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Martyn Lloyd Jones' classic sermons

Just started listening to his sermons this week - goes way back to the mid-20th century. They've been INCREDIBLY edifying, and this preaching is SORELY missed in today's "churches" and "ministries"!

Around 1600 of them in here!


Diagnosing the Need
Mark 9:28-29   Dr. Lloyd-Jones
The need to be able to differentiate the needs of the times; the failure of the modern Church; apologetics discussed; the power that comes only from God.

The Power and the Possibilities
Genesis 26:17-18   Dr. Lloyd-Jones
Church history
Patterns of revival always similar
Church unity not essential to revival
Revival always brings division.

The Prayers of Dr. Lloyd-Jones

hmmmm .....
Someone in my chatroom came in last nite (7-16-16) with terrible dreams of war and death, fires, floods.  It may be TIME and the LORD is preparing area leaders.  This person is wealthy with farmland. Forum Index -> CHAPEL
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