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MARCH, 2016 ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS and analysis


IRAQ *  US Delta units fight ISIS
Mar 1, 2016  
DEBKA -  The US Army’s elite Delta Force units have launched operations in Iraq after weeks of covert operations for setting up safe houses and coordinating operations with Iraq and Kurd troops. Their mission is to capture or kill top ISIS operatives.  The unusually detailed disclosure of US covert operations and close ties with Kurdish forces followed sharp warnings from Washington to Ankara not to dare to attack Kurdish forces either in Syria or Iraq.

Funeral bombing kills 40 in Iraq
Mar 1, 2016
 -  An ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up at a funeral, killing at least 40, and 58 wounded.  The bombing was in Muqdadiya, in Diyala province.
The attack follows one in Baghdad which left 78 people dead.

4 Saudi warplanes in Turkey
Mar 1, 2016
 DEBKA  -  Four Saudi Air Force 4-16 fighter bombers have arrived at Incirlik air base in southern Turkey ready to go into action should the US decide to embark on ground action.  Saudi Arabia is ready to supply troops.  Russia has warned Saudi Arabia, like Turkey, against sending their air or gound forces to intervene in Syria.

Turkey is begging to be bombed!
Turkey’s provocative military buildup on the border and shelling of Syrian territory could disrupt the peace process.  Ya think?!
Turkey is strengthening its military on the Syrian border.

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ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis

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Exclamation   SYRIA
WMD on Damascus-Beirut highway
Mar 2, 2016
-  Hizballah WMD program at secret Syrian site.
Zabadani, west of Damascus, is a ghost town.  It is located near Lebanon on the Damascus-Beirut highway.  High walls conceal the Hellzballah WMD program.

Most of the facilities are below the surface.
Syria and Iran are developing the chemical weapons for Hizballah’s radioactive weapons arsenal. They are kept out of sight in on-site accommodation at Zabadani.
If this is reported here, Israel knows about it - and will bomb it - and the fallout could render parts of Syria uninhabitable.  In fact, Turkey or the Saudis may bomb it.

Hassan Nasrallah speech bragged about this in his Feb. 16 speech.  Ya dummy!
Hizballah WMDs raises hard questions for Russia. Does that mean that Vladimir Putin is amenable to his air force providing it with cover?

Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins.
Isaiah 17:1  -  Closer to fulfillment every day

Quneitra, Syria
Mar 3, 2016
 DEBKA  -  Over 25 killed, including Syrian rebel leader, in bombing in Asheh near Quneitra.  A car bomb exploded at an ISIS command center building.  The building collapsed and over 25 rebel fighters were killed including terror chief Abu Hamza al-Naimi. The bombing was apparently carried out by the Hizballah trained  Al-Sabirin.

Lebanon vs Saudi Arabia
Mar 2, 2016  
BEIRUT  -  Hezbollah criticizes Saudi Arabia, saying Lebanon had been pushed into a new conflict because Saudis stopped an aid package to the Lebanese army.  Nasrallah also said Saudi Arabia was seeking Sunni-Shiite strife in the Middle East and accused it of directing car bomb attacks in Lebanon.,7340,L-4773104,00.html

Nasrallah claims Riyadh punishing Lebanon's people
Hizballah terror chief Hassan Nasrallah alleged that Saudi Arabia has imposed collective punishment on the Lebanese people after Riyadh halted its $3 billion in aid to the Lebanese security forces and called on Saudi citizens to leave Lebanon immediately. The Saudi government supports ISIS against Syrian President Bashar Assad, Hizballah supports Assad.
Saudi Arabia is attacking Hellzballah as an affiliate of Iran in both Syria and Iraq.

Are Israel and Egypt getting closer?
Mar 2, 2016
 -  Is the relationship between Israel and Egypt warming?
Over the course of the past year, there have been indications of the warming of diplomatic relations between Egypt and Israel: an official public visit by Dore Gold, who came to Cairo to re-inaugurate the Israeli embassy, the appointment of a new Egyptian Ambassador to Israel after a 3 year absence, and even a public meeting between the Egyptian ambassador and PM Benjamin Netanyahu.,7340,L-4773134,00.html

2 Israeli jets nearly crash into Boeing 737
Mar 1, 2016
-   IAF planes come dangerously close to passenger aircraft after takeoff from Eilat.  Israel Air Force fighter jets almost crashed into a Ryanair passenger plane during training exercises in the Negev desert.  The incident occurred at 27,000 feet. The Ryanair pilots prevented a crash by changing course at the last moment.  Ireland’s Ryanair began flying between Israel and Europe in July 2015.,7340,L-4772910,00.html

Ukrainian Jews flee to Israel

Israel didnt like Obama interfering with USA elections.
But now I am seeing Israeli papers backing the lying treasonous murdering witch Hellary Clinton.  Jews MUST STOP backing DEMONcrats!

Turkey gets smart bombs
Mar 2, 2016
DEBKA  -  Pentagon approves sale of bunker buster bombs to Ankara.  The Pentagon approved a $700 million sale of BLU-109 smart bombs to Turkey. They are to be supplied by General Dynamics and Ellwood National Forge under a 4 year contract.

    Hamas anti-aircraft gun

Mar 1, 2016  
-  Soviet-made anti-aircraft gun spotted in Hamas military parade.
Hamas terrorists acquiring anti-aircraft weaponry.  A Soviet-built Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23 anti-air heavy machine gun was reportedly spotted during a Hamas military parade in Gaza last week.  ISIS smuggled them into the Gaza Strip via the Sinai.  Hamas has smuggled in an arsenal of weapons through a massive tunnel network stretching from the border city of Rafah in Gaza into the Sinai.

Many Palestinians are streaming into Sinai from Gaza to fight with ISIS.

Hellzballah commander killed
Mar 1, 2016
 DEBKA  -  Hizballah commander who fought Israel killed in Aleppo.
Hizballah recovered the body of Ali (Haj Alaa) Fayyad, a senior commander, in an operation in Aleppo. Fighting continued there on day 3 of the Syrian ceasefire.  Fayyad was among 4 Hizballah fighters killed last week in Aleppo.

Saudi ground invasion in Syria
Saudi Arabia has acknowledged potential ground troop deployment in Syria.
Once this is organized, and decided where troops will go, we will participate.
The USA would welcome Saudi Arabia’s participation in Syria.
Turkey’s provocative military actions could jeopardize Syria ceasefire.

Egypt drill ahead of Libya offensive
Mar 1, 2016
 -  The French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is steaming through the Red Sea on its way to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal for joint maneuvers with the Egyptian navy in preparation for an offensive in Libya. The deGaulle departed the Persian Gulf Feb. 22 and is due in the Mediterranean this week.

The Egyptian frigate’s weapons can shoot down planes and ballistic missiles as well as striking naval or ground targets.  The Egyptian warship was designed to secure the Suez Canal and Port Said.  France President Hollande and Egyptian President El-Sisi plan a joint assault with Italy to root out ISIS positions in Libya.  The 3 powers have agreed to launch this offensive in late April or May.

     U. S. A

IOWAR, judge up for Supreme Court
Mar 3, 2016
-  Obama is vetting Jane Kelly, a judge on the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for Supreme Court nominee.  Grassley has vowed not to hold confirmation hearings on any candidate.

Apple, FBI lying to America
Mar 2, 2016
 -  Unlocking a cellphone is trivial, FBI should stop deceiving public & tell truth, said John McAfee. The US public needs the FBI to stop deceiving everyone and tell the truth.
Any hacker can open that phone in half hour.

Mar 1, 2016
 -   Air Launched Missile SkySniper is configured as an autonomous, air to ground precision strike missile.  SkySniper strikes its target at supersonic speed. The high velocity impact with multi-purpose blast-fragmentation warhead and three-mode fuse enables effective penetration of hard targets. Tailored to destroy a wide range of targets, the missile can also detonate in airburst.
Very cool photos!!

We have LOST America.  Its kontrolled from without.
AmeriGEDDON is a movie that is so real that it has been banned from Hollywood.
Its today’s headlines, and it takes us into our future.
It serves as a warning to anyone with an ear to hear.

Jesus said, I AM the Way the TRUTH and the LIFE.
NO one comes to the Father but through Me.
John 14:6

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Exclamation       EARTH  NEWS

8.1  Major earthquake SW of Sumatra, Indonesia
Mar 2, 2016
 -  USGS originally put the magnitude at 8.2 then lowered to 7.9.  In 2004, a 9.1 magnitude earthquake struck off Sumatra, resulting in a tsunami.  230,000 people were killed across a dozen countries, including Thailand.

I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity. I will also put an end to the arrogance
of the proud and humble the pride, haughtiness of the ruthless. I will make the heavens tremble, and
the Earth will be shaken from its place at the fury of the Lord of hosts,
In the day of His burning anger
. Isaiah 13:11-14

Large CO gas release
Mar 1, 2016  
-  Large Carbon (CO) Monoxide Gas release along the West Coast — a seismic precursor in action.
Magma is the ONLY possible culprit capable of producing this large of a gas release.
California at the Nevada border, Long Valley Caldera was struck by a M4.0 earthquake on February 15th, just 10 days prior to the gas release.  I have been watching that Nv-Cal-Ore corner have several quake swarms the last couple years.

Yellowstone was just struck by a M4.0, Salton Sea is being struck all around the location, multiple pumping operations struck in California near Coalinga + Missouri Triangle, California -- also, Utah was just struck by a M4.0 today.,38.84,1106/loc=-98.223,41.901

*  U.S. POLITIX  *

Primary elections in 11 states
Donald Trump was the winner in 7 states  

Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia (Rubio close 2nd), Georgia,
Arkansas (Cruz distant 2nd), Alabama YUGE!, Tennessee (Cruz distant 2nd)

Republican Delegates BEFORE March 1  -  Needed to win nomination: 1,237
It *appears* Trump picked up close to 200 delegates bringing him to somewhere just under 500*
Donald Trump: 285  *  Ted Cruz: 161  *  Marco Rubio: 87

Texas  -  Ted Cruz won, Trump 2nd
Oklahoma -  Ted Cruz won, Trump very close 2nd
Alaska -  Ted Cruz won, Trump 2nd
Minnesota  -  Marco Rubio won , Cruz 2nd (near tie), Trump 3rd

There are many comparisons to be made between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan.


Texas fraud
Mar 1, 2016
 -  Ballots Changed to Show Rubio.

Record turnout
Mar 2, 2016
-  Donald Trump drives GOP’s record turnout; Democrats lack enthusiasm.  Republicans shatter turnout records in their presidential primaries

Mass voters quit Demoncrat party
Nearly 20,000 Mass. Demoncrats fled that party to join the Republicans

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Louisiana loser Marco no show
Mar 3, 2016
-  After a poor showing in the Super Tuesday primaries, Marco Rubio canceled his plans for a Baton Rouge event scheduled for Friday.  CNN Jake Tapper asked Marco Rubio if he is in denial.  Foxnews is finished with Rubio

3 time loser Romney
Mar 3, 2016
 -  Three time loser Willard Mitt Romney to make a speech concerning the 2016 election.  I refused to vote for this moron, I mean Mormon jerk before - and I will NOT vote for him again.
Evil GOP want evil Hellary Clinton in the whitehouse.

The Elite got Trumped
Mar 3, 2016
 -  The internet meda who are outside the corrupt corporate Kontrol that has criminalized our Federal government, seek to bring the public the truth BORG press hide from you.  We have seen some of our colleagues murdered in the pursuit of the truth (Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings, etc).

In 2016 Donald Trump is challenging the establishment like they have not been challenged since JFK and we all know how that ended.  Reagan also had aspirations of being a reformer, til they tried to assassinate him.

The GOP are in absolute chaos.  The Demoncrat Party is in chaos.  Americans are listening like they have never before.

Super Tuesday Results
Donald Trump 285
Ted Cruz 161
Statistically, this race is over
Trump is now the presumptive winner.  (longer article)

Donald Trump in Ohio March 1
Descending from TRUMP FORCE ONE


     U. S. A

Hillary Clinton Emails
Mar 3, 2016
-  As Hillary Clinton moves toward the Demoncrat presidential nomination, she faces legal hurdles.  F.B.I. could seek to question Mrs. Clinton’s closest aides and possibly the candidate herself within weeks.

It is commonplace for the F.B.I. to try to interview key figures before closing an investigation.  The investigation could conclude by May. Then the Justice Department will decide whether to file criminal charges and, if so, against whom.
In 2015 Bryan Pagliano invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to testify before Congress.

Immunity for Hellary staffer
Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer Pagliano who set up Clinton email server.
The Justice Department has granted immunity to a former State Department staffer who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, as part of a criminal investigation.  The FBI has the cooperation of Bryan Pagliano who up the server in Hellary's New York home in 2009.

FBI agents want to interview Clinton and her senior aides.
So far, there is no indication that prosecutors have convened a grand jury in the email investigation to subpoena testimony or documents, which would require the participation of a U.S. attorney’s office.


From ret US Army brigadier general
March 3, 2016
SteveqQayle  (edit) -  

What do you think war planners are envisioning next?
The Pentagon has war plans for multiple contingencies.
Some predict total war is the most likely next outcome.
We are now in the fourth generation from World War 2.
I believe the next war will:

- Last only 2-3 weeks.
- Be a high-level conflict where more people will die than in all previous wars combined.
- See the general US population targeted and stunned at the devastation.
- Affect everyone, not just those in uniform.
- Decimate the economy. Those not killed directly will struggle to survive post-hostilities.
- Destroy the status quo and usher in a new order.
- Make manifest that God is no longer on our side.
- We chose to abandon Him, so He honored our free will.

The reality is, Americans have not fared well at the beginning of most wars. We get caught off-guard, stumble, and suffer casualties we should not suffer. Our enemies will seek to win before we can adjust. Attack so fast and hard we cannot get up.


Yes, I believe this is accurate, sadly.  Godly men of history forsaw this.
There are numberous reasons to take this VERY SERIOUSLY.

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

GWBush was the last US president
After George W. Bush the republic ENDS
Barak Obama is a usurper,  Daniel 7:25

My comments
The globalists HATE Donald Trump and will NOT allow him to be president.
We the People love Donald Trump!
The NWO may well trigger a war and total collapse of all things.
Being a Muslim, Barak Hussein Obama WANTS WW3 and chaos.

America is about to get bitten
Mar 3, 2016
 -  What is the Obama thinking?  He is pushing to increase the amount of Muslim terrorist invaders that are brought into America.  Sex attacks across Europe, riots with refugees, terror attacks - USA cannot bring in more  without serious consequences.
Donald Trump recited the lyrics from a 1968 song titled "The Snake."
It is a very bad idea to import more Muslims into America.

Eagle n Serpents
Message for America, Michael Boldea dream

Jeremiah 14:11 and 7:16  
The LORD said -  So do not pray for this people
nor offer any plea or petition for them do not plead with Me,
for I will not listen to you.

Jesus said, I AM the Way the TRUTH and the LIFE. NO one comes to the Father but through Me.  John 14:6

It is time for judgment to begin with the household of God.  1 Peter 4:17

Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong and the one who is filthy, still be filthy.
Let the righteous continue to practice righteousness,
and the holy continue to be holy.
Revelation 22:11

     U. S. A

USA Fukushima New York is leaking
Mar 4, 2016
 -   New York nuke plant is leaking radioactive waste into drinking water.
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant reported nuclear material leaking into groundwater reveals an  80%  increase in contamination.  Experts suggest the immediate deactivation of the facility 25 miles north of New York City to halt the further contamination of 23 million people's water.  Problems plaguing the facility also include power outtages, fires and safety alarm malfunctions.
New York is home to 4 commercial nuclear facilities.

