorists planning a massacre blow themselves up!
At least 50 Palestinians wounded including children, in an explosion in a Hamas training camp for terrorists in Beit Lahya, Gaza.  Yes Hamas uses children in terror attacks.
We know ISIS is in Gaza and has threatened to kill Hamas.
So who knows.  Who cares.  NO pity for murdering terrorists.

China to intervene between Israel and Palestinian terrorists
May 15, 2015
-  In June 1954, China, India, and Burma (now Myanmar) made a deal as a basis for conducting international relations.  Since then, China has adhered to non-interference in other countries’ domestic turmoil.  However, this is not true in Sudan where China owns petro.  China’s rationale is to protect investments.

Chinese political activism has increased alongside its booming international trade.
Therefore, China is destined to interfere in the conflict between Israel and Palestinian terrorists.
China has acquired multiple Israeli companies, and both Chinese and Israeli companies are benefiting.

     U. S. A  

Smile  Judge Brilliantly Defends Keeping 'Under God' in Pledge  Smile
May 16, 2015 -  New Jersey Judge David Bauman
recently dismissed a case orchestrated by a student, and ruled that hearing the words "under God" during the Pledge of Allegiance does not violate the constitutional rights of atheist students.  Bauman brilliantly laid to rest the notion that the phrase can, or should, be erased from America's history.  The Pledge of Allegiance is not to be viewed as a religious exercise.

Ferguson rioters PAID
May 16, 2015
-  Ferguson riot leaders paid $5,000 a month to instigate violence.  They are being paid quite a bit to disrupt and initiate violence across the country.
The protesters are talking online about how much they were getting paid to protest against the police and stir up racial hate in Ferguson and other communities since August.

Pennsylvania train wreck kills 8
May 13, 2015 -  US Amtrak
train derails in Philadelphia, killing 8 and injuring dozens of others.  The speed limit was 50 on that curve, engineer was driving over 100 mph.  SPEED KILLS!!

10 carriages of the Washington DC - New York Amtrak service went off the track in Port Richmond.  The engine is completely separated from the rest of the train.  Not all 243 people on the train are accounted for.  50 people were taken to hospital, 6 of them critically injured.  The train derailed in a suburb of Philadelphia shortly after leaving the city's main station, cause unknown.  It is called a level three mass casualty incident.  All Amtrak service between the major Pennsylvania city and New York has been canceled for the rest of the night.
Former Congressman Patrick Murphy aboard.

May 15, 2015 -  Martin O'Malley
is getting bolder, and that's a problem for Hillary Clinton.
Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley plans to make an announcement about his political future May 30 in the devil's town of Baltimore.  O'Malley is expected to run for the Demoncrat nomination.

Christian MUST accept SIN, claims Hellary
May 17, 2015
-  Hillary Clinton said in a recent speech that religion should change to accept abortion - MURDER.
She said American Christian moral culture needs to change.  
Clinton received backlash from several prolife and Christian leaders,
HELLary Clinton and Obama are VERY DANGEROUS.
Demoncrats also want to force Christians to buy into queer SIN and climate change hoax.

WARNING!  June 6, 7 and 8 Devil days at Disney - WARNING!
DONT plan any vacation to include Disney this weekend!

Shocked    EARTH watch May , 2015
Click to SEE how active Earth is this month!

Today's churchs preach an inclusive, gooey-non-gospel message of ease and pleasure.
Modern-day churches are NOT equipping the saints for the ministry and spiritual battles,
they really don't know what true repentance unto Salvation in Jesus Christ is!



IRAQ  *  ISIS seizes Ramadi
May 16, 2015
-  ISIS took Ramadi, capital of Anbar province, Sunnis flee.
This is a major setback, but PM Abadi claims that a major counter-offensive is under way.
ISIS used several suicide car bombs in Ramadi, seized the government complex and raised the black flag over the police HQ for Anbar.
ISIS used an armoured bulldozer to remove blast walls blocking the road to the police department, and blew the vehicle up when it reached there.
Iraq sends troops to Ramadi, but they are pretty much a joke unless with Iran militia.,7340,L-4657707,00.html,7340,L-4657822,00.html

Dead or Alive?
May 16, 2015
-  Saddam deputy Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri was American Army's King of Clubs.
Some officials said had been killed.  Baath TV airs a recording of him, so - Izzat Ibrahim or izznt it?  Shiite militia claimed to have killed red-haired Izzat near Tikrit.
Nukhayb town is a strategic position for Iran inside Iraq, as a front against Saudi Arabia, and connects with the fronts in Syria and Lebanon.

I have read rumors Saddam is alive, a double was hanged.
Believe nothing.

Turkey shoots down Syrian aircraft
May 16, 2015
-  Turkish military jets shot down a Syrian aircraft that had violated Turkey's airspace.
It subsequently crashed into Syrian territory.,7340,L-4657889,00.html

Kerry’s trip to Sochi
May 16, 2015
-  The Gulf demanded Syria President Assad’s head and only Putin had the key.
If Putin gives up Assad I will lose my respect for him!  This was a debka headline, I looked for other news on this.  We are never told the truth, so finding it is a challenge.

Egypt's Mohammed Morsi sentenced to death
May 16, 2015
-  Morsi in a soundproof glass cage during the hearings cuz he hollered.
An Egyptian court has sentenced ousted president Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Morsi to death over a mass prison break in 2011.  He had already been sentenced to 20 years in jail.
Clerics will have to give their opinion before the sentence can be carried out.

Rocks kill
May 16, 2015
-  Rocks were hurled at an Israeli automobile driving home. His license plate color identified him as an Israeli.  Palestinians launched a violent ambush. One of the huge rocks smashed through windshield. It could have killed anyone sitting there.  Some Americans deny rocks can kill.  But Arab terrorists understand it and that’s why they do it. And the Israelis know it because they have to bury the victims.

The attackers were kids 11 to 12 years old.  The evil New York Times published a major news article about Israel arresting rock-throwers, as if Israel was wrong.  Those damned children were trying to commit murder!!

Palestinians Nakba Day riots
May 16, 2015
-  Israel became a nation in May 1948 and Palestinians hate that.
Thousands of Palestinians rioted on Friday and threw stones.
Friday marked Nakba (catastrophe) when many Palestinians fled in 1948.,7340,L-4657697,00.html

I often find myself telling critics of Israel – a 10 year old with a (rock, bomb) can kill you as easy as an adult!
Muslims dont value life! Israel does!

When Greece elects Nazis  ...........
May 16, 2015
-  Greek demand Jews remove Star of David from Holocaust Memorial.
Greek Nazis deemed star unfit for public display in Kavala.  Its morally reprehensible.
Jews shocked over news that the unveiling of a Holocaust monument in Kavala, Greece was delayed because locals sought the removal of a Jewish star.

The monument in question memorializes the 1,484 Jews of Kavala who were exterminated during the Nazi occupation of Greece in World War II.  The monument was set to be unveiled when the mayor and a majority at the city council insisted on the removal of the Star of David from the memorial.
81% of Greece’s Jewish population was murdered following Nazi occupation during WWII.


Russian Proton rocket lost
May 16, 2015
-  The launch of the Russian Proton rocket went wrong when its telemetry seized. The rocket and its payload, a Mexican communication satellite, burned up in the atmosphere.  No reports of debris reaching the ground.  MexSat-1 communication satellite was built for the Mexican government by Boeing Satellite Systems.

WATCH RUSSIA! The Bear Awakes

Kerry’s trip to Sochi
May 16, 2015
-  The Gulf demanded Syria President Assad’s head and only Putin had the key.
If Putin gives up Assad I will lose my respect for him!  This was a debka headline, I looked for other news on this.  We are never told the truth, so finding it is a challenge.


SIN - in the churches!
May 16, 2015
-  Church of Scotland vote on queer ministers.
WHY hold a vote - on what GOD has called SIN!?
The ordination of Church of Scotland ministers in same-sex relationships could be adopted this week as Kirk law.  The issue will be debated and voted on at the General Assembly in Edinburgh.
The assembly, which opens on Saturday, will vote to adopt as church law the ordination of ministers in same-sex civil partnerships.
Some churches already have these vile filthy pigs in their pulpits!!!
The ordaining of queer ministers should not even be an issue!  PERIOD!
The SIN-loving presbyteries came back in favour of change by 31 to 14.

France’s main Protestant Church blesses SIN
May 18, 2015 -  United Protestant Church of France
voted for its pastors to give their blessing to homosexual couples. The decision was supported by 94 delegates out of 100. Only 3 voted against blessing homosexual couples. However, the vicars who oppose the practice won’t be forced to perform it.
I hope those 3 Christians leave that Satanic 'church' before the curse of GOD falls on it.


