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London not nuked Sept. 9, 2012

Nuke London September 9, 2012 ?
Rumors of a plot to blow a nuclear bomb in London did not materialize, thank GOD!
I saw the false report of a nuke during olympics - they claim they found that bomb.  who knows?
I only see these reports on youtube unfortunately.

WHY nuke London?  Because GOLD is supposed to be there for those it BELONGS to.  
Its NOT THERE.  Its in CHINA.  This is the LIBOR scandal they must cover up

There are prophecies of mass deaths soon.
The illuminati love the #13 - next year is 2013 - is that the year of the beast, antichrist, of Revelation 13 ?

Proof London Closing Ceremony Paralympics Illuminati Bombing On The 9/9/12 Part 1
Lots of TEXT on this link.

London Paralympics Illuminati 2012 Bombing On The 9/9/12

London Paralympic games 2012 Illuminati nuclear atack WW3 START

Mind Control and LIBOR Bank scandals


Just another false report thank GOD!  Smile
Paralympics closing ceremony
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