Portsmouth, NH
Trump supporter arrested
Mar 4, 2016  -  FBI agents took custody of U.S. Marine Jerry DeLemus
on 9 charges.
FBI took custody of Jerry DeLemus, a New Hampshire Tea Party activist who previously made trips to Nevada to take part in the Bundy Ranch 2014 stand-off and the January 2016 Oregon refuge.

DeLemus faces 9 PHONY federal charges including conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice, attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer and several firearms charges, when he was in Nevada to support the Bundy family at the ranch.

The FBI just rolled up with lots of vehicles and agents in tactical gear, forced their way into Jerry DeLemus and Sue’s condo with weapons drawn and arrested Jerry and took him away.

Kimball believed its connected to the Bundy Ranch and asked all NH patriots to come together ASAP to protest this tyranny.  A good and Patriotic Marine is now being prosecuted for standing up for Liberty.

People involved in both the Nevada and Oregon incidents are being arrested and/or questioned by federal authorities.

DeLemus was a former candidate for sheriff.  He and his wife were active in the Trump campaign in New Hampshire.  His wife recently made national headlines for comparing the position of Pope in the Catholic Church to the anti-Christ after frankenpope made insane comments attacking Trump.

Sounds like a Hitler-esque roundup to me on phony unAmerican charges.

FOX NEWS  GOP debate March 3, 2016

WHO WON -  Trump, who else?
Mar 4, 2016
-  syracuse - Donald Trump    79.3%  
Ben Carson should endorse Donald Trump.
Trump defended Carson many times and the Cruz campaign kept pulling dirty tricks on Carson.
Carson will be on Greta Friday with an endorsement announcement

I don’t know why Trump goes to fox debates!

Cruz is the Establishment
Mar 4, 2016
-  From the beginning Cruz has been the Establishment candidate although stealthily. Cruz is a Dominionist, not a Christian.  If Trump loses, conservative versus liberal won't matter any more; we'll be part of the one world Beast system.

Megyn the wicked witch Kelly seeks to assassinate Donald Trump, NOT question him.  That was no debate, it was a choreographed assault on Trump.   The damned moderators served as prosecutors.

Debates today are circuses. In 60s the moderators asked 1 question to each candidate, no one interrupted and then they moved to the next question.

Havent you noticed that no weapon formed against Donald Trump has prospered?

FNC shows O’Reilly, Kelly, Hannity are unwatchable.
Cruz is a Dominionist but usually hides it.
I don’t know why Trump goes to fox debates!

Isaiah 54:17
No weapon that is formed against you will prosper,
and every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
and their vindication is from Me, declares the LORD.

I don’t know why Trump goes to fox debates!

Twisted Evil   Mitt Romney Happily Accepted the Endorsement of Donald Trump
-  in 2012 - now in 2016 the dirty traitor calls Trump a fake!

In 2012, the year that Mitt Romney was crushed at the polls by Barack Obama, he had reached out to billionaire businessman Donald Trump and campaigned quite hard to get his endorsement. Mr. Trump was happy to comply with Romney's request. At the time, as you will see in the video, getting Trump's endorsement was, in Mitt's own words, "one of the greatest experiences" of his life, he was that happy to have Trump's seal of approval.

Today in 2016, just 4 short years later, Mitt Romney chose to trash the man whose endorsement he had previously begged for when he needed help.
Now when Mittzi don’t need him and the NWO has ordered you attack Trump, you come our swinging against him.

Willard Mutt Romney

Evil or Very Mad   Mitt Romney is EVIL!


2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

     U. S. A

Davey Bundy and Mel Bundy (Clivens sons) arrested
Mar 4, 2016
-  His county sheriff claims - FALSELY - that the FBI trumps his jurisdiction.
A sheriff who doesnt know the U.S. Constitution!  FBI removing every male member of the family in order to financially decimate them and then swoop in and get their property!
bundyranch.blogspot, facebook

Patriot arrests
Mar 4, 2016
Nextrush  -  Patriot arrests from 2014 Nevada standoff etc.  12 arrested yesterday!
The United States of America patriots are being arrested every day as dissidents, its becoming more and more clear that our government is doing one of two things and likely both.
Consider the latest wave of arrests lately of patriots who have resisted BLM federal land tyranny in the West.  Arrests in both the Oregon Standoff early this year and the Bundy Ranch Standoff of 2014.  One of those arrested was a co-chairman of Veterans for Trump in New Hampshire

Saudi Defense Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman


Saudis give missiles to ISIS
Mar 4, 2016
-  Saudi Arabia is preparing to supply Syrian rebels - ISIS - with anti-air and anti-tank missiles against Russia.  Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the defense minister, is choreographing this.  This will raise the wrath of Russia and Iran!

Syria grid collapses
Mar 3, 2016  
-  Widespread power cuts in Syria as electricity grid collapses, hopes to restore service within hours.  Electricity has been cut across all provinces and teams are trying to determine the reason.

Hamas preparing boat attacks
Mar 4, 2016
 JPost  -  Hamas terrorists use or are disguised as fishermen.
Hamas will probably attack both from tunnels and the sea.
Hamas in Gaza is preparing swarm-like boat attacks for clashes with Israel.
Hamas is improving its diving commando units, and creating sea forces.
Hamas aim is to cause heavy damage in the opening stage, and achieve a victory.

Blackhawks for Jordan
Mar 4, 2016
 -  The United States delivered 8 Black Hawk helicopters to Jordan.
Jordan is part of the U.S.-led military coalition.

2 volcanoes set to blow
March 4, 2016
 -  Orange Alerts for Fuego and Tungurahua volcanoes in Central America.
Tungurahua is in Ecuador.  Fuego volcano is 30 miles from Guatemala City.
Disaster officials may have to evacuate if things worsen.
Video, photos

Shocked   France *  Airbus vs drone
Mar 5, 2016
-  Drone nearly collides with A320 airliner above Paris.
Drones are banned from flying near airports.  Potentially catastrophic close shave involving a drone and an Air France passenger jet.  The incident was called a serious near collision.

The A320 was beginning its descent towards the Paris runway when the co-pilot noticed the drone and informed the captain of its presence.  The crew disconnected the autopilot and proceeded to land manually, taking action to avoid a potential collision.

Bangkok boat explosion
Mar 5, 2016
 -  A large gas explosion on a passenger boat in Bangkok has injured at least 60 passengers.  The injured passengers were admitted to local hospitals, with two people in serious condition.  The boat was loaded with about 70 people on an early morning route through the city's canals in a neighbourhood on the eastern outskirts of Bangkok.  The accident was the first of its kind in almost 30 years of service.

Giant scorpion robot
Mar 5, 2016  
-  It is one of the most terrifying robots ever made.  Giant scorpion robot Hexapod can STAB victims with its tail: Six legged machine can move and attack like an insect.  Has natural movement like crawling, snapping claws and stinging with tail.  Uses long and short range sensors to detect user proximity.
Belgium students developed a scorpion to demonstrate the 'intuitive and complex mechatronic functions' of the technology.

And the fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star having fallen out of heaven to the earth, and the key of the pit of the abyss was given to it.  And locusts like scorpions came out to torment men without Gods seal for 5 months.
Excerpts from Revelation 9


Rolling Eyes

Donald Trump backs out of CPAC
Mar 4, 2016  
-  Donald Trump will speak at rallies in Kansas and Florida.
There’s nothing much “conservative” about CPAC anymore.  CPAC ruined it’s credentials with moral conservatives when they supported homosexual privilege.  So this isn’t costing Trump anything.

CPAC embracens the WORST SIN
Mar 4, 2016  -  CPAC goes Pro-Homosexual, Pro-Atheist
.  The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is under fire this year for accepting the sponsorship of LGBT Log Cabin Republicans that promotes queerage and open homosexuality in the U.S. Armed Forces. CPAC is alienating true moral conservatives.
Next NAMBLA will want a seat in the PAC.
These degenerates don't belong in a 'Conservative' group.


I am EXTREMELY disgusted with RUSH Limbaugh and Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress backing Dominionist (NOT Christian) Ted Cruz!

A transgender wo-man who raped a teenager while still living as a man. March, 2016

Public Schools are Training Centers For Sexual Deviants

SIN Transgender = protected class in USA

In New Orleans, the Chocolate City, Donald Trump walked in with a baby!
2 dozen black lives matter demons disrupted Donald Trump's rally.  I was listening LIVE on youtube.  Its so nice to hear the crowd chant retaliation to the disrupting devils.

Jim Webb may vote for Trump
Marco Rubio poised to lose Florida
Ben Carson FINALLY quits  -  Face it, he was never a contender.
Jan Brewer, former Arizona governor likes Trump

Donald Trump March 5
LIVE Donald Trump Rally in Wichita, Kansas  at 8:00 am

LIVE Donald Trump Rally in Orlando, FL at 1:30 pm

LIVE Donald Trump Press Conference in West Palm Beach, FL at 8:00 pm

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

We have LOST America.  Its kontrolled from without.
AmeriGEDDON is a movie that is so real that it has been banned from Hollywood.
Its today’s headlines, and it takes us into our future.
It serves as a warning to anyone with an ear to hear.



Nothing else matters - it all for naught


Christian-themed films
 -  I hear this is excellent and actually Biblical
The Young Messiah
Miracles From Heaven
God’s Not Dead 2

Michael Boldea Light of Truth radio
American  condition  since 911
Seeds of Persecution
The Doctrine of Baptism
Headlines From Sodom
Portraits of Peace

Antonin Scalia death
Mar 5, 2016
-  White House correspondent Bill Koenig and Jan Markell.
Koenig explains why he feels the death is suspicious.
Christ at the Checkpoint blasphemy.
Christians denounce Israel at the Bethlehem conference.

Antonin 'Nino' Scalia, USSC Justice, assassinated?

Christ at Checkpoint



Nothing else matters - it all for naught

Jeremiah 14:11 and 7:16  
The LORD said -  So do not pray for this people
nor offer any plea or petition for them do not plead with Me,
for I will not listen to you.

Jesus said, I AM the Way the TRUTH and the LIFE. NO one comes to the Father but through Me.  John 14:6

It is time for judgment to begin with the household of God.  1 Peter 4:17

Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong and the one who is filthy, still be filthy.
Let the righteous continue to practice righteousness,
and the holy continue to be holy.
Revelation 22:11


    MIDEAST  Breaking News

Baghdad IRAQ
ISIS suicide bomb kills 60
Mar 6, 2016
 -  ISIS suicide truck bomb attack south of Baghdad killed at least 60 people after it was detonated in the Hilla province, south of Bagdad.  A fuel tanker blew up as it approached the main checkpoint.  The checkpoint, the nearby police station were destroyed as well as some houses and dozens of cars.

Temple Mount cameras installed before Passover

Mar 6, 2016
 Arutz Sheva  -  Israel and Jordan agreed that cameras will be installed on Temple Mount before Passover.  The move will be a Significant form of supervising and maintaining order on Temple Mount.

According to the deal between Israel and Jordan, the cameras will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Both sides will be able to access the broadcast and watch what is being recorded.

Things are getting ready for the world to see the Revelation 11 two witnesses.

Revelation 11
I will empower my 2 witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days


The rapture issue
good discussion

IAF tests Hellzballah defeses
March 5, 2016
DEBKA -  Does Hellzballah have advanced surface-to-air missile defense systems?  Israel conducted mock air strikes over Baalbek, the site of Hizballah command centers, training facilities and arms depots in the Bekaa Valley, eastern Lebanon.

Russian-Assad-Hizballah forces tighten noose on Aleppo
Mar 6, 2016
-  Syrian, Hizballah and Iranian forces are tightening their circle around ISIS northeast of Aleppo, under close Russian air support. DEBKAfile: The main rebel militia holding these districts is the Al Qaeda affiliate the Nusra Front.


U.S.A. -  North Korea WAR drums
Mar 6, 2016
-  We are going to war against north Korea within days.
North Korea warns they will respond to sanctions.  Washington DC and Seoul South Korea are scheduled to begin military manoeuvres 7 March.  North Korea always hates these war games, and the stupid little runt is likely to do anything.

Kim Jong-un wants to be ready to use nuclear weapons at any time.  This all seems to be a response to new sanctions imposed by the UN after North Korea’s recent nuclear test and rocket launch.

FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Hal Turner analysis
After North Korea's surprise nuclear test  on 06 January, which took even China by surprise, the US finally had enough of North Korea.  USA and China are working closely together.   China agrees to support U.N. sanctions against North Korea.

North Korea
Philippines seizes North Korean cargo ship to enforce U.N. sanctions.  Manila will deport the crew and await a U.N. inspection team.  The NKorean ship Jin Teng in Subic will be impounded and not allowed to leave port.  31 ships are subject to the asset freeze.

North Korea NEWS


4.7 Earthquake BC Canada
Mar 6, 2016  -  The earthquake was SW of Port Hardy, Canada
DEPTH 12 miles

Earthquake Swarm in Red Sea
Mar 6, 2016
-  Several 4.5 and 4.4 tremors in the Red Sea between Eritrea and Saudi Arabia
DEPTH 6 miles


     U. S. A

DONALD J. TRUMP WINS Kentucky and Louisiana
Ted Cruz storms Kansas and Maine cacuses

Cruz won cacuses where arm twisting and direct force is allowed,
and all the Evil ones are against Trump.  This is PROOF Cruz is the GOPe candidate.  He is NOT what he appears to be.

Trump won 2 states, 2nd place in 2 others
Mar 6, 2016  -  Cruz did well in Maine because it is close to Canada!

Once little Marco is gone and Trump starts pointing out how cruz lied to Texas voters to get elected Sinator and points out what TPA and the corker bill were and why cruz voted for them, Cruz is finished. Texas would never have elected the first Canadian United States Senator if they had known the truth. many pages

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump ask little Marco to drop out.
Rubio has made himself so disgusting and immature he couldnt be elected dawg katcher.

I've been frustrated  that Donald is at least an hour late to ALL scheduled LIVE appearances.  His time is valuable, but so is mine!  By the time Trump finally held his press conference March 5th I was asleep!

Michigan's open primary is on March 8
John Kasich is ahead of Donald Trump in Michigan ahead of March 8 primary

GOP convention
Mar 6, 2016  -  A brokered GOP convention
is how we got John McCain, who we the people DID NOT WANT!  We wanted Ron Paul!  So many stayed home and didnt vote.
Larry Sabato explains the process - How would a brokered GOP convention work?

GOPe dont want Trump. Trump talked about this in his press conference, said that would mean the left would end up appointing several liberal supreme court judges. He exposed the corrupt establishment in his press conference tonight.

Smile   Judge Jeanine is excellent!
Mar 6, 2016  -  Woo hoooo!

      Puerto Rico

Mar 6, 2016
-  There is an Open Primary in Puerto Rico today worth 23 Delegates.  Marco Rubio takes all 23 delegates.  
Trump should win Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii on Tuesday expanding his Delegate lead even further along.

Nancy Reagan Dead
Mar 6, 2016
 -  Nancy Reagan dead at 94 of congestive heart failure.  She will be buried at the Ronald Reagan Library in California, next to her husband, Ronald Wilson Reagan, who died in 2004.