And in an instant, suddenly, you will be visited by the LORD of hosts
with thunder and with earthquake and great noise,
with whirlwind and tempest, and the flame of a devouring fire.
Isaiah 29:6

Final *FINAL!* WARNINGS to America
June 6, 7 and 8 Devil days at Disney, DONT plan any vacation to include Disney


Palestinians ask Hague court for date to prosecute Israel
May 18, 2015
 -  The evil PA asked the Hague War Crime Court to set a date for filing documents to support their idiotic suit against Israel.

Evil Obama will back a Palestinian state at UN

The greatest proof GOD exists - and is in control of events - is =  ISRAEL


Terror chief Abbas an angel of peace?
May 17, 2015
-  AP accused of twisting frankenpope's words to attribute admiration to terror chief Mahmoud Abbas that really may not be there.  English-language media reported that pope Francis called the PA leader  an angel of peace.  Quite a Satanic coup for the evil PA, but WAS IT a mis-translation.

Francis actually told Abbas that he "could" be an angel of peace, in an attempt to persuade him to return to peace talks with Israel.
This evil frankenpope has favored the Palestinian devils over Israel.  Demons are fallen angels.  ONLY in that sense could Abbas ever be an 'angel' aka demon!

The Vatican Against the Jews

ISIS smuggled to Europe
May 17, 2015
-  European police dont know ISIS Muslim terrorists from the other migrants.
ISIS are being smuggled into Europe by gangs in the Mediterranean, hiding on boats filled with migrants.  ISIS is allowing the boat owners to continue their operations in exchange for half of their income.

Paris, dangerous for Jews
May 15, 2015 -  Paris Jew beaten by thugs

Muslim Arab thugs leave teen in serious condition, passerby joined in the assault.
A young Jewish teen was violently assaulted outside of the Buttes Chaumont Park.
He was wearing a Kippa (skullcap) and attacked while returning to his home to prepare for Shabbat dinner.  He was approached by 4 muslims who robbed him, took his shoes, and shattered his phone.
The attackers fled when a witness called the useless police who never caught them.

France is screaming -  NO JEWS WANTED
May 16, 2015
-  A Jewish woman was assaulted in Paris by 3 African men.
They shouted “Hitler did not finish his work” while assaulting the woman.


French conservatives reject mayor who wants to ban Islam.  ynet
There is a whole new meaning to 'Gay Paree' today.
Those damned queer Muslims-Nazis are attacking Jews!

USA, Syria and Russia coordinated to kill 5 ISIS heads
May 18, 2015
-  The US Delta force raid that killed ISIS oil chief Abu Sayyaf could not have taken place without coordination with Damascus and Moscow.

The US did not coordinate with Assad or advise him in advance.
The US, Russia and the Assad regime seem to be pulling together against ISIS through Baghdad.

Deir El-Zour in eastern Syria is bristling with Syrian air defense units, while Russian air defense facilities cover the distance from there to Damascus.  How likely is it that they all missed the helicopters which dropped US troops?

Abu Sayyaf, aka Abu Muhammad al-Iraqi or Abd al-Ghani, could have been liquidated by pushing a button from a US drone base in Jordan, Iraq or an aircraft carrier on the Mediterranean, and saved risking US troops by dropping them deep inside an ISIS military compound.  
This may have been set up when John Kerry visited Vladimir Putin in Sochi on May 12.

Umm Sayyaf, wife of Abu Sayyaf, was taken to Iraq for interrogation.
Abu Sayyaf was in charge of its oil fields in Syria and Iraq and managed their black market of $5million a day.
US raid was staged from Jordan, not Iraq.
I tend to doubt any news source that gives any credit to Obama.

ISIL is the levant which includes Israel.  By using ISIL, Obama is telling ISIS to attack Israel too.

ISIS claims full control of Ramadi
May 18, 2015
-  Iraqi forces have retreated from Ramadi.
Iran is a key ally of Iraq in its war against ISIS.

Iran will save Ramadi
The fall of Ramadi is a disaster for the Iraqi army and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
Iran Shia militias (Hashid Shaabi) have been ordered to recapture Ramadi, 70 miles west of Baghdad.

Egypt executes 6 Muslim terrorists
May 17, 2015
-  They were captured in March 2014 north of Cairo.  Earlier, a Cairo court sentenced Mohamed Morsi and fellow Muslim Brotherhood leaders to death - subject to confirmation by Egypt’s Grand Mufti on June 2.

Saudis resume airstrikes
May 18, 2015
-  In reality, the 5 day 'ceasefire' in Yemen never occurred.
Airstrikes hit Houti and tanks in several neighborhoods of Aden.

Jerusalem Day
Jerusalem is Eternal Capital of Israel

Jerusalem Day was commemorated May 17.
92% of Israeli Jews believe Jerusalem is Israel’s capital FOREVER.  Jerusalem Day commemorates the city’s reunification under Israeli rule by IDF forces during the Six Day War in 1967. In 1980 Israel’s Knesset passed the Jerusalem Law, which declared that the “complete and united” Jerusalem was Israel’s capital.

Rare 60 year old photos of divided Jerusalem
Old pictures show a city still recuperating from war, shown with how it looks now.
In 1955 Journalist Jacques Rohm took photos in Jerusalem.
Wonderful photos!,7340,L-4658187,00.html

Thousands in Jerusalem Day Celebrations
Thousands of people, mostly Jewish youths, in the annual Flag Dance (Rikudegalim) parade marking Jerusalem Day, the Hebrew calendar date on which Jerusalem was liberated by the Israel Defense Forces, 48 years ago.

The march left city center and passed through Shechem (Damascus) Gate, Tzahal Square and the Old City, to the Kotel (Western Wall of the Temple).
Damned Muslim Arabs rioted, they love to mar Jewish joys.

A million Jews recite ‘Shema Yisrael’ prayer simultaneously
Sunday evening, at 9:30 pm Jerusalem time, in Israel and across the world, simultaneously.
The specific time, 9:30 pm Jerusalem time, was chosen due to the time difference between the countries across the world to allow as many as possible to participate in the initiative at the same time.

PRAY for the Peace of Jerusalem.
GOD bless her FOREVER – Jerusalem is GODs City, FOREVER UNITED as the Capital city for Jews – FOREVER

Diving attack on Israel prevented
May 18, 2015
-  Customs thwarted an attempt to smuggle diving suits for naval operations against Israel into Gaza, part of Hamas efforts to establish a Naval Force to attack Israel.


And just as it happened in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: they were eating, they were drinking, they were marrying, they were being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.
Luke 17:26

Get your kids OUTTA Scouts!
May 19, 2015
-  Girl Scouts of America allows boy its to join GIRL scouts!!
This is a slap in the face to Christian parents.
Civilized people have spoken out against this Evil policy.


They have Sodomized scouting!
The rampant queer SIN is one of the major signs of the End of the Age
As in the days of Noah, when homosexual rapists ruled Sodom, so USA.


War games in Jordan
May 19, 2015
-  Israeli, Sunni Arab diplomats meeting in Jordan.  US, EU envoys also said to have attended.  Iraqi forces group for a counter offensive against ISIS in Ramadi.
In Jordan, 18 countries including the US have been staging drills and other military manoeuvres.

Sharks in Israel
May 18, 2015
-  A wind-surfer from Haifa found himself surrounded by sharks while he was surfing off the coast of Atlit in northern Israel on Sunday.
Costa Salmin recounted how he found himself near a shark as he was surfing in the reef.
He was surrounded by Reed sharks, they’re not dangerous.
It’s very unusual to see sharks near Israel.

Iran deeply buried nuclear sites
May 18, 2015
-  The U.S. must provide Israel with 37,000 pound bunker-buster bombs to ensure they can destroy Iran’s most deeply buried nuclear sites.  Iran has developed underground nuclear facilities, such as the one at Fordow.

Hamas terrorist killed by Gaza tunnel collapse
May 19, 2015 -  I LOVE 'work accidents.',7340,L-4658837,00.html


Idaho quake tied to Yellowstone
May 19, 2015
-  The Yellowstone magma chamber is showing earthquake activity due to pressure from the Pacific Northwest.

3.0 quake Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming May 18, 2015 -  
3.2 quake Challis, Idaho

May 18 Yellowstone Supervolcano showed earthquake activity across the whole magma chamber.
Two volcanic earthquakes have struck Idaho and Wyoming over the past 12 hours, both related to the volcanic chambers below the Yellowstone Super-Volcano.

Both seismic events occurred directly along the line of the Yellowstone Magma chamber.  One of the earthquakes struck directly inside of Yellowstone national park.  Yellowstone underground magma chamber reaches West into Idaho and North into Montana.

Multiple dormant volcanoes show earthquake activity during May all along the West coast of the United States.  Glacier Peak Volcano in Washington State is now being monitored for possible eruption.
Videos and graphs




California quakes, oil spill
May 20, 2015
-  A pipeline rupture dumped 21,000 gallons of crude on California coast into the Pacific.
A 4.0 earthquake caused a large oil spill from a ruptured pipeline along California’s Hwy 101 along the Refugio State Beach natural reserve.  There has been a swarm of earthquakes due East of Santa Barbara and earthquakes at dormant volcanoes up the West coast.
Plains All American Pipeline brought in a company to begin cleaning up the spill.  
videos, photos

Mysterious 'Sky Trumpets' Are Sounding Again
Strange Noises Heard Worldwide


        Iran ship nears Yemen

May 20, 2015
-  An Iran cargo vessel accompanied by 2 warships near the Yemen Red Sea port of Hodeida and scheduled to dock May 21.  Its probably loaded with weapons and Iran fighters, and Red Crescent is the Muslim red cross and often smuggles terrorists.
The “paramedics” are likely Iran Revolutionary Guards.
Saudi, US and Egypt fleets have imposed a sea and air blockade on Yemen.

They vowed to stop Iran from putting into port in Yemen and said ships must submit to inspections.
That is entirely reasonable.  If it only aid Iran shd not object to an inspect!
Tehran regards inspections as an act of war.  They are insane!
DEBKA doubts that the USS Roosevelt carrier and strike force will intervene.  Yeah, they wont.  Obama wont upset Tehran.

Useless USA
ISIS began moving on the Habbaniyah air base. Its fall would cut Baghdad off from 3 directions - north, east and west.  US air strikes didnt stop thousands of ISIS in long columns of terrorists attacking Ramadi from all directions in hundreds of tanks, etc and taking control of Anbar province.
Obama does not want to STOP ISIL.

10,000 troops (most American) ended a large military exercise in Jordan.
A B-52 bomber flew in from the United States to participate.  The B-52 came and went without preventing ISIS from taking Ramadi and everything it wants.



     U. S. A  

Waco - again
Its an illuminati card - a false flag

Texas Biker Gang Brawl
Waco Biker Brawl Turf Tussle False Flag-- BS ALERT! Smile

Waco Texas motorcyle gang shootout
May 17, 2015
-  Nine killed in Twin Peaks shootout, ALL gang members, 5 motorcyle gangs involved.
GOD protected the innocent, only the criminals died.  HALLELUJAH!!
Battle between rival biker gangs in Waco, Texas started with punches then escalated, with knives and guns being used.  192 arrested.
The incident happened at the Twin Peaks Sports Bar and Grill in a shopping area called the Central Texas Market Place.

Shootout a police massacre
May 20, 2015
-  Twin Peaks was a police ambush.
Police stationed at least 22 cops including ten SWAT officers in the parking lot outside the restaurant. They did not station officers in the restaurant.

When bikers scuffle spilled into the parking lot, the police were waiting for them. The scuffle became a knife fight. When a gun appeared SWAT opened fire with automatic weapons. Multiple sources claim all of the dead were killed by police.

Reports on this event conflict.  Read it all, believe nothing.
Reminiscent of Waco 1993 about which is still conflicting info.


Hillary Clinton ordered final massacre at Waco
Hillary was the one who ordered the final assault on Branch Davidians in April 19th, 1993, not Bill, not Janet Reno.  Hillary was putting pressure on Vince Foster to have a forceful resolution to the Waco standoff.
Bill Clinton called the shots, according to Dick Morris

TEXAS news

I asked a medical professional if he'd go into another profession if he knew about obamacare in high school.  He said, 'Yes but I'd go CASH ONLY - NO insurance.'  Many young doctors are cash only.  A lot of doctors have refused to accept medicare patients for years.

Shia-Sunni Showdown in Ramadi
May 20, 2015
-  Iran militias poise for a bid recapture Ramadi from ISIS.
Iraqi pm Haider al-Abadi had been reluctant to deploy Shia militias to Anbar province for fear of alienating its overwhelmingly Sunni Arab population.  He favored developing locally recruited forces, a policy that had strong US support.  (I dont think that is true.)
Clearly the Iraqi government troops cant fight.
Under Saddam they fought because they feared Saddam.

Shia militias had units in Anbar around Fallujah and Habbaniyah ready to close in on Ramadi.
A Hezbollah spokesman said they had units ready to join the Ramadi front from 3 directions.
They will cleanse the areas of Daesh-ISIS 'tomorrow.'
UNESCO has urged both sides to spare Palmyra.

ISIS Syria
May 20, 2015 -  ISIS attacks Druze village
.  ISIS attacked Syria's Druze heartland before being forced out, clashes in Palmyra.  Palmyra lies along a number of major highways linking Damascus and Homs to the west, with the Syrian desert and the Iraqi border to the east.
In Aleppo, Assad forces blew up a terror tunnel.

Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Sinai, ISIL, ISIS

Libya and Israel
May 20, 2015
-  New Libya leader Mohamed Magariaf sought discreet relationship with Israel.
Hillary Clinton - Blumenthal emails reveal back channel ties between post-Gaddafi Libya and Israel.
Since the Arab uprisings across the Middle East erupted in late 2010, reports have floated of secret relations between the Jewish state and historically hostile countries.  Since Israel and Gulf states have stepped up efforts to confront a hostile and expansionist Iran, more reports of intelligence ties have surfaced.  Israel is concerned that the lawlessness in Libya is being exploited by Islamic terrorosts.

Never NEVER believe or trust Bill or Hellary Clinton.  NEVER!

Separate buses for Jews, Arabs
May 21, 2015
-  Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria need transportation!
Arab laborers fill up the bus, leaving Jews no transport.
Israel NEEDS separate busses!
Come on Israel, use express busses.  These ONLY stop at specific locations.
I used to take an express bus downtown to work.  That did NOT stop in between.
There is sexual harassment, with many women commuters complaining of routine groping.

Bomb explodes near Bank of Palestine Gaza
May 21, 2015
-  An explosive device went off after midnight in front of a Bank of Palestine branch in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip.  Gaza residents had been protesting the day before in front of the bank against its alleged closure of accounts.

Iran Damascus embassy blown up
May 21, 2015
-   A mighty explosion struck the Iranian embassy in Damascus Wednesday night, May 20
First reports are of heavy casualties and serious damage to the embassy compound.  Ali Akbar Velayati, senior adviser to Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was known to be present at the embassy in Damascus.

The Iran embassy is the Revolutionary Guards general staff and command center for its operations in Lebanon.  It was one of the most heavily fortified and guarded premises in the Syrian capital.  Its destruction came after the fall of Palmyra.

My very first thought is - U.S. special ops blew it up.
Obama really wants Assad gone and the 'rebels' couldnt do it.

ISIS now controls half of Syria
May 21, 2015  -  With Palmyra
seized, ISIS controls over half of Syrian territory.
Syria's main cities, including Damascus, and along the border with Lebanon and the coastline have been the priority for the Syrian military.  Assad army's defense lines collapsed, allowing ISIS to take over UNESCO.  Syrian soldiers fleeing the area.,7340,L-4659912,00.html

May 21, 2015 -  Iran has 800,000 missiles pointed at Tel Aviv Israel, and will not hesitate to use them.
Israel will not allow another war front against Israel.  Too late, its there in Syria now.

May 21, 2015 -  Qalamoun Hezbollah hard battle

On Syria-Lebanon Border, Hezbollah fights Syrian rebels in one of the hardest battles they have fought.


     U. S. A  

McConnell running SINate just like Harry Reid  
May 21, 2015
-  I knew McConnell was like Reid.  The PATRIOT Act filibuster that Sen. Rand Paul led proved that McConnell agrees with his predecessor that there shouldn’t be open process or debate when the Senate considers major pieces of legislation.

Ted Cruz

America news

Preparing for Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, Leviticus 23
Rabbi Greg Hershberg
You have 2 ears, one is for listening, one for letting it go.

Teaching on Psalm 1
Rabbi Greg Hershberg


Earth watch

Earthquake Swarm Salton Sea, California
May 21, 2015
-  A noteworthy 4.2M earthquake and subsequent seismic swarm has struck Southern California at the active volcanic buttes of the Salton Sea Volcano.
These series of volcanic buttes around Salton Sea are prone for eruption.

This South California earthquake follows an oil pipeline rupture near Los Angeles, and a series of earthquakes at dormant volcanoes up the West Coast.  Dormant volcanoes such as Mount Hood, Glacier Peak, Two Sisters, Mammoth Mountain, Bitner Butte, and Salton Sea all have shown movement over the past 2 weeks.

This new Salton Sea Volcanic earthquake swarm is on TOP of the new eruption occurring off the West Coast of Oregon (along the Axial seamount).
A giant steam plume May 20 is also noteworthy.