Nancy Reagan was deep into the occult, witchcraft.

Delegates  (unofficial)
399   TRUMP  
307   CRUZ

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

     U. S. A

Idaho pastor shot
Mar 7, 2016
 -  Police in Idaho are looking for a gunman who shot and wounded a pastor outside his church Sunday afternoon, one day after he led a prayer at a rally for Ted Cruz.  Pastor Tim Remington was found with multiple gunshot wounds outside the Alter Church in Coeur d'Alene at around 2 pm Sunday.  He was shot in the back as he walked to his car.  Remington was expected to make a full recovery.  Saturday, Remington had led a prayer at a rally for Cruz at a local fairgrounds.  Kyle Odom was last seen leaving the parking lot.
Idaho primary is Tuesday

Navy SEALs dont have enough combat rifles
Mar 7, 2016
 -   The tip of the spear may be losing its edge.
Navy SEAL teams don't have enough combat rifles to go around, even as these highly trained forces are relied on more than ever to carry out counterterrorism operations and other secretive missions.  Several SEALs have confided in Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif.

Obama sent em to ISIS

Evil or Very Mad   Ted Cruz supported TPA
Mar 7, 2016
 theconservativetreehouse -  John Kerry asked China to Join TPP.
HR 2146 (TPA Trade Promotion Authority or Fast Track): This House Bill #2146 originating April 30th 2015, became the vehicle for passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

HR2146 was originally introduced in the House of Representatives as a bill to address issues with retirement funds of federal law enforcement officers and firefighters.  In April of 2015 Senator Ted Cruz and Rep Paul Ryan supported TPA being added to HR2146.

There is good reason for Patriots to dislike TPA.
Cruz is a lying hypocrite. He voted against the amendment to block China.




Biden heads to Israel
March 7, 2016  
-  US Vice President Joe Biden 5 day Middle East tour in Israel.
PM Binyamin Netanyahu heard from Biden’s close circle that he may open his run for president from Israel.  Israel was told to handle this visit as a candidate running for election to the White House.

Sad  Joe Biden runs for U.S. President.
Puke now or forever hold yer cookies!

Barak 0bama and Joe Biden curse on U.S.A.

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

 Israel *  Juniper Cobra ends
Mar 7, 2016
 -  Army tests Patriot missile system as Israel-US Juniper Cobra drill ends.
Israel launched a Patriot surface-to-air missile from the Palmachim air base in central Israel as part of a routine exercise.  The biennial exercise kicked off in February.  The Juniper Cobra exercise program was created in 2001. The Patriot missiles were designed by the United States to intercept incoming missiles and aircraft. They first saw anti-aircraft combat in Israel in 2014.

First Temple-era seal found

Mar 7, 2016
 -  Rare First Temple-era seal found in Jerusalem, the City of David.
Archaeologists discover First Temple-era seals, one with a woman's name. Rare find that sheds significant light on owner's life.

2 seals found with Hebrew names, dating back to the time of the First Temple, in Jerusalem's City of David. The objects belonged to a woman and a man, Elihana bat Gael and Sa'aryahu ben Shabenyahu.

Finding seals that bear names from the time of the First Temple is rare, and finding a seal that belonged to a woman is even rarer.  The artifacts were discovered in a prominent building that is believed to have served as an administrative center.

Personal seals were used for signing documents, and were frequently inlaid as part of a ring that was worn by the owner. In antiquity they designated the identity, genealogy and status of the owner of the seal.


Saudi Arabia collapse
Mar 7, 2016
-  Total Collapse of Saudi Arabia is approaching.  Saudi Arabia is in the flailing death throes of a nation that is struggling to hang on.  Ever since global oil prices started to plummet, Saudi Arabia hasn’t been the same.  Saudi Arabia is running out of money.  The situation is so dire that the IMF expects them to run out of money within 5 years.  Saudi Arabia is not a state, its a criminal enterprise, the Saudi king is CEO of a family business that buys loyalty. Essentially, Saudi Arabia runs on institutionalized bribery.  


Saudi Arabia is faced with a severe water crisis. They’re heavily reliant on underground aquifers that arent renewable.  The Saudi regime started taxing water.  Interesting long article



CHINA *  Miners killed in coal mine
Mar 7, 2016  Xinhua  
-  A gas leak at a coal mine in northeast China has killed 12 miners.
The accident happened Sunday at a mine in Baishan, Jilin Province. The cause of the accident in under investigation.  Carbon monoxide is typically the main component of noxious gases that leak from coal deposits.

Thailand slips deeper into China's embrace
Mar 7, 2016
 -  Thailand wants to buy a submarine and China offers cheaper includes technology transfer and training.  In 2015 Chinese and Thai air forces held their first joint exercises.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Mar 7, 2016  UPDATE
-  Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared March 8, 2014.
A man found a wing fragment and other debris on a beach in the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion.  Unlike the flaperon, there were no barnacles on the latest item.  It's believed it crashed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean, off Western Australia.

    VP Joe Biden in Israel        

Joe Biden family in Israel
Mar 8, 2016  
-  Joe Biden visits Israel with his family and grandchildren for his second and final visit as the US Vice President.  Biden has scheduled meetings with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  Biden will also meet with Palestinian terror chief, Mahmoud 'Abu' Abbas in Ramallah.  

The White House is considering unprecedented steps to force the creation of a Palestinian state, including a UN Security Council resolution requiring Israel to recognize eastern Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine and to halt construction beyond the Green Line.

Biden coming to Israel to discuss US military aid
US vice president to discuss new Memorandum of Understanding on security aid.  Israel seeks to add $10-15 billion in aid, promised due to Obama deal from hell with Iran.  Biden's main objective is to convince Netanyahu to sign a bad deal.,7340,L-4775516,00.html

Netanyahu called off US trip  
Netanyahu cancelled his annual trip to the USA and the yearly AIPAC.  
I spose he also doesnt want to experience 0bama's hate, contempt, and pressures against Israel.



US building a Kurd airbase in Syria
Mar 8, 2016
 -  I'll believe it when / if I SEE it.
A second US airbase will be constructed on the outskirts of Kurdish controlled Kobane, on the border with Turkey.  The United States has nearly finished setting up an air base in Kurdish-controlled northern Syria and is proceeding with the construction of a second base for dual military and civilian use.

The Erbil-based news website BasNews said most of the work on a runway in the oil town of Rmeilan in Hasaka was complete while a new air base southeast of Kobani, straddling the Turkish border, was being constructed.  The Rmeilan airstrip was being used by US military helicopters for logistics and deliveries.,7340,L-4775060,00.html


March 2016  -  Russia to deploy Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean to lead a permanent naval group. It will be upgraded with MiG-29K - debka

Netanyahu called off US trip to avoid stormy election campaign
Bibi Netanyahu declined to meet resident Barack Obama on March 18, just ahead of Obama’s trip to Cuba.  In the heated Republican contest, any step he took would be misconstrued as interference.

Netanyahu canceled visit to Washington because he wants to avoid the presidential primary confusion.  I spose he also doesnt want to experience 0bama's hate, contempt, and pressures against Israel.

Obama knew Netanyahu was unlikely to visit

Weapons Cache off Somalia
Mar 8, 2016  -  An Australian Navy
ship seized a huge cache of weapons near Oman’s coast from a fishing vessel bound for Somalia, exposing a possible violation of a U.N. Security Council arms embargo.  If they had only donated to the Clinton Foundation they could have got that shipment thru.

Anesthesia for babies being murdered
Mar 8, 2016  
-  Utah Bill requires anesthesia for babies during abortion, admitting the poor things feel PAIN.  The Utah Senate voted 19-5 in favor of legislation that would require doctors to administer anesthesia to babies during an abortion. The bill applies to abortions carried out any time after 20 weeks of gestation.

If we are going to kill the baby, then anesthesia would be required to protect the child from the infliction of pain at the time their life is forfeit.  Abortion is a death sentence on an innocent child.

Former abortionist Dr. Levatino describes a second trimester D&E abortion.


Blood sacrifice to Satan

Doctors can kill babies - or adults


Iran launches ballistic missiles
Mar 9, 2016  
-  Iran successfully conducted tests of ballistic missiles.
Missiles with range of 300-2,000km launched from silos in multiple locations are capable of striking Israel and US military bases in the Middle East.  Israel must be wiped out was written in Hebrew on the missiles, as US Vice-President Joe Biden visits Israel.

Elam is part of western Iran/Persia.
Google prophecies for Elam.

I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity. I will also put an end to the arrogance
of the proud and humble the pride, haughtiness of the ruthless. I will make the heavens tremble, and
the Earth will be shaken from its place at the fury of the Lord of hosts,
In the day of His burning anger
. Isaiah 13:11-14

Gary Smalley and Jim Daly, Rocky Mountains Colorado

Gary Smalley died
Mar 9, 2016
 -  Gary Thomas Smalley died on March 6, 2016 surrounded by his family.  Gary and his wife, Norma, lived in Branson, Missouri. They have one daughter, and two sons.  Gary was a best-selling Christian author and speaker, and a marriage and relationship expert.

Mar 8, 2016
Dutchsinse  -  The US Military has confirmed that a Plasma ring forms in a bullseye / target /  RING shape when targeted high frequency radio waves cross each other while hitting the upper atmosphere. Using HAARP to produce plasma rings, and super heating in the atmosphere.  HAARP ring formed by Radio Waves hitting the Atmosphere / Ionosphere.



Muslims increase terrorism
as U.S. VP Noe Biden arrives in Israel

Biden sparks increased Palestinian terror
Mar 9, 2016
 -  Palestinian terrorist attacks hit 3 Israeli towns on Tuesday, March 8, the day US Vice President Joe Biden landed in Israel, claiming the life of Taylor Allen Force, an American combat veteran, and injuring 15 others.  Wednesday Biden arrived in Jerusalem for talks with PM Bibi Netanyahu.  The Palestinian terrorist attack claimed the life of Taylor Allen Force and critically injured his wife.  The Jaffa killer was able to race through Jaffa streets, stabbing 10 passersby and motorists as he ran, before he was shot..

Several Palestinian terror attacks again there.
The Jerusalem shooter had an Israeli ID.
The Palestinian terrorism was organized by Palestinian command center to synchronize with the visit to Israel of Joe Biden.  Palestinians habitually stage violence whenever a high-ranking US official visits.
Horrible photo of bloody boardwalk.  Thanks Joe!  THIS is what 0bama is causing!  These Palestinian devils DONT WANT PEACE!

Biden arrives in Israel
US Vice President Joe Biden landed in Israel March 8, Tuesday evening.  He will hold talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. He will later meet with Palestinian terror chief Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. - debka

Muslim terrorism near VP Biden
Terror activity against innocent women and children increases as American VP Joe Biden visits Israel.  As US Vice President Joe Biden was less than a mile away at the Peres Center for Peace in Jaffa - a Palestinian terrorist was running along the boardwalk stabbing anyone he encountered, killing 1 and injuring 11.,7340,L-4776018,00.html

Terrorist attacks were linked to Biden's visit
DEBKA  -  Terrorists who opened fire on Jerusalem bus shot dead.  GOOD!
The terrorists were shot dead in Jerusalem as they prepared to open fire on Israeli policemen, who reacted quickly and killed them.  The Israel Police said all the terrorist attacks were connected to US VP Joe Biden's visit.

Biden slams failure of Abbas to condemn terror
WHY would Abbas condemn those he commanded to attack?
NO, he pays them to attack and calls them heroes!

Palestinian terrorist kills US vet
Mar 9, 2016  -  Taylor Force, US Army veteran
, graduate of West Point, killed by Palestinian Muslim terrorist in Israel.  Vanderbilt graduate student Taylor Force, 29, was killed by a Palestinian who went on a stabbing rampage in Jaffa in which 12 others were wounded.


     U. S. A

Exclamation  [/b]  BEWARE!
OHIO Ballot DISHONESTLY designed

Mar 9, 2016 [/b] -  The Republican ballot in Ohio this year has 2 boxes, not 1, and the
voter MUST check BOTH boxes

     Palestinian terrorist kills US vet
Mar 9, 2016  -  Taylor Force, US Army veteran
, graduate of West Point, killed by Palestinian Muslim terrorist in Israel.  Vanderbilt graduate student Taylor Force, 29, was killed by a Palestinian who went on a stabbing rampage in Jaffa in which 12 others were wounded.
Force had completed tours of duty with the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan.  After graduating from the US Military Academy at West Point in 2009, he served as a field artillery officer until 2014.

Evil or Very Mad   Palestinian chief Abbas (Fatah) praised the terrorist who killed Taylor Force.

War vet fought, then victim of terror
Taylor Force
survived Iraq and Afghanstan, only to be killed in Israel.
Palestinian chief Abbas (Fatah) praised the terrorist who killed him.
Iraq War veteran Taylor Force had dedicated his life to fighting terror, but sadly fell victim to it during a stabbing attack in Jaffa.

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Keep up with U.S.politics here

Newt Gingrich said Trump is NOT part of secret society and did NOT go through the rituals of Freemasonry.

Evil or Very Mad   Ted Cruz, Globalist, SPP
Heidi Cruz heads EVIL CFR task force
Ted Cruz is literally in bed with Globalists / open borders / Free traders.
Council Of Foreign Relations Building a North American Community. Task Force Member HEIDI S. CRUZ.  Sponsored by the CFR in association with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and Mexico (the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales.)

PLEASE NOTE this is North America - NOT the U.S.A.
The Task Force applauds the evil “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” (SPP)

Ted Cruz


N. American Union, NAU, SPP, TPP, TPA, TAP, CANAMEX

    Obama to use UN to divide Jerusalem
Mar 8, 2016
-  resident Barack Obama expects to UN Security Council to force Israel to divide Jerusalem.  Obama is considering unprecedented moves to FORCE 2 states.  A United Nations resolution would forcibly extract concessions from Israel and the PA.  The EVIL resolution would force Israel to recognize eastern Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.  The Palestinians would be obliged to officially recognize Israel as a Jewish state and would be pressured to give up the long-standing demand for a right of return.  Those points are where Oslo FAILED.

UN resolution on Palestine,7340,L-4775666,00.html

United Nations news

Calamity called a Palestinian state


WILL Joe Biden announce a run for President from Jerusalem?
Puke now or forever hold yer cookies!


Russia and the runt
Mar 9, 2016  -  Russia threatens North Korea
.  The Russian warning in writting said shut up ya runt or yer done!  North Korea threats have gotten so bad even the Kremlin has come out against the little runt.

and the runt's reply .......

Mar 10, 2016  -  North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles eastward into the sea.
The missiles landed in the Sea of Japan.

Vlad, HELP!
Putin, the worlds hope!
If Russian doesnt STOP North Korea, no one else will.
As an American Christian, I hate to say Putin, the worlds hope, as Jesus Christ is our only Hope!  I have more confidence in Russian news than most kontrolled world news.


Iran General killed
Mar 10, 2016
DEBKA  -  A very high-ranking officer in the Iran Revolutionary Guard, Brigadier General Hassan Ali Shams Abadi, was killed near Aleppo. He was the head of the Iranian communications and intelligence network in Syria.

Farewell to Syria
Mar 11, 2016
 -  Syria is gone and will never return.  Ditto Iraq.  The Assad regime survives in Damascus, but it takes its orders from Iran.  What remains is an area of land that is split, torn, and divided among hundreds of terror groups fighting each another.  Almost sounds like the U.S.A.