Lava lake drops 500 feet at Kilauea
May 16, 2015
-  A new volcanic eruption at Kilauea volcano is possible in Hawaii.
Professionals say recent swarms or earthquakes, and the lava lake DROPPING are signs of a possible coming event.

New Japan volcano island
May 17, 2015 -  Nishinoshima
, a brand new island emerging off the coast of Japan offers scientists a rare opportunity to study how life begins to colonise barren land.  An active volcano poked its head above the waves in November 2013 abiyt 620 miles south of Tokyo.
Nishinoshima is currently almost all bare rock, formed from cooling lava.
But it will one day have plant and animal life as nature moves.

Cascades Volcanic eruption of Mount St. Helens 1980

This is a good video of the events and people surrounding this event.
The volcano WARNED over a month before it blew - take heed

EARTH watch

       U. S. A  

Queers attack LeTourneau University
May 22, 2015
LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas faces queers criticism.
The school has always forbidden same-sex dating.  It prohibits several sexually immoral or immodest behaviors, including same-sex dating and public advocacy for the position that sex outside of a biblically-defined marriage is morally acceptable.

Student-athlete policy on sexually immoral conduct includes: sexually graphic text messaging, chatting, or video conferencing; fornication; sexual promiscuity; and adultery, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual in nature. Cohabitation (sharing a room, apartment, or home) with a member of the opposite gender is included in this prohibition.

Based on biblical standards, we believe that God has created the institution of marriage to be between one man and one woman, and only within this institution does God bless intimate sexual expression; all other intimate sexual expression outside of marriage is considered immoral behavior.


Queer scouts
May 22, 2015
-  Son of Satan Robert Gates, president of the Boy Scouts of America, urged members to lift the ban on queer troop leaders.
Trail Life USA is a biblically based alternative to the Boy Scouts, formed in 2013 in reaction against the queer Scouts.  Queer scouts are NOT 'morally straight.'

Trail Life USA

Twisted Evil    Baltimore officers indicted
May 22, 2015
-  All 6 officers charged in the police-custody death of evil criminal Freddie Gray were indicted by a grand jury.  The most serious charge second-degree murder to assault, still stood.  Evil Mosby claimed prosecutors had presented evidence to the grand jury for the past two weeks based on new information, but she didn't say what that new information was, and she did not take questions.  What a lawless, Satanic lying witch.

Baltimore news

Salmonella tuna
May 22, 2015
-  A salmonella outbreak likely linked to raw tuna has sickened 53 people in nine states, 10 hospitalized.  Most are in California, other states include Arizona, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. The source is unknown, but most reported eating sushi containing raw tuna.
Salmonella is a bacteria, symptoms include diarrhea, cramping and fever.

If My people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,
and pray, and seek My face,
and turn from their wicked ways;
I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  
2 Chronicles 7:14

- in church!

Perhaps outbreaks of diseases, droughts, earthquakes, etc are God's judgments on promoting, permitting QUEER SIN



Hamas ceremony in Gaza
May 22, 2015
-  Hamas terrorists graduation ceremony starred terror chief Yassir Arafat's chopper.  Very appropriate.  But Arafat's rusty old MI-8 helicopter has been grounded for years, destroyed by the Israeli Air Force.  Hamas repainted it and placed atop the stage.,7340,L-4660282,00.html

Gaza facing fiscal crisis
May 22, 2015
-  These damned fools cant manage or afford their own state!
Gaza Strip has highest unemployment in world, group calls for unified Palestinian government and removal of blockade.  THERE IS NO BLOCKADE!  Hundreds of truck are entering Gaza everyday with food & building supplies, Hamas is just stealing everything.
If these demons stopped attacking Israel, all would be well.  They cause their own problems!,7340,L-4660319,00.html


Israel has ALWAYS been willing -
even overly eager -
to accept 2 states.

The Palestinians want ONE state - Palestine -

Barack Obama gives mideast to ISIS
May 22, 2015
-  Damascus, Syria and Bagdad, Iraq are within the grasp of ISIL, thanks directly to Barak Obama.  And if Obama can get Israel wiped out, he will.  THAT is why he says ISIL.  Iran Gen. Qassem Soleimani retook Tikrit.  Then Tehran cut back and turned instead to Yemen.
Baghdad is a bit too large for ISIL to hold and administer.

Its very simple to explain Obama's "inaction" against ISIS - he is arming them in many ways.  
He DOES NOT want to destroy them.  Obama himself is ISIS-DC.

ISIL war in mideast

    EARTH  NEWS May, 2015

4.1 earthquake north Bay area California
May 22, 2015 -  Napa Valley
, NE of Yountville, N of Napa,  SW of Sacramento
It was enough to shake bottles under the bar of a restaurant in Yountville.

Earthquake / volcano forecast
May 22, 2015
-   Watch along the Coast of the Pacific Northwest, Washington State to BC, since it did NOT move this past week, movement should occur over the next 7 days.
Watch south of Baja California near Mexico City for a possible large earthquake.

Turkey and Greece keep watch for 6.0M+ earthquake activity.

New volcanic eruptions should pop off in Chile again and a large earthquake should strike Colombia into Panama (above 6.0M)

East coast United States now needs to be on SERIOUS watch for either a swarm of earthquakes, or a single larger event from Virginia North to South Quebec / New Brunswick. Could either be a series of smaller swarms, or a single event above 4.0M.

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas can expect the swarms to spread, Oklahoma + Kansas due for 4.0M+ earthquakes.

Kent earthquake shakes homes
May 22, 2015 -  A 4.3 earthquake E of London
,  SW of Ramsgate, UK.
A 4.2 magnitude earthquake in Kent, eipcenter near Sandwich, depth of 15km (9.5 miles).
Residents felt it in Margate, Canterbury and Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Residents said:
I heard this massive crash and then the whole house started to shake.
Plates came off the wall, doors came open - it was all very frightening.
It seemed to go on for ages but it was about 5 seconds.

May 16-22 - a 3.3 magnitude struck the English channel, and a 3.4 magnitude struck Belgium.  Now a 4.0 magnitude has struck Southern UK along the English channel.

England earthquakes

England news

Earth watch

Holy Mathew 24 batman!
May 23, 2015
-  Major seismic unrest all over the world - including USA the past 48 hours.
Multiple locations including several rare areas which don’t normally see noteworthy movement, such as the 4.0 quake in South England or the 5.4 quake near Las Vegas Nevada.  A 7.0M struck near Papua New Guinea, as well as movement across the Philippines, South Japan, and the coast of China.
This is a tremendous amount of activity to see in one 24 hour time period.

The areas which have seen movement need to be on watch for additional nearby activity, in the case of Nevada we should be watching the West coast for movement in the watch zones over the next 5-6 days.

Earthquake forecast from May 21-31

Earth watch - many pages of activity

Earthquake / weather section

LOL!  LQQKout for that 3rd hole!
May 23, 2015
-  Huge sinkhole appears at Top of the Rock golf course near a pond in Branson, Missouri.

New Madrid / Mississippi River fault
There are signs of activity.  This could have a MAJOR quake

A 4.2 earthquake Indiana felt in Chicago in December 30,  2010

5.4 earthquake hits near Las Vegas
May 23, 2015
-  An earthquake hit southern Nevada near Utah.
A shallow earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 struck Nevada near Las Vegas on Friday, May 22, depth 12 miles.  People in California, Arizona and Utah also felt it.
Twitter - we just had an earthquake, shaking for about 10 seconds
Freeway damage on US-95 possibly from #earthquake, ramp closed.
Earthquake was 24 miles southwest of Caliente, which is 150 miles northeast of the Las Vegas valley.  It was initially reported the earthquake was 5.4, but was later downgraded to a 4.8.
Local news is

4.0 earthquake Pratt, Kansas
May 23, 2015
-  A rare 4.7 magnitude earthquake has struck South Central Kansas at a fracking operation.  This is one of the larger earthquakes in Kansas state history.

Does fracking cause earthquakes
Billionaire oil trader Boone Pickens doesn’t think fracking causes earthquakes.
A lot of shaking has been going on in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma Geologists say waste water disposal wells from fracking are largely to blame.  Pickens doesn’t buy it.  The epicenters are on the monitoring devices they’re at 25 thousand feet down.  Injection water in those wells are 4 or 5 thousand feet and your fracking at 10 thousand feet in the horizontal wells we drill.

Matthew 24 and Luke 21 speak of earthquake judgments

Mali, West Africa is the antipode of Solomon islands, will there be a quake around there soon?

Fiji quake 4.7 magnitude
May 23, 2015
-  Another deep earthquake has occurred in the Asthenosphere below Fiji.  The 4.7 magnitude quake depth of 410 km / 254 miles.  This means another large event should be coming in the Papua New Guinea region in the next few days.

Asthenosphere is a fancy name for a deep layer of the Earth which is made up of semi-melted magma.  The layers of the Earth below the crusts go from superheated, to fully melted as we look towards the core of the Earth.  The Asthenosphere is a viscous semi-melted region, between 100-400 miles depth, which causes movement on the crusts of the plates directly above it.
See the video explanation here:

Two major earthquakes 7.1 and 6.9 in Solomon islands
May 22, 2015
-  Solomons rocked by quakes 6.0-magnitude or higher third day in a row. Two 6.8 quakes struck off the Solomon Islands May 23 at a depth of 10 kilometers (6 miles).
Australia called the 2 quakes 7.1 and 6.9.  Seismologist Mark Leonerd said it was unusual to have two big quakes right next to each other.

INDONESIA volcano blows
May 23, 2015 -   Lokon-Empung
volcano shaken by violent eruption.
An explosion occurred 20 May at 15:22 local time and produced an ash.  The eruption was accompanied by scary strong explosion sounds. After the initial explosion, mild ash venting continued from two vents, both the Tompaluan crater and the new crater west of it that had formed 2014 October.

CHILE Chaiten volcano
May 23, 2015 -
  The alert level of the volcano was raised to yellow after an increase in seismic activity.
It was Calbuco volcano that blew in April.

Central America volcano
May 23, 2015 -  Guatemala Volcano de Fuego (fire
) growing restless.
Fuego belching ash and vapor prompted officials to warn air traffic and nearby residents that it could erupt at any time.

Indian ocean
May 23, 2015 -  Piton de la Fournaise volcano
(French Reunion Island) is forming a new fissure.
The new crack could cause a new eruption with a large lava flow.
This is in the South Indian Ocean off the East coast of Madagascar (East coast of Africa).
Continuing seismic activity.
Sulphur emissions (SO2)
Lava fountains over 50m high
Video and images


Obama pushes Israel to dump nukes
May 23, 2015
-  Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Thomas Countryman visited Israel about making Middle East  nuclear-free.  Washington in agreement with Russia about the matter.

So Obama wants Israel to eliminate its nuclear defenses,
and wants Iran to have nukes to destroy Israel,
which it cant do now because Israel would use its nukes to retaliate,
and Muslims like Obama dont think their victims should fight back.
Egypt getting nukes too.  Hitler disarmed all Jews then rounded them up.

Saudis buy Nukes from Pakistan

ISIS in Jerusalem
May 23, 2015  -  Hib al-Tahrir is the ISIS of Israel
and they are already operating.
Worldwide terror organizations like ISIS are trying to establish themselves in Israel.
Aryeh King urged all Israelis to be more aware - every few days there is a terror attack in Jerusalem, rock attacks, stabbings, bomb attacks, and worse.  The only solution is a greater police presence in Arab neighborhoods where there is no law.

US and Hizballah share intel
May 23, 2015
-  Obama is helping Hizballah.  USA share intelligence with Hellzballah, coordinates drone flights over Qalamoun.  US special ops stationed at the Hamat air base in northern Lebanon is directing unarmed drones over the Qalamoun Mountains.

Data from the US drones goes to Hizballah headquarters and on to Iran.
US intel has been given to Persia-Iran in other areas also

The US military is working directly with an internationally-designated terrorist organization, with earthshaking ramifications for Israel’s security.  Israel now must monitor USA, can no longer trust American intelligence.  Well DUH.
Hizballah drones are operated by Iran, Israel must overhaul intelligence-gathering drones.

Its VERY simple.  Obama wants Israel destroyed.

Saudi Arabia
May 23, 2015 -  ISIS
suicide bomber blew himself into hell at a Saudi Shiite mosque during Friday prayers, killing and wounding dozens of people at the Imam Ali mosque in al-Qadeeh.

Israel has offered Saudi Arabia Iron Dome technology to protect the region bordering Yemen, which has been hit by Houthi rockets several times.,7340,L-4660377,00.html,7340,L-4660425,00.html


Iraq Baiji oil refinery
May 23, 2015
-  Iran entered the fight to retake Baiji, a major Iraqi oil refinery from ISIS.
Iran contributed troops and weapons trying to regain control of the Beiji refinery.
Iran established a land route to the refinery compound to back up Iraqi troops stranded there.
The US role in Beiji is limited to airstrikes and aerial reconnaissance.,7340,L-4660437,00.html

Caught between rebels and Islamic State, Assad losing more ground in Syria
Islamic State pushes Syrian army from last stronghold on Iraqi border, while al-Nusra Front cements holds on Idlib, home to most of Assad's Alawite sect.,7340,L-4660354,00.html

Iraq fights back in Ramadi
May 23, 2015
-  Iraq and Shia move against ISIS, concentrating on Husayba, east of Ramadi.

Iran ship docked in Djibouti
An Iran aid ship docked in Djibouti Friday where its cargo will be inspected by the United Nations before being moved to Yemen.  The cargo will be handed over to WFP and shipped to the Yemeni ports of Hodaida and/or (the southern port city of) Aden.  WFP had been told the cargo included rice, flour, canned fish, medicine, water, tents and blankets.


Ireland queerage
May 23, 2015
-  Irish people vote for same-sex queerage, and curse the nation.
Final results will be announced later May 23.
A referendum to constitution in Ireland on whether to legalise same-sex 'marriage.'
Early indications are that the measure will pass.

Leviticus 18
Do not have sex with your sister
Do not have sex with your neighbor’s wife
Do not sacrifice your children to Molek (abortion)
Do not have sex with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
Do not have sex with an animal

Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways,
even the land was defiled
so the land vomited out its inhabitants.
If you defile the land, it will vomit you out

as it vomited out the nations that were before you

USA granting rights and practices to HOMOSEXUAL SIN
results in the land itself rising up against the peoples in the nation!

March 31, 2015  North Korea is producing and storing nuclear weapons for Iran
10 years ago big train explosion in NKorea which destroyed a town.  Top Syrian military killed.
Iran paying North Korea.  NK has tested shooting a missile from a sub.
Chinese built and man a missile base in Saudi Arabia.
Pakistan has provided nukes to Saudi Arabia for over 100 missiles.
The Persians people are good people, its the leaders which are evil.
Barack Husein Obama IS trying to destroy both Israel AND America.
Obama is a terrorist Muslim that is hell bent on destroying ALL that is Godly.

Obama is a Sunni Muslim out to destroy Israel, Jews, Christians

Head of the snake is Mecca stone
Rabbi Avi Lipkin explains the rise of the New World Order and the return of Jesus Christ

The allah of Islam is Satan and Islam is a criminal psychosis - Avi Lipkin  
Al Macker means allah is the greatest of all liars and deceivers. - Avi Lipkin  
To a Muslim, the greater the lie you tell, the greater a man you are.

Use a laser satellite to zap the black stone in Mecca and vaporize it.
That cuts the head off the snake.
Then NWO will let Jews build their temple.

Obama is a Muslim.  
He is a Saudi plant sworn to destroy Israel.

Obama is a Sunni Muslim out to destroy Israel, Jews, Christians

Avi Lipkin prophetic views

Obama is Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS in DC

          EARTH  NEWS May 18, 2015


May 24, 2015 dutchsinse
-  An earthquake in Washington State near Glacier Peak Volcano.
While small in magnitude, its a sign of greater seismic unrest across the Pacific Northwest.
The unrest is showing up at multiple dormant volcanoes across the Western United States
I made a full website post a few days ago regarding Glacier Peak having new monitoring equipment installed.

Just a few days ago, before this new volcanic earthquake movement began, we were already seeing multiple volcanic earthquakes show activity up the whole of the West coast of the United States.
This earthquake near Glacier Peak follows a series of other volcanic related earthquakes over the past week(s).

There’s an ancient (dormant) butte volcano at the location of the Las Vegas, Nevada Earthquake.  
You can make out the old undersea lava flows from the small Butte volcano there.
video, pics

May 24, 2015
-  Surrounding ground is reported to have swelled over 4 inches in just 1-2 weeks time (12 cm).  A large swelling below this long dormant volcano indicates possible near term eruption.

6.4 earthquake Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
May 24, 2015
-  A rare 6.4 earthquake has struck the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
This does not normally see much 6.0M+ activity.
We were watching the Canary Islands, and Azores for movement.
Watch the earthquake forecast video.

Atlantic earthquakes Canarys, Azores, Portugal

Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail
Russia-China invasion of America, Amerians NOT WARNED
Henry Gruver saw Russians come down the Atlantic past Iceland. Warnings when attack on USA came did NOT get thru. ICBMs.
NYC disintegrated, as did Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.
Henry Gruver saw the mountains on the west coast erupt when Chinese missiles were fired into USA!