Syria is a pawn in a chess game between the United States, Russia and Islam - ISIS, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia.  The most positive scenario is the establishment of a federation, backed and supported by the superpowers, on the territory that was once Syria.  Ceasefires only serve to allow re-loading.

Turkey gives ISIS sarin gas
ISIS shelled Iraq Kurds with poison gas - just like Saddam.  Where's Vlad?
Syrian Kurds say jihadists used phosphorus in chemical attack in Aleppo.
Kurds accused Turkey of providing a transit route for the chemical weapons that were deployed against them near Aleppo.  Tuesday’s attack also involved phosphorus.

ISIS took advantage of the ceasefire to launch attacks against Kurds near Aleppo in northern Syria.  The shells emitted an unnatural smell and yellow smoke upon impact, indicating that chemical weapons were involved.  Toxic substances confirmed.
Sarin gas was delivered to ISIS from Turkey.

Abu Dhabi Airport devastated
Mar 10, 2016
-  WHAT a MESS! When it rains, it pours at Abu Dhabi Airport, roofs collapse, small planes scatter, and debris smash into terminal doors in a heavy storm.   “Qatar and the UAE seem to have almost unlimited funds for completely unnecessary construction, but can’t even get basic things right, like rain-proof buildings.''  The severe weather conditions forced the airport to suspend all flights and cancel the UAE Air Expo 2016.

IRAQ *  Mosul Dam in danger of collapse
Mar 11, 2016
-  I reported this in 2015 too.  The Mosul Dam, largest dam in Iraq, is in danger of catastrophic failure.  The Mosul Dam is a two-mile-long barrier that can hold back as much as 441 million cubic feet of water, and if breached, half a million Iraqis could be at risk.  There is the potential of a flood wave up to 45 feet high, which would flood the city of Mosul .,7340,L-4777064,00.html

Shocked   EGYPT *  Hamas tunnel exposed
Mar 11, 2016
-  Hamas underground army!   Egypt discovered enormous tunnels coming from Gaza.  Egypt discovered tunnels big enough to fit a truck on the Sinai-Gaza border. These tunnels are a source of weapons being used by ISIS and point to a thriving weapons industry in Gaza.

Hamas has become a weapons exporter to Egypt.
Egypt found several types of weapons manufactured by Gaza Hamas.
ISIS, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood all one Sunni entity.
You have to SEE these photos to believe it!  Its a terror CITY underground!,7340,L-4777038,00.html

Egypt *  Cairo bomb
Mar 10, 2016  
-  Roadside bomb hits police convoy in heart of Cairo.
The bomb was detonated by remote control.   A convoy of police vehicles was hit by roadside bomb as it passed through the Feisal area of Cairo on Wednesday night.  3 injured and two of the vehicles were damaged in one of the Egyptian capital's busiest areas.
ISIS and MB (Muslim Brotherhood) are the same terrorists.

Tunnel collapse - GOOD!
Smuggling tunnel between Egypt and Gaza flooded, collapsed.
At least 7 who were digging a wide tunnel to smuggle between Gaza and Rafah, Egypt were killed when the Egyptian army flooded the tunnel with sea water and caused its collapse.   THANK YOU EGYPT!

Smile  Hamas trapped in another terror tunnel collapse
Mar 10, 2016
-  Terror tunnel collapse leaves 6 smugglers buried alive.
Six Palestinians were trapped and another was missing after a Gaza - Rafah smuggling tunnel collapsed.  The cave-in, the sixth since January, was caused by Egyptian flooding of the border zone in its campaign to stop smuggling (and terrorists).  
The passages to Egypt are used for transit of cash, people and weapons.


ISRAEL  Boycott *  Ahava moving
Mar 11, 2016
 -  Cosmetics company Ahava is moving factory out of West Bank following BDS boycott pressure.  Palestinians losing their jobs can thank 0bama and terror chief Abbas.  Chinese company Puson bought out Ahava to mitigate the threat posed to it by the anti-Israel boycott.  The Israeli cosmetics firm Ahava Dead Sea is moving its factory from Mitzpe Shalem to an area outside of Kibbutz Ein Gedi in Judea.
The acquisition of Ahava by Puson will open up the Chinese market to Ahava products.,7340,L-4776979,00.html

Ein Gedi

Airport farewell to Taylor Force
Mar 11, 2016
-  A memorial service was held at Ben Gurion Airport for terror victim Taylor Force, the American tourist murdered in Jaffa.  A crowd that came to pay their respects.  A statement from Force's family read: "Please pass on our profound appreciation to the people and government of Israel for being so compassionate and considerate during the worst time in our lives. Taylor was our entire world, and knowing that Israel mourns with us is comforting.",7340,L-4777146,00.html

Israeli defensive strategy
Mar 10, 2016
 -  Israel’s city centers will very soon see armed soldiers to deal with Palestinian terrorist attacks before they deteriorate into rampages.  Some of them will hide behind sandbag walls.  Defensive strategy in the face of surging Palestinian terror.  Trying to contain Palestinian terror isnt whats needed, Israel needs to STOP it.  Containment is no deterrent for terror. After the guns, bombs may be next.

Evil or Very Mad   Abbas praises terrorist
Mar 10, 2016
 -  US VP Joe Biden criticizes Abbas for NOT speaking out against Palestinian terror.  Palestinian terror chief Mahmoud Abbas met with Biden in Ramallah for about two hours.  Biden appeared to condemn Abbas for not speaking out against terror attacks after Taylor Force was killed and 10 others were injured in Jaffa.  His comments in Jerusalem came after PM Netanyahu said that not only had Abbas and his Fatah failed to condemn, but had praised the Muslim terrorist who killed Taylor Force.


Bitcoin firm CEO found dead
Mar 9, 2016
-  Bitcoin firm CEO found dead after - suicide?  Autumn Radtke, a 28-year-old American CEO of bitcoin exchange firm First Meta, was found dead in her Singapore apartment on Feb. 28.  Local media are calling it a suicide, but Singapore officials are waiting for toxicology test results.  Radtke formerly worked with Apple and other Silicon Valley tech firms on developing digital payment systems.  Radtke’s death brings the number of questionable financial-sector deaths this year to eight.

She is the EIGHT international banker DEAD....THIS YEAR!

Banker deaths, suicides

Resignation of Generals rocks Poland
Mar 10, 2016
-  Poland’s Constitutional Crisis Deepens.  The government refuses to accept that the constitutional court even has the power to overturn reforms.  Poland’s constitutional crisis deepened when the highest court rejected a series of changes to the way it operates.  The ruling conservative Law and Justice party immediately said it would not accept the court’s decision.

This has set off alarm bells in Poland’s neighbors.
The EU launched an unprecedented probe into Poland’s judicial reforms in January.

Smile  The right is dismantling the Left's power structure - THAT is how to clean house!

A few years ago a plane crash killed Polish president and mil

I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity.
I will also put an end to the arrogance of the proud
and humble the pride, haughtiness of the ruthless.
I will make the heavens tremble, and the
Earth will be shaken from its place at the fury of the Lord of hosts,
In the day of His burning anger
Isaiah 13:11-14

PM Harper's wife splits
Mar 11, 2016
-  Canada former PM Harper's wife Laureen Harper is lesbian.
For some time there's been rumours that Laureen had moved out to shack up with a female mountie. If a rumour started that Michelle Obama had secretly moved out of the White House to shack up with a lady, it would be on the cover of everything.

M.Obama is a MAN.  And the U.S. media wont touch it.  Many were shocked and disappointed the horrible, unfit Trudo became PM, defeating Harper.  Perhaps this is one reason - morality in Canada.

The flag is for the same sex people, and the fire of hell awaits them - and those who accept this SIN

BRICS and Lula
Mar 11, 2016
-  The 3 key BRICS powers have been under simultaneous attack.
Brazil is the weakest link. BRICS development bank; the BRICS’s concerted push for trading in their own currencies, bypassing the US dollar and aiming for a new global reserve currency to replace it – bypassing US control.  Lula.  Too confusing for me!

BRICS, AIIB, Silk Road, Asia banking

Russian KGB Church
Mar 11, 2016
-  Russian Orthodox Church is backing Vladimir Putin's new world order.
Under Patriarch Kirill, its leader and former KGB, the Russian Orthodox KGB Church (ROC) has backed the aggressive expansionism of President Vladimir Putin. Kirill described Putin as a miracle of God.  Its no friend to evangelicals, especially in the Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine, seeing them as puppets of the West.

Global trade imploding
Mar 11, 2016
 -  Some European banks being told to stockpile cash, and some want to punish banks that do so.  The financial collapse blames QE4 and the FED back down to 0% interest rates before the election.  With the elimination of cash and a cashless society in our future that will simply offer government more control over the masses and the ultimate surveillance state, and govt will tax everything - even breathing - the carbon tax.
long article, confusing to me

Obama, Russia, China, Turkey, NATO, several pages

I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity.
I will also put an end to the arrogance of the proud
and humble the pride, haughtiness of the ruthless.
I will make the heavens tremble, and the
Earth will be shaken from its place at the fury of the Lord of hosts,
In the day of His burning anger
Isaiah 13:11-14


HELLary to jail
Mar 10, 2016  
-   HELLary is the target of a criminal investigation by the FBI.
The most explosive evidence Hillary Clinton is in extreme legal jeopardy over her email server just burst into the news.
In a criminal investigation it’s not uncommon for law enforcement to squeeze lower level associates to cut a deal to build evidence against the main target.
And it looks like that’s what just happened to Hillary Clinton.

The Justice Department granted immunity to former State Dept staffer Bryan Pagliano as part of a criminal investigation.  Pagliano previously repeatedly invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when he was questioned about Hillary’s private email server.  But now he is singing like a canary to the FBI.

As the FBI wraps up its investigation, agents may want to interview Hellary Clinton and her senior aides.  As Hillary tells lie after lie after lie on TV, she doesnt realize - the FBI is watching.


     U. S. A

Chinese takeover America, Martial Law
Mar 11, 2016  -   When Prophetic Dreams meet Current Events
A Minute to Midnite Episode 27 begins with Chris and Tony discussing world events, including the debt crisis, collapsing economies and the potential Chinese threat to all countries involved in the TPP agreement.  We the people will ultimately bear the brunt of the consequences through bail-ins, taxes and negative interest rates.

The Gathering Global Storm & God's Guidance
The prophetic dreams of a Chinese takeover of America.
long article.

Duduman, AA Allen and Henry Gruver
had dreams of China-Russia taking America.
When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

Carson endorses Donald Trump
Mar 11, 2016
 -  Donald Trump brought a surprise to March 10 debate, an endorsement from former presidential rival Dr. Ben Carson.  Moderator Jake Tapper asked Trump what his issues were with Common Core.

Trump said, “I was with Dr. Carson today, who’s endorsing me, and we spoke for over an hour on education. He wants a lot of different things that are terrific.  I’m gonna have Ben very much involved with education.”


     U. S. A

Pittsburgh mass shooting kills 6
Mar 11, 2016
-  "They just want to kill everybody."
Dozens of shell casings were found around the scene, where police believe that multiple gunmen opened fire on a backyard party around 11 pm, shooting victims as they scrambled to get inside. 6 dead and several were wounded in a mass shooting in Wilkinsburg, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
There's been trouble in this neighborhood before.

       ZionsCRY Commentary

Almighty GOD is TRUTH and the GOD of Truth.
Satan is the lord of LIES.
When a person habitually LIES, you know who their father is.


Evil or Very Mad   Hillary again calls Benghazi Mom a liar
Have you no shame, Hillary Clinton? In a stunning display of callous indifference, Hellary Clinton called Patricia Smith, mother of Benghazi casualty Sean Smith, a liar.

RAMOS:  Secretary Clinton, on the night of the attacks in Benghazi, you sent an e-mail to your daughter Chelsea saying that al qaeda was responsible for the killing of the Americans, however some of the families claim you lied to them, the mother of the information officer.

Hillary and Obama and Panetta and Biden and Susan Rice all told me it was a video when they knew it was not the video.

RAMOS: Secretary Clinton, did you lie to them?

CLINTON: I feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave Americans that we lost at Benghazi, and I certainly can’t even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son, but she’s wrong. She’s absolutely wrong.  Shortly before the New Hampshire primary, Hillary called the grieving Benghazi parents liars.

Please watch the movie - 13 Hours

Evil or Very Mad    SHAMELSS!
LIAR HELL-ary calls Benghazi Mom a liar
Mar 11, 2016
-  There’s a special place in Hell for people like HELLary Clinton!!
said an infuriated Benghazi Mom about Hellary Clinton.
The mother of a Benghazi victim lashed out at Hillary Clinton, saying that “there’s a special place in hell” for her.

Her comments came a day after Hellary said that Patricia Smith was “absolutely wrong” about the accusation she lied to her face, at a Democrat debate.

Smith said, “We were nose-to-nose at the coffin ceremony. She lied to me!  She told me it was the fault of the video. I said ‘are you sure?’ She says yes.  And she knew full well it wasnt at that time.

It must not be forgotten that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama left 40 Americans to die in Benghazi. It was only through the heroism of Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, acting in contradiction of direct orders to stand down and at the cost of their own lives, that most of those forty returned home alive. Again, let it be reiterated that Obama and Clinton were comfortable condemning forty Americans to ugly death at the hands of radical Muslims and to lie about it afterwards rather than admit to what was going on in Benghazi or to their own failures. As Hugh Hewitt wrote,
“...the cries for help from the brave civilians and soldiers of Benghazi were many and urgent throughout the hours of attack. But the response was ... silence. ”

BENGHAZI Libya Coverup, Select Committee

Please watch the movie - 13 Hours


Hamas Gaza sent 4 missiles into Israel
Mar 12, 2016
 -  Israel holds Hamas terrorists responsible for any attacks from Gaza.
The strikes came hours after a Palestinian terrorist rally in Gaza.
IAf jets strike Gaza after rocket fire
They struck 4 Hamas targets.
Any deaths 100% the fault of those who shoot at Israel.

Underground Dome
Mar 12, 2016
-  New Iron Dome tunnel destroyer!   New weapon for defeating the tunnel systems which the Palestinian Hamas and Hizballah are digging to attack Israel.  This Israeli weapon is capable of destroying Iran’s Fordo nuclear facility.

Palestinian Hamas and Hizballah are working overtime
 on tunnels for sneaking terrorists into Israel.


Barak Hussein Obama has been a hellish divider for 7 years.  He has promoted lawlessness and Evil.  He has encouraged the legalizing of SIN.  Now his mafia are promoting callilng Donald Trump a divider, when the TRUTH is - DONALD TRUMP is a UNIFIER!

More and more I believe Donald Trump is God's man!
The humor is - Trump's main theme is - BUILD a WALL.

I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall
and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it
Ezekiel 22:30

No weapon that is formed against you will prosper;
And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
And their vindication is from Me, declares the LORD.
Isaiah 54:17

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

Riots at rallys, Trump press charges

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

People hate Jesus and good and law because they prefer sin and Evil.
I know a lot of people who claim they love Jesus - but they love SIN more.



Mar 13, 2016
-  Over 50,000 people waving Polish and EU flags filled the streets of Warsaw.
Thousands of protesters have turned up for an anti-government rally in Warsaw demanding that the ruling party respect the constitution. The demonstration comes amid an ongoing conflict between the Polish government and Constitution Court.