I suggest following Dutch Sinse earth reports.
Matthew 24 and Luke 21 prophecies
and Duduman's and Gruvers visions are being fulfilled - now


Houthis shot down Saudi jet
May 24, 2015
-  F-16 fighter jet shot down near Sanaa, Yemen.  Shortly before the Houthis made that claim, Morocco said that one of their warplanes went missing.

If the F-16 took off from Dalaimi air base in Yemen, it would indicate that Saudi jets are now operating out of air bases inside Yemen and that the Yemeni air force has sided with President Abd Rabbou Mansour Hadi.  Until now, the Yemeni air force sat on the fence.


Greece debt
May 24, 2015
-  Greece is obliged to make regular repayments, including repaying $7 billion in June.
Greek does not have money to repay the IMF in June.
Greece has made great efforts at agreeing a deal to avoid default.
Nutty Greece thinks the lenders need to concede!
PM Tsipras called on creditors to make concessions.

     U. S. A  

The problem with Jade Helm
May 23, 2015
-  Jade Helm 15 military operation scheduled in several states July 15 - September 15, 2015, has elicited a firestorm of criticism.  Many fear its a prelude to martial law.  
Patriotic Americans have reason to be concerned.

DHS considers sovereign citizens the threat, not Muslim jihadists.
The D in DHS is for delusional.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to Maj. Gen. Gerald Betty, commander of the Texas State Guard, directing the Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15.
Americans would much prefer to see the military training to defend the homeland against ISIS rather than engage in insulting exercises against the heartland of liberty.

The SINister Trans Pacific Trade Partnership is global domination enslaving the world.  Now the U.S. SINate has given Obama authority to implement this, nullify our Constitution, rules of law and our liberty and way of life.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul opposed it, and was one of only 5 republican senators that voted against the final bill.  The TPA must still pass a House vote.

ISIS on American Soil
The ISIS threat to the U.S. homeland.

TSA had issued a classified warning that ISIS may be looking to attack targets inside the United States. The threats led to heightened security in parts of southern California, including at airports.  ISIS is not just a terrorist group, it is a global phenomenon that boasts supporters in all 50 U.S. states.  If this nationwide network of ISIS disciples decides to go operational, we’ve got a serious problem on our hands.
Our borders are shamefully porous.  (MORE shameful is Obama bringing ISIS into USA)

Stakelbeck blog

Dhimmitude, Islam conquored America


May 25, 2015
-  Terror chief Erdogan wants Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.
Turkish terrorist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Turks to refocus on the Ottoman goal of re-conquering Jerusalem for Islam and uniting Shia and Sunni tribes for that same mission.
Erdogan talked about invading Jerusalem.

Jordan Waqf control the Temple Mount and do not allow Jews to pray except at the Western Wall. But apparently Erdogan is not satisfied.  Erdogan is violently anti-Israel and since 2010 Turkey has become Muslim Brotherhood terror state.

The Bible tells us the future of Israel. The Bible does NOT tell us the future of America.


ISIS advances on Baghdad
May 25, 2015 Breaking News
-  ISIS continued toward Baghdad, taking Qusaybah and Khalidiya (Iraq-Syria) on the Euphrates,  controling the border and the river.  They are near the big Iraqi base of Habbaniyah.
Iran Shiite militias tried to fight them at Khalidiya.

ISIS heads to Jordan
May 25, 2015 -  ISIS Muslim Brotherhood
have long been a threat to Jordan and Egypt.
ISIS is heading from Syria toward Jordan.  Barack Obama calling ISIS - ISIL - includes the Levant, thereby encouraging them to destroy Israel.

ISIL advancing from Palmyra, SYRIA in columns of US tanks.
The intend to take control of the eastern section of the border, including the meeting point between Syria, Jordan and Iraq by May 26.

ISIS is expected to seize towns in northeastern Jordan, especially Ar Ruwayshid.
The Jordanian army has reinforced its western frontier where it links with the Israeli and Syrian borders.
However, ISIS is heading for the eastern sections the army did not fortify.

The United States maintains 7,000 special operations troops and an air force unit in Jordan.
Most are stationed at Mafraq, near border with Syria.

Barack Obama is the Imam of ISIS.

Greece hasn't got the money
May 25, 2015
-  Greece cannot make June debt repayments to IMF unless it achieves a deal with creditors.
Athens has been scraping state coffers to pay wages and pensions.
Greece blames instead of taking responsibility and growing up.


          EARTH  NEWS May 18, 2015

Earthquakes east coast USA
May 25, 2015
-  A 2.3 magnitude earthquake struck New Hampshire May 24.
The East coast earthquake swarm was forecast to occur this week.
Maine, Quebec, New Brunswick, and now New Hampshire had quakes the past 3 days

3 earthquakes along the mid to south Atlantic ridge in past 2 days May 22-25.

Earthquakes, nature *  Northeast U.S.A. states
New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Mass

EARTH, Quakes, Weather

2 earthquakes near Japan
May 25, 2015
-  First, a shallow 5.6 magnitude struck the Northern portion of Tokyo Japan.
2nd earthquake struck deep in the Asthenosphere below the Japan / China / Russia border West of mainland Japan. Its depth 239 miles / 386km, which falls in the deeper layers of the Earth below the Pacific plate. (diagram on link) Asthenosphere is semi-melted magma below the crust.

Mount Hakone near Tokyo Japan possible eruption after dormant for 800 years.
graphs, videos on link

N of Tokyo, Japan

480 miles NNW of Tokyo, Japan


California and Japan Fall into the Sea, 1937 Vision



Muslims are winning the demographic WAR
Christian / western culture is dying/dead

Bundy was only the beginning



Quebec earthquake
May 24, 2015
-  dutchsinse forecast swarms of small earthquakes in South Quebec, Ontario Canada and we see South Quebec earthquake activity.  2 seismic events struck at the Quebec-USA border - a magnitude 2.3 followed by s a 2.1 magnitude.  This comes after an earthquake May 22 in Maine, for a total of 3 East coast earthquakes in the past 2 days.
The entire United States is having seismic unrest from the West coast all the way to the East coast.
There is Global earth activity currently taking place.
(Light edit)

CANADA earthquakes

Yellowstone trail closed
May 24, 2015
-  Hiking trails around Yellowstone, and parts of Grand Tetons off limits to hikers.
This made international news.
These trail closures are around Yellowstone supervolcano.
Volcanoes steam plumes occurring across Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington state, Oregon, and California have been erupting daily for the past several days, with earthquakes.
A large steam eruption May 23 across Idaho and Wyoming.
Videoes and pics on link

2 heavily used trails in Yellowstone and Grand Teton closed

YELLOWSTONE PARK earthquakes, Volcano

Galapagos Islands, Wolf Island volcano
May 25, 2015  Ecuador
-  A large eruption at Wolf Island volcano, Isabela, in the Galapagos.
An eruption seen by passing ships has made international news.
Galapagos Islands are off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean.
Watching for volcanic eruptions to take place in Central America near Costa Rica, into Colombia.  Wolf has erupted for the first time since 1982, producing both lava fountains and lava flows.

The images show a fairly large volcanic plume.
The eruption is coming from a new fissure on the southeast flanks of Wolf.
Some of the settlements on Isabela may get minor ash fall from the plume.
The explosions from the start of the eruption were captured on the nearest seismometer (20 km away)

Magnitude 4.7 earthquake 14 km NE of Darwin #volcano, Galapagos Islands. @johnseach
Guatemala, Ecuador earthquakes, volcanoes

EARTH watch

85,000 Antelope die suddenly
May 26, 2015
-  Around 1/3 of the Kazakhstan endangered saiga antelope mysteriously died in the last few days.  They suspect the animals may have been struck by a bacterial infection.
Saiga are also found in parts of Russia.


Mexico tornado kills at least 13 in seconds
May 26, 2015
-  A tornado in northern Mexico, killed 13 and caused widespread destruction.
Most of the deaths in Ciudad Acuna, which was hit by winds of up to 300km/h (186mph).



Obama’s phony war against ISIS
May 26, 2015 -  Ramadi
Iraq sign reads - The Cemetery of the Americans.
Americans and Iraqi security forces defeated al Qaeda at strategic Ramadi years ago.
Obama has handed Ramadi back to terrorists, gift-wrapped.
Obama wrote off Ramadi in April 2015.

Iraqi troops to be backed by Shiite and Sunni to recapture Ramadi.
If this is true, the Iran troops are the large part of this force.,7340,L-4661422,00.html

No army in Mid East is challenging ISIS
May 26, 2015
-  Hellzballah terror chief Hassan Nasrallah faced with an ISIS crisis.
Syrian president Bashar Assad has run short of fresh fighting manpower.
Assad failed to enlist the Syrian Druze to fight for him

The Iraqi army has been wiped out, no military force in Iraq is able to take on ISIS.
Obama refused to arm Kurds, and they have run out of steam. Iran commands the only force still intact in Iraq - namely, the Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani Shiite militias.

Iran troops are fighting in Iraq, but have made little headway in 3 weeks. Iran Gen. Qassem Soleimani said “The US didn’t do a damn thing to stop the advance on Ramadi.”

Hamas shoots rockets into Israel
May 26, 2015
-  One rocket exploded near Gan Yavne east of Ashdod.
Hamas Gaza fired a rocket at the Sderot area April 24.
Hamas fires 5 long-range rockets into Israel  
Sirens warn Israelis of incoming rockets from the Gaza Strip.  One long-range Grad rocket exploded in the Ashdod industrial zone near big crowded shopping mall.
The rockets were fired from the Sheikh Ajloun district of Gaza City.

Israeli plane detained
May 26, 2015
-  Israir Airbus plane detained in Lisbon.  Portuguese airline EuroAtlantic claims Israeli company owes it millions of euros in a 7-year-old debt, Israir says legal proceedings in dispute are still ongoing and was surprised of the seizure.,7340,L-4661238,00.html


China fire in care home kills 38
May 26, 2015
-  A fire at a nursing home in Pingdingshan, central China killed 38 and injured 6 others.  Two of the injured were taken to hospital in critical condition.
The fire swept through an apartment building in Henan province.
The cause of the fire is unknown.


Ex-Muslim pastor in Idaho
May 26, 2015 Sandpoint  -  Seattle, Washington is full of Muslims
Spokane-area pastor Shahram Hadian is a former Muslim who converted to Christianity.  There are surprisingly many Muslim converts to Christianity out warning about Islam - IN AMERICA - or what once was America before Obama.  Howell worries young people are being indoctrinated to Islam and that followers already have a foothold in parts of the Northwest.

Hadian speaks about the fallacy of a peaceful Islam.  Hadian warns that Islam is not just a religion but a totalitarian system governing people’s lives. Americans must not let political correctness and tolerance keep them sidelined while Islam destroys their way of life.

Obama is a Muslim and Islam is a culture of Death.
Muslims are in darkness, they need to be rescued out of the darkness.

Shahram Hadian fled Iran for U.S.
Hadian sees America losing its freedoms, just like Iran had.  Shahram Hadian was born in Iran in 1971. His father was an army officer and his mother a school teacher.  When Hadian was 7, the family fled to the U.S. ahead of the Iranian Revolution, when the shah was exiled and replaced by the ayatollah.

He was married in 2001, and he and his wife Michelle have 3 sons that they home school.
When Hadian converted to Christianity, he faced persecution and disapproval from his family and culture. Hadian's message to Christians is - prepare for the difficult days ahead, and equip believers to stand strong through increased persecution.

Chrislam is nazism
Chrislam Exposed, the LIE of a Common God between Christianity and Islam.  Chrislam is false teaching

ChrIslam is NAZISM, Spiritual treason! (ecumenism)

Lord, let Your will be done.
May 26, 2015 -  Alabama student Christian Crawford delivers powerful prayer at high school graduation
.  A medical emergency in the audience prompted one of the graduates to take to the podium and offer a prayer.  At commencement, a member of the crowd suffered a seizure.  Crawford thanked the Lord, and said, "You are a God who is a healer, the fixer Jesus."  The victim is doing fine.

Coming Civil War U.S.A.
May 26, 2015
-  Some in the military are questioning their military mission regarding Jade Helm.
Jade Helm is anti-American, illegal in its execution and absolutely evil in its intent.
May 23rd a Lt. General was forced to retire in an Obama purge of military leadership.
Oath Keepers are dedicated to not take up arms against the American people when ordered to do so.

Jade Helm
TPP give Obama absolute power


Hamas fires 5 long-range rockets into Israel
May 26, 2015
-  One Gaza rocket exploded near Gan Yavne east of Ashdod.
Hamas Gaza fired a rocket at the Sderot area April 24.
Gaza rocket hits Israel
5 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel, one Grad rocket hits Ashdod.
Sirens warn Israelis of incoming rockets from the Gaza Strip.  One long-range Grad rocket exploded in the Ashdod industrial zone near big crowded shopping mall.
The rockets were fired from the Sheikh Ajloun district of Gaza City.

Israel strikes back-  Israeli Air Force strikes empty terror targets in Gaza for the 5 Palestinian rockets fired into Israel.  Hamas had already evacuated.  Israel holding back puts Hamas terrorists in control.  The soft responses encourage the Palestinians to escalate war.

Israel will do whatever is needed to preserve quiet, said PM Netanyahu.
IDF acted immediately and forcefully in response to rocket fired from Gaza.
Israel sees Hamas as the party responsible for any rocket fire from Gaza.

Hamas arrested Gaza rocket launchers
May 27, 2015
-  Hamas arrested the terrorists who launched the rockets.
The IAF retaliated against the rocket fire, striking targets near the Gaza airport and Beit Lahiya.,7340,L-4661772,00.html

Hamas arrests are a joke. An hour in jail, and a large financial reward is what is given the terrorists.  The PA is paying Palestinian terrorists in jail in Israel.

Israeli plane detained
May 26, 2015
-  Israir Airbus plane detained in Lisbon.  Portuguese airline EuroAtlantic claims Israeli company owes it millions of euros in a 7-year-old debt, Israir says legal proceedings in dispute are still ongoing and was surprised of the seizure.,7340,L-4661238,00.html

Israir plane in Portugal returning home
The CEOs of EuroAtlantic and Israir airlines have settled their legal dispute, which led to a plane belonging to the Israeli company being detained in Lisbon because of an alleged debt. The two parties also decided to begin commercial cooperation in the tourism and hospitality industries,7340,L-4661701,00.html

Fires in Israel
May 27, 2015 -  Massive fires burn around Israel.
The record-high heat wave in Israel led to an outburst of fires.
Huge forest fire outside Beit Shemesh spreads out of control, after blaze in Tel Mond sets gas balloons on fire and levels homes.

Massive fire spreading out of control in the Nahal Sorek forest area adjacent to the city west of Jerusalem.  Mabuim, east of Gaza, ordered to evacuate due to a large fire.
Fire near Salit and Tzur Natan in Samaria.,7340,L-4661815,00.html

        EARTH  NEWS

Old dormant volcanoes earthquakes in Nevada
May 27, 2015 -  Pressure is building in the Southwest United States
Over the past week a 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck a dormant volcanic butte near Las Vegas Nevada.
May 26 had an earthquake swarm there.  Several long dormant volcanic buttes in the area of the epicenter.

The rocks atop these small buttes indicate an eruptive past.
The location of the larger 5.4M earthquake appears to be 2 old undersea volcanoes less than a mile away.

These dormant volcanic buttes can be seen across the landscape.  
They are showing movement after several other dormant volcanoes saw activity along the West coast over the past week (including Mount Hood, Glacier Peak, Mammoth Mountain, Mono Lake, + Salton Sea).

Three different 3.0M+ earthquakes have struck in the past hour since originally posting this at 940pm CDT May 26, 2015
Pics of buttes on link

California, Nevada Quake swarm
May 27, 2015
-  Quake swarm over the past 24 hours at multiple dormant volcanoes in California, and Nevada.
Northern California seismic activity very close to Mount Lassen volcano, with a M3.0 earthquake striking next to a chain of smaller nearby volcanic buttes.

Further South in California, just across the border in Baja Mexico (Gulf of California), another series of dormant buttes showed seismic activity in the same few hours time.

Just like the volcanoes in Northern California, these smaller buttes are part of a greater volcanic complex.  There is an old super-volcano located in Baja Mexico.

There were earthquakes at the dormant volcanoes in both California and near Las Vegas, Nevada.
This seismic unrest is related to greater movement in the region, and is a sign of something to watch as a gauge for larger earthquake unrest to possibly come in the near term.
Pics of buttes on link

EARTH watch

Dallas dam leaking, may breach
May 27, 2015
 Ellis County Dam That May Soon Break.
They say if it goes, there will be a 20 foot high wall of water
Texas earthen dam threatens to break after record flooding.  Officials in Midlothian are concerned that a dam might break,  water is now flowing over the top. This is happening at Padera Lake in Ellis County.  Water was topping the Padera dam southwest of Dallas.
At least 17 people were killed in the Memorial Day weekend storms in Texas and Oklahoma.

Wall of water destroyed everything in its path.
May 28, 2015
-  Flash floods unprecedented wall of water crushed homes and swept away families over the weekend in Central Texas.  A record surge 44 feet high sped down the Blanco River late Sunday, demolishing homes and businesses. The previous record on the river was 32 feet, recorded in 1926.  The river rose 14 feet in 30 minutes on Sunday.