Many are afraid of a dictatorship in Poland.
Years ago, Poles protested to change the political system.
Now they are protesting to make sure they dont suddenly change it.


Question    North Korea runt loses a sub
Mar 12, 2016
  -  North Korea is missing a midget submarine with a crew of two, with room for a squad of saboteurs.  LOL!  A runt sub for a runt leader!  Sure hope the sub isnt on a silent mission to nuke U.S. west coast.
DEBKA report - US spy satellites, aircraft and ships have watching for days as the North Korean navy searched for a missing submarine. They cant tell if the missing sub is adrift or has sunk.

North Korea is ready to attack the South

Foxnews mis-reported March 11 - NKorea missile to hit Los Angeles in 3 hours, shelter in place - right during the Chicago riots.  Thanks Fox - way to panic da sheepl.

Holy Red October Batman!
3 hours?  Flight time should be about 30 minutes for an ICBM.  Perhaps fox meant to report the NK lost sub would arrive in Calif in 3 hours for a load of food and cash.


Gibraltar  Morocco quake swarms
Mar 12, 2016
Something is going on in Gibralter, Spain, Morocco NAfrica.
There've been a lot of earthquakes there the past year.
I have not seen any news on an undersea volcano here.
There has been undersea volcanoes in some places globally.


Mar 13, 2016
 -  Obama anti-Brexit campaign will see England pull out of EU.
Barack Obama’s April visit to the United Kingdom will make their exit from the European Union more likely.  resident Obama campaigning against Britain leaving will make it more likely that England will pull out of the EU.  British PM David Cameron wants Britain to stay in the European Union. The referendum on the question will take place on 23 June.

TURKEY car bomb kills 37
Mar 13, 2016
-  A suicide car bomb went off near bus stops in the heart of Ankara, killing 37 and wounding around 125 others.  19 of the wounded were in serious condition. Several vehicles caught fire following the blast which also shattered the windows of shops that line the boulevard and the square.
Turkey blames Kurds.

US embassy warned
US embassy in Turkey issued warning on impending attack in Ankara 2 days before Sunday bombing.  The American embassy had warned about a plot to attack Turkish government buildings.

Turkey targets Kurds
Mar 14, 2016
-  Turk F-16 fighter jets bombed Kurdistan in north Iraq.
Turkey blocks Facebook, Twitter following deadly Ankara blast

Remaining Jews live in terror
Mar 14, 2016
 -  Jews in terror-torn Iraq, hesitant to leave their homes.
One said, We live in constant fear.  7 of the 8 remaining Jews in Iraq are women in Baghdad; none has family and all are elderly. They possess substantial property across Iraq.  They have to decide whether they want to make aliyah, and if so, when.  Terror is rampant in the streets, war between the Sunnis, Shiites and us Jews are never in a good situation.

Iraqi Jewry was once the largest and most affluent in the Middle East.  In 1950, two years after the state of Israel was established, most of the Jews of Iraq moved to Israel. A few thousand remained.

Ministry report
Bibles are sent into Iraq and Iran.
A Bible is highly valued in nations that arent allowed them!
READ YOURS - DAILY!  Digest it - obey it!

BOTH Muslims and Jews are coming to Christ Jesus, Yeshua, as their Saviour!
As Muslims celebrated Ramadan, Jesus interrupted their prayers, appearing to many, making Himself known to them through dreams and visions.  Many have been saved from hell by turning to Christ from the devilgod of Islam.  HALLELUJAH!

         U. S. A

U.S. of China
Mar 13, 2016  
-  We are not only being invaded by Muslims, but also by Chinese!
Chinese developers muscling in to Bay Area housing market.  The flood of Chinese money into Bay Area housing is coming not just from home buyers. Developers and investors are also building and backing large residential projects here. They mainly want to diversify away from China’s overbuilt market but also serve Chinese buyers wanting a home in the Bay Area.
30% of the townhomes will be purchased by people from China.
READ this link - testimonies

China is buying many buildings and businesses in USA!

Hellfire missiles for Oregon
Mar 13, 2016
 -  Go ahead, blow up Oregon.  Its no longer the USA.
A cargo package bound for the U.S. containing missiles with explosive warheads was found on a passenger flight from Lebanon to Serbia.  Documents listed the final destination for the missiles as Portland, Oregon.  The Hellfire missiles were discovered by a sniffer dog after an Air Serbia flight from Beirut landed at Belgrade airport.  DHS said these have been heavily used by drones to fire on targets over the past few years.

China warns USA against Trump

China criticised the rise of Donald Trump, warning of severe consequences if he is elected US president.  The GOP party may select someone else, which could lead Trump to run as an independent and split the conservative vote.

China is taking over America
Buying many buildings and businesses in USA!


Maryland cop killed
Mar 13, 2016
 -  Maryland black police officer Jacai Colson, 28, was killed Sunday afternoon, 2 people in custody after an unprovoked attack.  Colson was ambushed in Washington, D.C. suburb of Landover.  Killer walked up and opened fire without warning. Colson was working as an undercover narcotics officer at the time of his death.

Was this #BLM or Muslim?

Iditarod crash
Mar 14, 2016  -  A snowmobiler intentionally
rammed into two top competitors at speeds up to 100 mph, killing one dog and injuring others, in Alaska's famous Iditarod.
26-year-old Arnold Demoski arrested in the crash appeared in court.  He is accused of intentionally driving a snowmobile into the teams.
One of Jeff King's dogs was killed and others were injured.
Demoski was drunk when he struck the teams going about 100 mph.

KANSAS train derails
Mar 14, 2016
 -  Amtrak passenger train with 140 aboard derails in Gray County, SW Kansas.
5 Amtrak rail cars derailed 3 miles outside Cimarron just after midnight.  Multiple injuries reported.  The injured were taken to local hospitals.  Amtrak Southwest Chief from Los Angeles to Chicago derailed 20 miles west of Dodge City.

Louisiana *  Major  flooding, disaster declared
Mar 14, 2016  Office of the Governor
-  Governor John Bel Edwards announced that the federal government declared a major disaster for the State of Louisiana. Following a tour of several parishes, Governor Edwards requested that resident Barack Obama make the declaration. The initial federal declaration is for Bossier, Claiborne, Grant, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland, and Webster Parishes. Additional parish declarations may be made as further damage assessments are conducted.
St. Tammany Parish really got hit hard.

Dam Break bayou Lafourche
Remember your neighbors!


IBM to fire 14,000
Mar 12, 2016
-  IBM is sending more jobs to India.  14,000 IBMers worldwide could leave under the latest redundancy programme.  In the UK alone, Big Blue has put 1,352 people at risk with 185 to be told of their fate by April.


Media Hoax
Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields resigns
Mar 14, 2016
-  A reporter and editor for Breitbart resigned their positions over the website's response to a phony assault accusation by Donald Trump's campaign manager.  Secret Service agent saw it and told Trump NOTHING HAPPENED.  Fields is LYING.

Reporter Michelle Fields and editor Ben Shapiro confirmed their resignations in statements to Buzzfeed News.  Lying Michelle Fields claimed that she was grabbed by the arm and pulled down by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.  Fields did not see who grabbed her arm.  Lewandowski denied the incident took place.

Shapiro found a willing ear on foxnews Kelly File.
Sure, that witch Megyn would hear anything against Trump!
Buzzfeed has been aiming to destroy Breitbart News since Andrew Breitbart was assassinated.

misc sources, each has an AGENDA - beware

Video Evidence in Michelle Fields FALSE ALLEGATIONS against Trump
Secret Service agent saw it and told Trump NOTHING HAPPENED.  Fields is LYING.
Dishonest Media ignore Video Evidence NOTHING happened!
Even freepers are fighting over this one.  *sigh




   Pissed Putin pulls out
Mar 15, 2016
debka  -  Putin to Assad, Tehran: You want to carry on fighting? Count me out.
A deep rift with Tehran and Syria President Bashar Assad over his future prompted Russian President Vladimir’s order for military forces to quit Syria.  Assad, he has no intention of playing along with Putin’s plans for him to step down and hand over rule in Damascus in stages.

The rift between Moscow and Tehran over the Syrian war came to a head on Feb. 19 during Iran Gen. Hossein Dehghan’s visit to Moscow.  Dehghan presented Iran demand for Russia to back away from its deal with the US for a Syrian ceasefire.  Tehran wants the war to continue without pause. (There are very valid reasons!  Muslims like a ceasefire - to re-arm!)
Russian warships in the Caspian and Mediterranean Seas remain ready to interfere in the fighting from a distance.

The start of the negotiations in Geneva offers Putin an opportune moment to declare an official end to the Russian air campaign in Syria.  Russia will maintain its airbase and a naval facility in Syria and keep some troops there.

S-400 stays in Syria
Mar 16, 2016
-  Russia to keep S-400 in Syria until Saudi warplanes leave Turkey.  The highly-advanced S-400 air defense missiles are crucial in view of the continuing Saudi buildup of warplanes in Turkey, close to the Syrian border.  16 Saudi warplanes at the Turkish air base of Incirlik.   Turkish troops have set up positions in Syrian Idlib province.  Putin has so far kept his promise to PM Binyamin Netanyahu to withhold S-400 and S-300 from Iran.

Question  RESULT of pullout   Question
ISIS seizes weapons and bases
Mar 15, 2016  
-  ISIS (Al-Qaeda Nusra) took U.S. TOW anti-tank missiles, vehicles and weapons, including a tank, and 40 prisoners.  This is how Obama supplies ISIS.  U.S.-backed rebels (ISIS) in Syria's northern Idlib province said ISIS seized their bases and gained control of Maarat al-Numan


Merkel’s violence-loving party loses
Mar 15, 2016  -  Germans dont like Merkel’s open door for rape!

Alternative, a new, nationalist anti-immigration party beat Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party in the regional elections held in 3 states. Alternative  came out with double digit results, and previously held no seats.

     U. S. A

   Primaries in 5 states March 15, 2016  

Donald Trump won decisively in Florida, NCarolina and Illinois
Gov. John Kasich won in Ohio.
Missouri - Trump squeeks ahead of Cruz
Marco Rubio drops out. Smile  I guess lil Marco has crossed his Rubiocon

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

K-sick is nothing but a spoiler.  
He is essentially a Commie, an enemy of America

Dayton attacker Thomas DiMassimo was charged in federal court with entering a restricted area where a person (Trump) was protected by the Secret Service.  DiMassimo jumped over a railing in an attempt to get onto the stage at the Donald Trump rally Saturday.  He has a history of protesting.

Anti-Trump MOB FOR HIRE adv in Chicago Craigslist days before riots at the Trump rally
.  Mobs for hire is big business in America.

Idea   PRAY for Donald Trump
PRAY for Donald Trump and his family.  His life is under serious threat.  My prayer has been for them FIRST, election SECOND
.  Better he lose an election than his life.  Satan DOES NOT want him in the whitehouse.

       U. S. A

Clinton Email Witness List
Mar 15, 2016  Washington, DC  -  Judicial Watch
Submits Proposed Witness List, Discovery Plan to Federal Court in Clinton Email Matter. Judicial Watch today filed a plan for discovery into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email matter with a federal court.  JW seeks the testimony of 8 current and former State Dept officials, including Patrick Kennedy, Bryan Pagliano, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin.

OHIO cursed itself
Mar 16, 2016
-  Not only has Ohio voted for K-sick, but they are worshipping SIN also!
Ohio Court removes husband, wife in favor of SIN.  The terms husband, wife, father, mother, parent, spouse and others were to 'be construed as gender neutral where appropriate' and to remain in effect until the rules and forms were 'amended to reflect the changes contained in this Order,'" Court News Ohio reports.  "Ohio Supreme Court rules and forms that address marriage and the related topics of divorce, child support, guardianships, adoption, domestic relations, and domestic violence have been amended to remove gender-specific terms."

Beneful recall
Mar 16, 2016
 -  Purina recalls tubs of Beneful wet dog food.
Some of the 10-oz. tubs of wet dog food do not contain the recommended levels of vitamins and minerals.  Beneful Prepared Meals, Beneful Chopped Blends and Pro Plan Savory Meals brands of food.  Purina suggests that pet owners throw out any products with a Best Before date of June 2017 to August 2017.

DC Metrorail shuts down
Mar 16, 2016
-  Washington, D.C. Metrorail to shut down Wednesday.  DC workers brace for nightmare commute as subway system to shut for emergency inspections.  The entire Metrorail system will shut down all day Wednesday for emergency safety inspections of electrical cables that were  inspected last year in the wake of the Yellow Line smoke that killed a rider and sent dozens to the hospital.  Metrorail is expected to reopen again at 5 a.m. on Thursday.

Warfare Gardening  
with Shepherdess Celeste weekly radio show
Every Tuesday at 8 pm est  -  6 pm MT


North Korea fires missiles again
March 18, 2016
 -   North Korea fired 2 ballistic missiles from its east coast into sea of Japan.  They flew 500 miles before crashing.  Unknown what type of missiles were fired.  According to US, one blew up shortly after launch.

   The poop on the popes
Mar 17, 2016  
-  The Catholic church is imploding.  The nazi pope Benedict 16 breaks his silence, speaks of deep crisis facing catholic cult.  16 gave an interview in which he spoke of a 2 sided deep crisis in the wake of the Second Vatican Council.  2,000 years of keeping the sheepl ignorant has an eventual payback.  The oath of chastity, no marriage for clergy goes against basic human needs, hence all the Pedophilia.

MOST in the catholic cult and most popes are in hell.  
Its a FALSE pagan cult!

China, Russia attacks on U.S. Satellites
Mar 17, 2016  Bill Gertz
-  Critical space infrastructure faces crippling missile strikes, small satellites, lasers.  China and Russia pose the most serious threats to space systems.
China and Russia are preparing to attack and disrupt critical U.S. military and intelligence satellites in a future conflict with crippling space missile, maneuvering satellite, and laser attacks.

Space Command Gen. John Hyten said the threat to U.S. space systems has reached a new tipping point.  “Adversaries are developing kinetic, directed-energy, and cyber tools to deny, degrade, and destroy our space capabilities.  They understand our reliance on space, and they understand the competitive advantage we derive from space. The need for vigilance has never been greater.”

GPS satellites are vulnerable.  Disrupting the satellites time capabilities would degrade the military’s ability to conduct precision strike operations used in most weapons systems.

Mar 17, 2016
 -  U.S. military NOT war ready.  Army Gen. Mark Milley says U.S. military forces on the ground face a high level of risk if the United States gets into a large-scale conflict against a power such as Russia or China.  Years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, constrained budgets and troop cuts have had a cumulative effect on the service.  The Army is ready to fight ISIS, but not a great power war against China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.  The Army's readiness is not at a level that is appropriate for what the American people expect to defend them.

Air Force Secretary Deborah James said half of the combat forces of the USAF were not sufficiently ready for a confrontation with Russia.
The USAF is short  500 pilots.

Obama, Russia, China at WAR -  NOW!

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack
Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

GWBush was the last US president, After George W. Bush the republic ENDS
Barak Obama is a usurper,  Daniel 7:25

Plane crash in Southern Russia
Mar 19, 2016
-  Boeing 737 Flight FZ981 tried to land in strong winds, crashed in Russia.
At least 62 killed after a FlyDubai plane travelling from Dubai crashed during an attempted landing in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.  The aircraft hit the ground and broke into pieces.  The plane circled the airport in rain and strong winds for 2 hours, making at least one attempt to land before crashing and bursting into flame.  Another plane diverted south to the Krasnodar airport and landed safely.