Assad surrenders Syrian air base to ISIS
May 28, 2015
-  Assad pulls air force out of Deir ez-Zour, the third Syrian air base surrendered to ISIS.  Now ISIS wants the big T4 Airbase on the highway linking Homs with Damascus.
His surrender of Deir ez-Zour is evidence that Assad has run out of fighting strength.
He pulled the remnants of his army to defend Damascus.
In one week President Bashar Assad has lost 3 of his major air bases, including Palmyra.

I like Assad.  I am NOT pleased to see him lose.

Isaiah says Damascus will be utterly unlivable
Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins.
Isaiah 17:1

Plane lost all engines in flight
May 27, 2015
-  A Singapore Airlines Airbus jet lost power on all of its engines mid-flight.
Flight 836 flying from Singapore to Shanghai lost power mid-flight on both of its engines.
while cruising at 39,000 feet.  The plane descended 13,000 feet before the crew was able to restart the engines, and it landed safely in Shanghai an hour and a half later.

Jordan Valley
May 28, 2015
-  The term settlement bloc should be banned.
'Bloc' is divisive, seeking to pit communities against each other.
Term 'settlement bloc' fosters delegitimization of communities in Judea and Samaria and in the Jordan Valley which are outside the designated borders.  The town of Elon Moreh is outside a bloc. Does this make it any less legitimate?

Netanyahu was ready to revive the idea of the settlement blocs as a basis for a deal with the Palestinian Authority.  Under the plan, Israel would retain 10% of Judea and Samaria which the PA has rejected numerous times.  Just impose Israeli sovereignty on the Jordan Valley.

One of the reasons for the boycotts of Israeli goods from Judea and Samaria is the ongoing military rule there. By annexing these areas, the situation becomes normalized, and I believe the pressure to continue boycotts will lessen. If the government wants to start in Gush Etzion, Maale Adumim, or Ariel instead of the Valley that would be fine as well.
But that sovereignty must apply to all of Judea and Samaria, not just the blocs.

Hamas Guilty of War Crimes in Gaza
May 28, 2015
-  A missile attack that killed 11 children in Gaza 2014 summer’s war for which Israel was  condemned at the time, was actually caused by a Palestinian missile misfiring and killing its own people, said Amnesty Intl.

Amnesty International admitted that Hamas used the cover of last summer’s war with Israel to carry out abductions, torture and ­extrajudicial executions with impunity.
The 50-day war left swaths of Gaza in ruins and thousands dead.  Amnesty Intl included the Palestinian Authority, saying it failed to stop or investigate the executions.
Gaza Hamas used war to ruthlessly settle scores, carrying out a series of unlawful killings and other grave abuses.

Palestinians want NO ISRAEL, not peace and not a state.

volcano butte

Baja quake swarms
May 28, 2015
-  More earthquake swarms near the dormant Cerro Prieto volcano butte in South California / North Mexico along the Mexicali border region.  TWO dormant volcanoes in Baja Mexico struck within 24 hours.  This dormant volcanic movement in Baja California follows other activity in other dormant volcanoes up the West coast over the past few days.  Noteworthy earthquake activity occurred May 27 in Northern and Southern California near volcanic locations.

Mount Hakone active
May 28, 2015
-  Mt Hakone venting gases, the whole area in Japan is destabilizing.
Major volcanic unrest, rising ground, steam venting in multiple places, and warnings issued from professionals of a soon coming eruption.

JAPAN earthquakes, volcanoes, Mt Hakone

California and Japan Fall into the Sea
1937 Vision - its coming to pass NOW 2015

I advise everyone to LEAVE JAPAN!

         U. S. A  

Don't let Bill back in the White House
May 28, 2015
-  Don't let Bill back in the White House!  Paula Jones warns against voting for Hillary - because she also lied about his sex.  Hillary lied too so is unworthy of office.

Baltimore  -  Hell on wheels
May 28, 2015
-  Police officers are fearful of doing their jobs .
With the devil for a mayor, dont be surprised.
Baltimore residents fearful amid rash of homicides.  
A woman and child were shot in the head in Baltimore, 38th homicide in May.
rrests have plunged.

With this criminal mayor, officers fear getting arrested for making mistakes.
Arrests dropped sharply after death of the harcore criminal Freddie Gray and following rioting, a result of mayor encouraging looting, burning -  and the criminal indictment of six officers.

Police used to sit on every corner, now they’re nowhere.  West Baltimore residents worry they’ve been abandoned by the officers they once accused of harassing them, leaving some neighborhoods like the Wild West without a lawman around.

With the devil for a mayor, dont be surprised.  
THATs how the blacks WANTED it!  Be careful what you ask for!  
You can just thank Sharpton and Imama Obama and Lynch Loretta!

Draw Mohammed on Phoenix mosque
May 29, 2015  TODAY - Friday
, May 29 at 6:15 pm armed bikers will draw mohammed cartoons outside AZ mosque.
Armed bikers to draw cartoons of Mohammed outside a Mosque in Arizona.
Peaceful demonstration outside the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. It’s the former site of worship for the 2 ISIS killed after opening fire outside a May 3 contest featuring cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in suburban Dallas.

Hold contests at ALL mosques located in America!
Bring bacon
Armed Bikers Plan to Draw Cartoons, HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!
“I’m a Marine, I’m outspoken, and I’ve just had it.”

Earth going crazy this month! Quakes, volcanoes!


ISIS bombs another Saudi Arabia mosque
May 29, 2015 -  Imam Hussein
Shiite mosque in Dammam, (near Bahrain) in eastern Saudi Arabia bombed by suicide bomber during Friday prayers.
ISIS, ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Saudi news

Muslim terrorist arrested in Cyprus
May 29, 2015
-  Cyprus arrested a Lebanese terrorist, possible Hellzballah links.
He was planning terror attacks against Israel.  2 tons of fertilizer and the explosive chemical ammonium nitrate found in his Larnaca home.
The Israeli embassy is in Nicosia.

The suspect also has Canadian citizenship.
Proceedings against the yet-unnamed man are being held behind closed doors for national security reasons, the paper added. He was sentenced to eight days in police custody Thursday by a magistrate court.,7340,L-4662735,00.html

A LOT of movement on Pacific faults, ring of fire!

Mount Shindake blows its top
May 28, 2015
-  Japan time May 29  -  A large unexpected eruption from Mount Shindake Volcano in South Japan, with large clouds of ash, and pyroclastic flows - residents of the Island evacuating.
Shindake is an island volcano due South of Kagoshima / Sakurajima.
Videos, pics, graphs

Mount Hakone is only 45 miles from Downtown Tokyo and showing signs of eruption.
For years I have advised everyone in Japan to move away.

California and Japan Fall into the Sea, 1937 Vision

The last Mount Shindake eruption September 1980 - 4 months after St Helens USA blew its top.
This looks a lot like Helens!   HELLO!?  HELLO!?  Pay attention!

7.0 earthquake Alaska, NW of Chirikof Island
May 29, 2015
-  Activity along the West coast of the United States, and multiple unexpected Pacific eruptions in Japan, and Central America.  3 6.8m earthquakes struck Papua New Guinea this past week.
Unexpected volcanic blast in South Japan

Mount Shasta earthquake
May 29, 2015
-  An earthquake struck Eastern California between Volcano Peak, Volcano Butte, and near Mount Shasta volcano, directly at Trinity Lake Dam.
Multiple earthquakes have struck dormant volcanoes in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state during 2015 May.
Later the USGS said this quake didnt occur because no one felt it.  WHAT?

EARTH watch  
Keep up with Earth reports here


May 30, 2015
-  A powerful and extremely deep earthquake shook most of Japan.
The magnitude-8.5 offshore quake struck off the Ogasawara islands at a depth of 370 miles. The USGS said a depth of 421 miles.  The temblor rattled most of Japan, buildings swayed in Tokyo and disrupted some train services. About 400 north of Tokyo were without power.  Tokyo shopping centre elevators stopped soon after the earthquake struck the area.
Deep offshore earthquakes usually do not cause tsunamis.

8.5 magnitude Major earthquake Japan islands  -  A very large 8.5 magnitude earthquake (7.8M REVISED) struck Southeast of mainland Japan in the Bonin Islands.
This earthquake occurred at a depth of 696km / 432 miles, which falls deep into the Asthenosphere below the Pacific plate.
An earthquake forecast was issued for Japan YESTERDAY, 8.5M strikes today.

4.7 earthquake Djibouti, East Africa
May 30, 2015
-  Across gulf from Sanaa, Yemen and NE of Ethiopia
Djibouti is surrounded by Ethiopia, with Somalia on its south
Eritrea is its northern neighbor

I literally cant keep up, earth is shakin that much!
Just had a quake at Djibouti, East Africa I'm trying to report a ghost 8.5 Peru

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