6.2 earthquake Alaska Mount Atka Volcano
Mar 19, 2016
-  Another large M6.2 earthquake struck near Mount Atka Volcano in Alaska.  The 2nd large earthquake here this week. A M6.4 earthquake struck a few days ago.  Over the past week, multiple deep M4.0+ earthquakes built into several M5.0+ earthquakes (up to March 1Cool.  As the earthquakes grew in magnitude, they spread out across the region - giving away the fact that a new unrest event was (is) brewing below the Pacific plate.

5.2 earthquake BC Canada
Mar 19, 2016
-  A M5.2 earthquake has struck off the shores of Vancouver Island BC in the Pacific Northwest.  The earthquake occurred along the Seminole Seamount, part of the Cascadia subduction zone.  There was a small earthquake which struck at Mount Rainier.  March 17 reports came in along the West coast of a strong sulfur rotten egg smell blowing in from offshore.
Watch for quakes from Idaho, to Arizona, and to the East coast.


6 Egyptian policemen killed in Sinai ISIS attacks
March 17, 2016 Breaking
-  In three separate incidents in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula on Thursday morning, six Egyptian policemen were killed and about 10 were injured in ISIS attacks using roadside bombs, sniper fire on police positions and mortar fire on a police base.  3 ISIS gunmen were killed in a shootout with policemen in the town of Sheikh Zuwayed.


Russia backs Kurdistan
Mar 18, 2016  -  Kurds declare federation in northern Syria
WONDERFUL!!  Putin is right - again!
4 days after most Russian forces exit Syria, President Vladimir Putin was redrawing the Syrian map, and planting Russian influence in its first semiautonomous region.

The new entity covers 3 Kurd enclaves, Jazira, Hassakeh and Qamishli and the two cities of Kobani and Afrin.

Some parts not Kurd controlled.
The Syrian Kurds are expected next to fight to connect the 3 enclaves into a contiguous self-ruled territory adjacent to the Turkish border, with Russian backing.

Turkish President Erdogan wont tolerate this.  Putin has assured Kurds that the Russian air force would be there to defend the new region if Turkey invaded.

debka  reported
Representatives of the 3 regions under Kurdish control in northern Syria declared the establishment of a Kurdish federation at a meeting of the representatives from Afrin, Kobani and Jazira-Hassakeh held in the northeastern city of Rmeilan.  Both Syria and Turkey declared their opposition.

USA objects - Obama spokesman John Kirby said -  We dont support self-ruled, semi-autonomous zones inside Syria.

Germany closes Ankara embassy, Istanbul consulate over terror threat
March 17, 2016
-  The German government temporarily closed its embassy in Ankara and consulate in Istanbul, due to concern over a possible terrorist attack.

Turkey is massacring Kurds
Mar 17, 2016
 -  Russia wants Turkey investigated for killing Kurds in south-eastern Turkey. Whole blocks destroyed.  This area is Kurdistan.  The brutal massacre of Kurd civilians in Cizre, Turkish troops slaughtering hundreds of civilians trapped in basements there.
Kurds make up between 10 and 25 percent of Turkey’s population.

Passover begins April 22, ends April 30, 2016
YESHUA, Jesus the Christ died on Passover, NOT 'easter'

Passover in Israel
Mar 18, 2016
 -  Jerusalem hotels see sharp decline in Passover bookings.   By now, hotels should be 80 percent booked for Passover.  Reservations continue to drop, Palestinians blamed.
The Passover season is a significant income source for Jerusalem hotels.

The best thing you can DO for Israel
besides PRAY is VISIT!


     U. S. A

Mar 18, 2016
 -  People are reporting a strong smell of rotten eggs all across the Southern California coastline.  Rotten egg smells across Orange County, South Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa.

The fire chief said the smell is coming from offshore - out to sea.
The smell most likely is hydrogen sulfide (magma / tectonic related).
Offshore oil operations could have punctured an area in the crust, releasing the hydrogen sulfide.  MULTIPLE earthquakes struck California today at oil + gas pumping operations.

Mysterious powder sent to Trump's son
Mar 18, 2016
 -  NYPD are investigating a suspicious piece of mail containing a (non-hazardous) white powder that was sent to Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump.  It was received at Eric Trump's residence in Manhattan postmarked in Massachusetts.

Donald Trump in Arizona on Friday and Saturday
Donald can Trump HELLary!
HELLary Clinton primary vote total is 8,646,551.
Donald Trump's is  7,533,692
HELLary only had 3 opponents, Trump had 16

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

Ted Cruz is a Dominionist - not a christian.  Dominionism appeals to carnal, power hungry, control freaks who think they have a mandate from the Bible to take control of governments. The Bible teaches nothing of the kind. -

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

PRAY for Donald Trump and his family


Revelation 13

America is about to get bitten
Mar 3, 2016
 -  What is the Obama thinking?  He is pushing to increase the amount of Muslim terrorist invaders that are brought into America.  Sex attacks across Europe, riots with refugees, terror attacks - USA cannot bring in more  without serious consequences.
Donald Trump recited the lyrics from a 1968 song titled "The Snake."
It is a very bad idea to import more Muslims into America.

Eagle n Serpents
Message for America, Michael Boldea

HELLary indictment seems inevitable
Mar 17, 2016
-  A lotta smart, well sourced Dem’s seem both nervous and certain that an indictment is coming.  So, expect Uncle Joe to jump in.  Rules?  What rules?

Laughing   Donald Trump ad

     U. S. A

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Twilights Last Gleaming



    GOP Secret Plans

Mar 18, 2016
-  The party elite plan to steal from WE the PEOPLE no matter who we want, and run their choice.  A GOP official proudly touted that the Republican Party selects their nominees, the voters do not elect them.  GOP / RNC intend to change or create rules to strip bound delegates from any winner that is not their choice to be the presidential candidate but to which enters the convention in July with the most delegates.

INVASION has begun
Globalists prepare to lock down America
Americans will soon need passports to travel WITHIN the United States.
America is headed for a new world order -  the 666 Beast system.
I have seen enuf news about cashless to believe this.

MAP on link
A Russian predicted the United States would disintegrate into regions, with Russia taking Alaska and China taking the west.  With Russia owning land in Oregon and China owning western lands and rapidly buying homes and businesses, this is coming to pass NOW.  INVASION began.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."
-John F. Kennedy

LAX Plane and drone nearly collide
Mar 19, 2016
 -  Lufthansa Airbus A380 and drone nearly collide near LAX.  The pilot of a commercial jetliner said his plane nearly collided with a drone while approaching Los Angeles Airport.  The drone flew 200 feet over the aircraft.

For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6

Palm Sonday
Mar 20, 2016  -  The final week of Yeshua Jesus

Most of the Christian churchs celebrate Palm Sunday today this year.  This should rightfully, biblically ALWAYS coincide with the death of Christ on Passover - which is not til late April this year.

EASTER, Palm Sunday
The last week of Yeshua Jesus

Jesus anointed for buriel 6 days before He was crucified. Jesus had dinner with Mary, Martha and Lazarus at Bethany, just outside Jerusalem. Mary anointed Jesus’ feet with pure and expensive fragrant oil, and wiped His feet with her hair.

PESSAH (PASSOVER), Report by a Jew in Jerusalem
Jesus died as God's perfect Passover Lamb.  HE breathed His last at 3 pm - the exact time Jews killed their lambs for Passover

Passover begins April 22, ends April 30, 2016
YESHUA, Jesus the Christ died on Passover, NOT 'easter'

CHOOSE this day whom you will serve,
as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.  Joshua 24:15

Jesus said, I AM the Way, and the Truth, and the LIFE. NO ONE comes to the Father but through Me.
John 14:6

Doubt everything you hear or read - even me
Almost NOTHING  we see is REAL!!!

Aaronic blessing
The LORD bless you, protect and keep you.
The LORD make His face shine upon YOU and be gracious unto YOU.
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you His Peace
Aaronic priestly blessing in Numbers 6:25-26

When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?   Luke 18:8
Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. James 5:8

       ZionsCRY  analysis

There's been a lot of talk in USA that the U.S. Constitution us 'hanging by a thread.'
This is a phrase in LDS Satanic prophecy.  Its time for the anti-Christ and both Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz are in sister Satanic cults that promote this.

Ted Cruz and his daddy are Dominionists - NOT Christian.
BOTH promote extreme arrogance, with a FALSE white horse rider as in Revelation 6.  Both are anti-Christs.  Revelation 6 is the anti-Christ, NOT Jesus Christ.


Glenn Beck promotes Cruz
Mar 20, 2016  -  LDS cultist Glenn Beck has promoted Dominionism on his program.
That Satanic theology is very much like Mormanism.  
I extrapolated from this link for my analysis.

FALSE PEACE *  Revelation 6
A white horse rider had a bow, and a crown was given to him,
and he went out conquering and to conquer.

Mormon White Horse Prophecy

Mormonism / LDS
Dominionism is a very similar cult



Iran buying 5 nukes
Mar 20, 2016  -  Iran buying 5 North Korean Nuclear Warheads
.  Tehran offers $10bn for new miniaturized nuclear warheads/technology for its ballistic missiles.  -

Persian Gulf states seek nukes against Iran.
Arab nations seek to acquire nuclear weapons.

Russia helps in Palmyra, SYRIA
Mar 20, 2016
-  Syrian army and Hizballah forces, with Russian air support, are fighting to recover Palmyra in eastern Syria from ISIS control. - DEBKA

ISIS kills 19 police in Sinai
Mar 20, 2016
-  An ISIS attack on a checkpoint in Egypt Sinai killed 19 policemen.  ISIS claimed it was a suicide bomber who blew up a car at the checkpoint, which jihadists then raided.  The attack was the deadliest in months in Sinai.   -

Sao Paulo plane crash kills 7
Mar 20, 2016
 -  Private plane plunges into Sao Paulo downtown, killing 7 on board AND injuring 1 on ground.  The plane slammed into 2 buildings shortly after taking off.
The CA-9 belonged to the former CEO of a mining company named Vale, Roger Agnelli who was killed on board the aircraft.

6.0 earthquake Leeward Islands
Mar 19, 2016  -  ENE of Barbuda, Antigua
Depth   20 km / 15 miles

     U. S. A

Donald Trump for U.S. President!
Arizona rally, riots, Sheriff Joe

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

PRAY for the Trump family!  
Satan is after them!

Threatening letter sent to Maryanne Trump
Mar 20, 2016
-  Donald Trump's sister Maryanne Trump Barry received a threatening letter in Philadelphia, a day after his son received a similar threat.  The mail sent to Eric Trump was postmarked in Massachusetts, Romney's state.  The threat included in her letter was similar to that given to Eric Trump, demanding that Donald drop out of the Republican race for president.
Holy Clinton mafia Batman!

GOD has set before Donald Trump an open door which no one can shut.
Donald Trump was born on Flag Day, June 14th.

Revelation 3:7  (excerpts)
Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut.

Donald Trump, a REAL Republican of decades ago!  
Trump said 25 years ago the same things he is saying now.
Here is a video which dispells the inconsistency flip flop argument against Donald Trump. 25 years of being consistent and a Republican.  VIDEO of a Donald Trump interview from 25 Years ago.



Istanbul ISIS suicide bombing kills 3 Israelis
Mar 20, 2016  -
 Suicide bombing in central Istanbul main shopping street kills 5, injures 36.  The Muslim terrorist wanted to target a more crowded place, but was deterred by the presence of police.  The attacker detonated the bomb before reaching the target.

2 Americans killed in Instanbul attack
Two of the 3 Israelis killed were dual Israeli-American citizens.
The ISIS suicide bomber attacked a popular shopping center.  An Israeli tour group visiting Turkey was hit, with 3 killed and 11 wounded.  Damned muslims love to kill Jews!
5 wounded Israelis were brought to Israel overnight.
An Iranian national was also killed in the attack.

5 wounded flown to Israel from Turkey
A delegation of Israeli doctors landed in Istanbul, where it will assist in treating Israelis who were injured in the terrorist attack in the city.  The delegation is equipped with advanced medical equipment that enables the doctors to provide treatment to the victims even during a flight.
The delegation went to the 3 hospitals in Istanbul where the injured were in order to examine them and bring them back home as quickly as possible.

Istanbul * Muslim terrorist TARGETED the Israelis
Mar 21, 2016 UPDATE
-  Istanbul Muslim terrorist targeted Israeli victims, following them from hotel and approaching them before blowing up.  He waited for the Israelis to finish eating in a restaurant, approached them, and set off his bomb, killed 3 Israelis and another 11 wounded.
The murderer was an ISIS named Mehmet Ozturk trained in Syria.



Germany toxic accident
Mar 21, 2016
 -  Hamburg Residents are advised to keep windows and doors closed.
Hamburg chemical warehouse - hundreds of liters of sulfuric and nitric acid mix, smoke is pouring out of warehouse after a forklift truck slashed barrels of sulfuric acid and nitric acid, causing the substances to mix together.

Muzlims kill 4 Wycliffe Bible translators
Mar 21, 2016
-  Four Wycliffe Bible translators have been murdered by Muslims in the *Middle East.
A raid took place on the translators’ office, 2 of the translators were shot and killed, another 2 died of wounds from being beaten. These last two saved the lead translator by lying on top of him while the Muzlim terrorists beat them with their weapons.

The Muzlims also destroyed translating equipment and translation materials, but did NOT destroy the computer hard drives containing translation work for eight language projects.  Alleluia!

*  They dont say which nation and I cant find out

Secret rescue
Mar 21, 2016  
-  Secret operation rescues the last group of Yemen Jews.
They have been airlifted to Israel, the final holdouts of 200 survivors of Raydah and Sanaa.  The Raydah community arrived with its rabbi and a centuries-old Tora scroll.  The plane landed in Israel with Rabbi Saliman Dahari and the heads of the local community. Yemen was home to one of the world’s oldest Jewish communities.

Fifty Jews still remain in Yemen, having declined the offer to come to Israel. All live in a closed compound next to the US embassy.  Some are elderly and some have relatives who were forced to marry Muslim men.


    EARTH  NEWS    

4.6 earthquake Hawaii
Mar 20, 2016
 -  Depth  20 miles

4.3  shallow earthquake Hawthorne, Nevada Mar 21, 2016

6.6 earthquake Kamchatka Russia
Mar 20, 2016
 -  Depth 18 miles

         U. S. A

China acquiring USA one company at a time
Mar 21, 2016
-  What’s the best way for China to exert its influence over the U.S. economy?  Acquire American-owned companies like General Electric’s (GE).  American manufacturing base is under foreign ownership or control.  Ownership equals control, sovereignty. We lose our sovereignty as a nation when foreign companies buy our land, factories, and companies. The more Chinese and others establish ownership of America, the more they have the right to demand how U.S.A. is run.

Whirlpool is the only remaining major American-owned appliance company in the United States, and we need to support them with our dollars when we shop for appliances. Whirlpool owns such popular brands as Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid, and Jenn-Air.

China buy NY Plaza Hotel
Mar 21, 2016
 -  New York's Plaza Hotel goes on sale.  A foreclosure auction scheduled for April 26.  Foreign investors are pouring capital into New York hotels at a historic rate. Much of the new capital is flowing from Chinese investors.

U.S. of China

If you wonder why such intense and massive HATRED of Donald Trump, its because he is an AMERICAN.  And much of American land and American companies have been bought by China, Russia, Arabia, God only knows who else.  Our government is no longer AMERICANS - and those powers DONT want it to return to being AMERICA.

China is buying America right n left  


The HELLabeech BROKE the LAW
Mar 21, 2016  -  But - is this still America?  No, and its a lawless nation now
FBI chief James Comey and his investigators know Hillary Clinton violated laws, career agents say.  Some expect him to push for charges, but he faces the corrupt lawless obamafia.  FBI agents report Comey is getting stonewalled, despite compelling evidence Clinton broke the law.

Comey can only recommend charges to the hacks in the Obama inJustice Dept.  The evidence would have to be overwhelming for Comey to even recommend charges, much less for DOJ to pursue them.  Some FBI staffers suggest Comey might quit in protest if Justice ignores a recommendation to pursue a criminal case against Hellary Clinton.

FBI agents believe the probe is nearing an end. A State Dept staffer was recently granted immunity from prosecution to provide Comey’s team with evidence.  You dont start granting people close to Clinton immunity unless you are seriously looking at charges against your target.
FBI doubts Clinton’s story.  Well DUH!

Another matter - whether Clinton comingled her official State Department business with her role at the Clinton Foundation.  YES of course she did!


Hellary's been avoiding prison for DECADES - payoffs, bribes, threats - God knows - clintons even KILL. DoJ totally lawlass LYNCH LORETTA


Belgium *  34+ dead

34 dead at Brussels airport
Mar 22, 2016  -  Brussels bombing witness heard Allahu Akbar
A suicide bombing killed at least 34 and 40 others were wounded in 2 explosions went off inside Zaventem airport in Brussels.  Israeli wounded in Brussels airport attack.  At least one of the explosions was a suicide bombing in the departures lounge near the American Airlines desk.  Travelers have since been evacuated from the airport.

Exclamation   Witnesses reported that gun shots were fired prior to the bombings, accompanied by shouting in Arabic.
The airport has been shut down and rail traffic to the airport has been suspended.  One flight headed to Brussels from Israel was diverted to another airport.

Brussels, Seat of the Beast

Belgium capital is a hellhole

Mar 22, 2016  businessinsider  -  Brussels is like living in a hellhole right now, it used to be so beautiful.  Donald Trump suggested that the capitals of France and Belgium have been adversely affected by the lack of assimilation from their Muslim residents.

Trump said, Go to Brussels. Go to Paris. There is something bad going on and it's not good, where they want Sharia law, that is NOT assimilation.  Brussels, the capital of Belgium, has been home to terror plots, and was linked to the November attack on Paris, France, that left 130 people dead.

Brussels hosts the official seats of the European Commission, Council of the European Union, and European Council, as well as a seat of the European Parliament. Its sort of the Seat of the Beast.

BREAKING NEWS is first reports which are often later corrected.


    Russian subs dangerously close to U.S.A.
Mar 22, 2016  
-  Russian submarines have been pushing out to the very precipice of NATO-ally waters.  Russian President Vladimir Putin is deploying nuclear submarines dangerously close to the United States and European allies.  U.S. Navy has seen Russian boats coming closer to the U.S. and to our European partner ports than ever before, in immensely provocative ways.

When the people start to fight against their govt, thats when Russia and China will attack

Visions of Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen all dovetail

This is NOT new - for either Russia or China.  They have been playing cat n mouse with US military in the sea and air for a few years, testing us.

NATO  *  Friend or Foe?
NATO is anti-Israel

Obama, Russia, China, Turkey, NATO, several pages



France airport threat
Mar 23, 2016
-  The Toulouse-Blagnac airport in southern France was evacuated due to a threat of a terrorist attack.   Even passengers on board planes reportedly had to disembark.  The airport later released a statement that its terminals have been reopened and that air traffic is gradually resuming.  Police patrols and military have been deployed in the airport,


Assad’s fate excluded from Syria peace talks
Mar 22, 2016  
-  Political transition in Syria and President Assad’s fate are separate issues.  Geneva talks will not address President Bashar Assad’s future.

WHY DO THEY BOTHER?   Rolling Eyes

     U. S. A

Oklahoma earthquakes alarming
Mar 22, 2016
 -  The total number of earthquakes across Oklahoma is increasing.
Oklahoma has seen a large jump in the number of quakes.
2016 has seen more larger, damaging quakes, including a 5.1 magnitude quake, the state's third largest on record.  In 2016, there have been nine quakes 4.0 or higher, compared to just four in 2015.

Oklahoma earthquakes

   AIPAC Donald Trump speech
Mar 21, 2016  -  Donald Trump gave a great speech at AIPAC.  Trump said that dismantling the disastrous Iran nuclear deal would be his top priority as president.  He outlined a detailed policy talk that many have criticized him for leaving out of previous speeches.
Trump is a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel.

Great speech!  Several standing o. He said he would move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal capitol of Israel.  GWB said it but didnt do it.  Donald Trump will DO it!  

Trump is an AMERICAN!  the DNC of the 60s is now Commie, the GOP of the 60s is DEM - we have no AMERICAN party.  BOTH parties have betrayed AMERICANS.  
Donald Trump is an AMERICAN!

Donald Trump for U.S. President!


       U. S. A

Western Tuesday
Trump won Arizona
Cruz stole Utah

Upper midwest storm
Mar 23, 2016
 -  A Colorado storm will sweep across Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Michigan.
It could dump 8 to 14 inches of snow.  A tornado could occur from Dallas into the Ozarks.

Whole USA moves east (moves right!)
Mar 23, 2016  -  Michael Janitch
reports that the whole United States moves in 48 hours. West coast earthquake causes East coast quake swarm.  Over the past 48 hours (March 21-22, 2016), there has been a noticeable progression of earthquakes which occurred from the West coast to the East coast.

The whole North American plate was displaced March 17 by a M5.2 earthquake off the West coast.  This displacement has now resulted in multiple M4.0+ earthquakes at the California border, and more rare East coast earthquake activity in New England and Southeast Quebec Canada.

Whole USA moves right
LOL!  We see that politicly!  Hahaha!  Is this prophetic?  As we see Americans voting 'right' - Donald Trump and Ted Cruz - can we really push back the NWO evil globalist Beast?

Jesus said, I AM the Way, and the Truth, and the LIFE.
NO ONE comes to the Father but through Me
John 14:6

DO NOT pray to ANYONE but the LORD, Jesus Christ!  
There is one God and one Mediator between God and mankind,
 the man Christ Jesus.
1 Timothy 2:5

Getting Prayer Right
Pastor Erwin Lutzer, excellent sermon!

There is no news more cricial today than GOD's!

CHOOSE this day whom you will serve,
as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.  Joshua 24:15

Doubt everything you hear or read
Almost NOTHING  we see is REAL!!!

Aaronic blessing

The LORD bless you, protect and keep you.
The LORD make His face shine upon YOU and be gracious unto YOU.
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you His Peace
Aaronic priestly blessing in Numbers 6:25-26
It is the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim (Cohen priests)
with both hands representing the Hebrew letter Shin, for Shaddai, meaning Almighty God.

Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.  For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to LIFE,  and those who find it are FEW.   Matthew 7:13


Maundy Thursday, the Last Supper
Maundy Thursday is observed by some on the Thursday before Easter, commemorates Jesus Christ's Last Supper with his apostles.

Christ established the (eucharist, the Lords supper, Lords table, holy communion) during the Last Supper when he said - This do in remembrance of Me.

Jesus Christ told his disciples during the Last Supper that the bread was his body broken for them, the wine was his blood, shed for them. It was on this night that one of Christ's disciples, Judas, betrayed him in the Garden of Gethsemane, for 30 pieces of silver coins.

Jesus died at Passover.  Easter is pagan, not scriptural.
The last supper was the night of His arrest.
This meal is called the Seder meal.

Jesus washed his disciples feet
John 13

Christ in the Passover
I do not know how Jews can celebrate the Seder and not see Yeshua in the Afi Komen



Mini Concorde BOOM jet
Mar 25, 2016  GOOD FRIDAY
 -  Virgin airline has options to buy 10 of the recently revealed supersonic Boom jets.  Sir Richard Branson plans affordable supersonic flights with mini Concorde.  Faster than Concorde, they will travel from New York to London in 3.5 hours.  The Boom jet, designed for 40 passengers, is being built in Colorado.

Mar 24, 2016  Imminent terror threat in Sofia
 public transportation system and  crowded areas.  American citizens were warned to avoid the area known as Hotel Pliska.  Bulgaria abuts Turkey

Sofia Bulgaria
wiki lists religion as Eastern Orthodox christian

ISIS has an easy route to Bulgaria and EU from Turkey.
Simple to go from Syria thru Turkey into EU


Belgium evacuates nuclear plant
Mar 25, 2016
-  Belgium fears ISIS will attack nuclear power stations with a dirty bomb.
Belgium evacuates nuclear plant staff days after airport attack.
ISIS seems interested in breaching Belgium's nuclear security.

BOTH Brussels airports are wide open to attack.  
This evil operation was very well planned in advance.  Had a machine gun not jammed it would have been far worse.  Brussels airport security unheeded.  Belgium hired an Israeli security firm weeks ago to inspect airport security but didnt heed their advice.  The EU had called for an immediate overhaul of security at Belgian airports and borders on Feb. 29th.  Ukrainian security guards had mostly deserted their stations. The few remaining there had carried out only cursory checks.

The taxi driver drove 3 terrorists to the airport. His cab was too small for the 5 heavy suitcases they wanted to load onto his cab, so they only loaded three. Did that mean that five suitcase bombs were to have been blown up at the airport? And what happened to the two left behind?

The bombers wore a black glove on their left hands, obviously covering remote control mechanisms for the bombs.  The terrorists only accomplished part of their jihadist mission. They planned a much bigger atrocity.  A lott stuff was found and security blew it up.  Those kits were concealed at strategic points in advance to strike the medics and helpers when they arrived to tend the victims of the first attack.

ISIS plan attacks in Europe on nuclear plants
Brussels suicide bombers were planning attacks on Belgian nuclear power stations.  The arrest of Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam accelerated their plans.  Hidden camera footage was seized during a raid.

ISIS had been training for autonomous attacks on the West.  Terror cells have been set up all across Europe and their main goal is to carry out as many attacks as possible, not just to kill as many people as possible.  One terror cell was sent to Brussels.  Leaders have links to North Africa, France and Belgium.  


Muslims love to hit us on Holy Days,
and some are celebrating Easter week now

Terror cells have been set up all across U.S.A. for years


Turkey and ISIS oil
March 24, 2016  -  ISIS illegal oil trade with Ankara
.  An RT Documentary crew filming in northern Syria has seen Islamic State (IS, ISIS/ISIL) documents found by the Kurds which terrorists abandoned.  They provide a stunning insight into the Turkey-IS oil trade links.

Turkey has been actively engaged in Syria and been actively aiding ISIS.  The RT Documentary team examined piles documents that had been left behind including detailed oil invoices.  ISIS kept very professional records of their oil business.  Every invoice included the name of the driver, price, invoice number etc.

ISIS oil goes to Turkey and ISIS terrorists travel freely via Turkey.
Documents and details posted on link


ISIS has an easy route to Bulgaria and EU from Turkey.
Simple to go from Syria thru Turkey into EU

400 ISIS plan attacks in Europe
Mar 24, 2016
 -  ISIS has been training for autonomous attacks on the West.
Terror cells have been set up all across Europe and their main goal is to carry out as many attacks as possible, not just to kill as many people as possible.  One terror cell was sent to Brussels.  Leaders have links to North Africa, France and Belgium.

Muslims love to hit us on Holy Days,
and some are celebrating Easter week now

Terror cells have been set up all across U.S.A. for years


Good Friday
Jesus trial was at night Thursday night, which was illegal.
He was nailed to a cross about 9 am and died at 3 pm -
the very hour Jews were killing their passover lambs.
Jesus died God's perfect Lamb.

Watch the Lamb
(song video)

John 1:29
John the baptist saw Jesus coming and said,
'Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!'

Holy Saturday before easter

John 19

Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.  For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to LIFE,  and those who find it are FEW.   Matthew 7:13

I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.

There is no news more cricial today than GOD's!


     U. S. A

Mar 25, 2016  GOOD FRIDAY  -  Rabbi Dov Fischer
writes an interesting article, ultimately will vote for Donald Trump.  GOOD.  Rabbi posts - Whomever the Republicans put up in July gets my vote in November. To vote for Hillary would be incomprehensible.

I watched Donald Trump’s speech, it was fabulous speech, except for his one concerning reference to  “Palestine.”  He really got enormous applause and standing ovations, and his speech was incredibly pro-Israel.  Trump’s comment that he would move America’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem was a wonderful turnabout as well.  long article


Donald Trump for U.S. President!

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

DONT vote for lyin, sleezy Ted Cruz!
Christians should NOT support adultry!
Cruz never should have attacked Donald Trump's wife!  SHAME!
Sexcape Ted Cruz's Senate Email FOUND on Ashley Madison Email List



Nothing else matters - it all for naught

Jeremiah 14:11 and 7:16  
The LORD said -  So do not pray for this people
nor offer any plea or petition for them do not plead with Me,
for I will not listen to you.

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests,
because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.
Hosea 4:6


Bank of America trouble
Mar 26, 2016
 -  The bank threatened the person - for wanting their own money!  I tried to take $1500 Cash out of Bank of America, and the officer wanted to put a hold on the account.
I asked the teller if the bank was making good on the rumor that they were phasing out one hundred dollar bills in their incremental move towards a cashless society

ObamaCare, Banks, Economy

Banks can steal from you
Bank of America, Your bank savings belong to the bank, not you
US legal action against YOU, Timothy Geithner arrested
Goldman-Sachs profited from the Gulf oil disaster.
From all I have read related to Goldman-Sachs, the wrath of GOD is on those crooks!

GET OUT of Bank of America NOW!
Go to a state bank or credit union first, NOT to BoA first.
BANK of AMERICA  -  BANKRUPT  Dec 2010 A plot to cause Bank of America to fail.  Bank of America May Be Tip of the Iceberg

Huge changes April 1st
Mar 26, 2016
-  Banks tightening, insiders warn GET OUT - while you can.
Banks tell us what we can or cannot buy!  The banks may not approve all your transactions.
A bank notice said credit limit changed and most thought nothing of it.
SNAP change April 1st could leave a million Americans without food.


Government Permits DRONES to be used for spraying
Mar 26, 2016  Weather Modification
 -  In 2014 the US Government authorized weather modification experiments to be done across areas of Nevada using unmanned drones.  Now in 2016, the successful flight tests of the WeatherMod drone have been made public.

March 25, 2016  Scientists and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) engineers have successfully flight tested the first-ever autonomous cloud seeding aircraft platform. Cloud seeding flare tests were deployed from Drone America’s DAx8 UAS aircraft flown in Reno in late January.

Autonomous cloud seeding aircraft successfully tested in Nevada
Revolutionary project uniting DRI expertise and Drone America technology

RENO – A team of Nevada scientists and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) engineers have successfully flight tested the first-ever autonomous cloud seeding aircraft platform.

For more information about DRI’s cloud seeding program please visit

For more information about Drone America please visit

They spray Silver Iodide to generate precipitation (rain + snow)

Weather modification


Brussels Belgium police raid
Mar 26, 2016
-  Explosions and shots came from a Belgian police raid in the Schaerbeek neighborhood of Brussels, that once served as a Muslim terrorist hideout.  50 police are taking part in the operation.  Belgian police captured a suspect carrying a suitcase full of explosives.,7340,L-4783147,00.html

IRAQ Suicide Bomber kills 41
Mar 26, 2016  -  ISIS
suicide bomber kills 41 in Soccer Stadium.  A suicide bomber blew himself up in a soccer stadium south of Bagdad, killing 41 people and wounding over 100.  The ISIS bomber detonated his suicide vest as local officials were handing trophies to the players.  The mayor, Ahmed Shaker, was among the dead, as was one of his bodyguards and members of security.

60 terrorists killed in Egypt Sinai operation
Mar 26, 2016
 -  Egypt reported the Egyptian army had destroyed several ISIS bases in northern Sinai. Some 60 terrorists were killed in the operation and another 40 injured.

Congo volcano about to blow
Mar 26, 2016  -  Congo's Nyiragongo volcano
is releasing polluted gas, Rwanda Red Cross has warned of an imminent eruption.  The volcano releases magma from one pit to another, but once it gets full the magma will have to come out, but people should not panic.  OVB Goma Volcano Observatory says on its website that there is an appearance of a secondary lava lake on the east side of the crater of Nyiragongo.



And because HE LIVES, we too shall live!

John 20 -  The empty tomb!

Sonday services

Our God reigns!
Jesus Christ died, but more importantly,
He rose again and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father!
Jesus Christ literally defied and DEFEATED Death!

The righteous will live by Faith.  Romans 1:16-17

Romans 10:9-10
If you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,'
and believe in your heart
that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

For it with your heart that you believe and are justified,
and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.

Whosoever acknowledges Me before men,
I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven.
But whoever disowns me before men,
I will disown him before my Father in heaven.  
Matthew 10:32-33

Revelation 1:18
I am the Living One
I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever!
And I hold the keys of death and Hell


The Resurrection is the central message of Christianity!
YESHUA, Jesus Christ is the only Hope of the world!

( song videos  John 20 )

City of GOD

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave the only begotten Son,
so that everyone believing in Him should not perish, but should have eternal Life.


         U. S. A

Toilet hard to clean?
Pour in a can of coca cola, let sit an hour

Actress Patty Duke dead
Mar 30, 2016
 -  Patty Duke died. She was 69.
Duke died of sepsis from a ruptured intestine.  She had really suffered with her illness, her son Sean Astin stated.  Duke celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary two weeks ago and tweeted about the occasion. It was her last message to fans via her verified Twitter account.

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates

Maybe if I send Coke to DNC and GOP hq it will clean up politics.  Wink

       U. S. A

Savage Trump!
Mar 28, 2016
-  Donald Trump on Michael Savage show today.
Trump on Savage to set record straight on National Enquirer Scandal
There is NO evidence that Trump put the Enquirer up to this.  Cruz crap is from the Rubio and Fiorina camps.

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

3 pm eastern time Monday March 28  or  radio
Heard of superdelegates?  
Ted Cruz is a superLIAR!

Paul Ryan faces primary challenge
Mar 28, 2016
-  This will shake up the establishment in a profound way.
A wealthy businessman is mounting a primary challenge to House Speaker Paul Ryan, saying that after donating to his past campaigns he feels betrayed by Ryan on trade deals and immigration.  This DOES NOT bode well for GOP/RNC putting Ryan up for USPresident! Haha!

The TEA party was double-crossed by  Ryan when he passed a $2 trillion spending package in 2015.

Is Paul Ryan a Muslim?

ISIS threatens to turn America into an Islamic State  
Mar 27, 2016
 -  ISIS Muslim terrorists have infiltrated Western airports, metro stations etc,
Obama doesnt vet incoming refugees for terror ties.
He makes sure no Christian refugees enter!  Only Muslim terrorists.
Sleeper agents have long been embedded in America, preparing for jihad.
The nuclear terrorism is a danger that the world needs to face.

Dhimmitude *  Dhimi USA



Evil or Very Mad   CAIR joins #BLM
Mar 29, 2016  
-  CAIR is Muslim Brotherhood (ISIS) terrorists.  #BLM (Black Lives Matter) planning for protests at the Republican Convention, and teaming up with ISIS.  Obama still wants Muslim terrorists coming into America.  CAIR has already joined up with #BLM.  ISIS has infiltrated transportation hubs and secure facilities around the world and threatened a wave of bloodshed in the West.

CAIR, #BLM, Muslim Brotherhood ISIS terrorists

Dhimmitude * Dhimi USA, refugees, ISIS

Exclamation   CALIPORNIA
Pipe Bomb Detonates Huge Explosion near Disneyland
28 Mar 2016
 U.S. BORG Media silent.  They ONLY report what they are TOLD, and dont report what they are told to SHUT UP about.  They serve the beast, NOT us!

Bomb squad investigating a pipe bomb that exploded Easter Sunday in an alley in Anaheim near Disneyland. It detonated with such a force that “one of the end caps blew a clean hole, almost as if a saw had cut it,” through a wooden fence about 40 feet south of the pole.
No injuries were reported but some homes were briefly evacuated.  No arrests were made

Information apocalypse, NO MORE FREE PRESS


Suicide bomber targets Christians kills 65 in Pakistan
Mar 27, 2016
-  A suicide bomber killed at least 65 people, mostly women and children, at a park in Lahore Pakistan by Taliban Muslims who said they had targeted Christians.  More than 300 other people were wounded

The explosion occurred in the parking area of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park close to children's swings. The park is a popular site for members of Lahore's Christian community, many of whom had gone there to celebrate the Easter weekend holiday.
When the blast occurred, the flames were so high they reached above the trees and bodies flew into the air.

Japan new radar station
Mar 28, 2016
 -  Japan opens radar station close to disputed East China Sea Senkaku islands.  Japan switched on a radar station in the East China Sea, giving it a permanent intelligence gathering post close to Taiwan and a group of disputed islands claimed by both Tokyo and Beijing.  The new Self Defense Force base is on Yonaguni.

This radar station is going to irritate China big time.
In addition to being a listening post, the facility could be used a base for military operations.

Laughing   Robots Sent Into Fukushima Have 'Died'

Argentina claims Falkland-Malvinas Islands
Mar 29, 2016
 -  Argentina has officially expanded the outer limits of its continental shelf beyond the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands, following a UN commission ruling which increased its maritime territory by 35 percent to include the waters around the disputed islands.  Essentially the UN ratified the 2009 petition to fix the limit of its territorial waters at 200 to 350 miles from its coast.

How Singapore culls its Muslim population
Mar 30, 2016
 -  In 1965 Singapore had 15% Muslims. Today, nearly 50 years later, Muslims still comprise the same 15%.  How has Singapore been able to do this?

-  Strict non-immigration policy for Muslims
-  Strict legal prohibition of interfaith-marriages between Muslim men and non-Muslim women in Singapore.

In Singapore, no Muslim male is allowed to marry a non-Muslim female, period. No Large Scale Muslim Immigration is Allowed. No asylum seekers. No economic parasites. Except for some individual cases of highly educated professionals, Singapore never allows large scale immigration of Muslims from any Muslim country.

Official Jewish tartan
Mar 30, 2016
-  JEWS around the world with a love of all things Scottish will now able to dress in an official kosher tartan.  The distinctive blue and white design was created by Mendel Jacobs, the only Scottish-born Rabbi living north of the border, and has been registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority.

Laughing   HILARIOUS!


EgyptAir flight MS181 hijacked
Mar 29, 2016  -  Hijacker Ibrahim Samaha
wants to meet with his ex wife in Cyprus.
Egyptian airlines flight MS181, Airbus en route from Alexandria to Cairo, was hijacked by a passenger with a suicide belt, who forced the pilot to land in Larnaka Airport, Cyprus. There were 80 passengers and crew on board.  Foreigners, crew held on hijacked plane after others freed.

Egypt seeks Sinai help
Mar 29, 2016
-  If not from USA, then from Russia.  Egyptian President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi asked resident Barack Obama for urgent US military intervention in Sinai.  The Egyptian army lacks the ability to eradicate ISIS without direct US military support.  Unless stopped, ISIS will transform Sinai into its primary forward base in the Middle East.  So far, Sisi has received no answer from the Muslim basturd in the White House.  Obama is the father of ISIS, he isnt gonna help!
Egypt may appeal to Moscow.  Vlad will help!

Israel tells Jews to leave Turkey - NOW
Mar 28, 2016
 -  Severe new travel warning issued following Istanbul terror attack calling on the public to avoid visiting Turkey and urging Israelis currently there to leave as soon as they can.  The warning raised the terror risk in Turkey from level 3 (basic concrete threat) to level 2 (high concrete threat).
Turkish police warned of Muslim attacks against Christians and Jews.

Israelis have been advised since 2010 NOT to travel to Turkey.
Its very inviting, but a trap for Jews.

Syrian army retakes Palmyra from ISIS
Mar 27, 2016  -  Thanks Vlad!!
Syrian government forces have retaken the city of Palmyra from Islamic State and established full control of the town.  They are in control of both Palmyra and the residential neighborhoods.  Palmyra is a symbol of Syria

Assad's Desert Falcons commander thanked Russia for the victory, noting that Moscow "helped our country and our army against Daesh (ISIS) and its supporters."
Pointless UN-mediated talks continue in Geneva.  

Palmyra is strategically important because it opens the way to ISIS headquarters at Raqqa and the gateway to Deir ez-Zour on Syria - Iraq border.  Deir ez-Zour is the key to control of the Euphrates Valley and access from Syria to Baghdad.  Syrian army dealt ISIS its biggest defeat since founding of caliphate.

ISIS / ISIL WAR on the MidEast


Egypt TV debates Brussels Attacks
Mar 27, 2016
 -  Two Egyptian TV hosts clashed live on air over the question who should be held accountable for the Brussels Muslim terrorist attacks. Rania Al-Badawi said that the West was responsible for the rise of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, while Amr Adeeb countered that this ideology stemmed from within Islam itself.

They are BOTH right.  
Brussels FAILED to secure their airport and they are guilty of allowing Muslims in Belgium.  That INVITES terror.  This is the Satanic Islam this frankenpope wants to blend catholicism with!


Calcutta INDIA Bridge collapse, 10 killed
Mar 31, 2016
 -  At least 10 people were killed in Kolkata and 150 were feared trapped when a flyover under construction collapsed onto traffic below.  Firefighters and residents were trying with their bare hands to rescue those trapped under the wreckage.  People were trying to hand bottles of water to survivors pinned underneath.

A minibus taxi was crushed.  Several dead and dozens trapped under rubble as under-construction overpass collapses.  Construction projects in India have often suffered from safety issues with frequent collapses.  The collapsed structure appears to have hit cars, trucks and nearby shops.  The proximity of the buildings may limit the access for heavy lifting equipment to the area.,7340,L-4785657,00.html

Germany tanker explosion in Duisburg shipyard
Mar 31, 2016  -
 An explosion on the Julius Rutgers tanker at Duisburg shipyard killed 2 people who were loading something on the tanker. The third worker is missing.  Rutgers was moored at the shipyard and the blast was on the vessel.  The cause of the blast is still unclear. The operation involved 50 rescue vehicles and one police helicopter.

Chinese Anti-Ship Missile
Mar 30, 2016  Bill Gertz
-  Pentagon concerned.  YJ-62 missile test fired from South China Sea’s Woody Island.  China has deployed anti-ship cruise missiles in the South China Sea, raising new concerns in the Pentagon.  China has also deployed advanced air defense missiles on Woody Island.

NEWS is about a year late



Shocked   Russian nuke in SYRIA
Mar 31, 2016
 -  Russian nuclear-capable Iskander missiles deployed in Syria.  This is a game changer.

Assad leave Syria?
London-based al-Hayat reports Syrian President Bashar Assad will leave to another country as part of a future peace agreement.  The understanding between the United States and Russia came about in behind-the-scenes diplomatic channels.  Kremlin said that the report was not true, it does not correspond to reality. Haha!  Since when does anything obama says correspond to reality? or sanity?

Russian archaeologists offer to help rebuild Palmyra
Archaeologists in Russia are offering help to rebuild Palmyra following its recapture from ISIS.  Palmyra, known as the bride of the desert, used to attract thousands of tourists.  Just getting to Palmyra is a challenge.  ISIS mined the entrances, which have been painstakingly cleared by the Syrian Army, with Russian assistance.

ISIS flees Mosul
Mar 31, 2016
 debka  -  The bombing of ISIS in Mosul IRAQ is starting to have an effect as dozens of fighters have deserted and fled the city. ISIS has tightened its control of all of the routes leading out of the northern city in an attempt to capture the deserters and prevent others from fleeing.


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PRAY for Celeste.  
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       U. S. A

Hospice killing patients
Mar 30, 2016  Death Panels
 -  FBI said Frisco hospice owner urged nurses to overdose patients so they would die quicker.  He directed nurses to overdose hospice patients with drugs such as morphine to speed up their deaths and maximize profits.  He sent text messages like, “You need to make this patient go bye-bye.”

Brad Harris founded Novus Health Care Services in July 2012 in Frisco. No charges have been filed against Novus or Harris. Harris told a nurse to overdose 3 patients and directed another employee to increase a patient’s medication to 4 times the maximum allowed.

Hospice, Legalized Murder

American bank could not break a $50  
Cash and checks are being phased out


Banks can legally steal from you

Donald Trump in Wisconsin March 30


3 pm Sat April 2  Saturday TRUMP LIVE RALLY


Very Happy

     U. S. A

OKLAHOMA  *  Tulsa twister
Mar 31, 2016  -  Tornado confirmed
in Green Country (Owasso, Claremore).
A tornado occurred in northern Tulsa County around 7:30 pm.  A tree fell onto a truck.
PSO has been restoring power to Tulsa homes and facilities throughout the night.
Power was restored to the City of Tulsa’s Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant.
PSO urges citizens to stay away from downed power lines as lines could be live.

Hillary interviewed by FBI Director Comey
Mar 31, 2016
 -  FBI has completed its examination of Hillary Clinton‘s private email server after an investigation lasting nearly one year.  Investigators are nearing a verdict whether to seek criminal charges against her.

FBI Director James Comey has finished examining the Clinton emails.  FBI team has been joined by the Justice Department prosecutors. Together, they are analyzing relevant laws, and attempting to arrange interviews with key figures in the investigation.

Those interviews will include Philippe Reines, Cheryl Mills, and Hellary Clinton herself.
In the next few weeks officials expect Director Comey to make his recommendation to criminal AG Loretta Lynch about potential criminal charges.

Donald Trump for U.S. President!

PRAY for Steve Quayle, he has been very ill.
Many in western states have an unusual bloody malady from a bio weapon sprayed over the area in March

Nothing else matters - it all for naught

Jeremiah 14:11 and 7:16  
The LORD said -  So do not pray for this people
nor offer any plea or petition for them do not plead with Me,
for I will not listen to you.

Wake Up America
Mar 31, 2016
-  Michael Boldea, Light of Truth
WE MUST draw closer to Christ in these last days.



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